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ren’t books like doors to new worlds?

e like it when books launch us to the landscapes of new ideas and visions. We want our books to be beacons in the darkness, mental explosions, or letters from the future. We like it when a book feels like unconditional love and a dream that you never want to wake up from.


e want clarity instead of chaos and books that bring us closer to the truth. Don’t you love it when a book answers all your questions and feels like a heart-felt gift? We like our books to be journeys. Let’s enjoy them together!



years on the

Estonian publishing market

Pilgrim Books was born in 2003 and has since then published hundreds of captivating and educating books from various authors.

Our focus: spirituality and self-development reference and health books

We also publish: • fiction • travel literature • children’s books

Our bestsellers:

TOP 5 Bestseller in 2015

Energy Crisis. A Warning-bell for Your Body. (Energiakriis. Keha häirekell.)

A revolutionary book by a doctor who dares to differ Author: Dr Riina Raudsik, MD

Dr Riina Raudsik, famous for her radical ideas and passion, is an established and well-known Estonian doctor whose straightforward ideas have caused much controversy. She has always taken interest in holistic healthcare where science-based medicine, alternative healing practices and patients’ personal responsibility work hand in hand. Her book explains why energy crisis is the symptom of over-acidic tissues, inflammations, and autoimmune diseases, why medications can’t cure people and how anyone can help their body.

Pages 224 ISBN 9789949571086 140x205mm Paperback Pilgrim, 2015


The most sold book in Estonia in 2016

Wisdom of Health (Tark tee terviseni)

Chinese food therapy for healthier life Author: Rene Bürkland

Another book by Rene Bürkland is an introduction into the world of Chinese food therapy. The book explains which foods are suitable for different body types, how to choose seasonal food, and which foods offer relief in case of cold and flu, digestion problems, overweight, fatigue, pains and many other ailments.

Pages 256 ISBN 9789949571581 135x200mm Paperback Pilgrim, 2016

“Each human being is unique, and all dietary choices should reflect that. There is no superdiet that fits all; there are no right or wrong foods – only suitable or unsuitable ones. Chinese food therapy considers every person’s body type, their individuality and illnesses. This helps people choose food that strengthens their body, helps prevent health problems and enables healing.” - Rene Bürkland

The most sold book in Estonia in 2014

The Alchemy of Health (Tervise alkeemia)

A Handbook of Chinese Medicine Author: Rene Bürkland

Rene Bürkland is an acknowledged doctor of Chinese medicine and qigong teacher. The Alchemy of Health teaches how to better listen to your body and soul and helps interpret its symptoms and messages, the communication systems of our bodies. “Chinese medicine is a millennia-old theoretical and practical system for balancing the body and for achieving harmony between the body and its environment. The purpose of this book is to help people get to know themselves better and be healthier through lifestyle and diet.” - Rene Bürkland

Pages 228 ISBN 9789949529421 135x200mm Paperback Pilgrim, 2014


Dr Levin’s Words of Wisdom (Dr Levini toitumistarkused)

A handbook on the importance of the right diet, on food therapy and hidden food intolerances Author: Adik Levin, MD

This book by a renowned doctor and diet specialist is much more than a handbook full of good advice. Dr Levin does not promote just another diet but insists on everyone’s individuality and the need to concentrate on these unique nuances. This means the same food and advice does not suit everyone.

Pages 144 ISBN 9789949529940 140x200mm Paperback Pilgrim, 2015

The book talks about diet and nutrition, introduces various theories and offers a completely new outlook on hidden food intolerances. As food is one of the main pillars of our health, it’s highly likely that eating unsuitable foods may lead to irreversible health problems. The main message of the book is a guideline on how to take care of yourself and your family with the right kind of foods. This book is a useful tool for families, doctors and therapists alike.

TOP 10 Bestseller in 2017

Feed Your Health (Toida oma tervist)

Prevention of illnesses and recovery with the help of proper food and natural medicine Author: Liis Orav

Food is just one piece in the grand puzzle of health and happiness but also one of the fastest and easiest ways to give your body a restart. If an illness was a war, our immune system would be the army and food would serve as guns and ammunition. An imprisoned army, rusty guns and non-existent ammunition would not win anyone a war. Both stem cell research and epigenetics have proved that health depends on our choices. Popular theory of genetic determinism that has prevailed for decades is fading into oblivion. However, drug-driven medicine has fostered a belief that health problems can be overcome by popping pills, not making lifestyle changes. As they say: “the healthy have a thousand dreams, the sick just one.� Trust your own body and respect its messages. Feed your health! Liis Orav learnt the healing properties of food through painful personal experiences. She has graduated Annely Soots Health School and has furthered her studies in the subject of natural healing, nutrigenomics, and biomedicine in various countries. She firmly believes that natural food; well-informed choices, good energy and positive attitude can move mountains.

Pages 168 ISBN 9789949571871 135x200mm Paperback Pilgrim, 2017


From Heart to Heart (SĂźdamega sĂźdamest) Half a century in the life of a cardiac surgeon who is a star in his own right; an intriguing story of the medical systems in the Soviet Union and independent Estonia Author: Toomas Sulling, MD

Pages 144 ISBN 9789949529940 140x200mm Paperback Pilgrim, 2015

Dr Sulling is a legend, a star of the medical world who was as famous in the Soviet Union as any pop icon. He is one of the pioneers of cardiac surgery and the founder of the field in Estonia. During his long career he has performed over 4,000 heart surgeries, approximately half of which have been beating-heart surgeries. His excellence and research have won him much international acclaim. This book tells a story of a keen medical student who became a top surgeon on one-fourth of the continent and of all the (often anecdotal) obstacles in his way. The book is valuable literature both to patients and doctors alike.

Restart A new beginning in seven days Author: Terje Mander

We are all used to a fast-paced life and may need help to make desired changes. This book provides encouragement and advice on this journey. In it you will find tips for focusing, balancing and de-stressing and techniques that help bring clarity and make better choices. Yoga will provide you with vitality, recipes and dietary advice help you build a foundation for feeling good every single day. Change your attitude and eating habits – change your life – and find wellbeing in just seven days!

Pages 224 ISBN 9789949571826 170x210mm Paperback Pilgrim, 2017


TOP 3 Bestseller in 2017

I’m a Man. (Mees. Otse ja ausalt)

An honest and no-nonsense take on being a man Author: Jesper Parve

„Power. Crisis. Women. Soul. Father. Health. Friends. Success. Who is a man? When do you become a man? When can I say that I’m a man? Have you ever thought, if you really are a man or still a boy? Guys – you are very meticulous about your car, land, work, loan terms. Please think also about who you want to spend your life with. Because a good woman can help you tap into unbelievable potential and power but a bad one will kill any creativity or will. The partner you choose will hopefully be there for you until the end of time. So, better choose carefully, if you still can.” Pages 176 ISBN 9789949621156 135x200mm Paperback Pilgrim, 2017

Ex pro basketball player Jesper Parve has researched masculinity and the meaning of being a man and is now sharing his experience and expertise. He has lived in Australia, the USA, Finland and Bali. He is in a great relationship and as two small children. Jesper is adamant that this is his story and the ideas that have helped him. Now he is encouraging you to discover your story!

It is like it isn’t (On nagu pole) Author: Alan Adojaan

In his debut It is like it isn’t Alan Adojaan describes his unbelievably crazy adventures and analyses his bizarre relationships and weird characters he meets along the way. He travels the world looking for fun, love and business affairs. In the first part he dives into the unknown in Brazil and after loosing a million in one day, things are just starting to get out of hand. One mad situation follows the other. This book takes you on a ride to a places and situations that you would normally not encounter, and slaps you with good humour. This is one of the funniest reads of the year! “Trotting between black and white, at one point when becoming a world citizen, we understand that the world has a lot of colours to offer. This book is full of colourful emotions and wonderful adventures.”

Pages 384 ISBN 9789949529094 130x200mm Paperback Pilgrim, 2013

- Carmen Kass, Supermodel “Alan says it’s not a travel-book, not a road-movie, not a script, not a self-help book, autobiography, humoresque, love-story or deep self-analysis. But, it is all of that and much more!” - Evelin Võigemast, Actress


The Devil Has a Child’s Face (Kuradil on lapse nägu)

Historical and psychological thriller Author: Marek Kahro

Before Midsummer there is a fire in a small Estonian village and the case is assigned to CI Hando Oras. When yet another fire kills one villager, he is beginning to investigate the hidden agendas and complicated relationships under the surface of an idyllic rural life. Pages 296 ISBN 9789949571970 148x210mm Paperback Pilgrim, 2017

He soon finds out that several recent deaths have bizarre connections to ancient witch-hunt that saw a young farmer perished. Can he stop the mysterious killer before anyone else loses their life? A thriller rich in historical information is a sequel to the award-winning Where the Mermaids Sing.

Winner of literature award BESTSELLER 2015

Where the Mermaids Sing (Seal, kus näkid laulavad)

Psychological thriller Author: Marek Kahro

Psychological thriller about the destructive force of fear. The story revolves around a small-town teacher and single mother Maia. Her tedious life is turned upside down with the appearance of a new student. Artur reminds her of an old tragedy: her then boyfriend drowned in a haunted lake. Maia suspects Artur might have something to do with several recent violent murders. Moreover, she is scared she might be next. The novel is the winner of Bestseller 2015 and of the national Bernhard Kangro literature award.

Pages 264 ISBN 9789949571253 148x210mm Paperback Pilgrim, 2016


Let Me in the Kitchen! (Lase mind kÜÜki!)

Cool recipes and cooking tips for kids Authors: Merle Liivak and Hele-Mai Alamaa

Journalist Merle Liivak and photographer HeleMai Alamaa both have three children. For this book they opened kitchen doors to a whole bunch of inspiring kids, including the world-famous freestyle skier Kelly Sildaru and Kadri Keiu Ilves, the daughter of our ex-president, who all share their favourite recipes.

Pages 208 ISBN 9789949571659 245x175mm Hardcover Pilgrim, 2016

Here you will find a lot of smart ideas for various occasions: quick after-school snacks, dates with friends, birthday-parties, or family weekends. It has everything from tortilla pizzas to popsicles!

Forest Kitchen (Metsaköök)

Delicious recipes and pure food from nature Authors: Hele-Mai Alamaa, Merle Liivak

Venture out and feast on a hiking trail, in the forest, even in the trees or a canoe! There is no bad weather, only wrong clothes. To make food taste even better, share it with friends! Involve everyone – big and small – so that the food would become enriched with love. Nothing compares to the synergy of doing things together! This beautiful and extensive cookbook provides delicious recipes and practical tips, finding inspiration from the beauty of nature and real food.

Pages 272 ISBN 9789949621194 170x240mm Hardcover Pilgrim, 2017

The authors are journalist and columnist Merle Liivak and photographer Hele-Mai Alamaa.


Emmi And Teddy (Emmi ja Mõmmi)

A sweet children’s book full of valuable teachings for life Authors: Eleri Ütsmüts, Anna Ring

This is a beautifully illustrated book with sweet and insightful stories about a little girl Emmi and her teddy bear. Emmi and Teddy are best friends discovering the world, learning new things, and doing everything together. They learn about caring, longing, closeness, honesty, friendship and love. Pages 68 ISBN 9789949571246 170x205mm Hardcover Pilgrim, 2016

Sweet dreams are made of good bed-time stories.

Kindness (Ütlen sulle head)

Illustrated gift book Paintings and text by Kamille Saabre

Kamille Saabre’s poetic and honest insights and paintings enkindle long lost ideals: faith in kindness and light. If you are passionate you can help others see that years don’t make you older but more mature. That time does not do away with your ideals but gives you faith and hope. We just need a kind reminder. Words can do a lot of good. Words can create. What you create, however, is up to you.

Pages 128 ISBN 9789949621200 180x140mm Hardcover Pilgrim, 2017


The Art of Being a Woman (Naiseks olemise kunst)

The magic of feminine archetyps Author: Katrin Saali Saul

Every woman is born with a palette of healthy archetypes – The Girl, The Lover, The Chatelaine, and the Queen. Balance in this ancient code of womanhood brings along a balanced and wholesome life. Unfortunately, women often fall from the healthy archetypes to their shadow forms possessing either too much or too little of that particular energy. Archetypes and the shadow archetypes are like angels and demons of the female psyche.

Pages 320 ISBN 9789949529551 160x235mm Hardcover Pilgrim, 2015

„I wrote „The Art of Being a Woman” in hope that by acknowledging the shadows and expressing the healthy archetypes women can look at themselves from a new perspective and change their lives for better. Couldn’t some just be wise Queens, others happy Girls, homely Chatelaines or sensual Lovers? The answer is simple – the better a woman integrates her archetypes, the better she masters different situations in her life.” - Katrin Saali Saul

Winner of BESTSELLER 2015 in non-fiction category

Healthy Blended Families. A Handbook (Eluterve kärgpere käsiraamat)

Practical handbook for parents of blended families Author: Katrin Saali Saul

This very thorough handbook, enriched with real-life stories, describes how children are affected by their parents’ divorce. It tells parents what to keep in mind and how to not traumatise children. Case-studies help analyse situations and work out solutions. In today’s world it is a very important book for anyone venturing into a new relationship and trying to blend children into the new family as painlessly as possible. It is vital literature for the parents who want to build a functioning relationship with their ex in order to facilitate their children’s future, and also for their partners who must welcome children from past relationships into their family.

Pages 248 ISBN 9789949571147 165x235mm Paperback Pilgrim, 2016


The Art of Happiness (Õnnekunstnik)

Harmony within you Author: Hedvig Evert

This is a collection of simple and easy principles and practices that help find contentment and happiness for the longer term. Happiness – living in love – is a very personal state of being. Everyone who is able to shine happiness onto others, can change life on earth and make it more harmonious.

Pages 200 ISBN 9789949529315 160x200mm Hardcover Pilgrim, 2014

“If you read this book with an open and sincere mind, you will find many colours and artist’s tools within it. And with these colours and tools you – an artist – can create your very own canvas of life full of the colours of love.” - Hedvig Evert

Let’s Feel the Feelings (Tunneme tundeid)

A meditation on feelings Author: Pille Teearu

Feelings are what they are. We categorise them as negative and positive. The role of negative feelings is to inform us that not everything is all right. They are like alarm clocks and people who trigger them are like messengers. You don’t get mad at the messenger, do you? Then why do you get angry with people who stir up those feelings? This book talks of feelings hiding behind painful reactions and shares tips for dealing with them. The more aware you are, the more open you can be and the more room there is for positive feelings.

Pages 120 ISBN 9789949571932 140x210mm Paperback Pilgrim, 2017


Something for Your Soul

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Pilgrim Books was founded in 2003. Since its birth till today Pilgrim has given birth to hundreds of beautiful, exciting and inspiring books from the best authors from Estonia and worldwide. From novels to handbooks, from travel diaries to health books, from spiritual and self-development titles to children’s literature. Something for everyone.

Tiina Ristimets Owner of Pilgrim Group

Today you can find tens of exciting books – from the newest literature to timeless classics by our favourite authors – on our website. We can offer you everything: the deepest thoughts of spiritual thinkers to the expert knowledge of specialists in many areas; children’s bedtime stories and books on spiritual awakening. In short, there is always something that takes you one step further towards a more magnificent world. Something that might inspire and expand awareness; that is created with care, love, and commitment. Something for your soul! Enjoy reading! Tiina Ristimets

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