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CMGT 554 Week 2 Individual Assignment Translating a Letter Click Here to Buy the Tutorial For more course tutorials visit

There is a common misconception that analog technology is no longer used in the transmission of digital data. However analog transmission of data is transmitted using electricity, light, and radio. Transmissions in the air use radio, microwave, and satellite media. These transmissions take place in a specific OSI layer. Create a detailed diagram or set of diagrams to show how the letterA is transmitted in an electrical, light, and radio wave. Show the similarities and differences between how data is transmitted in these three processes. Show the layers of the OSI model that are involved with translating the A to wave form or light pulses to include coding. Annotate the diagram(s) or add written information to the diagram(s) to explain the processes to a person that is not familiar with the technology.

Cmgt 554 week 2 individual assignment translating a letter