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GORKA Gorka is eleven years old . He comes from the Basque country in the north of Spain. His father is a biologist and nearside a factory, he is employed at Arcelor, where they do metal. My mother is a housewife. Gorka´s village, Barakaldo, has 100.000 inhabitants

GORKA´S FAMILY Gorka has a small brother, Ander. He goes to Ibaibe school, as Gorka. In the summer Gorka´s family go to Lekeitio. In Lekeitio there is a beach, mountains…

ANTON Gorka´s father

JOSUNE Gorka´s mather

ANDER Gorka´s brother

Gorka Gorka likes summer because in the summer it is very hot. In the winter it is rainy everyday, and sometimes it snows and hails. Gorka likes football and he plays football in the Salesianos team. His favourite team is Athletic.

Gorka´s favourite team

Gorka´s home

Gorka´s home has got a living room, a kitchen, four bedrooms, and two bathrooms and a balcony. Gorka´s house has 90 square meters. Gorka´s house

Gorka's meals

Gorka eats fish twice a week and meat threetimes a week. And the rest of de days he eats vegetables, eggs…

Gorka´s school 100.000 people live in Barakaldo. People who live in Barakaldo speak Spanish but some speak Basque. In Barakaldo there are many schools. Gorka´s school has a library, swings , and in his class there are twenty-three children.


GORKA´S FAMILY ANTON JOSUNE ANDER Gorka´s father Gorka´s mather Gorka´s brother Gorka has a small brother, Ander. He goes to Ibaibe school,...