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Where is your online audience, and how do you reach them? by: Peter O'Sullivan As the Web has evolved, its depth has grown to substantial proportions. This translates to many to many far-flung corners of the Web where passionate consumers are aggregating, and more and more often on very niche sites. These content channels have huge potential as powerful, highly influential places for advertisers to connect with their target audience. These sites come with relevant, authoritative content that can speak directly to an advertiser’s product, brand and marketing objectives. However, the Web is a dynamic, fluid environment. It needs to be monitored 24/7 to follow the changes, and to quickly find and hone in on the most influential sites. Content that expresses a point of view, slant, opinion or authorship can aggregate a very passionate audience of like-minded people. This is where real brand influence can occur. Passionate audiences swarm around content that interests them but as the Web has evolved and expanded, these audiences are no longer in the most obvious places where brands and advertisers expect to find them. At BuzzLogic we help marketers find and reach the audience that matters to them most. We do so by identifying the most influential content through our analytics platform, which—in this constantly shifting Web world—is a 24/7 job. Like a doppler radar, our tech constantly monitors and analyzes the Web for the most persuasive and relevant content that aligns with our client’s needs. From here, we determine how influence around content is changing and help our advertisers move with it.

Where is your online audience