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Spent the first seven years as a drag car.

April / May 2007 • Vol. 7 #3 • $3.95 Canadian

The next 3 in storage 0 .

Allan Massicotte restores his Dad’s car to its former glory


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In the late 60’s, this is where you would find George Massicotte’s Ford during the week, parked in front of his Supertest station.



Now it’s on page 10.


et USB


Editorial ...... Grace and S ................................. 5 Cover Stor y peed ......................... 6 Cutting thro: Back in Time ..... 10 “The Dean” ugh Red Tape ...... 14 Winner is… ........... 18

Speedorama EFIJ Y .......... 20 07 ..................... 23 Tranny Spri ............................... 26 Charging in ng Cleaning .......... 28 to Canada.... .......... 30

High Voltag Fuel Salvatioe ............................. 32 W here are thn? .......................... 34 Reluctant P ey now? ................ 36 assenger ...... ........... 38








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Visit your closest Performance Improvements location to pre-register for CANATs & enter the draw!


If you wait ‘til MAY - 3 CHANCES TO WIN •• JUNE - only 2 CHANCES. AprilMay07.indd 4

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has finally sprung? S

pring is finally here! Time to get the car out of storage and ready for cruise nights. Be sure to take a moment to go over your car thoroughly. Check the fluids, check the safety features and be sure that everything is in tip-top shape. Once again, the car enthusiasts are under the microscope. MOT in Ontario will be checking that all the appropriate emission devices are installed and functioning. The OPP and your local police forces are looking for infractions that can be cause to remove your plates. Be sure that your vehicle will pass all the increased scrutiny.

Ensure that your insurance is up to date and that the insurance carrier knows just what they are covering. By doing all these things, you will be rewarded with a safe and happy cruising season. I hope that you all have a great 2007 with your car. I can’t tell you how much I have been looking forward to getting back on the road. Hope to see you at all the car events, I’ll be the guy with the happy smile.


One Million Copies Significant milestones are important to recognize. Well, with the printing of this issue of Performance in Motion, we will have printed our one millionth copy! That’s quite an accomplishment for a group of people who, with no previous publishing experience, decided to fi ll a need that they saw. Our aim was to create a magazine celebrating all things Canadian in our pages. We felt that there were more than enough magazines talking about the U.S. and more than enough coverage of high dollar cars unreachable by the average reader. We chose

to offer coverage to all types of enthusiast vehicles and to provide “how to” articles that the average reader could accomplish at home. Hopefully, you the readers agree with us and are looking for more Canadian content. Our one millionth copy has a special sticker on the cover. Check out your copy, if you have the one, call Bob at 416-259-9656 ext. 221. We have a great gift for you.

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Road trippin’ Dept.

The RMS Segw

Grace & Speed The Muskoka Boat and Heritage Center Story and Photography by: Bob McJannett


you have ever travelled to the Muskoka area during the summer months, you’ve probably seen some of the gorgeous wooden boats the area has become famous for. Lake Muskoka, Lake Joseph and Lake Rosseau were the center of Ontario’s wood boatbuilding business during the early part of the twentieth century. Such familiar names as Greavette,


Ditchburn, Duke and MinettShields were all born in the boat building sheds of these lakes. Until recently, seeing more than a couple of these at any one time required a trip to the annual Antique and Classic Boat Society’s in-water boat show, held at the Muskoka Wharf in Gravenhurst, Ontario. Well, that’s no longer a problem,

As you pull up to the museum, you see tw o Captain’s bridge str from decaying steam uctures saved ships, guarding both sides of the en tr ance .

in June 2006, the doors to the $6-million dollar Grace & Speed swung open for the first time. Officially known as “Grace & Speed: the Muskoka Boat and Heritage Centre,” Grace & Speed is a part of the “Wharf Project on Muskoka Bay”, over $170million dollars are being invested in the creation of an historically-themed waterfront development at the bay area of Gravenhurst. Here is their mission you spotif y ck lu be ld taken from their web wou Grace & Speed, you it. vis d en ek we a on s site: “Grace & Speed is Before the opening of these beautiful creation of e pl cou a an th devoted to providing a e or ted m world-class venue where

residents of the various Muskoka communities, seasonal cottagers, tourists and steamship passengers can learn about Muskoka’s rich social, economic, boat building and cultural history.” The 24,000-square-foot structure encompasses three permanent display areas featuring the history of steamships, boatbuilding and the hotel business in the Muskoka area at the turn of the century. Within each of these areas are interactive displays, artifacts, photo murals and other exhibits depicting life on the lakes at that time. In addition, attached is a huge boathouse that displays up to

April/May 2007 • P|M

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Volunteer Ra wheelhou d Mackenzie stan d se overloo king the d s in front of the isplay ar e a s.

locals The RMS Segwun waits to take visitors and

on a tour of three Muskoka Lakes.

e of the is operating on is es ch ur P e n d volunteer Dia isplay. The kids just love th Grace & Spee d eam whistles on five working st ex hibit.

Here is a shot of the gallery area featuring Doug Dunfor d’s magnificent wood boat paint ings.

tr uctures saved ce.

twenty wooden boats at any time. These boats will rotate throughout the year, keeping the exhibit fresh at all times. On our two visits, the quality of the boats on display was remarkable. Local antique boat enthusiasts have been very supportive; donating a huge collection of items to fi ll out the exhibits. There is a need for up to 100 volunteers to help out around the facility. Only a few hours a week are needed. “It is a great way to meet your summer neighbours” notes Cynthia Waye, the museum’s creator. Included in the Grace & Speed facilities are a classroom where historical lectures will be presented to both adults and children, complete research facilities allow you to learn about the rich history of the area, and catering facilities to hold an event in this most interesting venue. Additionally, there is a gallery space where changing art exhibits will be on show. The wood boat paintings of local artist Doug Dunford were featured during our visit.

AprilMay07.indd 7

To say that Grace and Speed has been an instant success would be an One of the boa understatets in the boath ment. In their ouse was this was built in 18 30’ Traveller. 9 4 by Captain first year in This boat Jack Swartma n! existence, they were voted one of Canada’s ten best new attractions by Where Canada magazine. Want to go for a tour? Across the bay, the restored steamship RMS Segwun and the new Wenonah II offer wonderful tours on the lakes. If you get an urge for lunch or dinner, there are a number of interesting restaurants within n replaced on this walking distance of their parking all piece of decking has bee sm a ly On lot. over eighty years.

23’ 6” 1927 Ditchburn in

3/14/07 6:17:02 PM

No matter what your interest, Grace & Speed is a fine place to spend a leisurely afternoon. Hop in your favourite car, get out your back roads of Ontario map and drive out to this brand new museum. It’s a great way to spend an Ontario day.

This 1903 steam engi yacht Mildred in ne was removed from the steam 1954. Restoration was begun in 1993 now holds a pla ce of prominence , at Grace & Speed it .

A Truscott 4-cylinder engine built circa 1903/04. This engine features a massive 5” bore with a 6” str oke. Contact:

Grace & Speed 275 Steamboat Bay Rd. Gravenhurst ON (705) 687-2115

ol the een, you can con tr scr e tiv ac ter in is Using th . r own wooden boat you of tion uc str con

One of the display ar eas: this replica of a boat builder’s workshop features th e tools and equipmen t of the day.


From Street to Race, ACCEL/DFI has you covered…







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Performance Business Directory Nown! Ope Auto Services Ltd.

P• 905-471-3335 F• 905-471-7274 C• 647-228-3434

Doug Lamb 60 Bullock Dr. Unit #8 Markham, ON L3P 2P2

builder’s e day.

P|M • April/May 2007 AprilMay07.indd 9


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Spent the first seven years as a drag car.

On the weekends, George’s Galaxie was successfully raced at drag strips all throughout Ontario and the northeast U.S.


April/May 2007 • P|M

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The next in storag 30 e.

George’s son Allan, decided in 2001 to restore his Dad’s car to its former glory. Today the Galaxie sits slightly higher in the rear.

Back in Time G

Story by Thomas Andews • Photography by: Dan Lapadula

eorge Massicotte strolled into Willowdale’s Piggott Ford in October of 1963 to order a new Ford Galaxie. Not just any Galaxie, you see, George ordered the 500 XL R code model. When you look over the order sheet, you would see that George ordered 670X15 whitewall tires, the safety package, a radio, W/S washers and electric wipers, four-speed manual transmission, a padded dash, and the HD Suspension package. Written by hand on the bottom of the order is “427-8V motor.” On Nov, 29 1963, George’s Ford was built in the Wayne assembly plant; shortly after, it was delivered to Piggott, and George took over his cheque for $4,332 plus 3% tax and drove away in his new car. The Galaxie was taken over to George’s Supertest station on Victoria Park Ave.; modifications were made and in the spring of 1964, it made its debut at the drags.

The interior is just as it came from the factory, even the carpet is original. The Hurst shifter, Sun tach and auxiliary gauges were add-ons for drag racing.

Running in B/Stock, this soon became the car to beat. With 427 cubic inches, twin fourbarrel carburetors and a four-speed transmission, this car, even though it weighed over 4,000 lbs., could easily run in the low 13s. Soon after, George hooked up with Ford wizard Barrie Poole, and the car moved to the high 12s. From 1964 to 1971, this car ran at drag strips in the U.S. and Canada, producing 34 first place trophies. At one time, it held the Canadian National B/Stock record. In ‘71, the car was put into storage where it languished for almost 30 years. In 1998, George succumbed to Alzheimer’s

disease, never having removed his car from storage. In 2001, his son Allan, now the owner, decided it was time to restore his Dad’s car to its former glory. Al rounded up a group of interested people, most of them old friends of his dad, to help with the restoration. The car was totally disassembled and the body panels chemically stripped, blocked, sanded, and painted the original Rangoon Red by Clayton Pater. Even the underbody was treated to a complete refurbishing. The engine was sent over to Entec Racing services where Ron Wigg and Don Stanton went through it from top to bottom.

As a tribute to his Dad, Al letters the car as it was in the 60s, and has a complete nostalgia display for indoor car shows. P|M • April/May 2007

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Under the hood rests the original 427 Ford engine, refurbished by Entec Racing.

When you look carefully, the attention to detail is obvious. Every piece of trim is pristine. Door and hood gaps are set right.

Massicotte’s 1964 Ford Galaxie 500XL BODY

• Original 1964 Ford Galaxie 500 XL • Sports Roof Fast Back • Rangoon Red


• Heavy Duty Suspension package • Cragar S/S wheels • Custom eagle spinners • BFG. Radial T/A tires


• R-Code 427 Ford engine • 425 horsepower • Two four-barrel carbs • 4 speed transmission • Hurst shifter • 370:1 locker rear end


• Original red vinyl interior • Bucket seats • Original red carpet Spent the first seven years as a drag car. The next 30 in storage. Still has only 22,000 miles on the odometer!


April/May 2007 • P|M

AprilMay07.indd 12

3/14/07 6:19:07 PM

This is the view that most drag racers saw of George’s Ford at the track.

Everything was freshened up and completely balanced. Meanwhile, Don Palmer went through the drivetrain ensuring that everything was up to snuff. All other mechanicals, brakes and electrical were restored by Doug Hickey. In the summer of 2002, George’s Ford received its first set of licence plates! Since it had always been a drag racer, it had never been licensed. At the time, the odometer read 17,447 miles. Today, Al treats this car as a tribute to his Dad. Whenever he takes it to a show, it is lettered as it was in the 60s, and his display features all the memorabilia that he has collected on its remarkable history. Between shows, the Galaxie attends cruise nights and is driven for pleasure. When asked what he likes best about the car, Al answered “It’s my Dad’s racer, and people who remember the car say its like seeing an old friend again.” Hats off to Al Massicotte for saving this remarkable piece of Canadian drag racing history.

There are some hidden clues to the Galaxies storied past, particularly the tow bar brackets peeking out from under the front bumper. The authentic 60s decals on the rear windows provide another hint. P|M • April/May 2007 AprilMay07.indd 13


3/14/07 6:19:18 PM

E H T H G U O R H T T D G E N R E H T H CUT G U O R TING H T G N I T T GH T H U R C OUG THE H RED TAP E Our intrepid reporter Phil Adams explains the intricacies and potential pitfalls you might encounter while bringing a car into Canada.

Wh goo

Story by: Phil Adams Illustration by Kayvene

Have you ever noticed how some of the best and worst ideas occur when holding a glass of wine in your hand? There we were visiting our friends Don and Linda at their home in Daytona Beach, Florida, watching the sun go down over the Intracoastal Waterway after another perfect fall day. We were discussing the events leading to our being there. Our hosts had developed a very successful business in the U.S Midwest and rewarded themselves by buying a winter home in Florida. As time passed, their children succeeded them in managing the business, and Don and Linda found that they spent more time down south. This led to the great idea.

consin, you’ll is W , k n u d o P r p pe unt Martha in U A g in it is ; forget that! v y a e d il t h a w th y a e d m e o n h rive it idea that o ad, buy it and d ro e If you have the th f o e no, I had to ask the next id s deal by the r a c m a re d unknown to me question! a t sp o

“You should buy my car” Don stated. He went on to explain that they had purchased cars to use in Florida and that the car that they had left in Columbus, Ohio, was not being used. “As a matter of fact, it has only been driven a few hundred miles in the last two years.” Don continued. I could feel my enthusiasm for a good deal doing battle with my hesitation to buy a car from a friend; especially when the car is completely


and is in a foreign country. The last time we visited Columbus, our friends were driving a Chevy Astro Van. That’s not the type of car that I had planned on acquiring next, but it would certainly make a good four-passenger vehicle to supplement our two-passenger GMC Sonoma pickup and our two-passenger ’38 Chevy street rod. I could have allowed this whole issue to pass quietly out of memory – we were drinking wine and watching the sunset, remember – but

“What kind of car is it?” I ventured tentatively. The die was cast. “It’s my old Caddy company car; it’s been perfectly maintained and has hardly any miles on it!” Don replied eagerly. Don and I have been lying to each other for about thirty years, so I knew better than to take this statement at face value. “What year is it?” I asked, digging myself deeper into this adventure. “It’s a ’97 Cadillac DeVille, with about

April/May 2007 • P|M

AprilMay07.indd 14

3/14/07 6:19:24 PM

T he U a d v an



10 0,0 0 0 miles on it. It’s got a Northstar 4.6 litre V-8, so that’s barely broken in!” was the reply. “Let me look into what’s involved in bringing a car into Canada from the United States,” I said, leaving myself an escape route in case this turned out to be more than I wanted to get involved with.

forget that! The U.S. Government requires that you inform their border crossing officials three days in advance of exportation by faxing to them copies of the ownership and bill of sale. This is done so that the U.S. officials can confirm that the vehicle has not been stolen before it crosses the border.

no ficials collect GST when of es ic rv Se er rd Bo an Why do Canadi ? Because they can! da na Ca in ed ct sa an tr goods or services are

Once the vehicle has been successfully exported from the U.S.A., you are now faced with importing it into Canada. The Canadian Border Services Agency will check your documents and start charging you money. There is a fee of $206 collected on behalf of the Registrar of Imported Vehicles which covers the documentation involved in importing the car and also covers the cost of having a Federal Import Inspection done by an approved inspection site; in most areas, that’s a Canadian Tire Service Department. The Canadian Border Services officials will also collect the GST. Why do they collect GST when no goods or services are transacted in Canada? Because they can! The amount of GST payable is based on the Bill of Sale, the Red Book value or any other number that the official chooses. They have SWAT team uniforms and attitudes to match, so who’s going to argue with them? As a final insult, the CBSA will collect $100 if the vehicle is air-conditioned. At this point, you can drive the vehicle home as long as it has valid plates and insurance. At the border, you’ll receive a document called “Transport Canada Vehicle Import – Form 1.” This starts the Government machinery working. In 10 days, you’ll receive a letter from the Registrar of Imported Vehicles . r eq ui which tells you exactly what modifications r es yo a d v an u t o in ce b y f must be done to the vehicle to pass f or m t a x in g Canadian Vehicle h eir t he Several months previously, I had looked into importing a vehicle from the States, when I had seen a car on eBay in which I was quite interested. I recalled that there was good information on the Internet, so that evening I sat quietly with my laptop and researched the process. The first step, as with many things, was to “Google” the topic. A search on “import vehicle into Canada” leads you directly to the Registrar of Imported Vehicles; Now, we Canadians should feel a twinge of national pride when we find that we have an entire Federal Government department just to look after the registration of vehicles from the U.S.A. The RIV website indicates clearly that there is a significant difference between importing a vehicle less than 15 years old, and one that is more than 15 years old. Vehicles which fall into the older category may be freely imported with few requirements. Newer vehicles must conform to a variety of safety and administrative regulations. There are some automobiles which simply may not be imported to Canada; check carefully by year make and model! Recalls must be done before the vehicle leaves the States, and you must have a document stating that all recalls have T he U . been completed. S

borde r t he ow officials thr This can be nersh ip and ee days in obtained from a U.S. dealer, a b ill o f Canadian dealer or from the manufacturer. s ale . There’s a list of manufacturers’ contacts on the m c op

ie s o f

RIV website. In general, the same rules apply to all types of vehicles like cars, trucks and motorcycles, but there are exceptions for trailers, motor homes and special vehicles such as hearses and limos. If you have the idea that one day while visiting Aunt Martha in Upper Podunk, Wisconsin, you’ll spot a dream car deal by the side of the road, buy it and drive it home that day;

Safety Standards. In my case, I had to have a child seat restraint tether installed. If the vehicle has a digital dash, the change from metric to imperial measure is as simple as pressing the button, but if the speedometer is analogue; there is a provision for adding metric labels to the mile-per-hour speedometer face and a label to the odometer to specify that it reads in miles. P|M • April/May 2007

AprilMay07.indd 15


3/14/07 6:19:28 PM



Here is the prize, resting in its new home in Port Dover. Phil is teaching it to speak metric and run on liters not U.S. gallons.

PUT THE PRESSURE PRESSURE ON US HIGH TECH ENGINE SEALING FROM MR. GASKET Super Ultra-Seal III Performance Gaskets • Delivers excellent sealing properties for oil, fuel and coolant • Seals using low flange pressure • Easily trimmed for custom applications • Requires no gasket sealer for installation • Releases easily from mating surfaces (no scraping required)

You are allowed 45 days to complete the modifications and get the car’s federal inspection completed. It is possible to have this time extended in special circumstances, but if the car cannot be brought into compliance, it must be re-exported or destroyed at your expense.

Once the Federal inspection is behind you, the process is the same as buying a car locally; an E-test, Safety Standards Certificate and then a trip to the licence office where you’ll pay Provincial Sales Tax (although the transaction did not occur in the province!). In summary, the process of importing a vehicle from the U.S.A. to Canada is quite manageable, but there is something important to consider in advance: Is it worth it? There are costs associated with importation: the cost of the vehicle, the exchange rate, travel costs to examine or pick up the vehicle, shipping costs, communication charges, the RIV’s import cost, GST, PST, Air tax, costs to bring the car into compliance and then the costs to get it’s emissions tested, certified and licensed. You may be able to buy the same car for a similar all-in cost and not run the risk of dealing at long distance. In general, I’ve discussed this process from the point of view of doing it all yourself, but of course there are companies who can take care of it all on your behalf. By familiarizing yourself with the process, you’ll be able to evaluate the value of these services.

References: Registrar of Imported Vehicles J.B. Customs Brokers Transport Canada Canadian Border Services A Driving Force for Generations 1964



US Customs

April/May 2007 • P|M

AprilMay07.indd 16

3/14/07 6:20:03 PM


Book Review:

High Performance New HEMI Builders Guide Chrysler first started building HEMI engines in the 50s. They were soon discovered by the car enthusiasts of the day, and started to show up in all types of race cars. In 1964, the 426 “Race HEMI” appeared followed in two years with the “Street HEMI.” The list of records set with these engines is long. However, for reasons only Chrysler knows, the HEMI engine was dropped from the line-up. But you could still buy them through the parts chain, so racers were still able to keep their pride and joy operable. In 2003, the latest HEMI was announced. Today’s 5.7 liter HEMI offers all of the technology advances we have come to expect in a power plant. The design is different, and the potential is high. Author Barry Kluczyk carefully explains the design changes in the new HEMI and explores the potential for modification. In 144 pages, he discusses tuning, parts

changes, nitrous and supercharger installs, and the various options this exciting engine is offering. With 325 colour photos to help explain the text, this is a great book for anyone who either owns this new engine or is planning to purchase a car with one. These engines offer amazing performance potential, with a simple aftermarket performance exhaust system change on a 300C, performance output was increased by 10.3 hp and 15.2 ft-lbs of torque. The HEMI Dodge ram pickup responded even better, with an increase of 13.7 hp and 17.4ft-lbs once its restrictive exhaust system was replaced with an aftermarket unit. It looks like the Chrysler fans will still be able to cry “HEMI Rules” far into the future. - Bob McJannett High Performance New HEMI Builders Guide • By Barry Kluczyk • Published by SA Design Item #132 • Retail $35.99

16 Years Of Innovation, Integrity & Leadership

■ Chassis

Harnesses ■ Fuel Injection Harnesses ■ Relay Kits ■ Connectors ■ Terminals ■ Battery Accessories ■ Fuse Blocks ■ LEDs ■ Switch Control Centers ■ Switches




w w w. p a i n l e s s p e r f o r m a n c e . c o m P|M • April/May 2007 AprilMay07.indd 17


3/14/07 6:20:18 PM

And the winner is …


Story by Wallace Garson • Photography by: Rick Kowalczykowski & Peter Robinson.


peedorama’s 2007 “Dean” award was whisked to Guelph, Ontario, under the control of Richard Ruiter. Richard is the proud owner/builder of the amazing XVette, 1955 Chevrolet convertible that we featured in our August 2006 issue. “The Dean” is Canada’s most valuable car show trophy, awarded to the vehicle chosen by a group of experienced judges as the car that represents the best in creativity, construction quality, fit, finish, and overall appeal. This year’s choice was extremely difficult with a number of top quality entrants vyying for the honour.

Since debuting his sensational project in the spring of 2006, Richard has been recognized as an extraordinary builder. Xvette was “The Car of the Show” at the Super Chevy event in Milan, Michigan, and was chosen the “Goodguys Custom Rod of the Year” for 2006. 2007 started with a bang, when Richard and the Xvette received “The Dean” on Jan 28. Becoming the second Canadian to win the award that honours the “Dizzy” Dean Murray’s contributions to the Canadian car scene, was made even more satisfying when the $9,000 cash changed hands.

Pictured at right is Gary Wallace “The Big Kahuna” fanning out $9,000 in cash for the winner of “The Dean.” Congratulations to Richard, his sons, and all the people that helped make the Xvette a champion.

29 Pe


• Ed • Ba • Hig • Wi • NE • NE • NE • NG • NE

See for det Gary with Richard Ruiter, owner and builder of the Xvette. Richard can’t make up his mind — should he hold onto the award or the cash?


1249 Xvette with its full car show display.

April/May 2007 • P|M

AprilMay07.indd 18

3/14/07 6:20:56 PM

! e l b a l i a v Now a

330HP Crate Engine Performance Package GM 330HP Engine Package includes everything in 290HP package with these upgrades:

12 4 988 27

ges a k c a p e n i g n E performance

p 60 ZZ572/720R $17,8


425HP Crate Engine Performance Package

383 STROKER GM 425HP Engine Package includes everything in 290HP package with these upgrades:

• Edelbrock Performer VORTEC Intake Manifold • Barry Grant Road DemonJr. 625cfm electric choke • VORTEC 64cc Cast Iron Heads • Edelbrock AirGap Intake Manifold • MSD Street Fire HEI distributor • Barry Grant Road Demon 750cfm electric choke • Air Cleaner, Chrome Accessories & more! • Fast Burn 62cc ALUMINUM Heads • MSD Street Fire HEI distributor • Air Cleaner, Chrome Accessories & more!

290HP Crate Engine Performance Package

See store for full details!

GM 290HP Engine Package includes:

• Edelbrock Performer EPS Intake Manifold • Barry Grant Road Demon Jr. 625cfm electric choke • High flow aluminum water pump (L) • Wild Fire HEI distributor • NEW chrome accessories • NEW intake gaskets • NEW spark plug wires • NGK spark plugs (8) • NEW balancer

See store for full details!

See store for full details!







Performance Improvements SALE • February/March 2007

AprilMay07.indd 19


3/14/07 6:21:01 PM

NEW Hcharger Intercooled ROrcUSha rger Kit Mustang Supe

5psi of boost!


• 115 hp! • 65 lb-ft of torque • 5 PSI boost • Estimated 8-hour installation time • Roush stand-alone ECM calibration Includes the industry’s only 3-year / 36,000-mile drivetrain warranty.


Starting from only RO401420

K DASHHAW formation Vehicle In Display

• OBDII multi-gauge displays over 100 parameters • Connects to your vehicle’s diagnostic port • Display 0-60 mph and ¼-mile times • Records maximum speed, rpm and water temp • Additional sensor accepted, e.g. wideband O2 • Built-in shift light capability • Check and clear trouble codes

AWESOME! MD13100 Only

Logo Shields



Showoff your NHL colours as your team makes a run for the Playoffs! Choose from 13 popular NHL teams including the Toronto Maple leafs and the Montreal Canadiens! Available for most fullsize Ford, Dodge and GM trucks.



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• Head Bolts • Intake bolts • Rod Bolts • Header bolts

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• Lowers temperature levels in a parked vehicle • Fresh air driving in all weather conditions • Reduces fogging for safer driving



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•0 •4 •C


w Edge Evolution


Designed from scratch to compliment your truck. • Constantly provides performance information • Includes custom-designed pod that makes the Edge Evolution look like it’s factory-installed • Substantial power and torque gains

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February/March 2007 • Performance Improvements SALE

AprilMay07.indd 20

1110 1110

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3/14/07 6:21:11 PM

* Fit


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11100 ..........0-15 psi Gauge w/ hose ........... $38 11103...........0-60 psi Gauge w/ hose ........... $38

Tire Pressure Gauges For your Street Car






• 0-60 psi gauge • 45° end for ease of use • Chrome plated housing 11101

Easily transport extra tires, and keep your garage organized! • Protects from dirt • Holds over 80lbs • One size fits all*


on the


ge winter wheel stora

W * Fits 22” - 31” Diameter Tire

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a Pair

ge Ed Edge e onne lo Ts

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MC24137 ....... Cone seat wheel locks from ............ $35/set MC25257 ...... Tuner wheel locks from .................... $17/set

FX Wheel Cleaner MR20524


FX Tire Shine MR20324


Chrome Polish MR35208



Mag & Aluminum Polish MR35100


NEed whee?l hardware e we are th source! Bought usedawllhetehls em? but can’t inst

Hard plastic case Included

Wheel Locks ! Guaranteed Forever • McGard locks are quality built in the USA • More key patterns than any other supplier

• Large easy to read dial • Heavy duty hose extension • XL – numerals and needle • Rubber dial protector



most state-of-the-art FX Theproducts available today!

Tire Pressure Gauges For your Race Car

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re The in stall hardwa you n eed Hard to fin d wheel BOLTS for BMW & VW From


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Chrome Valve Stems .49 each


Chrome Lug Nuts TOC8202



Lug Nut washers including Cragar and Keystone washers TOC772 –TOC780


Tun er Nuts for late model wheels Theft-Deterrent Valve Stem Caps

Does your $45,000 ride have 99¢ valve stem caps? Logo Caps are the finishing touch!


LCTDCXXX Set of four with two keys


Theft deterrent caps available in a wide variety of styles: Ford, Chrysler, Chevy, Honda and more!




Hub Centric Rings Set of 4 from You need these!


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Reduce vibration on aftermarket wheels

Wheel Spacers

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Fine tune fitment From 1/8” - 7/16” thick!

o rs Billet wheel adapt


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Performance Improvements SALE • February/March 2007

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SPRING WHEEL CLEARANCE! established 1964 TANGO / RANT / RAVE / GROOVE ALL IN-STOCK PACKAGES ARE ON SALE! 4 - 17” rims mounted & balanced on 205/40R17 tires

Falken ZE512



4 - 17” rims mounted & balanced on 215/45R17 tires

NEW • WHEELS • TIRES • CAPS • LUGS • VALVE STEMS • ALL NEEDED HARDWARE 4 - VOXX 209 17” rims mounted & balanced on 205/40R17 tires

Silver or Gunmetal





Also available in 215/45R17 for $1,075






15”, 17”, 18” SIZES Available 22





Also available in 215/45R17 for $1,075


4 - American TORQLITE 15”x7” rims mounted & balanced on 235/60R15 tires


NEW • WHEELS • TIRES • CAPS • LUGS • VALVE STEMS • ALL NEEDED HARDWARE 4 - VOXX 219 17” rims mounted & balanced on 205/40R17 tires








Falken ZE512

Falken ZE512

All you do is bolt them on! • WHEELS • TIRES • CAPS • LUGS • VALVE STEMS • ALL NEEDED HARDWARE 4 - Fast VENOM 17” rims mounted & balanced on 225/40R18 tires



Also available in 215/35R18 for $1,549

BARRIE 705-735-1274 422 Dunlop St. West (Hwy 90) M - F 9am - 9pm Sat 10am - 5pm OPEN SUNDAY 12-5!

NEWMARKET 905-954 -1630 180 Davis Drive (Hwy 9) M - T 10am - 6pm W - F 10am - 9pm Sat 10am - 5pm

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TORONTO 416-259-9656 1100 the Queensway M - F 9am - 9pm Sat 10am - 5pm OPEN SUNDAY 12-5!

LAVAL 450-688-4536 3236 Boul. St. Martin O M - W 10am - 6pm T - F 10am - 9pm Sat 10am - 5pm Toll FREE Number: 1-877-471-6700 Prices are valid from April 1, 2007, until May 31, 2007.

Please be aware that descriptive, typographic or photographic errors sometimes occur and are subject to correction. We reserve the right to limit quantities.

February/March 2007 • Performance Improvements SALE

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3/14/07 6:21:23 PM

Story by: Thomas Andrews Photography by: Bob McJannett & Peter Robinson


Speedorama 2007

continued the transition begun in 2006. More variety, more unusual features, and lots of great cars for the show goer to see. This was also the second year for “The Dean” destined to become Canada’s most prestigious car show award. This years winner, Richard Ruiter with his 1955 Chev took home $9,000 in cash. Here are just a few of the cars that caught our eye.

m m m

m m

Steve Milic’s Oakville based 1957 Chevrolet Convertible was a real head turner. Lincoln Electric Canada had their Chevrolet panel shop truck on display. Inside is a complete custom interior by TM Custom Auto Trim.


les m m m


m 5!


Here is a birds eye view of Garnet Rhame’s 50s style Model A Roadster Hot Rod.


P|M • April/May 2007 AprilMay07.indd 23


3/14/07 6:21:43 PM

One of the cars that everyone was talking about was John St Germaine’s “Time Bomb” 1936 radical Custom Roadster. This super looking purple 1937 Ford Cabriolet would make a great cruiser. Lots of room and a guaranteed head turner.

This beautiful Minnotti bodied 1937 Ford Coupe features a Corvette engine, super smooth body work, great Candy paint and a set of Boyd’s Billet wheels. Owned by Ed and Lynn McLean.

Just completed, Tony Deluca’s latest is this well constructed 1932 Ford Highboy roadster.

Peter Saver from Woodbridge had his 1966 Shelby GT350 race car on display. This car participated during the 60’s at SCCA events. Today it is part of the Legendary Motors Race Team.


April/May 2007 • P|M

AprilMay07.indd 24

3/14/07 6:22:28 PM

From Barrie came Larry Shackleton’s latest. His 1953 Chevrolet convertible had all the right custom touches. Frenched grille opening, Corvette grille teeth, 57 Packard taillights and more.

Another new car at the show was Craig Fowlers “Hog Hauler” 1957 large window, step side pickup. Air ride suspension and a hydraulic tilt bed make Craig’s truck unique.

This rare 1972 Javelin AMX features a 401 cubic inch V8 engine.

This 1972 Challenger R/T was carefully restored by Scarborough’s Ralph Porco and his son.

Jason Battersby’s “Eye Candy” custom bicycle blew the minds of show attendees.

Richard East’s 1930 Ford AA one ton straight bed truck came with a mini Model A roadster Pickup in the bed.

Mel Watson of the Coasters brought his custom 1957 Buick Hardtop to the show. It had all the right custom touches.

Brandon Roberts (another Coaster) built this 1954 Dodge 4 door into a classic custom to be different.

Joe Leone from Dream Driven Street Machines had “Jokers Wild” his small block powered T Roadster at the show. P|M • April/May 2007 AprilMay07.indd 25


3/14/07 6:23:13 PM

50s style grille bar, frenched and recessed headlights, rolled pan, all the best custom touches are included in EFIJY.

From the rear, notice the smooth lines, custom built taillights and dual exhaust exits.

E FIJY Story by Bob McJannett Photography by: Bob McJannett & GM Holden


f you are from “Down Under,” you will recognize the name Holden. Originally a saddlemaking company in the 1850s, they moved into horse-drawn carriages, and began building car bodies in 1914. Renamed as Holden Motor Body Builders in 1924, they became the exclusive supplier to General Motors in Australia. In the early 30s, they merged with GM and became General MotorsHolden Limited. The depression came and then WWll. During the war years, they produced vehicle bodies, field

guns, aircraft and marine engines. Once the war ended, a new era at Holden began. For years, the Australian government had promoted the idea of an all-Australian, mass produced motor vehicle. In 1948, the first all-Aussie Holden FX was unveiled. It sold like shrimp on the barbie. By 1953, the most popular Holden ever, the FJ made its debut. The FJ was the breakthrough model. Lots of stainless, chrome and two-tone paint schemes made it the leader in this sun burnt land. The fact that it did not break

Under the hood rests a supercharged GM 6.0 liter LS2 V8 that produces 6454 bhp at 6400 rpm.


down as often as the European or American models being sold, endeared it to the general population. Even today, people look back fondly on the Holden FJ. Fast forward till today: Holden Design has built their homage to the popular 1950s FJ, called the EFIJY. Starting with Corvette underpinnings, and powered by a supercharged six-litre LS2 aluminum V8. EFIJY is a unique twodoor hardtop custom body, built from fiberglass and featuring all the latest in creature comforts and electronic gadgets, including height adjustable electronically

controlled airbag suspension. In Toronto for the Canadian International Autoshow, first time in Canada, EFIJY is a tribute to the design capabilities of Australia’s GM Holden manufacturing. Unfortunately, this car is not slated for production, and that is truly a pity. Hopefully, you were able to attend the show and see this beautiful car up close. If not, we hope our pictures will give you some of the story. This is truly a wonderful car.

Interior design features leather interior, drop down touch-controlled LCD screen and maple trim.

April/May 2007 • P|M

AprilMay07.indd 26

3/14/07 6:23:40 PM

For a full appreciation of the stance of EFIJY, wouldn’t you like to see this car rolling down the highway?


Where it all began. The FJ was the most popular vehicle in Australia at the time.


• GM 6.0 liter LS@ aluminum V8 • Roots-type supercharger • 645bhp at 6400 rpm • Custom stainless steel 2.5” exhaust • GM 4 speed automatic • Limited-slip rear end

7 out of 8 of America’s top engine builders prefer Royal Purple*


• Two-door hardtop • Custom fiberglass body shell • High intensity L.E.D. head lights • Modified Corvette Chassis • Height-adjustable air suspension, with electronic touch screen controls • Custom billet aluminum wheels, 20” x 9” front and 22” x 10” rear


• Complete leather interior • Billet aluminum and leather steering wheel • Drop down, touch-control LCD screen • L.E.D courtesy lamps • Electric bucket seats And much more!

*Find out why Royal Purple® is the choice of racers and performance enthusiasts. Visit for details. Call 866-769-3517 today for a free product catalog. P|M • April/May 2007

AprilMay07.indd 27


3/14/07 6:23:53 PM

Spring cleaning time Don’t forget to check the rest of the Driveline.


Story by: Robert Michaels

n the spring, we will wax and polish our vehicle’s exterior, shampoo the interior and degrease the engine compartment. Fresh air cleaners are installed, spark plugs replaced and anything else included in a tune-up will be completed. Then we think we’re ready for another cruise season. Unfortunately, we have ignored the transmission and the rear end. These are long-suffering parts that stand up extremely well, considering the lack of maintenance most of them receive. Here are some ideas for you to consider.

downfall of an automatic. 85 percent of all transmission failures are attributed to excessive heat! There are a number of ways to get the heat out. Most are equipped with cooler lines that flow the transmission fluid thru a cooler built into the rad. Unfortunately that means both the water and fluid temp are very high. Better to remove the lines from the rad, and add an external transmission cooler; a must for high performance applications and towing. Towing adds a lot of heat to your transmission. Companies like B&M and Flex-a-lite make

the job done. Simply drop the transmission pan and replace the OE parts with the parts supplied in the kit. This is also a good time to change the fi lter and install a B&M drain plug kit. With a Shift Improver kit you have two settings, Heavy Duty, recommended for regular passenger cars and Street/Strip, when you want the hardest, quickest possible shift for high performance driving or competitive events. Moving up to the next level, you would install a TransPak; the TransPak has all the features of the Shift Improver Kit, plus it gives the driver manual control of the shifts (GM TH400, 350,

Don’t ignore your transmission and rear end. They need yearly maintanence too! In an automatic transmission, the power from your motor is transferred to the rear end: first through the torque converter, then through a series of planetary gears, clutches, bands and fluid creating the correct gear ratios as engine speed increases. OE transmissions are designed to slip a certain amount to provide smooth shifts. This slippage creates heat; unfortunately heat is the


top quality coolers, simple to install on a sunny afternoon. You can also improve the crispness of your shifts by installing either a B&M Shift Improver or a Trans Pak. These will also create less heat since shifts are now far quicker. The Shift Improver is the easiest and most economical unit, a few hand to ol s a n d a n afterno on will g e t

Ford C6 and Chrysler Torqueflite only). Most stock automatics won’t downshift into low gear above 15mph and will automatically upshift at a predetermined speed, no matter what gear you are in. By installing a TransPak, you can downshift at any speed and hold the transmission in first to whatever speed you want. This is particularly useful with a modified engine, towing a trailer or driving heavy loads downhill. If you really want to know what’s going on in your trans-

mission, Autometer makes a number of tranny temperature gauges that will keep you well informed. Once you have your transmission refreshed for spring, it’s time to move to the rear end. There are a number of things that should be checked to be sure your ride won’t let you down. Check the axle seals for any leakage, same for the wheel cylinders or brake calipers. Leaks here can be devastating. Depending on the type of driving you do, you may want to change the gear ratio, either to increase top end speeds or improve acceleration. Finally, as we talked about last issue, you should drain and replace your fluids before they breakdown. I am always amazed at what the fluid looks like when it is drained from a rear end. Talk about dirty! So there you have it, take the time to look past the bell housing and treat your transmission and rear end to a spring checkup too. By accomplishing these simple tasks, you will be rewarded with a safe and secure car to cruise in. See you at the cruise nights!

April/May 2007 • P|M

AprilMay07.indd 28

3/14/07 6:24:12 PM


DNA Mufflers: • Are 95% Free Flowing • Have 100% Stainless Steel Construction • Have a 5 Year Warranty • Increases Horsepower & Mileage • Are available for Race, Street and Truck applications

Page 1

8mm Spiro-Pro

• Retro-look Gray wire color for early muscle cars •350 ohms spiral-wound conductor for RFI suppression • 8mm diameter 100% silicone 2-layer jacket • Features ProBoot® • Also available in red, black, blue, orange, yellow, purple & hot lime

Also check out other high performance & race wires from TAYLOR. ThunderVolt ® 8.2


DNA Mufflers are the answer!

2:02 PM


TIRED OF THE USUAL? Want a true performance sound, but not the annoying drone?


• 50 ohm ferrite spiral-wound coated core for RFI / EMI suppression • 8.2mm diameter 100% silicone 2-layer jacket • Superior spark energy • Continuous heat protection up to 600° F • Available in black, blue or red

HEI Distributors

ThunderVolt ® 50

• 50 ohm ferrite spiral-wound coated core for RFI / EMI suppression • 10.4mm diameter 100% silicone 3-layer jacket for superior heat and abrasion protection • ProBoot® featuring vibration proof double spring locking terminals • Available in black

“409” Pro Race

• 350 ohms spiral-wound conductor for RFI suppression • 10.4mm diameter 100% silicone 3-layer jacket for superior heat and abrasion protection • Features ProBoot® • Available in black, blue & red

• Precision CNC machined A354 T-6 cast alloy housing for maximum accuracy • Centerless ground shaft reduces friction and provides concentric operation • 50,000 Volt coil with dust cover • High-output GM style module • A hardened steel gear machined to exact tolerances for a tighter mesh with cam gear • Direct plug-in replacement for easy OEM style plug and play installation • Replacement, Blueprinted and Chevy race models available

NEW Smaller Embossed Aluminum Battery Boxes

• Two new box sizes are now available to fit both Optima® and Odyssey batteries • Optional battery cable kits are also available • 1-816-765-5011



Visit our website to hear these Mufflers in action! P|M • April/May 2007 AprilMay07.indd 29


3/14/07 6:24:22 PM

Only in CANADA Eh? Story and Photography by: Thomas Andrews On Feb. 13, DaimlerChrysler announced that their Challenger Concept Car will become the 2008 Dodge Challenger and will be built in Canada at their Brampton Assembly Plant. Thus, helping Chrysler Canada dodge the major portion of the predicted layoffs that are coming down the pike for the automaker. Strong consumer response to the Challenger concept, initially revealed at the Detroit Auto Show in 2006, convinced Chrysler management that there is a strong market for this car. Positioning a 1970 Challenger on one side of the studio, the advanced vehicle design team began to push the clay around until they came up with the Challenger concept. The idea was to create a car that had the flavour of the old design while improving on the flaws of the original. Today’s Challenger is built on a slightly shortened LX platform with a 116” wheelbase. 20” aluminum wheels grace the front, while 22” wheels fill up the back wheel wells. The new Challenger is six inches longer and two inches wider than the original, creating a lower tougher look.


Power will come from the new 5.7L hemi engine. (There is talk of a 392 Hemi with 530 horsepower.) That ought to get the rear tires spinning! There is even some mumbling that a standard transmission will be an option.

Look carefully at our photos. This car looks right, sits right and will make all of us that lusted after the 1970 version consider the 2008. To my way of thinking, the design team “Got it right.”

April/May 2007 • P|M

AprilMay07.indd 30

3/14/07 6:24:42 PM

blade • • • •

engine-cooling fan part# 160

frees up horsepower increases mileage quicker warmup quicker cooldown

toll-free (877) 767-0537

P|M • April/May 2007 AprilMay07.indd 31


3/14/07 6:24:56 PM

High Voltage:

Story and Photography by: Robert Michaels


attery technology has changed dramatically. Once, you had either a 6 or a 12-volt battery. The switch to 12-volt was almost universal by the mid 1950s.

Are these the smartest battery chargers in the world? them up with distilled water. Tap water contains harmful minerals that can damage your battery. If you are stuck, use rainwater. Serious battery chargers were large bulky items that rolled on wheels, or hobbyists had trickle chargers that slowly brought the

tery technology has changed to match. Now, you could be dealing with conventional SLI (starting lighting & ignition), deep cycle, gel filled, absorbed glass matte or sealed. Not all of these newer style batteries can be recharged with older conventional chargers.

maintenance to ensure maximum battery life and performance. CTEK-patented protection technology guards against sparks, short circuit and reverse polarity to eliminate fear and worry about charging a battery. With a sleek, sealed design, CTEK battery

Battery chargers used to be large bulky items that rolled on wheels. Batteries were all once filled with acid, and your generator or alternator kept them charged. Should they lose their charge, your local service station, would recharge your batter overnight. It was important that the acid levels in the battery be kept filled in each cell, and you were supposed to top

dead battery back. It was important that all chargers be monitored. If the charger was left on too long, it would cause damage to the battery. Today’s vehicles are far more sophisticated. The large quantity of electronic devices require a very stable electrical environment. Bat-


1. Connect the clips to the battery. Be sure the red clip is attached to the positive terminal and the black clip to the negative.


Enter the CTEK line of battery chargers. Manufactured in Sweden, they are already the market leader in Europe. Quoting from their website, “As the world’s smartest battery chargers, CTEK products utilize switch mode technology with foolproof cycle modes for battery recovery and

chargers are compact, lightweight and weatherproof – even approved for outdoor use.” In other words, they are simple to operate with all the safeguards built in to protect your valuable battery and charging system. Currently CTEK is offering three models:


2. Plug the charger into an electrical outlet. The warning light on the bottom row, far left will illuminate to tell you you are correctly connected.

April/May 2007 • P|M

AprilMay07.indd 32

3/14/07 6:25:05 PM




The 800 (12V, 10W), so small and compact it could be permanently mounted under the hood and simply plugged in whenever you wanted to top up your battery. The 800 charger is designed for use with small 12-volt batteries, such as used in small cars, motorcycles, lawnmowers and jet-skis. It’s also useful for maintaining batteries up to 60Ah on vehicles which are used infrequently.

matically. When fully charged, the 3300 charger will switch to maintenance mode to keep your battery in top condition. Clip onto battery terminals or attach connectors permanently to battery and unplug when not in use. The 3300 will work with all types of 12V batteries (including Optima models). The 7000 (12V, 100W) six step, fully automatic switch mode. This

other models do and more. This charger would be good for a shop where it would be in use a lot of the time. Operation is simple, attach the cables to the battery terminals, black to negative and red to positive. If you connect them incorrectly, there is an indicator light that will tell you it is wrong. Once correct, plug the charger into a wall socket, an indicator light lets

you know the charger is ready. Press the mode button to choose your type of battery. The half filled battery indicator will light. When it moves to full, your battery is charged. These are excellent products worthy of your attention. Each model is lightweight, compact and extremely strong, able to stand up to years of abuse. Should you require a battery charger we can highly recommend you consider CTEK. Drop into your nearest CTEK retailer and have a look. Before attaching any charger, check the battery size and specs. Also review the charging instructions in your owners manual.

CTEK chargers are so compact they could be mounted under the hood! The 3300 (12V,45W) four step, fully automatic switch mode. If you have a vehicle you don’t use every day, just connect the CTEK 3300 battery charger and relax. If the battery is low, the compact unit will recharge it to ensure maximum battery life, varying both current and voltage auto-

is their top of the line charger. The CTEK 7000 battery charger is recommended for use with any type of battery and has a capacity of up to 250Ah. Like the CTEK 3300, it can be used with any type of lead acid battery, as well as gel and AGM types. The 7000 charger offers every feature that the

3 “I drove the ‘06 Hot Rod Power Tour with my Speed Demon-equipped Factory Five Cobra. I got 18.5 mpg in the city traffic and averaged 22-24 mpg during highway driving. Art Townshend, Long Hauler, Hot Rod Power Tour ‘06 “I toured with my 460cid ‘81 Chevy Malibu - I’m running an 850 annular Mighty Demon and I’m getting an impressive 22mpg or 19mpg with 4 passengers with the A/C on!” Joe DeMarco, Hot Rod Power Tour ‘06 “I’m proud to be the first West Coast customer to purchase the Six-Shooter and test it on my roadster. This system runs great in town or on the freeway and delivered 23 mpg when I drove it to Del Mar last year. I love it and I hear it’s won the Goodguys award” - Dean Ferrari

3. Now press the “Mode” button until you reach the correct setting for the action you desire. The top row of indicator lights tell you which setting you are at.

“I run a supercharged Brizio-built Roadster and I switched it to Demon Inline Twin carburetors. The Inline Twins are boost-referenced—the first of their kind – and the performance and fuel economy of my car improved immediately; in fact, my mpg figures are similar to those of my pals’ Roadsters, which are unblown! The Inline Twins were easy to install, easy to tune—especially float level checking, and they look terrific.” – Al von der Werth

Call for a dealer today (706)864-8544 Demon™ carburetors are not Holley® products and not affiliated with Holley®. Demon™ carburetors are designed and manufactured by Barry Grant, Inc. These products are not legal for pollution-controlled vehicles.

P|M • April/May 2007 AprilMay07.indd 33


3/14/07 6:25:15 PM

FUEL SALVATION? Story by: Thomas Andrews With the cost of gasoline rising, it seems like a good time to look for ways to improve your fuel mileage. There are lots of gadgets out there that claim to give you more miles per litre, most are smoke and mirrors. I spent some time searching the Internet to see what would turn up. Other than the top ten rules for improving your mileage, there were a number of additives being offered. The one that seems to make the most sense is the Tornado Fuel Saver. It is widely available in both Canada and the U.S. The Tornado is a simple turbine-shaped device that is introduced into the intake system either in front of the mass air sensor or inserted into the air cleaner of a carbureted car. Manu-


factured in the U.S. from stainless steel, the Tornado has no moving parts. It simply causes the fuel air mixture to move from a straight flowing motion to a swirling vortex. This motion change causes the fuel air mixture to become more atomized, causing an improvement in combustion. The increased fuel burn creates improved fuel mileage. In looking at their catalogue, it appears that they have a unit to fit nearly every style of vehicle. Their literature claims mileage increases of between 11.5% and 29.25%, certainly enough to make you sit up and take notice.

Even if the increase is only 10%, the device would be putting money in your pocket. One of the reasons I was drawn to the Tornado, was the number of testimonials they could provide. They have a number of individuals or companies who have had positive experiences with their device. The one that caught my eye was from WABC-TV in New York. “Seven on your side” had tested the Tornado. First they took their test car to Riverhead Raceway. Drained the gas tank and poured exactly one gallon of fuel back in the car. Set the cruise control to 35 and drove the car until it was dry. Their test car got 23 mpg. Next they had their mechanic install the Tornado as per the instructions, zeroed the odometer,

poured a gallon of fuel in, reset the cruise again to 35 and took off. When it ran out of gas the second time, they had travelled 27 miles. An increase of four miles or almost 15% better. Best of all, local retailers are offering the device with a 30-day money-back guarantee. You can buy it and try it with no chance for a loss. If fuel costs are getting you down, you just may want to give the Tornado a try.


April/May 2007 • P|M

AprilMay07.indd 34

3/14/07 6:25:29 PM

Performance Directory

! s k n a h T for supporting our

advertisers Let them know you saw their ad in: performance In MotioN P|M • April/May 2007 AprilMay07.indd 35


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WHO, WHAT and WHERE are they NOW?

Steering Solutions


UNIVERSAL JOINTS and SHAFTS • Splined or cut to length 3/4 DD • Needle Bearing Design • Stainless or nickel 5 AND 6 bolt ADAPTER fits perfectly with the Flaming River tilt steering columns and wheels.

“WaterFall” FR20150

Flaming River designs and builds steering systems including universal joints, tilt columns and rack & pinions for virtually any application:

TILT COLUMNS • All new components • Laser crafted stainless at our Cleveland facility • Column shift with only 8 inches upper housing length

s some s o cr a e e ca m w , y t car l a t n n e i t c er Re u l ie G ol R io. y ar b t n n e O k n a t er sl ide s South t ority j ou a h g m e ou h r t h t events t e guessing tha e 70s, but in th We ar n e k a t e er t t he w ou s t k o c h e s h e ow. (C n of t h e s k t ’ on d ) Here . e h w g , h ou t h u t in tr othes l c d tify. n n e a d s i e l d y n t tr y a hair s o t ou y or f are a few t o m n i e c orman ll let you f er p @ j c Email: bm identify any. We’ ue. ss n if you ca we find out next i t k now wha

Custom Adapter Required

Steering Accessories

Mustang II Style Power Rack & Pinion FLAMING RIVER INDUSTRIES. Inc. 1-866-897-5493 • FAX 440/826-0780



April/May 2007 • P|M

AprilMay07.indd 36

3/14/07 6:26:35 PM

y ut he e y.

.ca you



6 P|M • April/May 2007 AprilMay07.indd 37


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Uncovering the Mysteries of

Insurance Coverage If your driver neglected to obtain that ever-soelusive 19A clause on the auto insurance, he may feel like someone who’s been run over by a new set of Yokohamas. What’s a 19A clause, you say? You’ve arrived in time to discover the importance of proper coverage, when the vehicle in question is an item of rare beauty and charm. Especially if it’s running. The 19A (no devaluation) clause Known in some circles as the “act of God” clause, 19A ensures that in a situation where the vehicle is involved in an accident and is considered a total loss—the vehicle will not decrease in value from the professional appraisal submitted to the insurance company. The “act of God” part comes into play if the accident is a result of things like a tree falling on it or a volcano suddenly erupting on the highway next to Mosport. The car would still be covered. The standard 19 one Those unfortunate drivers who have policies with the heinous 19 clause receive only the book value (a.k.a. an amount that won’t even cover the eBay purchases) for their baby, should it be considered a total loss. Seriously, it’s enough to make an enthusiast clutch his Haynes manual to his chest and weep. While “the act” still applies, it isn’t quite as generous. A single letter can make all the difference, so ask your driver right now if he has it for that fabulous hunk of steel. Wake him up in the middle of the night if you have to, this is important.

Appraisals Obtaining the 19A means having your car appraised by a professional. There’s even an association for them called P.A.V.E. (the Professional Association of Vehicle Appraisers). Remember that this is a case of buyer beware, as not all appraisers are skilled at knowing how to spot the difference between Corvairs and Vegas. Good appraisers will: • Want to see the vehicle • Inspect any paperwork you have • Evaluate the condition of the ride from top to bottom • Understand the importance of matching numbers or stock parts and, on the other hand, the value of a cool addition like a supercharger What you can expect to receive is a full report stating all the details and a fair assessment of the value of the vehicle. If more work is done on the ride, ensure that it’s appraised again for good measure.

These appraisers come highly recommended: • Duke’s Street Rods, Mississauga, 905-277-1578 • GLS Appraisals, Barrie, 705-721-5050 • Classic Auto Appraisals, Port Robinson, 1-888-698-6668 Once the appraisal’s done, these insurance carriers not only offer the glorious 19A clause, they also get two thumbs up: • Lant & Co. Insurance Brokers Ltd. (Silver Wheels), Stouffville, 800-461-4099 • Zehr Insurance Brokers Ltd., New Hamburg, 519-662-1710 • Whetter, Oaklin Insurance Brokers Inc., Lindsay, 1-800-590-3269 The right insurance coverage makes for happier drivers, which then makes for even happier passengers. And that’s what really matters.

About the Author: Bonnie Staring is a comedian, advertising copywriter and one of those people who enters all kinds of contests. To see what else she’s been ranting about, visit her website: Illustration by Kayvene



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