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Newsletter TERM 2, WEEK 6

Executive Principal’s News Dear Pinehurst Community In the week 30 May, Pinehurst was visited and evaluated by two ERO reviewers. I am pleased to report a selection of verbatim comments from the feedback sessions they held with the Senior Management Team and Board members. ERO confirmed that the published report will be a one page summary of how well Pinehurst meets its own statements of suitability as required by the Education Act. ERO Verbatim Comments on 1 June Pinehurst School has high quality systems for continual self-review of all areas. ERO Officers were very impressed with the high quality and amount of information they received prior to the review. 1. Curriculum Pinehurst curriculum provides a very good, quality education. CIE has been very well implemented with a carefully structured approach. There is an effective sequential programme. The curriculum is broadly based with strong values. Programmes are carefully monitored and reviewed regularly. Pinehurst was praised for the introduction of Virtual Classes, the use of interactive whiteboards and the efforts made to ensure students are digitally responsible citizens. 2. Students ERO found students well engaged in learning, responding positively to high staff expectations for behaviour and achievement. They commented favourably on the high levels of academic success. They found students to be capable learners and leaders.

3. Teachers Teachers are suitably qualified and very experienced. They are given appropriate professional development opportunities. 4. Schoolwide ERO were impressed with the Pinehurst Triangle concept and the involvement of parents. They were pleased to see the strong support for New Zealand’s bi-cultural heritage. ERO observed a clear direction for the School and an increasing pride in its identity. They observed continual reflection and review with the emphasis clearly on student’s needs. ERO praised the Board’s support for further development of the School with planned buildings, refurbishment and the continued investment in ICT. ERO was impressed with the number and range of specialist teachers throughout the School. 5. International Students ERO noted Pinehurst has very good management and systems for international students with appropriate English language support and ways of including them in the school and wider community. They confirmed Pinehurst complied with the Ministry of Education Code of Practice for International students. 6. Health and Safety ERO found proactive, well documented Health and Safety systems. The feedback was overwhelmingly positive with just a few suggestions for improvement around the teaching and inclusion of those students with English as a second language and continuing our journey for further development of differentiated learning (teaching to individuals.). With kind regards Sherida Penman Walters (Ms) Executive Principal

10 JUNE 2011

C A L E ND AR D A TE S Week 7 13 June—19 June 13-19

Senior College Mid Year Exam Week


Senior Primary Mid Bays Football at Pinehurst.


Save Day - Senior Primary Mid Bays Football (Pinehurst). Evening Trip to Mikado, Centrestage, Orewa (leaves Pinehurst at 6pm).


NZSS Cross Country.


ATC Theatre Trip 4pm.

Homestay Families Wanted Pinehurst School is looking for families to accommodate our International Students coming for 1-3 weeks between 23 July and 25 August 2011. Renumeration is $230.00 per week. For further information and to find out how you can be part of this unique experience please contact Vicky Kenny phone: 414 0960 ext. 609 or email:

5 Minutes of Fame

PINEHURST L’ORÉAL LADIES LUNCH 2011 Friday 1 July at McHugh’s in Devonport, starting 11.30am sharp. For bookings email Judy Wallace at or phone on 4140960 ext. 638 TICKETS $65 Tickets are non refundable

Talented students who can sing, play instruments and/or dance are invited to offer items for a 5 Minutes of Fame event being held at Westfield Glenfield during the July holidays. See Mr Ellsworth for an application form or go on line for more details. The competition is open to students from any year group and there are a number of substantial prizes for winners.

Habit of Mind: Communicating with Clarity and Precision Pinehurst School—Bush Road Albany—Phone 09 414 0960—Facsimile 09 414 0964 PO Box 302-308 North Harbour North Shore City 0751—



Kung Fu Panda Watch Out With movies like the remake of Karate Kid and Kung Fu Panda on the rise our students are often subjected to martial arts with little or no understanding of what is required to participate in this discipline. In Year 3 during fitness time our teachers opted to ensure the students have a better understanding of the practices of martial arts and the discipline required to perform it. Glen Radojkovich Headmaster Primary and Junior College

In order to address this, Year 3 students have been very fortunate to befit from the experience and knowledge of parent Mr Alun Rees Williams. Alun is a 3rd degree black belt member of the Tiger Crane Kempo group and has been involved in Kempo for the last 25 years. Alun has been teaching the Year 3 students a Kempo martial arts sequence called “Little Dragon Form” during fitness. This sequence allows the students to demonstrate self- discipline, focus and respect. It is a sequence of ten moves which have almost been perfected. They are soon to commence studying the “Advanced Little Dragon Form”. The students have really enjoyed this opportunity, coordinated by Mrs Fuller and Mrs Jones-Hill, another opportunity to draw upon the parent, teacher, student relationship, further enhancing and demonstrating the strength of the Pinehurst Triangle. Alun, many thanks for your time and efforts with the students.

Primary News

Mr Radojkovich

News from Year 3

By Catherine Jones-Hill Lisa Brooks Rachel Long

Our Topic study this term is Asian Communities. As part of our study, our student teacher Miss Brookes showed us a wonderful video on Lai Thai Art. This is an ancient art form that uses lines. These line patterns are symmetrical and are based on the natural world around us. Miss Brooks challenged us to create a Lai Thai pattern. We started with an outline shape and had to fill the space with symmetrical lines that joined to each other to fill the space. This took time, effort and concentration. When we completed our pattern we outlined it in black and then coloured it in using red, yellow, red and blue pastels. The finished art work looks amazing. Please come and visit P14 to see our amazing Lai Thai art.

Year 4 and 5 IT

By Jacqui Herbert During this term Year 4 and 5 children have been exploring the use of Excel. Children have been introduced to the amazing capabilities of this program and how they can produce quality graphs. Children initially gathered some basic data from the class about pets they have at home. We learnt how to use the rows and columns and change font colour and size. Children then produced pie graphs showing percentages and a variety of bar graphs. The classes have been experimenting with inserting pictures into the bar graph to produce a pictogram. Excel is a wonderful way of linking our mathematics and computer skills.



News from 8LG

Junior College News

By Linda Gair Phew… they are over. Mid-Year Exams for another year are now behind us and we await the results of our efforts. These should be a direct reflection of the energy and input the students have put into both their learning to date and the study for the exams. We will have time to reflect on the process of our revision techniques and look at how we can improve or refine areas for the end-of-year exams.

Saturday, four Year 8’s from the “team” who spent many lunchtimes working on this year’s sculpture entry for Year of the Rabbit, turned up proudly dressed in uniform representing Pinehurst at the prize-giving. Although this year we didn’t pick up an award our enthusiastic participation was the reward. The creative energies of North Shore students Year 5-8 are always a delight to witness, as is the experience of going to an exhibition opening.

contributing schools on exhibition in the foyers on both levels and of course the Muka Youth Print Exhibition here at school again for the 5th year at the end of next week in the Senior College Artroom. (The old Junior College Artroom). There is a detailed article about this below.

Looking back to last week’s Junior College contribution to this newsletter by Paul Le Lievre I’d like to reiterate here this passage…. “Taking responsibility and ownership for their education makes the students more engaged in the learning process and therefore more receptive to learning…. There is no substitute for active study, which requires the investment of effort, How quickly this long 11 week term is time and perseverance.” going; now already half way through. We have just had our last 3-day week- We have the Mid-Bays Music and Arts end until Labour weekend in October. I Festival to look forward to at the Bruce trust you all enjoyed the extra day Mason Centre at the end of this month. either achieving or completely relaxing. Two performances are planned with Although the weather was very nasty on good exemplars of art from the


Prescription glasses have been found. They are pale green with black flowers on the side frame. Please collect from Chrissy at reception if they are yours.

School Uniform Shop Term Opening Hours Monday 12:30—4:30pm Wednesday 8:00-9:30am Thursday 8:00-9:30am

Solar Production This Week kWh 16.10 Total to date

Total for 2011

$ Saving $3.50 $646.00

CO2 Saving 10.40 2831.84KWh 665.19 KWh

Muka Prints at Pinehurst

Next week on Friday 17 and Saturday 18 June Don’t miss this wonderful opportunity for your children to start on their very own art collection. At only $65 per print (to a maximum of three). All Muka Prints, there are 40 original lithographs, ALL DIFFERENT FROM PREVIOUS YEARS. are by well known New Zealand and overseas artists. The signatures will be covered up so that the print is chosen for what it means. Please remember that this is an exhibition and can be viewed without purchasing. It is essential that students are NOT pressured to purchase.. Where: Pinehurst School Senior College Art Room Who: Young people aged from 5 and under 19. No adults allowed Cost: Free entry, each print (maximum 3) costs $65 unframed. Plus $65 for framing per print (optional). When: Friday 17 June 3.30pm to 5.30pm. Saturday 18 June 10am to 2.00pm This is for Pinehurst families and friends. Remember any child can be taken to the Muka Gallery in Ponsonby to choose art work at any time. Sorry No Eftpos – No Credit Cards – cash and cheques only.



Dear Senior College Parents and Students, I am sure that, like me, many of you saw the headline story in the weekend Herald: “Rugby ban on big wins for kids” As the heading suggested, the NZRU have made the decision that for teams of 13 years and under, scores will be registered to a maximum of 35 points. So, if Ponsonby’s under-10 team beat College Rifles by 68-3, it will be officially recorded as 35-3. The rationale behind this announcement is the perceived need to generate “a more even contest.”

Senior College News

Jacqueline White Senior College Headmistress

Whilst being whipped 100-0 cannot be a pleasant feeling, the reality is that sometimes that’s life and, if children can’t be taught resilience on the sporting field, where and when will they learn it? Ultimately, I believe that this new policy is detrimental to all those involved. Firstly, those children or teams that are talented are being discouraged from developing the killer-instinct that is such a vital part of serious or professional sport. In the 1984 Los Angeles Olympics New Zealand won 8 gold medals to Australia’s 4 but at Beijing in 2008 Australia won 14 to New Zealand’s 3. The question is, why this turn around in fortune? Several sports journalists, sports psychologists, athletes and administrators have looked at this reversal in fortune and attribute Australia’s present sporting strength to their philosophy of sporting-excellence. The Australian Institute of Sport in Canberra was developed in part due to their paltry success at Los Angeles and is certainly a massive factor in explaining their elevation to a sporting superpower in little over a generation. The ethos of excellence and commitment has become a fundamental aspect of Australia’s sporting culture; trickling down from the AIS to grass-root club sport. In their words: “giving it a bit of mongrel” is not something to be ashamed of or to feel uncomfortable about, but to embrace. Some commentators even go so far as to say that Australia’s economic miracle is not purely a result of the mining industry but that it is equally the result of a country applying their sporting psyche to the economic aspect of their national life. While this might sound like the commentators are drawing a long bow, I would just observe that back in 1984, when we were showing up the Australians at Los Angeles, New Zealand and Australia had comparable standards of living and GDP, yet look at us now. Just a coincidence? Maybe. As I stated earlier, a philosophy that says that children should be protected from the negative impact of being soundly beaten on the rugby field, does not merely work to the detriment of budding sports stars, it also presents all participants an unreal exemplar of what life is like. When competing for a place in Medical School, other students are not going to go soft on you because they don’t want you to feel badly. When going for that job interview, the other applicants aren’t going to put in a sub-par application because they don’t want you to cry and, in the semi-final of this year’s Rugby World Cup, France aren’t going to give away penalties because they think it’s New Zealand’s turn to win a semi-final. The reality is that life is tough and that by shielding children from this fact, we not only do them no favours, we actually stunt their ability to develop resilience and strategies for overcoming hurdles. Of course, the irony of this “softly softly” approach to child-rearing is that it comes at the very time that young people are being told it has never been harder to get in to university or to pursue their career of choice. How responsible is it to spring failure on the young for the first time when they leave school? As young adults, how developed will their coping and adaptation strategies be if we cocoon them in those low-stakes settings such as Saturday morning rugby when they are 12? The reality is that our generation and our parents’ generation survived a good old-fashioned thumping on the sports field when we were that age and yet “we turned out alright!” This generation is not genetically softer than we were, so why treat them as if they are? It is an insult to their resilience, dis-incentivises those that should be striving for excellence and creates more significant problems down the track. Watching our Lacrosse girls defeat Albany Senior High 16-0 last week greatly pleased me – not purely because it was a win (and certainly not because it was a massive win) but because our girls’ commitment to excellence did not waver and, throughout the game, they honoured their opponents by giving it their all. I am sure that Albany Senior wanted and expected nothing less. While winning the Rugby World Cup has become a national obsession which I, for one, have no interest in, as a lay-person I would have to say that if the NZRU want to ensure that we never win the Webb-Ellis trophy ever again, this new policy is going the right way about it.

Careers Information Update The following careers events will be coming up over the next month. 9-11 June Coco Cola Careers Expo at ASB Show Grounds go to to see the list of organisations attending, hours open. 15 June NZ Police Recruiting Seminar at North Shore Policing Centre. 16 June Science at Otago University evening, 6-8pm. 16 June Melbourne University Information evening. Please contact Margaret McNie if attending . 20 June Law at Otago University evening, 7-9pm. 22 June UNITEC Open Evening 3.30-6.30pm programmes available. Please contact Margaret McNie, Careers Advisor for more information or if you would like to talk about career options for your child. She is available Mon-Thurs on Ext 759 or by emailing

Pinehurst School is Hosting The Muka Youth Print Exhibition where only people under 18 can buy original art @ $65 each at the Senior College Art Room Friday 17 June 3.30pm - 5:30pm and Saturday 18 June 10am - 2pm N O



$65/print and $65/frame

LITHOGRAPHS NEW ZEALAND & INTERNATIONAL ARTISTS only for young people (5-18 inclusive) adult free zone A collection of 40 original-lithographs only for young people. Size of the lithographs 10 x 20 cm, price $NZ 65 only children and young people 5 - 18 years ( inclusive) can visit the exhibition and buy these lithographs all artworks are signed, but all signatures are covered, so that personal taste governs the eventual choice children and young people, who buy a print receive a receipt and their print will be distributed to them from Pinehurst School. The lithograph is their exclusive property, not that of parents, f r i e n d s o r a c q u a i n t a n c e . Schools and children's hospitals are also eligible to purchase Youth Prints on the condition t h a t t h e c h i l d r e n w i l l b e i n direct contact with them i.e. they don't hang in staf frooms or the principal's office. The works have to be chosen b y y o u n g p e o p l e e l i g i b l e t o v i s i t t h e s h o w .

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