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If you like championship golf, fly fishing, vineyards, hiking,kayaking,rafting, jet boats, gambling and much more this is a place to stop off and say hi. Let us know when you are on your way and I will make sure you are taken care of. Come see the only Nicklaus-Nicklaus II Championship golf course with direct fly in access in the United States!!! (541) 956-0707 Or see our ad in Pilot Mag I hope to hear from you! Safe and Wonderful flights to all this coming Summer!!! n

» FlyGirl SkyBelts for the Flying Enthusiast Dear Pilot Loungers! I remember the days I took the short cut through the pilots crew lounge in ORD. Now I’m passing through the pilots lounge in cyber space...funny:) Anyway...thought I would stop in to share my new creations and websites of all aviation inspired fashion for fun viewing.

SkyBelts can be found at The Museum of Flight and on our online store at www. We hope to make it to Arlington again this year and Oshkosh next year...we”ll see. Hope you check them out! Happy Travels and Safe Landings! n

» Gates 2009 What a Year! Last September, when PilotMag was in Reno for the National Air Race Championships and sponsoring the National Aviation Heritage Invitational, a newspaper was thrown on the breakfast table one morning in the Eldorado Hotel. On the front cover was Thomas Frank’s cover story in USA Today. With obvious bias and a blatant pitch for major airlines, Mr. Frank’s story “Little Used Airports Cost Taxpayers Big Money” was published for the readers to make up their own mind about the state of general aviation. We were furious. We published a response to Frank’s cover story on, and even contacted our Congressman. We wanted to take immediate action. How dare Mr. Frank. Small, unknown airports receive needed FAA and Federal funding to train countless, future pilots

and provide maintenance and training facilities that feed the industry as a whole. When something means as much as aviation, we wanted to act quickly to preserve our livelihood and object to the negative press that aviation has received over the last year. All of us at PilotMag have endured challenges over the last year, and we have done our best to provide our readers with exciting, positive publications and websites that bring the romance and adventure back. Over the last year, we have taking you heli-skiing, to the sands of Turks & Caicos, flying float planes in Central Florida and we have introduced you to many pilots making a difference in our community. As we reflect on the last year, and now, as we delivery of our 8th issue, PilotMag has realized some very valuable lessons. We aren’t perfect, but we’re persistent in our pursuit to being the leading adventure resource in aviation. We would like to thank everyone who has contributed to our publication over the last year. The list is too long, but you know who you are. Taking what we have learned, PilotMag moves into the new year with changes that will perpetuate our success. Jeff Berlin, a frequent contributor to PilotMag, has been named Editor for 2010. A multiengine and instrument rated pilot since 1994, Jeff has flown a multitude of aircraft ranging from ultralights and LSA’s to cabinclass

turboprops and jets. He enjoys keeping an eye on how technology impacts the flying experience and has contributed to magazines including AOPA Pilot, Private Pilot, Private Air, Aerokurier, and Aviation et Pilote in the past. We look forward to Jeff’s energy and his help with Pilot Magazine, LLC’s mission.

» banyanair New 22-inch Widescreen HD LCD Flight Display Systems is introducing a new 22″ Widescreen Fly HD™ flat-panel LCD. It is available today and features true 1080p graphics with a native resolution of 1920×1080. This large 22″ HD LCD is ideally sized for Gulfstream, Challenger, Global Express, and Falcon operators to enjoy Blu-ray movies and other in-flight entertainment. Weighing just 9.75 lbs and only 1.6″ in depth, the FD220CV VerHD is an extremely high quality, compact LCD. The first installation was done in a Challenger 604 by Banyan Air Service at Ft. Lauderdale Executive Airport, Florida. The 22″ HD Widescreen LCD from Flight Display Systems was installed on the forward and rear bulkheads. The owner will use the monitor to watch Blu-ray movies and his Flight Display Moving Map. The FD220CV VerHD includes 1080p input capability via two HDCP-capable HDMI ports. A PC input is also available to display computer graphics such as a Flight Display Moving Map. Standard resolution composite and S-Video inputs are also included to maintain compatibility with legacy video sources. n

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PilotMag-May/June 2010  

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PilotMag-May/June 2010  

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