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Tai & Keng 23 NOVEMBER 2012

‘LOVING YOU’ Life is beautiful. When you find love. When you find the place. You’re meant to be. When you find the one. You can give your whole heart to And for me ‘This is you This is love’

‘FROM THE MOMENT WE MET’ I knew it was you. Who would always be there. Call it luck, fate or destiny. Whatever it is. It was meant to be.

‘LOVE PURE AND SIMPLE’ If only you could step inside my heart for just a moment or two you might be overwhelmed by what I feel for you Love, pure and simple love that has no end and longs to hold you near for now and forever; for as long as we’re both here I want to hold you close I want to hold your hand I never want to let you go; you’re the best I’ve ever had I want to protect you I want to keep you safe I never want to see you cry or feel an ounce of pain I want to see you smile I want to make you laugh I never want you to wish for something other than what you have I want to give you everything I want to give you my all I never want to give you less than anything you want Because it’s simple my love for you is pure and you are the one I’ve waited my whole life for.

‘I’M HAPPY’ I’m happy to be sharing this day with you. Laughing and living. Caring and giving Doing the things That people in love often do

‘THERE ARE TIMES’ There are times when my mind is at ease. And I can enjoy life and all it can bring. There are times when I miss you. And times when I’m okay it’s getting better everyday. No matter how much time there is in this life. I’ll think of you from time to time and remember you with a smile.

‘YOU FEEL LIKE HOME TO ME’ With your knowing smile, You can put me at ease And here with you Is the only place I’ll ever want to be



I miss all those little things about us; the things that made us strong, and made us promise this was forever. no matter what went wrong

‘YOU AND ME’ We’ve been good together and we’ve been on our own. But we are at our best when we are where we belong

‘A LETTER FROM MY HEART’ If my heart could write you a letter This is what it would say:

Thank you for your love. Your sweet and gentle ways. You touch my heart a million times. Every single day. You fill me up, With pure and absolute happiness. For me, you’ll always be the one I am certain of this. I’ve never known a love more true. Than this unique and special thing. I’ve got right here with you.

Tell that you miss me, too. Tell me you think of me when you awake. Tell me I fill your dreams at night. Tell me this is all a mistake.


Tell me you need me. Tell me you love me. Tell me I have a place in your life. Just tell me something.

‘I LOVE EVERYTHING’ I love so many things about our relationship ; I love the closeness between the two of us, I love that you are more than just my soulmate; You are my best friend too. I love that we share more than just love; we share our dreams, our fears and our thoughts. We can talk about nothing and anything. I don’t love just one thing about you; I love everything.

‘I WAS MEANT FOR YOU’ The morning sun it would rise and dance through the happiness that shone in my eyes. And all my dreams they did come true, every second that was spent with you. And every wish I had ever made, came to life that one fateful day. And I smiled because finally my life and everything made perfect sense And I didn’t need someone to tell me that this was love or what it meant I knew, I just knew. I was meant for you

‘I THANK YOU’ I thank you for yesterday, today and tomorrow. I love you without end; Your the love of my life and a special one.

‘I LOVE YOU I DO’ I love you, I do, For so many things That make up you.

‘THIS IS LOVE’ Life is beautiful. When you find the one. You can give your whole heart to. And for me. This is you, This is love


Pre wedding : Photo Album


Pre wedding : Photo Album