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Academy of Our Lady of Peace

Issue 4 May 2014

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INCLUDED IN THIS EDITION.... - A San Diego County Fair Preview - The 2014 Senior Survey (Page 4 and 5) - Plaid Problems: Summer Edition (Page 2) (Page 7) - 10 Things You Didn’t Know - Advice for the 2015 Spring Sing About Mrs. Herb (Page 2) Production (Page 6) - Sudoku, Jokes, and a Comic (Page 8)

Pilots Take Flight: In Spain, Paris, and Germany ¡Bienvenidos a España!

Paris is Always a Good Idea

By Sarah Quiñones ‘14

By Alejandra Wehber ‘15 Strolling down the Champs-Élysées, touring the Louvre, shopping at Les Galeries Lafayette, eating French macaroons from Ladurée, and enjoying the beautiful view from above the Tour Eiffel. These are just a few things that pop into a person’s mind when she thinks about Paris. Now, these are also a few things junior Adriana Olivares will be doing over the summer. Although many associate summer with endless days by the beach and sun-kissed skin and bikini tops, this summer will not include a beach for her. “The idea of a

What did you do this spring break? If your break was similar to mine, the days consisted occasional trip to the outside world. Although this may sound like the best break imaginable, many of our peers had a much time pass. How does heading to Mrs. Hanley, Ms. Nagem, and a group of 17 students enjoyed their spring break by absorbing the Spanish atmosphere in places like Barcelona, Madrid, and Montserrat. From touching the Mediterranean Sea to touring the Real Madrid stadium, Spain showed itself in the best ways conceivable. Some of the best memories for senior Bianca Corallino included the marvelous, yet tiring shopping trips, Easter mass in Montserrat, hilarious dinners, and a special gift from the trip. On April 23, the Spanish celebrate a holiday similar to a charming fashion, Mrs. Hanley honor of the special day. Even though, traditionally, the men buy girls gift the men books in return. Another traveler thought back and the dancing showcase. For the girls, the most memorable part was not the dancing, but the instructor, who was nicknamed “buns of steel” by Mrs. Hanley. So why not go to Spain? If the fabulous sights are not enough to convince you, I have personally heard that the churros with chocolate will steal your taste buds and your heart. Senior Hope Morgan recalled the heavenly treats,“the churros resembled donuts, but better. Think about hot donuts that you can dip in chocolate. They were probably the best thing I ate in Spain.” If your sweet tooth is not kicking in, some traditional Spanish tapas

The group of 17 girls who went to Spain over Spring Break were able to tour the Real Madrid stadium. (Photo by Bianca Corallino)


Finding a Home in Germany By Annie Calvet ‘14 On May 1st every senior across America sighed with to a university of their choice. Since the beginning of the school year it seems as though every conversation has started with, “So, year?” Ever since freshmen year, we have been craving college and all the perks that come with it. is the complete and utter freedom to do whatever we want (kind of). For those who are staying local, home will only be a couple hours away. For those going to the east coast, home will be an eight hour

Europe. Students take 1-2 years off to travel, intern, work, etc. to pursue a career, then they go to a There are several other programs that offer similar vocational opportunities if any other students are interested. My advice is to begin searching this summer for programs with the help of your school’s college counselor. The programs can range from three months to a year and are located all around the world. These programs challenge your ability to survive in the real world without mom and dad there to dig you out of sticky situations and will make you grow as a student. Before you sign up for these programs know this: you won’t be able to come home at all for a year, most colleges are very

when I watched Woody Allen’s Midnight in Paris Adriana. “Of course, back then I was too young to be left in a foreign country all by myself. But now I am ready to take on whatever Paris has to offer.” When she found out about a study abroad program through a friend of hers, Adriana did her digging. She found Education First’s summer program to be was affordable and trustworthy. “Many people think I’m going to spend my summer in Paris and do nothing but eat macarons and go sightseeing. In reality, I am and improve my French.” She classes at school, but will also have the opportunity to go out Luckily, Education First offers

if home won’t be that close? What if home will be a 19 hour plane along the way? Well, that’s going The Congress-Bundestag program offering graduating high school students a full scholarship to Germany to study abroad and pursue an internship. Initiated in 1983, this program was created by the U.S. Congress and the German Bundestag to strengthen ties between the two nations. This is also known as a “pass year”

hold your application for a year until you come back), and foreign countries are very different from America in many ways. It’s not for the faint of heart and I had a lot of trouble committing to the program but in the end I know it will be a farewell, auf wiedersehen, good bye!

countries like Belgium and Spain. Barcelona, it would be awesome!” summer packed with long-lasting represents our community in Education First’s international encourage every OLP girl to look for study abroad programs during the summer. It only lasts two months and you get to meet people from all around the world!” Bon voyage Adriana!

Pilot Press May 2014  
Pilot Press May 2014