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Thank you to all of our advertisers for their ongoing support throughout our newsletter. All photos courtesy Diane Gromley, except where noted otherwise.

Pinewood Partyline created by Diane Gromley

Family fun day recap...

It was a beautiful way, and day, to end the summer on Family Fun Day held Sunday, September 2nd. Both adults and children took part in the various competitions, such as the sand castle building contest, potato sack races, and the tug-o-war... while some just enjoyed relaxing at the beach! Following the daytime festivities, on the beach, the evening continued with the PLA Awards Ceremonies (for photos see page 11). See pictures KIDS COMMITTEE NEWS below for a short Join PLA Kid’s Committee Today! summary of Please contact: Jen Kapteina (203-380-9592) or Family Fun Day Kathy Kayne (203-385-8557) 2012! Kids Committee Recruiting Co-Chairs

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From the President’s desk

Good bye beach season... Seems like almost everyone had a great summer at the clubhouse and beach this season. The weather was awesome, the lake cleaner, and the fishing the best. The beach and staff had quite a workout with the high attendance at the beach. A few members, at times, did get irritated but of course with the size of the association there was bound to be a few issues. Let us remember that the staff is there for you Beach Safety and much of the work and hours spent are volunteered. Please remember to be courteous and obey the Beach rules for the better enjoyment of us all Last month I asked members to send me your e-mails with your complaints, comments, suggestions and the response was mostly comprised of positive useful suggestions. At the September meeting, the BOG all agreed that the name “investigating” committee set up for to handle complaints was sending the wrong “message”. In light of most of the communication we receive being constructive and helpful, the committee was dissolved and reformed as the Associations “Community Relations” committee. Understand that the committee does still remain charged with investigating any written signed correspondence and making recommendations to the board on any action to be taken. Foremost its main duty is to handle issues on a more personal level. This will prevent some issues from being escalated beyond the level and consideration they warrant. In the future please forward any signed written correspondence to me or the Chairman of the Community Relations committee, Terry Seitz at seitz.terry@ Gasline Progress: The Gas company did not get enough of a response from the membership for any Gasline installations for this year but is sending out another survey. Thank you all for your participation this season and lets look forward to our fall and winter events and maybe if we get a winters reprieve from Global Warming, we’ll get to do some ice skating on the lake! David J. Cosenza OD PLA President Cell: 203-257-3983 •


November Partyline Content due October 15th, 2012 (Information submitted after the deadline will have to wait until the next issue) Partyline on Website: Beginning with this issue we will be posting the Partyline on the PLA website where they will remain for your convenience ( Add or update your e-mail address today by sending an e-mail to or (type in PLA e-mail update in subject area) and include your name and address for verification purposes. We have been experiencing a number of e-mail blasts being kicked back and therefore undeliverable to member recipients. If you are not receiving the e-mail blasts, e-mail a TEST e-mail. This should tell your e-mail service that this is not a spam address. Please make sure that both e-mail addresses (blackfootdesign@ or are NOT BLOCKED by your computer. This will insure that you receive all e-blasts. You may contact your e-mail service provider if you need further assistance. Keep us updated, and we keep you updated with the PLA e-blasts! For your privacy, e-mail addresses cannot be viewed by others when we send out. Note: Please feel free to submit photos from recent events and happenings for consideration in the next Partyline. I’d love to attend all events, but sometimes I am not able to, or you may just snap that great photo you’d love to share... so feel free to share with your community...e-mail or Thanks! Diane Gromley PLA Partyline

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PLA’s 6th Annual REGATTA

We had our annual Pinewood Lake Regatta on August 25. The turnout was a little lite – but all of the participants had fun. Let’s try to get the turnout back next year! Every congratulate new member Jim Treacy for dethroning long time sailing champion Carol Langer. As always, trophies were awarded during the Member’s party. Following are the results from the races: 11 and under 1. Nick Whitney 2. Bernadette Kingsbury 3. Robert Hughes 4. Edward Hughes 17 and under 1. Jessica Daigle 2. Travis Whitney 3. Zach Langer Women 1. Carol Langer 2. Lynn Mulloy 3. Mary Beth Ryan 4. Janet Freeburg 5. Helen Hughes

Men 1. Zvi Goldman 2. Tony Lombardi 3. Jim Treacy 2 Person Kayak 1. Edward Hughes & Jerry Shea 2. Bernadette Kingsbury & Ashley O’Conner Sailing – Lasers 1. Jim Treacy 2. Carol Langer 3. Zvi Goldman 4. Tim Riley Sunfish 1. Mitch Buroker 2. Paddy Jarit

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PLA’s 6th Annual End-of-Summer Members Party The 6th Annual Members Party was held on Saturday, August 25th under a blue sky on a warm summer evening. Over 400 members attended, with many dancing late into the evening to the music of “Uncle Joe’s Band”. Many commented that this was “the best members party ever!” and “What a great way to end the summer!” A special thank you to Dan Letizia of “Letizia’s” in Norwalk for providing delicious Italian specialties for the hundreds in attendance. And thank you to John Conroy for delivering the goods! We would also like to thank our generous bakers for contributing to the dessert table, and Greg Marconi for all his help setting and cleaning up. Your efforts are much appreciated. [Photos courtesy of Dana Sisson] Until next year! Michele Kingsbury & Nicky Migacz

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A message to all PLA Badminton enthusiasts. First and most important! A very sincere and heartfelt thank you from your outgoing coach and organizer of PLA Badminton for 40+ years. I hope that you had lots of fun, exercise, competition, and sportsmanship each Tuesday and Thursday evening. Whether you played singles or doubles, you played fiercely but politely as good sports. I saw hardly any blood on the courts and have plenty of band-aids left over for your new chairman, Steve Ieronimo. Just kidding! One of the key elements in any successful season is having a top notch administration team to cover all requirements during the season. This includes who takes Tuesday and Thursday attendance and tournament draw. This brings us to one of the luckiest factors we have as we look forward to the summer of 2013! That is having Steve Ieronimo, a great guy and badminton player and his support team of Judi, his wife, and Judy Pyrch. Without the support of the two Judys year after year, PLA Badminton would have been up the creek without a paddle. I know you saw them sitting at the table during the tournament in the hot sun keeping track of scores and court assignments. Believe me! That is a very difficult and valuable task. Thank you mucho, Judy, Judi, and Steve! Best of weather and luck in 2013! Brad Day The following are the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place winners in each of their respective age categories: 9 – 10 Men’s Singles 1st Shane Werner 2nd Danny Coppola 3rd Nick Letizia

9 – 10 Women’s Singles 1st Allie Coppola 2nd Amelia Grasso 3rd Alicia Gromley

11 – 12 Men’s Singles 13 – 14 Women’s Singles 1st Greg Wyckoff 1st Sammi Werner 2nd William Ieronimo 2nd Amanda Daigle 3rd Will Kayne 13 – 15 Men’s Singles 1st Travis Whitney 2nd Ryan Pyrch 3rd Brendan Letizia 16 – 17 Men’s Singles 1st Ray Kingsbury 2nd Matt Kingsbury 3rd Miles Buroker

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9 – 10 Men’s Doubles 13 – 15 Mixed Doubles 1st Tommy Coppola 1st Amanda Daigle Shane Werner Travis Whitney 2nd Danny Coppola 2nd Sammi Werner Nick Letizia Will Ieronimo 3rd Chris Migacz Nick Whitney 11 – 12 Men’s Doubles 15 – 17 Men’s Doubles 1st Will Ieronimo 1st Ryan Pyrch Greg Wyckoff Alex Migacz 2nd Will Kayne 2nd Matt Kingsbury Kevin Demaine Ray Kingsbury 3rd T.J. Ieronimo Miles Buroker 9 – 10 Women’s Doubles 1st Amelia Grasso Lily Norris 2nd

Allie Coppola Clare Raccuia


Alicia Gromley Caitlin Daigle

Special recognition medals were awarded to Jacob Herman, Michael Kayne, Ari Leedom, Troy Gromley, Bernadette Kingsbury, and Carolyn Cardell for their tournament participation and good sportsmanship!

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Benway Cancer Benefit

The Benway Cancer Benefit September 14, 2012 held at the Pinewood Lake Clubhouse was a huge success. The overwhelming outreach from the families, friends and PLA community with enormous donations. We would like to send out a great big thanks to everyone that attended or that gave raffle gifts and monetary donations. We would also like to give a special thanks to Greg Marconi for an outstanding job helping from start to finish. And thanks to Diane Gromley for an outstanding job relating the message in the PLA party line and e-mail blast. So the Benway family wants to thank you to the Pinewood Lake community...this is what Pinewood Lake represents “neighbor helping neighbor.” It was so refreshing seeing the support from the Pinewood Lake Family. Thank you PLA! Joe & Jen Mucherino

Meeting Minutes

You will notice the absence of meeting minutes this month due to the boards decision not to publish minutes until they have been approved after any corrections or clarifications have been made. Since this approval takes place at the following meeting the minutes, given the timing of the Partyline deadlines, will be from two months previous.

open seats on the Board of Governors

The following 2013 Board of Governors positions are open: Plan 1: 1 opening Plan 2: 1 opening Plan 3: 1 opening Plan 4: 1 opening Plan 5: 2 opening Anyone interested in running for the open board position for their respective plan should please contact Dan Letizia (e-mail by October 15, 2012.

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2012 CALENDAR OCTOBER 4 Thursday______________________________ Board of Governors Meeting 7:30 p.m. 12 Friday_ _______________________________________ Ladies of the Lake 7:30 p.m. 15 Monday________________________________ Partyline Content Deadline 27 Saturday_ ___________________ Monster Ball Halloween Costume Party 8:00 p.m. NOVEMBER 1 Thursday______________________________ Board of Governors Meeting 7:30 p.m. 9 Friday_ _______________________________________ Ladies of the Lake 7:30 p.m. 15 Thursday_______________________________ Partyline Content Deadline DECEMBER 2 Sunday____________________________ Believers Party (details to follow) 6 Thursday______________________________ Board of Governors Meeting 7:30 p.m. (Annual Meeting to follow) 14 Friday_ _______________________________________ Ladies of the Lake 7:30 p.m. 31 Monday_______________________________ New Year’s Eve Celebration (details to follow)

PLA Annual Awards Ceremony in the Ballroom on Sunday, September 2, 2012

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