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Chairity Tournament

A football match that helped thoose in need > P19 NEWS Fireworks out of control Erdington held the fireworks display once again but this time was out of control, with fireworks heading all over the place > P15-16



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Chirismas crazy

The birmingham lights now up > P8


public complain as famous president FEATURES Eid balti still a burnt abandoned wreck Mela’s Back Birmingham Eid Mela returns to Cannon Hill Park to celebrate the special occasion with its culture, food, sport, art and entertainment. Now in its tenth year, the festival is bigger and better than ever with something for everyone > P18


Akbar’s better than ever only oppened reccently and already attracting plenty of asian customers with its authentic flavours. Already known to be one of the best restaurants in birmingham > P23


Midland transport on the increase

Burnt : The presidents balti takeway still how it was a year ago, the day it was burnt

By Imran Ahmed new police operation, designed The Presidents was known to be a top restaurant and a great to target crime and anti-social landmark until it was burnt behaviour on birmingham down on December 31st 2009. busses in the run-up to Five fire crews from Highgate, Christmas > P21 Billesley, Haymills, Ladywood and Woodgate valley where called to Stafford and Warwick road in the Birmingham has had the early hours of new year’s day as biggest increase in the number of people claiming Job Seekers’ flames ripped through the buildAllowance according to a study ing and shot through the roof. Fire fighters struggled to conon the areas hit worst by the trol the blaze in the icy weather recession > P19


conditions and took over ten hours to take full control of the blaze. The landmark address was one of the first pubs in the midlands, a wonderful restaurant and started life as a three story house however now is a half Burt abandoned building. The fire took place on December 2009 and now is October 2010 but still is how it was the day it was burnt down, members of the public thought the landmark to be a nice place to eat and now just gives the area

a bad reputation and hope for a change but nothing is happening. Not even the Birmingham city council has put foward plans for this historic bulding, The presidents is on Staford road, the heart of sparkhill, where many local shops from clothing to restaurants have been placed where vast amounts of people from the locals to those who travel quite a distance just to shop there. So it is of imporance that there should be a change, the balti extends from straford road to war-



Picture: Imran

wick road and has been placed in the center of statford road. Crime rates in sparkhill are very high and with such a big landmark, in such bad condtions where most visters travel the area looks even worse. Members of the public have been complaining but nothing has been done and their now thinking will anything ever be done as a year has now passed and the building is stil how it was a year ago. Birmingham city council take action > P7


Ghazal charity tournament back to raise more than ever

1st November 2010 SPARKHILL MAIL

By Imran Ahmed The Charity Event of the year has come again, the teams for the football tournament have been put together and the organiser, Shozzol Miah has set a higher target to raise for cancer research. Ghazal Miah was diagnosed with leukaemia at the age of thirteen, to many he left a legacy which many people can only dream of. He was an inspiration to those around him and made hundreds of friends in his short life. Although his battle with leukaemia was long and arduous, Ghazal’s spirit and determination was never defeated. Those who met Ghazal were astounded by his Attitude despite the problems he faced. The event will take place at the university of Birmingham on the 21st of July, the Black Stallions (Sparkhill United fc) are the reigning champions after clinching the title in the final last year and hope to hold on to it. This year twenty five top teams have been put together to battle for one trophy, all members of the public are invited to watch the intense games, the money contributed from entry frees, refreshments, games and donations will all be put towards the charity in hope to meet this year’s target and help those who are not as lucky as you.

Office move : neihbourhood office makes a move a few roads away


office moves

Just one ; one of the busses affected by anti-social behaviour is sparkhill

picture ; Imran

Bus crime on the increase Buses in west midlands have been getting bad press over the last few years from the media and the genral public.The anti-social behaviour of midland busses have just been getting worse with robbery, vandalism and fights talking place on a bus where many public members wish to sit in peace. Crime rates in the area are very high and still increasing as christmas arrives. Members of

the public have been complaining to the birmingham city council for quite a while but still no change has been made. The police do intened to take action however are talking to long as they think the matter is not as serious as members of the public say. If action does not take place now then the problem will only increase and these law-breakers are going to get away with it.

On the 24th may 2010 the sparkbrook neighbourhood office moved from the ground floor of Greencoat house to a new built office on Mole street depot, only a few minutes away from the old office. They deal with council tax, housing benefit enquires and other housing enquries As the new office has only been moved a few minutes away from the old office with the only difference of new decor and fully air conditioned, Birmingham city council now regret making the move when the funding of it could have been put to a better cause. The area in which the office has been moved, Sparkhill has a high crime rate and a bad reputation, the council are now thinking the should have been used to improve the area but ain’t it abit to late.

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