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Thank you to all of our advertisers for their ongoing support throughout our newsletter. All photos courtesy Diane Gromley, except where noted otherwise.

NOVEMBER 2012 Meeting Summary

T r e a s u r e r / A s s i s ta n t Treasurer: •

Total assets are $220,052 vs. $250,000 last year. Take note of property tax payment as well as insurance premium payment.

Correspondence from an owner member regarding removal of a tree that fell into the lake following the hurricane. PLA is under no obligation to remove the tree but will evaluate entire shoreline in the spring.

Trunk or Treat was held on October 28th. Thanks to Annie Muoio for hosting this event which was a great success for PLA kids.

Monster Ball was a success. All those in attendance had a great time. Believers’ Party to be held on December 1.

Community Relations: •

Diane Gromley

Thank you to Jim Fracker who was able to secure a load of pea gravel which was laid on the water’s edge in late October. CRC Mission Statement draft is being reviewed among the committee. John Girard has some

David Cosenza met with fire inspector. Kitchen fire alarm system did not pass inspection. It was moved that we spend no more than $1,000 to replace the entire hood alarm system, in the interest of safety.

Lake Management •

Greg Marconi installed pipe by boat rack to improve drainage. A tree was also cut down by the boat rack in an effort to rid the area of any standing water. Two run-off pipes were installed by the air conditioner unit.

Old Business: •

On-going membership issue with an owner member was tabled.

New Business: •

PLA New Year’s Eve Event to be held on December 31.


created by


Pinewood Partyline



thoughts/proposals on how Beach complaints will be handled.

• • • • •

It was decided not to continue investigating HVAC in the Ballroom due to the tremendous cost and the time it would take to recoup the expenses. No action was taken on a proposal for a generator for the clubhouse.

No action was taken on a proposal for a tree farm on West Lake Road parcel due to a pending dredging Annual Meeting to be held on December 4, 2012 at 7:30 p.m. Proposed 2013 presented.



Noise complaints have been an issue of late. The Monster Ball ended at midnight with the arrival of Trumbull P.D. An anonymous caller made the call regarding the “noise”. Discussion followed as to whether functions could continue if our own neighbors/members are complaining.

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From the President’s desk Happy New Year to you all!

2013 will be a New Year to enjoy life at Pinewood Lake. The BOG and the members present at the 2012 Annual meeting have approved the increase of associate families to 110. This was done to increase our revenue reserves for our upcoming dredging project, which is becoming increasingly more important for the future quality and enjoyment of our lake. I have been elected to second term for 2013 and I am hopeful you all have a positive outlook for the coming year.

Improvements to the beach and clubhouse are ongoing and this year the activities planned are looking better than ever. The Pinewood Lake total membership is a 1000+ so let us make the most of our community by supporting events and using the talents that our members offer when you have a need. Hope to see you all in the spring or on safe ice if that should ever happen again. David J. Cosenza OD PLA President Cell: 203-257-3983 •

PARTYLINE NEWS February Partyline Content due January 15th, 2012 (Information submitted after the deadline will wait until the next issue)

Partyline on Website: Beginning with this issue we will be posting the Partyline on the PLA website where they will remain for your convenience (

Add or update your e-mail address today by sending an e-mail to or (type in PLA e-mail update in subject area) and include your name and address for verification purposes.

We have been experiencing a number of e-mail blasts being kicked back and therefore undeliverable to member recipients. If you are not receiving the e-mail blasts, e-mail a TEST e-mail. This should tell your e-mail service that this is not a spam address. Please make sure that both e-mail addresses (blackfootdesign@ or are NOT BLOCKED by your computer. This will insure that you receive all e-blasts. You may contact your e-mail service provider if you need further assistance. Keep us updated, and we keep you updated with the PLA e-blasts! For your privacy, e-mail addresses cannot be viewed by others when we send out. Note: Please feel free to submit photos from recent events and happenings for consideration in the next Partyline. I’d love to attend all events, but sometimes I am not able to, or you may just snap that great photo you’d love to share... so feel free to share with your community...e-mail or Thanks you! Diane Gromley PLA Partyline

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Annual dues for 2013 have been set and voted on by the membership at the annual meeting held 12/4/12 . Annual Dues become due January 1, 2013 and are payable on or before March 1, 2013. Owner Members: $400.00

Hardship Request: Any Owner Member may apply in writing to the Assistant treasurer by Feb. 1, 2013 for a special arrangement due to hardship circumstances. Associate Members; $900.00

If you wish not to renew your membership for 2013 it would be appreciated if you could please notify the assistant treasurer by mail or e-mail . Any associate members not paying their dues by March 1st shall have their membership suspended. Please mail your payments to : Pinewood Lake Association Assistant Treasurer 33 East Lake Road Trumbull, CT. 06611 Payments may also be dropped off in the PLA mailbox located at the entrance of the parking lot on West Lake Road. If you have any questions you can contact me at: or call 203-380-2547

Thank you,

Michele Kingsbury Assistant Treasurer

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THE 2012 ANNUAL Believer’s Party a success! “Another amazing event by the PLA Kids Committee” – 2012 Believer’s Party Guest

after the event! A very special thanks to all the children, who were on their very best behavior and showed Santa how deserving they are this year! And last but not least, a resounding thank you to Santa Claus, who we are all so fortunate to be neighbors to his little hide-away lake house! Happy Holidays Pinewood Lake!

All our best from your PLA Kids Committee Co-Leaders, Juliet Dale & Tracey Cleri It was a “Jolly Holiday” at the 2012 Believer’s Party on December 2, 2012!! Approximately, 40 families attended and enjoyed a scrumptious Turkey and Ham feast from Old Towne Restaurant. PLA families put their own personal touches in the Jolly table decor! It was fun to see the unique creativity on each table. The big guy in red visited with the 91 children and handed out beautiful autographed Holiday Keepsake books wrapped for each family. While this year’s vast response posed some challenges, together we were once again able to pull off a fabulous evening for us all to enjoy! Special thank yous go out to all the PLA Kids Committee Members for pitching in together and pulling off one of our best events to date! It was wonderful to have new committee members, Rachel Leiphart, Laura Miller, Amy Truman, Kim Shake and Rachel Speights who brought fabulous ideas and beautiful décor to the annual event. A HUGE thank you to Susan Jolly, our star and our savior for all the details, big and small. A shout out to Greg Marconi for the set up and clean up and Diane Gromley for the advertising! Thanks to Camille Chistoni and Courtney Kudey for the photography! A super thanks to Gene Cleri and Karl Dale for all your help and support before, during and

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KIDS COMMITTEE NEWS Join PLA Kid’s Committee Today! Please contact: Jen Kapteina (203-380-9592) or Kathy Kayne (203-385-8557) Kids Committee Recruiting Co-Chairs

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JANUARY 1 Tuesday________________________________________Happy New Year! 3 Thursday______________________________ Board of Governors Meeting 7:30 p.m. 11 Friday_ _______________________________________ Ladies of the Lake 7:30 p.m. 15 Tuesday________________________________ Partyline Content Deadline FEBRUARY 7 Thursday______________________________ Board of Governors Meeting 7:30 p.m. 8 Friday_ _______________________________________ Ladies of the Lake 7:30 p.m. 15 Friday_ ________________________________ Partyline Content Deadline MARCH 7 Thursday______________________________ Board of Governors Meeting 7:30 p.m. 15 Friday_ _______________________________________ Ladies of the Lake 7:30 p.m. _______________________________________ Partyline Content Deadline APRIL 4 Thursday______________________________ Board of Governors Meeting 7:30 p.m. 12 Friday_ _______________________________________ Ladies of the Lake 7:30 p.m. 15 Monday________________________________ Partyline Content Deadline

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