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Tips for Outdoor HVAC Units

When installing AC or heat pump, make sure that it is ready to face anticipated snowfall. This is to ensure better efficiency and proper drainage. During the installation, a stone surrounding the unit must be placed for better stability and the coils must be clean from dirt and grass. The unit must be levelled too for higher performance. An outdoor HVAC will benefit from shrubs planted around but not too near as these can serve as windbreaker, sound barrier and shading. They are useful in keeping the unit at peak performance. The unit must be at least 18” away from the wall and the disconnect box must be at least 6’ behind it, but not too close behind it.

In order to benefit more from outdoor HVAC, specifically air conditioners and heat pumps, follow these tips. They are aimed at keeping the unit at high efficiency, longer service, and easier maintenance. •

Set the thermostat at a fixed temperature. Adjusting it every now and then can increase utility cost. In case you are using it as a setback type, limit the setback by twice daily like when you are at work and when you are at home. Also, only setback 6% of the desired temperature.

When heating, don’t set the thermostat below 65 degrees as this cannot produce enough heat or above 75 degrees as this will allow too much energy consumption. When cooling, don’t set the thermostat below 70 degrees as this can also increase your power consumption as well as can cause the indoor coil to freeze and result in condensation in the house.

Make sure coils are clean. Dirty coil can depreciate the performance of the unit. When cleaning, use heavy duty degreaser and hose them down for thorough cleaning. Just make sure to turn off the unit of course.

Avoid placing anything on top of the unit. Placing a rolled-up garden hose is a common sighting on outdoor hvac units. Avoid doing this as this can restrict airflow.

When lawn mowing, avoid mowing very close to the unit as debris and grass can go to the coil and cause blockage which then can take a toll on the unit’s efficiency.

When using a weed whacker, be very careful when near the unit as the debris can clog and damage the coil. Worse, this can flatten the aluminium fins, short out transformer and cut the thermostat wires.

These tips must be followed to ensure that outdoor HVAC units remain at peak performance and to prevent any costly maintenance or servicing. Armed with practical and easy-to-follow guidelines, keeping a highly functional air conditioner or heating system is no sweat. For expert advices about how to get the most from your HVAC unit, consult heating and cooling experts. While you can do some of the less complicated routine HVAC checkups and maintenance, you will need the service from professional HVAC technician to make sure that your unit is running perfectly and it is kept at mint condition.

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Tips for Outdoor HVAC Units Professional heating and...

Tips for Outdoor HVAC Units Professional heating and...