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July 2009

This is a monthly newsletter to keep you updated on projects and initiatives of the Pinellas Education Foundation. Please forward this to anyone you feel would be interested in learning more about the Pinellas Education Foundation.

pTEC and PCS Take Prizes at National Skills USA Competition pTEC students and faculty took home a record 17 national medals at the June 28 national competition in Kansas City, including four gold, six silver and seven bronze. Thirty pTEC students traveled to Missouri to participate in the event, thanks to the generosity of Sheriff Jim Coats, benefactor of the Skills USA Endowment, which was established to help students defray the travel and other costs associated with competing in this prestigious program. Skills USA is a national nonprofit organization with 300,00 members across the U.S. Serving teachers, high school and college students preparing for careers in trade, vocational and skilled service occupations, more than 250,000 began competitions at the local level, and 5,400 made it to the national competition this year. At a state total of 108 medals, Florida students were awarded more medals than students from any other state in 2009. The following were gold medal winners: Rebecca Jordan – Photography; David Levesque - Tech Prep Showcase; Anthony Roberts - Tech Prep Showcase; and Ed Barcus - Tech Prep Showcase. Students from East Lake, Pinellas Park High Schools, and Seminole Vocational Education Center also competed in the competition.

Rebecca Jordan, pTEC Gold Medalist

Skills USA Opening Ceremony, Kempner Arena, Kansas City

Follow this link for a complete list of pTEC’s medalists: Pinellas County Schools’ Office of Career Technical and Adult Education (CTAE) students recently competed and won at national competitions of Future Business Leaders of America (FBLA) and Health Occupations Students of America (HOSA). FBLA students from Clearwater, Gibbs, Lakewood and Northeast competed, with Lakewood’s team scoring a third place trophy in Management Information systems. Clearwater High placed fourth in Impromptu Speaking. Palm Harbor University High’s HOSA students from the Center for Wellness and Medical Programs Center of Excellence won several national awards: The Parliamentary Procedure Team, Biomedical Debate Team and Medical Photography Team placed in the top 10 of the nation. The Creative Problem Solving team of Emily Gurdon, Amy Long, Maria Plunkett, Shelly Albee, placed third in the nation. Congratulations to all the students competing in career and technical competitions.

Pinellas Education Foundation Receives Coveted Four Star Rating by Charity Navigator for Third Consecutive Year The Pinellas Education Foundation recently received the coveted four star ”exceptional” designation by Charity Navigator recognizing its sound fiscal management. Only 12% of charities rated by Charity Navigator have accomplished this feat. As the nonprofit sector continues to grow at an unprecedented pace, savvy donors are demanding more accountability, transparency and quantifiable results from the charities they choose to support with their hard-earned dollars. In this competitive philanthropic marketplace, the Pinellas Education Foundation is proud to be recognized by Charity Navigator, America's premier charity evaluator, for consistently executing its mission in a fiscally responsible way, and outperforming other charities in America. For more information, visit:

Be A Rock Star… And Make A Difference Join 1,500 other “rock stars” at the hottest party of the summer—the 2009 Tampa Bay Tech Jam. On Thursday, August 6, from 5:00pm – 9:00 pm, at the St. Pete Times Forum, the Tampa Bay Technology Forum Foundation invites you to participate in a summer party with purpose. Proceeds from the event fund scholarships for the Pinellas and Hillsborough Education Foundations. Enjoy food, cocktails, a silent auction and VIP lounge. Click below for more information on this exciting event:

WTVT TV Fox 13 "Stuff the Bus" School Supply Drive Watch for more details on this opportunity to provide much needed school supplies to students in Pinellas County, organized by Fox 13’s “Care Force.” Community members can drop off school supplies on Friday, August 21 to their local Fox affiliate, and to a store (name and location to be announced) on Saturday, August 22, from 8:00 am – 5:00 pm. The “Stuff the Bus” school supply drive in Pinellas County will be led by the Pinellas County Council of PTAs.

Every Dollar Adds Up – Saluting Pinellas County School Employees Participating In Payroll Deduction Special thanks to the nearly 2,000 Pinellas County Schools employees who participated in the Unified Giving payroll deduction campaign, which raised a total of $53,317 toward the programs of the Pinellas Education Foundation. Support from Pinellas County School employees is critical to the success of the Foundation. Thanks to your generous support, dozens of teachers received Teach for Excellence Grants and numerous students received Doorways Scholarships this year. The name of each staff member who participated in this year’s campaign is listed below in the June donor list. Stay tuned for information this summer about how you can get involved in this worthwhile program!

Your Membership Can Make a Difference By joining the Pinellas Education Foundation as a member, you enable the Foundation to provide enhanced educational opportunities for the students and educators in Pinellas County Schools, including teacher grants and student scholarships. You will be joining a powerful network of individuals and businesses committed to ensuring Pinellas County Schools offer a quality environment and resources students and teachers need to be successful. To ask about membership, contact Ginger Herring at 727-588-4816 ext. 2119.

Come See How the Pinellas Education Foundation Changes Lives The Pinellas Education Foundation changes lives through learning by supporting the following programs: Enterprise Village & Finance Park promoting free enterprise and financial education for 5th and 8th graders Doorways scholarships & mentoring opportunities for financially deserving students Frances Stavros Career Education Fund opportunities & the Jacobson Culinary Arts Academy College-bound scholarships for graduating high school seniors Pinellas County Outstanding Educator of the Year honoring the profession of teaching Teacher classroom grants that inspire innovative projects Walker’s Rising Stars competition featuring talented high school students in the Arts Seniors & Scholars breakfast series and events benefiting our 55+ population We offer one-hour informational sessions to help educate members of the community about the Pinellas Education Foundation and how our programs impact the teachers and students in Pinellas County public schools. These one hour educational sessions include a tour of our world-renowned program Enterprise Village. Won’t you join us? For information on session dates and times, or to schedule a session, contact Marilyn Browne at 727-522-4816 ext. 2112 or

The Pinellas Education Foundation is a member of the Consortium of Florida Education Foundations and the National School Foundation Association. The Pinellas Education Foundation would like to acknowledge the donors listed below for their pledges and contributions during the month of June 2009. If you would like to contribute to the work of the Pinellas Education Foundation, please click here. Shirley A. Abrams

Marilyn Abreu

Achieva Credit Union

Linda Adams Molly M. Adams Janet M. Adkins Stephanie A. Adkinson Kerry A. Afflitto Mary K. Agliano Behrokh Ahmadi Sitara N. Ahmed Joyce L. Albert Steven K. Allen Thomas R. Allen Ambassador Limousine Mary S. Ammon Dorothea M. Anderson Jennifer E. Anderson Michelle L. Anderson Melissa C. Andress Anna M. Annarelli Kerry B. Apuzzo Karen M. Arndt Michelle Arnold Merritt R. Ashmore Colette Askins Jennifer L. August Connie R. Auletta Debora L. Auman Deborah L. Austin Lisa Averbeck Patricia A. Babbino Barbara A. Backus Robert E. Baker Linda M. Balcombe Edward Baldwin Karalia W. Baldwin Edward Baldwin Cynthia G. Bania William E. Banks Susan C. Barber Jan A. Barbour David Barnes Stella D. Barry James B. Barth Judy Barwick Victoria C. Batcheller Suzanne Battista Carroll T. Bauer Barbara L. Baugher Kristina Bauman Lori L. Bawkins Bay Area Manufacturers Association Linda K. Bayless Sally P. Baynard Baystar Restaurant Group Allen C. Beal Jo A. Beal Laurie Beam Mary Lou Beasley Deborah E. Beaty Rita H. Becchetti Beverlee V. Beck Derotha A. Beck

Robin J. Becker Charon W. Belford Deborah Belk-Malowany Alma S. Bell Ronald D. Bell Thomas M. Bell Kimberly M. Bellan Albert Bennett Marcia R. Bennett Mark F. Bennett Phyllis K. Bennett Tamika Bennett Christopher L. Benoit Adele Bergman Marsha A. Bergreen Robert E. Bernhardt Anita M. Bianchi BIC Graphic USA Carla G. Biedermann Lorraine M. Bigelow Lisa B. Bigham Billie W. Bigler Maylene S. Bird Barbara A. Bitzer Donna K. Blackburn Janice T. Blaine Meredith N. Blanken Laura A. Blauvelt Terry A. Boehm Tiffany Boggs Rebecca L. Bokuniewicz Patricia P. Bolam Candace C. Bolin Diane M. Bordner Karen L. Bort George T. Bostic Nancy N. Bostock Linda E. Bowman Anne V. Boyd Claudia S. Boyd Garyn Boyd Louise Boyd Susan A. Boyd Minna A. Boyle Lorol Brackx Meredith R. Bray Susan H. Brelsford Jean D. Brennan Kathryn F. Brewer Richard L. Brickey Becky S. Bride Bright House Networks Valerie Brimm Sheryl Brock Crystal G. Brogdon Antonio A. Brown Dolphine Brown Janine H. Brown Linda S. Brown Seymour M. Brown Sharon G. Brown Thomas R. Brown

Francine C. Bruno Bernice Bryant Margaret P. Bryant Leslie L. Burdick Michael J. Burkett Timothy Burnaman Mary J. Burroughs Beth E. Burton John J. Burton Jennifer Butkus Suzanne D. Byers Carol L. Byrd Diana L. Calhoun Rosanne Calixto Brendan Callahan Tamara S. Campbell Robert T. Canfield Christine A. Cantrell Capogna's Dug Out Cynthia M. Carbone Amy L. Carlson Lisa T. Carmichael Melinda M. Carney Mitchell P. Carney Sandra G. Carney Susan D. Carney Ann M. Carroll Deborah B. Carter Jeffrey Cassell Susan S. Castleman Jeffrey W. Cates Deborah S. Caven Catherine A. Chapman Richard D. Chapman Jane A. Charland Gregory J. Charles Jean E. Charles-Marks Charles B. Charmatz Joyce M. Chenier Brian J. Chepren Chrystl R. Chessher Victoria Chiello Katrina E. Chisholm Karen L. Choquette Paul E. Chorney Judith Christie Kenneth R. Claessens Denise Clair Barbara Clare Ellen M. Clark Kelvin J. Clark Laletitia Clark Myra A. Clark Peter Clark Rutha Clark Terry D. Clark Tracy Clark Janice B. Clarke ClearChannel Worldwide Jody S. Clement Linda Cliborne Robert M. Cobb

Frederick E. Coffman Nancy F. Cohen Christine L. Coit Liza Cole Antoinette B. Coleman Kathy Coleman Julie M. Collins Michael Collins Rosemary Collins Barbara W. Colmenares Rene A. Colmenares Albert F. Comtois Patricia A. Comtois Mary R. Conage Sandra H. Contreras Cheryl F. Cook Marcia R. Cook Suzanne Cook Leah C. Cooper Richard E. Cooper Mary B. Corace Mary D. Corbett William P. Corbett Amy Coury Douglas M. Cowley Sandra R. Cowley Deborah C. Cox Carla R. Coyne Irene H. Crady Carolyn W. Craig Diana N. Craig Karen J. Craig Brooke Crandall Thomas W. Crane Geraldine M. Craven Christine U. Crawford Whitney Creech Paul E. Crellin Kristen Creticos Marilyn K. Cromwell Patricia L. Cross Virginia R. Crump Sandra Cullen Isaac W. Cummings Patricia A. Cunningham Carol E. Currey Cheryl A. Currier Robert P. Czaplinsky John Czerkas Olya N. Czerkas Annie D. Dabbs Ann S. Dallmann Dennis M. Dalton Linda S. Damsky Brittney E. Daniels Marcia Daniels Nelson Daniels Mary Jane W. Dann Rosemarie Darlington Laurie Dart Michelle I. Davenport Patricia S. Davey

Jane B. Davis Keith A. Davis Melanie J. Davis Samuel L. Davis Douglas Dawson Willhemina Dawson James A. Day Maureen E. Day Bianca W. Deal Juanita C. Deason Joan E. Delcamp Janice Demers Michelle Dennard Brenda S. Dennis Marlyn H. Dennison Brenda O. Dent Gwendolyn W. Deoliveira Stephen L. Depaulo Charles Derexson David E. Detwiler Randall A. Devries Cheryl DiCicco Sheila Diehl Jill Dileanis Ronald Diner Paul Dinsdale Carol E. Dinsdale Savanna Do Shalah R. Dobson Bernadette Dolce Domino's Pizza - Team St. Pete, Inc. Joe F. Doner Kathleen M. Donohue William G. Dooley Kathleen D. Doughty Sandra J. Downes Janet S. Downey Tara Doyle Charles Drake Nathaniel H. Drayton Linda U. Dremstedt Margaret V. Drizd Timothy J. Dublino Marilyne J. Dukes Cheryl A. Dulin Mary Durina Carol A. Durocher Kimberly A. Eash Michael Eby Jim L. Echelberger Joanne E. Egalka Pamela J. Egger Charlene Einsel Deborah M. El Hajoui Patricia Elliott Richard S. Engwall Julie A. Ervin Beatrice R. Eschenfelder Lynette R. Eva Kyle M. Evans Catherine C. Evans

Kyle M. Evans Vicki E. Evans Andrew H. Fafard Mary J. Fafard Stephen C. Fairchild Larry D. Fairman Lakisha Falana Nancy R. Fallin Debra G. Farias Diana L. Fauth Maureen Feeley Rebecca C. Fellows Cleveland Ferguson Victoria A. Ferguson Beverly B. Fessenden Laurie T. Fiess Mary M. Fifer Beth B. Figard Mary K. Fillyaw Ilyse B. Fisher Victor L. Fisher Catherine A. Fleeger Bonnie L. Fletcher Michael S. Flood Danielle Flynn Edward T. Foley Katherine M. Foley Melissa Folks Jane P. Fontaine Mary A. Footman Larry T. Forche Faye E. Ford Samuel R. Ford Donna Fosbrook Pamela T. Foss Amy Foster Nicte S. Foster Lisa Foushee Ann M. Fox Erin Frazier Freddy Fredisson Jeffrey L. Frey Sue L. Frisby Marlene L. Frisse Patricia Fuller Sharon Gage Beverly Gallagher Christina Galloway Evelyn J. Gallucci Teresa Gamage Janice Garvue The Gatewood Foundation Inc. Cynthia J. Gavin Thomas A. Gavin Pamela J. Geiger Kathryn C. Germuska Michael J. Germuska Ronald D. Gerst Tom Giambarberee Mary Giambarberee Lorna J. Gibbons Beverly A. Gibson

Timothy E. Giddens Jacqueline F. Giddings Martha W. Gilkes Patricia A. Gilkes Cathleen Gillen Bobbie R. Gillespie James R. Gillespie Mary Gillespie Mary E. Gillingham James Gills Barbara A. Gjeldum Joan Glover John E. Gluck Eula P. Goolsby Annette Gordan Jane M. Gordon Joan Gordon Kevin D. Gordon Shaquina Gore Karol F. Gotte Maureen J. Grab Susan J. Graham Vasily L. Graham Grandma Berrves Larry Graner Lisa M. Grant Waymon D. Gray Shuntial T. Green David A. Greenfield Nicholas Greenley Marie Grein Anita Griffin Alma E. Griffith Jerry A. Griffith Rebecca S. Griggs William J. Griswold Theresa W. Guetzlaff Deborah G. Guido Sandra Guinand Cheryl Guldenschuh Joel A. Gurian Barbara A. Gurian Martha P. Gusky Lori Guth Susan D. Haight Thomas C. Haight Adelle S. Haley Linda I. Haley Priscilla L. Haley Alice M. Hall Debra A. Hall Donna Hall Marilynn Hall Marvin J. Hall Laurel A. Hall-Peters Laura V. Hallenbeck Jana R. Ham Terri L. Hampson John E. Hancock Robert J. Hancock Theresa Hanley Linda O. Hanna

Judith Hansen Susan D. Harbuck Deborah A. Hargrave Elaine Harris Elissa P. Harris Pamela S. Harshbarger Claire L. Hart Cynthia C. Hart Rebecca C. Hart Sandra Hartnett Patricia Hash Corinne C. Haslacher Linda A. Hatley James Hawblitzel Kathryn Hawkes Robert M. Hawkins Susan L. Heaton Carla B. Heavenridge Elsa C. Heintz Rachael A. Henry Diana Hensley Julie A. Herbert Betty J. Herzhauser Susan Herzig Susan J. Hickman Gerard R. Hicks Latonya Hicks Ozell Hicks Robert B. Hicks Crissie Hill Victoria M. Hill Linda K. Hilterbrandt Michele F. Hingley Dianna L. Holden Donald W. Holden Debra A. Holland Heather M. Holloway Diane L. Holwerda Sandra R. Hopkins Jennifer A. Hopkins-Flory Hazetta Hopkins-jones Sandra L. Hopp Margo L. Horn Jason Horner Mary Hosford Cynthia Houllis Craig A. House Zoe T. Howald Margaret D. Howard Colleen M. Howard-Wahls Terrence Huberty Donna L. Hulbert Marcie Hunt Melissa Hunt Zorina W. Icenogle Evelyn A. Imerson Sharon M. Ingram Interstate Transport Karen J. Irby S. K. Isett Roseann M. Izzo Laurie W. Jackson

James P. Gills Foundation, Inc. Martha M. Jansen Julie M. Janssen Marie Jantschek Dennis Jauch M. Jeffery Deborah L. Jenkins Bonnie L. Jenks Lonny D. Jensen Sharon J. Jensen Patricia A. Jersey Lansing K. Johansen Peggy V. Johns Carolyn M. Johnson Earnest Johnson Jozelle Johnson Lindsay T. Johnson Sheila Johnson Janet Q. Johnston John G. Johnston Robert M. Johnston Joni T. Jonas Angela Jones Celise C. Jones Sandra H. Jones Shinel B. Jones Peter S. Jonsson Jane Jordan Marsha J. Jordan Christine M. Joseph Susan M. June Mary Kale Regina A. Kamensky Rose A. Kane Kane's Furniture John M. Kaneski Judy F. Kaser Beth R. Kaufholz Douglas E. Keimig Tammy L. Keiper Karl E. Keister Kathi J. Keller Susan W. Keller Geneva Kelly Kerry L. Kelly Sandra L. Kemp Linda C. Kenefick Jennifer A. Kennedy Mary Kennedy Patricia M. Kennedy Ward Kennedy Sharon L. Kephart Dinah Keske Natalie A. Keyes Cynthia D. Kidd Denise M. Kidwell Barbara A. Killinger Richard D. Kinnison Christa D. Kirby Denise M. Kirschbaum Elisabeth L. Kirtley Kiwanis Club of St. Petersburg

Janice M. Klimis Kendall L. Kline Lloyd S. Knellinger Richard F. Knight Tonja L. Knobel Larisa H. Komarow Harriet Z. Konstantinidis Donald A. Kopitsky Barbara J. Koroknay Debra A. Kovar Jeffrie L. Kozusko Sandra S. Kravitz Janet L. Kucerik Robin La Chance Sandra S. Ladd Joan C. Lampley Patricia A. Landers Debra L. Lantz Kevin Larkin Cliff Latimore Julia H. Latimore Randi R. Latzke Kimberly Laughlin Warren R. Laux Regina Lawrence Steven A. Lawrence Thomas P. Lechner Angelina Lee Karen V. Lee Mitchell R. Lee Nancy A. Lee Tamika H. Leeks Stephen A. Leger Janine Legon-woods Jody A. Lehman-lynn Joanne Lentino Linda S. Lerner Lynne M. Lester Sharon J. Levy Diane L. Lewis Alec C. Liem Lifestyles Debbie M. Ligas Robert W. Liles Diane Lima Patricia K. Lindeman Mark C. Lindemann Sandra O. Lindner Maria T. Lindquist Joycee P. Lindstrom Colleen Linning Barbara L. Linton Lions Club - Palm Harbor II Marilyn I. Lipp Angel C. Locke Lockheed Martin Tactical Systems Sarah F. Loesch Mary L. Long Nancy T. Long Audrey Lopez Felita Lott James Lott

Deborah R. Love Jerry W. Love Rita O. Lovitt Shannon L. Luckey Gail P. Lulek Mark R. Lulek Pauline J. Luther Angela M. Lutz Bridget W. Lynch The John Lynch Foundation Derrick Lyons Susan A. Lytle Frances M. Mabee David J. Macfarlane Rose M. Mack Gloria E. Madalena James F. Madden Charlotte M. Maguire Ruth Malberg Kevin M. Malley Pamela B. Malone Susan M. Manche Debra E. Mangold Deborah S. Manning Susan D. Maratea Susan K. Marks Cherie R. Marsh Cindi L. Marshall Theresa A. Marshall William Marshall Thurgood Marshall Middle School Ellen M. Martin Robert Martin Alicia R. Martinez Judith A. Mason Georgia Mattern Jody A. Mattheus Richard G. Mazzarese Janet McCabe Martha B. Mccann Michael G. McCann Sharon L. McCollum Victoria McCollum Bridget S. McCoy Dolores R. McCoy Joseph J. McCoy Carolyn K. McDaniel Doris McDaniel-Pappas Karen M. McDermott Robert McFadden Florence J. McGee Kelly E. McGee Jill W. McGonegal Sue S. McKenzie Darlene M. Mclean Theresa M. McLemore Robert A. Mcmahon Alisha L. McMorrow Vicki S. Mcmullen Lynette McSorley Theresita Mederos Beverly P. Meeks

Christian Meier Elaine K. Meils Ellen Meister Gerald A. Mellish Merchants Association of Florida, Inc. Marcy W. Meros Gary M. Merrill Tommy A. Messano Colleen R. Meyers Rebecca R. Miklos Pamela A. Milhan Charlene E. Miller Denise T. Miller Donna K. Miller Jacqueline E. Miller Linda S. Miller Sandra K. Miller Susan Miller Nancy L. Millichamp Rhonda Milner Delores W. Milton Karen B. Minaca Kimen Y. Mitchell Maureen L. Mitchell Gregory L. Mitchell Robin N. Mobley Eve Mokotoff Linda F. Moon Joan B. Moore Lashawn D. Moore Lucinda C. Moore Pamela T. Moore Joyce A. Morgan Sandra F. Morgan Brenda M. Morris Laura J. Morris Raheem Morris Beverly A. Morrison Paula B. Morrison Elizabeth J. Morrow Allen L. Mortimer Glenn B. Mosby Karen H. Moseley Ronnie L. Moses Linda S. Mosley Francisco N. Mosqueda Marianna Mosqueda John M. Mueller Jason Munn Christina Murphy Evelyn A. Murphy Corinne C. Murray Carol L. Mutert Joyce R. Nagy Jennifer E. Nance Cecelia Nauda Margaret M. Neal Janice K. Neff Cynthia F. Neidick Freddie Nelson Gary Nelson

Evelyn S. Nenno Francine Neugebauer Leslie Neumann Lisa A. Neveitt C. L. Nicholson Maxine Nicholson Patti Nickol Tandala L. Niles Marc J. Nilsen Sandra O. Nipper William R. Nordmark Fay M. Norsworthy Gwendolyn H. Noun Nova Southeastern University Ralph M. Nurmela Catherine O'Kelley Peggy L. O'Shea Barbara F. O'Steen Ana N. Obrien Miriam Ofalt Susan C. Ogara Edward A. Olayos Glenda M. Oleson Kimberly J. Olive Philip Orth Marian G. Osborne Mary T. Ossenberg Jan P. Ottinger Leslie A. Otto Sandra K. Owens Timothy C. Owens Kathryn R. Paeplow Ted J. Pafundi Charlotte S. Palmer Patricia A. Palmer Virginia Ellis Palmer Cheron Panakhyo Irene K. Pantelis Priscilla B. Papas John T. Papuga Bonnie A. Parker Connie C. Parkinson Shirley A. Patrick Roberta A. Pawlowski Emily G. Pedlow Donna M. Pennock Daphne Perkins Judy F. Perry Daniel J. Petrino Karen M. Pirone Robin Pitchford Diana Pitts Ann M. Plumery Judith A. Pocklington Brenda B. Poff Leslie J. Pohley Michele S. Polek Carol Polk Jerry L. Pollard Richard N. Pope Diana L. Porter Linda M. Porter

Sharon Porter Sue A. Porter Julie R. Poth Robert Poth Andre L. Poulard Mary A. Powanda Barbara B. Powell Janet P. Power Lauren S. Powers Robert S. Powers Mary E. Poynter Karol K. Pravda Tracy A. Pribble Noreen M. Price Kathleen E. Prince Diane M. Proffitt Progress Energy Florida, Inc. Kathleen M. Proper Publix Super Markets Charities, Inc. Carol L. Puniska Jeannine C. Pursley Lincoln D. Pyle Stephen D. Quackenbush Karen M. Quay Kristina Quinlivan Patricia A. Radosti Teri R. Ragan Laura M. Ramos Gail L. Ramsdell Marie A. Randall Freya E. Rauscher Janet Rawl Linda R. Raybourne Helga R. Reaves Mildred Y. Reed Danette Reid Laura L. Reitz JoAnn E. Riani Linda S. Rice-Lincoln Theresa M. Rich Deborah M. Richards Dawn R. Richmond Terry J. Rigby Brenda K. Riley Donna A. Rippley Virginia F. Ritter Jessica Rivers Michelle Roberge Mark Robertson Michelle Robeson Oscar L. Robinson Rocket Print and Mail Patricia G. Roesch Patricia L. Roesler Diane J. Roffey April Rohrig Teresa M. Rosemeyer Michael R. Rossignol Rotary Club of Tarpon Springs Lisa K. Roth William T. Roth

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