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Hodei ELEVEN-YEARS-OLD-HODEI MONTERO is from Barakaldo in Europe. His family belongs to the basque people who live in the north of Spain. My street is Apuko street. The basque people speak three lenguages: english, euskera and spanish. Hodei's village is Benidorm, the most eastern settlement in Alicante. It is 700 kilometres far from Barakaldo.

HODEI´S SCHOOL About 311 basque people live in Barakaldo. They want to make that their lenguage doesn´s die out, so lessons in some school, including Hodei´s, are taught in Basque instead of Spanish. Hodei can speak both Basque and Spanish. He enjoys all his lessons. They include maths, history, biology, art and PE.

FAMILY and FOOD Hodei and his family often eat fish and meat


My mum's name is Bego My dad's name is Juan Carlos PRIMARY SIX

My name is Hodei