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NATIONAL ARTS ExhIBITION the Exhibition. As part of this program, professionalization workshops in the arts were also carried out, taking care of the writing of proposals, the design of brands and intellectual property, among others.

Last December 2018, in the Old Arsenal of the Spanish Navy (Institute of Puerto Rican Culture), the most recent edition of the National Arts Exhibition (MNA, by its initials in Spanish) of Puerto Rico was held. The MNA is a biennial exhibition that serves as a collection of the recent work of Puerto Rican artists. According to the curatorial declaration:

Javier Orfon, interested in exploring the environment that surrounds him, created his installation “Extramuros”, product of his research in Puerta de Tierra, San Juan, Puerto Rico. Throughout two tables, Orfon showed pieces of masonry exposed to the sea water and polished by him, on them he painted in ink what was collected from his studio. The artist shows with subtlety, for example, some of the recurrent landscapes in the explored area. We have on the other hand, pieces like “Kunst or” The Art of Having a Kunt “by Melanie Rivera Flores. This sculpture on stone, from its title makes clear the intention to address the violence suffered by women, in this case, reflected in the art scene.

The event has been defined as an exercise to take the pulse of the current art production where the exhibition of works carried out in the past two or three years is favored, and a broad foundation is affirmed, showing examples of records in strata and open and expansive horizons. On the occasion of this, 17th edition, the exhibition focused on the sculptural medium. Some artists participate through direct invitation, while others submit through the open call and then are evaluated by a team composed of various professionals of the arts. The exhibition counted with the participation of 102 Puerto Rican artists -including some from the diaspora-who exhibited 115 pieces. An accessibility education program was designed to integrate populations with autism, deafness and blindness to enjoy

Melanie Rivera “Kunst o The Art of Having A Cunt”

“Extramuros” de Javier Orfon

The ability to incorporate artists from different generations and backgrounds, as well as a variety of techniques and media are curatorial challenges that were managed to create the exhibition. As an example: in the first room we see the pieces “Tear” and “Counterweight” by Andrea Pérez Caballero -young artist graduated from the School of Plastic Arts and Design of Puerto Rico- together with the work of sculptors with more experience as Pablo Rubio. On the other hand, the Advisory Commission sought to promote discussion about the boundaries of the sculptural medium. The MNA exhibited from “traditional” sculptures to assemblages, installations and impressions on three-dimensional objects.

The generational diversity offered in this National Exhibition opened the space for an impressive discursive and technical variety to be condensed. This element should be highlighted and emulated in future editions of the Exhibition. It was also representative of the tendencies and sculptural practices of the most recent years. The MNA 2018 was open to the public until March 2019. Dianne Brás Feliciano, Ph.D.

“Extramuros” de Javier Orfon

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Latin American Art 36  

#36 - Bilingual contemporary art publication - Publicación de arte contemporáneo bilingüe

Latin American Art 36  

#36 - Bilingual contemporary art publication - Publicación de arte contemporáneo bilingüe