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by Ron McElroy

eople often ask me to describe

and Betty Hempstead, the owners, and Ross

In 2004, the FAA unveiled the Sport Pilot and

my favorite aircraft. My an-

Kennedy, my instructor, rekindled a spirit of

Light Sport Aircraft Rule that allows many

swer is often, “Whatever air-

adventure and new definition of fun flying

pilots to fly light sport aircraft with a valid

craft I’m flying at the time.”

that I had been away from for many years!

driver’s license in lieu of a medical certifi-

And so it was with my first flight in an Alle-

Aviation personified is the definition of light

cate. It also created a new, less-expensive

gro Light Sport Aircraft, at the invitation of B-

sport flying! Remember why you wanted to

way to become a pilot. These pilots are re-

Bar-D Aviation (

be a pilot? Remember your first solo flight?

stricted to daytime flying, 10,000 feet MSL

of Raleigh Exec Airport at Sanford, NC. Doug

Or is that where you are right now?

and below, only one passenger, a visibility

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PilotMag-May/June 2010  

Aviation magazine

PilotMag-May/June 2010  

Aviation magazine

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