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TABLE OF CONTENTS 2...................Welcome New Members ................................. From The Island 3............................... President’s Desk ................................... Partyline News 4.................... July Meeting Summary ....................... Kid’s Committee News 5..... 1st Annual Lobster & Steak Bake 6.......................... 6th Annual Regatta 7.............. 6th Annual Members Party 8.............................Upcoming Events ........................ Adzima Swim Results 9.................... Pinewood Night Recap ............... Upcoming Half Lake Races 10..............Strawberry Brunch Recap .................................. Advertisements 11............................... 2012 Calendar .................................. Advertisements 12................................Advertisement

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Pinewood Partyline created by Diane Gromley

Welcome New Members...

The PLA is proud to welcome two new families to our association. James and Joo Youn Park are owner members, and come along with their children Tyler, April, Kayla, and Joo Youn’s mother Bong Soon Kim.

Owner Members Ingo and Santhia Rose moved to the states in October from Vancouver, B.C with their son Jonathan. Jon is beginning to enjoy fishing and he is swimming like a pro this year. They have two gorgeous goldendoodles, Kiera and Koru. Please say hello if you see them out walking their dogs!

From the Island

Yesterday a car struck a Mallard Duck family on Pinewood Trail. 2 are dead and another hurt. The tragedy could have been worse if it had been a small child or family pet running from the side of the road. We need to carefully analyze our traffic patterns that have grown lax over the years of increased traffic in autos, trucks, service trailers. We need to alert walkers to the danger of walking without concern for traffic also. The configuration of our landscape produces blind spots with hills and winding roads. Increased speed of cars add to that danger. We need to remind our families and guests that we have a policy of parking on one side of the road to allow passage of traffic safely. Cars parked near the clubhouse that eliminate one side of the road and clear vision for oncoming traffic on a blind hill are really dangerous. We can help keep our roads safe by cautioning family members and guests to drive responsibly to protect the lives of children and creatures. In case you have an injured animal you can call: DEEP Hotline 24 hours 1-800-842-4357, DEEP Rehabilitators Reference 1-860-424-3333, Dr. Louis Piper, vet at 203-378-0687, 755 Barnum Avenue, Stratford (will take birds and geese-most vets don’t), Wildlife Rehab in Weston 203-544-9913. We could use some original signs along our streets alerting drivers. Any artists interested? Maybe a contest for kids? Thank you, Mary T. Keane Owner Member

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From the President’s desk

Summer is in full swing at this point and as of this deadline, all is well at Pinewood but I have a few things for you all to consider: Beach Courtesy:

The daily population at the beach has increased slowly over the past few years and the PLA has been purchasing more equipment such a Tables, Umbrellas and has increased the lifeguard’s staff. It is a shame when conflicts or disagreements occur while relaxing at the beach so please is courteous to each other and cooperative with the beach staff and lifeguards and have a safe relaxing summer. Member Reinstatement:

Last year the membership was under a lot of stress while our board of governors wrestled with accusations of wrongdoing and the involvement of the PLA following incidents that allegedly took place at the Clubhouse and other locations near Pinewood. Virginia Silano resigned as a member at the height of the turmoil and I wanted all of you to know that she was found not guilty on all charges and her membership was reinstated at the June monthly meeting. “Have an Issue?” department:

Sorry that we need this one but too many anonymous issues are mentioned and then discussed at our monthly meeting as fact when no facts have been provided. We now have committee to review all past, present, and future incidence that occur within our membership before they are presented to the board. I welcome any member who has contribution to whether it is an old or new issue, complaint, observation, comment or suggestion involving current or past events but it must be in writing and signed by the member or sent by e-mail so that the PLA will have a permanent record. David J. Cosenza OD PLA President Cell: 203-257-3983 •


September Partyline Content due August 15th, 2012 (Information submitted after the deadline will have to wait until the next issue) Partyline on Website: Beginning with this issue we will be posting the Partyline on the PLA website where they will remain for your convenience ( Add or update your e-mail address today by sending an e-mail to or (type in PLA e-mail update in subject area) and include your name and address for verification purposes. We have been experiencing a number of e-mail blasts being kicked back and therefore undeliverable to member recipients. If you are not receiving the e-mail blasts, e-mail a TEST e-mail. This should tell your e-mail service that this is not a spam address. Please make sure that both e-mail addresses ( or are NOT BLOCKED by your computer. This will insure that you receive all e-blasts. You may contact your e-mail service provider if you need further assistance. Keep us updated, and we keep you updated with the PLA e-blasts! For your privacy, e-mail addresses cannot be viewed by others when we send out. Note: Please feel free to submit photos from recent events and happenings for consideration in the next Partyline. I’d love to attend all events, but sometimes I am not able to, or you may just snap that great photo you’d love to feel free to share with your community...e-mail or Thanks! Diane Gromley PLA Partyline

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JULY 2012 Meeting Summary Treasurer/Assistant Treasurer • Total assets are $301,984 vs. $358,708 last year. Take note of income totaling $13,823 which included summer activity fees, dues, insurance refund and rentals Social • Pinewood Night was held on Saturday June 23rd with 270+ guests in attendance. Guests enjoyed music from Second Wind – overall another successful Pinewood Night. • Strawberry Brunch was held this past Sunday, July 1st. Brenda had about 30 attendees (1/2 amount as previous years) which included 7 walk-ins. Volunteers were Karen/ Scott Robinson, Rachel Liephart and Laura/Ritt Miller. The event made an $85 profit. Beach • Pea Gravel needed for beach area which should resolve problem with leaches. We will try to get some delivered soon. This may have to be a fall project. • The broken yellow Umbrellas have been fixed by Carol Langer. They are being used and we now have a total of sixteen, yellow operational umbrellas. • Contacting U.I. to get a donation of Spools for the sand area. • Water Safety reminder from our Beach Director to all PLA parents…please do not leave your children unattended in the swim area–if you are stepping away; make sure you have another adult to keep watch. Boats & Directory • Boat Committee will be assigning approximately 10 slots to members on waiting list. Hope to have sailboat and rowboat rack closest to canteen identified correctly by end of July. • Owner member directories have been either hand delivered or delivered to mailboxes. Associate members who live in Trumbull should have their directories tomorrow and there are approximately 8 directories that need to be mailed. If you have corrections/changes/deletions in the directory, please e-mail Clubhouse Maintenance • Pineroom A/C has been on the fritz and Charlie Miller, member, is on the case. It seems our both units will be fully functioning by this weekend Canteen • The cook-top was replaced…it was warped; apparently, from overheating and soda machine has frozen up and trying to get that resolved.

Lake Management • Lake successfully spot treated for weeds in early June. The last water test for the lake is posted in the clubhouse window. Testing for e-coli will run through the whole beach season. We had an unsuccessful pipe install by the boat racks and will probably try again during draw down in Fall. New Business • New Governor needed for Plan 5…Jim Fracker will try to find someone to fill his slot since he will be moving. • Insurance Investigator presented Risk improvements which include…to prevent fire, 3’ clearance of combustible items should be maintained around heating units, broken/raised concrete walkway (E. Lake Rd.) uneven and crumbling concrete step at entrance. Property improvements include… Canteen modification on cooking equipment to prevent vapor ignition and automatic extinguishing system. Motions • Motion to form a committee by Cosenza and seconded by Sisson to investigate all current and past incidents regarding Owner Member–vote came to a tie which was broken by Cosenza so motion carries. • Motion to approve up to $500 for a stationary floating lifeguard raft ($ allocated from raft repair) by Kingsbury and seconded by Sisson which was unanimously approved. • Motion to accept Park Family application for membership by Kingsbury and seconded by O’Connor paying initiation fee and full membership fee (with possibly of 2 payments) which was unanimously approved. • Motion to purchase a shed up to $1500 to store combustible material from closet by O’Connor seconded by Ivanovich motion carries with 10 yes and 2 opposed.

KIDS COMMITTEE NEWS Join PLA Kid’s Committee Today! Please contact: Jen Kapteina (203-380-9592) or Kathy Kayne (203-385-8557) Kids Committee Recruiting Co-Chairs

Pea gravel needed at beach • Broken umbrellas fixed • Water safety Reminder • Pineroom AC being fixed PLA Directories delivered • Canteen cooktop fixed • Lake treated for weeds New Governor needed for Plan 5 • Stationary lifeguard raft approved • Storage shed approved

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First Annual Lobster & Steak Bake

Saturday, August 11th Hosted by Ryan & Chris of CoMac’s Food Services RSVP by Saturday August 4th Seatings 5:30 pm & 7:15 pm

The Surf 1 $26.00 1 1/4 lb. lobster w/ drawn butter 1 lb. mussels Ear of corn Potato salad Dinner rolls Sliced watermelon Iced Tea or Lemonade The Turf 1 $24.00 12 oz. sirloin Baked potato Macaroni salad Diner rolls Sliced watermelon Iced Tea or Lemonade The Surf & Turf $30.00 8 oz. sirloin 1 lb. lobster w/ drawn butter 1/2 lb. mussels Potato salad Dinner rolls Sliced watermelon Iced Tea and Lemonade

Kid’s Offering (12 & under please) $10.00 Chicken Tenders, Hamburger, Hotdog Baked potato, Corn Dinner rolls Sliced watermelon Iced tea and Lemonade Notes: • Please visit the canteen window before Saturday, August 4th to reserve your seats! • Please specify any changes necessary to meet your needs. • The canteen will shut down early on August 11th at 4:30pm to prepare for the evening, please adjust your plans accordingly. A limited number of seats will be available! Remember absolutely no glass allowed on the premises...thank you!

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Calling ALL Boat Owners… Let’s Race!

Saturday, August 25th (Rain date: Sunday, 8/26) Races Start: 12 Noon Races End: 3-4 pm Ready for some real lake fun? For those who have participated in past years, we’re excited to see you again this year…and for those of you who haven’t, what are you waiting for? All ages welcome! We’ll have races for kayaks (short and long-distance races), canoes, dinghies, and sailboats. Trophies will be awarded at the Annual Member’s Party later in the day. Sign up today with the Beach Registrars! Advance registrations are very much appreciated, though we’ll also accept last-minute registrations at 11am on race day.

Questions? Contact Bob Sisson at or call 203-380-0504

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Upcoming events Annual Badminton Tournament & Breakfast Saturday, August 18th

PLA Parking Lot & Pineroom. Sign in and Breakfast begin at 8am PLA Annual Awards Ceremony Sunday. September 2nd at 7pm

Located in the Ballroom. Awards to be presented...swim, badminton and sailing trophies

Family Fun Day Sunday, September 2nd (Rain date: Monday, Sept. 3rd)

Members and guests of all ages are welcomed to take part in a full day of fun in the sun activities.

No reservations needed, so come for part of the day or all of it. In keeping with Pinewood tradition, tokens will be awarded to top finishers in each event and can be used for canteen items or at the bake sale table. Some activities include:

Slow bike race, sand castle building contest, tug-of-war, egg toss and many more! These activities are for members of ALL AGES (not just the kids)! We will also be holding our Annual PLA Bake Sale. Proceeds for beach umbrella’s, tables etc. Bake Sale donations are greatly appreciated. Goodies may be dropped off that morning or e-mail Michele Kingsbury via

2012 Adzima Swim Results Adults: 2:10 Matt Connelly 2:26 Rob Leiphart 3:09 Carol Langer 3:26 Chris Daigle 3:38 Jen Boland 3:52 Cindy Marino 4:11 Diane Rubinstein 4:17 George Boland 4:35 Jennifer Ciamei 5:13 Erin Letizia 5:19 Liane Leedom 5:22 Ruth Denomme 4:26 Margaret Walsh/Guest Children: Levels 3-5: 6:12 Ari Leedom 6:24 Gavin Werner 7:23 Ashley O’Connor Levels 6 & 7: 3:57 Alissa Marino 4:35 Alicia Gromley 5:03 Caitlin Daigle 6:13 Jack Conroy

Unaffiliated 11 & Under: 4:25 Tom McCarthy 4:46 Colin McMahon 4:52 Owen Ciamei 5:42 Jacob Kapteina 5:54 Peter McCarthy 6:05 Rachel Kapteina 3:22 Karina Walsh/Guest Unaffiliated 12 & Over: 2:07 Miles Buroker 2:16 Josh Pavel 2:27 Sammi Werner 2:28 Catherine Buroker 2:30 Amanda Daigle 2:57 Luke Ciamei 3:47 Charlie Miller 3:57 Zach Langer 4:08 Shane McMahon 4:44 Steve Guttman 2:29 Delaney Walsh/Guest 8:15 Colin Kelly/Guest We also want to congratulate our brave, first time swimmers! Ashley O’Connor, 6 Gavin Werner, 7 Rachel Kapteina, 8 Ari Leedom, 9

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Annual Pinewood Night a Smokin’ Success... Our official kick-off to summer, the 5th Annual Pinewood Night was held on Saturday, June 23rd with over 270 guests in attendance.

They feasted on hamburgers and hotdogs accompanied by traditional sides prepared by Michele Kingsbury. Add great music by Second Wind, and the result was another successful Pinewood Night. We would like to pay special thanks to our “grill crew”—Andy Kingsbury, Tom Migacz, Brian O’Connor and Steve Ieronimo.

These hard-working guys withstood the smoke and flames to deliver tasty food for all; we couldn’t have done it without you! Well-deserved thanks also to Ray and Matt Kingsbury who prepped the burgers and dogs for grilling, and a shout out of appreciation to everyone who donated baked/dessert items. [Photos courtesy of Dana Sisson] Thanks for coming and see you next year! Michele Kingsbury & Nicky Migacz/Event Committee Chairs

Let’s get ready for the Half Lake and the Full Lake Swim Races!

Half Lake Swim: Sunday, July 29th • Adults 11am, Children at 2pm, Shore Races at 3pm Full Lake Swim: Sunday, August 12th • Adults 11am, Children 1pm, Shore Races at 3pm Each swimmer should have a boater spot them during the race. Also, please avoid wearing latex swim caps due to severe latex allergies. Silicone or lyrics caps are an excellent alternative. Any questions? Contact Kristen at

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Strawberry Brunch Recap

Event Hosted by Brenda Braun: There were about 30 guests in attendance which included walk-ins. The Braun’s served French toast, pancakes and breakfast casseroles with a bevy of homemade baked goods... Overall a successful event! Volunteers for this event were Karen & Scott Robinson, Rachel Liepert, Laura & Ritt Miller & their 2 daughters, and we can’t forget John Braun.

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AUGUST 2 Thursday______________________________ Board of Governors Meeting 7:30 p.m. 10 Friday_ _______________________________________ Ladies of the Lake 7:30 p.m. 11 Saturday_ ___________________________ Canteen Clam & Lobster Bake 15 Wednesday_ ____________________________ Partyline Content Deadline 17 Friday_ _________________________________Last Day of Swim Lessons 18 Saturday_ __________ Badminton Tournament & Breakfast (rain date 8/19) 25 Saturday_ ____________________________ Members Party (rain or shine) 25 Saturday_ _____________________________ Boat Regatta (rain date 8/26) SEPTEMBER 2 Sunday__________________________________________ Family Fun Day 6 Thursday______________________________ Board of Governors Meeting 7:30 p.m. 7 Friday_ _______________________________________ Ladies of the Lake 7:30 p.m. 15 Saturday_ ______________________________ Partyline Content Deadline 29 Saturday_ ___________________________________________ Fall Dance OCTOBER 4 Thursday______________________________ Board of Governors Meeting 7:30 p.m. 12 Friday_ _______________________________________ Ladies of the Lake 7:30 p.m. 15 Monday________________________________ Partyline Content Deadline 27 Saturday_ ______________________________________ Halloween Dance 28 Sunday_____________________________________ Kids Halloween Event Handing out ribbons for shore races...

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Nick Montanaro 203-261-1114 (203)261-1114

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