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INTRODUCING: PILOT PRESS By Morgan Hazel Welcome to the Pilot Press, the new student newspaper at the Academy of Our Lady of Peace! The idea for Pilot Press began as the desire to create a place where the voices and opinions of the OLP community can be unified in an environment of gentleness, peace, and joy. These are three of the values of the Sisters of Saint Joseph of Carondelet, and are persistently taught in our school and strongly encouraged within our community. As a newspaper that aims to connect our community, we feel that it is only right to be focused on those values as well. Over 100 girls attended the first Pilot Press meeting, and that enthusiasm has inspired us to create a newspaper that we are eager to present to our school. The Pilot Press is a place where the stories, people, opinions, and histories relevant to the OLP community are heard. We are proud and excited to represent our school through a newspaper that promotes the values of OLP. These values are ceaselessly taught from the moment we enter our classrooms as freshmen, to the moment we stand on North Terrace as seniors, wearing white

gowns and pledging to continue these values in our lives. This first edition has been a work in progress for many months and is a preview of what we hope to do over the coming years. Every aspect of this edition was new to us, and we like to think of it as one big learning experience. It has been a process of organizing, communicating, and frantic Co-Curricular meetings, and was only made possible through the encouragement of the administration, especially Mrs. Handelsman and Mr. Galvan, the hard work of students, and the excitement that comes with starting something new. We have many more lessons to learn and we certainly don’t expect a Pulitzer Prize, but give us another year, the possibilities are endless! We would love to hear your thoughts on this edition of Pilot Press! Please send any feedback to: Thank you for being a part of the first Pilot Press, we look forward to growing within these pages a place of gentleness, peace, and joy for the OLP community.

by Katelyn Fecteau If there is one thing the ladies of OLP love more than Vill-Inn, it’s a good story. Certain myths transcend decades to be whispered through the halls and in the backs of classrooms, told and retold with flair. One such tale is the myth that there are tunnels crisscrossing under the Academy. The local lore isn’t clear on the purpose of the tunnels, or even where they lead. I’ve heard several different theories on their exit: to the beach, to Saints, to the canyons, and even over 36 miles to Camp Pendleton. So on an unusually chilly and cloudy day in May, I set out with a pen and a notebook on a quest to dig up the truth. Little did I know my adventure would include an axe, a snake, and one very mysterious door. ! I started my investigation by asking around within the OLP faculty. What did they know of the tunnels? Are there secret teacher escape routes? Had they ever been in one? Many shook their heads and backed away slowly, looking a little frightened. They were obviously hiding something, so I pressed on. I decided to ask Mrs. Knapp, an OLP Alumna, what she knew. ! “There are no tunnels! None! It’s impossible!” she exasperatedly exclaimed. “This is so silly. Girls ask me that every year, and there’s absolutely no way they could possibly exist.” However, her eyes glanced mysteriously behind me. Was she telling the truth or covering up the secret? I had to know. ! Next on my interrogation list came Mr. Gonzalez. I cornered him in the halls of St. Joseph’s to find out what he knew. He seemed a

little nervous about the subject. Upon asking if he knew about the tunnels, despite being a new teacher, he nodded gravely. ! “I’m not at liberty to say,” he whispered. “I shouldn’t be answering questions about them, and it’s none of your business. Nobody can ever know.” " This was getting interesting. " Mr. Reichardt, despite being an expert on West Civ and dolphins, was not an expert on the secret tunnels under the Academy. While affirming that he had heard of the rumor, he deferred to faculty of longer terms. He coolly turned back to his computer, claiming he could neither confirm nor deny their existence. " I resolved to ask more faculty alumnae about the myth. ! Ms. Nagem, Ms. Hay, Mrs. Allen, and Ms. Kamrath all knew a thing or two about these tunnels. Rumor had it they were built by Mr. Van Duff when Villa Montemar was completed back in 1917. Apparently, he was a German World War I spy. But that was all just conjecture: there couldn’t actually be tunnels. They all dismissed the myth as just that: a myth. Even Mr. Galvan couldn’t confirm their existence, but he did add that “it’d be cool” if they did exist. " A little dejected, I sulked to the last name on my list. I was ready to hear Mr. Carlin tell me the same thing every other teacher had told me, that the tunnels were hogwash, malarkey, and baloney. I was wrong. ! With a sparkle in his eye, Mr. Carlin told me he “doesn’t deny the existence of the tunnels”. With the mystery rekindled, the case was back on! It seems OLP has our very own adventurous explorer in Mr. Carlin, I thought, as he whispered of secret unfinished basements, especially the one


The Carondelet Catacombs: Digging into OLP’s Deepest Legend

under the library. “It has a stairway leading nowhere” he said excitedly, “and a door that opens to just dirt”. He claimed there were probably crawlspaces under all the buildings for wiring, and that I should keep asking around. Thanks to this big lead, I continued on my adventure to dig up OLP’s oldest mystery. ! Ms. Carbone smiled sagely, as if she knew something. " “I’ve heard of them,” she said between bites of her healthy lunch, “They’re probably for teachers, trying to escape. Or, more likely, girls trying to tunnel to Saints!” She laughed. “Just kidding, girls would tunnel to Vill-Inn before that.” That sparked something. Vill-Inn! What better place to search for tunnels than to go to the Academy’s very own underground haven! As I left, Ms. Carbone beckoned me back. " " “I haven’t been to the OLP tunnels,” she smiled, “but I have been in a tunnel of love. If you find that there are tunnels of love under the school, let me know!” With that in mind, I turned and hotfooted it to Vill-Inn. " With a Starbucks from the machine and a new lead, I knocked on Mrs. Herb Baker’s office door. When I asked her about the tunnels, she simply said, “Oh yeah, sure, the crawlspaces. They’re all over here.” These were the crawlspaces Mr. Carlin had spoken of! I begged her for more information. She took me down to the prop room under Aquinas Hall, through a door most of us see every day, yet know nothing about where it leads. " Groping for a light switch, Mrs. Herb Baker spoke of the OLP underground. She explained that the library used to be a sort of garage, for impressive “Gatsby-esque” cars, and the reason it was hollow beneath this garage was for mechanics to access underneath the cars if needed. Finally, light filled the undercroft and I saw it: the crawlspace. " It was a small opening with wires spewing out of it, probably only four feet tall and three feet wide. Tapping on the opening, she smiled. “This is probably where the legend came from. There are probably places you would be able to stand somewhere in there, but this is it.” ! She took me back to the hall, and gave me one final word of advice.

" “These legends have been around since I was here”. She told me to check out the basement of St. Katherine’s Hall. And with that, I was left with an even bigger mystery. What was under St. Katherine’s? " I got a huge scoop from two reliable faculty sources, who prefer to remain nameless. These staff members who have each been at the Academy over fifteen years claim that there aren’t just crawlspaces under OLP, but “legit tunnels”, with cramped room for standing and walking. It was hard to pry the secrets out of my sources, with the constant answer being, “We’re not at liberty to say”, but they did describe the tunnels as “dark and creepy”. ! When prompted about the mysterious unfinished basement under the library, they both nodded and explained that before the new computers, the basement was a server room for the old computers. " I asked about the purpose of these tunnels, but they just shrugged and said, “Probably for collecting insects, because that’s what they do now.” " They seemed to think they’d said too much, for they stopped answering my questions and started looking around suspiciously. They said to check out the basement of St. Katherine’s. Shuddering, they reminded me to look for an “old, creepy door”. What secrets could this basement hold? As I left, they called after me: “the students can never know!” " I resolved to go right to the top: Sister Joyce. After all, St. Katherine’s is where she lives. I brought two photographers and a trusted witness, and our party trooped over to Sister Joyce’s office, where she was waiting to give us the whole truth, once and for all. " Sister Joyce led us to Carondelet Basement, where she opened the padlock sealing a door that read “KEEP OUT”. Looking over her shoulder, she beckoned us inside. " We were met with the sight of a boiler room. Sister Joyce explained that the pipes heat the building above us, and make a lot of noise. She motioned to a closed door across the room. She said it led to an unfinished basement, and in the unfinished basement, there was a door that led to

the canyon. Ms. Cascarano added, “Like an old fire exit”. With that, we left the room and made our way to St. Katherine’s. ! Sister Joyce led us through her home and down a steep, dim stairway into a hallway. We passed an old red axe, hanging on the wall. " “Is…is that for fires?” we trembled. ! Silence. " We continued on our descent under St. Katherine’s. " The air had a damp chill, and it was immediately apparent we were underground. The smell of dirt and dust mixed in the air. Would we finally get to see these tunnels? The anticipation in the air was electric—or maybe that was just the old wiring in the nearly century-old building. The electrical system in the building is still original, as is the heating system. We walked into the boiler room with a dirt floor. Sister Joyce explained that the heat goes to radiators throughout the home. The flickering flame from inside the boiler cast creepy shadows across the floor. " We went through another door, into a storage room. Plastic Christmas trees and tinsel cluttered the floor. Suddenly Sister Joyce stopped and opened a door to her left to reveal…dirt. Nothing but a pile of dirt, stretching back fifteen feet, in some sort of dugout room. She explained that it doesn’t really have a purpose, and that it was probably destined to be some sort of basement but was never completed. With that, she shut the door and the dirt pile behind it was concealed. " We went on to the laundry room, which still contained antique industrial laundry machinery. Wide eyed, we glanced at these vintage contraptions that once cleaned the clothes of OLP’s boarders. Sister Joyce explained that they would donate the machines to a museum if they could, but it would be impossible to fit them through the narrow door frames, and so they remain a permanent fixture in their laundry room. " Just as we were about to leave, Sister Joyce motioned to the floor where a small hole served as a drain. “I don’t like this room,” she whispered as she

led us out. She went on to tell us that a snake had once slithered its way from the hole and into her home. With that chilling image, we were led to the final room. " We continued to the very end of the hallway, which fed into a cramped passageway. Structural buttresses jutted out from the walls, and dusty Holy Communion wine lined the rickety shelves. At the very end was a wooden door, held shut by an ancient and intricate vault locking device. We scurried closer to the door. It was creepy and it was old; my sources hadn’t exaggerated. It looked like it hadn’t been opened in an eternity. A small piece of parchment paper taped to the door instructed us in scrawling script to not place anything on the back shelves, because if it rained, they would get wet. The paper looked almost as ancient as the door. ! Brimming with suspense, we managed to open this mysterious door to reveal a pitch black void. Fumbling for an iPhone, we managed to illuminate the area. The flash of the phone guided us on our way in to this mysterious room. ! Decrepit wooden shelves lined the walls of this small little room. A sort of box hung from the ceiling. What was this place? " Sister Joyce called from the entrance to the hallway. “It’s an old style refrigerator. The box is where the ice went, to keep the room cool.” She went on to explain that a chute from outside would be loaded with ice by an ice deliverer, and the ice would travel down to the box and keep the room cool. " And so the mysterious, creepy door opened to food—or it used to. I wasn’t surprised; everything at Our Lady of Peace resorts to food. I suppose the founders weren’t any different. But as we surfaced, I couldn’t shake the feeling that there was more to see. Perhaps it was the various unopened doors we passed in the basement, or perhaps it was the twinkle in Sister Joyce’s eyes when she denied the existence of the tunnels. One thing is absolutely certain: As long as there are girls within these white walls and green gates, the truth about the tunnels will be a secret.

Our Favorite Memories of Mr. Galvan Montse remembers "The time he sang that song about his daughter during community day talent show!" Montse Elorduy Bremer, '14 by Katy Andersen

"When we're at joint section and he shows us pictures of his daughter Sophia, we all love that! And before we went to our first Spring Sing, he gave us a very inspirational talk with the lyrics to 'What A Wonderful World'." - Spencer McVeigh, '16

"My favorite memories with him would have to be the times we've spent at Senior Retreat... When he doesn't act like a principal, he goofs off and acts like a rock star... He's also a fabulous artist, and very multifaceted." - Mrs. Handelsman (’64)

Lillian remembers "Him giving thanks before Thanksgiving either our Freshman or Sophomore year for his ‘smoking hot wife’. Also, how friendly and cool he was when we all came to OLP as students for the first time.” - Lillian Endo, '14 Illustration by Lucia Ventura

“He is a great leader and role model as someone who lives out his faith everyday through his dedication to the staff and students.”- Mr. Kirschbaum

“I had Mr. Galvan as a teacher and he was just as awesome and amazing as he is now as a principal.” Ms. Ma’ake (’98)

“He is an extremely helpful art teacher who plays really cool music. He is never in a bad mood and is a man of God.” – Karina Montague (’14)

Meet Our New Principal!

Mrs. Lauren Clark Lek Photo:

By Morgan Hazel Mrs. Lek is currently the principal of Moreau Catholic High School in Hayward, California, where she lives with her family. After graduating from UCSD, she went on to study at both St. Mary’s College and Pepperdine. Before serving as the principal of Moreau Catholic High School, Mrs. Lek was an

English and Journalism teacher. Mrs. Lek has been praised by OLP’s Board of Directors for “her passion for Catholic education, her vitality, communication skills, as well as her insight and vision for an all-girl’s high school in the 21st century”. We are so excited to meet Mrs. Lek and look forward to the coming years with her as our principal! Welcome to OLP, Mrs. Lek!


by Julia Nava, Emily Bekkema, Lorea Mendiguren, Natalia Palacios, and Ashley Gracyk

Have you ever wondered what the girls at OLP are obsessing over? Welcome to the one place where you can get caught up on all things trending with girls at the Academy. Styles change quickly in a school full of girls, so it’s nice to have a place to keep up with the trends. We interviewed girls from all grades to see what was hip and happening in their classes.





Song: Just Give Me a Reason

Song: Battle Scars

Song: Mirrors

Song: Fergalicious

Store: Forever 21

Store: Nordstrom

Restaurant: Stacked

Restaurant: “my microwave”

Store: Urban Outfitters

Social Network: Instagram

Social Network: Twitter

Celebrity: Zac Efron

Celebrity: Jennifer Lawrence

Celebrity: Amanda Bynes

Movie: Pitch Perfect

Movie: Perks of Being a Wallflower

Movie: Iron Man 3

Store: Forever 21 Restaurant: In-NOut Social Network: Facebook




Restaurant: Souplantation Social Network: Twitter Celebrity: Ryan Gosling Movie: Lion King Photo:

Service: Go Beyond

by Giselle Valdez, Pitrina Gilger, Sarah Hoskin, and Spencer McVeigh When you are searching in your closet for an outfit, starting your homework, or grabbing an after school snack, do you ever think of those in need? 589 OLP freshmen, sophomores, and juniors have done just that, totaling over 14,725 hours of volunteer work. Each of them has contributed to this huge accomplishment! Seniors organize a service presentation based on their previous service experiences, while the freshmen, sophomores, and juniors get involved in the community, completing a minimum of 25 hours. 25 service hours makes a big difference, and some students have even gone above and beyond this requirement. Freshmen can choose any desired form of service. Carmen Ortega completed her service hours at My Girlfriend’s Closet, an organization based here in San Diego. As a board member in the organization,

Carmen wanted her service to mean more than just completed hours, she also wanted to make a difference in her community. My Girlfriend’s Closet is an organization that donates gently used clothing to foster girls in order to boost their confidence. Organizations such as these call us to reevaluate the things in our lives that we know others are going without. Carmen reflected, “Some foster children only get $100 a year for all their clothes and some get none because their foster parents took it. It made me realize how lucky I am.” Most of these girls have few outfits to wear to school and because they are moving so much, it is even more difficult to be comfortable in their new environment when they have nothing to wear. If anyone would like to contribute to this remarkable organization, they can visit the My Girlfriend’s Closet website and volunteer in the distribution and sorting events. As Catholics, we are called to serve, and just one donation to My Girlfriend’s Closet can bring a huge smile to a foster girl’s face. As Carmen stated when asked for her definition of service, “True service is when your motivation is to do everything that is possible to help another person without wanting to get anything in return.” Sophomore service hours involve “direct work with the poor and vulnerable.” Sophomore Alexa Ornelas truly got involved in her community this year, completing a whopping 43 hours of service. Alexa helped a variety of people, including children, disadvantaged teenage

girls and women, and the homeless in our Another opportunity for junior society. service is at the UCSD Medical Center in Alexa tutored children at an Hillcrest. Here, volunteers are required to elementary school. She helped them with work a minimum of one hundred hours. their lessons and assisted them with their Though this may seem a bit overwhelming, homework. She also worked with the volunteers divide and conquer these vulnerable teens and women in our society hours one day a week: Sunday, from eight by spending hours sorting and delivering in the morning to twelve in the afternoon. clothes for the organization, My Girlfriend’s Alicia Comer, a junior, went above Closet. At the Women’s Resource Fair, and beyond the required hours while Alexa looked after women’s children while volunteering in the Cardiac Care Center they were working. Alexa’s service did not assisting nurses and taking part in patient end there. She even extended a helping care. She agreed that it gave her the hand to the poor by working with an opportunity to see first-hand what it would organization called Taco that serves food be like to work in a hospital, a future job to the homeless. It is clear that Alexa went prospect of her own. Applications to above and beyond volunteer at the her sophomore UCSD Medical “True service is when your service hour Center are available requirements to help motivation is to do everything on their website. those in need. Alexa the process says of her service, that is possible to help another Though to apply may be a “I liked the fact that I person without wanting to get little rigorous, Alicia could give back to assures that, “it was the community oneanything in return.” well worth it!” on-one; that was the most meaningful OLP students’ part of my service.” commitment to service is not only clear in Junior year is often approached the number of hours completed, but also hesitantly because of its reputation as the in the individual lessons learned from each most important, the most time-consuming, organization. The desire to continue to and, unfortunately, the hardest year in high serve stays with each girl long after service school. But all juniors still make time to hours are required. While high school can volunteer in their community in meaningful be a busy and overwhelming time, it is ways. The juniors have a great opportunity important to make an effort to give back to to work with the environment and in the community. Each of these girls who science. This subject includes many contributed their time and efforts during activities through non-profit organizations, 2013, demonstrates the OLP spirit of like beach and canyon clean ups, or peace and kindness and is proof that there volunteering at the Helen Woodward is always enough time to give to others. Animal Center.

t c e j ro



n d in


P s es LP at



by Danielle Burner and Ana Victoria Martinez You may be familiar with The Kindness Project through OLP’s favorite local broadcasting system, Pilot Productions. Weekly updates from The Kindness Project spokeswoman, Faye Ortiz, have consistently graced the television monitors of our class sections every Thursday for the past year. However, these unique segments have not always been around. In fact, The Kindness Project is a relatively new program that was initiated last year and just recently gained full momentum with the help of a few determined members of the OLP community. ! The Kindness Project was the brainchild of our very own campus counselors, Mrs. Hicke and Mrs. Muther. Originally, the intended goal of The Kindness Project was to promote an anti-bullying attitude here at the Academy. According to Mrs. Hicke, “more kindness on campus leaves no room for bullying.” But, as Mrs. Muther and Mrs. Hicke soon realized, the goals of The Kindness Project were easier said then done. Following a promotional assembly in the beginning of the year, The Kindness Project did not receive full support from the student body. Fortunately, under the wing of Mr. Moreno and the

crew at Pilot Productions, The Kindness Project pushed forward, determined to make its mark in the OLP community. Though there were only about a handful of student members at the beginning of the year, one brave junior, Faye Ortiz, volunteered to be the spokeswoman for the Kindness Project news segment and has been a successful instrument in promoting the goals of the program ever since. Through Pilot Productions, The Kindness Project initiated the weekly Kindness Project Challenge that encourages students to build amiable relationships with each other in creative ways. Throughout the year, the counseling department and the student body have both noticed an increase in positive student relationships. Kindness Project team members are currently working in partnership with the Anti-Defamation League to create a new student-based program, called Peer Trainers, to continue spreading the anti-bullying attitude initially sought after with The Kindness Project. The Kindness Project and its hardworking volunteers are striving to promote peace and kindness in the OLP community, one Kindness Project Challenge at a time, and will continue to do so next year with the introduction of Peer Trainers. We encourage all students to embrace this exciting initiative and to continue to spread the peace that makes up the OLP family.

College Sweatshirts

Taylor Robinette, Kara Horvath, Courtney Crane, Natalie Kapp, Kayla Browning, Michaela Denny, Hope M. Garland, and Kennedi Bingham. Photographed by Stephanie Elliot.

Lexi Wilson, Kathryn Wanke, Hannah-Grace Lanneau, and Bridget Brady. Photographed by Stephanie Elliot.

Kate Williamson, Sabrina Dendle, Haley K. Shaw. Photographed by Stephanie Elliot.

Maranda McGinley, Danielle Panigall, and Bridget Brady. Photographed by Shannon Doran, assisted by Francesca Bielar.

Hannah Patrico. Photographed by Morgan Stewart.

Kate Leary. Photographed by Shannon Doran, assisted by Francesca Bielar.

Jaclyn Ross. Photographed by Bianca Corralino.

OLP Artists

Rebecca Cudal

Isabel Tubao

Lucia Ventura

Mariel Martinez

Mariel Martinez Lucia Ventura


Entertainment The Great Gatsby: A Glorious Insight Into the “Roaring Twenties” By Nadia Malter and Maddy Engelbrecht

handsome, tan, and jaw-dropping Leonardo DiCaprio, fashion is another component that makes this flick great. The dresses that the women wear are sequined, at a stylish length (Mrs. Handelsman would approve), colored, and easy to dance in. These are dresses that any OLP girl would be proud to wear to the Miss OLP Ball. To make the outfit even better, the actresses have gorgeous strings of pearls around their necks, which are complemented by stylish earrings, bracelets, and more. Lastly, every actress’ hair is fashionably short (after all, the flapper’s bob was in). The fashion then was beautiful and far more classic than any crop top we see today.

Our beloved Leonardo DiCaprio has done it again, this time as Jay Gatsby in Baz Luhrmann’s The Great Gatsby. Playing alongside him in the roaring twenties are Tobey Maguire as Nick Carraway, Carey Mulligan as Daisy Buchanan, Joel Edgerton as Tom Buchanan, and Isla Fisher as Myrtle Wilson. The film beautifully depicts the Long Island settings of West Egg and East Egg, as well as New York City. It is complete with a great aesthetic and a booming soundtrack. This movie leaves you feeling like you just made a short detour to the twenties. The drama that plays out on the screen is nothing shy of incredible, and the Gatsby mansion parties are magical. We recommend that you see it in 2-D because 3-D was overwhelming even from Carey Mulligan as Daisy Buchanan in The the back row of the theater. Great Gatsby. Photo: ! In addition to the

! Although we enjoyed the movie’s fashion and acting, we can only give it four out of five stars. We absolutely recommend seeing this film; if nothing else it’s an excuse to stare at Leonardo DiCaprio. However, we did think it was slightly over-done. Especially if you have read the book, this movie might seem overly dramatic and, at times, completely unrealistic. Although this could be said about the book itself, the movie took this to the next level and it became absurd at times. Even though this movie didn’t fully meet our expectations, it is still a film to add to your summer movie bucket-list!

El Zarape by Sarah Quinones and Katie Hammond Leaving school and driving down Adams, before turning onto the 805 North, you will pass the El Zarape

restaurant on Adams Avenue. With a second location on Park Boulevard, El Zarape is easy to get to and always delicious. The restaurant-profiling duo of Sarah and Katie took a seat at the El Zarape on Adam’s Avenue and made note of their favorite things. El Zarape’s bright orange walls parallel its authentic Mexican flavor in its food and style. When first seated, you will receive homemade crispy corn tortilla chips along with a flavorsome arrangement of red and green salsa. Sarah claimed

that the red salsa was just as good as her grandmother’s famous spicy sauce. El Zarape has a wonderful selection of burritos along with a thrifty $6.99 section consisting of a carne asada plate, a cheesy quesadilla, and much more. The most popular dish is the spicy shrimp burrito. Biting into her burrito, the size of a small child, Sarah described it as a “creamy, cheese filled, spicy shrimp extravaganza.” Katie personally found the refried beans “heavenly” along with the homemade corn tortillas.

“If you are looking for a place to host your next fiesta or are in the mood for a sitdown lunch, El Zarape on Adams Avenue is perfect for your special occasion.”

And if any teachers are interested, Tuesdays and Thursdays are particularly hopping with drink deals at the bar! ! If you are looking for a place to host your next fiesta or are in the mood for a sit-down lunch, El Zarape on Adams Avenue is perfect for your special occasion. And if you are running short on time and are looking for a quick “grab

and go” type of meal, the El Zarape on Park Boulevard can fit your needs. The service is impeccably fast and consistent and if you ever want to test out your ordering skills in Spanish, El Zarape is the place for you. So, next time when deciding between Twiggs, Señor Mangos, or Antique Row, consider a fourth option and

stop by one of the two locations of this festive Mexican restaurant that is sure to spice up your afternoon.

Location ! ! !

3201 Adams Avenue 4642 Park Blvd.

Photos taken by Sarah Quinones


Pilot Sports: A Year in Review By Eva Curiel, Maria Balistreri, Megan Cali, Spencer McVeigh

This past year was exciting and rewarding for OLP’s sports teams. Take a look back at a successful 3 seasons of Pilot sports as we highlight some of the great moments and hardworking athletes... ! The Cross Country team had a triumphant season this past fall. Varsity runner Krista Walsh reflected on their season saying, “Overall, we did really well with Courtney Crane leading us through many victories along with all of our seniors. We were able to win meets and have girls qualify for CIF.” The Cross Country team represented the Pilots well as they pushed through the season, tackling meets and practices with a determined spirit and fast feet.

competing with herself and setting goals during practices and meets. With the enthusiasm and positivity of both the coaches and the athletes, the track and field team had a season to be proud of. The Softball team continues onto CIF to finish off their great season of 23 wins and only 3 losses. Entering the second round of CIF, Varsity pitcher Lauren Brown says, “We are the sixth seed in CIF and we are all looking forward to going far in the tournament.” The Pilots faced their rivals, Cathedral, in an incredibly played game a few weeks ago. Lauren comments on their 4-2 victory versus CCHS, “I don’t think any OLP softball team has ever beaten them before so that was a first...We all picked each other up and really came together as a team.” Hopefully, the Pilots softball team will continue to add to their 18 game winning-streak in CIF.

The JV basketball team won the majority of their league games and finished 2nd overall in the Wolverine Tournament. The highlight of their season was the game against Santa Margarita. After being down nearly 20 points, the Pilots pulled it together during the second half, caught up, and won the game by 3 points. A member of the JV basketball team, Kimberly Ha, said that her favorite part of basketball is her teammates. They encourage her to work harder and play harder every day.

The OLP Swim team started their season off with a win against Coronado High School. They continued with 4 more wins, but unfortunately, they suffered a hard loss against Cathedral, making their record a still impressive 5-1. The Pilots came in 5th place at City Conference and are sure to finish the season with some great swims at CIF. Freshman Spencer McVeigh commented, “High school swim has been such an awesome experience…it’s a great feeling seeing about ten girls crowded at the end of the lane cheering for you.” The swim season was filled with personal best swims, new friends, laughter, and hard work.

Our Track and Field team started out at full speed. They did very well in all of their meets and, even though they had tough competition, they never gave up. A long distance runner, Alexia Nunez, said that her favorite part of track was the feeling of

Thinking of trying out for a sport next year? You’ve got some big shoes to fill, but every athlete insists that being a part of one of the OLP teams is an amazing experience and worth every sprint, lap, hurdle, and strike. Go Pilots!

Powderpuff 2013 Photo: Shutterstock

By Karla Lopez, Aminah Al-Jaber, and Rebecca Cudal It’s the event that we have all been waiting for. Yes, you guessed it, the Powder Puff tournament! A few weeks ago, seniors and juniors of the Academy participated in Powder Puff football at St. Augustine High School. Football is generally a male-dominant sport, with girls usually on the sidelines cheering on their favorite team. But in Powder Puff, the girls are making the touchdowns and the guys are in the bleachers cheering them on. Our seniors and juniors were very excited for this event and had a ton of fun practicing, making tshirts, and of course, playing the game! On May 10, our lovely ladies suited up and headed to the fields, eager for some friendly competition. The event started off with separate games between the juniors and seniors, with the winners advancing towards the championship.

The final match between the Blitz Babes (the junior champs) and the Huddle Buddies (the senior champs) was truly a sight to see. Only one team could go down in history as the victorious powder puff champions of 2013. Although the Blitz Babes fought valiantly, this triumph went to the fabulous seniors, the Huddle Buddies. Most of our powder-puffers agreed: this experience was one for the books! After her match, junior Bianca Gonzalez stated, “I honestly have never experienced anything like it before. It was fun to play together with my classmates. We all became closer and had a great time!” When asked if she would consider playing again next year, junior Becky Kielty said excitedly, “Of course! It was so much fun, but I think I’m going to need some practice before next year! Who’s up for some summer training?” That enthusiasm is one of the many things that make the Powder Puff tournament a fantastic tradition worth continuing. As we say goodbye to our senior class, their perseverance and battle scars will be remembered, setting the tone for next year’s games. ‘Till then, peace, love, and football!


Team Captains Moving Forward By Gabby Ashenafi ! As of May 1, 2013 every senior in high school seeking admission to a university has

year and left Courtney with big shoes to fill, and Courtney did an amazing job.

" Senior Allissa Torres was the golf team captain this year. She has been golfing since she was eight years old but started to compete when she turned twelve. Next year committed to a college. she will be attending On top of the rigorous Sonoma State education that college University and will will provide, six OLP continue golfing. She seniors will continue to described this season play a sport. They have as a “rebuilding stage all worked extremely for the team but they all hard with both school performed stronger and sports, and are than expected.” looking forward to Although Alyssa does doing the same in their not wish to be a college career. professional golfer, she The cross country team prepares for a meet. is bound to do great Senior Courtney Crane, the crossthings in college. country and track and field team captain, will be attending Cal Poly San Luis Obispo starting " Grace Cookson, the volleyball team next fall. She will be running on their club team captain, has enrolled in Molloy College for next for both cross country and track. When asked year. Originally, Grace was a soccer and softball how her seasons were this year she said, player but one day she decided to give “There was a lot of pressure because I knew I volleyball a go. Now she describes volleyball had to step it up this year.” Courtney is inspired saying, “It’s basically my life. I don’t know what I by Coach Keays and alum Liz Schultz. Liz was would do without it.” The varsity volleyball team the cross-country and track team captain last

had a great season, finishing undefeated in their league. It will be hard for Grace to leave behind the amazing Class of 2013 but her future will be bright at Molloy College.

Reese is destined to succeed in college with her extraordinary work ethic and talent. !

Senior Kara

McCracken was the

cheer and gymnastics team captain, and she will be Swimmer Therese continuing on as a Ackman is the cheerleader in college. Kara varsity swim team started cheering as a Allissa Torres chips her golfball onto the green. captain for OLP. Not only freshman at OLP and during the does she swim for OLP but past four years she has she is also involved in club swim, which is a year improved immensely. Her all-star team placed round commitment. Reese trains hard with eight fifth at Worlds and the OLP team went to the practices a week! When asked if it is tough national finals. When asked what inspires her, balancing school work and swim practices Kara said, “The people on my team work so hard Reese said, “For me it was all about trial and that they inspire me to be more like them.” Kara error. I had Mrs. Lazar freshmen year so I learned will officially be an Aztec at San Diego State to use my co-curricular time wisely.” The OLP University in September and could not be more swim season is Reese’s favorite part of the year excited. because she loves her teammates and considers " Good luck to all the seniors in college and them her family. She has committed to Pacific especially to those who will be playing a sport! Lutheran University and will attend there next fall.

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