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Year: 2009

Welcome to the new edition of EL TESORO "El peri贸dico de Pinehurst" (click on the link to open the e-magazine)

After reading the articles on EL TESORO, answer the following questions; submit your answers and participate in a draw for a 2010 Spanish Calendar. (closes 20th of December) 1)EL MUSEO: Which one of these set of words is mentioned in the text? 2)LA CORRIDA DE TOROS: Children dream about being a bullfighter. 3)LA TORRE: Which numbers are mentioned in the text? 4) EL VIAJE A AUCKLAND: Which times are mentioned in the article? 5) EL PUENTE: The bridge was built with iron and concrete. El ZOOLOGICO : According to the article,say if these statements are true or false. 6 ) There is a tram near the zoo. False


7) Kiwis were introduced in 1947 False


8) LA NAVIDAD: When does the Christmas season start?

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EL TESORO is a school e-magazine created with the purpose of sharing the adventure of learning a foreign language. The articles are created by College Spanish students at Pinehurst School, Albany, New Zealand. Any question or comment contact.

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El Tesoro 09  

Spanish magazine made by Spanish students at Pinehurst School