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Nunatsiavut GOVERNMENT

P I L O T ° C A S E S T U DY

Nunatsiavut GOVERNMENT

The Challenge Action

Support Labrador Inuit prosperity and equality within Canada through self-determination and self-government.

Pilotº has been the ‘on call’ communications counsel for the Labrador Inuit since 2003. Then, the Labrador Inuit Association (LIA) was working to ratify their historic lands claim agreement, a milestone which finally came to pass in 2005. Today, the LIA operates as the Nunatsiavut Government, a regional ethnic self-government whose mandate includes sustainable economic development, protecting and preserving Inuit culture and implementing social programs on behalf of its beneficiaries.

P I L O T 째 C A S E S T U DY

Pilot째 created the original awareness campaign for the ratification vote, and continues to advise Nunatsiavut leadership on all communications strategy. To date, we have developed the overall communications and transition plans; produced news bulletins, print ads, press kit, presentations and speeches; built the Nunatsiavut web presence and photo catalogue; and provided media relations and event management services.


An 86 per cent voter turnout for the original ratification vote; the first ever Nunatsiavut election in October 2006; and a commitment to guide their communications program through the long term.