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Winter 2012 • Vol. 12 #1

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Art Hagner’s High School motorcycle

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“Maya” checks out Art’s 67 GTO


P.I. says Goodbye to the Queensway


You never know what Jim Madigan’s camera will capture


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• Performance in Motion • Winter 2012


This is not new news, but attention has been dropping lately about the situation the not -for-profit Canadian Air and Space Museum finds itself in. The museum, located at 65 Carl Hall Rd., in a 30,000-sq-ft building that was once a part of a massive World War II-era airfield. The building was former home to a portion of de Havilland Aircraft Canada. The same de Havilland that built a huge number of planes for the war effort and in the 50s created and flew the legendary AVRO Arrow. This building had been declared a Heritage Building making it safe from demolition. Apparently not! In September 2011, Parc Downsview Park, current owner of the property, presented the museum with an eviction notice. The heritage designation means nothing, and all the historical items including the only complete Avro Arrow clone will be out looking for a home. This is a very important part of Canada’s aviation history that is in danger so that a four-pad ice rink can be built on the site. If you feel we need to save our aviation heritage, go to to see how you can help. Watch the videos, read the stories and sign their petition. There are lots of ice rinks and condos in the city, but only five aviation museums in Ontario. CAS Museum is the only one in Toronto. Lets be sure our politicians know we want it! Wish to visit the Museum now? Unfortunately, at the moment you can’t. Museum doors are open from 10 am to 4 pm seven days a week for volunteers and members only. As per Parc Downsview Park stipulations, only members and volunteers will be permitted to visit the Museum. As a result, no visitors, walk-in traffic, bus tours, student tours, day cares, or general public are allowed in the building.

AutoFest 2012 is a Go

After a bit of a scare in 2011, the 19th annual Autofest extravaganza is on schedule. If you recall our editorial last issue, we explained that some of the funding the host Motor City Car Club depended on had been withdrawn, and there was some doubt if the members could do it all themselves. “Our members felt that the event was just too important to abandon” said Gary Challice, a member of the event steering committee. “We decided we just had to continue, our charities depend on the funds we raise. Over the years of our event, more than $170,000 has been given to local charities involving youth”. So keep the dates August 25 and 26 open for the 2012 version of Autofest, Once again, it will be held in Oshawa’s beautiful Lakeview Park. “Our plans are to make a few adjustments that will improve the car owners experience and include even more family-oriented events” said Challice . We’ll be there, hope you are too!

Editor’s Note

Museum Bulldozed for hockey rinks?

Our car crazy readers can stop calling the Motor City Car Club, AutoFest will be back this year! Photo Credit: Ken Mist (EyeNo on Flickr)

Photo Credit: Robert T. Bell (Flickr)

• Performance in Motion • Winter 2012


Work of 6


Winter 2012 • Performance in Motion •

1967 Pontiac GTO Photo Credit: Jim Madigan

• Performance in Motion • Winter 2012


Story by: Bob McJannett Photos by:Jim Madigan

Art’s 1967 Pontiac GTO


emember high school? Do you have great memories about that time in your life? As a car enthusiast, you certainly would if you were in Art Hagner’s class at Judith Nyman Secondary School in Brampton, Ontario. You see Art teaches the small engine course from a well equipped shop in the school, and Art knows how to keep his students interested and coming to his class. Instead of traditional book learning, Art had his students build from scratch a custom motorcycle, a brandnew Bobber-style bike from all aftermarket parts. To pay for this adventure, a parent connected with the Acadian group, a large Mississauga based metal-finishing special-


Winter 2012 • Performance in Motion •

ist, donated some seed money, grants were received from both Lowes Canada and Skills Canada, while the students raised the rest by doing repairs in the shop. The resulting project turned out to be a real winner and will be raffled off with the money raised going to next year’s project. I wish I had been in Arts class when I was 17, he could have taught me the correct way to start a car with a hand crank and how to make tire repairs on the road. Who says that was a long time ago? Now, Art is no Johnny-come-lately to cars, his dad had his own auto collision shop and at age 10, Art could either spend his Saturdays at German school or work with his dad. Guess which one he chose? By 14, he was working

all summer long learning the trade from the skilled craftsmen that the business employed. They were more than a collision shop; they were also doing restoration projects. Dad always gave Art the opportunity to try the things that interested him. Saturdays were set aside for Art to work on his own projects. The list is long and diverse, everything from a Carmen Ghia to a tubbed big-block Duster, with numerous British and German cars in between. In 2009, the 67 Pontiac Tempest you see here was acquired. When he got it, it was pretty well disassembled, he took four weeks to do the metal work required and three months to assemble it into a roller. At the

same time, he acquired all the parts to convert it to a GTO clone. Like all projects, you can’t do them alone. Art appreciated the help he received from Lou Meahan, Paul Spiers, Doc McCartney, Rick Norton, Davies Corvette, and Ajax Engines. To get the body into the shape pictured here, even though it was a southern car, it needed a trunk floor and repairs to dented quarter panels and to the dash window opening. Once the body was complete and prepped, Art and Adam Eliot, one of his students, handled the painting. Art did the upholstery himself employing a pair of bucket seats sourced from eBay and a Legendary Upholstery kit; Rewiring was also handled by

• Performance in Motion • Winter 2012


Art. Final interior touches were the addition of a Grant steering wheel, an optional gauge package was installed and a Clarion stereo was hidden in the glove compartment. Underneath is a nearly stock rebuilt Pontiac suspension with Suspension Techniques dropped front springs and Addco sway bars. To keep the sleeper look, Art has his car riding on stock appearing 15-inch steel wheels and 215-70-15 BFGoodrich tires. Under the hood is a different story, the mid 70s 400 cu. in. Pontiac engine has been bored 30 with 9.6 to 1 compression. Intake manifold and heads are Edelbrock aluminum versions with an Edelbrock carb metering the fuel. An Edelbrock roller cam package keeps the valves moving. All the appropriate accessories have been chrome-plated to make under hood clean up easy. A Richmond 6-speed-transmission takes the horsepower to the rear end. When asked what he liked best about his car, Art was quick to say “the six speed.” What do you do when your project is finished? Well, in Art’s case, you jump into another one. He promised his daughter Olivia a vehicle for her 18th birthday. Work is well along on Olivia’s 1950 Chevy pickup. It is not a free ride, however. Olivia has to pay the rent for the garage spot, help with what she can, keep her marks at an acceptable level (remember Dad’s a teacher) and work part-time. As long as school is not affected, work on the truck will continue. Originally to be finished by early July, Olivia’s birthday, Art has a bit of a reprieve since she will be going to Europe for school this summer, so the new deadline will be September. What a great 18th birthday present! Wouldn’t we all have liked a dad like Art? And, if you like the Pontiac, it’s for sale. You see Art enjoys building projects far more than driving them. “They make my head work.” If you’d like to see this car in your garage give us a call, and we will put you in touch with Art.

Adam Elliot, a student of Art’s, helped paint the GTO.


Winter 2012 • Performance in Motion •

Above: The 1950 Chevy pickup Art promised his daughter Olivia for her 18th birthday. Below: Art Hagner’s Judith Nyman Secondary School class built this custom Bike. • Performance in Motion • Winter 2012


 Sale Flyer effective Friday Feb 1, until March 30, 2012. • P.I. No Hassle Return Policy: If you’re not completely happy with your purchase, simply return it in it’s original packaging along with your original receipt to any P.I. Store within (90) ninety days of purchase. We will either repair it, replace it, refund your money or give you a credit note. Special Order items excluded. • P.I. Fair Purchase Policy: We reserve the right to limit quantities to normal retail purchases. Some items may already reflect P.I. Every Day Low Price policy. Applicable taxes, are extra. Accesories shown are not included unless otherwise stated. Assembly required for some items. • P.I. Non-Stock Policy: While it is our intention to have every item in this flyer in stock, some items may not be available at all locations. If your local P.I. Store does not stock an advertised item, we will be happy to order it for you at the advertised sale price. Quantities and selection of items may be limited and may not be available at all stores. No rainchecks or substitutions on Clearance items or where quantites are advertised as “while they last” or limited. Advertised regular pricing and product selection may vary by store location. We are not obligated to sell items based on errors or misprints in typography or photography. All references to save now is in comparison to our own after sale prices. All prices in Canadian Dollars. Thanks for reading the fine print!

2012 EVENTS TNT - Dunn Tire Raceway Park May 4 TNT - Dunn Tire Raceway Park May 25 New at this year is the Canadian Muscle Car Drags featuring Stock and Stock Appearing Muscle Cars racing on original style BIAS PLY TIRES capable of 10-11 second ETs!

OSCA - Battle Begins - TMP/Cayuga May 26-27

OSCA Ontario Street Car Association Canada’s Premier Drag Racing Series


OSCA (Ontario Street Car Association) season is looking to be one of the best ever in our twelve year history. The addition of several exciting new classes will make an already exciting race series into one of the best ever! New and old, muscle cars, trucks, bikes, Pro Mods and dragsters, we’ve got it all! Our series runs at two of Canada’s most legendary tracks, Toronto Motorsport Park in Cayuga and St Thomas Dragway in Sparta. “Run What ya Brung” is the latest heads up class, featuring no rules at all! Just run what ya brung and hope ya brung enough. Look for low 6-second (maybe even high 5’s!) quarter mile runs at over 230 miles-per-hour! “Street Eliminator” is our new heads up all-motor small-block class. High winding 9-second muscle cars doing battle at the drags! Speaking of Muscle Cars, the CMCD (Canadian Muscle Car Drags) will feature their stock appearing, but brutally fast muscle car

TNT - Empire Dragway May 26

TNT - TMP/Cayuga Dragway June 9-10

shootouts at every OSCA event in 2012. Motorcycles have invaded the OSCA in a big way and we love it! This season will see the addition of “King of the Street” class for allmotor street-legal sport bikes. 8 second ET’s on street bikes=insane drag race action! Also don’t miss the CMDRA V-Rod Destroyer Harleys Aug 11-12. Add all this to our already popular program, and you’ve got 200+ hardcore drag machines at every event. Don’t miss a single event, better yet bring your car and race! We’ve got classes for just about anything you want to bring to the track. If you love drag racing you’ll love the OSCA! Check us out on the net at or come “Like” us on Facebook. See you at the drags!

OSCA - The Heat is On! June 16-17 - TMP/Cayuga TNT - Dunn Tire Raceway Park June 29

OSCA - Summer Sizzler - TMP/Cayuga July 7-8 TNT - Grand Bend Motorplex July 20 TNT - St. Thomas Dragway August 4-5 OSCA - Hot Summer Brawl August 11-12 - TMP/Cayuga TNT - TMP/Cayuga Dragway September 1-2 TNT - Dunn Tire Raceway Park September 7 TNT - Empire Dragway September 8

Ted Barnes will be racing in the TNT Super Series again this year - check out the schedule to see his Hot Rod Datsun in action!


Winter 2012 • Performance in Motion •

OSCA - Southern Shootout - St. Thomas - September 8-9



SALE Feb ruary - MARC H

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When placed in a 4” tube, it will flow up to 25% more air than stock and bulky boot-in style sensors.

Re-Tuning of the Computer required after changing sensor.

Your Source for Edlebrock Performance SB Chevy - 2.08” in/1.60” ex 64cc

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Small Block Chevy


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Features Include: • Powerful flashprogrammable ECU • Full sequential port injection • Pre-defined calibrations • Modern intake manifold with 90mm throttle body for maximum performance • O2 sensor included

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Royal Purple increases horsepower and saves fuel while reducing heat and wear. Fully compatible with other synthetic oils.


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All cars that ran the OLD API Oil, should now run the New HPS OIL.

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K&N high flow oil filters provide better engine performance by reducing oil filter restriction. Engineered to handle all grades of synthetic and conventional motor oils, including blends, and use a pleated filtration media that provides increased capacity and outstanding filtration.

Features Heavy duty construction and a high flow rate. Fully compatible with synthetic oils, the best part is the welded nut for easy removal.

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Convoluted Tubing Kits Split loom makes it easy to organize and protect your engine’s wiring. Each kit contains 10 feet of 1/4”, 3/8”, 1/2” and 3/4”.


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Paddle Shifter Kit

NEW Location this Spring! Advance Rd.

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Stealth In-Tank Fuel Pumps

Dunlop St. W

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06-10 Chry LX Paddle Shifter

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Adds steering wheel controls for automatic vehicles. Easy to install wireless design requires no cutting or drilling into the vehicle.

HWY. 400


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The Queensway


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NEW Performance Parts

1964 Performance Improvements’ Original Location at 1268 The Queensway

Advancing off the Queensway Story by: Ted McIntyre • Photos courtesy of P.I.

Performance Improvements moves off the Queensway After 48 years, P.I. Speed Shops is moving it’s Main Location


hen Bob McJannett opened his 600-square-foot store at 1268 The Queensway as a part-time venture in 1964, he did not anticipate being on the same street for the next 48 years. “I can’t believe how much the neighbourhood has changed.” says Bob, the “retired” founder of P.I. (who now only works five days a week). “This area used to be mostly industrial; companies like Mack Trucks and Brantford Coach were our neighbours. Now we are surrounded with condos, restaurants and movie theatres. Even “Min the Bootlegger” is gone!” In fact, family-owned Performance Improvements is one of the few remaining businesses from the 60s who have not moved away – until now. The question


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most often asked is why move off The Queensway, the street they have been on since the beginning, 48 years in fact? “At 1100 where we have been happily located for the last 34 years, it was time to cheer everything up. Thirty-four years of use tends to make things shopworn. It was time to renew everything.” says Bob. After costing out the amount they would have to spend to bring everything up to 2012 standards, they realized that after the dust settled they would have spent a lot of dollars and still be in the same amount of space. “That is when we made the difficult decision to move. We felt we needed more space.” says Bob. “At about the same time, we were coming to that conclusion,

someone came along and made us an offer for our building that we could not refuse.” Now, it was time for P.I. to go looking for a new home. Advancing into 2012 “We really wanted to remain in the area,” says Andy McJannett, vice-president of P.I. “We have all grown up in this neighbourhood and have deep roots in the local community. It took a long time to find a building that would give us the space to expand now and on into the future.” After much searching, the P.I. Guys found their new home just a few blocks north. In the spring of 2012, they’ll move their head office into a 22,000-sq.-ft.

1974 New Location at 1100 The Queensway - Opening Day (no sign yet, but yes that is a Bricklin in the window!)

building at 87 Advance Rd. in Etobicoke. Advance Road runs west from Islington Ave., a mere four traffic lights north of the Queensway, only seconds away from their current home. Phase one of “Project Advance” will consist of a new 5,000-sq-ft. “super-sized” retail showroom (double what they have now), improved warehouse space and updated offices, including a much needed meeting and training room! The real excitement comes with the opportunities the new building presents. A “Super-Sized” Showroom will allow them to display the huge inventory commitment that used to be hidden in the back. The additional space will also allow for vehicles in the showroom and large interactive product displays. A meeting room will allow regular in-house managers’ meetings, sales training and new product introductions. They may be able to offer this space to house tech seminars that will appeal to our customers.

Expanded warehousing will allow the addition of new product lines, especially bulky items that have been shied away from in the past (like truck accessories, exhaust systems and the like) Bigger and Better “There are a number of product lines we have been unable to carry because of our lack of space, plus limited showroom space prevented complete product displays of existing lines,” said Andy. “Well, those days will be over. We want our customers to be able see all we have to offer. We want to create a retail environment that will dazzle our customers.” The pluses offered from the move vastly outweigh the negatives, and the guys at P.I. are all very excited about opportunities to come. They took possession of their new building in early January, and plans for the utilization of the space began immediately. “So, while we are sad to say good-bye to the

Queensway,” says Andy “There will still be some connection since we are taking our swinging doors to the new building for old times sake.” Performance Improvements remains a Canadian family-owned business with second generation sons Rob and Andy leading the charge to the future. “We are looking forward to having you visit our new home on Advance!” said Bob. “We want the shopping experience to be great!”

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Jim Madigan


Story by: Bob McJannett • Photos by:Jim Madigan


like to think of Jim Madigan as “Our man at the Events.” In truth, he is nearly everyone’s man at the events. Jim is a true car enthusiast who spends a lot of his leisure time with a digital camera in his hands. You’ve all heard the expression “I don’t know how I ever got anything done before I retired!” Well, since Jim retired from the printing industry, he is managing to keep busy. As an enthusiast, he travels to car shows, cruise nights and drag races, never without his trusty camera. You will find his shots on Hot Rod Hotline, Rod and Piston, Cruze Magazine and, of course, right here in Performance in Motion. However, his complete portfolio is available on his own site Here, you will find thousands of photos taken at events all over eastern Canada and the northeast

“SUNDAY NIAGARA” NOSTALGIA DRAGS & CAR SHOW Dunn Tire Raceway Park, Lancaster, N.Y.


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U.S. If keeping a web site fresh isn’t enough for you, Jim also provides his cars for weddings, photo shoots and anywhere else a nice old car would be appropriate. Not satisfied with the amount of leisure time he was enjoying, he decided to shorten that up some more by taking on a teaching job. If you want to learn about photography, Jim is now teaching a class at Mohawk College. Here are a selection of shots taken from just a few of the events he travelled to in 2011, plus we have included some shots of Jim’s own vehicles. Watch for the white 1940 Dodge truck at an event and drop over and introduce yourself. Interested in having your car shot? Jim can be reached at

The streets of Jim’s neighbourhood can sometimes be filled with old cars – all of them his!


Bay St. North, Hamilton – Thursday Evenings

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In addition to Jim’s shots, we have attached a couple of photo illustrations of his Truck done by Nat Santamaria of Santamaria Designs in Oakville. For a photo illustration, you can reach Nat at santades@


Queensway & the East Mall, Etobicoke, on Saturday Nights


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Photo illustration by Nat Santamaria of Santamaria Designs.

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280 Guelph St., Hwy. 7 & Sinclair Ave. – Thursdays Evenings


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NORTHERN NOSTALGIA NATIONALS Toronto Motorsports Park – Dragway


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Moment in Time

Somedays you gotta get up early (and have some luck) to get the right shot. When Jim heard the Chevy II’s driver say “I don’t know what the hell’s gonna happen on my next run,” his ears perked up.

“Back In The Day” Nostalgia Drag Races Milan Dragway, September 2011 – Milan, Michigan


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Jim grabbed his camera and positioned himself in just the right spot to get this shot – before he even had his morning coffee!

Performance Directory




8:23:26 PM

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The Idles of March A

lthough this winter hasn’t given us all that much to complain about – yet – passengers and drivers alike eagerly anticipate that heady time when spring weather sticks around for longer than a week or two. Just like some drivers forget what snow is each year, the same number of them can’t seem to recall what a great sense of humour Mother Nature has. That’s why it’s up to reluctant passengers everywhere to ensure their drivers follow the Idles of March. Unlike that unfortunate March 15th the soothsayer warned Julius Caesar about, the Idles of March is something automotive enthusiasts, reluctant or not, should embrace. Consider this a warning that something Brutus-like may happen to the vehicular prides and joy in your family if the Idles are ignored. For those not familiar with the term, or think this has something to do with that political George Clooney film, here are the simple guidelines and tactics to keep drivers on the straight and narrow:

Delay tactics: Use glue. Or discuss the pros and cons of various wiper blade features with a loved one.

Keep your treads up Snow tires will not be removed from an automobile until mid-April. Delay tactics: Encourage shopping for those summer tires. Or ask your driver about the fundamentals of torque.

Harsh on the bling New chrome bits will not be installed onto salt-encrusted exhaust pipes, grills, wheels, rocker panels... Delay tactic: Ask to see the shiny items and then cover them with fingerprints. Your driver will be so busy polishing them he won’t notice that he hasn’t put them on his ride yet.

Blades of glory
 Resist the urge to change out the wiper blades (and fluid) until Jack Frost has left the proverbial building.

Grin without baring it Vehicles bearing fresh Bondo or bare metal will not be permitted to roam freely outside until all evidence of salt and mudslides have been cleared from the streets. June looks good, for now. Delay tactic: Due to this being tricky to monitor, reluctant passengers may have to resort to using their amazing powers of persuasion. Or hide the keys. Think of your feet Floor mats will not be removed from a vehicle unless they are replaced before anyone gets into the ride and drives away. Delay tactic: Hold mats down with large rocks or place motion detectors on top of them so they sound an alarm when moved. Then put the detectors in other areas of the vehicle to entertain the kids.

A detail on detailing Speaking of shiny bits, drivers must resist the urge to go at rims and the rest of the vehicle with a toothbrush and fancy cleaners and polish until all threats of snow have melted away. Delay tactic: Splash more mud onto the rims (or whatever parts you can hit) so the job looks even harder to do. The muck will also cover the brake dust better. And there you have it – plenty of things to avoid and a whole bunch of ways to spend your days until cruise night season begins again. Until then, enjoy the ride.

About the Author: Bonnie Staring is a comedic triple-threat (writer, performer, coupon user), and she appreciates the road of life a lot more than she might let on. Bonnie has plans to master social media one day, right after she learns how to machine rotors.


Winter 2012 • Performance in Motion •

Performance in Motion Magazine Vol. 12 No. 1  

Featuring: Work of Art: 1967 Pontiac GTO, OSCA Ontario Street Car Association, Performance Improvements Winter Sale, Advancing off The Queen...

Performance in Motion Magazine Vol. 12 No. 1  

Featuring: Work of Art: 1967 Pontiac GTO, OSCA Ontario Street Car Association, Performance Improvements Winter Sale, Advancing off The Queen...