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Bea Alonzo

Ma-Buhay! All-Filipino musical to open

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Rainbow Stage’s 70th season

8 The creative team of Ma-Buhay!: Front row (l-r): Rochelle Kives, Brady Barrientos. Back row (l-r): Carson Nattrass (Artistic Director), Joseph Sevillo (Creator), Justin Bulaong, Victoria Exconde, Robin Jordan Quintana, Jerilyn Bulaong, Stef De Leon, Joy Lazo, Dutchess Cayetano. Photo by Rey-Ar Reyes. See story p15.

224 OFWs from Israel return to Philippines MANILA – A total of 224 overseas Filipino workers (OFWs) and eight children have so far been repatriated back to the country by the Philippine government since armed militants from the Palestinian group Hamas launched their attacks in southern Israel on October 7. On Monday (November 13), the seventh batch of OFWs from Israel composed of 39 individuals and two children arrived at the See OFW p4



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NOVEMBER 16 - 30, 2023

NOVEMBER 16 - 30, 2023





NOVEMBER 16 - 30, 2023

Wage transparency on job postings – yay or nay? You may have already heard about a new bill in the Province of Ontario announced by Labour Minister David Piccini that could soon mandate employers to include the expected salary or pay range in their job postings. The bill would also require employers to disclose if artificial intelligence (AI) is part of their recruitment process. Ontario is not the only province in Canada moving in this direction. The Government of British Columbia has also initiated a policy for employers to ensure pay transparency. The BC Pay Transparency Act was passed into law effective November 1, 2023. Salary in job postings is an age-old debate but it certainly continues to evolve with our changing workforce. With more and more millennials and

OFW... From page 1 Ninoy Aquino International Airport Terminal 3 via Etihad Airways flight EY424. “There are 29 caregivers and 10 hotel workers in this group of returnees,” the Department of Migrant Workers (DMW) said in its Facebook post. Senior government officials from the Department of Social Welfare and Development (DSWD), Department of Health (DOH), Overseas Workers Welfare Administration (OWWA), Technical Education and Skills Development Authority (TESDA), Department of Foreign Affairs (DFA) and the DMW led by Assistant Secretary Levinson Alcantara welcomed the latest batch of OFW returnees. The group was escorted to the Ben Gurion International Airport in Israel by Migrant Workers Office - Israel (MWO-Israel) Labor Attaché Rodolfo Gabasan and welfare officer Dina Ponciano. En route to Manila, Ambassador Alfonso Ferdinand Ver and Consul General Marford Angeles of the Embassy of the Philippines in the United Arab Emirates (UAE) met the 39 OFWs

younger workers open to discuss the amount of money they can make compared to their older counterparts, many employers are becoming more open to include the salary or pay scale in their job postings. As a matter of fact, if you go on Linkedin or Indeed, you will notice the pay or salary posted on most job advertisements. While there is more demand from prospective job applicants to show salary details in job postings, deciding to post the wages is not taken very lightly by most employers. There are a few factors they first need to consider. Employee retention Employers are generally looking for qualified and skilled candidates, but they also want people who are a good fit for their organization. When wages are posted, the tendency is for

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example, if an employee has more credentials and experience over another employee, the employee with more credentials would probably be paid higher. Unfortunately, not all employees would agree with this rationale. Size of the company and type of industry Posting the wages can lead to competition among employers within a specific industry, which is a good thing. But on the other hand, this is problematic because smaller organizations may not be in a position to offer a wider salary range or higher salaries compared to big corporations. In the midst of disadvantages for some employers, including the salary or wages in job postings can also result in positive outcomes. For one, it can promote openness and trust. I mean, who would not want to work for an organization who has been transparent right from the start? Job applicants would

also be in a better position to negotiate their salary. Disclosing the wages would also be a way for employers to show their commitment to ensure equality and show their interest to narrow the wage gap. With a constantly evolving workforce, we can expect more discussions and debate around this topic. Sources https://news.ontario.ca/en/ release/1003758/ontario-torequire-employers-to-disclosesalary-ranges-and-ai-use-inhiring This article is intended for information purposes only and not to be considered as professional advice. Michele Majul-Ibarra, IPMA-ACP holds an Advanced Certified HR Professional Designation with the International Personnel Management Association. She is a Senior HR Consultant in the public sector.

from Israel while in transit through Abu Dhabi International Airport to check on them. The Presidential Communications Office earlier announced that benefits and assistance given by the Philippine government to repatriated OFWs include the return ticket from Israel to Manila, a USD200 financial assistance for their immediate needs, and hotel accommodation in Israel while waiting for their flight. Upon arrival in Manila, they will also receive PHP50,000 from DMW, PHP50,000 from OWWA, care kits and food packs from the National Reintegration Center for OFWs, initial physical and medical check-up, and medical referral services if needed by the DOH, psychosocial assessment and evaluation by the DSWD and the DOH, PHP20,000 financial assistance for individuals in crisis situations from the DSWD, and skills training voucher and care kits from TESDA. The DMW-OWWA will also shoulder their hotel accommodation, transit flights, bus tickets and food as they wait for their transit to their homes and provinces. By Marita Moaje/PNA

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candidates to focus on the pay versus considering all the other benefits that the organization can offer, such as a good pension plan, opportunities for advancement, educational and wellness incentives, to name a few. While pay is very important, people tend to disregard the big picture and consider other important details. As a result, employers may not be able to retain new hires if the culture and environment were not adequate or suitable for them in the first place. New employee envy This goes hand in hand with retention, but in relation to existing employees. When the current employees can see how much new hires will potentially be making, it can result in low morale, which could potentially result in resignation. Employers typically have a rationale for how much they compensate each of their employees. As an


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NOVEMBER 16 - 30, 2023



The Immigration Levels Plan for 2023-2025 IRCC has just released its Immigration Levels Plan 20232025. The Plan presents a numeric target for the country for new landings for the current and following two years. As expected, the country is prepared to welcome more immigrants in each of the years counter to the recent growing opposition to such a plan. In recent months an increased number of Canadians have been expressing their opposition to such an action speaking about the limits of housing and health costs. The Plan acts as a guide for the growing economy, the reunification of families, and the preservation of Canada as a safe haven for refugees fleeing hardship and war abroad. The country needs newcomers to increase economic activity. Canada does not produce a sufficient number of experienced and inexperienced workers by birth rate and graduations to meet this need. Canada plans to welcome 465,000 new immigrants in 2023. The targeted landings are expected to increase to 485,000 in 2024 and meet the long-projected number of 500,000 landings in 2025. This trend follows the recent history of new landings since 2021 when the country broke its own record of landing over 405,000. We need new workers, and the country has been meeting increased targets for several years. The record numbers reflect a strong commitment to increasing the supply of needed labour and ensuring that the country respond to the economic downturn during the pandemic. COVID has not disappeared, nor has the government’s intention to recover and address the need for new workers. The opposition Conservatives in Ottawa oppose the increased immigration to the country but time and the next election will see if Canada supports their opposition to rather the Trudeau government’s focus on increased immigration. The majority of the expected arrivals will come under economic class activity, particularly the federal Express Entry and the Provincial Nomination Programs (PNPs). At both the national and provincial levels, officials are working for increased landings, comprised of principal applicants, dependent children as accompanying or following

(family sponsorship). The targets for Express Entry are expected to rise from 82,880 in 2023 to 109.020 in 2024, to 114,000 in 2025. PNP targets go beyond the federal with 105,500 in 2023, 110,000 in 2024, and 117,500 in 2025. It is important that both levels of government participate in identifying and bringing in the needed skilled and semi-skilled workers. The reunification of families continues to be another important source for landings. Family class sponsorship is second to the economic classes in landings. Canada will continue to support the reunification of families with the country looking to welcome 80,000 new immigrants each year with the sponsorship of spouses, partners, and dependent children. Targets for the Parents and Grandparents Program are all expected to rise to 28,500 in 2023, followed by 34,000 in 2024 and 36,000 in 2025. Refugee and humanitarian class immigration – in contrast to family and economic activity – is expected to fall off after the muchpublicized Syrian, Afghanistan and Ukrainian immigration. However, the targets are fluid and may be changed depending upon continuing wars abroad. The overall refugee class targets set by the new Levels Plan will be just over 75,000 for 2023 and 2024 before dropping to 72,750 in 2025. Humanitarian classes will drop from 16,000 in 2023 down to 8,000 in 2025. The trends in immigration growth started in the 1980s and continues to the current day. It is instructive to note that the governments of that day did not look as far into the future as the current planning strategy. In 1984 the country welcomed fewer than 90,000 immigrants rising to 250,000 in the 1990s. The country realized then and now that newcomer arrivals are required for economic growth in particular. Canada welcomed roughly 250,000 newcomers annually in 2015 followed by an increase to 300,000 and more under the governing Liberal government. The COVID pandemic impacted negatively on arrivals, but Canada continues to experience increased landings because of the Canadian Experience Class of the Express

Entry and Provincial Nominee Programs. The country needs to fill nearly one million job vacancies and the shortage of labour remains a problem. We need to consider the country’s low birth rate of 1.4 children per woman, one of the lowest globally. If the country depended only on natural population growth, the number of deaths would soon exceed birth rates. Immigration historically continues to be a way to overcome this trend and provide Canada with the workers the country needs for economic growth. It is too easy for the critics to look to declining housing stocks and blame new arrivals. Immigrants have helped the country grow and

will continue to be needed in the future, far beyond the limits of the current three-year Levels Plan. The immigration Act requires an announcement on the Immigration Levels Plan, and we should be encouraged by the targets just announced. The increased numbers are challenging but represent the most realistic way for Canada to grow demographically and meet the increased challenges of the twenty first century. The lyrics of the old song apply, “the times they

are a changing” and Canada needs to change with them. Michael Scott is a Regulated Canadian Immigration Consultant (RCIC, R525678) who has 30 years of experience with Immigration Canada and the Manitoba Provincial Nominee Program. He currently works as a licensed consultant with Immigration Connexion International Ltd. Contact him at 204-691-1166 or 204-227-0292. E-mail: mscott.ici@gmail.com.



NOVEMBER 16 - 30, 2023

Building credit from the ground up: A program for newcomers to Canada Credit Canada launches free, accessible online resource in eight languages to help newcomers navigate the Canadian financial landscape Toronto – On November 1st, Credit Canada launched a free, multi-lingual online learning program about credit, developed specifically for newcomers to Canada, as part of their Financial Literacy Month campaign. Canada has a rich history of welcoming newcomers from around the world, providing high-quality opportunities for prosperity and stability. However, Canada’s newcomer population is extremely diverse, with each person facing their own unique challenges. Finding employment and a home to rent are just some of the first obstacles newcomers must overcome while adjusting to a different culture, building a new community, and perhaps learning a new language. While there are many resources to support newcomers when they arrive, Credit Canada identified a gap in helping newcomers build their new life – education about credit that reflects a newcomer’s experience, presented in their preferred language. This new program will help fill that gap. The details • Program: Building Credit from the Ground Up: A Program for Newcomers to Canada • Languages: English, French, Arabic, Farsi, Hindi, Spanish, Simplified Chinese, and Tagalog • Format: E-learning on any device.

Topics • Essentials of credit in Canada • How to build your credit history in Canada • How to improve your credit score • What to do if you run into problems with credit The cost is free, thanks to the support of our sponsors, including Indeed Canada, easyfinancial, and the Canadian Banker’s Association Visit: www.creditcanada.com/ newcomers Bruce Sellery, the CEO of Credit Canada, has been working with other non-profits, government agencies and private sector organizations to identify the key issues newcomers face in the Canadian financial landscape. “As a non-profit credit counselling agency, we speak to Canadians every day who are looking for solutions to manage their credit and pay down their debt. When you layer in the complex and persistent challenges newcomers face when accessing credit, such as language barriers and limited credit history, it can become much more difficult to establish that financial foundation,” says Sellery. “There aren’t many resources customized for them specifically, both in terms of content and language, which is why we wanted to create something easily accessible and available in several languages.”

Credit Canada has partnered with several online influencers and community organizations to help connect with various newcomer communities. The response has been positive, with many organizations jumping on board, including Achēv, a leading charitable organization that delivers employment, newcomer, language, youth, women, and inclusion services in the Greater Toronto Area. The program is sponsored by Indeed Canada, easyfinancial, and the Canadian Banker’s Association. To access Credit Canada’s e-learning modules and learn about their Financial Literacy Month events, webinars, and creditrelated resources for newcomers, visit www.creditcanada.com/ newcomers. For more information about Credit Canada’s mission to help all Canadians get out of debt and get back into life, visit www. creditcanada.com. About Credit Canada Credit Canada is Canada’s first and longest-standing credit counselling agency. For more than 50 years, Credit Canada has been helping Canadians get out of debt and back into life through financial education and debt resolution. As a national, nonprofit organization, Credit Canada has helped thousands become debt-free and achieve financial wellness.

Himank Bhatia is a certified credit counsellor and spokesperson for Credit Canada. “The newcomer population in Canada is significant, with each person facing their own unique circumstances. When I arrived in Canada six years ago, I was lucky to find the support and advice of individuals who understood the unique challenges newcomers face. I am inspired to pay it forward by aiding others on a similar journey and reminding newcomers that they, too, possess the power to flourish and succeed in Canada.”

NOVEMBER 16 - 30, 2023





Bea Alonzo: ‘I’ll be an official resident of Spain’ Actress Bea Alonzo announced that she is set to get her residency card and become an official resident of Spain. Alonzo made the announcement in a recent vlog as she shared how she packed for her trip going to Europe for 20 days with fiancé Dominic Roque. “Life update – makukuha ko na yung residency card ko. So I will be an official resident of Spain. So it’s a really important trip for both Dom and I. Ito rin ang unang beses na makakatira ako sa bahay ko sa Madrid. Sana magawa ko ang isang house tour. Mukhang mabubudol ko si Dom to shoot me but yeah I will be doing that,” Alonzo said. Alonzo bought an apartment

in Madrid, Spain in May last year. “I love Spain. Because of the pandemic, naisip ko na you only live once so I have to go for it. This past year, I have been looking for an apartment. Nag-umpisa lang iyan sa pagtingin-tingin sa internet. Kaya ko ba? Kaya ba ng budget ko? Nakakatakot ba? Ano ba ‘yung mga rules? Mahirap ba?” she said at the time. After reading on articles and talking to her godmother, Alonzo said she learned about Spain’s Golden Visa. “If you have a Golden Visa, instantly you will become a resident. Kung magwo-worry kayo kung magiging Spanish citizen na ako, nope,” she assured her fans. –ABS-CBN NEWS

Janine Gutierrez puts faith in ABS-CBN Actress Janine Gutierrez is confident that ABS-CBN will continue to give her exciting projects as she renewed her contract with the network. “I feel like they would know better than me than what I can even imagine for myself. Kasi ‘yung Dirty Linen ‘di ko maiisip eh na may ganoong role,” Gutierrez told reporters. “So parang ngayon, full faith talaga ako na they know what’s best for me. So kahit ano game ako,” she added. While not yet certain on what role she wants to take, Gutierrez said she knows the network will See JANINE p11

NOVEMBER 16 - 30, 2023

Bea in Spain

Bea Alonzo

Regine Velasquez stays with ABS-CBN Asia’s Songbird Regine Velasquez is not flying anywhere as she decided to ink a fresh deal with ABS-CBN on Friday. Velasquez, who has been an icon of Philippine music, renewed her exclusive contract with the network, reaffirming her position as a solid Kapamilya. According to the singer, she is grateful to continue her career with ABS-CBN, noting how much she enjoys performing on the Sunday variety show ASAP Natin ‘To.

“I’m just really, really thankful. I’m still here and I just want to continue to do well. Ngayon kasi mas kumakanta ako, kasi ‘yun ‘yung gusto ko gawin,” she said before signing the contract. “When I rested for a while, when I got pregnant, I somehow missed it very, very much. Now, I just want to concentrate on singing, doing concerts. I love doing ASAP. I missed it also.” ABS-CBN’s CEO and See REGINE p11

Regine Velasquez

Xian Lim reacts to ‘hearsay’ amid breakup rumors Janine Gutierrez

Actor Xian Lim recently reacted to hearsay amid rumors circulating on social media that he has broken up with real life girlfriend Kim Chiu. In an Instagram post, Lim said that he has read “plenty of hearsay” and noted that people should be mindful of what they post on social media. “Plenty of hearsay happening right now and I would like to ask everyone to be mindful of what you choose to believe in deceiving headlines and other information used to just pretend to know the whole story for personal gain and traction,” Lim said.

“I ask you to be mindful of what you share. Leave my family and friends out of this insignificant issue compared to what is happening in the world, our country, or even deep within ourselves,” he added. Amid the social media buzz, Lim said: “I am in the entertainment industry, but I am not here to entertain. I am here to express; I am here to breathe life to the characters I play. I am here to tell you a story in whatever shape or form it may be.” “I am not here to explain and satisfy one’s curiosity. I am not See XIAN p11

Xian Lim

NOVEMBER 16 - 30, 2023


Heart Evangelista at Marian Rivera, nagkasundo na Kinumpirma ni Heart Evangelista na nagkasundo na sila ni Marian Rivera, dahil “real queens support each other.” Sa Chika Minute report ni Aubrey Carampel sa 24 Oras Weekend nitong Nov. 11, sinabing pinusuan ng netizens ang mga usapan ng pagfa-follow nina Heart at Marian sa isa’t isa sa Instagram. Bukod dito, nagkakausap na rin sila sa pribado, ngunit nagdesisyon silang hindi ito isapubliko. “I don’t want it to be anything that’s for publicity because something like that should be from your heart. Marian and I, we’ve always liked each other,’’ sabi ni Heart sa panayam sa kaniya sa isang fashion event. Dahil dito, nagkomento ang ilang fans na “the world is healing” at nakakatuwang nagsusuportahan ang dalawang Kapuso queens. “Real queens support each other. It’s a testament that it’s really the people around us that makes things bad,” sabi ni Heart. Nagsimula ang hindi pagkakaintindian umano nina Marian at Heart noong magkasama sila sa pelikulang Temptation Island. Dati silang magkaibigan kaya natutuwa si Heart na muling naayos ang kanilang pagkakaibigan. “I guess it’s just a matter

of time and honestly, I really appreciate her. She has a very strong character, but I really appreciate her kindness and her, just her heart,” sabi ni Heart. Tinanong si Heart kung may tiyansa rin silang magkasama sa isang proyekto.

“I don’t know kasi siya kasi, busy din siya. But I think for me what’s important is, in the real world, we’re okay. And that for me is a true queen,’’ anang Kapuso fashion icon. –Jamil Santos/VBL, GMA Integrated News

Heart Evangelista

Marian Rivera





NOVEMBER 16 - 30, 2023

Action, mystery, and romance feels from GMA Pinoy TV this November Black Rider stars Ruru Madrid in the role of Elias, a motorcycle delivery rider who is also the vigilante. He is the only one who stands in the way of the notorious Golden Scorpion Syndicate. Black Rider boasts an ensemble cast that includes Matteo Guidecelli, Yassi Pressman, Katrina Halili, Jon Lucas, and iconic action stars Zoren Legaspi, Raymart Santiago, Gary Estrada, Raymond Bagatsing, Isko Moreno, Monsour del Rosario, and Roi Vinzon. The series also features performances from veteran actors Rio Locsin, Gladys Reyes, Maureen Larrazabal, and Almira Muhlach. Gabby Concepcion, Beauty Gonzalez, and Carla Abellana star in Stolen Life. Carla plays Lucy, an orphan searching for love. Beauty is Farrah, Lucy’s cousin, who is envious of her life and will stop at nothing to get what she wants, even when it’s someone’s life. Gabby is Darius, Farrah’s loving husband. One day, through astral projection, Lucy and Farrah end up switching bodies, and their lives! Legendary actor Celia Rodriguez joins the cast as Azon, a loving and protective matriarch who will

do everything to protect her grandchildren. Bb. Pilipinas 2022 First Runner-Up Herlene Budol makes her acting debut in the drama series Magandang Dilag. She plays Gigi, a woman who

may not have the best looks but is always most optimistic about life. She faces a significant turnaround of events when her estranged father, Joaquin, leaves her enormous wealth. Sparkle leading man Benjamin Alves plays Eric,

and highly-talented actor Rob Gomez is Jared. Playing equally important roles are Al Tantay as Joaquin, Chanda Romero as Sofia, Joaquin’s rich and intimidating wife and Sandy Andolong as Luisa, Joaquin’s former live-in partner and Gigi’s doting mom. Lovers/Liars is a “nonconventional triple-plot drama series.” The program marks the teleserye return of Claudine Barretto. Other cast members include Shaira Diaz, Yasser Marta, Rob Gomez, Kimson Tan, Michelle Vito, Sarah Edwards, Polo Ravales, Christian Vasquez, and Lianne Valentin. Other not-to-be-missed GMA Pinoy TV programs include the latest season and audience favourite Family Feud, where Dingdong Dantes returns with new survey questions awaiting answers from contestants and will keep audiences at home at the edge of their seats. Set in the fictional Sparkle University, youth-oriented drama series Sparkle U explores the issues and struggles of teenagers in the age of social media. Shayne Sava and Abdul Rahman lead the cast of rising stars such as

Roxie Smith, Michael Sager, Zephanie, Princess Alliyah, Vanessa Pena, and Anjay Anson. GMA Pinoy TV brings more entertainment on weekends with feel-good movies! A dramatic vehicle may seem unexpected for Michael V but the comedian delivers a performance that is refreshingly poignant in Family History. In the role of Alex dela Cruz, Michael deals with his wife’s cancer diagnosis and infidelity, played by Dawn Zulueta. Sarah Geronimo and celebrity dog Milo headline Unforgettable. Sarah plays Jasmine, who, on a journey back to Baguio for her Lola Olive (Gina Pareno) with her dog, meets various people along the way, which includes celebrity cameos by Tirso Cruz III, Cherie Gil, Regine Velasquez, and Anne Curtis. Catch it on November 19. Ang Pamilyang Hindi Lumuluha, stars Sharon Cuneta. In this indie dark comedy, Sharon plays Cora, a member of a family who, according to legend, is known to never shed a single tear despite whatever misfortune befalls them. Watch it on November 26.

NOVEMBER 16 - 30, 2023



Joy for the Holidays A Christmas luncheon gift-giving to seniors & low income families In the spirit of gift giving and bringing joy this holiday season, the Filipino Seniors Group of Winnipeg together with Retro Divas, will be hosting a Christmas luncheon and gift-giving on December 16, 2023 from 11:00 a.m. - 4:00 p.m. for our seniors, lowincome families, newcomers and for those that need joy and love this Christmas. We are knocking on your doors and asking you to donate non-perishable items or cash to make this event a success. Donations can be dropped off at the FSGW HALL at 49 Euclid every Tuesday from 6:00 p.m. till 9:00 p.m. or call us to make an arrangement.

JANINE... From page 8 come up with the right stories for her. “Hopefully, I’m assured naman and sa caliber naman ng mga kwento natin dito sa ABSCBN and of course sa Dreamscape family ko which I’m so grateful for – Sir Deo (Endrinal), thank you po – I look forward to any role na io-offer nila sa ‘kin kasi

REGINE... From page 8 president Carlo Katigbak highlighted that Velasquez is a big blessing to the company not only because of her talent but also for being a kind-hearted Kapamilya. For Velasquez, her journey with ABS-CBN reignited her

XIAN... From page 8 here to ask for sympathy and spread hate. That is not who I am,” he added. “Mahal ko ang mga tao sa paligid ko. Mahal ko ang pagkakataon na naibigay sa akin ng tadhana and I will continue to use my voice to share my purpose. I will continue to find it, search for it and be the best version of me that I can become and hopefully leave a mark in this lifetime.” Chiu earlier denied rumors that she and her boyfriend have

siguradong maganda,” she said. Some of the artists she wants to work with are Jodi Sta. Maria, Iza Calzado, Angel Locsin, Anne Curtis, and Maricel Soriano. Throughout her stay with the network, Gutierrez has done various series like Marry Me, Marry You and Sleep With Me. But she truly made her mark with her lead role in Dirty Linen, which garnered international praises. – ABS-CBN NEWS

passion in performing, even amid the crises that beset the company in the past years. Velasquez returned to ABSCBN in 2018 and has been leading ASAP since then. She is also part of the morning show Magandang Buhay. ABS-CBN News – Photo by Karl Cedrick Basco

called it quits. The speculations stemmed from the actress’s recent solo trip. Asked if her relationship with Lim is still “very strong,” Chiu replied: “Okay naman po kami ni Xi.” “Oo mapanlinlang ang showbiz, pero maayos naman. Masaya naman po,” she stressed. This is not the first time that Chiu and Lim are rumored to have broken up. Lim and Chiu have been dating since 2012, although it was only in 2018 when the actress confirmed their relationship. – ABS-CBN NEWS



NOVEMBER 16 - 30, 2023

Your body knows the difference between good stress and bad stress: Do you? It may be surprising to hear, but medically speaking, not all stress is bad. Healthy stress levels help build resilience, says Safia Debar, MBBS, a stress management expert at Mayo Clinic Healthcare in London. In this expert alert, Dr. Debar explains the difference between good and bad stress and how to tell when you are in danger of overload. Stress is a physical and psychological reaction to a demand, and that demand can be anything, Dr. Debar says. Stress that is good for us and may even give us a sense of well-being is eustress, the opposite of distress. The same event—for example, getting married—might provoke either one, Dr. Debar says. “It’s about the perception of that stress and how your body is actually handling it,” Dr. Debar says. “Chronic stress will impact every organ system in the

body: You might feel anxiety, depression and digestive issues, for example.” Stress prompts a cascade of reactions within the mind and body as you mount a stress response, Dr. Debar says. Under normal stress, a person starts at a baseline of relaxation, encounters a stressor, the stress response begins, rises to a peak, and then comes back down to baseline. Among the physical changes that may occur when you perceive a threat: • The sympathetic nervous system and production of the primary stress hormone, cortisol, activate. • Thinking becomes negative as you experience or anticipate something bad. Attention becomes hyper focused on what is happening. • The heart, lungs and muscles prepare for you to fight or run. There is increased heart rate,

blood pressure and breathing rate as the body needs to deliver more oxygen to cells. Muscles tense. • The digestive and reproductive systems aren’t needed, so their activities slow. • The immune system turns its attention from fighting microscopic invaders such as viruses or cancer cells and goes into an inflammatory mode, increasing its production of proteins called cytokines that adjust this process. When someone realizes the threat has passed, the body begins to repair itself from this response and “tidy up”. It shifts to a repair, renew and growth state as the stress response is mopped up. Physically, breathing and heart rate slow down, blood pressure normalizes, you take more expansive breaths, muscular tension eases, the digestive and reproductive systems resume normal activity, and you may

begin to connect with others to recount the threat you just experienced, Dr. Debar says. “If you go up in stress and then come back down, you have completed our cycle. There’s no wear and tear, there’s no damage,” Dr. Debar says. “In fact, it’s probably good for you because it leads to greater resilience. If you’ve ever overcome a stressful event in life, processed it fully and completed that cycle, then the next similar experience you have, you think, `Oh no, but I can do it.’” However, when someone is repeatedly under too much stress, the ability to go back to baseline slowly starts to wane, Dr. Debar says. “You can go up in stress and stay there, having a prolonged response. This is when you’re hypervigilant: You’re wired but tired, you’re anxious,” Dr. Debar says. “Or, life has thrown at you so many stressors, that you respond inadequately. It is the lack of recovery rather than the actual stressor itself that is critical. After a while, you may just numb out and show no response.” Sometimes people think it would be good to show no response, Dr. Debar adds, but

internally the stress response and its cascade of internal activities are still happening. They are just hidden. There are several signs that you may be in danger of stress overload, and it is time to address it, Dr. Debar says: • If stress feels unremitting and constant. • If stress feels uncontrollable and you’re unable to relax or feel like you’re on autopilot. • If you have problems regulating emotions. • If you start hiding from life and/or people. • You’re experiencing physical symptoms such as headaches, chest pain, stomach upsets, problems sleeping, or getting sick more often. “Think about how your body handles stress, and how you handle it emotionally, physically and in your relationships,” Dr. Debar says. “What do you do, what do you not do.” Chronic stress can have longterm health effects. People who feel ongoing physical symptoms or find that lifestyle changes do not seem to help should consult with their health care team, Dr. Debar says. – Mayo Clinic News Network/

NOVEMBER 16 - 30, 2023



Canadian universities foster sustainable collaboration with the Philippines MANILA – Universities Canada, in collaboration with the Trade Commissioner Service in Manila, concluded a successful mission bringing together university leaders and government officials from Canada and the Philippines last week. The mission took place in Manila, the Philippines, November 6 to 8, 2023, and aimed to identify partnership opportunities in higher education and training, promote international research collaboration and strengthen ties between the Philippines and Canada. Under the theme of building sustainable partnerships, the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals were central to the event’s discussions. During the mission, Universities Canada signed a memorandum of understanding with the Commission on Higher Education in the Philippines, signaling the commitment of both countries’ post-secondary systems to work together. Participants also visited two Philippine university campuses, the University of the Philippines Los Baños and De La Sale University, to learn about research underway on agriculture, food security, science and technology. The Philippines is a priority country in both Universities Canada’s and the Government of Canada’s international education strategies. People-to-people

links between Canada and the Philippines continue to grow, with nearly one million people of Philippine origin residing in Canada and a rising number of Filipinos choosing to study in Canada. In 2021, Canada was the number one preferred destination country for post-secondary students from the Philippines. The Philippines and Canada have a strong history of collaboration and will celebrate their 75th year of bilateral relations in 2024. The countries have worked together on human rights issues, peacekeeping efforts and climate change, as well as through their membership to the Association of Southeast Asian Countries, the United Nations, the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation and the World Trade Organization. This week’s mission was an opportunity to deepen and strengthen those relationships. “Universities Canada’s Mission to the Philippines was extremely productive,” said Philip Landon, interim president and CEO of Universities Canada. “It was an invaluable opportunity for Canadian university presidents to learn from their Philippine counterparts, share knowledge and form connections. We look forward to exploring more ways to collaborate with the Philippines as we work towards building a more sustainable future and addressing the challenges of climate change.”

During the mission, Universities Canada signed a memorandum of understanding with the Commission on Higher Education in the Philippines. Participants also visited two Philippine university campuses, the University of the Philippines Los Baños and De La Sale University, to learn about research underway on agriculture, food security, science and technology. Universities Canada will continue to promote institutional partnership opportunities that promote two-way student mobility, – such as the Global Skills Opportunity program – international research collaborations and business opportunities between the Philippines and Canada. Universities Canada is the voice of Canada’s universities at home and abroad, advancing higher education, research, and innovation for the benefit of all Canadians.

Fr. Robert Yap, SJ, President of Ateneo de Manila University (left), Christopher Adams, Rector of St. Paul’s College in Winnipeg (right), November 8, 2023.




NOVEMBER 16 - 30, 2023

May sulat ka! Noong early 80s ay nagtatrabaho sa Middle East ang aking Tatay. Siya ang isa sa mga unang OCW or Overseas Contract Worker bago pa man ito tinawag na OFW or Overseas Filipino Workers. Nasa elementarya pa ako noon. Wala pang internet. Wala pang cellphone. Ang tanging paraan at pinakamabilis na komunikasyon sa kaniya ay sa pamamagitan ng sulat. Kung mayroon namang budget o may pabalik o papuntang Middle East na malapit sa kaniyang lugar ay nagpapadala din kami ng voice tape. Ito ay cassette tape na may recording ng aming pangungumusta sa kaniya. Si Mang Andy ay ang aming neighbourhood kartero or mailman. Kilala siya sa aming lugar at maraming nag-aabang sa

kaniyang mga ginang ng tahanan na ang mga asawa ay nasa Middle East. Hindi naman sa panunuhol, pero laging nagbibigay ng tip ang aking Nanay kay Mang Andy para sa serbisyo nito sa komunidad. Bilang kartero ay kabisado niya ang mga pangalan ng mga naninirahan sa aming lugar kahit na ang marami sa mga bahay dito ay walang numero. Isang mahalagang role ang ginampanan ng mga kartero noong mga panahong iyon dahil sa pagsisilbi nila bilang mga tagapagugnay ng maraming pamilya. Mayroon pa ding kartero akong nakikita dito sa Canada. Ngunit hindi na tulad ng dati ang aking nararamdam para sa kanila. Ibang-iba kasi ang excitement na hatid kapag alam mong may darating kang liham mula sa iyong

KROSWORD NO. 429 Ni Bro. Gerry Gamurot

PAHALANG 1. Papapansinin 8. Tabako 11. Ginagawang lubid 14. Sinasamahan 16. Torpe 17. Uri ng kahoy 18. Panghalip 19. Tatay 20. Hulapi 21. Bulol 23. Pangamba 25. Pakikidalamhati 28. Ihanda 29. Wala nang magulang 30. Ebidensiya PABABA 2. Dapat bayaran 3. Mando 4. Silakbo 5. Ipusta 6. Sasaklawin 7. Baylerina

9. Hinila 10. Natatanggal 12. Matayog na kahoy 13. Katunggali 15. Tila 22. Palagay 24. Kaibigang babae 26. Lupa 27. Landas


mahal sa buhay. “Lapuz!,” yan ang sigaw ng karterong si Mang Andy kapag may sulat ang aking Tatay. Sigaw na nagbibigay ng kasiyahan sa aming lahat, lalo na sa aking Nanay. Hindi ko na naabutan si Mang Andy nang ako ay nagtrabaho sa munisipio ng Taguig. Noong mga panahong iyon ay nag-retiro na raw siya at marami ng pumalit na mga kartero sa aming lugar. Kung may dapat bigyan ng pagkilala ang mga pamilyang Pilipino noong panahon ng kasagsagan ng pagsa-Saudi ng mga kalalakihan ay walang kuwestyon na kasama rito ang mga bayaning kartero ng ating bayan. Gusto kong himayin ang mga emosyon na may kaugnayan sa sulat. Kumpara kasi sa modernong panahon ng komunikasyon ay mas may malalim na hugot ng damdamin ang idinudulot ng pagsusulat ng liham, ang paghuhulog nito, ang pag-aabang, ang pagsalubong sa kartero, ang pagbubukas ng sobre, ang amoy ng papel, ang karakter kung paano isinulat ang liham at ang napakaraming istoryang nilalaman nito. Ang ugnayan mo sa taong iyong susulatan ay magsisimula sa kung ano ang iyong iku-kuwento. Ano ang dahilan ng iyong pagsusulat? Sa maliit na paraan ng pagsusulat ay nagmimistulang istoryador ang isang sumusulat dahil sa kaniyang paglalahad ng mga kuwentong gusto niyang ibahagi. Dito rin nahahasa sa kung gaano ka-malikhain ang isang tao na makikita sa kung paano niya isasalarawan sa pamamagitan ng sulat ang mga kuwentong gusto niyang ipahayag. Isa siguro sa dahilan kung bakit ako naging manunulat (kuno) ay ang aking karanasan sa pagsusulat sa aking Tatay. Kapag natapos na ang sulat ay babasahin mo ito ng makailang beses upang tiyakin na malinaw ang iyong gustong ikuwento at maayos ang iyong pagkakalimbag. Hindi uso ang spell-check noong mga panahong iyon. Ikaw mismo ang magwawasto sa bawat titik at letrang iyong isinulat.

Kukuha ka ng sobre at titiklupin nang maayos ang liham. Ang pagtitiklop ng sulat ay may istilo. May hugis patatsulok sa isang dulo nito at ang pagkakatiklop ay kailangang naayon sa kung paano ito bubuksan ng makakatanggap. Isisilid mo ang liham sa sobre at titiyaking walang hangin sa loob na maaaring makadaragdag sa bigat nito. Mas mabigat ay mas mahal ang iyong babayaran sa koreo. Kung ang sobre ay hindi self-adhesive ay maaari kang gumamit ng kanin upang ipangselyo sa sulat. Isusulat mo nang maayos at malinaw ang pangalan ng makatatanggap ng liham at ang kaniyang mailing address. Oo, natatandaan ko pa ang PO box number ng aking Tatay sa Dubai. “PO Box 1418, Deira Dubai, United Arab Emirates.” Ang isa naming naging aso may pangalang “Fourteen” na hango sa PO box number ng aming Tatay. Ganito ka-importante ang address ng iyong mahal sa buhay. Kahit napakaraming taon na ay hindi mo ito malilimutan. Ito ay isang kayamanang dulot ng pagsusulat. Pupunta ka sa post office at ihuhulog ang sulat. Halos kilala mo na ang mga tao dito at kilala ka rin nila. Alam mo na rin ang halaga ng iyong babayaran. At kapag medyo napabigat ang iyong sulat ay may nakaabang kang pera. Isang malaking check mark sa isip mo kapag naihulog mo na ang sulat. May saya at halong kaba ang iyong nararamdaman dahil hindi mawawala sa isip mo na baka ito hindi makarating agad o mawala. Tulad ng ating ibang mga ginagawa, may risk din na kaakibat ang pagpapadala ng sulat. Pero ang sabi nga, kapag gusto mo, you will take the risk. Bibilang ka ng ilang linggo at sasabihin mo sa sarili mo na malamang ay natanggap na ang iyong liham. Maiisip mo rin na maaaring gumagawa na ng tugon sa sulat mo ang iyong sinulatan. Lilipas pa ang ilang linggo at aasa kang may parating ng sulat para sa iyo. Unti-unti nang mabubuo ang excitement mo sa pag-aantay ng sulat. Aabangan mo na ang sigaw ng kartero. Ang sigaw na

magbibigay sa iyo ng saya at kukumpleto sa araw mo. At darating na nga ang araw ng pinaka-iintay mo. May sulat ka! Minsan ay gusto mong bigyan ng suspense ang pagbubukas at pagbabasa ng sulat. Imbis na bubuksan mo ito agad ay itatago mo muna ito at maglalaan ka ng oras sa gabi o sa iyong sagradong oras upang buksan at basahin ito. May sorpresang dulot ang bawat sulat kaya’t gusto mo itong namnamin. Hindi lamang ito sulat dahil ito ay may kaluluwang kumakatawan sa taong nagpadala nito. Ito ang bersyon ng live streaming sa pamamagitan ng liham na kung saan nararamdaman mong andiyan lang sa tabi mo o harap mo ang taong sumulat sa iyo. Damang-dama mo ang bawat katagang nakasulat sa liham na tila ito ay may buhay. Masasabi kong mapalad ako dahil naranasan ko ang kagandahan ng mundo na hindi pa moderno ang lahat katulad na lamang ng aking pagiging saksi sa buhay ng isang liham (the life of a letter). Mas nabibigyan ko ng halaga ang bawat detalye ng buhay dahil ito ay hindi nakakamit nang mabilisan. May kaakibat na pag-aantay ang paggawa at pagpapadala ng sulat na kung saan masusukat ang ating pasensya. May elemento ng sopresa, kasiyahan at pag-asa ang liham na siyang nagpapatibay sa ating mga ugnayan sa mga mahal natin sa buhay. Sa pagwawakas, ang liham na natanggap mo ay para lang sa iyo at hindi para basahin ng publiko. Hindi ito naka-post sa social media, kundi nakatago ito sa sagradong baul ng buhay mo na ikaw lamang ang nakakaalam kung nasaan. Noel Lapuz ay dating OFW sa Middle East (Dubai at Qatar). Nagtrabaho nang sampung taon sa City Hall ng Taguig bilang Human Resource Management Officer. Naging bahagi ng BataBatuta Productions bilang manunulat, entertainment host at stage actor. Nagtatag ng Kulturang Alyansa ng Taguig. Kasapi ng Ecumenical Movement for Justice and Peace (EMJP).

NOVEMBER 16 - 30, 2023



Ma-Buhay! An all-Filipino musical To open Rainbow Stage’s 2024 Season

Ma-Buhay! a full-scale production of an all-Filipino musical, will make its Canadian premier in June 2024 to celebrate the 70th anniversary of Rainbow Stage. Over five years in development, Ma-Buhay! is the first musical ever to be commissioned by Winnipeg’s outdoor musical theatre company. The book, music, and lyrics of Ma-Buhay! are the creation of Joseph Sevillo. He has been a professional theatre artist for 20 years. Sevillo said he was inspired to write a Filipino show having never played a Filipino on stage in his career. “This project means everything to me, as it’s a chance to tell our stories for the first time, amplifying the talent from the Filipinx community here in Manitoba, while giving Filipinx Artists, for most, their first professional contract at Rainbow Stage,” said Sevillo.

Sevillo hopes that Ma-Buhay! will lead to more representation of Filipino artists in the professional theatre and provide development opportunities for young Filipino artists. Since its inception five years ago, over a hundred Filipino artists have participated in its workshops. The story of Ma-Buhay! is set in present-day Winnipeg against the backdrop of a fictional Filipino reality TV competition. It follows three singing and dancing finalists from different economic backgrounds who battle to change their lives for the better. It promises to enthrall the audience with its original pop music and hip-hop dance. Mabuhay features several original song-and-dance numbers. Sevillo wrote one of the Tagalog songs with his late mother, Teresita. “I am very elated to see the big dream of Joseph come into fruition. He has worked tirelessly

over the past five years to come up with this wonderful creation. With Rainbow Stage taking on Ma-Buhay! musical under its new initiative, more Filipino artists are given the opportunity to showcase their talents on a major mainstream stage. May this musical serve as an inspiration to more Filipino artists/talents and those from

Photo by Rey-Ar Reyes.

The creative team of Ma-Buhay!: Front row (l-r): Rochelle Kives, Brady Barrientos. Back row (l-r): Carson Nattrass (Artistic Director), Joseph Sevillo (Creator), Justin Bulaong, Victoria Exconde, Robin Jordan Quintana, Jerilyn Bulaong, Stef De Leon, Joy Lazo, Dutchess Cayetano. Photo by Rey-Ar Reyes.

other ethnicities. Sariling atin ito, suportahan natin!” said Joy Lazo, Member, Board of Directors, Rainbow Stage. Rainbow Stage 70 For its 70th anniversary, Rainbow Stage says it is “making history with the Canadian Premiere of Ma-Buhay! and honouring history with a

upercalifragilisticexpialidocious favourite.” The Canadian premiere of the all-Filipino production of Mabuhay! will run from June 27 to July 14, 2024. It will be followed by the alltime favourite Mary Poppins, which will take flight from August 15 to September 1st.



NOVEMBER 16 - 30, 2023

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