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IRATI ELEVEN-YEAR-OLD IRATI GOMEZ comes from Barakaldo in northern Europe. Her family belong to the Basque people, who live in the northern part of the Basque Country. The Basque speak two languages Spanish and euskera. Irati´s village is Cantalejo in Segovia.

IRATI´S FAMILY Javi and Loli work in an office. Irati has one smaller brother, called Iker. When I grow up, I want to be a primary teacher. And my dream is to be the best teacher.

IRATI´S HOUSE Irati's home is not a house it is a flat and Irati live on the fifth floor IRATI'S SCHOOL Irati's school is called Ibaibe and in Ibaibe there are more or less 400 children. The school has got bathrooms, a library, a computer room, a teacher room, more or less 20 classrooms, a gym, a playground…she studies music, english, P.E., art, maths, Spanish… IRATI'S MEALS Irati and her family sometimes eat meat and sometimes eat fish.