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WELCOME Cover image: Dr Louise Wigens and husband Rob Tarr enjoying the sunrise on Lekubu island, found in the Makgadikgadi pans, Botswana. See the travel article on page 6 where Louise describes their camping adventure...

Editor: Max Schutte


We may have a laugh at the expense of the British, who are melting as their temperatures reach into the mid and upper 30s, but it is a serious matter. As parts of Europe suffer widespread and frequent wildfires and floods, much like Australia and indeed the Cape have recently endured, my thoughts turned to climate change. As long ago as 1824, French Physicist Joseph Fourier described how the Greenhouse Effect worked – light from the sun, whose wavelength is short enough to pass through the atmosphere, strikes Earth’s surface and warms it up. That heat is re-radiated as infra-red back out towards space. This longer wavelength infra-red radiation is readily absorbed by carbon dioxide (CO2), trapping heat in the atmosphere and gradually warming it up. In 1896, Swedish chemist Svante Arrhenius concluded that burning coal, thereby producing more CO2, would enhance the natural Greenhouse Effect and increase global warming. Sadly, he thought it would be beneficial for future generations. By 1958, scientists began formal monitoring of atmospheric CO2 at the Mauna Loa observatory in Hawaii. At this time, it was 0.031%. You may think this is a very small number to be worried about... The problem is that CO2 is an extremely efficient absorber of heat trying to escape back into space, and it is now accepted that doubling the concentration to 0.06% will lead to an average global temperature rise of 3° to 4°. Currently, the level is up to 0.0415% which will lead to a 1.5° temperature rise. Again, a 1.5° or even 3° increase may seem small but consider this: Polar Acceleration: In high latitudes with ice or snow coverage, a few degrees significantly increases melting. Ice and snow is highly reflective, so without it, more heat radiation strikes the Earth and is absorbed by the land and ocean under it, causing even more melting which sets up a cascading feedback loop, accelerating heat absorption. Loss of polar ice and glaciers is a big deal. Also, weather, ocean currents and atmospheric systems are very finely balanced and extremely sensitive to temperature. A small rise can tip the balance, meaning that oncein-a-century catastrophes start to happen a few times within a decade. Lastly, it is true that dramatic natural climate changes have occurred since prehistoric times, but they have been very gradual, allowing flora and fauna ample time to adapt. This is not true of the current man-made change in progress where we are already seeing wide-ranging disruption of coral, mammals, krill and plant life cycles. This all seems like something we do need to take seriously.

Max Schutte Editor and Advertising

Writer and Photographer

Max Schutte

Glynnis Schutte


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Commonly known as a tick bird, this small compact egret has a short bill, neck and yellow legs. The adult has buff feathers on its head, mantle and breast. These increase during the breeding season. The bill is orange-yellow. Commonly found around large animals which they use to flush out insects. They roost in flocks and some breeding colonies can be as large as 10 000 breeding pairs, usually in reed beds and trees along with other egrets, herons and cormorants. Featured bird text by: John McFarlane resident at Pinewood Village, Pinelands, has been a keen birder for more than 30 years, and has travelled to most parts of South Africa, Namibia, Zimbabwe and Botswana following his birding passion. "Being retired makes it easier to get away" he says.

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Western Cattle Egret

John McFarlane at the flower sellers Howard Centre


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1st Wednesdays 10am to 11am Fri 26, Sat 27, Sun 28 Aug 2022 HAPPY HOUR SOCIAL GROUP

Meet at the Pinelands library and enjoy. 3 August: Turn Trash into Treasure. Call Santa at 021 531 2600.

Thursday 4 Aug 2022


Do something remarkable, donate blood at St Stephens Church Main Hall from 1:30pm until 7:15pm. Confirm times at 021 507 6300. See for more information.

Saturday 6 Aug 2022


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Wednesday 17 Aug 2022 PAGETURNERS BOOK CLUB

All are welcome to come to the Pinelands Library Activities Hall from 10am to 11am. Call Verna on 021 530 7160.

Pinelands Dance Co is presenting a dance show including modern, contemporary, hip hop and musical theatre along with the Pinehurst Primary choir. Friday 26 August: 7pm Saturday 27 August: 3pm and 7pm Sunday 28 August: 3pm Tickets available at the door R80.00 or book through Dance Co 083 273 2159 or email

. Wednesday 31 Aug 2022 PINELANDS STAMP CIRCLE

Meet at 6:30pm in the Activities Hall at Pinelands Library. Mike Hill will be displaying British Postmarks; Alastair and Brenda Weir will be showing "Let the Seas Live". There will also be the Garden Cities and Beginner's Competition. All welcome. For information, phone Martin 021 689 5050.

Saturdays 2022 9am to 11am BRIC-A-BRAC SALES FOR KAPS

Support the Karoo Animal Protection Society bric-a-brac table at the Pop-upNursery at Pinelands Club. Donations for KAPS are welcome.

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you rve e s r t ho s e ge pre-loved items that no lon

GOLD (even scrap gold) remember when you lost that earring and buried the other in your jewellery box? SILVER from scrap jewellery to silver teasets MEDALS Boer War, WW1, WW2 inc badges & buttons COINS tickey, sixpence, shilling, 5 shilling & R1 coins POSTCARDS up to 1945 (1900 - 1920 are best) CUPS & SAUCERS duos and trios (plate, cup & saucer) OLD TOYS Schuco, Dinky, Meccano etc. FOUNTAIN PENS, PEN-KNIVES AND WATCHES

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Pinelands Library Hall Monday 8 August 2022 10:00 - 12:00 Ticket: R50

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It’s Friday - chess match day! ‘Mr Coe, do you think we can win again today? And what if we lose…? by Raymond Coe Gr 7 teacher & chess coach Chess is not only alive and well at PNPS but thriving throughout all grades. The children are so keen and excited to participate in inter-school matches every Friday. To be able to accommodate this enthusiasm we have included extra players to play “friendlies” against other schools whilst the normal team of six are playing, four extra, upcoming, players are given the opportunity to play and gain experience. This is the first chess season in 2 years and we entered the league as a mixed U13 team. So far 2022 has been a great year for PNPS: • Our team has won 6 out of 6 matches played this past term. • Players have played in local regional tournaments and come out on top. • Luke Bell was selected to play in an international tournament in Greece. • The most recent regional tournament was in Worcester. PNPS was represented by Benji Wyatt (Grade 2), Luke Bell(Grade 4) and Arden Janse van Rensberg, (Grade 7). They did exceptionally well: all achieving Western Province colours! Congratulations! Thank you to all our supportive and enthusiastic parents, our coach Shane Willenberg, teachers - Mr Van Schoor, Miss Pereira and Julia White-Phillips. Finally, many thanks to Mr King for your amazing organisational skills and enthusiasm.

Our next major team tournament will be the Western Province Schools Team Championships in term 3. by Shane Willenberg PNPS Volunteer Chess Coach, extramural.

Ready to buy or sell the better way?

I have been the Pinelands North Primary We’ll manage every detail of your property head coach for the better part of two journey. Plus, our range of virtual services terms. I was very impressed with the number of players who joined chess for the will make the process easy, safe & convenient. very first time. There are about 50 students from all grades who actively attend chess Ready to get started? training with the first team, which consists Contact Pinelands resident from of a squad of about 10 players. The parents Rawson Properties Constantia as well as PNPS educators are fundamental Anthony McCarthy in our team’s successes over the past few 082 372 3092 months. It is encouraging to see our players participating regularly in tournaments held by Chess Western Province. This is a sign that our students are putting their training into practice against not only older students, but also adults. I look forward to what the rest of 2022 has in store for us. Our role is to introduce the basics of chess, instil confidence, and create an YOUR NEIGHBOURHOOD EXPERTS appreciation and love for the game. by Julia White-Phillips , PNPS Teaching Intern This year, we started a beginner chess club with the Grade 1s and 2s. Vera Lekhanya and I run the extra mural for half an hour Rawson-D5-131.indd 1 2022/0 every Thursday. (Time really does fly when you're having fun!) We initially started out with about 35 children in the beginning of the year and the numbers are growing. At Grade 1 and 2 Chess club, we always start with "signing in" before splitting into our two teams: the Bishops and Knights. In Term 1, we looked at all the pieces and how they move. I am amazed at how quickly these children have Dr Louise Wigens picked it up! Many of them MBChB , Dip in Child Health (UCT) have become comfortable with playing chess, as we Phone for an appointment help the beginner players. Each week I am thrilled when they ask, "Is chess West End Medical Suite, HOURS club today?"  Mutualpark, Pinelands Mon - Fri 09:00 - 15:00


021 531 4111

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SUCCESSSFUL DANCE CO TOUR TO ITALY "The beauty of dance, travel and competition broadens the mind – providing priceless education" This annual event organised by Viv Pullin gives students plus many parents the opportunity to experience Italy with its traditions, food, language and culture which are so different from home. Students, who work very hard leading up to the tour, are selected for participation in the World Dance Movement, Italy. This takes place in a small town in Puglia called Castellana Grotto. A week is spent touring - going to Rome and Sorrento / Amalfi Coast and then down to Castellana Grotto to participate in dance workshops and competitions with other students from all over the world . Dance Co achieved a 2nd place overall. Congratulations! Themba Wisani placed 3rd at World Dance Movement competition.

HelenKeller S O C I E T Y

E S T. 1 9 5 8

Over 60 Years in Aged Care Retirement Estate and Low Vision Services Full Nursing in Care Centre Assisted Living in Home and Askew Suites Independent Living in Cottages Various In-house Services for Residents

Viewing and Low Vision Services by Appointment

Enquiries 021 531 5311 during office hours E-mail

2nd Place overall at World Dance Movement - Italy

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WINTER MUSIC RECITAL AT CANNONS CREEK CANNONS CREEK Early in June, 30 Music students shared learnt during the year. "Well done to all SCHOLARSHIP WINNER their talents at the Cannons Creek the performers for doing the best you can, Primary School Winter Recital. There were instrumental performances from pupils on the recorder, flute, guitar, piano, and violin - showing the culmination of skills

Congratulations to Grace Primary School Grade 7 pupil, Joshua van der Vinne, for being the recipient of the Cannons Creek Academic Scholarship for 2023.


R3 100 000

Stella Melunksy, Grade 6 performing He's a Pirate by Hans Zimmer

Above:: Cannons Creek Winter Music Recital. Music students with Music teachers Ms Gail Levitt, Ms Carla van Wyk, Mrs Judith Stiller, and Mr Vincent Varrie.


R3 895 000



Nathan Human, Grade 5 performing Stealth Mode by Melody Bober

Images: Andrew Swarts

Eli Naidoo, Grade 2 performing In Olden Times by Valentin Haussmann

as it takes a lot of courage. It is not about perfection, it's about enjoying yourself and sharing your gift with others." by Ms Gail Levitt, Head of Primary School Music.


R4 495 000


THE ORCHARDS - Light & bright cottage in secluded corner. Pretty garden, stained glass door leads into o/p living area with French doors opening to established back garden. Two bedrooms, mes and family bathroom. Direct access from garage to house. Web: RXBS-2544 • Abigail Hinchcliffe 084 577 3576

LIGHT & BRIGHT HOME IN THE ORCHARDS - Spacious lounge, French doors leading to established, fully walled garden. Kitchen adjacent to dining room, enclosed cooks courtyard. 3 Bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, mes. Double garage with direct access to house. Web: RXBS-2662 • Abigail Hinchcliffe 084 577 3576

FAMILY HAVEN AMONGST LEAFY SURROUNDS - 3 Spacious bedrooms, a large study which can easily be converted into 4th bedroom. Beautiful o/p lounge / dining area with solid hard wood flooring, high ceilings & lapa with built-in braai & fireplace. Web: RXBS-2645 • Byron Louw 082 081 2299

FFC No: 2022387352 • Property Practitioner RE/MAX Property Associates: 021 531 4477

FFC No: 2022387352 • Property Practitioner RE/MAX Property Associates: 021 531 4477

FFC No: 2022319467 • Property Practitioner RE/MAX Property Associates: 021 531 4477


R4 425 000

SOLE MANDATE FAMILY HOME / DUAL LIVING - NO TRANSFER DUTY! Double storey 4 bedroom home with 3 bathrooms, 3 huge living areas, fitted kitchen and two outside cottages with separate entrance and parking. Web: RXBS-2586 • Cindy Sarandis 071 081 4413

FFC No: 2022387356 • Property Practitioner RE/MAX Property Associates: 021 531 4477


R4 795 000

SOLE MANDATE PRISTINE RENOVATED DOUBLE STOREY - Showcasing 4 bedrooms with bics, 2 bathrooms mes, guest toilet, 2 living areas, o/p dining and fitted kitchen, outside guest room, storage and laundry, pool, tree house, well point and 6 car garage! Web: RXBS-2656 • Cindy Sarandis 071 081 4413

FFC No: 2022387356 • Property Practitioner RE/MAX Property Associates: 021 531 4477


R4 250 000

JOINT MANDATE CHAMPAGNE & CHARM - This charming double storey celebrates 4 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, huge lounge & dining room, 2 studies, additional room for a flatlet, fitted kitchen, laundry, undercover entrance area, pool, plenty parking all in Champagne Pinelands. Web: RXBS-2319 • Cindy Sarandis 071 081 4413

FFC No: 2022387356 • Property Practitioner RE/MAX Property Associates: 021 531 4477

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BEAUTIFUL BOTSWANA Text and images by Dr Louise Wigens, West End Medical Suite, Mutualpark

On a chilly day in Cape Town during May I flew to Maun airport, where my husband, Rob Tarr, picked me up in our 4x4 which he had driven to Botswana. The decision to fly enabled me to spend more time at my medical practice with my patients, and still enjoy the wild places of Botswana with Rob. We set off in our Fortuner, pimped up with a long-range fuel tank and rooftop tent, to Moremi Game Reserve in the Okavango Delta. We had sufficient fuel, water and food for three weeks on board. The first thing that struck me about Botswana (other than the heat) is that most of the roads are dirt roads. There are no fences, and wild animals have the freedom to roam not only in Botswana but also across the borders into neighbouring countries. Mindblasting! Third Bridge Moremi was a spectacular Delta experience. Using GPS we negotiated a few river crossings en route, with detours where bridges were impassible due to the annual water from Angola flooding the area. From our campsite we set off for an Okavango sunset boat trip through the channels. Birdlife in abundance flitted from one bank to the other, the tall seeded grasses rustled in the breeze, water-lilies flowered prolifically and leguaans sunned themselves on the rocks. We journeyed northwards to Khwai where we camped next to a swamp area, and could see elephants feeding all day thrashing grasses and reeds in the water to clean the roots. One large elephant bull

strolled across our campsite, metres away, tugging on a few branches of our shade tree and then moving past. Our most adrenaline filled moment of the trip was here. Having heard that a male lion had been seen crossing the river we set out to do the same. Almost a complete misjudgment on our part - low range engaged, second gear and off we went. Just before half way the car nose-dived into a deep hole – Rob was saying “I just have to keep going, can’t stop now”. The water swooshed up and over the bonnet of our car, and even sloshed in through the open windows, soaking us and my camera in the footwell. My heart was in my throat! We kept moving and got to the other side feeling somewhat shaken. When we needed to return later, Rob stripped down and waded through the almost hip deep water looking for a slightly shallower route, keeping an eye out for crocodiles. We then went into Chobe Game Reserve and spent four days in the Savuti area. Savuti is renowned for having several lions that have mastered the art of bringing down an elephant. We were fortunate to see two lions on their elephant kill having their last meal before moving off and making way for the jackals, hyenas and vultures. Over three days we were privileged to observe nature and this cycle of life. Flies laid eggs and maggots crawled out. Starlings and even a jackal ate this protein rich food as they wriggled their way through the soil.

From here we spent two days on the Linyanti river in one of the most scenic campsites of our trip, then headed north to the Chobe River where we set up camp at Ihaha. Never in all my years of visiting game parks have I seen such large herds of giraffe, wildebeest, zebra and buffalo. A feast for the eyes! Spending an afternoon on a small private boat charter on the Chobe River was the cherry on the top – allowing us both to fully enjoy the photographic opportunities available. We then started to move south from Kasane, down the eastern border of Botswana, and encountered tar roads for the first time since leaving Maun. Our destination was Lekhubu island which is found in the Makgadikgadi pans. Millions of years ago Makgadikgadi Lake was one of the largest lakes in the world. It has now become over 30 000 square kilometres of salt pans – the largest in the world - with the occasional outcrop or island. Kubu island is a unique, magical place peppered with ancient Baobab trees. It has an interesting history relating to migrating central African people who built a stone wall complete with small lookout windows. The area was also used for ritual circumcisions for boys transitioning to adulthood. A sacred cave, found on the top of the island, is still used for prayer by the local village people. We traversed the Magadigadi pans to Khumaga and then with sadness returned to Maun for my flight to Cape Town. 

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PINELANDS HIGH SCHOOL VISUAL ART Grade 12 Visual Art students in action. The theme for Visual Art in Term 2, Matric 2022 was 'Play'. A relatively open topic was chosen for Grade 12 students to encourage them to work in the medium and subject of their choice. Matrics may work in any Visual Art medium such as painting, drawing, sculpting, animation or videography. As always the Visual Art students are directed to create artworks that are personal, original and meaningful.

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R4.395 million

Ref# KW1573085 R4.15 million

4 Bedrooms| 2 Bathrooms | 4 Parkings

Ref# KW1555430

5 Bedrooms | 2 Bathrooms | 1 Garage | 4 Off Street Parkings

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16 Pleasant Place, Pinelands R4.38 million*

3 Bedrooms| 2.5 Bathrooms | 4 Covered Parkings

9 Victory Avenue, Pinelands

4 Bedrooms| 5 Bathrooms | 8 Parkings

Pam Golding Properties (Pty) Ltd – Southern Suburbs Registered with the PPRA. Holder of a Business Property Practitioner FFC. Operating a Trust Account. W: +27 21 673 4200 E:

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Mount Kilimanjaro, the highest mountain in Africa, showing one of the three volcanic cones called Kibu

Duncan Souchon

Pinelander Duncan Souchon is both a mountaineer and songwriter. Author of the book Mountains of Africa, Duncan takes us through his climbing and writing journey, including how he and his family came to live in Pinelands. Inspiration for climbing I was born in Johannesburg and attended schooling in Kwa-Zulu Natal. We could see the Drakensberg from the school, and it was there where my passion for African mountains began. I soon learnt to hike, carry loads up the escarpment passes, take in the fresh mountain air, tackle storms and scale peaks using technical gear. I fell in love with these high places, and would burn up in class waiting for the next weekend to get back out into their world of beautiful, vast and vertical landscapes. Recovering at sea level and meeting Gosia - another mountaineer! After school I focused most of my energy on climbing Mount Kenya and other peaks around the globe, and almost met my end (at the tender age of 23) high in the Andes after a bout of pulmonary and cerebral oedema. On return to Johannesburg my doctor sent me to sea level to recover, and that is how I came to the Cape where I met

my wife Gosia, who is also an accomplished mountaineer and a star rock climber. Together we have climbed many mountains including Mount Lyall, the highest point in Yosemite, California. In 2017 we had our first child Benjamin, and in 2019 moved to Pinelands before our second child Eva was born. We love our home, with it's beautiful garden and natural surroundings, and we love travelling to high and remote places in search of adventures, from Table Mountain to the Alps, even if we only trek and scramble with our kiddos, sharing with them the world we love. Travelling through Africa in a restored 1969 Land Rover In 2005 I published my first book called Serpent Spires (Jonathan Ball), which focused on all the technical peaks in the Drakensberg, with stories by mountaineers describing their adventures (and misadventures!) scaling them. In the same year I left Cape Town in a 1969

Series 2 Land Rover (that we had spent 18 months rebuilding and kitting out for an expedition) with photographer Michael Walton, with the intention to live on the road, travel to African mountains throughout the continent, document them photographically and interview the people who lived beneath them, learning about what their mountains meant to them. A new book and a new aspect to life Having been granted the opportunity to write a book on African mountains by Struik in 2004, my library-based research on African mountains had mostly heralded a colonial perspective, which was limited to a particular set of narratives. Looking for a more holistic point of view, and fuelled by a sense of social justice, being young and poor didn't worry us, time was on our side and for less than $10 a day, we drifted across the continent for more than a year discovering high places, meeting the most fantastic people and hearing about what

Souchon family in Orange Kloof 2020

Souchon family at the Lünersee in the Austrian Alps - June 2022

Crossing a 4500m pass in the Siemen Mountains Ethiopia

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PINELANDER (CONTINUED) the mountains represented for them and their peoples. I came back not only with a book, but a whole new perspective of community, the power of relationship and the wealth of knowledge about how we as humans make sense of our world through our surroundings. Are you planning any more books? After two books, which are real labours of love, I am not sure I'll need to write any more, but who knows. I did stop writing as a journalist some time ago (I wrote for SupersportZone, Go, OutThere, SA Mountain Magazine et al), and moved into the non profit sector, firstly in youth development and now currently in Basic Education. I consult to the Western Cape Education Department on policy

Duncan and Gosia at Toverkop summit, Klein Swartberg

development, with particular emphasis on operational development, systems and process mapping. So still quite a lot of writing I suppose! Any hobbies other than climbing? I continue my love for restoring old cars, and am currently restoring a 1972 Alfa Romeo Spider (Italian racing red, of course!) What is important to you for Pinelands, South Africa and the World right now? 1. A road and bridge between Langa and Pinelands to end the decades of apartheid geo-spacial planning, and bring these two communities together. 2. Accountability measures in Basic Education at a national level, with the idea to put the learner first and improve learner outcomes as the primary goal,

Duncan ascending El Doinyo Lengai, Tanzania. Image by Mike Walton

Greeff Properties



EAST WAY R5 250 000

AMBLESIDE ROAD R5 695 000 Web Ref: 5325861 Beds 6 • Baths 4.5 • Receptions 4 • Garages 2

Web Ref: 4967082 Beds 6 • Baths 4.5 • Receptions 4 • Garages 2


GLEN ROY R1 850 000 Web Ref: 5341102 Beds 2 • Bath 1 • Reception 1 • Garage 1

particularly in reading for meaning and numeracy. 3. Many of the glaciers on the African high summits I climbed 15 - 20 years ago are now completely gone, or significantly smaller. Climate change is now our greatest immediate challenge as a global community. Duncan Souchon has just released his LP album Innosense produced with Pinelander Dave Langemann – but that's a story for another edition. See Duncan perform with violinist Rayelle Goodman at the Alma Café on the third weekend of August. Look out for Mountains of Africa at Bargain books. 

Web Ref: 5394277 Bed 1 • Bath 1 • Reception 1 • Parking 1

Daniel Etherington Registered with the PPRA - Full Status Agent 072 709 0057 -




CLARENDON ROAD R4 495 000 Web Ref: 5342810 Beds 4 • Baths 2 • Receptions 3 • Parkings 6

HOWARD HAMLET R1 150 000 Web Ref: 5096354 Bed 1 • Bath 1 • Reception 1 • Parking 1

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MEERENDAL COLLECTS FOR A GOOD "CLAWS" Celebrating and recognising a Pinelands legend, Meerendal pre primary dedicated their efforts for celebrating Mandela Day by collecting items that local animal rescue hero, Margot Wilke, needs to keep her animal sanctuary going. Along the way Margot treated the children to some close-up and personal education and caring for some of her favourite creatures. by Vanessa Graham, Principal, Meerendal Pre Primary School

Children holding the tenrec

Margot Wilke holding the liguaan

Meerendal Pre Primary school were able to share some love with the animals in need this Madiba Day. It seemed fitting this year to honour and support the work that our local Pinelands legend, Margo Wilke has been involved in for decades. Lifelong passion for animals in need Margo or the “Bird Lady” as she is often called has been rescuing and rehabilitating wildlife for over 55 years. She cares for sick and injured animals from far and wide and accepts all kinds of creatures such as a wide variety of birds, bats, snakes, lizards, buck, tortoises and turtles. She will care for pretty much any animal (other than dogs and cats) which are in need. She even has a basket outside her home to receive critters at any time of the day or night. Meerendal collection for the sanctuary The Meerendal Pre Primary families recently collected blankets, face cloths (to keep baby birds warm), ideal milk, dog food, Pronutro and eggs to help Margo in her amazing challenge. We loaded up her bakkie with these “treasures” and know that many a desperate animal will benefit from her dedicated care. The shy little tenrec Margo arrived at Meerendal with a little surprise to inspire the children. The first visitor, a tenrec, is a small Madagascan mammal that looks a lot like a hedgehog. Tenrecs are shy, nocturnal animals that spend their life foraging for insects. In their

natural habitat, tenrecs live in burrows, so Margo, keeps them safely tucked under warm blankets to emulate their environment and keep them safe. The little spiky visitor was very patient with all our nosy hands and let all the children meet him and feel his pens before scurrying back to the safety of his blanket. The scaly leguaan A second visitor was a leguaan rescued from certain death after his skull was crushed by a car. This reptile is now a permanent resident at the sanctuary as he is no longer able to survive in the wild. It was an amazing experience for the children to feel his scaly skin and see firsthand how the molting process takes place. The leguaan was pretty interested in the children too and his tongue was darting in and out smelling his new friends. Thank you Margot The children loved to meet and learn about the animals and it made the experience of giving a very real and meaningful one. Thank you, Margo, for all you continue to do for the forgotten creatures. We think you are incredible. Margo can be reached on – 082 480 5077. She is always in need of the following items and would welcome your donations of: • Newspaper • Dog food • Blankets • Eggs • Face cloths • Ideal Milk • Pronutro

Meerendal teacher Lara Rule with the tenrec

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Creating and protecting your wealth

Tax liabilities in your deceased estate Understanding what taxes your deceased estate will be liable for is a critical part of the estate planning process and failing to account for your tax liabilities can detrimentally affect the liquidity in your estate and, in turn, the financial legacy to your loved ones.

Estate Duty

Estate duty is essentially inheritance tax payable by the deceased’s estate for the transference of assets from his estate to his heirs or beneficiaries. In accordance with Section 4A of the Estate Duty Act, an abatement of R3.5 million will be deducted from the net value of the deceased’s estate meaning that an amount equal to this rebate will not be subject to estate duty. If you are married, you are able to roll your R3.5 million abatement over to your surviving spouse who will then have an effective R7 million abatement in the event of her passing should your spouse be the sole beneficiary of the estate. As it currently stands, your estate will be liable for estate duty to the extent that the net value of your estate exceeds this abatement at a flat rate of 20% on the first R30 million, whereafter estate duty will be levied at a rate of 25%. Your executor will be responsible for calculating your estate duty liability by adding up the value of your property and deemed property, and then deducting the allowable expenses and exclusions taking into account those assets situated both locally and abroad. From the value of your gross property, your executor will be entitled to make certain deductions such as funeral, tombstone and deathbed expenses, the costs of administration, and debt. Once the net value of your estate is established, your executor can deduct the above-mentioned Section 4A abatement to determine the dutiable amount.

Income Tax

A key function of your executor will be to settle your tax affairs with SARS including any previous tax years where your affairs are not in order. For income tax purposes, your worldwide income will be subject to income tax in South Africa. Remember, with effect from 2016, your executor will be required to file a pre-date of death assessment as well as a post-date of death assessment. The pre-date of death assessment will include all dividends,

July 2022 | the muse | 11

By Sue Torr Director Crue Invest

interest and rental income earned by your estate up until the expiration of the liquidation and distribution account advertisement. Any income earned by your deceased estate thereafter up until the finalisation of your estate must be filed in your post-date assessment. In determining the income tax payable by your estate your executor must take into account all local and foreign income, investment and rental income, income generated through trading and farming, as well as trust income. Professional accounting fees incurred by your deceased estate in completing your income tax returns can be considered an allowable deduction.

Capital Gains Tax

Capital gains tax is another form of tax that must be taken into account because, importantly, your death will trigger a capital gains event. In the event of your passing, you will be deemed to have disposed of your assets for an amount equal to their market value on the date of your death. Remember, capital gains tax is charged on the gains made from the sale or transfer of an asset that is deemed to have taken place on your death. CGT is regulated by the Income Tax Act and all tax owing to SARS by your deceased estate must be paid before the executor can distribute any inheritance to your heirs. That said, Section 4 of the Estate Duty Act makes it clear that any debt owing in your estate (including any debt owing to SARS) is deductible for estate duty purposes. The Income Tax Act makes provision for a onceoff CGT exclusion of R300 000 in the year of your passing, which means that the first R300 000 of gain realised in your deceased estate will not be taxed. Any gains realised above that amount will be included for CGT purposes at a rate of 40% and will be taxed at your marginal tax rate, subject to certain exclusions. Keep in mind that your executor will effectively be your representative when it comes to finalising the tax affairs of your estate and, as is evident from the above, this can be a complex process. Our advice is to undertake a careful tax planning exercise as part of your estate planning to ensure that your executor is not unnecessarily burdened with incomplete tax affairs and complications. 

Crue Invest is a professional financial planning practice based in Pinelands, Cape Town, and is one of only 14 practices in South Africa to be awarded the FPI Approved Professional Practice™ accreditation.


Eric Jordaan, CFP®

Craig Torr, CFP®

Adv. Sue Torr



B.Comm LLB LLM AdvDip Financial Planning

Devon Card, CFP®

Sherry Tapfuma

Hannah Myburgh

B.Comm AdvDip Investment Planning


B.Comm PGDip Financial Planning

Cherise Erasmus, CFP® Erin White, FSA™ Financial Planning Certificate

Gareth Collier, CFP®

B.Comm PGDip Financial Planning

B.Comm AdvDip Investment Planning

Corlene Botha

Alex Odendaal

Ayden Reeks

National Certificate in Wealth Management


Financial Administrator

Chantelle Potgieter Shaneez Bredekamp

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Healthcare Administrator

BA Marketing Assistant

Office Manager

CRUE HOUSE 5 Long Place, Pinelands phone • 021 530 8500 email • web • Crue Invest (Pty) Ltd is an authorised financial services provider regulated by the Financial Services Board, FSP No. 19025


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Two Grade 7s, Ryan Gibbon and Neo Goodall, competed in the Horizon Maths Competition and placed in the Top 100. Congratulations on this outstanding achievement!



Sean Cupido has been selected for the South African u12 Baseball Team. They will be traveling to the u12 Baseball World Cup taking place in Taiwan at the end of July. This is an excellent achievement to be able to represent his country at such a young age. It will be interesting to hear all about his experiences on his return from Taiwan.

Joshua Philander has been selected for the u13 Western Province Rugby Team. The interprovincial Craven Week Rugby Tournament takes place in Krugersdorp during the school holidays. Joshua has played rugby at Hamiltons Rugby Club since u9 and Pinelands Primary School is really proud of all the effort he has invested over many years to make this achievement possible. Wishing him all the best for the Craven Week Tournament.


Brynn Deitchman has once again been selected for a Western Province Angling Team. What makes his achievement even more special is that he has been selected for the u19 B team, yet is only 12 years old.



Cameron Jeffery was selected for the Central Disas Cricket Team to participate in the Western Province Cricket Association’s regional cricket festival. Well done!


Samuel Redfern has been selected for the u13B Western Province Hockey team. He will be participating in an interprovincial tournament in July. Pinehurst Primary School is very proud of him and wish him all the best for the tournament.

Cameron Parker and Cameron Jeffery have been selected for the u11 Seals PSI Indoor Hockey team to attend the National Tournament in Cape Town in July. Zach Parsons was selected as a reserve for the u12 Sharks PSI Indoor Hockey team to attend the National Tournament in July in Cape Town. Wishing them all the best for their tournaments.

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by Ann Morton When the Governing Body of Pinelands North Primary, decided to send me to learn more about the Reggio Emilia Approach to learning, I booked a flight to Marconi Airport, Bologna, Italy, stopping there on the way to Reggio Emilia and also on my return. My running partner and fellow Pinelander, Julie Tobiansky, met me there on my return journey. Bologna is known as the city of the fat (food), the red (the buildings with red roofs) and the learned (it has the oldest university in Europe) and it made itself very clear that this was true, right from the outset! Bologna has red brick buildings and 38 km of porticoed streets. There are many beautiful churches such as San Petronio, founded in 1390 which planned to be greater than St Peters in Rome but only half finished as they ran out of money! The Basilica di Santo Stephano is a complex of four medieval churches, each really small but awe inspiring. We visited many medieval buildings. Two of the twenty towers built in medieval times are known as Due Torri: Garisenda is the smaller leaning tower and the Asinelli Tower is 97 metres high. It costs five Euro to walk up the 498 wooden steps to the top, where you can see the whole of Bologna laid out as the Roman city it once was. Although it was 35 0C that day the climb was worth the view.

Looking down inside the Asinelli Tower

Aug 2022 | the muse | 13

a n g o l l! o tifu B eau b e th

The University of Bologna stands in the Historic Centre, surrounded by the Botanical Gardens. There are many lovely parks, and early one morning we ran to Santuario di San Luca along 4.5km of covered porticoes to a hilltop above the city. The church there was built between 1723 and 1757 and there are breathtaking views over city and over the surrounding hills. (There is a bus to take you to the top if you aren’t a runner or walker!) Even the library is worth a visit: walk into the library for free and walk downstairs into an archaeological site of a Roman villa! There are loads of walking and eating tour options in the city but everything is very accessible if you are a walker or there is public transport. Choose a hotel close to Bologna Central Station and use their super-efficient rail network to access other northern Italian cities. We visited Parma and spent hours in the Farnese Museum Complex. This was the best value for money museum we visited as it has lovely paintings, great architecture, a good history story and a theatre made entirely of wood. Parma also has a pink marble cathedral! We visited Ravenna, a town known for its beautiful mosaics. Ravenna has eight UNESCO Heritage Sites and we visited five of them in one day. Highlights of the day were: • the flooded crypt in a 10th century church, with goldfish swimming in the dark, • the Basilica di San Vitale which was completed in 548 and decorated with mosaics from the Byzantine Era • and then just as we were about to leave the town we serendipitously arrived at the Tomba di Dante (the Tomb of Dante) to hear Dante’s poem read in Itailian!

Also accessible from the main station in Bologna are Rimini coast, Ferrara and Marconi Airport via the crazy little Marconi Express which is actually a rollercoaster masquerading as a shuttle! We were blessed with glorious weather… no rain, an average 350C daily but as hot as 400C on one day. 320C at nine in the evening took a bit of getting used to! The food is northern Italian: Mortadella, Parma ham, tortellini, pizza and cheeses like parmesan and pecorino cheese. We both love Italian food so every meal was a local variety: usually platters of cheese and meats with local breads and spreads, or tortellini with pumpkin, sage and butter sauce or pears with Gorgonzola! Prosecco and Aperello Spritz are the drinks of choice. There are loads of Gelato stores, food markets and good beer! Local breakfasts in Italy are usually sweet cake, croissants, cheese and cured meat and some hotels just provide these at breakfast time so check with your hotel before booking. We stayed in the Star Excelsior which is directly across from the station and provided a full European breakfast including a large variety of nuts, to my delight! Bologna really makes for a perfect holiday destination – small enough for everything to be in walking distance, with a rich history and delicious food. We loved it! Julie enjoying an Italian food platter

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Tom Botha

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Gunite and fibreglass pools


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Nico’s Carpet and Upholstery Cleaning Experienced Owner Operator

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PINELANDS LIBRARY We are here to serve the community and residents of Pinelands. Enjoy free access to books, computers, magazines, E-resources and a wide variety of other resources and educational material. Borrowing Privileges: 20 items for 30 days, which can include five CDs or DVDs. You can search for available material or renew your books on our Online Public Access Catalogue (OPAC) User Name: Library card barcode PIN: Last 6 digits of barcode @pinelandslibrary Why not like our Facebook page and be informed instantly of any news at our library

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OPENING HOURS Mon & Wed: 09:00 - 18:00 Tue & Thu: 09:00 - 17:00 Friday: 09:00 -16:00 Saturday: 09:00 -12:00

Hyundai 1.3T truck available for mini moves, collections or deliveries in the Pinelands area.

Contact Glenda 021 531 8643

FOOD FROM THE HEART By Heleen Meyer Pinelands resident, foodie and author of Food from the Heart, and Make five/Maak vyf.

Portrait and food shot: Adel Ferreira Food shot: Courtesy of LiG magazine

Hearty barley soup with sausages Recipe from Food from the heart Serves 6 – 8 20 ml (4 tsp) olive oil 5 pork sausages 2 onions, chopped 2 cloves of garlic, crushed 2-3 celery stalks with the leaves, sliced 4 carrots, coarsely grated 4 baby marrows, coarsely grated 1 medium sweet potato or potato, grated 2 litres (8 cups) chicken or vegetable stock or use half Rooibos tea 2 bay leaves 30 ml (2 tbsp) dried origanum or mixed herbs 150 ml uncooked barley 1 x 410 g tin chopped tomatoes 125 ml (½ cup) sour cream extra sour cream for serving salt and black pepper to taste fresh origanum leaves to garnish 1. Heat half of the oil over a medium temperature in a large pot and fry the sausages until golden brown and nearly cooked. Spoon out and set aside. 2. Heat the rest of the oil in the same pot and sauté the onions, garlic and celery until golden brown. Add carrots, baby marrows and sweet potato or potato and sauté for a few more minutes. 3. Add the stock or Rooibos tea, bay leaves, dried herbs, barley and chopped tomatoes and bring to the boil. Stir through and reduce the heat. Simmer gently with the lid for 1-1½ hours or until the barley is cooked. 4. Cut the sausages in thin slices or cubes and stir into the soup with the sour cream. Simmer for another 5 minutes, season to taste and garnish with dollops of extra sour cream and fresh origanum. This soup is a meal-in-one as the barley makes it really filling, so don't be tempted to serve it with bread as well.

Winter warmer

Soup is a fantastic one pot meal and just what you need on a cold winter’s day. There are so many different soup recipes and ways to make the most of veggies, pulses, meat and more. If you are also a lover of soups, you probably have family favourites that are made time and again. I fondly remember some soups from my childhood, like a hearty bean and meat soup, chicken soup with small pasta alphabet letters or a thick and aromatic butternut soup with orange juice, curry powder and cinnamon. Over the past few years, as a recipe developer, I have created my own list of favourites. A filling goulash soup, delicate seafood soup with saffron, roasted tomato soup with chorizo sausages and a modern version of butternut soup, with roasted chunks of

butternut and spiced, roasted chickpeas. It’s hard to choose a favourite. Another recipe that I can definitely add to the list, is this comforting barley soup with pork sausages. The barley adds thickness and a lovely creamy texture, but if it’s too thick for your liking, just stir in more stock or water. The pork bangers add a delicious flavour, and a touch of sour cream brings it all together. You can substitute the sour cream with plain full-fat yoghurt if you prefer. If you use low-fat yoghurt, only spoon that onto the dished-up soup, as it may curdle in the hot soup. The pork sausages can also be substituted with another sausage of your choice. A spicy sausage like chorizo, will also work very well with the barley and veggies. Or if you don’t want to add meat, just serve the soup with grated pecorino or matured white cheddar.

Support local –

buy Food from the heart Order a signed copy of Heleen’s recipe book, Food from the heart as a treat for someone, or for yourself. There is a wonderful selection of nostalgic recipes in this book, from Bobotie and bredies to sides, puddings and more. To order, or for more information on any of her books: visit, email her on:, or follow her on Instagram: @heleenmeyerfood.

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Sharon Van Rensburg

Christo Van Rensburg: 076 164 4483 Sharon Van Rensburg: 082 920 2217 Jacqui Piper: 021 531 3464


(Office Administrator) | |

Christo & Sharon Van Rensburg

*All prices are asking prices



Sunny, spacious flat with mountain views. 1 Double sized bedroom, 24hr security, meals, cleaning & frail care included. The Manor Retirement Complex opposite Howard Centre shops & amenities.
















WOW. What an opportunity in this price range. A timeless treasure with the charm of yesteryear in Olde Pinelands.


Prime position plus versatility on an erf of 1140 m2 in a most sought-after spot in Olde Pinelands.

Very good location for schools, shops and amenities. 4 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms (mes). Garage and double carport.

This year we have recently conclusively sold the following properties and have serious, qualified buyers wanting to purchase properties in Pinelands and Thornton R2,200,000 R3,750,000 R3,575,000 R5,500,000 R1,950,000 R3,875,000

7 Seemeeu Road, Thornton 19 Daffodil Way, Pinelands 152 Forest Drive, Pinelands 7 Long Place, Pinelands 7 Bladon Court, Pinelands 4 Central Avenue, Pinelands

R4,400,000 R3,875,000 R6,200,000 R1,695,000 R2,585,000 R3,750,000

1 Serpentine Road, Pinelands 28 Uitvlugt Road, Pinelands 3 Hillrise, Pinelands C2 Riverplace Mews, Pinelands 39 Field Close, Pinelands 18 Peak Drive, Pinelands (Under Offer)

*asking prices

StraussDaly Lisa Visagie has a wealth of knowledge and expertise in the area of property law including sectional title and conventional property transfers and has been serving clients in the Pinelands, Thornton and surrounding areas for over 10 years. Contact Lisa Visagie for professional and personalized legal assistance.

Lisa Visagie Director | BA LLB

Big enough to offer the best, small enough to care

M 082 378 1458 T 021 674 7411

Unit 1 Draper Square, Draper Street, Claremont, 7700

Harcourts Maynard Burgoyne Pinelands 021 531 3041

SOLE MANDATE *R4,695,000

Pinelands Lorna Francks / Dave Brown



Pinelands Lorna Francks / Dave Brown


SOLE MANDATE *R3,400,000

Pinelands Lorna Francks / Dave Brown


SOLE MANDATE *R2,699,000

Thornton Quentin Jute


Pinelands Lorna Francks / Dave Brown

Pinelands Lorna Francks / Dave Brown

Pinelands Lorna Francks / Dave Brown

Thornton Quentin Jute

SOLE MANDATE *R4,495,000 WMB22626

SOLE MANDATE *R3,895,000 WMB22875

JOINT MANDATE *R3,295,000 WMB22628

SOLE MANDATE *R2,299,000 WMB22863

Pinelands Lorna Francks / Dave Brown

Pinelands Lorna Francks / Dave Brown

Pinelands Lorna Francks / Dave Brown


SOLE MANDATE *R4,250,000 WMB22654

SOLE MANDATE *R3,650,000 WMB22669

SOLE MANDATE *R995,000 WMB22859

SOLE MANDATE *R1,195,000

Quentin Jute



TO RENT *R15 000 pm



Thornton Quentin Jute


Thornton Quentin Jute

SOLE MANDATE *R3,299,000 WMB22652

Margi Daly

*asking price


n e g A t n e d Resi

CONTACT YOUR FULLY QUALIFIED Dave Brown Lorna Francks Quentin Jute Margi Daly (Rentals)

082 330 4111 021 531 3041 082 864 8708 067 072 6612