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MANDELA Community DAY Efforts




Editor Max Schutte Centre Image: About the cover: Liam Neser, Pinelands High School Grade 12 Visual Art student working on exam project Mother Nature. Seen above is the completed artwork.

LANGUAGE AND DIALECTS WILL ALWAYS EVOLVE Language serves both the culture and needs of those who use it, and as they change, so too will the language. This has always been the case throughout history. It’s why we no longer speak the English of Chaucer or Shakespeare or the Victorian novelists. The evolution was slow and gradual so the change was hardly noticed from one generation to the next. In the past few decades though, the relatively sudden appearance of new communication technologies such as mobile texting and the internet, together with a steep escalation in the pace of our everyday lives has created the need for efficient shorthand dialects. These dialects like “txt spk” are ideal to compensate for the relative clumsiness of the manual input that these electronic devices still require. New dialects are forming, not in local communities as before, but rather around global and specialised common interests via the internet. It’s not surprising then that they should seem so foreign and jarring to non-speakers. That’s probably why the “demise of good English” has lately been so often spoken about and lamented, particulary in our written language. So many specialised dialects have sprung up and changed so quickly that we don’t have time to assimilate and mellow them into a common accepted currency of communication. On the other side, there is always a need for a rich, slow and formal longhand language to fully express our ideas and emotions to each other. Perhaps we need to accept that being ‘bilingual’ is a part of today’s fast evolving culture and technology – one suited for maximum meaning and the other for maximum speed and efficiency. Neither is wrong or better than the other - they serve different needs and both are equally vital and valid.

Above: Speckled Pigeon


This large pigeon is easily recognised by the red bare skin around the eye, beautiful 'necklace' of streaks around the neck and white flecks on the wing. It can be confused with the Red-eyed Dove which has much less red around the eye and is smaller and darker and lacks the white spotting on the wing. Speckled Pigeon was previously known as the Rock Pigeon as its natural habitat is mountain cliffs. However, in recent years, they have decided that big buildings are just as convenient and will often nest in chimneys (their coo-ing call echoing down into the house!). Sometimes the big chicks fall through into the fireplace and need to be placed back in the nest. Text and image by Dr Callan Cohen, research associate at UCT's FitzPatrick Institute of African Ornithology, bird book author, and director of Birding Africa tours:

I hope you enjoy the August magazine! hpe u nJy aug mag!

Max Schutte

Editor Max Schutte Photographer and Writer Glynnis Schutte Regular Contributors Heleen Meyer Freelance Food Consultant Callan Cohen FitzPatrick Institute of African Ornithology Carol Booth Cannons Creek Independent School Sue Torr Crue Consulting

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CORPORATE IMAGES for your publications, websites & brochures

Professional lighting in a studio or on site 021 531 3324 | 083 458 4869

Dr Louise Wigens Dr Ryan Cholwill GENERAL PRACTITIONERS

Medical Aid Rates CareCross Approved PRACTICE HOURS

Mon - Fri 08:30 - 17:00 Saturday 09:00 - 12:00

Phone 021 531 4111

Jan Smuts Drive, Pinelands




Dr Elri de Villiers

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Need dental or oral care help?


DENTIST Visit us for some friendly advice or a quote. Surgery Hours Monday - Friday 8 am to 5 pm

A friendly practice providing a full range of dentistry for young and old

5 Ajax Way, Pinelands


call 021 531 3695


Ajax Way

Easy access and parking

Well-known children's author and illustrator, Reviva Schermbrucker, will be the Guest of Honour at the prize giving for the Pinelands 6:24 PM Library's 4th annual reading programme − Books build firm foundations. Great rewards for great readers!. Call 021 531 4658.

11 - 17 August


Book now for the Pinelands High School Agatha Christie play. Starting at 7:30pm. Tickets R50. Call 021 531 7410.

22 August


The music department of Pinelands High School, presents The Magic of Music featuring Wind, Jazz, and Marimba Bands, and choir/ vocal groups, starting at 8pm at the Baxter. Tickets for adults R80/R60; students and pensioners R40, are available from the school shop. Call 021 531 7410.

24 August


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Banting Dieters Ask our staff for advice


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Millside Park, FREE DELIVERIES TO Morningside, Ndabeni SURROUNDING AREAS

orders over R30 021 531 6398 for Mon - Fri • 9am - 3pm

The Peninsula School Feeding Association 9:24 AM (PSFA) in association with SPAR proudly announces the 47th annual Blisters for Bread Charity Family Fun Walk at Green Point Cricket Club. This event, established in 1968 raises funds to feed hungry school children. See or call 021 447 6020.

Blisters for Bread

27 August


The Pinelands Stamp Circle will be meet 7:15pm in the activities hall of the Pinelands Library. See an exhibit by Brian Franklin on the De La Rue Key Plate Stamps. One page exhibits Porcupines and Mouse will be displayed. Visitors are most welcome. Call John 021 531 1954 or Martin 021 689 5050.

27 August


Tony Marchesini, is the speaker at the support group meeting hosted by cancer survivors Catherine Hermans and Yolandi Reiche at Peak Inn Guest House, 20 Peak Drive at 7pm. Call Yolandi 073 207 7022 or Catherine 072 040 7563.

28 August


Donate at the WPBTS clinic at St Stephen's Church Hall, Central Square from 3pm to 7:15pm. Call 021 507 6300.

2 September


Meets on the first Tuesday of the month 6:30pm to 8:30pm at Life Rehab, Ground Floor, The Park, opposite Vincent Pallotti Hospital. Call Carol Millar 083 261 9840.

26 August

4 September

Meet on Tuesday at Woodside village at 2:30pm. The speaker/author will be Jenny Hobbs. Please wear nametags. Call 082 718 9502.

A support group for survivors of serious head injuries, and their families, meet on the first Thursday of the month. Call Janine 084 514 2404 or Bernadette 082 412 3333.




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When is a cash sale really a cash sale?

In one instance it had to come from an inheritance but the estate had not been wound up yet. In another instance it was coming from the sale of another property, but this sale was in turn subject to finance. In yet another case the money was in an investment account overseas and the buyer had not yet obtained exchange approval to bring the funds into the country. Remember that a sale subject to the granting of a loan by a bank is not a cash sale, even if the buyer is putting

So when is a transaction really a cash transaction? If the buyer cannot show you that the money is in his bank account in South Africa and that he can do an electronic transfer into your conveyancing attorney’s trust account immediately when called upon to do so, it is NOT a cash sale. The buyer must prove to you where the cash is currently held and give you an irrevocable undertaking that the funds are available for immediate transfer when required. If he cannot do that, then you need to obtain clarity on how he intends paying for your property and the contract must be absolutely clear on this matter.

Pat Peat Kathy Anderson 083 290 1331 083 987 7673 Mandy Butler 079 499 3351 RENTALS

Under Offer Pinelands R1.295m

I have heard many sellers say to me that they have sold their homes for cash but on investigation it turned out that the "cash" had to come from some other source.

down a large deposit.

Pinelands R3.400m

In my previous article I spoke about allowing occupation of a property by the buyer before transfer and I gave two examples where, despite them being cash sales, both transactions seemed to have caused the seller financial stress.

So, until all conditions to which a sale agreement is subject have been met, I would suggest that you do not give the buyer occupation before transfer.

We are urgently looking for properties for many qualified buyers and tenants.

Call us on 021 531 7507 for a free market estimate of your home.

Recently Let Pinelands R8 500 pm

Featured Property: Pinelands Barry Olivier

Pinelands R6 800pm

072 740 0756 Office 021 531 7507

Julie Meyer

Spacious, Modern Family Home *R2.850m

4 Bedrooms 2 Bathrooms Entrance hall to large lounge, dining room and open plan fully fitted kitchen. 4 Bedrooms, main en-suite, with doors to back patio area / splash pool. Study and family bathroom. Enclosed courtyard to en-suite teenpad. Tandem carport and single garage.

New Release Pinelands R2.800m

083 288 8481 Office 021 531 7507

WEB REF 327789

Second Floor, Howard Centre, Pinelands Phone: 021 531 7507

SA’s preferred home of more than 33 000 properties for sale and rent

*asking price


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PHS GRADE 12 JUNE PRACTICAL ART EXAMS Pinelands High School Grade 12 Visual Art students are seen here working on their June exam practical. The students have to complete two artworks. One is a ‘foreshortening’ piece in which the artwork is required to create the illusion of an object receding strongly into the distance or background. This process usually results in a distortion of that object’s natural appearance. The students are required to

utilise the resultant distortion to reflect the emotional state of that which is being depicted. The second piece is inspired by a list of band titles, which are used as a point of departure for their own original artwork, independent of any association with the original source other than the images that those titles conjure up. See examples of completed pieces on page 16 of this edition of the Muse.


The PHS Grade 10s have just finished their June Visual Art exam practical. They had to create an A3 pen and pencil drawing of a therianthrope/mystical being with an ornate border on 200g medium tooth paper. They had 9 hours plus class time during the term to complete the drawing. They have 18 hours to complete each major piece and have spent the term working on the concept. Therianthropy is the mythological ability of humans to metamorphose into animals through shapeshifting. For more examples of this excellent work see

Submission by Caiylin du Toit for the grade 10 Visual Art Exam calling for a therianthrope/mystical being.

Whoever you are and whatever your property needs, share them with us and…

Expect Great Things! If you are thinking of selling, or would like an obligation-free, market related valuation or just property advice, please give us a call! SALES Corner Protea Road and Kildare Road, Claremont


Charlene Macpherson

082 491 4622 or 021 673 1240

Lorraine-Marié Dellbridge 021 673 1240

Pinelands & Thornton

021 531 0773


Central Square | Pinelands

Thinking of selling or WE DO IT renting your property? ALL THE TIME! SALES AGENTS

Richard Smith 083 557 7515 Linette Smith 082 466 1825 * asking price

Having tea with Elaine Jack and her rescue dog Moppet, turned into a shopping experience as I sorted through the beautiful patchwork dog blankets – patch mats, made to raise funds for PUPP, a local organisation caring for the welfare of animals. For more than 11 years Elaine has supported this cause in an effort to raise funds for sterilisation to prevent more unwanted litters. So with enthusiasm Elaine contacted suppliers who have over the years come to know her well. When interior decorators no longer have a use for fabric sample books, they pass them on to Elaine who uses every bit of material to produce the classy patch mats – some examples are seen in the picture above. Not one piece of the fabric books goes to waste – the screws and cardboard go for recycling, and the extra ends of the fabric go towards the filling for strong dog beds made from blockout fabric, which stands up to any dog wear and tear tactics. Elaine has never had to purchase the materials required for her mission, as over the years friends and other members of the community have donated fabric, thread and tape to fulfil the project. The dog beds and blankets, along with knitted dog jackets, are sold at a very reasonable cost, at dog shows, the Somerset West Craft Market, and the local Cape Province Dog Club. Every cent goes towards PUPP specifically for sterilisation. Moppet is seen wearing a dog jacket knitted by Elaine. If you would like to knit dog jackets for charity, please contact the Muse at 021 531 3324.

SCAN LEA SCHOOL CORRECTION In the July 2014 edition of the Muse we published two photographs which we thought were both of Scan Lea School. The house on the left is actually the neighbours house and not the school. In response to the article, former pupil, Patty Sides has written to us to explain the origin of "Lea" in the school name. Miss Anderson a school founder, added Lea to the name because it refers to a field and that is what she saw when she looked out of the back window of the house. Below is a photograph of the pupils at Scanlea School in about 1939, with Patty Sides front row far left.









*R760 000







R4 590pm


R5 300 pm


Craig Watt 082 410 9720 Annette Mouton


Qualified Tenant Database and Profile Network Affiliation

Council Accounts Collection • Legal Process Expertise • Maintenance


The National Credit Act (NCA) does not normally affect property sales since immovable property is usually paid for in cash or financed by banks. However, if you sell to someone who cannot get a bond, then the NCA will probably apply to the transaction if the purchase price is paid in instalments. Parties to a sale of immovable property can agree to deferred payment of the purchase price. The purchaser then pays off the amount in instalments and the seller charges interest on the outstanding amount from time to time. The NCA will not apply if you sell to a family member or to a juristic person – e.g. a company or a trust with an annual income over one million Rand pa. If the amount loaned is above R499 999.99 then the lender also has to register as a credit provider. Failing to comply with the CPA would bring a host of onerous obligations to the sale. Formerly when a property was sold on instalments, the sale could be registered and was protected under the Alienation of Lands Act. While this act still applies, one now also has to comply with the NCA. Unless there are overwhelming reasons, the general consensus is that it is foolhardy to enter into an INSTALMENT SALE AGREEMENT unless you are a property developer or in the business of lending money.

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M a c l e d ’ s AND ESTATE ADMINISTRATORS A t t o r n e y s 021 439 7490 ATTORNEYS | CONVEYANCERS


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TEACHERS FROM PINELANDS NORTH With hard work and determination PRIMARY SCHOOL RUN THE COMRADES your dreams can come true!

Above: Valentine Nefdt with his wife Gail celebrating the completion of the Comrades marathon.

My love affair with endurance sports started in 2009 when I set my heart on completing a full Ironman. Having achieved this in 2011, the Comrades Marathon caught my eye. After completing part-time studies in 2013, I decided to enter Ironman, the Two Oceans Marathon and the Comrades Marathon in 2014 — what was I thinking? Coming from a swimming background, I had never enjoyed running and yet I was to tackle the ultimate human running race. Standing at the start-line was exciting and after the national anthem and Chariots of Fire I was charged with emotion. My race was with filled the pleasure of the actual participation, and the pain of tired legs, aching muscles and an uncooperative

body. The crowd support was really amazing on the route as they offered words of encouragement, food and drink, but what struck a chord with me was the camaraderie among the runners. I experienced complete strangers helping one another across the finish line, sharing their life stories and their reasons for completing the race. A gentleman who ran with me for a while was completing the race in memory of his wife who had died of cancer the previous year. It was a truly humbling experience. If you are of entering the Comrades Marathon, don’t hesitate, with adequate preparation and training anything is possible. By Valentine Nefdt, teacher at PNPS.

Nadine Nicol with Warren Knezovich, who did his 7th Comrades. He received his 7th Bill Rowan medal for finishing sub 9 hours.

As a child I always kept fit for hockey by running the roads of Natal with my Jack Russell and ever since I can remember my dream was to complete the ultimate race, the Comrades. During varsity I ran half marathons. On arriving in Cape Town I joined Varsity Old Boys running club (K-Way VOB). They take you on incredible runs every Tuesday and Thursday evenings through the green-belts and vineyards of the Southern Suburbs. You suddenly realise how privileged you are to not only be able to run, but being able to run in the most beautiful of places. Two years ago, after running 9 Two Oceans half marathons I decided it was time to train for the big one, and was able to qualify for the 2012 Two Oceans marathon. This year I completed my second Two Oceans marathon and felt confident enough to eagerly accept a late entry to Comrades.

Wow! What a phenomenal adventure, a day and journey I will never forget. My dream, come true. Every physical pain was diminished with the thought "I am actually running Comrades!" The crowds and support on the road is actually indescribable. It is a day of emotion, of camaraderie, of shear guts and the ultimate glory of running into Durban with a stadium packed to the brim with shouting, screaming supporters. Crossing the finish line and completing the journey was incredibly emotional, especially knowing friends and loved ones were waiting at the finish line. The distance and pain fades quickly and all you remember is the glory and journey of the day. Will I be back — definitely! Chase your dreams, because with hard work, determination and passion, dreams are possible. By Nadine Nicol, teacher at PNPS.

HelenKeller S O C I E T Y

E S T. 1 9 5 8

A Retirement Centre for All Offering Specialised Care for the Visually Impaired

Retirement Centre Community Services Resource Centre Low Vision Service Full Nursing in Care Centre (temporary or permanent) Assisted Living in Home & Askew Suites Independent Living in Cottages Links Drive, Pinelands, Cape Town, 7405 Private Bag X25, Howard Place, 7450 Phone +27 21 531 5311 Fax +27 21 531 8275 E-mail Web


PETS AS THERAPY All animal lovers will recognise the feeling of comfort given by a pet in welcoming you home, jumping with excitement when a walk is in the pipeline, or when dinner time is near. Pets as Therapy (PAT) was founded in South Africa in 1991 and is all about enriching lives through animal companionship. A dog with a suitable temperament, healthy and with up to date innoculations is assessed with their owners to see if they make a good team for visiting people in hospitals, frail care facilities, special needs schools, and retirement villages. Research and experience has shown that the interaction between people and pets is therapeutic physically, emotionally, psychologically and socially.

August 2014 | the muse | 7 Jessie Blackshaw gives tribute to her faithful companion Monty, and shares the rewarding time they had together with PAT: "When Monty was six I saw that Charmaine French was coming to speak about Pets As Therapy at the Church Seniors tea. As I listened to her, I also watched Glynis du Toit and her dog walking around greeting people. The talk really interested me, and in June, 2007 Monty, with his yellow bandana around his neck visited the Frail Care at Rusoord in Plumstead. They loved seeing Monty and told many stories of how they had to give their dogs away when they moved in. Every Tuesday afternoon when I took his yellow bandana from the cupboard Monty would get very excited and wag his tail furiously. We were able to visit for nearly seven years, and now Monty

Monty is no longer with us, but we cherish the many loving thoughts and comments from the people that we visited: “He’s going to make a lot of hearts happy again today”, “You’ve done your duty for mankind”, "Monty, you’re beautiful, you’ve cheered me up enormously." See or call 082 728 4804 .

Once again Viv Pullin and a team of dancers from Dance Co Pinelands, and various teachers and parents have returned from a very successful Cultural and Dance Tour to Italy. The team entered an international Dance Competition: World Dance Movers and achieved excellent results. Not only were the dancers praised for their creativity but for the overall finish, and took third place overall. The team of dancers had an unforgettable experience visiting Florence, Rome, Sorrento, Amalfi and Puglia where the World Dance Movers takes place. They made contact with international students and teachers and came away with a life changing experience. Viv Pullin has organized these tours for the last 12 years and always achieves wonderful results. Dance Co Pinelands has upheld the South African tradition of excellence in sport and creativity and looks forward to another tour in 2015! Pupils taking part were Tyra Rosselet, who won a bursary from World Dance Movers; Megan Smith, Micaela Flanders, Megan Kode, Emily Roberts, Megan Jensen, Shannon Lorimer, Kayley Malinowski, Jessica Marteze, and Muofhe Tshifularo. In the photo (right), the two dancers are Megan Smith and Micaela Flanders on the floor. The dance is called Phantom Stellenbosch Academy of Dance who were part of the team and their of the Crystal, choreographed by Adele Blank. The team did names are Nolan Jacobs and Danielle Lambrecht. The workshops were 5 dances altogether. The other two dancers are from The taught by professional teachers from America, Italy and France.

Dance Co Tour to Italy


R2 490 000


R5 600 000


R865 000 R2 800 000


3 Beds (bics), parquet & oak flooring, full bathroom, sep toilet, living area, fire place, fitted granite top kitchen, gas stove, dining area, study, ent room, laundry / cottage, solar heated pool, garden and loads of parking space! Cindy Sarandis 071 081 4413 • Web 302072719

Property Associates Each Office Independently Owned and Operated


8 Beds • 5 Baths

Victorian gem, beautiful original features. Convenient for leading schools, Red Cross, sports facilities & Claremont commercial centre. Possible uses: Professional practice, boutique guest house, sectionalised apartments (Council consent required). Peter Kratz 083 635 3298 • Web 301870139


Offering a unique lifestyle. 3 Bedroom Penthouse, 1, 2 or 3 bedroom apartments available in this sought after complex. Offering 24/7 manned security. On site swimming pool, laundry and gym complete the picture. Jenny Gardner-Medwin 083 259 2989 • Web 302054189

Pinelands 021 531 4477



Indoor climbing & outdoor walls too!



Mon - Thurs: Friday: Weekends: Public hols:


Chris Crous

12:00 - 22:00 12:00 - 20:00 10:00 - 20:00 10:00 - 20:00

Charmaine Crous

082 410 5559 082 410 5558


Office: 021 531 5457 email: web:

3.indd 1


21/07/2014 11:36 AM

Dietary supplements helping you achieve optimal health and well-being


An essential nutrient and antioxidant

90 Capsules

Immune system booster to help fight disease

OMEGA 3 FISH OIL · 30 x 1000mg Capsules For a healthier heart and arteries

GLUCOSAMINE & CHONDROITIN · 60 Tablets For healthier joints

HAIR, NAIL & SKIN MULTIVITAMIN · 60 Tablets Strong nails and hair and glowing skin

EVENING PRIMROSE OIL · 60 x 500mg Capsules Healthier skin, joints and hormone system

CALMAG PLUS · 60 Tablets

Stronger, healthier bones and teeth

SPIRULINA · 60 x 500mg Tablets

A natural nutritional supplement

SUNBRELLA · 30 Capsules

Antioxidant sun protection for your skin

FLAXSEED OIL · 60 x 500mg Capsules

Plant derived essential fatty acids source

NEUROTONE · 30 Tablets

Combat stress on the move

Please phone Debbie on

021 531 1341

for prices or to place an order

or visit Pharmaceutical Enterprises (Pty) Ltd 7 Howard Studios, Howard Drive, Pinelands


ere is a winner for both winter and summer fun and games. The HangTime gym is just up the road in Sunrise circle and should satisfy your need for action! Newly opened by Gareth Cotten the Gym boasts a series of colour coded indoor climbs ranging in difficulty from 12 to 26. Each route has its own ropes and the grips have been tested by an outside mechanical engineering company to ensure safety. For those not into heights one can do a "traversing trip" going along the length of the climbing walls just above ground level. The gym provides climbing shoes, the harness and helmets. The gym will cater for all ages and abilities with trained staff available for instruction and to belay if there isn't a climbing partner available. Girls – don't be shy – Gareth says that girls seem to be better with the intricacies of climbing, including better balance and grip. The floors are covered with high impact covering or high density foam depending on the particular area.

Recreational climbers at HangTime Gym are Claudia Mohr (on the wall) who has been climbing for 2 months, and Jacques van Zyl (belaying), who has been climbing for about 8 years. The gym is also able to cater for children's parties, scout groups or corporate team building exercises. The Bouldering and Systems Board area is ideal for those wanting to cross train or build up specific muscles and grip techniques. The systems board wall is adjustable from 45 degrees to past vertical. Workers using rope skills will find this place ideal for training. There are locker rooms, showers and an inversion therapy table that can be used to relieve back pain by reversing the effects of gravity. Oh, and outside there are two more walls – one 11 meters and the other 13 meters, straight up the side of the building. Go on – give it a try and visit the "energetic orange" climbing walls at HangTime Gym. See Call 084 444 5466.

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MONEY MATTERS Crue Consulting (Pty) Ltd is a fee-based, independent financial planning company based in Pinelands. The company is owned and run by husband-and-wife team, Craig and Sue Torr, who are supported by a team of financial and legal experts.



• Making sense of your existing insurance cover • Analysing your actual risk cover needs • Consolidating your risk cover so that it is more understandable and cost-effective • Ensuring that your greatest asset – your ability to earn an income – is protected

By Sue Torr Director at Crue Consulting In some cases, life insurance products have been given a bad rap. An upshot of an industry plagued by over-zealous and perversely incentivised brokers flogging and churning policies despite the absence of proven financial need, the words “life policy” are devoid of deference despite the significant role that appropriate risk cover can play in one’s overall financial portfolio.


For a typical family with a bonded home, it makes perfect sense to have sufficient life cover to settle the home loan should one of the family’s breadwinners pass away. For the surviving spouse, being able to pay off the bond will provide enormous financial respite for a family left to survive on a single income or possibly no income at all. While a person is in the wealthaccumulation phase (typically from age 25 to 55 years) life insurance can be used to make financial provision for one’s spouse and children in the absence of other investments or realisable assets. A qualified financial planner will be able to assess your spouse’s needs taking factors such as life expectancy, inflation, living standards, health status and special dependents into account. Once a capital lumpsum has been calculated, your financial planner will source appropriate cover for your specific needs.


While you are working, your greatest asset is your ability to generate an income. Your income not only secures your existing standard of living, but is most likely the primary source of your retirement funding. If your ability to earn is compromised at any stage during your wealth-accumulation phase, both your existing lifestyle and your retirement goals may be severely affected. An income protection benefit is an insurance-based product designed to protect your income should you become permanently or temporarily disabled. In its simplest form, an income protector will pay the insured between 75% and 100% of their

August 2014 | the muse | 9


This part of your financial plan will include:

monthly income until age 65 years. More intricately, the fullness of cover provided by these products depends on a multitude of factors including the occupation of the insured, and the nature and extent of the illness or injury. The definition of ‘disability’ in the policy contract, together with seemingly endless legalese literature which, if not understood, can result in severe disappointment and frustration at the claims stage.


While you are still building your wealth, servicing a home loan and paying off vehicles, finding a capital lump sum to help cover the associated costs of disease or disability might be somewhat difficult. Even a comprehensive medical aid can leave one with shortfalls and unfunded medical expenses. In determining the need for a severe illness benefit, your financial planner should perform an analysis of your existing medical aid, gap cover and disability benefits together with your current investment portfolio. When navigating the realm of risk cover, we recommend the following advice: 1. Ensure that your financial planner performs an in-depth financial needs analysis which takes into account all aspects of your financial portfolio before recommending financial solutions to you. 2. Be cautious of advisors who earn commission and are incentivised on product sales. Seek out qualified, feebased financial planners who sell advice and not products. 3. Review your risk cover portfolio every time your personal circumstances change to ensure that your cover is both relevant and cost-effective. Structuring your risk cover portfolio requires ongoing expert analysis to help you achieve the fine balance between protecting your income and assets on the one hand, whilst growing your long-term wealth on the other. 



Regardless of how far away your retirement is, our retirement planning will include: • Analysing & advising on your existing investments • Understanding your retirement goals & dreams • Determining how much you need to invest for your retirement • Advising on appropriate investment vehicles • Ensuring your investments are tax-efficient • Identifying any retirement funding shortfalls in your portfolio • Mapping your retirement plan to give you complete comfort in your financial future



Structuring your estate and providing for your loved ones is an essential part of financial planning which will include: • Understanding the legacy you wish to leave • Preparing a Will which gives expression and effect to your final wishes • Advice on structuring business interests and Trusts • Analysing and advising on any costs, taxes or duties payable by your estate • Safe-keeping of your Last Will and Testament

Come and have coffee with us.

We’d love to help you plan. Please contact us to set up a meeting

021 530 8500

We’d love to hear from you!

CONNECT WITH CRUE Read our online column at Follow us @crueconsulting Like Crue Consulting’s Facebook Page See what interests us at View our thoughts at View us on Instagram Licensed Financial Service Provider No. 19025


Gareth Cotten

Born in Pinelands, Gareth is well versed with the cosmopolitan nature of the suburb and also with the large number of small businesses and budding entrepreneurs earning a living outside the corporate world. As an energetic entrepreneur himself, he has experience with multiple businesses and is motivated to inspire and support those bitten by the entrepreneurial bug. STARTED YOUNG

Multilingual (six languages), and highly qualified, Gareth had his first business selling black bags at 12, and still runs Chariot Limousines which he started at 19. As well as a B Comm from UCT, Honours in Taxation, and a legal diploma, he has certificates in Hospitality Management, Import/Export Management, and Public Relations. He also trained as a life coach. Gareth is a course instructor for "GetSmarter" – an online university working with UCT. He lectures in Financial, Sales and Small Business Management, as well as Bookkeeping and Payroll and Tax Administration. His latest business is the HangTime indoor climbing gym in Ndabeni, a concept that he would like to take nationally.


This is the part where I blush and say it was all for a girl! I started dating my girlfriend, DJ, last year, and climbing is important to her. I promised to give it a try, and from the very first time on a wall the bug had well and truly bitten. We should have called the climbing gym the Taj Mahal, as some say I built it for my better half!


Gareth believes that a regular break from work provides an effective way of coping with responsibilities and stress. He aims for a getaway every 8 weeks, even if it is just a weekend away. His favourite getaway spots are Gordon's Bay, Hermanus and Pinnacle Point. Relaxation begins with turning phones off and then plenty of reading, a bit of writing, some running (exercise is vital physical outlet for stress) and good food and wine, as well as a good dose of sea-staring and daydreaming.


I've been very fortunate to travel all over the world – mostly for pleasure, but of late, a little more often for business as well. Strangely enough, my favourite countries all seem to start with 'S'. South Africa, of course, but then also Singapore (for the sheer innovation, and infusion of eastern culture), Sweden (for how efficiently and perfectly everything works) and Switzerland (for their national drive to succeed while still staying independent, and also for the sheer breath-taking beauty of their landscape). I live very strictly by the 80:20 rule – in that you can get 80% of the results from just 20% of the effort. I then put my time and effort into the 20% that yields the biggest results, and pass or delegate the rest onto others. With well chosen staff and business partners and strong systems in place, my businesses basically run themselves. This allows me to operate from pretty much anywhere in the world, as long as I have access to the internet and some form of phone. I've recently adopted the approach of taking a sabbatical every year, and living for a while in another country. I've done this in Sweden and Los Angeles and am now eyeing out Spain and South America.


Our family has been in Pinelands for just over 30 years. My Dad chose Pinelands especially because of the bonus of plenty of sunshine. My younger sister is very artistic and has recently also tapped into her communication skills by going into counselling. My brother is extremely musical and technical in nature, and is becoming a very accomplished producer.

Our skill sets complement each other perfectly. One of the main things I've always loved about Pinelands is how central it is – stuck in the 'golden triangle', between the N1, N2 and M5. This has always served us very well in my limo business. I've also been noticing how many people are actively aiming at moving to Pinelands, across the age bands. The joke used to be that it was for 'newly–weds and nearly–deads', but I'm really seeing it becoming a very aspirational suburb for many.


While there are a million things I could say to aspirant entrepreneurs, I will concentrate on two: Firstly don’t try and get your product or service perfect before launching – or you will never actually pull the trigger. Rather, get it good enough, and then just launch. This way, you’ll find out sooner rather than later if you’re actually onto something or not. You can then tweak and adjust as you go along. As Richard Branson likes to say "Ready, Fire, Aim!" When your business is up and running, don't get wound up in the day-to-day admin of your enterprise. Carve out time, every day or every week, for analysing your business. Grow it by applying your mind to marketing, sales, and strategy. This way, you’ll build a real business, and not just another job for yourself.


My greatest passions are entrepreneurship and education. I'll be starting a business incubator and accelerator, which will be combined with an entrepreneurship school, aimed at both school kids and adults, providing skills to make entrepreneurship a viable career path. 

August 2014 | the muse | 10


Jason Adriaan

In 2013 Jason won the Gerry Matchett Award for Best Pupil at the Cape Gliding Club.

His passion for flying was ignited in 2011 when he went to an airshow at Ysterplaat. After becoming a cadet in the highly recognised Young Falcon Aviation Academy, it was a natural step to work towards his gliding licence at the Cape Gliding Club in Worcester. In his matric year at Pinelands High School, Jason juggles 9 subjects, as well as debating and playing in the senior marimba band – all the while planning carefully for the right weather for his next training flight.


In 2013 Jason and four others from the Young Falcon Aviation Academy joined the Worcester Gliding Club. Jason recommends gliding as an affordable way of learning the basics of flying. It is a non-powered means of flying also known as soaring (see Muse Mike Pascoe Sept 2012). Jason believes that pilot Captain Sullenberger who landed a passenger aircraft on the Hudson River

August 2014 | the muse | 11

after a bird strike shut down the engines, was better equipped for the emergency because he was also a glider pilot. With a glide ratio of 15:1, a Boeing 747-200 can glide for 150 kilometres from a cruising altitude of 10,000 metres (ref:wiki).


Jason would like to study Aeronautical/ Mechanical Engineering and complete his PPL (Private Pilot's Licence). He looks forward to the day when he can become an airline pilot. He would like to do his training at Morning Star Flight Academy just outside Cape Town, or through the SAA cadet pilot programme. He has applied for scholarships and is currently going through the interview processes.


Jason now has approximately 30 hours gliding experience − all of which he has paid for himself. He started flying solo in December 2013, and currently flies the Club Single Seater (Grob102 Single Astir). Last year he was pupil of the year winning the The Gerry Matchett Award for Best Pupil. See excerpt in blue by Mike Pascoe, glider instructor at the Cape Gliding Club.


Aviation is a complex and interesting field, which develops your personality and

provides instruction in many aspects of life, so if you feel you can cope with the mathematical intricacies and the stress required in making quick decisions, then the rest should fall into place as a wonderful experience. Interestingly, in gliding one can go solo at 14, get your licence at 16, and then obtain a Private Pilot Licence at 17 years of age.  The Cape Gliding Club has been privileged to sponsor groups of Young Falcons to allow them to experience the joy and fun of a glider flight. As a result of his enthusiasm and the time he had spent flying simulators, Jason was ready for his first solo after 32 flights in a glider. Since then Jason has completed the advanced exercises and written the examinations for his Glider Pilots License (GPL) which he has nearly completed. In addition Jason has made a large contribution to the club as Duty Pilot keeping the flight log and helping the others get flying. All this culminated in Jason being awarded the "Best Pupil" for the year. This award is given to the pupil who not only makes excellent and rapid progress in flying but who is in addition conspicuous by his/her efforts to work on behalf of the club. (

Photograph and interview: Glynnis Schutte


In 2012 Jason was part of a group of 30 Grade 10's who, on the back of their their Maths and Science abilities, were chosen to join the Young Falcon Aviation Academy at Ysterplaat. The course held on alternate Saturday mornings included the theory of flying and training on flying simulators. Jason has clocked up 900 flying hours on the simulator, and learns a great deal watching "air-crash investigations". A highlight of his training at Ysterplaat included a flight to the Waterkloof Airbase in a C130 Hercules, to attend a course encompassing a week in the life of an airforce pilot. After graduating top of his class in 2013, Jason was rewarded with a flight in a L39 fighter jet, which flew over Robben Island and did some aerobatics. Jason was even given the controls for a while.


May 2014MANDELA | the muse |DAY 14


Lerato Seoposenwe of FOCHA shakes hands with RSM Daantjie Prins of the Cape Town Rifles, acknowledging the generous donations made by Makro and the Dukes.

The Cape Town Rifles (Dukes) and Makro Stores combined forces to commemorate Mandela Day on 18 July 2014 at the Red Cross War Memorial Children’s Hospital. The initiative is part of the Regiment’s ongoing social responsibility programme with the hospital; they had previously donated several boxes of toys and other useful items to the Friends of the Children’s Hospital Association (FOCHA) for Youth Day. This time, the soldiers delivered several huge containers of nourishing meat and vegetable soup, and prepared countless plates of sandwiches. Makro supplied fresh popcorn and cold drinks, as well as a jumping castle, which was popular with the little ones. Makro staff members also donated a large pile of toys to FOCHA. The meal and the refreshments were enjoyed by several hundred people, mainly family members whose children were patients receiving treatment at the hospital. Image and text by Regine Lord.

Mandela Day at Beautiful Gate

The Mandela Day event went very well and we had visitors from organizations, the SA Army and individuals. The main event was on Friday 18 July and it extended to Saturday 19 July as we wanted to make it a 2 day event to commemorate our 20 year anniversary. The Friday event started at 9am and finished around 2pm and we had about 200 kids from the local townships coming for different activities such as facepainting, field games, soccer, netball, reading. We also had 3 jumping castles and these are always a hit with children.

Fortunately the rains spared us and we managed all outdoor activities without any disruptions. There was also a group of children showcasing their talents in music and dance. Volunteers from Takealot and Reeds helped with handing out refreshments and party packs while others participated in games. The Army from Youngsfield station sent a big team to clean the site in honour of our Nelson Mandela legacy. A team of interns from the Provincial Treasury also participated in the event. Visitors also

brought donations in kind for the kids and for our second hand shop. The Saturday event started on a slow note but it stretched right till late afternoon. This second day was meant for teenagers and parents whereby parents witnessed teenagers in various sport activities such as soccer and netball. We want to express our appreciation for all the organizations, individuals and families who supported this event and our beneficiaries for showcasing our work.

August 2014 | the muse | 12


MANDELA DAY WITH MHANI GINGI Nelson Mandela said, “ There can be no keener revelation of a society’s soul than the way it treats its children. Children are our greatest treasure. They are our future.” Early Childhood Development (ECD) has been globally recognised as a key factor in promoting successful, sustainable cognitive development, assisting each child to reach their highest potential. Pinelands-based Mhani Gingi Social Entrepreneurial Network Organisation recognises the importance of this and takes an holistic approach to Early Childhood Development, where all values, behaviours and skills become entrenched. Mhani Gingi’s social responsibility initiatives and projects support four early learning centres, which they have adopted in Nyanga and Philippi East, providing support with fund-raising, income-generation and assistance with DSD compliance, training, and guidance on gardening and good nutrition. Thanks to a generous donation from Old Mutual’s Green Hands, Mhani Gingi, in partnership with Renee Lighton of LightOn Education, offered a series of 4 training workshops to Mhani Gingi’s adopted Early Learning centres, and to all the educators at Early Learning Centres in the Nyanga and Philippi East surround. 25 lovely ladies attended the workshops, representing 15 ECD’s from the area. These workshops were held at Beautiful Gate, where the magnificent facilities were kindly offered by director Vaughan Stannard, also a

Pinelands resident. Renee Lighton’s unique approach of using recyclable items to provide effective, quality early learning, embraces Mhani Gingi’s mantra, “Use what you have to attract what you need.” What an inspiration these fun-filled workshops were and how ingenious the LightOn Education approach is, in cleverly using what one would usually recycle, to provide early learning equipment. We invite all Pinelands residents to consider collecting ice cream tubs, insides of toilet rolls, egg boxes, polystyrene containers, lids, left over wool, beer box lids, cereal boxes and A4 paper ready for recycling, that is printed only on one side, for use in our early learning centres. Contact us if you would like to make a difference and contribute. Mhani Gingi assisted the Early Learning Centres with their own vegetable garden, providing the seedlings from its Nursery behind TSiBA, in Pinelands, and began the initiative on Mandela Day. On a typical Cape Town winter’s day – wet, cold, windy and rainy – we set about cleaning, clearing and planting the vegetable garden. Many eager young children had to watch from the warmth

of their Early Learning Centre, providing enthusiastic support. We look forward to sharing that first pot of soup with the educators and children of Ivy Nyovane in Nyanga and whilst the vegetables are growing, the children can enjoy the layout of the garden, which has been designed in different shapes and colours, per veggie type. Children learn through play and through their senses and we know this garden will provide them with exciting “learning”. For more information, or if you would like to collect recyclable items, or visit the nursery, see or call 021 531 8577. On fun ways to learn through play see


Ismaeel Ockards with his sons Igshaan and Nasrodien and horse Thunder.

August 2014 | the muse | 13

The Cart Horse Protection Association (CHPA) opened its doors on Mandela Day to volunteers who streamed in to groom the horses, plait their manes, and feed them apples and carrots. Sasko provided a pancake kitchen and volunteers and "carties" were treated to sweet delights while those handy with a paint brush repainted the carts. There is a close association between the CHPA and the City who provide law enforcement officers to assist the CHPA in upholding the animal protection bylaws. Alderman JP Smith from the City was given a ride on a cart driven by Abduraghiem Cassiem and his horse Trigger. Ismaeel Ockards with his sons Igshaan and Nasrodien were there with Thunder looking very smart in the family heirloom of leather tack and brass bells. Horses and carts have been in the family for three generations and provide a way to make a living. This family is extremely grateful to the CHPA for their support for food, medical facilities and farrier services. The CHPA also provides training to the Cart Horse drivers who are not allowed to operate without their registration plates and licences. If you see a horse in need call 082 6599 599, or 021 535 3435.

Giggle & Grow Pre-School Pinelands

Classes for children ages 3, 4 & 5 Fully qualified and experienced teachers Small classes in a friendly home environment Limited spaces available for 2015 full and half day options available


August 2014 | the muse | 14

OCEAN BASKET DELIVERS MEALS TO KENDRICK HOUSE ON MANDELA DAY Mr Richard Key, Franchisee Owner of Ocean Basket N1 City donated 67 Meals to Kendrick House on Mandela Day. "I chose Kendrick House ultimately due to the synergy between them and the Mandela Day 67 minutes. They house 67 old age folk at the home, hence a perfect fit with Mandela Day 67 minutes, and the Ocean Basket 67 meals! We were very well received, and all the old folks thoroughly enjoyed their meals.

One staff member mentioned to me that it was a long time since the dining hall had been so quiet over a meal time! Some of the folk recognised some of our staff from eating at our store previously, and wanted photos taken of them and the staff. A further donation of 48 Fish & Chip meals is being made to the home, for the 48 staff members, so that they can also share in the ethos of the day.

Principal 083 463 8778 8778 Principal 083 463 Kelly Herselman Herselman Kelly


M5-043.indd 1

21/07/2014 4:23 PM


I will offer you cash for any of these items:

GOLD (even scrap gold) remember when you lost that

earring and buried the other in your jewellery box? SILVER from scrap jewellery to silver teasets MEDALS Boer War, WW1, WW2 inc badges & buttons. COINS remember the old tickey, sixpence, shilling, 5 shilling and R1 coin from the 60’s? POSTCARDS up to 1945 (1900-1920 are best) CUPS & SAUCERS duos & trios (plate, cup & saucer) OLD TOYS Schuco, Dinky, Meccano etc. BRASS & COPPER who still wants to clean it?

Tarir io Kaseke, Malv in Mashe, Theodora Pick

and Tyson Mupoterwa.

Call me… my number is 083 775 00 55 … you stand to earn some cash for those old trinkets, bits & pieces that no longer serve you.


ures-M5-041.indd 1

12/05/2014 10:25 AM

Sylvia Lotter, Tyson Mupoterwa, Malvin Mashe and Judy Simons (Manager) and Lydia Dalton.

THE NEW CLIMBING GYM IN PINELANDS Sunrise Park • Sunrise Circle Indoor & outdoor walls Great fun and a full-body workout! Perfect for birthday parties & team-building

Ta riro Kaseke

Val Coertze, Tyson Mupoterwa, Joey Ferreira, Mary Sampson, Tariro Kaseke, Malvin Mashe and Judy Simons (Manager) and Marisa Ferreira

Memberships and day passes are available, with special rates for couples and corporates Call 084 444 5466

August 2014 | the muse | 14


HAVING FUN AT THE PLAY PARK By Carol Booth Principal of Cannons Creek Independent School


One cannot underestimate the importance of playing. It is an aspect that many parents leave out as they only focus on the ‘intellectual’ side which is what we are being sold with respect to advertisements and toy shops. What we need to remember that no matter how much we train our children through constant repetition when teaching them counting, shapes, colours and all the other topics that form part of the pre-school process, if your little ones are not emotionally ready, then they are not ready for formal education. Children’s learning is multi-sensory and is best when they are emotionally ready for it; and it is when we as adults ‘force the issue’ by sending them into the formal setting too early, that they flounder. Let them play as this is their form of learning at this stage – there is plenty of time for formal learning later on.


We are so impressed when our little one can manoeuvre around the iPad or the computer and even the TV remote and yet they cannot balance, jump on one leg or move around large play equipment confidently and yet this is the aspect of their growing upon which we should be concentrating. Think about it, in the olden days we turned knobs, today we just touch them to achieve the same result. We have lost the finger/hand co-ordination and the use of the rest of the arm and therefore the muscle development is stunted.


Parents also need to be reminded that this part of raising a child is their duty and one cannot expect any pre-school or play school to fill in this gap. Yes, their role is to allow them plenty of time on the large playground equipment but it is also the parents’ role to encourage and participate in when they are young.

August 2014 | the muse | 15


From the age of one to three it is best that the child has a one on one connection with their parent as this is where a huge amount of growth takes place. From the age of three they can then integrate with children of their own age (and this is important – if they are playing with younger children, they learn to be the boss and if they are playing with older children, they remain the ‘little child’.) What they need to learn is to communicate and play with children of their own age as they are both on the same emotional and intellectual level.


The playground is where lots of this takes place. When they are climbing the jungle gym, they are not just climbing; their brains are working out Mathematics, Science and large motor skills just to mention a few. When they are riding around on a scooter, they are learning to balance, again completing Mathematics and Science skills. It is all about teaching the brain to function on these levels – it is not about getting the abstract concept of numbers. And, in order for them to work on their large and finer motor skills, we as parents

need to expose them to these skills. The playground is in fact their text book, their library books and we need to ensure that we vary the activities.


Another aspect that we can work on before one’s child starts formal learning at any age is the skill of listening. We need to ensure that our children can become good listeners and are able to interpret what they are being told to carry out the instruction, communicate in return about the same topic or communicate something that is linked to the topic. A lot of learning takes place in the formal school setting via listening and we therefore need to work on this from when they are little. When the ears, nose and throat have problems, we often find that this affects sequencing tempo and even balance. When there is a problem between the inner ear and gravity then they cannot orientate themselves easily, plan motor action and work out space. It is therefore essential that when they have earache that we address it medically as it can also affect their growth. All these items are important to cover before starting school! Who said parenting was easy?


PHS VISUAL ART EXAM WORK PHS Grade 12 Art classes display some of their completed pieces done for the June Practical Exams. The brief was ‘foreshortening’ in which the artwork is required to create the illusion of an object receding strongly into the distance.

a calm oasis in the heart of Pinelands


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Dr Mark Stodel

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MB ChB (Natal)

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August 2014 | the muse | 17

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FOOD FROM THE HEART By Heleen Meyer Pinelands resident, foodie and author of Food from the Heart, and the new Make 5 /Maak 5.


Serves 4 to 6

1. Filling: Heat half of the oil in a large frying pan over a medium heat. Fry bacon until golden brown and cooked, but not crispy. Spoon out and drain on paper towel, if necessary. 2. Heat the rest of the oil in the same pan and sauté leeks and garlic until soft. Add butternut and sauté for a few minutes. Stir in the wine or tea and cover with a lid. Reduce the heat and simmer for 10 minutes or until the butternut is cooked. 3. Whisk the flour paste into the milk and stir this mixture into the veggies in the pan. Stir well and simmer for a few minutes or until thickened. Stir in sour cream and simmer for 5 minutes. 4. Preheat the oven to 180 °C. Stir sage into the filling mixture and season to taste. Spoon into a 1,5-2 litre oven dish. 5. Pastry: Brush one sheet of phyllo on one side with oil and place a second sheet on top. Brush the top with oil. Create another stack or two with the remaining pastry. Keep unoiled phyllo covered with a clean dish towel to prevent drying out. 6. Cut each double layer of phyllo lengthwise into four thick strips and crumple up into a bundle. Place bundles close together on top of filling. 7. Bake for 20-30 minutes or until the filling is warm and the pastry is golden brown. Serve with a salad. Tip For a vegetarian meal, substitute bacon with 1 x 410 g tin lentils or chickpeas, drained. Stir in at step 4 with the sage.

Photographer: Neville Lockhart Portrait: Neville Lockhart

Filling 15 ml (1 tbsp) olive or avocado oil 250 g shoulder bacon, excess fat removed and cut in cubes 4 leeks, sliced 1 clove garlic, crushed 750 g butternut, peeled and cubed 125 ml (½ cup) white wine or rooibos tea 30 ml (2 tbsp) cake flour mixed with water to make a paste 250 ml (1 cup) milk 80 ml (1⁄3 cup) sour cream 60 ml (¼ cup) chopped fresh sage lemon juice, salt and pepper Pastry 4-6 sheets phyllo pastry 30 ml (2 tbsp) olive or avocado oil

Fab idea with butternut

Do you sometimes wonder what else you can prepare using butternut, as it is such a wonderful, everyday ingredient? How about a phyllo pie with butternut, bacon and sage? Doesn’t that sound like fabulous comfort food?

Butternut is one of my favourite veggies and perfect for far more than boiled or roasted cubes as a side to a meat dish. It can indeed be boiled and roasted to use in many different ways and we all know a butternut soup. Have you tried this veg as mash, on a cottage pie for a different touch or to make fritters? Roasted butternut in

a salad or with other roasted veggies is delicious. The combination with bacon, leeks and a creamy sauce in this pie will definitely be an instant family favourite. The recipe is from my new cookbook, Make 5 and as with this pie, I show people how easy it can be to enjoy flavourful food. For instance, the bacon is quite salty, but the rest of the ingredients are more natural. There is only a small amount of cream – just enough to make it rich and moreish, but not overly heavy. The phyllo also makes it a much lighter option to puff pastry. Enjoy this pie with a large green salad.

Hot off the press!

Heleen’s new recipe book Make 5/Maak 5 is now available. With this book she inspires everyone to use their everyday ingredients in five delicious and interesting ways. Not only are the recipes easy and versatile, but there are lots of practical tips on how to cook good food for the whole family to enjoy. The book is available in English and Afrikaans. For more information on Make 5 or any of her previous books or to order a signed copy, visit her website

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Local expertise, national presence, international audience Christo: +27 (0)76 164 4483 • Sharon: +27 (0)82 920 2217 Office: +27 (0)21 531 3464 • • • ALSO SOLD BY US: SOLD/RENTED BY US

Plane Avenue, Thornton Sole Mandate Good position, spacious erf.

R 1 275 000 SOLD BY US Pinelands PINELANDS

R 2 650 000

New Release. Sole Mandate. Prime position. 3 Bedrooms, 2 bathrooms (mes), flatlet, pool, garage, extra parking. Opportunity par excellence.


R 2 650 000

New Release. Sole Mandate. 3 Bedroomed house plus self contained flat and large office. Undercover patio opens to salt water pool. Spacious erf.

Sole Mandate 3 bedrooms, 1 bathroom.

R 10 500 per month RENTED BY US Pinelands

Sole Mandate 3 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms (mes)

R 8 000 per month RENTED BY US


R 2 750 000

Sole Mandate. Keen seller. 4 Bedrooms, 2 bathrooms (mes), big family room, double garage.


R 3 050 000

Sole Mandate. Convenience at its best. 3 bed town house, no levy, erf of 555sqm & 2 flats.


R 3 650 000

Charm, location & space. 4 Bedrooms, study area, 3 bathrooms (2 en-suite).

Harcourts Maynard Burgoyne, Pinelands T 021 531 3041 E View




Simply stunning. 3 Bedrooms, full bathroom plus (MES), spacious lounge/dining room, Indoor /outdoor flow to the patio and garden, Double garage, plenty secure off street parking. Excellent security.


New Release. Nightingale Close. 2 Bedroom flat in sought after Nightingale Close.



Step into Pinelands! 4 bedroom family home. Wood strip flooring. Spacious entrance hall to lounge and dining room. Spacious kitchen, Family bathroom plus guest loo. Single garage, large plot.

This home offers 3 bedrooms (bics), 1.5 Bathrooms (mes), neat kitchen, lounge with separate dining room, family room leading to patio, large tandem garage. PLUS self contained cottage. View WMP4539 Call Dave Brown, Peter Lovell or Lorna Franks






R 850,000


R 1,250,000





New Release, Sole Mandate. Lock up and go in Howards End. 3 Bedrooms (bics, mes), full bathroom. Doors in lounge/dining room leading to garden and braai. Lock up and go. Garage.

Olde Pinelands! 3 Bedrooms, 1.5 Bathrooms (mes), Entrance to open plan lounge, separate dining room, freshly painted inside and out, gleaming wooden floors. Plus double and single garage. Excellent security. View WMP4555 Call Dave Brown or Peter Lovell

Spacious 4 bed, 2 bath family home. Walk to La Gratitude or Green School. Large lounge/ dining room onto kitchen. Big garden, pool. Enclosed dbl carport, storeroom, laundry, en-suite teenpad.

Facing the sun! Totally upgraded and modernized. Garage and parking bay. Lo 2,450,000 unge, dining room, kitchen, 3 beds. 2 baths. and balcony on north side.

Neat 3 bedroom, 2 bathroom home located in Pine Edge. Modern open plan living with flow to north facing garden. Excellent security. View WMP4533 Call Dave Brown or Peter Lovell

Lorna Francks

Dave Brown

Peter Lovell

Diane Meyer

Pauline Hareb






T 021 531 3041 C 083 659 9333 *asking price

T 021 531 3041 C 082 330 4111

T 021 531 3041 C 079 529 6939


T 021 531 3041 C 082 820 1217

T 021 531 3041 C 082 490 0344

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