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A graduate degree opens doors. A graduate degree from Pinchot opens you to change the world.

Meet Pinchot Pinchot is a university committed to the common good. We are for people who work to transform organizations, communities or markets in ways that are practical, positive, sustainable and profitable. In a collaborative and transformative learning environment, we give students entrepreneurial skills, strategic rigor, disruptive business acumen and life足-changing personal development to respond to a rapidly changing world. Pinchot has been synonymous with leadership, innovative strategies and work for the common good for generations, and it will continue to be long into the future. Learn more:


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Pinchot Values Meet BGI Meet OSR Pinchot Collaborative Faculty and Friends Pinchot Learning Environments MBA in Sustainable Business MBA in Sustainable Systems MA in Organizational Leadership Pinchot Edge Alumni at Pinchot Admissions at Pinchot

A note from Libba and Gifford Over a decade ago, we had a dream to create a graduate school that would foster the change we wanted to see in business—a broader focus that included caring for the environment and people as well as for profit. This concept is certainly nothing new—it’s been in our family for over a century. As first chief of the U.S. Forest Service and later governor of Pennsylvania, Gifford’s grandfather, the first Gifford Pinchot, worked with Teddy Roosevelt to preserve 200 million acres for national parks and to create the conservation movement. Our career together has included dairy farming, a blacksmithing business, innovation consulting to half the Fortune 100, co-authoring bestselling business books and angel investing. Separately, Gifford has been a Silicon Valley software CEO and Libba a family therapist and corporate coach. After 25 years training corporate leaders, we came away with significant observations about the way business is taught. Troubled by decisions we saw, we felt compelled to create the country’s first MBA in Sustainable Business.

Even before that, our colleague Don Swartz was developing a program called Organization Systems Renewal (OSR) to cultivate competent and confident leaders to design and lead thriving organizations. It made sense to align BGI and OSR together based on our common values and goals. Today we’re proud of the successes of our over 1,000 alumni across the BGI and OSR programs. The talent and excellence of our learners and graduates consistently inspire us. When you attend Pinchot, you join a vibrant community of change agents, and we’re proud to provide business and leadership programs that equip you to transform organizations for both greater profit and the common good. The creativity and innovation of our learners demonstrates that it is good business to create a more just and resilient future. May your best dreams become your realities,


Pinchot Values Community

Social Justice

Learners at Pinchot educate one another, in the classroom and beyond. They challenge one another’s assumptions, broaden one another’s range of experience and teach one another to see the world from varied perspectives. This vibrant lifelong network guides alumni through their careers and beyond.

Pinchot community is inclusive. We collectively work in pursuit of social justice and the common good. We embrace diversity, such as racial, cultural and socio-economic, in our learners, staff, faculty and Board of Trustees.


Pinchot is deeply committed to ecological and social sustainability, which infuses our pedagogy, curriculum and community. We prepare our learners to advance sustainability in businesses and organizations. As a leader in higher education, we seek to influence other universities to integrate sustainability into their program design.

Pinchot fosters an innovative and driven spirit. On-going engagement with key industry leaders as speakers, guest lecturers and trustees allows Pinchot a deeper perspective on leveraging innovation for the common good and prepares learners to design and lead pioneering enterprises, businesses and organizations.

Integrity Creating a better world requires the utmost integrity, courage and honesty. This is ingrained in Pinchot in our academics, operations, communications and relationships with students, alumni, faculty, accreditors, board members and the broader community.



Transformational Leadership While at Pinchot, learners experience a parallel journey of skill development and personal growth. They understand theory, develop skills and gain personal mastery needed to be instruments of the change they wish to see in the world. Learn more:

“Pinchot’s values reflect my own, which is vital. After all, my values inform my work in the world.”

Meryl Hunter MBA, ‘12 Co-founder & Northeast Director, Community Sourced Capital


MBAs in Sustainability

Meet BGI at Pinchot Bainbridge Graduate Institute (BGI) is a graduate school at Pinchot focused on business innovation and sustainability—changing business for good. In early 2002, Libba Pinchot, Gifford Pinchot III and Sherman Severin founded BGI as an alternative to the traditional business school model for students wanting to integrate social justice and environmental sustainability values into their business education. Jill Bamburg joined them in the summer of 2002 as the founding dean and fourth founder. BGI thus began an industry movement by offering the first MBA in Sustainable Business in the nation. Our programs are specifically designed to integrate sustainability—environmentally and socially responsible practices—with traditional business education so students can harness the power of business for good. Our graduates have the courage, the ability and the connections to work for lasting change in the world.

BGI at Pinchot challenges and prepares learners to use business as a solution to the social, environmental and economic problems of our time. Our objective is to create leaders ready to succeed within for-profit, nonprofit and public sector organizations, or as entrepreneurs. The MBA is offered in two formats. The MBA in Sustainable Systems is a hybrid of online study and once-monthly learning intensives at our IslandWood campus. In contrast, the MBA in Sustainable Business primarily meets weekly in Pioneer Square. Both programs provide learners with the attributes, knowledge and competencies required of leaders transforming the global and local economic systems toward sustainability.

Certificates in Sustainability BGI at Pinchot offers a variety of certificates for graduate credit that equip learners to catalyze successful startups, grow medium-sized businesses and help large firms adapt to the economic, environmental and social challenges of the future. Our certificates provide deep sustainability content focused on business management in specific industries such as energy, food and agriculture and the built environment. Learn more:


MA in Organizational Leadership

Meet OSR at Pinchot Organization Systems RenewalÂŽ (OSR) is a graduate school at Pinchot focused on transformational leadership. Our students gain tools to become instruments of innovation, renewal, health and wholeness in organizations and in the world. Since 1979 OSR has been a leader in systemic organizational change, helping individuals, groups, companies and communities manage their own transformation and renewal. We have created a highly collaborative learning community that is student-centered and engages the whole person.

The Master of Arts in Organizational Leadership by OSR at Pinchot develops learners’ leadership skills and expands their leadership capacity so that graduates can live into their greatness as competent and confident leaders who design and lead thriving organizations. The three pillars of the OSR curriculum are organizational leadership, systems thinking and design thinking. This two-year, cohort-based program provides learners the opportunity to achieve excellence in the field of Organizational Development and as designers and leaders of change within organizations and communities. Learn more:

Our students cultivate a systemic perspective, gain design thinking skills and align purpose and values with vocation while engaging with organizations throughout their education and career.


Pinchot Collaborative

Applied Learning

Beyond offering graduate programs, Pinchot also applies its knowledge and experience to the world’s most urgent problems and demographics. Pinchot Collaborative is a collection of centers that provide the space for learners to engage in real impact research and work, directly utilizing learnings to solve social and environmental challenges.

Pinchot students learn through doing. All our programs incorporate a balanced mix of theory and strategy, instruction and practice, and concrete tools and idea generation. Learners explore how to make change within an organization or develop a new venture, and then actually do it through a variety of in-class exercises and industry-based learning.

Underwritten through the sponsorship of strategic partners, each Pinchot center has a specific focus and mission to deliver applied teaching, research and problem solving directly with practitioners in the field.

Invest in your ability to learn from and make an impact across seven generations.

Among its several programs, Pinchot Collaborative has offered “first step� entrepreneurship training, one-on-one consulting and other support empowering people in low-wealth and underserved communities to start and grow profitable small businesses, create jobs and build sustainable community resilience and wealth.

Our degrees culminate in a practicum. Learners in our MBA programs develop their own business plan or design and implement a program for an existing company. MA in Organizational Leadership students consult with an organization or community client to shift a challenging and important issue facing the client. Certificate learners complete projects in their industry areas.

Learn more:



Student Retention

Student to Faculty Ratio

Faculty Rating

Among the highest in the country

Average class size

Student enthusiasm for faculty



Faculty at Pinchot

Friends of Pinchot

Pinchot’s faculty academy includes both distinguished academics and practitioners. Grounded by decades of expertise in their respective disciplines, Pinchot’s faculty share our students’ passion for advancing organizations through environmental and social responsibility.

Pinchot is in constant collaboration with experts in a variety of fields, allowing our learners direct engagement with some of the world’s best thinkers and doers. Our on-going partnerships with key business leaders as speakers, guest lecturers and trustees allows us a deeper perspective on leveraging innovation for the common good.

Our combination of core and visiting faculty allows for both consistency in our programs and the ability to bring together some of the best minds from around the world. Learners benefit from close contact with renowned experts like Hunter Lovins, president of Natural Capitalism Solutions, sustainable business consultant, author and Newsweek Magazine’s “Green Business Icon;” and Fritjof Capra, physicist, environmental educator, activist and author of “The Tao of Physics.” Faculty encourage active engagement with content, creating interactive dialogue that stimulates critical thinking, analysis and application of theory to complex organizations. Faculty collaborate as co-learners with students in a meaningful learning community.

Throughout the year, BGI hosts thought leaders in our Change Agents in Residence (CAIR) program. These industry pioneers are advancing sustainable business practices, researching social and ecological sustainability and leading organizations for social and economic advocacy.

We help you discover where your greatest gifts intersect with the world’s greatest needs. Learn more:


Pinchot Learning Environments

Pacific Northwest

Pioneer Square

With the Pacific Ocean as our western border, the Pacific Northwest is positioned on the edge. Our region has a legacy of pioneers and innovation, and its rugged beauty draws change agents from around the world. An innovative spirit, love of the natural world and culture of social justice all characterize this unique region of the world that Pinchot calls home.

As the pioneer of education for the common good, Pinchot specifically chose Pioneer Square in downtown Seattle to be our home—in the neighborhood where pioneer meets post-modern. The first center of Seattle remains its most vibrant urban center and the transit hub of the Northwest, where historic architecture like the iconic Smith Tower mingles with the leading startups in Seattle.


220 & Change

IslandWood hosts Pinchot’s MBA in Sustainable Systems just outside of Seattle, WA. It is what summer camp wants to be when it grows up—a regenerative retreat steps from urban infrastructure in a LEED Gold campus nestled in a 200-acre wonderland. On the island, we put values in action, from breakfast to bedtime. IslandWood’s kitchen is dedicated to local, organic, seasonal food that enriches the earth and the soul. This space is at the brink of a closed-loop system; living buildings have learned some large lessons here.

The 220 & Change building in Pioneer Square is home to much more than the central Pinchot campus. The brick and old-growth timber construction with structurally reinforcing metal beams is only overshadowed by the community it houses. With our friends Social Venture Partners and Impact Hub, this four-story, 29,000 squarefoot space holds Seattle’s largest concentration of entrepreneurs, social impact investors, and of course, leading-edge education. This is where doing good means business, where what matters makes money and where ideas have impact.


Digital Learning Community

Channel Rock

At Pinchot, we use an advanced system of distance learning tools to ensure that students are effectively able to collaborate between class meetings. The hub of our online learning community, the Commons, runs on Moodle, an open-source virtual learning environment (VLE). Our virtual classroom allows groups to hold realtime meetings with a shared whiteboard, slide show sharing, application sharing, Voice Over Internet Protocol (VOIP) technology and the ability to work directly on a classmate’s computer.

Located on a 140-acre conservancy of mature forest and mossy bluffs along the coast of Cortes Island in British Columbia, Channel Rock is Pinchot’s retreat center. MBA in Sustainable Systems students travel here for orientation. It also hosts select elective and professional development courses. Featuring the latest in sustainable design, this beautiful, off-grid campus provides an environment for individuals to learn, explore and build connections with the Pinchot community.

Study Abroad Each summer, Pinchot offers current learners and alumni a unique opportunity to study global perspectives and approaches to environmental and social sustainability, organizational management and leadership. Study tours are generally 10 to 14 days in length, with each year’s tour destination selected through a student-led process. Past tours have included Sweden, Canada, Cuba and China.

Pilgrim Firs Pilgrim Firs is a conference and retreat center embedded in the forest on the shores of Lake Flora on the Kitsap Peninsula of western Washington. This beautiful site includes 120 wooded acres where students build community while deepening their learning in a natural setting. Learners in the MA in Organizational Leadership program meet here three times for week-long sessions. Learn more:


MBA in Sustainable Business The MBA in Sustainable Business offers a leadingedge curriculum in an in-person, course-based format. You’ll learn business fundamentals and immerse yourself in the cutting-edge aspects of sustainability as they relate to each of the core business topics. It’s not an option to sit back and watch; from day one you’ll analyze issues facing companies and communities and the pragmatic aspects of transforming capitalism to deliver genuine human well-being, resilient communities and superior profits.

You’re driven by the same principle we are—that business can do good and be profitable. A unique course in the MBA curriculum, Leadership and Personal Development (LPD) is a two-year journey that occurs over six quarters and provides an ongoing thread to connect and develop learners personally, professionally and as a learning community. Through their work in LPD, learners become equipped to lead from any seat.


Sustainability seminars are also an integral part of the MBA in Sustainable Business program. These courses give you the opportunity to delve deeper into such topics as triple bottom line accounting, economics of sustainability, strategy and sustainability, managing for sustainability, marketing for sustainability, and more.

Customize your MBA The MBA in Sustainable Business program combines a strong learning community with the additional interaction and flexibility afforded by inperson class sessions with variable schedules. No matter how you design your program, you’ll study the same intersection of core business principles and sustainability values. Areas of specialization are cultivated through industry concentrations. Elective courses allow you to concentrate on a specific industry, and these courses can be combined to form sustainability certificates. Learn more:

“At Pinchot, I sharpened my business skills and learned to harness my ability to bring people together for creative solutions.”

Riley Barton MBA, ‘10 Clinical Case Manager, Community Psychiatric Clinic

MBA in Sustainable Systems The MBA in Sustainable Systems combines residential intensives with distance learning. Between monthly intensives learners engage with faculty and each other through distance learning technologies and other instructional materials. The program’s format offers an immersive learning community with the flexibility of distance learning. This design allows students from across the United States to participate in the BGI educational experience while continuing to live and work in their current place of residence. The MBA in Sustainable Systems features a fully integrated core curriculum in the first year, with elective options in the second year. The first year begins by providing a systemic and historical context for our work together, incorporating the concepts of economics, sustainable business, social justice and systems thinking. Next, we look at the traditional business disciplines of strategy, marketing and operations as we seek to develop business concepts that deliver value to the marketplace within the context of a larger set of values. At the end of the first year, we look at means and measures for financing a business, accounting for its progress and measuring success against a triple bottom line.


Throughout the program, you’ll engage in a series of leadership and personal development courses that allow for personal reflection, curriculum integration and to develop the leadership capacity to engage in the complexity of business.

Put your MBA to work The second year of the program offers several options for customization and focus. This includes a practicum in either entrepreneurship or organizational leadership, management courses, electives, and specialization in a specific industry as a course or sustainability certificate. Student practicum project examples: • Making the Business Case for Developing Prefab Homes as Urban Infill Projects • Economic Sustainability of a Nonprofit Food Organization • Primer for Green Film Production • Food System Financing Opportunities in the Independence Valley Learn more:

“The Pinchot network is invaluable. Our community was my support and my resource as I launched my own business.”

Alma Lorraine Bone Constable MBA ‘12 Founder, TayaSola

MA in Organizational Leadership

begun your educational journey, our learning community will set you on the path to becoming a transformational leader.

The MA in Organizational Leadership by Organization Systems Renewal® (OSR) at Pinchot is your opportunity to build your leadership skills and capacity. This 22-month, rigorous self-mastery program is designed to take you to the intersection of personal growth and professional development. You’ll discover how to use systems and design thinking to effectively address complex challenges in organizations and communities. You’ll also work with processes that improve your collaboration, creativity and compassion to help you become a more effective leader of change.

The world is counting on you to develop your greatest gift. We help you discover it.

The program’s unique educational environment empowers learners to take charge of their learning with tight-knit collaborative peer groups throughout the program. You’ll have additional support from a self-created mentoring council and expanded learning opportunities from prominent visiting faculty. This empowering structure creates the conditions for in-depth discovery. Once you’ve


Throughout the program, you will have many opportunities to apply what you’re learning through “real work, real time.” You’ll explore team dynamics as you design and deliver a day of learning for your cohort, and you’ll work during weekend sessions with client organizations to help them address their unique challenges. Near the end of year two, you’ll integrate your learning in a capstone project designed to help you create the foundation for the next phase of your leadership journey. Learn more:

“Pinchot gave me the skills and confidence to use myself as an instrument of change in my work in the world”

Paul O’Beirne MA ‘14 Organizational Consultant, ORCA HR Solutions

Meet Pinchot Edge Enhance your professional toolkit through agile, relevant and integrated training that makes an immediate impact in all areas of your work—and in your daily life. Pinchot Edge is the preeminent entrepreneurially-focused professional education program for deepening your career impact, extending your personal authenticity into your business and raising the bar professionally. These non-credit courses and workshops start with real-life situations, apply critical thinking and pragmatic judgment, and develop the leadership potential within each participant. Mix in a relevant and fundamental focus on issues affecting each of us in our professional pursuits. The result? Innovation and practical solutions for challenges faced by nonprofits, for-profits and startups. Professional development from Pinchot Edge not only redefines leadership training, but prepares today’s workforce for tomorrow’s challenges with viable solutions and tools to succeed in our everevolving business world. Learn more:


Alumni in Action: Patty Neil Patty Neil entered OSR to develop herself as a systems thinker and instrument of change and renewal. Through deeply personal moments of insight in her collaborative learning group and in her courses, Patty began to transform the way she showed up in her life and work. With 18 years of leadership experience in her industry, she took the risk to design a capstone project that would change perceptions of who she was within her organization, and was rewarded with new and exciting avenues for impacting the organizational culture. By modeling courage and authenticity, Patty creates a different kind of conversation in her agency each day. Patty says, “It’s important to me how people feel when they come to work each day. It’s important to me that employees can connect the dots between what they do and what the organization is doing as a whole.” Patty’s work at Pemco Insurance fosters people’s potential while contributing to innovation and organizational achievement. Learn more:

Instead of learning how it was done in the past, at Pinchot you’ll create how it will be done in the future.


82% Graduate Placement Within three months of graduation

1 in 5 Alumni Entrepreneurs 21% of alumni have launched a company

86% Employer Satisfaction

Alumni in Action: Aaron Donne Aaron Donne achieved his dream of becoming a pilot when he graduated from the United States Air Force Academy, but wondered whether the purpose of his flight lived up to his emerging values of making the world a better place. Several years later he came across BGI and found that space where he learned to make the impact he’d been searching for. A graduate of the MBA in Sustainable Systems program, Aaron is the Sustainability Community Manager for Microsoft, through the group Teleion Consulting. His role under Microsoft Chief Environmental Strategist Rob Bernard began at a weekend intensive of the MBA in Sustainable Systems when Rob was a Change Agent in Residence. Aaron focuses on educating employees on current sustainability initiatives and creating a global engagement system to fuel future action. He works to engage all 90,000 employees around the world by building a structure to drive behavior that moves current systems into a space where employees come together to use their collective intelligence and take on future systems. 20

Based on annual employer survey

37% Alumni Giving Rate One of the highest rates nationally

Alumni for the common good The single most important thing you will take away from any graduate school experience is the network of people who will help you throughout your career. Pinchot grads are members of a lifelong alumni network; an active and engaged group of entrepreneurs, organizational leaders, analysts, consultants and business professionals who advance their respective industries. Learn more:

Graduate Placement Pinchot graduates are highly engaged in their fields and ready to take on great challenges in the world. Our emphasis on career development, realworld skills and an extensive alumni network are why we have a job placement rate of 82 percent within three months of graduation, on par with the Ivy League. 78 percent of Pinchot alumni are executives, directors, managers or entrepreneurs committed to the common good.

Alumni Careers Our graduates practice what they preach—and employers notice it. Alumni are engaged in a myriad of industries, with the most common being food systems, business consulting, sustainability, energy, finance and education. Some graduates choose to start their own ventures, while the majority bring a spirit of intrapreneurship to existing organizations.

Employer Satisfaction Impact is not just about getting the job—it’s about being able to provide value once you’re there. Through our employer satisfaction survey, employers have expressed time and again how well-prepared and knowledgeable our graduates are, reflected in our 86 percent employer satisfaction rate. They continue to seek Pinchot learners and alumni to find the best minds in sustainable business and organizational leadership for their companies and organizations.

Alumni Giving A well-regarded measure of how alumni feel about their alma mater is the rate at which alumni give back to their school. At 37 percent, our alumni giving is one of the highest graduate school rates in the nation. Pinchot fosters community as a central asset, and our network of alumni stay actively engaged with each other and the institution that supports their lifelong learning. 21

Ready to join us? If you’re eager to participate in designing and leading the enterprises of the future, Pinchot is the place to achieve your goals. Our graduate programs equip learners with the tools required to succeed in entrepreneurial ventures, businesses of all sizes and non-profit organizations all over the world. Our students are passionate about their education and community. Find the program that’s best for you:

Pinchot Programs

MBA in Sustainable Business

• •

Core business courses infused with sustainability taught primarily in person at our Pioneer Square campus. Full-time or part-time options providing flexibility for working professionals. Access to a network of professionals through Impact Hub membership, Net Impact speaking events and more.

MBA in Sustainable Systems •

Hybrid program combining weekend residential intensive sessions once per month —9 times per year—held at the beautiful IslandWood campus on Bainbridge Island, WA. Integrated sustainable business curriculum.

MA in Organizational Leadership • • •

22-month leadership program focused on systems, design, and personal mastery. Experiential, hands-on learning; strong emphasis on cohort and community. Face-to-face classroom sessions meeting over long weekends; designed for adult learners.

Education that fosters a strong sense of community. At Pinchot you build a career supported by a network that will last a lifetime. Commitment to transformational leadership. Your education will give you the tools to change businesses for good, and the leadership skills to do so with confidence and integrity. Student and Alumni Services with resources that matter to you—connections to our network of thousands who are working within organizations large and small throughout the world. Working partnerships with other change makers. Pinchot students have the opportunity to join organizations like the Impact Hub and Net Impact.

6:4 Female to Male Ratio 2013

39% From Out of State 2013

23-69 Student Age Range 2013 22

Visit Pinchot We offer a variety of ways to get to know our programs and visit in person and virtually. See our website for a current list of visit opportunities, including information sessions, open houses, networking events, webinars and more. Learn more:

You aren’t like other graduate students. We aren’t like other graduate programs. Pinchot Admissions We’re looking for students with the potential, passion and drive to create more sustainable businesses and contribute to stronger organizations of the future. Contact us today to discuss admissions requirements to Pinchot’s family of programs and which is best for you.

Financial Aid at Pinchot A graduate education is an investment of the highest kind in your future. At Pinchot, it’s also an investment in the future you want to see in the world. Our financial aid team is ready to help you explore your options. Contact us to learn more about scholarship opportunities and other ways to finance your education. Learn more:

Contact At Pinchot, you’re not just a number. We seek the highest caliber learners from a wide variety of backgrounds for our programs. Our admissions process is personalized to ensure you’re a fit for our programs—and we’re a fit for you. We’d love to spend time talking with you more about how an education from Pinchot can help you meet your goals. Admissions Inquiries 206-855-1215 | General Inquiries 206-855-9559 |


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