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ROUTE 66 Community USA Travellers



The same friendly faces in the workshop, forecourt and shop Getaway car hire

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is open for mechanical repairs to all makes of vehicle. We will repair your vehicle to its former glory.

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Engine & Clutch Overhauls All Types of Brake Repairs Aircon Regassing Roadworthy & Safety Checks

If you are thinking of selling or buying a car, keep us in mind for a safe and comfortable experience. We offer a free vehicle assessment and can help you with the ever changing car market.


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Image by Derrill Papendorf.


Left: Muse editor Max Schutte walking on the beach at Pringle Bay. See Out and About Page 11.

Malachite Kingfisher

WITH UNCERTAINTY, THERE IS NEVER A DULL MOMENT Bernard Beckett, an author from New Zealand, wrote "Human spirit is the ability to face the uncertainty of the future with curiosity and optimism. It is the belief that problems can be solved, differences resolved. It is a type of confidence. It is fragile and can be blackened by fear and superstition." While all people around the world must deal with some uncertainty in their lives, as Africans, we have perhaps grown up and lived with a larger degree of change and upheaval around us in the era in which we live. Events in the wider world also seem to have an undue effect on us half a world away, which subtly adds to our anxiety as we have no control over them. More recently, we have been dealt a hand of political, economic and ethical chaos. Even the essentials of life like electricity, water and food safety have been in question. Yet, through it all, we are seeing our way through with optimism and a belief in our common need to solve the problems. I suppose it is because our society has suffered both dark days and felt the exhilaration of some 'good' outcomes at the end to feed the optimism we need to remain sane and willing to face the inevitable new challenges that will come our way. While uncertainty is not something we usually desire, it does bring out the energy and creativity in ourselves and in our society, which are good things and usually absent when we are comfortable and complacent. I will confess to being a Trekkie - a fan of the Star Trek series. I think the reason I have remained a life-long follower is the unwavering ethos of the succession of Captains of the Starship Enterprise - the fearless confidence and acceptance with which they approach all manner of grave dangers to bring about an ethical and fair outcome for all - a good role model for anyone in a leadership position in our country in these times! Here's wishing for calmer waters ahead and a chance for us to collectively catch our breath. Just a short period of 'life as usual' would be nice… I hope you enjoy the edition!

Max Schutte Editor and Advertising

Writer and Photographer

Max Schutte

Glynnis Schutte

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April 2018 | the muse | 1

One of the smallest and most colourful of the kingfishers, it is found on inland dams and wetlands where reedbeds cover some of the shoreline. This kingfisher has a blue crown, brownish front with a white patch under it’s chin and on it’s neck, and a red beak. Males and females are alike. The wings are bright blue and are generally seen flashing down from the reeds into the water to fish. They eat mainly small fish, tadpoles and crabs. They nest in burrows dug into the sand banks. Artificial banks, like at Intaka Island, usually set pipe inlets into the bank for the kingfishers to use as nesting holes. Text: John McFarlane, resident of Pinewood Village, and member of the Cape Bird Club. John has been a keen birder for 30 years, and has travelled to most parts of South Africa, Namibia, Zimbabwe & Botswana following his birding passion. "Being retired makes it easier to get away" he says. See


Gavin McDougall 061 076 1481 We strive to be good to all, and good at what we do! Contact us for a free CMA valuation


Special Goodys Breakfast Now R31 was R35.90

4 April 2018

11 April 2018

Join the Pinelands Library adult social group in the committee room at 10am, for 'The mixed Artist in you' by Adelia Delmore. Booking essential. Call Brenda 021 530 7160.

The Pinelands Ratepayers and Residents Association General Meeting will be at 7:30pm in the Pinelands Library Hall. Email Carol on

5 April 2018

19 April 2018

Hosted by the Children’s Department of the Pinelands Library, from 10am, in the Library Hall, for chess players, aged 6 to 12 years. Register now at the Library. Call 021 530 7160.

The next blood donation clinic will be at St Stephen's Church Hall, at Central Square Pinelands, from 3pm to 7:15pm. Eat a balanced meal four hours before donating. Call 021 507 6300 or



6 April 2018 FRIDAY FOODS

Pre-orders for tikka chicken, chips and salads as well as chicken nuggets for the children, can be placed with Kauthar at 061 603 6475.

Served all day

BREAKFASTS • LUNCHES • FROZEN MEALS Banting meals available daily


April 2018 | the muse | 2

Mon - Fri: 7:30am - 5pm Saturday: 8:00am - 1pm

083.indd 1



The cancer support group for ladies meets at 7pm at 20 Peak Drive. Call 021 531 3963.

10 April 2018

25 April 2018

Pinelands Baptist Church (PBC) will run a 13 week course designed to help those going through divorce or separation, bringing them back to wholeness as a single person. Call Alan Minogue 083 456 1196 or the PBC Office 021 531 3922.

Meet at 7:15pm in the activities hall of the Pinelands Library. The main talk will be the Future of Philately by Jannie Hofmeyer. One page exhibits - the letter “D”. David Sinclair will show an exhibit on the Blue Train. Call John 021 531 1954 or Martin 021 689 5050.


Millside Park, Morningside, Ndabeni Free deliveries from 9am - 3pm • Mon - Fri 021 531 6398 | 082 926 1361 for orders over R30




Send content for the May 2018 edition by 13 April 2018. R120 ensures placement in the calendar.

to surrounding areas

2018/03/19 9:52 AM

Centenary Celebrating 100 Years of transforming lives

St Joseph’s Marist College Pre-Primary to Grade 12 St Joseph’s Marist College is an Independent, Catholic School that caters for girls and boys from Pre-Primary to Grade 12. Our mission is fulfilled through the pursuit of academic excellence, the high standard of Catholic Education and our Marist Values of humility, modesty and simplicity. The school’s innovative curriculum enables all pupils to achieve their full potential. Alongside our Mainstream curriculum, Montessori classes are offered from age 3 to 12 and our Special Needs Unit caters for up to 20 children. There are many sporting and cultural extra-murals on offer. Each child is valued for their uniqueness within our Marist family.

APPLICATIONS ARE NOW OPEN FOR 2019 Belmont Road, Rondebosch, Cape Town | Tel: 021 685 6715 Email: | Web:

HOME IS OUR STORY When you put your property on the market for sale you become a retailer When you put your property on the market you are entering the retail space. You have a product at a price which must compete with other products, similar and different, at their own prices. You need to think like a buyer and a retailer. What will make my property stand out and make it more attractive than my competitors’ product? When you purchased items during your lifetime you most likely researched on the internet, used sites such as and compared the value proposition before deciding which one to purchase. Buyers in the property market do not behave differently. I would go further to say that they probably have an advantage over the seller in one key respect. They have been to see other houses for sale in the market and have done a physical comparison. As a seller, you may not have seen the other properties or even be aware of them being on the market. So how do you determine the price if you have no knowledge of the other homes on offer?











Pinelands *R4 795 000 Pinelands *R4 350 000

Pinelands *R3 795 000 Thornton *R1 050 000

Pinelands *R5 750 000 Pinelands *R2 995 000

Your agent should… •

Be able to show you what your competition is against your anticipated price. Pricing is then dependant on how much time you have to sell.

Inform you of the anticipated time to sell, based on actual sales data and how this varies for different price ranges. If the property does not sell in that time, it simply means that the value proposition is over-priced or not in demand.

The overall objective is to get a willing buyer and seller to agree. If there are no willing buyers being presented, then buyers are not seeing value at your price and will be lured by more attractively priced homes. Key to all of this is the question of how serious and urgent a seller are you? You need to have a clear date by when your home must be sold. If you do not disclose the urgency to your agent, it prevents the estate agent from tailoring a specific marketing plan to match the urgency.

Again, I will say that any marketing strategy begins with price.

Pinelands *R2 450 000 Pinelands *R2 250 000

Pinelands *R1 295 000 Pinelands

*R795 000

*Asking price


Kathy Anderson 083 987 7673 Sales

Julie Meyer 083 288 8481 Sales

Pat Peat 083 290 1331 Sales

Pauline Hareb 082 490 0344 Sales Manager

If you are considering selling or letting your home, give us a call for a free market estimate and advice.

Stephanie West 083 563 4871

Rental Administrator

Robyn Meyer 078 359 0354 Rentals


Ground Floor︱Howard Centre︱Pinelands︱Phone: 021 531 7507︱ ︱


HelenKeller S O C I E T Y E S T. 1 9 5 8 Retirement Centre and Low Vision Services

A Happy Community Enjoy your retirement in a tranquil garden setting

A Caring Community Caring for retired and visually impaired persons

A Well-maintained Infrastructure With competent staff and management

Services Include: Independent living Assisted living Full nursing care Low vision services (by appointment)

BREAKING NEWS! The Society is preparing to celebrate its 60th year in aged care


3rd Tuesday each month at 3pm Contact Matron Jackie

The Society has also opened its new life care contracts waiting list. These contracts are available on a refundable basis with capital costs ranging from R500 000 to R960 000. Links Drive, Pinelands, Cape Town, 7405 Private Bag X25, Howard Place, 7450 Phone 021 531 5311 during office hours E-mail

Maynard Burgoyne


Pinelands T 021 531 3041


By PNPS parent Kate Erasmus

Our Southern Suburbs office has moved to Constantiaberg. Rentals and Sales Agents for Thornton

are now located in our Pinelands office. I have been to school open-days before – parents standing nervously around the edges, children working in silence, teachers explaining new concepts with passion – all on best behaviour. But today was my first time attending the “School in Action” day at Pinelands North Primary School. Learning with the children: I decided to join my older son, William, in Grade 3 first. I relaxed into a seat, beside William, in a room full of third-time-round parents and pupils. We were learning about proper nouns – I’m an accountant, and I haven’t heard that sort of terminology in many years. Competition using tablets: Next, each child received a beautiful Samsung tablet, and with seamless networking we began to compete. The multiple choice questions were displayed fleetingly on the overhead. To succeed I had to be on top form. I eyed out the competition. Strangely, it was the girl sitting next to William, whose parents had not yet arrived, whose name was displayed on the overhead as winner. Playdough and reading: I then returned to Alex in Grade 1, where I was pleasantly surprised that the buzz of activity was in no way overwhelming. There were four activities in progress and a rotational system that I soon caught onto. Alex and I wrote a story about a puppet he had made before I arrived, we used playdough to create a fantasy world of people, caves, trees and bridges and then read two books together under a tree. Marimba band during break time: Break time at last and I found myself a bench in the peaceful quad, and, being a working mom, whipped out my laptop to finish off my month-end reports. The talented grade 7 marimba band performed beautifully nearby, and I had the opportunity to test the theory that certain music stimulates brain function and concentration. It worked, and in no-time I had submitted my reports and was able to return to class - Grade 1 for Maths including a game of Bingo; then Grade 3 where we selected imaginary ingredients and had to describe and cost our meal – much more up my alley. Five things I learned: Five things I learned during my day in foundation phase at the age of 35: • The word “I” is a pronoun (Google it – I did) • Xhosa has three different clicks (sorry to those of you whose names I have been pronouncing incorrectly) • Children don't have to be silent or sit still to maximise learning • Allowing many different learning styles decreases disruptions • Children who are respected by those in authority behave respectfully and assist others willingly

Looking forward to next year: All round a wonderful day,


















R12,000pm * asking price

Quentin Jute

Intern Sales Specialist

C 082 864 8708

Ashleigh Keightley

Intern Rental Specialist

C 062 354 1478

and a reminder that my children have far more energy than I do. I wonder what I’ll learn next year…….

April 2018 | the muse | 5

*asking price

Experts in home finance.




I will offer you cash for any of these items:

GOLD (even scrap gold) remember when you lost that

earring and buried the other in your jewellery box? SILVER from scrap jewellery to silver teasets MEDALS Boer War, WW1, WW2 inc badges & buttons. COINS remember the old tickey, sixpence, shilling, 5 shilling and R1 coin from the 60’s? POSTCARDS up to 1945 (1900-1920 are best) CUPS & SAUCERS duos & trios (plate, cup & saucer) OLD TOYS Schuco, Dinky, Meccano etc. FOUNTAIN PENS, PEN-KNIVES Yes, I buy AND EVEN BROKEN WATCHES them too!

From left: Gretchan Menyacho, Luke Arton-Powell, Radiyah Mohamed, Leah Cripps and Matthew Kedzior.

Call me… my number is 083 775 00 55


… you stand to earn some cash for those old trinkets, bits & pieces that no longer serve you.


res-M5-059.indd 1


April 2018 | the muse | 6

The Cannons Creek High School Play "Burying the Hatchetts", a melodramatic comedy set in 1905, was well presented by the small cast. The "who done it" 10:25 PM atmosphere was kept alive right to the end, when the audience and Daphne Prescott, a performer travelling to Paris with her German companion Greta Gump, were left bemused and confused at discovering that they had spent the night in a haunted

From left: Luke Arton-Powell, Zoe Coss, Khanya Sithole.

quare-M5-082.indd 1



house. The tale is woven around a jealous half brother, Dr Miles Mountebank, who is after the family fortune and Lord Esmond Hatchett who is in constant mourning for his late wife who died in strange circumstances. Each and every character played their part well adding to the humour and intrigue of the plot. Congratulations to the cast, their crew, and director Judith Herbig.

Michael-Heath Ryan.

2018/02/15 9:07 AM

R6 400 000

DOUBLE STOREY OLD SCHOOL CHARM 7 Beds • 6 Baths “Viele extras mit guter wert”. This property is well positioned on a large stand and offers huge potential for large family accommodation, a B&B operator or corporate accommodation in the centre of Pinelands on Forest Drive. Quentin Von Stein 083 460 4048 • Web RXBS-0573



R5 850 000

CHAMPAGNE TASTES! 4 Beds • 5 Baths Stylish, colonial home, spacious bedrooms, exquisite bathrooms, inter leading living & dining room, fire place, TV room, guest toilet, o/p Caesar stone kitchen, u/c patio with braai, bar & lounging area, pool, triple carport, extra parking + flatlet! Cindy Sarandis 071 081 4413 • Web RXBS-0590


R3 450 000


DELIGHTFUL FAMILY HOME 4 Beds • 3 Baths • 2 Gar Walking distance to schools and Howard centre. Open plan lounge/dining area, 4 bedrooms, 2 en-suites and family bathroom, ample parking with 2 automated gates and garages, fenced pool and back garden for your privacy. Tim Christien 082 578 0610 • Web RXBS-0598

We’re Real about Real Estate




Chris Crous Sales & Principal 082 410 5559

Karen Simpson Sales 083 284 0162

* asking prices

021 531 0773

Joyce Mouton Rentals 076 558 8831

Central Square Pinelands

Roger Lawrence Owner 082 895 2719



PINELANDS | * R4 495 000

PINELANDS | * R3 850 000

Friends of Pinelands Library repairing and covering books. From left: Anne Thomas, Jenna Monk, Desray Britz (Chairperson), and Marilynn McNamara. Article written by Desray Britz. The Friends of Pinelands Library have been active for decades, and in the early days, the Friends helped run the library. Forward to 2018 when we have an excellent staff complement. It turns out, however, they still need the Friends’ help. Yeah! Pinelands has such a wonderful selection of books and a well-used library, meaning that staff have a heavy workload with little time for uninterrupted back-room or shelving work. Where or how can you help as a Friend you might ask? For a start, we need community members who can offer regular hours anytime when the library is open. We understand that there will be times when you can’t make it. 1. New books or those that become shabby need new plastic covers. If you like covering books, please volunteer. 2. When a book gets hurt in any way, it is removed from the stock until it can be fixed. This involves a combination of reinforcing curled covers, gluing, or light sanding. A brand new team of Friends has started fixing these books, but we need more people to become part of our regular work teams. Our aim is at least three teams of 4 people working 2 hours a week. 3. Once fixed, the librarian places the book back into stock. Getting the books back onto the shelves is next and requires a strong arm and back, and the use of book trolleys. You can do all 3 functions as needed, or just focus on 1. Please volunteer. If you would like to volunteer then sign up at the library to become a Friend, or be in touch with Desray J Britz, Friends Chairperson: or 082 550 4133. Desray will then arrange for an hour or two’s training. You can decide what days and times work for you - any time the library is open, you may come and work. If part of a team, you will decide amongst yourselves the best days and times. This is a wonderful way to meet like-minded community members. Or come as friends and volunteer together. NOTE: Please mention when returning your library books if there is a problem such as a torn or loose page, so the books can receive TLC immediately... and please look after your library books!

April 2018 | the muse | 7

Anne Thomas busy in the mending room



PINELANDS | * R1 895 000

THORNTON | * R1 795 000



PINELANDS | * R2 795 000

PINELANDS | * R1 895 000



PINELANDS | * R3 599 000

THORNTON | * R1 150 000

Buying, Selling or Renting? Contact us today! Qualified Tenant Database and Profile | Network Affiliation Maintainance | Council Accounts Collection | Legal Process Expertise

Wishing our clients a happy and blessed Easter.

April 2018 | the muse | 8


ROUTE 66 By: Julie Christiansen

Do you need a reliable worker


A domestic worker, nanny, efficient driver, gardener, trained home carer (with nursing experience), cashier, groundsman, waiter, barista, bartender, general worker? Scalabrini Centre has a database of hardworking migrants willing to work for you now! We also have individuals with welding and electrical experience and seamstresses with sewing experience.

Foster integration and help combat unemployment now CONTACT SCALABRINI 021 465 6433 •

5-083.indd 1

Six years ago my husband Vernon and friends Mike & Helen Nel agreed that doing Route 66 in the USA was a definite “bucket list” item and so began the dream. Before we knew it 1st September 2017 arrived and we began a trip of a lifetime. Riding Harley Davidsons from Los Angeles to Chicago along the original Route 66 - 14 days, 8 states, 3 time zones and covering 4 595km. We collected our bikes from Eaglerider Los Angeles, California, and headed out onto the highway. Any thoughts of sightseeing in L.A. were quickly pushed aside as we manoeuvred our way through 6 lanes of traffic, getting used to riding on the wrong side of the road. Our first stop was Victorville with a lesson on eating out USA style! At the local steak house the food arrived and to our horror there was enough food for eight people! Lesson one - order starters to share. We visited the Victorville Route 66 museum, Emma Jean’s a quaint little café from the 40’s and the famous Bagdad

2018/03/20 9:21 AM

Café which got its name from the movie filmed there in 1987. It was a long hot ride with temperatures reaching 38 0C and we arrived in Laughlin, Nevada, late that evening. The following day we set off for Williams via Oatman in the Black mountains of Mohave County, Arizona. Oatman is an authentic western town with Burro’s (donkeys) roaming the street. We then had the great pleasure of spending a day at the Grand Canyon which leaves one simply speechless. Showing pictures does it no justice and it is a “feeling” that one can only experience when standing looking into this vast canyon, which stretches for 446km is 1.6km deep and 16km across. At Flagstaff we visited the Wupatki Sunset Crater Volcano which was said to have erupted 800 years ago. Across the New Mexico border we continued to Gallup. The following day we rode through Albuquerque and finally arrived in Santé Fe. Then on to Amarillo passing through many quaint towns and

April 2018 | the muse | 9

Fellow travellers from left: Mike, Helen, Julie & Vernon PO Box 727, Rondebosch 7701

Vernon & Mike in Elk City visiting many historical sites including the Auto Museum in Santa Rosa, and Adrian a small town which is midway on Route 66. Getting lost was the order of the day as Route 66 simply “ran out” along the way forcing us to travel on the Interstate. Going on through Groom, Texas, we saw the leaning water tower, Alanreed, and then on to Texola, a ghost town, in the state of Oklahoma. Elk City has a replica of an old Route 66 town and a Route 66 museum which one simply cannot miss. Heading out through Oklahoma the following day was not an easy task. Battling through traffic, 4 lane highways and unable to find any signage for Route 66 we remained on the Interstate finally finding Route 66 and a little town called Chandler, then passing through Stroud, Bristow, Davenport and finally cruising into Tulsa where we stayed the night. The following day was a long 534 km journey to Rolla in Missouri, going through many small towns on the way. We spent 12 hours in the saddle with temperatures averaging 30 0C! The following day we visited the Meramec Caverns (Jesse James hideout), the National Museum of Transport in Kirkwood and then on to St Louis where we enjoyed the Gateway Arch, Mississippi River, and the Basilica (oldest cathedral) before finally reaching the day's destination - Springfield in the state of Illinois. We left Springfield for our final ride into Chicago going through Atlanta, and McLean where we visited the famous truck stop called Dixie’s, and Pontiac which has the best Route 66 museum, memorabilia and Automobile Museum, and Wilmington to see the Launching Pad Man - a giant fibreglass spaceman, used as a promotional prop in the 60's. It was an emotional moment as our Route 66 Dream came to an end. After proudly flying the South African flag all the way. Dream realised Yes, Achievement Absolutely, Experience Priceless. 




082 449 7327 082 466 1825




083 557 7515

*R2 395 000


*R1 850 000

* Asking Price


Pinelands Full Title R5 300 000 R4 000 000 R3 900 000 R3 750 000 R3 750 000 R3 750 000 R3 600 000 R3 400 000 R3 350 000 R3 300 000 R3 225 000 R3 225 000 R3 200 000 R2 900 000

112 Forest Drive 99 Forest Drive 52A Service Road 8 Kings Way 10 Ringwood Drive 6 Robindale 15 Julianaveld North 133 Forest Drive 8 La Provence 5 The Dell 14 Avonduur 5 Glen Esk 1 Park Lane 12 Brookdale

Pinelands Sectional Title R1 760 000 R1 000 000 R1 000 000 R 960 000

Garden City Heights Anfield Village Kindroggan Anfield Village

Thornton Full Title R1 850 000 20 Assegai Avenue R920 000 Viking Village

Thornton Sectional Title R 800 000 R 770 000

Oregon Lodge Poplar Mews


April 2018 | the muse | 9 The Cadillac Ranch near Amarillo - only in America!

021 788 1439

April 2018 | the muse | 10

PRINCIPAL'S ARTICLE By Ann Morton Principal of Pinelands North Primary School (The Red School) In a country where many of our senior leaders flout the law every day, it is difficult to teach children to be law-abiding and to perform their civic duty. Many parents are absent from their children’s lives, or parents outsource the parenting to others; grandparents, au pairs or other family members, to work full time. This means that schools are increasingly becoming the sole educators of good citizenship. Schools regularly discuss the attributes of good citizenship in assemblies and newsletters, predominantly to encourage parents to teach their children how to negotiate an often negative world. Here are a few tips to use at home: • Have a conversation with your children about when it is a good time to ‘tell tales’. Re-enforce for them that they are not ‘squealing’ – they have the right to be ‘righteously indignant’ if other children offend them by the way they behave, by the words they use, etc. Discuss the kind of things that are wiser for adults to know about – that by ‘looking the other way’ they can be hurt or implicated in the act. If all children played ‘policeman’, many others could be protected. • Have a discussion with your children about the need to be honest with their peers and with the adults who care for them. Often when dealing with issues in which children put themselves at risk, schools find that the children’s friends knew what was going on but didn’t tell anybody. Sometimes this can result in serious consequences, like death.


Protect your children from the ‘laissez-faire’ attitude within society today as you don’t want your family to be affected by the culture of not caring. Insist on the following: ◊ send a note and phone if your child is ill; ◊ that your child be involved in the extramural programme and remains committed for the term; ◊ that your child leaves home in the full, correct school uniform, ◊ on homework/projects completed by the due date; ◊ that work done at home, is neatly presented and written; ◊ that all loose papers are filed in the correct place; ◊ all books are covered and treated ‘gently’. The newspapers are filled with articles about parents and children “at war” with opposing teams in school sports’ matches. Continue to insist on good sportsmanship behaviour such as: ◊ enjoying the game and not winning at all costs; ◊ having a good attitude, and not retaliating when other teams swear or get physical; ◊ applauding all goals, whether your own or the opposing team’s; ◊ congratulating and thanking the other team at the end; ◊ playing the game wholeheartedly, right until the end.

When driving in traffic, remember that your attitude to other drivers and your adherence to traffic rules is continually watched by your children. Set an example of good citizenry by: ◊ obeying traffic signs and speeds; ◊ wearing seat belts in the car; ◊ stopping at stop streets, and at red traffic lights; ◊ not parking on pedestrian crossings or in restricted areas, or on red lines. Beware of what your children are watching or seeing. Things are far more explicit in the world out there so keep checking: ◊ programmes, shows and movies that your children watch on television; ◊ the sites your children visit on their cellphones, tablets and computers, and what the sites are, as some innocuous sounding ones show terrible things; ◊ that your “Parental Guidance” is still active on your computer with passwords to prevent children from accessing unsuitable sites. If all partners in the schooling system play their parts in moulding children, despite the reality of the world we live in, then our children are going to be positive role models in society themselves, and hopefully, they will continue the process with their children in the future. The world we live in is too important for us to give up on …. join the good-citizen crusade! 




community magazine page 11


Pringle Bay Get-away We offer a range of treatments including Microblading and Microshading of Brows Manual Top Eyeliner • Eyelash Extensions Lash Lifts • Lash Tints • Lash Botox Gelish & Acrylic Nails • Manicures • Pedicures Facials • Peels • Waxing • Sunbed • Massage WE ALSO DO


for that special PAMPER GIFT For appointments 44 Brookdale Ave, Pinelands call Terry or Jade 021 531 5829 083 523 7739 f Do you sometimes feel like you are driving a car with one foot on the accelerator and the other on the brake? Need a re-charge? Try Pringle Bay. It is a small friendly coastal town about an hour from Cape Town. A walk along the beach will bring you into contact with holiday makers or local residents enjoying the magnificent sunsets; walking the dog; adults and children swimming in both the ocean and in the lovely protected lagoon, where the Buffels River runs into the sea. We try and find accommodation near the Buffels river and the lagoon - our last

hideaway (The Barnacle) provided canoes, for a quiet paddle on the river, and a braai set up in a bird filled garden. From here TopToToe-S6-083.indd 1 2018/03/18 we could hear the sound of the waves at night, and appreciate the mountain views. Seated exercises with Deborah Nicholls Currently there is more water available than Change your training to include in Cape Town - so a lovely shower is a bonus! brain health & cognitive function There are coffee shops, with plenty of gifts Join me for a 45 min class in Pinelands. Get your joints and novelties, and art galleries - and some jumping, increase flexibility, cardiovascular, improve good eating places. Try breakfast at Lemon balance & much more! Activate brain functions through and Lime; or an excellent meal from "@365"movement. FUN & Easy to do for anyone of any ability. you need to book. Reduce your stress, come PINELANDS CLASSES R60 pop in fee back refreshed - visit Pringle Bay.  Wed • 9:45am Thur • 5:30pm Saturday Presbyterian Church Baptist Church St Stephens Rd La Gratitude

a calm oasis in the heart of Pinelands

Calling All School Teachers

4EVER FIT 4KIDZ! 6 Hour Certification Course to introduce brain breaks in the classroom for your learners aged 4 – mid teens. Physical activity can & should be incorporated into classroom time & academics to support learning & behaviour goals.

4EVER FIT 4KIDZ is based on developing the brain and body through playful and imaginative physical movements designed to fire neurons and develop neural pathways. The 21 FUN Movement Skill for Kids, help children develop and refine bilateral integration skills, eye-hand coordination and sensory processing skill.

More info & course details • Contact Deborah

072 725 1100 •


Call for details

Deborah also offers training - 4hr Workshop to learn tools for personal brain health & physical fitness. Professional Certification to teach in your community.

072 725 1100 •

your SKIN is our business

Professional, tailor-made facials to suit every need

AgelessGrace-S6-083.indd 1

Book ANY facial treatment and receive a FREE hands or feet MASSAGE; PLUS a Personalized Suggested Skin Program. Book early to avoid disappointment! Experience matters, we get results! e 082 578 9022 f sublimeskinandbody

Kathy Rademan

PHYSIOTHERAPIST 11 The Crossing, Pinelands

021 531 6119 082 785 0394



Sports injuries Neck & back pain Chest conditions Post-operative rehabilitation


HEALTH & the SPECIAL WELLNESS community magazine page 12 FEATURE




KICK-STARTER PACK 1 Month Free Kickboxing/Karate No Joining Fee When signing a 12 month contract

22 years of teaching experience

Train Where Champions Train FREE TRIAL CLASS

Sue · 063 430 3389


ura-M5-083.indd 1

2018/03/20 12:58 PM


3-6 April 2018



9am - 1pm R300 per day



Ages 7+

Cartwheels, Round-offs & Aerials Flick Flacks & Hand Springs Rolling & Somersaulting

021 532 1832

Book your space now! 2pm - 5pm R125 per class

Unit 8, Sunrise Park, Prestige Drive, Ndabeni

-M5-083.indd 1


This ancient martial art has benefits that are greater than the eye can see. It combines the mind, body and soul through an holistic total martial arts experience, focusing on attacks and defences but not limited to punches and kicks. The benefits can be seen across all ages and genders, from increased co-ordination and muscle tone to confidence and a sense of achievement.


This art form is more of a way of life than just a sport. It is accompanied by a family-like environment that cultivates the physiologies of Respect, Honour, Dedication and Discipline, to name just a few of the martial codes. All of these life skills help individuals to cope with an ever changing world and its distractions. One can find oneself through better interpersonal skills, goal setting and a sense of adding value to the environment.


2018/03/19 9:16 AM Karate

combines the best of all martial arts, utilizing strikes, grabs and throws, as

West End Medical Suite 1st Floor, Mutualpark Jan Smuts Drive Pinelands, 7405

Dr Louise Wigens MEDICAL AID RATES Phone for an appointment

021 531 4111

Mutual Park, Pinelands HOURS West End Medical Suite Mon - Fri First Floor - in the mall 08:30 - 17:00


Counselling Psychologist FOR APPOINTMENTS C: 082 938 8378 E:

well as various defensive blocks and body positioning, to combat both close and longer range self-defence situations. The habitual nature of the training reinforces the key components and students are regularly put under pressure in simulated and close to real combat situations. This is extremely useful into today’s society.


Karate has an intense training regime. This brings about a deep total body strength, core connectivity and cardiovascular improvement. The variety of movements will improve flexibility, agility and coordination. The regular interaction with others who have various levels of skills, abilities and challenges brings about a more versatile way of thinking and problem solving, which can be applied to their everyday life. The connectivity of mind and body brings about a better connection to ourselves as the human species.  By Bradley Grant-Smith Director: Fitness Factory Cape Town.

BELLA ROSE Beauty Salon

WE OFFER Threading & Waxing • Manicures & Pedicures Medi Heel Peels • Skin Peels • Gelish Dip Facials • Dermapen • Massages • Reflexology

Bring this advert for 25% off your next treatment The Powder Mill, 5 Sunrise Circle, Ndabeni Call or WhatsApp: 074 428 7054 for bookings


HEALTH & the SPECIAL WELLNESS community magazine page 13 FEATURE endurance and weight reduction. The training is known to stimulate the brain resulting in constant improvement of neural pathways. Dance is also a great way to meet new friends! Learning to dance is not only for children. Advanced adult classes include teacher training with complete courses for a teacher qualification.


WHY DANCE ? The most important thing we note in the earliest stages of baby development, is how they love to move. This is something that is ingrained in our development and carried with us for the rest of our lives. Once a child has learned to walk, the very next thing is running and then moving to rhythm. This is the beginning of dance.


Dance is such an integral part of our culture and it does not matter from which culture dance is always incorporated in the traditions and storytelling. We can often recognise the origin of a dance such as the flamenco, the tango, the foxtrot, hip-hop, traditional jazz, Afro-beat and many more that reflect the culture of the local community. Not only do we learn the different dance moves, but we learn to understand international cultures through dance.


There are many health and social benefits to dance and music. It is a way to stay fit for all ages, improving physical balance,

Dance Fitness Musical Theatre Contemporary Modern Hip-Hop Tiny Tots

Professional teachers in all styles Competitions, shows & overseas tours Viv Pullin 021 531 8976 • 083 273 2159 Jen Stretch 021 531 5777 • 083 635 2414 •

This is a SAQA accredited body that constructs dance programs and syllabi DanceCo-M5-083.indd 1 2018/03/19 An owner managed beauty escape for dance instructors, to set the standard for dance training. They concentrate HAIR EASTER SPECIALS on syllabi, that are used internationally, NAILS for Dance (modern and contemporary), FACIALS Book a Spa Pedicure Hip Hop, Tap, Funk and Musical theatre. or a Deluxe Pedicure An individual wanting to advance their WAXING and receive 50% OFF dance career would see what examination SPRAY process and syllabi are being used by their TANNING a Pedicure for a friend. dance school.

Full Colour, Wash, Cut GIFT WHEN TO START? VOUCHERS and Blow Dry for R700 Parents are encouraged to enrol their AVAILABLE children in a dance school at about age 5. Here they start learning the basics of movement and physical discipline as an expression of creativity. They learn to dance, with movement, rhythm and physical co-ordination. The most obvious benefits are to children and young adults, but dance fitness for older adults including Sunrise Park, Prestige Drive, Maitland basic dance, pilates, yoga, barre work and general fitness is a good barrier to the aging process. Martha Graham (American dancer and choreographer) said "Dance is the hidden language of the soul of the UrbanTherapy-M5-082.indd 1 2018/0 body".  By Viv Pullin The Dance Co, Pinelands.

phone: 021 531 5327



Mrs Cindy A. Faull

P H Y S I OT H E R A P Y Registered Physiotherapist (HPCSA) Certified Lymphoedema Therapist

GENERAL Home Visits PRACTICE Rehabilitation Neck and Back Pain BEMER Therapy

Ageless Grace


at Pine Care Centre call for details 021 531 7873

A neuroplasticity / fitness program for all ages & abilities. It’s never too late to begin. It’s never too early to start!™

PINE CARE CENTRE CALL 021 531 7873 4 Mountbatten Ave Pinelands

Strengthening Women.


Gelish Manicure including a mini-mani and a file and paint on toes for R250

Call Rochelle, Kelly or Insula Kelly, Ronel and Insula 021 532 532 3402 3402 •• 021 425 5535 44Mountbatten Mountbatten Ave, Ave, Pinelands Pine060 Care Centre,

Bring in a bag filled with non-perishable items, and get 25% off your joining fee. Join with a friend. When you and your friend each bring a bag filled with non-perishable items, you both get 50% off your joining fee. Curves Pinelands Howard Centre 1 Logan Way

021 531 1114

* Offer valid from 1 April - 30 April 2018. Offer based on first visit enrolment. Not valid with any other offer or discount; no cash value. Enrolment must be for a 12-month minimum direct debit mandate, paid monthly. Valid only at participating locations. Restrictions apply, see local club for details. © Curves International, Inc.

HIGH SCHOOL What the High School Principal and Staff would like you to know….. If we were asked to design the ideal high school, the following would be high on the priority list: • Medium-sized (200 to 300 pupils) • Small classes (maximum of 20 per class) • An excellent academic programme • A balance of co-curricular activities • A supportive and friendly environment within a structured programme That Cannons Creek is a success is due to a healthy combination of Christian values, our co-educational approach, excellent teaching and a family-like spirit. Pupils look forward to coming to school in the mornings because Cannons Creek is a place of belonging, of security, of happiness – and a place where young people are challenged to attain their full potential. Pupils who attend Cannons Creek will be afforded every opportunity to make a success of their lives through the absorption of sound values and outstanding skills. Our pupils understand that while it is not possible for everyone to be the best, it is essential to do your best. We hope that you will consider Cannons Creek as a serious option for your child’s education. At Cannons, every child matters.

What our parents would like you to know… From Lorinda J: To any prospective parents considering Cannons Creek Independent High School for their child or children, my advice is don’t hesitate! I have two children whose talents and abilities are quite different, and Cannons Creek has afforded them both an excellent education which I consider to be very difficult to beat. The school’s academic results speak for themselves. When we relocated from Gauteng, we

We truly have trust in the leadership and staff of the school. They believe in our children’s future endeavours. Small classes and being able to identify the best learning environment, can maximise any child’s experience. Cannons Creek has taught our children that thought leaders of tomorrow can demonstrate independence and integrity; and we believe that this will lead to their success in whichever path they might choose in life. gave our children the opportunity to choose whichever school they wished to attend, and both without hesitation chose Cannons Creek. Very happy parents and very happy children!

What our pupils love about Cannons….. From the Williams family: We as the Williams family are proud ambassadors of the Cannons Creek Family; proud parents who have a son in Grade 2 and a daughter in Grade 8. We feel that quality sells itself. Motivational drivers which brought us to Cannons were: – quality teaching and trust, and a wellrounded family environment. As working parents, we were looking for a school with a caring nature that would provide a strong foundation for our children, and would mould them to become strong and independent individuals.

Mitchell J: The best thing about Cannons, for me, has to be the level of skill and dedication put into anything and everything we do at school. Whether in the classroom, on the sports field or outside during break, the Cannons Creek staff and pupils are always friendly and help to make learning more fun and enjoyable ! Kaylee W: My experiences at Cannons Creek have been fantastic. Everyone makes you feel like you are family. Cannons Creek is very diverse and they offer many options in education and extra murals. I have grown in education and sport due to my teachers and coaches. Our lessons are interesting and fun which makes learning cool. I love being at school. Cannons has not only excelled in their education techniques, but we have grown in size and we even have our own theatre now. Our school has grown into a butterfly that has spread its wings and left its cocoon behind. Cannons pushes you to limits which are not unreachable as they know your capabilities.


April 2018 | the muse | 15

CANNONS CREEK FUN RUN The Cannons Creek annual Fun Run open to all in the community took place towards the end of February. Participants walked or ran 2km, 4km or 8km and there were prizes, medals and lucky draws ; as well food stalls for those who wanted a bite to eat. A fun time for all! Far Right: Ready! Steady! Go! and the 4km runners are off! Right: Super Heroes at the fun run siblings Elaan and Hanah Van Der Schyff.


2019 GRADE 8 SCHOLARSHIP EXAMINATION Tuesday 24 April 2018 at 15h00 Applicants wishing to be considered for the scholarship examination, should please contact the school for a scholarship application form on or 021 531 5011 by Monday 23 April 2018


OPEN DAYS 2018 Primary School: Friday 20 April 09h00 to 12h00 High School: Saturday 21 April Programme starts at 09h00 in the school’s theatre

For more information please see or call 021 531 0912 (Primary School) 021 531 5011 (High School)


Jane Valentine Beck

Averil KellerBooysen

Lynn Daniel Coetzee

The three families moved to Pinelands in the late 50's when the Pinelands Development Company (Garden Cities) built houses for £3329.00! Jane went to the Blue School, where she was taught by Buzzie Beck. At Pinelands High School, she became aware of the fact that Buzzie Beck had a younger brother, Neil, and that they lived 100 yards down the road at 137 Ringwood Drive, but went to Rondebosch Boys. Neil's mother was very strict and didn't allow visits. So Jane persuaded Averil to walk with her to the shops, just so that she could pass by Neil's house! Jane and Neil subsequently married in 1982! After studying Medical Technology Jane worked in Cytology at Groote Schuur Hospital until her daughter Kimberley was born, and then she had a son, Bruce. Jane enjoys craft work and loves to crochet, knit or do beading. She has lived in Claremont for 35 years but still keeps track of Pinelands affairs. Once a Pinelander, always a Pinelander! 

Averil's Mother didn't believe in co-ed education so Averil did all her schooling at Rustenburg Girls' Junior and Rustenburg Girls' High Schools. Following her dream of becoming a teacher she studied for a Diploma in Education (Intermediate Phase) at the Cape Town College of Education. Averil's first teaching post was at Rustenburg Girls' Junior School. In 1988, she went to the University of Cape Town to study for a Diploma in Specialised Education (Remedial). Thereafter, she taught at Tafelberg for twenty three years. Averil was involved with the Rustenburg Old Girls' Union for 32 years as a Committee Member, Honorary Secretary, Vice President and President. Now she is semi-retired and consults at The Blue School. Her love for teaching extended to Cub Scouts, Teddies, Brownies and Guides. For the past 32 years, Averil has been the Guider-in-Charge of 1st Pinelands Teddy Den where she is affectionately known as Mother Ted. 

Lynn still lives in the same house where she was born, in Willow Way. She went to The Blue School and from Standard 3 (grade 5) went to Rustenburg Girls' Junior and High Schools. Lynn describes herself as the adventurous one and a non conformist. She has always been a keen sportswoman, playing hockey, tennis and golf; and used to have her own horse. Lynn has held various positions at the King David Mowbray Golf Club including Lady Captain, and Lady President. She is currently the co-ordinator of the Senior Golfers Society of Western Province (men) - a task that takes a great deal of administrative competency - and good humour! Lynn's other passions include orchids, hydrangeas, wine tasting and time away at their holiday house on the Breede River, with husband Terry. The luncheon party giggles as they recall "Ken the Cop" visiting Lynn's house when she was reported by Jane's Mother for being under-age when driving a Vespa scooter down Willow Way! 

April 2018 | the muse | 16

Image and text: Glynnis Schutte.

A lunch celebration on the first of March 2018 marked a joyful sixty year friendship between Jane, Averil and Lynn, who were neighbours from infancy when their families lived close to each other in Willow Way, and Ringwood Drive, at a time before the Elsieskraal River was confined to the canal. Following different life paths has not stopped them from keeping in contact and sharing memories.


Creating and protecting your wealth

Cause for concern By Sue Torr Director Crue Invest

Whilst most people tend to worry about money from time-to-time, there are 8 key indicators that create cause for concern that one’s finances are out of control: I don’t know what I have in place

A major cause of anxiety is not knowing what policies, investments and assets one has in place, or how they are structured. It was Peter Lynch who wisely said, “Know what you own and why you own it”, and yes, this applies to Bitcoin, too. Tip: Make a simple list of all your moveable and immoveable assets. In the adjacent column list a sound reason for owning each asset.

Where my money is going?

Online shopping and services enable spending but make it more difficult to keep track of expenditure. Monthly costs such as gym membership, Showmax, Adobe, DSTV, fibre contracts, cell phone contracts and Uber can inconspicuously erode our cashflow and skew our budgets, causing us to wonder at month-end where our hardearned money went. Tip: Print out last month’s bank statement and highlight all debit orders and subscriptions that appear. If you haven’t used a service in the past three months, it may to time to re-consider its purpose in your life.

I am spending more than I earn

The only thing more dangerous than spending more that you earn, is not knowing that you are doing so. As Charles.A.Jaffe is famous for saying, “It’s not your salary that makes you rich, it’s your spending habits.” Tip: Download a budgeting app and start keeping track of your expenses. Be ruthless about cutting out non-essential expenses such as takeaway meals, on-the-fly coffees and other indulgent luxuries you can’t afford.

I have too much debt

Spending more than you earn over a prolonged period of time will result in heavy indebtedness and increased financial stress. Debt is a dangerous place to find yourself and a difficult place to escape from. Tip: Download a debt reduction calculator and input all your debt. Taking your earnings into account, the calculator will generate a workable debt reduction plan. Adhering to the plan

April 2018 | the muse | 17


will take discipline and self-sacrifice, but the result will be worth it.

I am 100% dependent on my employment

Although permanent employment is considered low risk, the reality is that any employee is only ever one month away from unemployment. Alternative income streams or sources of passive income allow one to break the cycle of living from pay cheque to pay cheque. Tip: Contemplate ways in which you can create an alternative income stream or build passive income. Do you have a room that you can advertise on Airbnb? Are you able to design websites in your spare time? Can you monetize a website? Can your amateur photography earn you extra money over weekends?

I have no emergency funding

Without an emergency fund, you are one eventuality away from a financial crisis. A sick pet, a seized car engine, a burst geyser or a dying fridge are all incredibly expensive catastrophes that, without access to immediate cash, can set us back financially. Tip: Emergency funds must be accessible same-day. Set up a simple savings account and deposit a small amount of money each month until you have about three-times your monthly income.

















I worry about the cost of healthcare

The reality is that we all need to insure the cost of private healthcare and in-hospital treatment. Without a comprehensive hospital plan, very few people could ever afford the cost of hospitalisation, surgeons, specialists and anaesthetists. Those who do not have medical aid cover are wholly dependent on state medical facilities. Tip: Many open medical schemes provide very affordable hospital plans that provide excellent private healthcare in a network of clinics throughout South Africa. If affordability is an issue, a network hospital plan is worth investigating.









I am pressured to buy material trappings

Many parents, especially those of teenagers, can attest to feeling financially pressurised to purchase high cost items such as shoes, clothes and gadgets. Keeping-up-with-the Kumalos is not a financial strategy. There will always be wealthier people than you, making it a race you can never win. Tip: Walk the talk. We cannot allow ourselves be slaves to branded goods but expect our children not to be. Talk openly about the family’s value system, the household budget and how money cannot buy happiness. 







Come and have coffee with us. We’d love to help you plan.

CRUE HOUSE 5 Long Place, Pinelands

phone • 021 530 8500 email • web • Crue Invest (Pty) Ltd is a licensed Financial Service Provider No. 19025


Life Vincent Pallotti Hospital beats day zero with water filtration plant Life Vincent Pallotti Hospital in Pinelands, Western Cape, is the first private business and private healthcare facility in the Western Cape to successfully install a water filtration plant that fully complies with the City of Cape Town’s regulations and byelaws. The Life Vincent Pallotti Hospital Water Filtration Plant is now switched on and the water is suitable for human consumption and for use in a healthcare environment. The municipal water supply has been switched off, and the hospital is operating off the grid. Life Vincent Pallotti Hospital has an emergency storage supply at the hospital which is sufficient for at least 48-hours, should there be any technical glitches with the filtration plant. Life Vincent Pallotti Hospital has also implemented further strict water savings measures including the installation of reduced flow valves on taps and showers, recycling of water for instrument sterilisation and the reuse of grey water. Life Vincent Pallotti Hospital would like to formally thank the team that built and registered the water filtration plant: The City of Cape Town; The Department of Water & Sanitation WC; Murray & Roberts Water Division; AHL Water; AWS Water; Drillco – Boreholes;

The official opening of the water filtration plant, from left: Bhekisisa Ngobese, Life Healthcare Engineering Manager, with Deputy Mayor Ian Nielson & Life Healthcare Regional Hospital Manager for the Western Cape, Dr Japie du Toit. Gottgens Plumbing and Skylark Electrical. Without their effort, time and support this project would not have been a success. Dr Japie du Toit, Regional Hospital Manager of Life Healthcare Western Cape and South Central Regions.


Dr Mark Stodel

Dr Jennifer Crombie

MBBCh (Wits) DCH (SA) MBA (UCT) Cert in Aesthetic Medicine (AAAM)


Dr Ruth Ward

CONSULTING HOURS MONDAY TO FRIDAY 10:00-12:30 & 15:30-17:30 Afternoons by appointment only


Seen by appointment Mon - Fri

After hours emergencies are seen by the doctor on duty.

Weekends afterhours

NOW AT PINE CARE CENTRE 4 Mountbatten Avenue, Pinelands

e · w ·


Tel: 021 531 2362

community medical care


8:30 - 11am 2pm - 5pm Seen by the on-call doctor

GPs at Pinecare Centre 4 Mountbatten Ave, Pinelands t 021 531 2717 e f Pinelands Doctors

MINDFUL PARENTING A parenting course like no other... A six week programme in Pinelands or Constantia  connect with your children in the here and now  practice self-compassion and self-acceptance  accept & celebrate your children just as they are  learn about the neurological underpinnings  learning how to respond versus reacting  still the busy mind to make wiser choices “The best gift you can give your child is yourself”

Tina Stodel

Sarah Foale

082 770 3491 021 531 9328

082 650 7659

Psychotherapist Mindfulness Facilitator

Integral Coach Mindfulness Facilitator

Dr Adele Pelteret General Practitioners

Naturopath & Nutritional Therapist

Parent & Toddlers Activity Centre For Mums, Dads, Nannies & Grannies Exploring, experimenting, Pinelands experiencing, bonding and MON TO SAT having fun with your child. 6 - 12 months 1 - 2 years CREATIVITY, PLAY, MUSIC, 2 - 4 years

DANCE AND MOVEMENT for cognitive, social and emotional development

Ofra Sharp 082 823 8360

Kathy Maths PRIVATE MATHS TUITION for Gr 4 - 8 THE HOLIDAYS ARE COMING UP A great time to prepare for Term 2 021 531 6857 • 082 368 3346



021 531 3589 | 6 The Fairway, Pinelands

T’ai Chi for Seniors

Safe, gentle and easy to learn. Improve your balance, strength co-ordination and flexibility. Classes in Pinelands and Rondebosch Beginners Welcome • First Two Classes Free

Vikki Pereira • 082 342 3240


Formerly Satellite Solutions NEW NAME • SAME SERVICE




• Home Theatre • Sound Systems • Conference AV

Saturday: 9am-2pm

3 Daffodil Way, Pinelands

Remote viewing on Smart Devices 3 Year warranty

Incomparable Products • Unexpected Service Unmatched Proficiency • Realistic Pricing

Call Hendrik Pienaar on 078 48 777 97 • saving you LOADS of time

SALLY’S LITTLE CRAZY SHOP A treasure trove of novelties toys • hardware • decor • sweets stationery • olive/oil • SA flags, fancy dress • gifts • readers etc... Wed - Fri: 9am-4pm Call 021 531 8648





owner-run, personal service and care


33 FOREST DRIVE, PINELANDS • 021 531 2645

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PAINT & HARDWARE CALL OR VISIT US TODAY! Unit 1 CALL: 021 531 2566 Millside Park Old Mill Road follow us Ndabeni TRADING HOURS Monday - Friday • 08:00 - 17:30 Saturday • 08:00 - 14:00 Sunday & Public Hols • 09:00 - 13:00

High Quality Kitchen & Cupboard Fittings Now in Pinelands Mica 021 531 5805


Tom Botha

021 532 2774 079 845 4445


Gunite and fibreglass pools







  


with our complete water conservation system SERVICE CONTRACTS • MAINTENANCE & REPAIRS SPECIALISTS IN • marble plaster, fibreglass & pool paving WE ALSO DO • Gate Motors Intercoms • Electric Fencing


office 021 511 9650 cell 082 490 5732 fax 021 511 9651 email web WATER TANK & PUMP INSTALLATIONS SPECIAL MENTION • All work guaranteed • 24 hour service • Transfer compliance of water certificates • No job too small • Personal supervision WE SPECIALIZE IN • All plumbing marine, domestic & industrial • Refurbishment of bathrooms & kitchens • Pressurised systems • Solar geysers

PINE POWER Repairs PEAK Electrical Installations GARDEN SERVICES 082 448 8023 Maintenance

established 1984

A local family business based in Pinelands

Security Lighting

• Custom built braais email: • Braai rooms • Patios with undercover Tree Trimming and Felling braai, ceilings & lighting Fascias all round Built-in gutters Pruning & Garden Clean-ups Facades & Pergolas PinePower-D6-061.indd 1 16/03/2016 10:28•PM Gutter Clearing Trailer Loads • Roof replacements CAR HIRE CALL FRANCOIS For free quotes at WE DELIVER & COLLECT CELL 082 924 0057 • Home improvements at your doorstep in TEL 021 975 4617 CALL DES FOR A FREE QUOTE No job too small! 083 755 5575 competitive prices vehicles Cape Town, Johannesburg, TEL/FAX 021 976 6112 079 496 2728 • Pretoria and surrounding airports. View gallery at

General Garden Services

mowing • edges • tidying • hedges


April 2018 | the muse | 19

FOOD FROM THE HEART By Heleen Meyer Pinelands resident, foodie and author of Food from the Heart, and Make five/Maak vyf.

Recipe from Make five/Maak vyf Makes 1 large single-layer cake 1 hour 15 minutes 300 ml (300 g) soft butter 350 ml castor sugar 6 eggs 200 ml milk 10 ml (2 tsp) vanilla essence 750 ml (3 cups) self-raising flour 15 ml (1 tbsp) ground cinnamon 80 g good quality dark chocolate, chopped 50 g hazelnuts or almonds, coarsely chopped Icing 100 ml milk or sour cream 50 g dark chocolate, chopped chopped hazelnuts or almonds to decorate 1. Preheat oven to 180 °C. Line a 24 cm cake tin with baking paper. Lightly grease with some extra butter. 2. Beat butter and sugar together with an electric beater in a large mixing bowl until light and fluffy. Beat for quite a few minutes to incorporate as much air into the mixture as possible. 3. Add eggs, one at a time, and beat well after each addition. Beat until smooth. 4. Mix milk and vanilla together. Use a large metal spoon to fold the milk mixture into the butter mixture, alternating with the flour, until a smooth batter forms. Take care not to stir too much. 5. Mix cinnamon, chopped chocolate and nuts together and fold into the batter until just mixed through. 6. Spoon the batter into the tin and bake for 45 minutes or until a cake tester comes out clean. Allow to stand for a few minutes, turn out and allow to cool completely on a cooling rack. 7. Icing: Gently heat milk or sour cream in a small saucepan over medium heat to just below boiling point. Add the chocolate and stir until melted. Remove from the heat and allow to cool slightly so that the mixture thickens. 8. Spread chocolate icing all over cake and sprinkle with nuts.

Bake a cake

Why not treat family or friends during the upcoming long weekends with this lovely chocolate and nut cake? No one will expect the touch of cinnamon, until the first bite. I love a recipe which I can use in different ways. This is one of the ideas from my recipe book, Make five, with the focus on basic ingredients and recipes, each used in five different ways. The buttery batter can be baked as cupcakes or a tea loaf and the cake is delicious when used as the layers in an ice cream terrine. As the cooler months approach, many of us associate this time of year with baked goods and spices, where cinnamon is a regular ingredient. The combination of chocolate and nuts is nothing new, but if you have

not had chocolate and cinnamon together before, then do try this recipe. This butter cake recipe requires the butter and sugar to be beaten together until fluffy – an electric beater, even a handheld version, will be best. Make sure that the butter is at room temperature, but not melted, so that it easily dissolves the sugar for the best end result. Invest in a good quality dark chocolate, which you would also want to eat – not baking chocolate, as the rich chocolate flavour of the cake is essential for its success. And then it’s all topped with a simple, yet oh-so-delicious icing of chocolate, sour cream and nuts, but if you prefer, dust the cake with a mixture of icing sugar and cinnamon.

Cook up a storm with Make five Heleen’s recipe book Make five/Maak vyf will inspire you to use a variety of everyday ingredients in five delectable and interesting ways. The recipes are easy and versatile with lots of practical tips on how to cook delicious, wholesome food for your family. To order a signed copy of Maak vyf/Make five or for more information on any of her books, visit www.heleenmeyer., email her on or like her Facebook Page

April 2018 | the muse | 20

Portrait: Neville Lockhart Food shot: Neville Lockhart

Chocolate & nut cake

Local expertise, national presence, international audience

Christo van Rensburg +27 (0)76 164 4483 Sharon van Rensburg +27 (0)82 920 2217 Office +27 (0)21 531 3464


*asking prices

A SELECTION OF OUR SUCCESSFUL SALES IN 2017 Pinelands Pinelands Pinelands Pinelands Pinelands Pinelands Pinelands Pinelands

*R1 100 000 *R4 200 000 *R3 950 000 *R4 200 000 *R3 950 000 *R3 950 000 *R3 400 000 *R3 950 000

10 Ringwood Dr. 5 The Dell 4 Pleasant Place 8 Dovedale 7B Peak Drive 15 Julianaveld North 21 Protea Close 8 Nerine Avenue

Pinelands Pinelands Pinelands Pinelands Pinelands Pinelands Pinelands Pinelands

*R3 890 000 *R3 475 000 *R4 875 000 *R3 600 000 *R4 100 000 *R3 750 000 *R3 350 000 *R3 600 000

6 Cone Way 703 Edward Heights 11 Turnberry 16 Mead Way 4 Lisse 1 Broadwalk 41 East Way 5 Raven Close 9 Impala Way

*R3 975 000


Pinelands Goodwood Pinelands Pinelands Pinelands Pinelands Pinelands Thornton Pinelands

*R3 650 000 *R750 000 *R1 850 000 *R3 975 000 *R2 600 000 *R4 500 000 *R3 750 000 *R1 250 000 *R1 850 000





3 Hampton Court 8 Serpentine 8 Kings Way 2A Woodside Dr. 1 Crassula Way 52A Forest Drive 5 Glen Esk 2 Clarendon Way


*R25 000pm


*R3 500 000

New Release. Exclusive Instruction. AVAILABLE 1 APRIL 2018. 4 living rooms, modern kitchen with built-in stove & laundry. 3 bedrooms (bics), study/smaller 4th bedroom, 2 bathrooms plus guest cloak. Auto garage with direct access. No swimming pool. Pets allowed.

New Release. Exclusive Instruction. TICKS ALL THE BOXES. Very good location for amenities and schools. Spacious open plan lounge & dining room plus family room. 3 beds, 2 full baths (mes). Self contained cottage, separate entrance with double bedroom, big lounge/dining area/kitchen. Full bathroom. Double garage.

Exclusive Instruction. WINNING RECIPE. House plus flat, versatile, dual living, office at home. Lounge, dining room. 4 Beds, 2 baths (mes). Separate income generating self-contained flat, open plan living area/kitchen, bedroom and bathroom, own entrance, private patio. Carport and secure parking.




*R4 425 000

Exclusive Instruction. PRIME CHAMPAGNE SPOT. Lounge, dining room, family room, large undercover patio flows to back garden. 3 Double beds, study, 3 baths (2 es). Self-contained flat with own entrance & parking, living/dining area/kitchen and double bedroom (es). Good security. Solar geyser, carport.

*R2 300 000

New Release. Dual Instruction. EASE YOUR ANXIETIES. Freehold cluster home in very good position in the complex. Spacious open plan lounge, dining area, kitchen with built-in stove, sun room opens onto back garden. 3 Bedrooms, 2 bathrooms (mes), garage and carport.

*R4 100 000

New Release. Exclusive Instruction. FUNCTIONAL STYLE. Entrance, lounge, dining room & family room. Kitchen with stove & laundry/scullery. 3 Beds, 2 baths (mes), guest cloak. Fantastic outdoor entertaining with big utility room, undercover patio. Pool in practical garden. Garage, carport, well point, filtration system, many extras.

Lisa Visagie, Partner at Bissets has been serving clients in the Pinelands, Thornton and surrounding areas with all their property transfer requirements for over 10 years. Tel: 021 441 9800 Email: 3rd Floor, 45 Buitengracht Street, Cape Town

Harcourts Maynard Burgoyne Pinelands 021 531 3041 FOR SALE

SOLE MANDATE *R3,850,000


What A Find! Character thatch home with cottage. O/p lounge, dining room onto garden, kitchen onto rear garden. 4 Spacious bedrooms, 2 bathrooms (mes). Enclosed entertainment room with braai, pizza oven. Water-wise garden, well point. Separate entrance cottage with lounge, bedroom and bathroom. Ample parking, excellent security. Lorna Francks / Dave Brown WMP5484



Modern Family Home In a Quiet Position. Tranquil position, spacious, versatile, close to Pinehurst Primary and La Gratitude schools. Open plan kitchen / lounge onto dining room. Scullery / laundry room. 4 bedrooms, 3 bathrooms (2 es). 1 en-suite bedroom can be guest or income generation accommodation. Low maintenance garden. Double direct access garage. Lorna Francks / Dave Brown WMP5468

SOLE MANDATE *R3,450,000

Solid Family Home in a Quiet Position. Open plan lounge, fireplace, dining room, braai room onto covered patio. 3 bedrooms (bics), 3 bathrooms (mes). Modern, recently renovated kitchen, glass top hob, new eye level oven Flow through french doors to rear garden and patio with manageable pool with solar heating and salt chlorination. Single auto garage. Lorna Francks / Dave Brown WMP5448


SOLE MANDATE *R2,895,000

A Place To Call Home. Delightful townhouse close to shops & schools. Open plan lounge & dining room flows to private garden. Modern renovated kitchen, rear courtyard with outside toilet. Downstairs: 1 double bedroom and renovated family bathroom. Upstairs: 2 spacious bedrooms and modern bathroom. Double automated garage. Lorna Francks / Dave Brown WMP5487

SOLE MANDATE *R3,150,000

Instantly Appealing! Gorgeous, secure living lock-up-and-go in quiet culde-sac. O/p lounge, kitchen, dining room onto braai/ family room with aircon. Renovated kitchen (SMEG oven), scullery. Covered patio. 4 Bedrooms (2 with aircon, mes) 2 bathrooms. Park-like low maintenance garden, well point. 2 Auto garages, workshop space. Lorna Francks / Dave Brown WMP5482




SOLE MANDATE *R3,650,000

A Place to Call Home. Spacious family home, near Pinehurst & La Gratitude. Excellent space for entertaining, undercover patio & pool area. Designer kitchen, scullery, o/p to lounge & dining room. Family room onto pool. 4 Bedrooms, 2 renovated bathrooms (mes). Outside laundry, teen pad/ maids quarters. Single auto garage, double carport. Lorna Francks / Dave Brown WMP5464








SOLE MANDATE *R2,950,000

Look No Further! Delightful home in quiet road a step away Pinehurst Primary & La Gratitude pre-primary. Spacious plot, potential to expand. Spacious stoep to entrance hall onto open plan lounge, dining room and modern kitchen. 3 Spacious bedrooms, family bathroom with separate toilet. Single garage, outside toilet , storeroom. Lorna Francks / Dave Brown WMP5495



SOLE MANDATE *R2,100,000

Sought After Garden City Heights. Light, bright newly renovated simplex apartment. 3 Bedrooms 2 bathrooms (mes). Open plan kitchen, built-in oven and hob, onto lounge and balcony. Fitted blinds to additional windows. Communal pool, secure complex. Early occupation negotiable. Excellent Investment. Lorna Francks / Dave Brown WMP5489


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