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Annual Report July 1, 2018 - June 30, 2020

Photo by Bryce Morthland

Board of Directors Executive Committee Bryan Hannley, Chair

Matthew Thrower, Chair-Elect

Monica Barcelo, Treasurer

The Innova Group

DPR Construction


Paula Van Ness, Secretary

W. Craig ‘Hoot’ Gibson, Past Chair

Community Foundation for Southern Arizona

New York Life Insurance Company

Current Board Members Melvin Cohen

Patricia Houston

Nancy Johnson

Mesch Clark Rothschild

Community Leader

El Rio Community Health Center

Mike Kocsis

Edmund Marquez

Paula Register Hecht

Norman Rebenstorf

Banner Heath

Allstate Insurance

Tucson Orthopaedic Institute

Community Leader

Amber Smith

Howard Stewart

Steve Thu

Tucson Metro Chamber

AGM Container Controls

Community Leader

Ex-Officio Marcy Euler

Chancellor Lee Lambert

Pima Foundation

Pima Community College

Past Board Members* Jeff Ell

Rich Moret

Tommy Roof

Staci Standford

Toby Voge

Ell Real Estate Group

Moret Associates & Advertising

W.E. O’Neil Construction

Cox Media

Community Leader

*Volunteer service of individual occurred throughout timeline of reviewed statements for Annual Report.

Pima Community College Foundation, Inc. (Pima Foundation, the Foundation) was incorporated in the state of Arizona in 1977. The Foundation’s responsibilities include securing private philanthropic support for scholarships, programs and other needs of the College; our Board of Directors’ (BoD) Investment Committee oversees monies held with Affinity Wealth Management, who manages Foundation assets to ensure the best financial returns—which in turn, create developed funds focused on student success.

of Pima Foundation not only needed to be a qualified person but one whom would bring a needed change in culture—an individual who would respect not only the design, implementation and maintenance of internal controls but also a communicator who would hold our Board, College administrators and our Foundation team to a model of excellence in ideas, fellowship and follow through. Our nominating committee discovered, and ultimately the Board approved, Marcy Euler to the position of President of Pima Foundation.

Our mission is to:

Marcy has been the conduit between an external auditing team (chosen and approved by the BoD) and our Finance Committee for Pima Foundation’s accounting audits for the past two fiscal years. The audits stand as the financial positions of the Foundation related to statements of activities, functional expenses and cash flow. These audits, along with data from the Foundation’s Raiser’s Edge platform, provide insight and actuals that are included in this Annual Report. For example, including Board designated scholarships, Pima Foundation awarded over $288,700 to students in the 2019-2020 academic year and near $807,000 in the 2018-2019 academic year.*

Champion Pima Community College by cultivating relationships for lasting positive impact. We, as Board members, hold a fiduciary relationship with the College and the Tucson community. Additionally, our leadership is held to a standard honoring humanity and practicing inclusion and equitable decision-making. Our vision is:

A thriving community transformed by Pima Community College As Board Chairmen, during a time of transition for Pima Foundation, we knew discovering a fresh executive perspective was imperative. The next leader

We hold the information in this Annual Report as our promise to you that our Board of Directors and Pima Foundation will steward and deliver transparent activities and reporting. We will remain vigilant in transforming the figures on a page into realized community impact.

We thank you for your interest in a continued partnership.

W. Craig “Hoot” Gibson Board Chair 2019-2020

Edmund Marquez Board Chair 2017-2019

*Scholarships delivered from the Foundation are non-institutional monies. Accounting figures secured from the Foundation’s audits, Fiscal years 2018-2019 and 2019-2020.

Collective Giving Pima Foundation recognizes enterprise and private partners’ cumulative giving $100,000 or greater.

Joel & Jeane Novak

The Seabury Foundation

Florence Maley

Patty Harpst

David S. Elsasser, MD

Donald E. Elson

Estate of George Webster

John & Helen Murphey Foundation


Lawrence Rinard

Connie Hillman Family Foundation

Anna M. Edwards

Winifred Q. Witt

James & Janice Davenport

Wolslager Family Foundation

Kathlyn Bartha

William Hardy Concrete Contractors, Inc.

Greg R. Shinn

Louise B. Fitch

Renee Abbett

Michael Charles Rothman

Frances B. Frye

Bartol Family Partnership

Keep Students Thriving

Luis Denogean Pima Community College Student, Associate of Applied Science, Nursing (ADN)

Thursday before Pima Community College classes conclude for Fall 2020, Luis Denogean has exams and what all comes with his third semester as a Nursing student at Pima Community College. He is thinking ahead to a free day so he can go hiking in one of Tucson’s National Parks and photograph an iconic site with his eye for beauty and structure. Christmas is here but the holiday season has often had a cloud over it for Luis. It was thirteen years ago Luis’ mom passed away and Christmas was never the same. He and his brother were transported from their comfort zone in Mexico to living in Tucson with his aunt and uncle. He is a grateful young person. A compassionate person. So much so that when his grandmother was diagnosed with lung cancer, he knew he must go into the Medical and Health Care arena—Bio-Med, that would be his calling—maybe he will be part of team that cures cancer...or an MD. “No, docs don’t get to spend but 5 minutes or so with a patient”—plus the cost of a four-year degree in biology and medical school is unaffordable for a guy who will need to not only pave his own road but pay for it. Nursing. Nursing at PCC. “It’s a great program and it was an offering I could afford or is at least more manageable (financially) than medical school.” He dove into his core classes and kept busy with the PEERS Program for International students; he volunteered as a mentor, translator and friend to those away from home. In May/June of 2020, Luis applied for scholarship funds. Fall 2020 and for Spring 2021, Luis is the recipient of the John P. and Anna M. Edwards Scholarship for $1,000 each semester. He took advantage of Scholarship Universe, now available to PCC students, and a match to his application was made. He has ideas of what is next in not only his educational journey but professional setting. Luis plans to go straight into the workforce as a Registered Nurse, working on the frontline, while finding a Bachelor’s (and eventually a Master’s) program in Pediatric Oncology Nursing. Big dreams that include educational goals come at a price and Luis is willing to—wants to—put in the hours and find a way to make it all happen. Pima Community College’s Nursing Program is one of the College’s leading programs regarding endowments and scholarships held at the Foundation. Through the community’s giving, $1,890,337 * has been invested for PCC students studying and planning for a career in nursing and other health care professions.

*This amount is based on the Foundation’s audit (activities statement) Fiscal Year 2019-2020.

Hilda Ladner Executive Director for Diversity, Equity and Inclusion, Pima Community College

My mother made a decision to leave our home in Sonora, Mexico, and migrate to the USA. I was seven (7) and we made our new home in Chandler, Arizona. Even as I was enrolled in International Baccalaureate [IB], Advanced Placement [AP] and honors courses, and getting brochures in the mail from every Ivy League university, no one ever talked to me about college. As a first-generation college student, living in poverty, I didn’t know I had options. I received both my Bachelor of Liberal Arts in Modern Languages [French and Spanish] and Master of Education in Bilingual and Multicultural Education at Northern Arizona University (NAU). My early work as a pre-major academic adviser and then as a career counselor opened my eyes to the importance of advocating for students who are viewed outside of the traditional college norm. My mentors at NAU [in Student Affairs] showed me a career path I did not know existed before I entered college. I have worked with marginalized and minoritized students, students without a home, undocumented students and what they each want is an opportunity.

“I am tenacious and the memory of where I came from keeps me working to meet the needs of the students we serve.” With over 25 years of experience in higher education, I am working with our PCC community to create a culture that is affirming and where all our students can achieve their educational goals. By focusing on community and building a culture where we all feel like we belong and have a voice, we are expanding the conversation on equity.

An extended spotlight on Hilda Ladner can be found at pimafoundation.org/news.

Monica Barcelo, Treasurer, Executive Committee Pima Foundation Board of Directors

“As a daughter of Mexican immigrants, I focus on the growing Hispanic/Latin population in Tucson & Pima County and the need of financial resources for students in this cultural group.” Support Monica’s vision and invest in The Dreamers and Beyond Scholarship.

Supporting Pima Athletics Aztecs Athletics and Chapman Automotive Group have formed a Board of Governors approved partnership to improve West Campus facilities and expand the Athletics Department’s operational budget. The deal celebrates a $210,000 sponsorship over three years. Additionally, Chapman Automotive Group is an enterprise partner with Pima Foundation, creating multiple scholarship opportunities for students enrolled in PCC’s Business Programs. This partnership was launched with a $35,000 gift. These partnerships are not lost on Dan Bithell, Head Coach for Aztecs Women’s Volleyball. He sees the connectivity between leveling-up fiscally and community impact. Each team program within Aztecs Athletics is responsible for development and sustaining program funds. Yes, the College provides institutional scholarships for student-athletes but the nuts and bolts and dayto-day survival of a team is up to its members and coaches. Coach Bithell is inspired by his team’s resilient spirit and their focus on community connection. Citizenship, commitment, leadership and talent are the foundation of Pima Aztecs Volleyball. Next is creating relationships with community members who share the same vision of excellence and would be able to create sustainable giving to support the individuals powering the sport. Volleyball was one of six Pima Aztecs teams named as a 2019-2020 NJCAA Academic Team of the Year.Support Dan Bithell and Pima Aztecs Volleyball program at pimafoundation.org/volleyball. All Pima Athletics Programs accepting contributions through the foundation at pimafoundation.org/program-athletics.

Keep Students Thriving

Deborrah Himsel Author, Executive Leader Coach & Consultant, UA Adjunct Professor and Philanthropist

Deborrah Himsel and her family believe in working hard, keeping their life-journey active and supporting community. She subscribes to seasons at the Opera,volunteers for projects and makes annual donations to organizations making a difference. Deborrah is exceptional in all she does; not because she approaches situations to be the best but because she is the best, innately and in practice.

Before working as an Executive VP at Avon Products, she was an Executive for the Port Authority of New York and New Jersey— and met Salvatore Ardizzone. Sal was a man who worked his way up starting in his teens at an aviation (specific) high school. He apprenticed as an electrician at the Port Authority and worked to achieve the master classification, Journeyman Electrician. Throughout their marriage, Sal would continue to develop programs for future journeymen in the skilled trades and Debbie turned to executive leadership consulting. Along the way, she penned, Leadership Sopranos Style... and Beauty Queen... and then, Salvatore passed on, leaving Deborrah, his adult children and friends reeling... Debbie was sharing lunch with comrades and confided that she needed something soul-gratifying and something that would honor her late husband. Not honor in the way she considered ‘legacy’ but in a way that would feel purposeful and directed at promoting others. Her friends recommended her philanthropic nature be focused on an endowment at...Pima Community College. The idea resonated with Sal’s children and spoke to Sal’s life’s work to develop the student into a master. The endowment she and the Ardizzone family and friends established is The Salvatore Ardizzone Journeyman Scholarship Endowment and provides funds to students in PCC’s Center of Excellence in Applied Technology. Debbie bubbles when she reflects on her light bulb moment that now sparks change to empower students—allowing them to shine.

Did you know a $10,000 investment will endow a fund with Pima Foundation? Shine a light on student success and establish an endowment at


Marcy Euler President, Pima Foundation

The past several years have been transformational for Pima Community College Foundation, Inc. In late 2017, under the leadership of former Foundation President Rachael Schaming, the Foundation became a separate entity from the College strengthening the Foundation’s role in supporting PCC through philanthropic efforts. Early in 2019 Pima Foundation added the College’s alumni community to its oversight and new team members have been hired who care deeply about the work they do for Pima Foundation, PCC and its students. Robust software systems have been installed to improve our ability to connect with Pima Community College devotees, manage scholarship, endowment and program funds and raise monies for areas of need and a reimagined future. We have rebuilt the very foundation of the Foundation and polished our vision and mission statements as well as added a clean and simple brand mark that speaks to our association with PCC as well as our ability to stand independently. Our electronic footprint has been redesigned and the Foundation has expanded its social media presence to include 10 active accounts across multiple platforms. Most importantly, we are able to share Pima Foundation’s financial health and potential for growth— transparency to our community is of utmost importance. As shown in the financial statements on the following pages, Pima Foundation is healthy. Positive stock market fluctuations have helped grow our portfolio. In Fiscal Year 2018-19, we spent more on scholarship allocations than in several years prior-a result of the internal review of funds completed during separation from the College. In Fiscal Year 2019-20, scholarship disbursements more accurately reflect spending moving forward. Pima Foundation’s Team takes responsibility for stewardship of the funds with which we are entrusted and leads with integrity when building relationships with the individuals and enterprises who become our partners. Pima Foundation has been able to nimbly navigate the economic and social challenges presented and I am confident the Foundation and the College will share in a bright future. Since September 2020, three generous partners have made substantial investments. We are most grateful to the Thomas R. Brown Family Foundation, Bank of America and the Connie Hillman Family Foundation for their commitments to Pima Foundation’s initiatives and desire to elevate their connections to student success.

Scholarships 2018-2020 Number of Scolarships Disbursed

2018 - 2019

2019 - 2020



Amount of Money Dispursed to Students

2018 - 2019


2019 - 2020


* Individual, non-institutional scholarship numbers reported by Pima Community College’s Office of Financial Aid and Scholarship. Unique number of students counted. Renewal awards are not accounted for in this statistic.

Pima Community College Foundation, Inc. Condensed Statement of Activities for Fiscal Year Ended June 30, 2019 With Donor Restrictions Without Donor Restrictions

Purpose Restrictions

For Perpetuity


650,809 88,735

354,565 223,895


1,103,376 312,630

Net assets released from restrictions & transfers




Total revenues & support





Contributions Investment income/(loss), net



Total expenses

*1,289,380 285,933 122,549 1,697,862
















Program expenses Management & general Fundraising

*1,289,380 285,933 122,549 1,697,862

Pima Community College Foundation, Inc. Condensed Statement of Activities for Fiscal Year Ended June 30, 2020 With Donor Restrictions Without Donor Restrictions

Purpose Restrictions

For Perpetuity


665,314 25,308

481,929 (5,894)


**1,277,397 19,414

Net assets released from restrictions & transfers




Total revenues & support





Contributions Investment income/(loss), net



Total expenses

859,235 328,984 91,405 1,279,624
















Program expenses Management & general Fundraising

859,235 328,984 91,405 1,279,624

*Includes disbursements of scholarships to students from both the general and endowed funds accounts which prior to the Foundation’s separation from the College, were not distributed. Amount also includes payments from Program funds that support various initiatives across the College. **Nearly a 17% increase in contributions above the prior year

Pima Community College District 2020 Comprehensive Annual Financial Report Excerpt, page 50.

9c. Endowment Fund The Foundation’s endowments consist of several individual funds established under donor restriction for a variety of purposes. As required by accounting principles generally accepted in the United States of America, net assets associated with the endowment funds are classified and reported based on the existence or absence of donor-imposed restrictions. The Board of Directors of the Foundation complies with the Uniform Prudent Management of Institutional Funds Act (UPMIFA) as adopted by the state of Arizona with a focus on growth of such funds as well as the preservation of the value of the gift absent explicit donor stipulations to the contrary, The Foundation classifies as net assets with donor restrictions (permanent endowment), (a) the original value of gifts donated to the permanent endowment made in accordance with the direction of the applicable donor gift instrument at the time the accumulation is added to the fund. The remaining portion, if any, of the donor-restricted endowment fund that is not classified in net assets with donor restrictions (permanent endowment) is classified as net assets with donor restrictions (specific purpose) assets until those amounts are appropriated for expenditure by the Foundation in a manner consistent with the standard of prudence prescribed by the UPMIFA. In accordance with UPMIFA, the Foundation considers, if relevant, the following factors in making a determination to appropriate or accumulate donor-restricted endowment funds: (1) the duration and preservation of the funds, (2) the purposes of the donor-restricted endowment funds, (3) general economic conditions, (4) the possible effect of inflation and deflation, (5) the expected total return from income and the appreciation of investments, (6) other resources of the Foundation and (7) the Foundation’s investment policies.

ENDOWMENT NET ASSETS as of June 30, 2020 comprised of:

Donor-restricted endowment assets

Without Donor Restrictions

With Donor Restrictions Specified Purpose

With Donor Restrictions Permanent Endowment




CHANGES IN ENDOWMENT NET ASSETS for the year ended June 30, 2020 are: Without Donor Restrictions Endowment net assets, beginning of year Contributions

With Donor Restrictions Specified Purpose

With Donor Restrictions Permanent Endowment

$ 261,757



$130,154 (210,731)

Donor-directed transfers Investment loss


Other Transfers


Appropriation of endowment assets for expenditure



Endowment net assets, end of year





Top Five Endowment Categories #1 #2




Ethnic, Transborder and Native American Populations:

Non-designated Programs:

Nursing & Health Care Related Professions:

Career and Technical Training:

Arts Division:






*Numbers derived from Net Assets with perpetual donor restrictions at June 30, 2020.

Top Programs for Contribution

Reaching for $300,000,000 Investment Goal by 2028

Pima County

$300,000,000 Goal


2019 - 2020 $15,000,000 State of Arizona (Aviation Center)

Pima County

$65,000,000 Revenue Bonds (Centers of Excellence) $1,094,339 Private & Enterprise Contributions

2018 - 2019 $1,277,397 Private & Enterprise Contributions

Did you know a recent adjustment to the Stimulus Act extends the above-the-line charitable contribution through 2021 with an increase to $600 for those married filing jointly and $300 for other filers?

Keep PimaThriving

Demion Clinco Chair, Governing Board, Pima Community College District

Amidst the extraordinary moments we experience, Pima Foundation’s advocacy for Pima Community College is steadfast and in return the College supports the Foundation in building community relationships and managing non-institutional funds—the yin and yang of a thriving community college space. The public sees the two entities as one. At their cores, they are united for student success. And independently they keep students, Pima and Tucson thriving. With the passage of Proposition 481, voters demonstrated how important Pima College and its mission is to the economic vitality of the region. The vote of confidence for the Governing Board’s leadership and the vision of the Chancellor renewed and strengthened the commitment of both PCC and Pima Foundation to meet the educational needs of our community. While the curriculum and programs are essential, it is the people—students, Faculty, staff and community supporters—who are the key to success. The College’s people are its driving force. Pima Community College students are, typically, more seasoned than a traditional four-year college student. Most have employment responsibilities as well as family obligations, to balance along with their education goals. Pima students are diverse in ethnicity and culture and often the first in their family to attain education past high school. Many struggle, literally, to put food on their tables. Even in the best of times, they need support to be successful. In these difficult times, the need is even greater.

Pima Foundation has established funds for Student Success Initiatives: · Student Emergency Support · The Aztec Resource Center (Food Pantry) · Areas of Greatest Need

Giving comes in many forms and there are many ways to support the College. But I ask, at this time, we focus our efforts on Pima Community College students and their immediate needs as humans. I am encouraged and congratulate Pima Foundation on the bridge of opportunity it provides between PCC’s alumni community of giving, the College and its students. Thank you for hearing my appeal and turning it into action.

Photo by Luis Denogean

Student Profile Gender Distribution, Fall 2020

59% Female 39% Male


2% Unknown



Centers of Excellence



Countries + US are Represented in the PCC Student Population

Median Age of a PCC Student

23% 47% First Generation College Attendee

Hispanic/LatinX Population at PCC

Pima Community College is designated as a Hispanic-Serving Institution. The distinction is directed to colleges where Hispacnic enrollment is at 25% of the total enrollment. PCC has a 47% Hispanic enrollment and with this designation it allows the College to compete for targeted federal grants; the HSI grants allow the College to develop and improve practices to reduce education equity gaps in access and attainment. (Pima Community College’s Office of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion) Source of Statistics: VFA (Voluntary Framework of Accountability) provided by PCC’s Strategy, Analytics & Research (STAR)

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Donors Fiscal Years 2018-2019 & 2019-2020 Your generosity, inspired by student success, gives our partnership value.

Marty Cortez Robert Costello Rosanne Couston Patricia Cowles Cox Communications Thomas Cracovaner Elizabeth Craig Charles Cremin Culinary Dropout Robert Cunningham Raymond Cusack CyberGrants SPV, LLC CYT Tucson Joseph P. Dal Pra Joe Daldrup Dallas County Community College District Dallas Creek Construction, LLC Patricia A. Danloe DataWorks, LLC James & Janice Davenport Amber Davis Augusta Davis Patrick Day Susan M. Day Gabriela De Echavarri Susan Delaney James A. Delaune Stacey Delisie Desert Diamond Casinos & Entertainment Suzanne J. Desjardin Larry Deutsch Ann J. Diaz Edward Diaz Digital Video Networks Beth Dingman Tatiana Diulgher DLR Group Kathleen Docherty Daniel L. Docks Barry Dodge Carlos Dominguez DonateWell Donation Line, LLC Cindy J. Dooling Edward M. Doran David A. Dore Patricia Dorlac Shelly Dorsey DPR Construction Mark Drury Esperanza Duarte Alicia K. Dunn

Donor Advised Funds

Third-Party Processor




Gifts Recieved

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Sharon Hertle Steven Higginbotham Deborrah M. Himsel Susan Ho Lowell Hobson Jean Hoffman Andrew Hogan Hollo Collection Marjorie A. Holmstrom Jessica Holton Honeywell Daniel Horist Horizon Rebecca D. Hornbuckle Patricia Houston Jon Howe Beverly R. Hubbard Robert Humphrey JoAnne Hungate Helen Infanti Roger & Nancy Ingersoll Ingersoll-Rand Company In-Position Technologies Nami Iranshahi Iron Ranger Foundation J. Dennis Bartlett, CPA, P. C. J.P. Morgan Securities, LLC Vickie Jacobs Jesus Jaime-Diaz Alison Jannuzi Christopher Jansmann Joyce Jayden Jim Click Automotive Team Nancy Jimenez Kenneth Johns Nancy Johnson Jan Joseph K2 Aviation Andrew Kachur Tracy Kahn Barbara J. Kalm Linda Kangas Belle J. Kass Rita M. Keane Timothy Keefer Sean Keith Susan Kelley Crystal Kelly Kendra Scott Charles Kerschner Ingrid S. Ketcham Himat Khalsa Lynden Kidd Laurie Kierstead-Joseph Mark Kimble Betty King Kingfisher Denise Kingman Jay Kittle Tom Kittle Klein Educational Systems, Inc. Marcia Klipsch Mark Klugheit Molly Knipe

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Keep PimaThriving

Bruce Moses Vice-Chancellor of Educational Services and Institutional Integrity

I was raised on the Northwest side of Detroit, Michigan. My father was a minister and I knew my world was special, not by the definition of others, but by watching my father. He was charismatic and confident. I had uncles who worked in the automotive industry and they provided vivid lessons of how to interact with people in a non-apologetic and yet graceful way; they taught me the importance of listening and looking people in the eye. I found a thirst for the world outside of my humble and loving start. The college classroom and eventually administrative opportunities to lead the workforce of higher education has shown me there is always more work to be done; higher levels of excellence to reach; and the importance of not getting stuck in a rut. I guess in truth, it would be a combination of my education, personal fortitude and family that has landed me in my zone. My call to Tucson was to aid PCC with the probation sanctions forensic audit in 2015 and setting straight its accreditation standards and federal compliance. I [tend to] run toward a challenge. When I was first introduced to Pima Community College I immediately saw [that] it was too large of an institution to be on the brink of failure; it and its people—Faculty, administrators and students— needed help and change. I knew I might not win a popularity contest but Tucson would win back its legacy.

“It is the community college student who is more likely to stay in and contribute to her or his community.” If we truly want to expand opportunity, growth in the local economy and strengthen our communities, we cannot afford to ignore community college students as advocates for change. PCC and the Foundation have a shot at placing the development of the Alumni Community as a top priority. [We need to] build relations with alumni students, community members, businesses and industries who often identify with the four-year college from which they [may have] earned a degree. [At Pima] I know we are shaping a new generation of leaders who will transform our communities. An extended spotlight on Bruce Moses can be found at pimafoundation.org/news.

Paula Van Ness, Secretary, Executive Committee Pima Foundation Board of Directors

“Pima Community College is a hub for learners, doers, and dreamers. I am proud to support the college and work alongside a great group of people who are striving to build and maintain a thriving community.”

Keep TucsonThriving

A planned need, accelerated by COVID-19 and the necessity of remote learning, was to build courses for the online and hybrid environment for Career and Technical Education (CTE) programs. Curriculum designers built flexible online content and translated courses from traditional classroom settings to online experiences. To support this vision, Thomas R. Brown Family Foundation provided Pima Foundation a grant of $50,000, matched by an equal amount from PCC, to create the Pima Instructional Design Training Academy. The Academy’s online templates became available for enrollment in January 2021. Additionally, we announce with honor, PCC’s nomination for a Bellwether Award, related to PimaOnLine course development and the Design Academy. The College’s profile as a leader in community college innovation positively impacts the Tucson employment landscape as PCC delivers prepared individuals into our workforce. The Brown Foundations are the legacy of Burr-Brown Corporation, a technology company Tom Brown started in his Tucson garage. Burr-Brown grew to be an international manufacturing enterprise with thousands of employees in Tucson, many trained at Pima Community College. Through efforts like the Instructional Design Academy, Pima Community College together with Thomas R. Brown Family Foundation will expand the strength of the region through innovative training and reskilling of workers.

During fiscal year 2019-2020, Pima Foundation was in receipt of close to $1.3M in contributions and revenue. This includes weekly employee payroll deduction donations, gifts from enterprise and independent partners and other revenue.

Bryan Hannley, Board Chair Pima Foundation Board of Directors

“#Economicimpact PCC’s Applied Technology program is set to be a “crown jewel” for Pima and our community in measures of job creation and economic growth. Sometimes community growth comes with sweeping moments and other times it might be an individual who is the catalyst. Dr. S J Manilla was an educator and proud citizen of Tucson. He too would have stood in awe of PCC’s Applied Technology and the workforce opportunity for the community college educated.” Support Bryan’s vision and contribute to the Dr. SJ Manilla Endowment.

Matthew Thrower, Chair-Elect Executive Committee Pima Foundation Board of Directors

“The Center of Excellence in Applied Technology and Building and Construction Technology programs provide students with first-rate career training from construction industry professionals. The market for new construction in Tucson is growing thus, the need for PCC graduates with industry knowledge is critical.”


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