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FORMAL DINNER. President Ferdinand R. Marcos Jr. graces the formal dinner hosted by the United States-Philippines Society in Washington DC on Saturday (April 13, 2024, Manila time). In his keynote speech, Marcos emphasized the Philippines’ and the US’ robust defense and economic collaboration. (Photo from the Presidential Communications Office)

Marcos: PH cannot be complacent despite ‘intensified’ US ties

MANILA – The country cannot afford to be complacent despite its “increased and intensified” defense and security relations with the United States (US), President Ferdinand R. Marcos Jr. said Saturday (Manila time).

While Marcos acknowledged the remarkable progress in the Philippines’ and the US’ defense

and security cooperation, he said the country could not just sit back considering the potentially grave repercussions of present security issues the two nations have dealt with.

“Well, we have come a long way. I think that we have responded in a proper and measured way to the challenges that have been put before us. But we cannot sit back and say that the Turn to page 22

OPartners for Peace, ProsPerity

n the ninth day of April in 1942, Filipino and American troops surrendered to the Japanese forces in Mount Samat during World War II. It marked the beginning of the infamous Death March, a 106-kilometer trek of about 76,000 prisoners of war to Capas, tarlac.

What was called the “Fall of Bataan” 82 years ago has given birth to the rise today of a strengthened alliance, a fortified bond between the Philippines, United States (US), and Japan.

A shared heritage, history the commemoration of the Day of Valor on Mount Samat honored the Filipino and American soldiers who fought side-byside as allies. It reminded the present generation of

its debt to the heroes and their noble sacrifice.

In his message, President Ferdinand R. Marcos Jr. underscored that the Fall of Bataan is a reminder of the Philippines’ singular purpose towards the future as one nation, supported by like-minded allies in this post-war, rules-based international order.

the country is still facing challenges and threats to its sovereign rights, which have already caused physical harm to its people.

“Tulad ng pinamalas ng ating mga dakilang ninuno, hindi tayo dapat magpasupil at magpaapi, lalo na sa loob ng ating sariling bakuran (Just like what our forefathers did, we should not be subjugated and oppressed, especially within our own backyard),” he pressed.

eighty-two years on, the Chief executive said,

President Ferdinand R. Marcos Jr. urges Filipinos to unite as the country faces challenges and threats in its sovereign rights which have already caused physical harm to its people. (PCO)

Marcos added that Filipinos must embody the spirit that made Bataan stand to safeguard the future of the country.

“Ours is a complicated world today, but we must not yield. We must not back down from any, and all challenges that seek to threaten our peace, our honor, and our very existence,” he stated.

the Fall of Bataan in 1942 marked the resurgence of an independent and sovereign Philippines founded Turn to page 20 SPL APRIL 2024 SPL APRIL 2024 

Filipinos laud adoption of DICT cybersecurity plan

LIVIngInthedigital age, where typing on a keyboard is as powerful as writing with a pen, President Ferdinand Marcos Jr.’s recent executive Order (eO) adopting a national Cybersecurity Plan (nCSP) has garnered approval and appreciation in Metro Manila.

With the adoption of the nCSP 2023-2028, crafted by the Department of Information and Communications technology (DICt), Filipinos are applauding this significant step towards fortifying the country’s cyber defenses.

the nCSP, a plan to protect the Philippines from cyber threats, has been praised by citizens, experts, and government workers. Its implementation shows a dedication to securing the country’s digital systems and making them stronger against cyberattacks.

Its implementation signals a commitment to securing the nation’s digital infrastructure and bolstering its resilience against evolving cyber challenges.

“Yup, helpful siya kung talagang maaalis nila ang mga accounts ng manlolokong buyers at sellers din. Dami kasing mga bogus buyers talaga at

ang mahirap dun ma ban man ang isang account nila, nakakagawa pa rin ng panibago,” shares Johanna Cama, a mother and part-time online seller in Caloocan City.

(It’s helpful if they can really remove the accounts of deceptive buyers and sellers. there are really a lot of bogus buyers, and what’s difficult is that even if their account gets banned, they can still create a new one.)

President Marcos’ order to include the nCSP in government policies and programs has been praised as a proactive step against cyber threats. this move aims to protect important sectors like finance, healthcare, and national security from potential attacks.

“This is a game-changer for us,” remarks a government It security specialist, noel Macapagat.

“National Cybersecurity Plan 2023-2028 serves as our core framework in

need to ensure the confidentiality, integrity, and availability of our information systems and the data within them. Once your network is connected to the World Wide Web, you expose yourself to the risk of cyber threats at various levels. With that in mind, the nCSP will help guide and streamline our digitization efforts and interoperability within the government, all while ensuring the security of critical information infrastructure and the protection of stakeholders, especially the Filipino people.)

transforming our conventional processes to digital. If we talk about digital transformation, hindi natin hini-hiwalay ang cybersecurity. We need to ensure the confidentiality, integrity, and availability of our information systems and data in it. Once your network connects to the World Wide Web, you open the risk of cyber threat at various levels. With that, NCSP will help us guide and streamline our digitization efforts and interoperability within the government while ensuring security of critical information infrastructure and protection of stakeholders, especially the Filipino people.” (national Cybersecurity Plan 2023-2028 serves as our core framework in transforming our conventional processes into digital ones. When we talk about digital transformation, we do not separate cybersecurity from it. We

the nCSP outlines a roadmap for developing cybersecurity capabilities, enhancing incident response mechanisms, and fostering cybersecurity awareness among citizens. Its holistic and whole-of-nation approach, focusing on prevention, detection, and response, resonates with many who see the need for a multi-faceted defense strategy in cyberspace.

For Content enrichment Specialist in a BPO company in Pasig, Lester naguna says “I think na this is a positive progress towards a better security for government sites. Minsan po kasi, naha-hack mga social media sites or even website ng government. Either that or may problems po lagi yung sites to the point na kahit online dapat yung registration or process, mapa papunta ka sa branch to fix things. And as a Filipino po, much better news since past time ng mga Pinoy ang social media and madami nakaka encounter ng security problems related to scams and so on.”

(I think that this is a positive progress towards SPL APRIL 2024  Turn to page 18 SPL APRIL 2024 SPL APRIL 2024 SPL APRIL 2024 SPL APRIL 2024 0 SPL APRIL 2024 

Philippines Ranks Top 5 in Global Friendliness: A Haven for Travelers and Expats Alike

the PhILIPPIneS has earned a spot among the world’s friendliest nations, ranking in the top 5 in a 2023 list by the travel, a leading travel and adventure publisher. this recognition highlights the nation’s exceptional hospitality and welcoming environment, making it a top choice for travelers seeking safe, engaging destinations for short stays or long-term relocation.

this Southeast Asian nation where over 110 million Filipinos reside is recognized for welcoming visitors and foreign nationals who have decided to settle permanently in the archipelagic nation of 7,641 islands. Known for its safe

The Philippines is in the Top 5 of the World’s Friendliest Countries list of The Travel. The Southeast Asian nation where over 110 million Filipinos reside is recognized for welcoming visitors and foreign nationals who have decided to settle permanently in the archipelagic nation of 7,641 islands.

towns and amiable locals, the country offers an atmosphere that’s perfect for both brief getaways and extended visits.

Featured in the travel’s “10 Friendliest Countries In the World, According to Statistics,” the Philippines stands out for its unique blend of affordability and warmth. the list, authored by nicole hansen and published on December 3, crowns Aus-

tralia as the top country, with Manila earning the title of the “friendliest city in the Philippines.”

According to the travel, tourists increasingly seek genuine interactions with locals in their travel experiences. “thankfully, the most friendly countries in the world are full of engaging, kind locals willing to work through language barriers and social differences to help visitors feel at home in their country,” notes hansen.

the Philippines’ 5th place is not only attributed to its budget-friendly destinations but also to the amiable nature of its people. the country’s english-speaking populace adds to its appeal, making it a comforting choice for foreign visitors and expats considering permanent


the travel’s assessment synthesizes data from US news Ranking for Friendliest Countries and the World Population Review Friendliest Country Rankings. these sources gather insights from global travelers and online forums. notably, the Philippines has previously been recognized in the 2022 Readers Choice Awards by Conde nast travel and in travel and Leisure’s World’s Friendliest Islands list.

the recognition of the Philippines in the travel’s list is a testament to the nation’s enduring appeal and the warm hospitality of its people. It’s a clear invitation for travelers and expats to explore and experience the Filipino way of life. n SPL APRIL 2024 
Discover the warmth of the Philippines: Ranked Top 5 in the World for Friendliness, where smiles and hospitality welcome you at every corner. Photo from Tourism Promotions Board of the Philippines.
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In A nation where every region boasts its own distinct culinary heritage, the Philippines, through the Department of tourism (DOt), is offering an unparalleled gastronomic adventure for adventurers seeking to immerse themselves in the rich tapestry of flavors that define the country’s cultural identity.

the DOt’s initiative, called the “Philippine eatsperience,” has transformed pockets of Rizal Park (Luneta) and Intramuros into vibrant food parks, where over 30 food joints showcase iconic dishes from various regions, promising to tantalize the senses and provide an authentic taste of Filipino hospitality.

the Philippine eatsperience is a Filipino fiestathemed food and lifestyle market found in noli Me tangere garden in Rizal Park, and Baluarte Plano Luneta de Sta. Isabel, in Intramuros, Manila, selling various regional cuisines all year round.

From the succulent Cebu lechon to the fiery Bicol express, these culinary outposts offer a tantalizing glimpse into the diversity of Filipino cuisine in time for the celebration of Filipino Food Month.

the experience is further enriched by weekly food demonstrations and activities, allowing visitors to not only savor the flavors but also gain insights into the cultural significance and preparation methods behind each dish.

each regional delectable cuisine comes with

Intramuros, Luneta lets you ‘eatsperience’ Filipino heritage and culture

a distinct story of culture and tradition that beckons travelers to embark on immersive culinary tours that take them on a journey through the country’s culinary heartlands. here are just some of the offerings:

Lechon (Roast Pig)

Lechon was believed to have been adapted from the Spanish colonizers during their regime in the Philippines. the word ‘leche’ means milk, referring to a suckling swine that will be roasted in an open fire.

Although it acquired the Spanish name, it is believed that the Philippine lechon has pre-hispanic origins as pigs are one of the native domesticated animals in the country.

Other european countries might have roast

pigs, but the combination of tender and crunchy pig skin and meat can only be experienced in the Philippines.

the Lechon Festival or “Parada ng Lechon” is an annual event in the town of Balayan in the province of Batangas. the festival, which started way back in 1959, is celebrated every 24th of June in honor of St. John the Baptist.

Chicken Inasal (Barbecue)

Chicken inasal is believed to have emerged in the city of Bacolod in 1946, by a man named Banoy Velez from Oton, Iloilo who started the Velez Inasal. however, the popularity of inasal can be traced back to Bacolod’s Caudra Street or Chicken Alley in

the 1970s.

At present, chicken inasal’s popularity has resulted in a handful of restaurants all over the country offering different approaches to Bacolod’s inasal.

Ilocos Empanada (Turnover)

historically, the empanada was brought to Ilocos province by the Spaniards and Latin Americans during their occupation. the Spanish empanada is made out of a wheat flour crust, stuffed with fillings of meat, vegetables, sauce and cheese. And as time goes by, Ilocanos have slowly transformed it into a Filipino cuisine that is formed by a rice or galapong wrapper stuffed with shredded green papaya, egg, longganisa with garlic flavor.

Bicol Express (Chili pepper stew)

Bicol express’ origins can be traced back to three legends. Some natives say that it came from a story related to the Philippine national Railway (PnR), some link it to Indonesian origin, and some to an Ilocano dish.

Bicol express became an instant favorite in every Filipino home that loves spicy food as it consists of a lot - (when I say a lot, it means the portion of the chili is more than the portion of the meat) of chili peppers, coconut milk and tender pork.

Street Food

Filipino street foods like kwek-kwek, dynamite, and kikiam are now a part of every Filipino’s life as they are widely available anywhere, anytime.

Kwek-kwek is made of quail eggs coated in or- SPL APRIL 2024 
(Photo source: DOT)
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Philippines’ Hidden Beach in Palawan Secures Spot in World’s Best Beaches

the hIDDen Beach in Palawan, Philippines, has again received global attention by securing a place on the Condé nast traveller (Cnt) United Kingdom’s “34 Best Beaches of the World” list.

Ranking at number 19, this stunning el nido gem outshined renowned beaches like Ile aux Cerfs in Mauritius and tortuga Bay in the galapagos, marking it as the Philippines’ pride on the global stage. the list unveiled in February 2024, is a testament to hidden

Beach’s allure, with Palm Cove Beach in Australia leading the pack.

Cnt writer Lizzie Pook endorses this exquisite destination, celebrating its beauty and relative seclusion, which promises an escape from crowds. She notes, “It’s not quite so

Filipinos laud...

From page 6

better security for government sites. Sometimes, social media sites or even government websites get hacked. either that or the sites always have problems to the point that even though registration or processes should be done online, you end up having to go to a branch to fix things. And as a Filipino, this is much better news since social media has been a pastime of many Pinoys, and a lot have encountered security problems related to scams and so on.)

the positive feedback from various sectors highlights a unified sentiment of optimism towards a safer and more secure digital

landscape for the country. From small businesses to large corporations, the recognition of cybersecurity as a cornerstone of national resilience is evident.

President Marcos’ bold step towards embracing cybersecurity is not just a policy decision—it’s a commitment to safeguarding the future of the nation in an increasingly interconnected world.

With the nCSP now at the forefront of national cybersecurity efforts, Filipinos are looking ahead with renewed confidence, knowing that their digital assets and privacy are under the watchful eye of a dedicated and proactive administration. (AVS/PIANCR) n

hidden anymore, but this beach still stands out, maintaining its rank as a worldclass beach.” In her 2024 review, Pook acknowledges the beach’s improvement, ranking it even higher than its 20th position in 2020.

the distinctive charm of hidden Beach, set against a backdrop of dramatic limestone cliffs

and pristine white sands, offers a perfect slice of paradise. this enchanting location, coupled with the world-class hospitality of el nido hotels, ensures an unforgettable experience. notably, hidden Beach was also lauded in Cnt’s 2019 list, where it was featured among the top 10 summer holiday destinations. n

Intramuros, Luneta lets you ‘eatsperience’...

From page 14

ange batter. While kikiam came from the Chinese word “que-kiam” meaning minced meat and vegetables.

When the economic crisis hit the country in the 1970s, street foods became so popular due to their cheap price, they have since become a staple of culinary tourism in the country.

So if you’re coming to the Philippines, your experience would be incomplete without having to try these flavorful Filipino dishes.

As part of DOt’s flagship project Philippine experience Program (PeP), eatsperience celebrates Filipino fiesta vibes, recognizing the significant role of food, gastronomy, and hospitality in shaping the country’s tourism landscape.

experience this distinct culinary circuit while appreciating the view of his-

torical sites from 7:00 a.m. to 10:00 p.m., Fridays to Sundays in Luneta Park, and 7:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. daily in Intramuros, Manila.

You can also book a hop-on-hop-Off (hOhO) tour in the City of Manila to visit these fiesta markets with over 30 food junctions, cooking demonstrations, and tastings that await hungry travelers.

the Philippine eatsperience is in collaboration with the Intramuros Administration (IA) and the national Park Development Committee (nPDC) launched in time for the celebration of the Filipino Food Month 2024, or “Buwan ng Kalutong Filipino.”

An annual celebration declaring April of each year as Filipino Food Month or Buwan ng Kalutong Filipino, aims to ensure the appreciation, preservation, and transmission of Filipino culinary traditions. (JVD/PIANCR) n SPL APRIL 2024 
Hidden Beach in Palawan, Philippines is again in the global spotlight. PhotofromCNTcredittoAlamy.

DARAgA, Albay – Dubbed the “second largest consumer of coffee in Asia,” the Philippines, without a doubt, is a country of coffee aficionados.

Whether it is an instant pick-me-up in the morning, a quick afternoon brew to break the monotony, or an after-dinner reward for a day’s work, Filipinos will never run out of reasons to grab a cup of this beverage that has become a staple for every home.

So, how can local entrepreneurs cash in on this booming coffee culture?

We ask Alexander galicia, 47, owner of City heights Cafe, a quaint coffee shop located in highlands Park in the village of estanza in Legazpi City, to spill the beans on how to carve a niche in a cutthroat caffeinated market.

harnessing the power of the marketing mix

When galicia and his four friends started City heights Cafe in 2021, their only goal was to share their love for coffee with a community that was reeling from a global pandemic.

“Initially, we just wanted to offer a tranquil place where people can unwind and enjoy their coffee,” he said in the vernacular.

“But when we realized the potential for foot traffic given our cafe’s scenic location, we saw the opportunity to turn it into a lucrative business by expanding our product line,” he added.

But while the pandemic spurred the birth of the shop, the subsequent lockdowns and quarantine im-

SCENIC COFFEE SHOP. A quaint local coffee shop, located in Highlands Park in the village of Estanza in Legazpi City, is the perfect spot for coffee lovers as it offers a panoramic view of the city’s skyline and the majestic Mayon Volcano. Owned by Alexander Galicia (in photo), City Heights Cafe stands as a testament that with the right blend of marketing strategies, locally-owned cafes can make a mark in a highly a competitive caffeinated

Albay entrepreneur spills beans on how to brew success

positions also threatened its survival in its infancy.

“there was a time when we were hardly making profits, but we managed to keep the business afloat because of sound management decisions,” galicia said.

As an accounts officer for a company specializing in office equipment, galicia knew firsthand that sustaining their cafe’s operations depends on prioritizing the shop’s four Ps: product, place, price, and promotion, or more commonly known as the marketing mix.

“Before we embarked on this business venture, we did extensive market research and planning to understand the dynamics of putting up a coffee shop since none of us had

prior knowledge of running a cafe business.”

galicia revealed that their choice of location, unique products, which boast specialty drinks and unique coffee blends, strategic pricing, and communication strategies are the keys to survival in a caffeinated market that is heavily marked by stiff competition.

“With big cafe chains around, it is really hard to make a mark, but if you position your local coffee shop uniquely and innovate consistently, you can grow your business,” he said.

to ensure loyalty from his customer base, galicia said he is always on the lookout for new ways to reach his target market, leveraging the power of social media to drive

foot traffic to his humble shop.

As to his pricing strategy, he said he makes sure that his menu is affordable without sacrificing the quality of his products, adding that he monitors the prices of his competitors and keeps himself updated on market trends.

Mary Joy Lodronio, 38, said it is the al fresco dining experience and signature blends that make City heights Cafe the perfect spot for a caffeine fix when in Legazpi City.

Strategically located at highlands Park, coffee lovers can bask in the picturesque view of the city’s skyline and the majestic Mayon Volcano while indulging in their coffee pleasures.

“here, I can enjoy two of my most favorite things: nature and coffee,” the mother of four said.

From creamy lattes to refreshing frappes, delicious pastries, and flavorful pastas, to decadent desserts and appetizers, this local cafe is sure to satisfy every coffee enthusiast’s taste buds.

In June 2023, galicia, a proud father and husband to a college professor, became the sole proprietor of City heights Cafe after buying out the shares of his former partners.

As he embarks on this solo journey, galicia hopes to expand the business by setting up other branches in the province.

“Business entails calculated risks. As long as you keep your goals, stay committed to your passion no matter what the setbacks are, and adjust your strategies when necessary, you will be on the right track,” he added. (PNA) n SPL APRIL 2024 
market. (Photo courtesy of Alexander Galicia)

Partners for Peace, ProsPerity

From page 4

by the unbreakable will, unflappable courage, and undying patriotism of the war heroes.

Friendship rising from the ashes of conflict

the friendship between Japan and the Philippines was rebuilt and nurtured from the ashes of conflict which occurred almost eight decades ago.

Japanese Ambassador endo Kazuya highlighted that Japan will strive to actualize projects that bolster the maritime domain awareness and maritime law enforcement capabilities of the Philippines.

“In line with our commitment to create a bright future for both our people,

Japanese Ambassador Endo Kazuya affirms that Japan and the Philippines, together with other like-minded countries, will become united partners in building a world founded on peace, harmony, and good will. (PCO)

Japan is determined to elevate our bilateral relations to further heights by giving rise to greater opportunities for cooperation

in a wider range of areas including people-to-people exchanges, trade and investment, infrastructure building, maritime law enforcement, and defense cooperation,” he said.

As part of its enhanced cooperative efforts with the Philippines, Japan participated in the first ever Multilateral Maritime Cooperative Activity in the West Philippine Sea along with the US and Australia.

Kazuya also reaffirmed Japan’s commitment to maintain and strengthen the rule-based international and maritime order to never allow the devastation of war to be repeated for the sake of present and future generations.

“By upholding the in-

ternational order based on the rule of law, Japan and the Philippines, together with other like-minded countries, become united partners in building a world founded on peace, harmony, and good will,” he emphasized.

Japan and the Philippines will continue to cooperate fully in ensuring greater progress in times of both crisis and prosperity. the envoy added that Japan will continue to work with the Philippines to steadily materialize cooperative efforts in the areas of defense, strategic infrastructure, cyber, economic security, and energy.

“Let us seize this moTurn to page 22 SPL APRIL 2024 0 SPL APRIL 2024 

Partners for Peace, ProsPerity

From page 20

ment to reaffirm our commitment as strategic partners, allies, and friends in building a future preserving the peace and prosperity in the region. I believe that this is the best tribute we can offer to the souls of those who passed away in the fighting that took place here 82 years ago,” he further said.

Coming from the shadows of their bitter past, both countries emerged as partners and friends with mutual respect, trust, and shared values.

At present, Japan remains the Philippines’ major infrastructure development partner. It funds big-ticket projects that will enhance connectivity, attract investments, and create jobs in the Philippines. these include the Metro Manila Subway Project, north-South Commuter Railway, Metro Rail transit Line-3 Rehabilitation, and Central Luzon Link expressway.

Iron-clad relationship strengthened by shared sacrifice, courage

For the US and the Philippines, the defeat in 1942 resulted in a feat today. Both countries rebuilt themselves together, and the strengthened bonds have evolved into an ironclad relationship at present.

US embassy Charge d’ Affaires Robert ewing shared that the US, the Philippines, and Japan are working together on advancing their priorities to develop their trilateral cooperation.

United Stated (US) Embassy Charge d’ Affaires Robert Ewing shares that the US, the Philippines, and Japan are working together on advancing their priorities to develop their trilateral cooperation. (PCO)

“Last year, the Philippines, US, and the Japanese coast guards carried out their first trilateral joint exercises. Weeks later, the national Security Advisers of all three nations met together to discuss matters of mutual concerns and areas for cooperation. A few months later, the US Secretary of State, the Philippines’ Secretary of Foreign Affairs, and Japanese Minister of Foreign Affairs met to continue that conversation,” he recalled.

the envoy added that the US stands united with the Philippines as friends, partners, and allies, shoulder-to-shoulder, in the name of freedom.

In March, US President Joe Biden’s trade mission generated around P1 billion US dollar worth of investments in the Philippines. these are set to create educational and career opportunities for about 30 million Filipinos.

Some of the invest-

Marcos: PH cannot be complacent...

From page 4

mission accomplished quite yet,” he said during the formal dinner hosted by the US-Philippine Society in Washington DC.

“The nature, the intensity, and the potential disastrous consequences of the security threats facing us today necessitate that we work harder and continuously improve.”

Marcos welcomed US President Joe Biden’s commitment to the 1951 Mutual Defense Treaty (MDT), citing that the annual Balikatan exercise between Philippine and American troops is part of the pact.

Inked on Aug. 30, 1951, the MDT is an accord that stipulates that the Philippines and the US would support each other if either of them were to be attacked by an external party.

The President said the military exercises between the two nations are “going to be the largest (and) most extensive” as these would cover more areas, especially in terms of interoperability.

He also expressed elation over the two countries’ establishment of bilateral defense guidelines and expansion of the Enhanced Defense Cooperation Agreement (EDCA).

“From the original five (EDCA) sites to now nine sites, it would be quite easy to say that we are in a good place as far as our alliance is concerned. And for me, this means our alliance matters,” Marcos said.

“It matters because our increased and intensified defense and security engagement with the United States means that we are significantly contributing to our country’s ability to defend our security and address the threats.”

He also said he had received assurance that the development of the two nations’ Security Sector Assistance Roadmap and signing of the General Security of Military Information Agreement are “very close to conclusion.”

While the US is “not a direct party” to the long-standing territorial disputes in the South China Sea (SCS), it continued to play its part in assisting and working with the Philippines to address maritimerelated issues, Marcos added.

He also expressed appreciation for the US for its firm stance to help the Philippines, in case of an armed attack by a third party, as well as its commitment to uphold freedom of navigation and the rules-based order. (PNA) n

ments are the Philippines’ first electric Mobility education and Development Center; the rolling out of google Career Certificates in 50 Department of trade and Industry virtual campuses; and digital financial services and credit and financial literacy training to empower over 10,000 Filipino small business owners.

this week, leaders from the Philippines, US, and Japan meet for the first trilateral leaders’ summit. they will advance a part-

nership based on deep historical ties, robust economic relationships, and a shared vision for a free and open Indo-Pacific.

For these three countries whose brotherhood was founded by heroic deeds in 1942, it is vital that they remain committed to the quest for prosperity and peace. the sacrifices made 82 years ago during the Fall of Bataan and the Death March remain the very foundation of their strengthened bonds. n SPL APRIL 2024 SPL APRIL 2024 SPL APRIL 2024 
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