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AFS Trip To Budapest vol. II

aka what you need to know for the trip

At the beginning Hello, everyone! So we are leaving soon, I would like to give you more information on what you need to know and what will happen. This simple booklet contains a lot of very important information, so, please, read every single bit of it.


Travel information

Departure day: Wednesday, March 6th

From Prague We go by a Student Agency coach, leaving at 7 a. m. so we will meet at FLORENC near Burger King at 6 a. m. sharp. And we will arrive back to Prague on Sunday at 5.00 p. m. From Brno The bus will be leaving from Brno at 9.00 (the stop: Benešova str.,hotel GRAND). Be on time!! On Sunday, we will stop in Brno at 2.30 p. m.

Volunteers Lenie


Chapte r Pilsen

r Chapte Pilsen


Chapte r Pilsen 1




er Chapt Pilsen

Chapte r Prague



Chapte r Pilsen

Chapter Pilsen


Budapest is the capital of Hungary. As the largest city of Hungary, it is the country’s principal political, cultural, commercial, industrial, and transportation centre. In 2011, Budapest had 1,733,685 inhabitants.The city covers an area of 525 square kilometres within the city limits. Budapest became a single city occupying both banks of the river Danube with a unification on 17 November 1873 of west-bank Buda and Óbuda with east-bank Pest. The history of Budapest began with Aquincum, originally a Celtic settlement that became the Roman capital of Lower Pannonia. Hungarians arrived in the territory in the 9th century.

Their first settlement was pillaged by the Mongols in 1241-42. The re-established town became one of the centres of Renaissance humanist culture in the 15th century. Following the Battle of Mohács and nearly 150 years of Ottoman rule, development of the region entered a new age of prosperity in the 18th and 19th centuries, and Budapest became a global city after the 1873 unification. It also became the second capital of Austria-Hungary, a great power that dissolved in 1918. Budapest was the focal point of the Hungarian Revolution of 1848, the Hungarian Soviet Republic of 1919, Operation Panzerfaust in 1944, the Battle of Budapest of 1945, and the Revolution of 1956. source:

What to pack • •

swim suit, towel, slippers money • • • •

• • • • • •

as it is not easy to exchange forints in the Czech Republic. We ask you to take 6.000 HUF and 100 EUR with you this amount of money will be enough for food and drinks and also all entrance fees any extra money is upon your deliberation if you have a credit card you can use abroad take it with you

passport or ID card and your insurance card an international student card (ISIC or anything similar) if you have it a cell phone a hand bag and two snacks for the bus-ride (or more, if you need :) ) all those whose visa expired, the special STAMP

Safety tips If you don’t know where we are - CALL! If you can’t call ask someone to lend you their phone! If there’s no one who can help you go back to the hostel and wait! Important phone numbers in Budapest: Integrated emeregency system: 112 Ambulance: 104 the Kútvölgyi Hospital: 00361 325 1100 Police: 107 Fire fighters: 105 Please, before you leave charge your phone batery and your phone credit (at least 400 CZK).


Phone numbers Students First Name

Phone number*

Carlos JosĂŠ Eri Poon Pedro Scarlett Domi Nam Mo Patrick Luk Mai Bank Nina Fluke Nine Pure Dilsa Ploy Fernanda Alejandro Jana Parker BĂĄrbara Marta

605 158 025 605 194 262 605 488 371 774 867 438 605 003 947 605 382 249 774 940 785 773 932 673 774 166 248 776 648 171 722 378 848 773 295 181 777 935 396 604 993 396 605 426 034 722 484 194 605 165 855 775 102 322 605 332 487 608 733 542 605 311 459 776 279 350 774 598 085 602 101 121

Where will you get on the coach Brno Brno Prague Brno Prague Brno Brno Prague Brno Prague Prague Prague Prague Brno Prague Brno Brno Prague Prague Prague Prague Prague Prague Prague

* remember to use the Czech area code (+420) 3

Volunteers First name Bára F. Lenie Kája Markéta Jana Adéla Anett

Phone number* 602 60 43 09 732 88 33 83 607 782 624 724 50 08 61, 731 705 755 606 831 675 721 233 673 602 255 999

Rules I know, I know!! But you have to understand! Since there will be a group of 30 people, you have to understand we need to be organized and behave! And since we all have different perceptions on the so-called GOOD BEHAVIOUR! So we need to unify our views, here are some rules: • • • •

NO ALCOHOL! Be always where you should be (in case you don’t know, ASK) Listen when someone is talking to you and PAY ATTENTION Remember you will be representing AFS CZE, so think twice about what you do and say!

As you know, there will be 7 volunteers and 24 students. You will be assigned to one volunteer who will be responsible for you and will tell you all information. So each volunteer will have 4 students. We want to divede you into groups according to who you are friends with. So, please, think in advance who you want to be together with. 4

What will we see? St. Stephen´s basilica St. Stephen´s basilica is the most important spiritual building in Hungary , one of the most popular tourist destination and also the third hightest building in Hungary. Great Synagogue in Dohany street The Dohany street Synagogue and the Hungarian Jewish Museum are in the same building. The synagogue was named after the street,but it is also known as the great, or main synagogue. It is among top 10 sights of Budapest. The Chain Bridge The Chain Bridge is a suspension bridge that spans the River Danube between Buda and Pest, the western and eastern sides of Budapest. It was the first permanent bridge across the Danube in Budapest, and was opened in 1849. The Gellert Hill and the Statue Gellert Hill is a 235 m hight hill overlooking the Danube River in Budapest. The monument stands some ten metres hight and was built in 1904. Siklo SIKLO is a funicular railway in the city. It links the Adam Clark Square and the Chain Bridge at river level to Buda Castle above. The National Gallery and Museum The Hungarian National Gallery is the largest public collection documenting and presenting the rise and development of the fine arts in Hungary. It has operated as an idependent institution since 1957. The Hungarian National Museum was built in 1837 and it has seven permanent displays.


The Parliament The Hungarian Parliament Building is the seat of the National Assembly of Hungary, one of Europe’s oldest legislative buildings, a notable landmark of Hungary and a popular tourist destination. It lies in Lajos Kossuth Square, on the bank of the Danube. It is currently the largest building in Hungary. Corvin centre The Corvin centre is the most modern shopping centre in Budapest because it was opened in 2010. The modern National Theater and the Museum of Modern Arts The National Theatre is the main theatre of Budapest, and the largest such institution in Hungary, opening originally in 1837. The new National Theatre was opened in 2000. The Museum od Modern Arts was built between 1900-1906. The museum´s collection is made up of international art ( other than Hungarian), including all periods European art and comprises more than 100 000 pieces. The Memento Park Park is an open air museum, dedicated to monumental statues from Hungary´s Communist period. For example there are statues of Lenin,Marx,Engels. Varosliget and the Square Of Heroes It´s a public park close to the city centre. Its main entrance is Heroes’ Square , one of Hungary’s World Heritage sites. The Museum of Terror It contains exhibits related to the fascist and communist dictatorial regimes in 20th century Hungary and is also a memorial to the victims of these regimes, including those detained, interrogated, tortured or killed in the building.


Accomodation We will be staying in a hostel in the very center of Budapest. It´s name is Unity Hostel and we will be accommodated in 6bed bedrooms. If you want to check out the hostel follow this link: Here is the address, if you get lost you can show it to someone in the street and they will tell you how to get there: Kiraly utca 60, Budapest, Hungary 1068 Phone:

Hope you will enjoy it more me when mamma’s hunting new clothes :) ZzzzzZzzzz...


For more information conntact: Lenie or Bára F. Remember: 6th March Florence at 6 am Brno (the stop: Benešova str.,hotel GRAND) at 9.

texts: Lenie & Kája, design: Lenie, pictures: google, Lenie


Trip to Budapest, Hungary - 2013  

Hey, guys, here are all the infomation you need to know before and during the trip to Budapest.

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