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AFNORTH Middle School Newspaper

Eye of the Lion Volume 1: Issue 10

Date: May 11, 2010

Vision Statement:

The Poetry Slam

For Middle Schoolers. By Middle Schoolers. About Middle Schoolers. Mission statement: To expand parent and student knowledge about what is going on in the middle school through accurate, reliable communication via email.

These people have sweated, written, edited over and over. Who are these people? The Poetry Slam winners, of course. Two very special girls, in this Journalism/ Creative Writing class, are the winners for middle school. Our own Laura H. has earned the prestige of being named the 7th Grade Poetry Slam Winner. Now the 8th Grade winner is none other than Cristine O.!

Inside this Issue

The Poetry Slam Amsterdam Countdown Paperworld

again is in Journalism class. (This gives you another reason for why Journalism class is amazing!) Now the seventh grade winner is the only boy who represented a part of middle school is Daniel M. Now even though they didn’t win Elizabeth’s and Daniel’s poems were still amazing. All of these poems can be read later in this special issue.

lunch period. Now their was twelve people who had entered the first round. Next our expert panel of judges did what they do best, judge. In the panel were Ms. Gallant, Coach Padron, Ms. Harless, and our very own Journalism teacher Ms. Pinaula. Next two people were chosen for each grade to read their poem to the entire middle/ high school during seminar.

Well the rest of it you should These winners each had to go Both had AMAZING poems but through a procedure to get to know… let us not forget the runner- the finals. Now congratz to all who entered and to all of our readups. First they had to gather up ers who are attending AFPage Again we had a runner-up for the courage to submit their NORTH next year enter the seventh and eighth grade poems to Coach Padron. Poetry Slam! each. Next every middle schooler By: Lydia 1 The eighth grade second that entered had to read place was Elizabeth A. who their poem out loud during 1 2



Don’t forget...:


Maak je klaar! That’s get ready the Dam Square. in Dutch. Seventh graders, get 19 May ready for Amsterdam!



17 May

No caffeine filled drinks are allowed.

Deadly Tears


On the 19th of May we are visiting the Anne Frank House, On the 17th of May the seventh Nemo (a hands-on science mugraders & their sponsors will seum, such as Technopolis), depart from AFNORTH. Make and Rokin. sure you arrive on the time you 20 May should any other school day!



Torn Away

Our first stop, before we completely make it to Amsterdam, will be the Delta Works Park. Make sure you’re ready to get splashed, because you will be near water.

There IS a curfew.

You’ll be having a packet to do part of every evening just like homework before you head to fun and games. There are parts of the packet for all core On the 20th of May the seventh classes, and one of the parts is graders will be visiting the physics on the rides in Walabi. Tropen Museum, the Hortus Bontanicus, and the Verzets You’ll have time to shop in Museum. Amsterdam! 21 May

By: Jordan

18 May

On the 21st of May we will be Via 7th Grade Newsletter On the 18th of May we will be visiting Walabi World. Aftervisiting the Rijksmuseum and wards, the seventh graders will By: Jordan be returning to AFNORTH. IMPORTANT WARNING: This e-mail is intended for the use of the person to whom it is addressed and may contain information that is privileged and confidential, the disclosure of which is governed by the Privacy Act of 1974. If the reader of this e-mail is not the intended recipient, or the employee or agent responsible to deliver it to the intended recipient, you are hereby notified that dissemination, distribution, copying, or editing of this information is STRICTLY PROHIBITED. If you have received this message in error, please notify the sender immediately and delete the related e-mail.


V O LU M E 1 : I S S U E 1 0




School Website:

The Amsterdam Trip is in…


6 Days!! Get Ready for 5 Days of FUN!

Job Titles Editor in Chief: Mrs. Lisa Pinaula Technical Editor: Mrs. Lorna Kee Co-Editors/ Layout Editor: Jordan, Marissa Academics Editor: May

Spirit Week: Mon– Pajama Day Tues– Tacky Day Wed– Day at the Beach Beach Dance on Wednesday! Entrance Fee- $6 or Euros OR $5 or Euros if you bring a canned good.

Lifestyles Editor: Katie Extracurricular Editor: Laura Photographers: Angel, Shalen Field Reporters: Cristine, Elizabeth

8th Grade Winner!

8th Grade Runner Up!



The pages are slightly textured Littered with black words That rise and join together To build a land preferred

There is a feeling Everyone goes through At least once in a lifetime It’s what I’m going through now I gaze at you You don’t return my love There are bricks piled up Blocking my sight I peer through a minuscule gap in the wall I see a plentiful garden Lustrous in fruit and striking flowers The sun sparkles with beauty The colors around are so intense I listen to her laugh Spot you together I’m fixed in this tedious, loveless world I suffer the icy gales And misty rains I stare down the crimson red blocks They are endless I realize I can’t break through You will never experience the love I have for you By: Elizabeth A.

The grounds are parchment yellow The walls are inky black As people woven from imagination Walk up and down and back I tread these streets carefully Absorbing every detail Characters leer and smile and weep For their places in this tale The plot is winding down now The Inkworld slowly ends The pages turn much faster As reality starts to blend The characters see me off Either smiling or in suspense Waiting till the next time I’ll open their world thence By: Cristine O.


and Published by the AFNORTH Middle School Journalism Class 2010



7th Winner!

7th Grade Runner Up Torn Away How hard it would be To have someone you love Torn away Never to return There is so many ways it can happen Memory lose Paralyzed Blinded Deafened Or even killed Gone forever and ever There old personality died Replaced with a new one A horrible one You don’t know them They have forgotten you And they might never be the same By: Daniel M.


Anything and Everything Can Happen in the Blink of an Eye I blink and he is gone, That is how long it takes for him to lose faith, I blink and I have found another, He is kind, loving and fair, I blink and see a ring, The diamond shimmering in the light, I blink and I see him on the other side of the aisle, We were meant to be, I blink and see a small face in my arms, She is mine and his, I blink and he has left me, That shows you I was wrong, I blink and my girl has grown, She looks like her father, I blink and she is gone, At least she is happy, I blink and I see that it’s her time down the aisle, I hope she has better judgment then I, I blink and I’m in black, My ex finally came back to me in a coffin, I blink and have a grand child, She looks just like her mother, I blink and I am gone, Buried in the cold hard ground, I blink no more, My life is over By: Laura H.

Events Coming Around the Corner: Ardennes (8th Grade) Amsterdam (7th Grade)

Deadly Tears The army advances. The winds do not betray them. Our eyes cannot detect them. And their smell does not exist. Yet you can feel them. Slithering through you like venomous snakes, they quietly stalk their prey.

your dignity intact. Only thoughts echoed through the empty valley, accompanied by the tiny splashes of your tears. By: Katie S.

As they threaten to appear, you quickly blink. The army is not only the blood-stained men, but also your tears. They invade you, defeating any barrier easily. With thoughts that bomb any form of strength, they gradually overpower you. Finally, they are victorious. They rush down your face in a frenzy, and as you try to suppress what you can, you run away, leaving what’s left of

Picture By: Anonymous

Eye of the Lion Issue 10  

The AFNORTH Middle School newspaper

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