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Apex Karratha Garden Party a huge hit One of the biggest events on Karratha’s social calendar, the Apex Karratha Garden Party was a huge success. Held in Cossack on Saturday 28th August, the party goers travelled by bus and were treated to a day of fine food, dancing and fancy dress. The event attracted many characters including the whole Flinstones gang!. For more photos see pages 12 and 13.

PILBARA FISHING PHOTOS See page 30 for all the Pilbara Fishing action


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Natures little treats pilbaraecho echo what’sh t • The Shire’s website The Shire of Roebourne website link to Karratha airport flight details is pretty useful. When the monitor updates in the terminal, so does the website! • Hed Kandi Hed Kandi DJ’s are heading to town next week to play at the All Seasons hotel.

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Submitted by Jade Clements Jade sent in this photo that she took whilst watching the sunrise at Cape Preston. “It certainly makes getting up at 6am worth while!”

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Happy 4th birthday

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We have been together for ten years We married in Illuwatu, Bali on the 4th of August. We shared our special day with 50 family and friends that travelled all the way to be there. It was the most beautiful day.

Lots of love and kisses, Mummy, Daddy, Tyler, Miles and Nikki xxxxx


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Karratha Cancer Support Group The Karratha Cancer Support Group (KCSG) helped to raise funds for the Cancer Council on Friday 27th August by selling hundreds of daffodils in the Karratha Centro as part of their Daffodil Day. Daffodil Day is held on the 27th August throughout Australia but donations can be made anytime throughout August. The Cancer Council now raise around $8 million every Daffodil Day making it the biggest fundraising event in the Southern Hemisphere. The money raised is put towards vital research,

education and support services. The Karratha volunteers Michelle, Greg and Jack Louis, Sandie Sopp, Blanche Emms and Carol McKimmie were selling their daffodils for $1 per stem or $10 a bunch. They also held a raffle whereby local companies had generously donated many prizes. These were Jamaica Blue, Oceanus Fishing Charters, Home Hardware,Mitre 10/Farinosi, Thrifty Hardware, Karratha Newsagency, The Other Place, Point Samson’s Lodge and Ta Ta’s Restaurant, House Proud, Karratha Cancer Support Group, Amanda Van Staden and

Attempted abduction described the vehicle as a black/grey four wheel drive. She further described the male as having a beard and wearing a black shirt and black beanie. This is a timely reminder to talk to your children and remind them of the need to be vigilant when they are out in the wider community. Children are advised to walk in groups, stay in safe areas and reminded not to talk to strangers. If any parents have any queries, please contact Mark Smyth, Principal, on 9185 1026.

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Parents this week are being told to remind their children about potential dangers they may encounter while walking to school. It was reported by Karratha Primary School that on the morning of the 31st August, a male person had attempted to coerce a female student into his vehicle before school. The student immediately went straight to the school to report it. The parents and the police were called and have taken control of the matter. The student

the Karratha International Hotel. The KCSG would also like to thank Karratha Florist and Woolworths for their donations. The KCSG managed to raise an outstanding $5395.20 of which $4095.20 will be handed to the Cancer Council and the extra $1300 will remain with the KCSG. KCSG’s Coordinator Michelle Louis said “This year was so amazing as we are handing over more than we did last year to the Cancer Council.” “Last year we raised and handed over to the Cancer Council a total of $3021.05.”

• Available for Dry Hire or staffed to your requirement levels.


• The Karratha Cancer Support Group sold daffodils to raise money for the Cancer Council

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The Pilbara Poet

Parabola Palabra

Elise Batchelor

With the joie de vivre that comes of spring, and in celebration of Literacy and Numeracy Week, I bring you a poem of languages, culture and…the maths exam. I remember the bliss of conquering said year 12 exam along with friends Suzanne and Jeni… or was that delirium filling our heads? Have a read and, if you’re keen for translations, including pi to a million decimal places, head to my website www. pilbarapoet.blogspot. com.

pilbaraecho 100% locally owned visit our website:

Was sitting with Suzanne, the dawn of our exam, with little of a plan, except the plan to cram. The apple pie now eaten, eight pieces fully beaten, with icrecream, too, that sweetened the morning we were greetin’.

And Japanese, yippee! I’d have an ‘ichi ni’ and use chopsticks for tea, drink sake ‘til I pee. (But truly, to my core, ah, I’m an Exploradora so jaunting with my ‘mochila’, I’d be a…conquistadora?)

Six subjects I had chosen. My mum had stood quite frozen and once done recomposing had challenged my proposing all LANGUAGES it was, me, LOTE star, just because if I e’er did leave Oz, I’d order ‘vichyssoise’

And English, well, compulsory. Not that it made me ulcery dressed in organza glory our teacher told great stories. Thus, five subject of six, I did the sixth for kicks, just threw it in the mix, maths knowledge, well, was nix.

‘NO I mean…3.14159 2653589 I love pi, it is sublime. I love singing it in time.’ ‘Elise?’ Suzanne asked back What’s with you and Maths? Was not your subject track for languages? Your knack?’

in France and I would say, ‘Monsier, errr…Je voudrais les Pomme frites,’ at Maccas, hey, on the Champs Elysees. In Deustchland, what a winner, nude folk in Berlin’s inner, der Tiergarten, me - grinner shouting, ‘Ich bin ein Berliner!’

‘Suzanne,’ I pinned her eye, ‘Oh why oh why oh why did you pick maths, like I?’ She said, ‘’Cause I like pi.’ ‘You mean,’ I said to her, ‘like, apple pie?’ This blur at dawn now caused a stir and she said,’‘Well, um, err…’

‘The thing, Suzanne, you see, this Maths is language glee, I love it like boats the sea, but it’s all quite…Greek…to me…hehe. Well…we passed with fine aplomb, parabolas now done, whence I flew towards the sun Santorini - that’s the one.

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I'm a resident in Karratha and we live very close to the Salvation Army shop. Most days I travel to the Centro to pick up a few items, do some shopping etc and more often than not I see something disturbing going on. People in this town are very generous and donate regularly to the Salvation Army (who do a lot for our community) and these donations are left outside the premises for the volunteers to collect and sort before they are put into the shop. There have been an alarming number of people outside the Salvo's sorting through the items when they are closed. These people are not finding a way to put their donations undercover, they are looking for a 'free' bargain. This is not just one 'type' of person it has been several different people but the thing that made me more angry was when I saw two males in a mining company car looking through the items that had been donated late Sunday afternoon. I have lived up here long enough to know that the mining companies pay very well so why did you feel the need to pilfer through the Salvos donations? All you people have to do is wait until they open and purchase the items. It's disgusting that people think they can get away with stealing from a charity. Even more so when they rock up in a company vehicle and start sifting through items. I think that video surveillance should be placed out the front (without letting people know) so we can shame the thieves, get their number plates and do something about this. The Salvation Army is a great organisation and needs community support, not tight ar*es stealing from it!!

Please contact our Karratha team 91596841

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Roebourne: In the Shadow of a Mountain Sitting on top of our hill, the sun sets west on the horizon, the cool ocean breeze flows to us from Point Samson, Over looking our town we call Eiramugadu, but to out-siders, you call it Roebourne. Our town might be small, our town may be tiny, but Roebourne is my home and that’s where you will always find me. Being small ain’t no disadvantage, for we are many with a big, strong heritage. Our culture still lives, when we are gone and our songs and dance will always carry on. Camping, hunting and fishing may be a great pass-time, but for many of us locals, is our life-line. The great iron snake rolls through our country, carrying pieces of our land out across the sea. Towns pop up here and there, the mining boom has hit, there’s people everywhere. Times may have changed with the outside world, so we have to learn to adapt and move forward. To many people, changing with the times can be hard, but you are not alone, for we have a history and culture that stands so proud.

Roebourne, our tiny town that lays in the shadow of a mountain, is home to many....on our Ngarluma Nation. Roebourne is a place where my Ancestors once roamed, Roebourne is Roebourne, the one place I call home. Sitting on the banks of the Harding River, our town has survived all sorts of weather; droughts, cyclones, floods and storms. Roebourne was built very strong, on a solid foundation. Roebourne, our tiny the shadow of the mountain. They say Roebourne comes alive all but once a year, when the thunder of hoofs race around the track to the peoples cheer. People come and people go, they move faster, faster than the wind can blow. When you’re all gone back to your homes, have a thought for where you have been, for Roebourne is our home...our home land you have seen!!! Landon Punch

Shhhh.. There’s a new secret in town... K

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Help clean up Australia As part of the Great Northern Clean Up and the nationwide Clean Up Australia Day initiative, Communities Against Rubbishing the Environment (CARE) will be conducting a community clean up at the Nickol Bay Foreshore on Sunday 12th September from 8am to 12pm. For every bag of rubbish collected, The Shire of Roebourne will donate $6 towards the Salvation Army’s Karratha Women’s Shelter as part of their Buck for Bags program. For those who are interested in helping out there will be a short briefing held prior to the clean up at the clearing, adjacent to Balmoral Caravan Park at 8am. • Nickol Bay foreshore rubbish You will need to wear long pants, enclosed footwear, a hat, plenty of sunscreen and make Western Australia and local litter and illegal dumping in the industry. Shire of Roebourne. sure you bring along water. The event is to follow the CARE brings together CARE will provide the successful cleanup this year representatives from industry, rubbish bags and extra water A FORCE AGAINST NATURES FURY at Hearson’s Cove where over businesses, schools, local and and sunscreen if needed. ONE OF THE SAFEST STRUCTURES IN THE WORLD Following the clean up there 120 bags of rubbish were state government departments, groups and will be a sausage sizzle available collected in under three hours, community A FORCE AGAINST NATURES FURY for participants on the foreshore and $720 was raised for the residents. Karratha Venturers ONE OF THEScouts SAFEST and STRUCTURES IN THE WORLD to say thank you. The group aims to reduce the Association. The fundamental difference between these buildings amount ofis litter within the The clean up is supported that they are made from a steel framed modular system A FORCE AGAINST NATURES FURY CARE is an active Shire of Roebourne to make it a by the Shire of Roebourne’s known as Force 10. community working cleaner and brighter place to CleanSweep Taskforce, Keep An Australian made quiet achiever the Force 10 ONE OF THE SAFEST STRUCTURES IN THE WORLD Building System has been supplying buildings issue of live and visit. Australia Beautiful Council of group targeting theEngineered to over 40 countries around the world for over two

• Simon Buchhorn of Southern Cross Electrical Engineering accepting their Excellence Award from The Hon. Liz Behjat MLC

Electrical project at Pluto LNG wins top electrical award The best of Western Australia’s talented and committed workers in the electrotechnology industry were recognised at the annual Excellence Awards hosted by peak industry body the National Electrical and Communications Association (NECA). The 2010 NECA Excellence Awards is an opportunity for the industry to officially recognise the talent and achievements of electrical and communication contractors in WA. Southern Cross Electrical Engineering of Naval Base won an excellence award for their work on the Pluto Project completed in the last 12 months, and were presented with their certificate and trophy in front of 350 industry representatives including contractors, industry business partners, educators and government representatives at the pinnacle showcase of the electrical

The fundamental difference between these buildings is that they are made from a steel framed modular system known as Force 10.

The fundamental difference between these buildings is that they are made from a steel framed modular system known as Force 10.

An Australian made quiet achiever the Force 10 Engineered Building System has been supplying buildings to over 40 countries around the world for over two decades with an outstanding reputation and now they are making head room in Western Australia. The fully Guaranteed System with a simple accreditation process allows builders and architects the opportunity to utilise and adapt the system to their own projects.

The system is the culmination of over twenty years of research and development into construction methods the very latest environmentally friendly raw decades with an outstanding reputation and utilising now they materials to provide the ultimate building system.

are making head room in Western Australia.

The Force 10 engineered building system is a

breakthrough in construction simplicity designed to use a The fully Guaranteed System with a simple accreditation minimum number process allows builders and architects the opportunity to of modular components. Regardless of size (up to three stories high) a Force 10 building can utilise and adapt the system to their own projects. be erected quickly, efficiently and economically even by

The fully Guaranteed System with a simple accreditation process allows builders and architects the opportunity to utilise and adapt the system to their own projects. The system is the culmination of over twenty years of research and development into construction methods utilising the very latest environmentally friendly raw materials to provide the ultimate building system.

The Force 10 engineered building system is a breakthrough in construction simplicity designed to use a minimum number of modular components. Regardless of size (up to three stories high) a Force 10 building can be erected quickly, efficiently and economically even by unskilled workers with limited supervision. Designed and certified to withstand cyclonic winds (in excess of 300kph), earthquakes, extreme climatic conditions, rotting, fire and termites Force 10 buildings have resisted the best that Mother Nature can throw at them around the world.

Force 10 wants you!

unskilled workers with limited supervision.

The system is the culmination of over twenty years of and certified to withstand cyclonic winds (in research and development into construction Designed methods excess of 300kph), earthquakes, extreme climatic utilising the very latest environmentally friendly raw conditions, rotting, fire and termites Force 10 buildings materials to provide the ultimate building system. have resisted the best that Mother Nature can throw at them around the world.

An Australian made quiet achiever the Force 10 Engineered Building System has been supplying buildings to over 40 countries around the world for over two decades with an outstanding reputation and now they are making head room in Western Australia.

and communications industry held at the Hyatt Regency Hotel. General Manager of NECA’s West Australian chapter, Mr Kyle Kutasi, said the winning companies were chosen because of their commitment to excellence, significant engineering achievements and importantly finishing the complex jobs on time and in budget. “The projects that the winning companies completed were just phenomenal,” Mr Kutasi said. “As the electrotechnology industry continues to grow and tackle new technological challenges, it is encouraging to see that West Australian electrical and communication contractors are leading the country in everything from occupational health and safety through to energy efficiency and the wiring of smart homes.”

Using the Force 10 System offers the credibility and support of a world-wide leading company in the building industry. More information can be found on their website

The Force 10 engineered building system is a Using the Force 10 System offers the credibility and breakthrough in construction simplicity designed to use a support of a world-wide leading company in the building minimum number of modular components. Regardless industry. of size (up to three stories high) a Force 10 building can More information can be found on their website be erected quickly, efficiently and economically even by unskilled workers with limited supervision.

The Force 10 Building System


Designed and certified to withstand cyclonic winds (in excess of 300kph), earthquakes, extreme climatic conditions, rotting, fire and termites Force 10 buildings have resisted the best that Mother Nature can throw at them around the world.

Force 10 wants you!


The fundamental difference between these buildings is that they are made from a Using the Force 10 System offers the credibility and steel framed modular system known as Force 10. support of a world-wide leading company in the building industry.

An Australian made quiet achiever the Force 10 Engineered Building System has More information can be found on their website been supplying buildings to over 40 countries around the world for over two The Force 10 decades with an outstanding reputation and now they are making head room in Building Western Australia. System The fully Guaranteed System with a simple accreditation process allows builders and architects the opportunity to utilise and adapt the system to their own Australian Owned and Made Modular Floor, projects. Wall, Roof Truss System resistant to:

The system is the culmination of over twenty years of research and development Cyclones, Fire, into construction methods Earthquakes, utilising the very latest environmentally friendly raw Termites, Tornadoes materials to provide the ultimate building system. The Force 10 engineered building system is a breakthrough in construction simplicity designed to use a minimum number of modular components. Force 10 is rapidly expanding and we need self motivated, Regardless of size (up to three stories high) a Force 10 building can be erected experienced andand well-connected in workers the building and real quickly, efficiently economically even people by unskilled with limited supervision. estate industry to promote our unique building system.

Force 10 wants you!

Designed and certified to withstand cyclonic winds (in excess of 300kph), Ideal for fast construction difficultconditions, or remote locations. it for yourself.Force 10 earthquakes, extreme in climatic rotting, fireSee and termites You will be have rewarded with the yourbest ownthat exclusive buildings resisted Motherterritory Nature throw at them around Thecan Force 10 sothe youworld. can establish your own longterm future in an exciting Building niche business.


Force 10 Western Australia Using the Force 10 System offers the credibility and support of a world-wide Force 10 needs Area Dealers and builders in regional West Harold Missen M: 0408 926 178 leading company in the building industry. Australian Owned and Made Modular Floor, Australia. Call Harold or Tracy for a Wall, confidential discussion Tracy Roof Truss System resistant to: McDonagh M: 0402 210 523 toMore find out more about can the Force 10 building system. information be found on their website Cyclones, Earthquakes, Fire,

Australian Owned and Made Modular Floor, Wall, Roof Truss System resistant to:

Cyclones, Earthquakes, Fire, Termites, Tornadoes

Force 10 is rapidly expanding and we need self motivated, experienced and well-connected people in the building and real estate industry to promote our unique building system. Ideal for fast construction in difficult or remote locations. You will be rewarded with your own exclusive territory so you can establish your own longterm future in an exciting niche business. Force 10 needs Area Dealers and builders in regional West Australia. Call Harold or Tracy for a confidential discussion to find out more about the Force 10 building system.

See it for yourself.

Force 10 Western Australia Harold Missen M: 0408 926 178

Tracy McDonagh M: 0402 210 523

Termites, Tornadoes

ENGINEERED BUILDING SOLUTIONS K ENGINEERED BUILDING SOLUTIONS Force 10 is rapidly expanding and we need self motivated,

Warambie estate Karratha service WorKer accommodation - important public notice

two great chances to find out about Karratha’s exciting new subsidised rental accommodation. monday, september 6, 2010 at 1pm and 5.30pm at the Karratha international hotel, on the corner of hillview and millstream roads. Affordable, high-quality service worker accommodation is coming to Karratha. The State Government through the Department of Regional Development and Lands Royalties for Region’s program, and LandCorp, with the National Lifestyle Villages Group’s managing development arm, Lifestyle Developments, is developing Warambie Estate, a community built specifically to accommodate the service workers of Karratha, with 100 residential dwellings. This is in response to exceptionally high demands for housing, and the subsequent high rentals being experienced in Karratha as a result of resource-sector growth in the region. These contemporary homes are precision-engineered using high-grade, corrosion-free steel, and have a

solid, reinforced concrete base, so they’re much stronger, and will last far longer than any traditional home. The Service Worker Accommodation is being established specifically for employees in the retail, tourism and general service sectors who find it difficult to compete with resource workers in Karratha’s tight rental market. The estate is located near the Karratha town centre and is a short walk from the popular Karratha City Shopping Centre. The Service Worker Accommodation provides an accommodation mix of contemporary-style one, two and three bedroom homes. It also provides subsidised rental accommodation, principally for longer term tenancies for families. GROUP




And it does this in such a way that the open market, largely driven by the demands of resource-sector growth, does not force pricing up. to find out if you are eligible and how you can be involved in the allocation process you’re invited to attend the special information session on monday, september 6. The two sessions, at 1pm (for a 1.30pm start) and 5.30pm (for a 6pm start) will be held at the Karratha International Hotel on the corner of Hillview and Millstream Roads. There are just one hundred homes available so interest is expected to be high. To register to attend either of the two Information Sessions please call 1300 45 55 65.


FREE WEEKLY 4 - 5 September 2010



Innovative village to offer financial relief for renters in Karratha

The Karratha Cancer Support Group

A few weeks ago we published an article titled “A view of our hospital” about an open day at Nickol Bay Hospital.

Within the article we stated that the Cancer Council and Retravision donated a TV and DVD player for their palliative care room within the hospital but it was in fact the Karratha Cancer Support Group and Retravision that donated the TV and DVD player.

Progress is now well underway, on time, and on budget, for 100 homes at Warambie Estate, the new Service Worker Accommodation project offering affordable rental accommodation for people employed in the Shire of Roebourne with no links to the resources sector. Working with local governments and state government agencies, the Department of Regional Development and Lands is funding the initiative to develop significant regional opportunities under its Royalties for Regions program. Managed by LandCorp, National Lifestyle Villages was awarded the Service Worker Accommodation project last year through addressing LandCorp’s criteria of offering affordable, long-term, high quality and centrally located accommodation for service worker families and singles affected by high rental prices in the area. The project was delivered through a fast-tracked project program including detailed design and securing all approvals.

covers around five hectares on the corners of Searipple and Warambie Roads, Karratha.

Due to unprecedented resource sector growth, rental properties in the town of Karratha have been out of reach for employees in the retail, tourism and general service sector industries whose annual incomes usually struggle to meet the tight rental demands, often in excess of $1,500 per week, for standard properties in the region. Proposed weekly rents for the Karratha Service Worker Accommodation will range between $300 to $500 per week at Warambie Estate which

Warambie Estate is the product of Lifestyle Developments, a subsidiary company of its parent, the NLV Group, creator of National Lifestyle Villages who are renowned for successfully building communities for the fit and active over 45 demographic. Lifestyle Developments specialises in the project management and delivery of affordable housing communities throughout regional WA.

Seniors are invited to participate in a range of free events during

Stay On Your Feet Week R

• Michelle and Greg Louis from the Karratha Cancer Support Group

12 - 18 September 2010

“Be Active, Eat Well & Stay On Your Feet ” R

Monday 13 September 9.00am - Noon Millars Well Pavilion Fitness Question and Answer session. Introduction to Heart Moves. (Morning tea provided)

• Aziz Cook was presented with is bike

Student gets new ride to work TAFE during his scheduled study periods which are a requirement of his apprenticeship. Stephanie Soter, CEO for Pilbara Joblink, presented the bike along with Michael Roe from Woodside and members of the Pilbara Joblink team who have been actively involved in assisting Aziz over the past months.

Millars Well Pavilion

Thursday 16 September 9.00am - Noon Bocce / Easy Walk (Morning tea provided)

Dampier Oval

Friday 17 September 9.00am - Noon Millars Well Pavilion Healthy Eating/Cooking Demonstration. Free Eye Screen - OPSM (Morning tea provided) All Gym Instructors are certified Instructors and Personal Trainers.

Each day will be filled with fun and is an opportunity to make new R friends and learn how to be active, independent and Stay On Your Feet . Phone the Shire of Roebourne Community Development Team on 9186 8555 for more information and to register your interest.


The Pilbara Joblink recently presented 1st year Woodside apprentice Aziz Cook with a bicycle in recognition of his hard work, perseverance and accomplishments throughout the year. The bicycle will ultimately assist Aziz in getting to and from the Pilbara

Tuesday 14 September 9.00am - Noon Easy Exercises (Morning tea provided)




FREE WEEKLY 4 - 5 September 2010

Students inspired by science Many schools throughout the Pilbara are being visited by Scitech’s Outreach team from the 30th August to the 22nd September. They will be visiting over 800 students at 12 different schools to deliver interactive ‘Life and Living’ workshops to some of the most remote schools in Western Australia. One of the schools on the list to visit was Karratha Primary Ed Support School on 1st September. This is a joint initiative by Scitech, BHP Billiton, Rio Tinto and Woodside and it aims to deliver Scitech’s Aboriginal Education Program to students to educate, inspire and excite them about science.

• Karratha Primary Ed Support School

“This trip is just one of many tours we undertake throughout the year

as part of this program which aims to give students in these remote areas a unique opportunity to better understand the world around them using interactive and fun activities” says Scitech’s Aboriginal Programs Coordinator, Heidi Madden. In the Life and Living workshops the younger students learned all about insects where as the older students learnt about how the human body works. “It is really important that students in remote areas have access to the same learning programs as students in the city do” said Heidi. “There is no better way to demonstrate how we interact with science everyday than by allowing young people to explore it through experimentation”.

• The Scitech representatives interacted with the children

St Paul’s jumps The Sneaky Weasel for glory Gang gained some It was the St Paul's Primary Schools Jumps and Throws Day. Years 1 to 7 joined in the event. The events were vortex throw, long jump and years 6 and 7 did the triple jump as well. The day was a great success and the children had lots of fun.

• The long jump


• The students all participated in the long jump

• The vortex throw

youthful fans By Millars Well Primary

Millars Well Primary School hosted the sensational Sneaky Weasel Gang on Thursday August 19. The students enjoyed several funky band originals complimented with one or two well known covers. Before the band even played a song the students excitedly initiated clapping and bopping along to the bass player warming up. Children, teachers and parents got their dancing shoes on as the band played some groovy numbers. At the end of the performance the musicians answered questions, gave some personal background to their musical journeys and careers,

and demonstrated different aspects of their instruments to the audience. As the band packed away they were asked for autographs from their newly made fans and obliged much to the children’s delight. With educational outcomes such as appreciation of the Arts, and exposure to different musical genres, is was a fun and engaging way to spend the last hour of a Thursday afternoon! Thank you very much to Mr Croft from Karratha Senior High School, WAM (Western Australian Music Industry Association), and Healthways “Smarter than Smoking” for organising the event.

• The students clapped along to all the songs

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Children celebrate literacy week Children aged up 5 years old enjoyed the Early Years Literacy Showcase last week at the Karratha Community Library as part of literacy week.

OMELDOM D L E S E E CENMSCENES SCENE SCEN S M M O O D L D SE CENESEL NESELDO ESELDOMELDOM were fun activities for S OMSCE MSCEN SCENES CEtheNThere E children to get involved in to SELCDENESELDNOESELDOMESELDOMSELDfurther M O develop their literacy and N CENES Cseveral E MSFurniture S OMSOutdoor E C E C N E community organisations SELCDENELeather M SELDNOESELounges LDONMESSELDOMSSELparticipated O in storytelling. S OMSCE MSCE SCENE D A display of books aimed at DO SBaths OM SELDOM 0-5 SELCDENESELSpa D L OMolds was available for the E D L year E NE CENESEchildren EN MSDirect S OMImporter E C C S read and Angus and SELCDENESELDNOESELDOMESSELDOMRobertsontoprovided a book sale. N E S Delivered to Karratha E E C M N C S O E S M D C L SELDO SELDOM LDOMS DOM The Pilbara Heath Network and E ENESEL E the Water Corporation were there to NE CENESAvailable E Catalogue C S M MSCDOMSCENOM OMSSELDOCOMING provide morning tea and Nola Allen ELDOESELWEBSITE D L D L E E N E S N E C OMSCE SCENE SCENES ENEand Ada Hanson from Perth State SELDNESELDONMESSOON! M Better Beginnings attended LDOEMSELDOMSSCELDOLibrary’s E E also. SC DOMRing NE CENE EN for SCEOor email yours E C C S S M M L O E last year’s successful D 0438 MS ELDOFollowing S NESELPh: M LD271 O E D S L E E 830 S N E S E E West Pilbara Early Project, E N C SC S OMSCE MSCEN SCENtheELiteracy Forum thisLiteracy M O L year extended SE NESELD NESELDO SELDOM ELDOM SCEDOMSCE MSCENE SCENES to children aged 6-12 as well. Community Librarian Kathleen SEL SELDO 9185 5600

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Lakey said that the activities aimed at the older children recently had been a huge success. “With the performance of Tashi, provided by The Walkington Theatre, and other literacy-focused activities, the kids really had a lot of fun,” Ms Lakey said. RDA Pilbara Karratha Early Years Group coordinator Natalie Dewson said there was a focus on literacy development for children across the region.

• Alison Nolan, 3, enjoys the puppets at Karratha Community Library

“The Literacy Reference Group is a sub-committee of the Karratha Early Years Group (KEYG),” Ms Dewson said. “The KEYG is made up of community members who identify activities and actions that support the development of happy, healthy children and families in Karratha.” The next KEYG meeting is Thursday 9 September from 9.30am to 11am at the Karratha Baptist Church. There is a crèche provided and all are welcome.

• Shalu Singaram, 2, enjoys the puppets at Karratha Community Library

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• Ilah Ody, Tyler Waterstrom-Muller, Jasmine Hastings, Bodhi Jankowski, Aden Swepstone, Izac Hodge-Englishby, Casey MacDonald and James Cantwell

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Character parade As part of literacy week Tambrey Primary have been celebrating in many ways. On Tuesday, 31st August, all of the classes participated in Numeracy rotations and parents were invited along. On Thursday, 2nd September they began the day with the Book Character Parade where students were encouraged to dress up as their favourite book character. Each year were judged on their efforts and a $30 Angus and Robertson voucher was awarded to the best costume to encourage reading and learning for living. The winners were Ilah Ody from Kindy, Tyler Waterstrom-Muller for pre-primary, Maeve Mitchell-Weir from year 1, James Cantwell from year 2, Casey MacDonald from year 3, Aden Swepstone from year 4, Jasmine Hastings from year 5, Bodhi Jankowski from year 6 and Izac Hodge-Englishby from year 7. Following the book character parade they had

their ‘Community into Classrooms’ where guest community storytellers visited to read stories to the students. This included members from the Police force, SES, ST John Ambulance, Lions Club, Seniors Autumn Club, Apex, and Pilbara District Education Office, CEO Collene Longmore from the Shire of Roebourne Office and School Captains from Karratha High School.


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• Jared Nissen and Bailey Murray – Intermediate boys 100m sprint



• Nelson White, Isaac Evans, Brock Power and Jett Rigby – Junior Boys 75m race

Tambrey Sports Carnival The students of Tambrey Primary School competed in their Sports Carnival on Friday 27th August at the Tambrey Oval. The school was split into four teams; Goodwin, Griffin, Rankin and Burrup and joined in events such as sprints (50m, 75m, 100m, 200m and 400m), leaderball, passball, tunnelball and baton relays. The younger year also participated in a few novelty games for fun such

as tug of war, a 3 legged race and an egg and spoon race. The junior girl and boy champion titles went to Bridget Camisa and Isaac Evans, the intermediate girl and boy champion titles went to Cherysh Leaf and Jared Nissen and senior girl and boy champion titles went to Kyra Ward and Bastien Auna. Griffin were the champions of the overall carnival.

• The Egg and Spoon races

Treat your dad to the Car and Bike Show Celebrate Fathers Day this Sunday, 5th September by heading down to the Dampier Oval where the Karratha Motocross Club and The Shire of Roebourne have plenty for you to do and see. The Karratha Enduro and Motocross will be hosting a Club Car and Bike Show from 10am to raise money for new facilities for the club including a new clubhouse. Take your own car or bike down, or simply enjoy viewing the exciting exhibitions and nominations. Then from 4pm till 7pm under

the palms near the Bowling Club you can relax and watch the entertainment provided by Ben Whitecross, Young ‘n’ Opposite, Joel Jackson and the Karratha Brass Band. Shire of Roebourne deputy president John Lally said it’s a great way to spend Father’s Day with the whole family. “Father’s day is a day for the dads and what better way to spend it than beachside with your family and friends?” he said. “With some quality music on offer, finish the day with an evening concert watching the sun set over the bay”.

REGURGITATO with gue R sts 18+ event


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apexapex karratha karratha Garden Party

Garden Party


Cossack was a site to see on Saturday 28th August as APEX Karratha hosted their annual Garden Party. Everyone looked fabulous and had gone to so much effort with their costumes. There were all sorts of characters attending including the Smurfs, Avatar characters, The Flinstones, Maverick and Goose, The Stig and The Mad Hatter, and every so often you could spot Wally amongst the crowd! The volunteer bar staff on the day worked hard to keep everyones drink topped up, the waitresses served delicious canapes all day and local bands The Wandering Pilbaries and Misguided kept the crowd entertained.

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Sat 18th September Starts 7pm Tickets $10 a head tables of 6 or 8 18 + event only Tambrey Primary School under cover area Tickets pre sale only or call Megan 0439816321 Any business who would like to support our event please contact us



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am by Fever Dre reston Douglas P hild C & Lincoln

Bullet Mag net by Mick Fl ynn

Stone Spring by Stephen Baxter

The Jewel of St Petersburg by Kate Furniv all

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Bikers celebrate anniversary

• The Rocky Horror Show cast

Get those suspenders out! Guys, this is your only chance to get to wear women’s suspenders for fun and get away with it! Time Warp: A Musical Tribute to the Rocky Horror Show brought to you by Time Warp Productions is coming to town on Wednesday 8th September at The Walkington Theatre. For those who aren’t familiar with The Rocky Horror Show, the production is a long running British musical written by Richard O’Brien about a newly wed couple who get lost in a rainstorm and come across Dr Frank-N-Furter’s castle; a transvestite from the planet Transsexual in the galaxy of Transylvania. The storyline then continues to show all the events that occur throughout the night with the aid of some hilariously catchy songs. If you haven’t heard of it you will have at least danced at a party to the most famous song from the production “Time Warp”.

(Most likely after consuming a considerable amount of alcohol). Traditionally the audience dresses up as their favorite character from the production and joins in with the singing and dancing. Time Warp takes the basic storyline of the cult classic, deftly twists it to keep in with the tribute laws, and turns up the sexy content with ad-lib comedy and audience participation. The production has been touring around Australia and New Zealand since 2007. The cast members are some of Australia’s finest and most experienced musical theatre performers. This production is not for everyone as you can imagine but if you have an open mind you must go watch the show as you will not be disappointed. It’s funny, witty and sexy, but be warned it is rather bizarre!

On Saturday 21st August the Karratha Bikers hosted their 20 year anniversary at their clubhouse in the KIE. The Southern Chapter members of the Karratha Bikers rode up from Perth for the event and local members headed down to Minilya Road House to meet them. Live music was provided by local band Rocket Surgery and the Bondi Cigars. The Bondi Cigars were also coinicidentaly celebrating their 20th anniversary and thought what better way to celebrate it than with the Karratha Bikers. The night at Minilya will long be remembered by one and all with truckies and the owners of the station who also joined in the party!! The Karratha Bikers supplied the food and played security guards although there was no trouble made. Karratha Biker Joe Merlot commented that everyone kept remarking what a brilliant night everyone was having. Karratha Bikers would like to thank all those who helped to make the 20 year anniversary the success it was. Karratha Bikers will be making a donation to the RFDS for their support to the people in the Pilbara when you really need it.

“An outrageously interactive and hilarious adaptation of the famous cult classic.... Time Warp is a cleverly comical masterpiece with flash, flesh and all the tricks of the spectacle” The West Australian


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Red Dirt Camera Club winner The Red Dirt Camera Club; a local organisation, hold monthly competitions for the best photo. These projects follow a theme each month and it gives the members a chance to get creative as they wish no matter how experienced they are. The winner of August’s theme ‘Red” is Michelle Nel who took this photo of the strawberries on a Canon EOS 350D. She said "Since there are so many strawberries around at the moment, I thought they would make a perfect subject for the Red theme of this months competition. I set this shot up with a low table and a white sheet and had the morning sun streaming into the window behind me. In order to show the movement of the tumbling strawberries, I had someone pour water quickly into the glass jug and tried to capture this with the highest shutter speed I could obtain, in those conditions." The Camera Club meet every second Wednesday of each month at 7.30pm at the Pilbara Tafe. They have a wide range of people in the group from point and shoot first timers, to those with all the gear. Next month's theme is Humorous.


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• The A-Team: Kyla Thomas, Roxanne Jordan, Sarah Thomas and Katie Jordan.

Dolphins to close after eight years Well known Karratha catering and take away business Dolphins served it’s last fisherman’s basket yesterday after eight years feeding the community. The closure happens after two years of uncertainty over the proposed multistorey development to happen at the Morse Court location. Despite being a very successful local food outlet, the Dolphins team have had no choice but to close as they have been

unsuccessful in finding an alternative site. “There’s just nowhere in town for a business like our to move to. Everything is being developed for accommodation. I hope that in a few more years there will be more commercial space available for small businesses like ours. “I’d like to sincerely thank all of those people who have supported us

throughout the good and bad times over the last eight years. “Your support has always been greatly appreciated, we couldn’t have survived this journey without you” Roxanne Jordan said.

BAKERS HILL, WA 782.65 Ha (1943Ac)

The closure is another sign that small businesses in the Pilbara are suffering under the pressure of the mining boom.

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A perfect country hideaway As you drive down the winding driveway through the jarrah trees, you come to a stunning country farm house sitting on green lawn, surrounded by beautiful gardens, nestled high on the bank of the Blackwood River. The home has wide 3 metre verandahs around the home, cedar clad with green iron roof, a perfect country hideaway. On entering, you see no effort has been spared to make this a beautiful home. The large warm welcoming living areas set the tone for the home, a spacious kitchen with loads of cupboard and drawer space, huge gas oven and hotplates, room for 2 fridge freezer and sideboard, with an 8 seat square table at the centre. The living area flows from the kitchen, it has a large slow combustion wood heater and ample room for lounges for TV viewing. Moving down the passage you find 2 double size bedrooms with built in robes; one has views over the forest the other views over the river, a 3rd bedroom / activity room, off which is a sewing room. The main bathroom has a cast iron clawfoot bath and marri vanity and benchtop. The master suite is well appointed

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Lot 100 - 203.58 Ha (503 Ac) • Lot 101 - 84.02 Ha (207 Ac) Lot 2 - 259.82 Ha (642 Ac) • Lot 3 - 191.55 Ha (473 Ac) Lot 27692 - 43.68 Ha (108 Ac) We b I D : 7 2 6 3 1 2 8

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with reading and study area, ensuite, walk-in robe. It has double door access to the front verandah and has stunning views overlooking the river. Outside there is a 8m x 9m workshop with it’s own toilet, shower and kitchen, attached is a single carport as well as a double lockup garage, 3 bay machinery shed and parking for the caravan. A 20,000 gallon tank supplies fresh rain water for the home, a deep bore supplies automatic watering to all lawns and gardens. There is good access to the river where the canoe and dinghy are tied to the jetty. To view this property go to www. or phone the owner on 97561550

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Always wear sunscreen By the Cancer Council If you’ve heard of the Chernobyl nuclear disaster, then you’re probably aware of the dangers of nuclear radiation and the problems we have in dealing with it. At high doses nuclear radiation can be fatal within hours.

Charlie Anthony McKinnon 26th August 2010

At low doses it can cause a range of conditions including skin cancer.

Most of us would be cautious about a trip to Chernobyl, but strangely, many of us are less concerned about exposing ourselves everyday to an equally harmful type of radiation – from the sun.

Melissa and Scott McKinnon are very proud to announce the arrival of their gorgeous boy Charlie Anthony McKinnon. Born 26th August, weighing 9lb 8oz. Huge thankyou to all the staff at Nickol Bay Hospital for their amazing care and support, thanks to Dr Perez and all the faboulous Midwives. He is pictured with his very proud big sister Matilda, 3.

ultraviolet (UV) radiation from the sun causes skin cancer and Australia has the highest skin cancer rates in the world. More than 430,000 Australians get skin cancer and over 1,700 Australians die from it each year. In the north west of Australia, UV radiation causes sunburn and skin damage very rapidly. Ten or twelve minutes outside can be enough to get burnt. We can’t feel UV radiation, so clear skies or high temperatures can’t be used to determine when sun protection is needed.

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There is however an easy way you can reduce your exposure to UV radiation and the risk of skin cancer


0413 305 257


customer acknowledges and accepts this fact.

This tool indicates the time of day when sun protection is needed, and daily UV alerts can be found on the Bureau of Meterology website, ( products/UV/Karratha_ WA.shtml), some television and radio broadcasts, and there’s even an iphone app. So how do you use this important tool? The graphic shows how the UV Index varies during the day. When the UV index is below 3, it is safe to be outside with no sun protection. In fact, it’s a good idea! Below UVI 3 is a great time

to get a bit of sun on your skin so that your body can make the Vitamin D that it needs to be healthy. Once the UV Index passes 3, it’s time to cover up and use sun protection measures. Slip on a long sleeved shirt with a collar, Slap on a broad brimmed, bucket or legionnaires hat (not a cap), Seek shade, Slide on sunglasses, and Slop 30+ Broad Spectrum sunscreen on the remaining areas of skin you have exposed. Be smart in the sun so you don’t become a statistic. For more information contact Sharon Perkusich, Cancer Council Regional Education Officer – Pilbara.

Edition: 691 - Tues 26 Jan 2010

What You Eat Eat You You AreAreWhat You Ad size: 1/4 page

You can cultivate protein, iron, vitamin c, calcium, By Nicky Arthur, Author, Yoga Teacher, Workshop and vitamin B from dark green leafy vegetables, Presenter

What energy you send out is what you get back in Allergies Posture Pain return. Emotional trauma Illness Hormonal problems Motor skills Injury This is the law of attraction and has been around Neurology Lymphatic drainage Skin irritations Phobia Co-ordination Muscle strength for centuries. Food sensitivities Digestive problems Goal enhancement Stress Weight problems But have you ever used this philosophy to harmonize your body? 2/16 Hedland Place KARRATHA What you eat determines your energy and wellbeing. Artificial preservatives, toxins, saturated fats, processed foods, and alcohol, all the things that have possibly slipped back into your diet through leading a busy life and becoming time poor will not give you the vibrancy and energy you desire. A toxic system will leave you feeling sluggish, overweight, unmotivated, and can lower your immune system, even contributing to negative thoughts. Pilbara Twins, Triplets and more Nutrition needs a simple approach. It’s about We welcome all families in the Pilbara getting back to basics. who have,or are expecting, twins, Get rid of the word diet. triplets or more! Adapt a healthy nutritional eating plan by simply We meet casually to provide friendship making better choices. and support for the whole family and Ditch all packet foods. we would love to meet you! Consume wholesome, live grown foods from If you would like to contact the ground, fresh fruit, vegetables, nuts and seeds, our group please call legumes and pulses. Kate 0437 789 419 or Notes: 1. Variations Chelsea in appearance may occur902 in the Pilbara paperfeel and printing processes. proof is printed You will at peace andThis harmony with your body 0438 393 Classies due to the use of different on higher quality paper with maximum colour definition. Due to the large distribution of the Pilbara Classies, they must be printed on because you’re getting back to nature. lightweight paper through high speed presses. It is therefore impossible to match the quality of this proof in the Pilbara Classies and the I invite you to experience the difference today

– by learning to use the SunSmart UV Alert.

legumes, fruit, brown rice, and herbs – which are full of nutrients, minerals such as iron and magnesium. Eat more fruit and vegetables than ever before and experience the benefits: • Increased energy • Increased metabolism • Glowing skin • Increased fibre • Combat sugar cravings Do you have big gaps between meals? You may be at risk of overeating, a slower metabolism and getting sick. You can look after yourself and feel alive, at peace and harmony with your body but you must commit to putting yourself first. 1. Organise your day. Pack containers of chopped fruit and vegetables. 2. Eat raw for a change. 3. Eat every 3 hours using small snack size meals. 4. Drink 1 ½ lires of water at least per day. 5. Eat only one ingredient foods –no processed or packet food. 6. Love your body and treat it with respect. Next time you reach for that packet biscuits or chips, ask yourself what you want to feel in return for eating it.


ABC's election coverage the only winner Power price AFP warns terrorism rise 'not test was illegal enough'

Kerry O’Brien was correct on Election early stoush, the latter duo disappeared night, just as he was in 2007, when he from shot for a while. Perhaps cold water accidentally declared: ‘‘A win for the was administered. ABC.’’ He meant to say ‘‘the ALP’’ but Nine’s point of difference in having one he was right; his employer was yet again desk — rather than a main host set and the network most Australians turned to then another with various experts — for election results and analysis. worked in that it created vibrant, enterABC’s electionMLA, number cruncher taining coverage. But Nine’s desk was so The Australian Federal Police (terrorists) we have to undercivilians as possible in order to OneThe of Australia's most respected and former Green, Adele infrastructure experts has accused Carles claimed theform feed-in tariff Antony Green was in superb and crowded it was rarely possible to get a has confirmed a WA teacher stand where they are coming communicate a political mesthe state government of "wimping "simply will not cut the mustard". out" over power price ensured therises.ABC’s graphics shot of all the players. Using one host "It's a feel goodand scheme,informarestricted who told her students to plot a from to solve the problem othersage. householders only, that will not Curtin University sustainability tionPeter were well aheadtodeliver of the the instead of two would have lessened the terrorist strike on Australians as wise we would descend to the longcompetition. term investment professor Newman, a board Students had to explain their needed in the renewable energy secmember of Infrastructure Australia, crush. a high school assignment was same tactics they use." A 16.09 note forincrease, next time: it said. would have been tor" she said the per cent choice of victims and decide the which will cost the average houseformer panned exposing them to minimum jail useful do was as"not NinetheHer did —colleagues each also time Tracy Grimshaw is more than qualified. best time and place for their hold $3.73 moreto a week, But Dr Muraviev said even scheme. enough". terms of at least 10 years. information about a seat is presented, Nine raves about the interviewing skills Greens MLC Giz Watson said the attack. The teacher was counsome undergraduate students he "They have wimped out on money allocated was "a pittance for accompany it with state thatbutwon Grimshaw a work Walkley last year, the hard demands that Health continues the hard workAn of local of employers local employers rates, was concerned enabling power prices to rise quick- aansmall selled by the school and the ill-considered" withroyalty AFP spokeswoman said it taught at university level weren't t delivering its so called 3 per across the state, across the state, through the taxes through the taxes still on the radar". ly towards cost recovery," he said. Conservation Councilthe director Piers isthey "areso a dot indicating in what region seat should been used. Itcentis also (efficiency) dividend," he said. they pay , that they pay, that isis keeping the budget keeping the budget assignment withdrawn after a was an offence to collect or WA Farmersthey Federation president have able to fully comprehend and Verstegen said the government was "The inability of achieving power in the black," in the black," Mr Mr Pearson said. Pearson said. Mike Norton said heGrimshaw welcomed con"We saw thehave impact ofbeen budget contrying to fund environmental measprice increases overMost the past decade located. of us, while interested in likely would better student complained. make documents preparingcannot for maturely discuss terrorism funding for the grain rail network, th has left us in a parlous situation in straints last year (when the Health government "The government cannot rely on a rely on a ures "on the smell of "The an oily rag". similar from the the the state ofandplay haveService no chief ideaalong with able tomoney control personalities hired for ndterms Department had to go cap-in-hand high tax burden high tax burden prop up their ato prop of cost recovery power in is Boothby, WA Council of Social or toassisting terrorist attack. issues and thatwill such courses Dr Muravievup said similarlytheir federal government. s, still too cheap to enable large scale to the government for more funds, finances. Easing finances. Easing the tax burden will the tax burden executive Sue Ash said the power where itcost is.competitive. price rise, and the evening and might have a stop remove a barrier faced by employer ure eventually leadingbarrier toput the departure remove a faced by renewables to be a 17.7 per cent should ideally be restricted to "appalling" assignmentsemployer had It wasinvest also and of Director-General Peter Flett) and gro w their to grow their business, business, in theillegal to be "reckinvest in the increase in to water charges, could see The network was in to need of exten"Hence we are missing on projearlier the savaging Labor’s Wayne The tone ofoutthe ABC’s coverage WA patients should not have to state create state and create jobs." jobs." Masters students. been given out to students in some households devoting was 10 per sive repair, and if and that was not done ects like (the federal government's less as to whether these docuendure another 12 months of Swan received at the hands of Michael cent of their budget to utility bills. The CCI also The CCI also welcomed welcomed the crethe crethere could be 20,000 extra road $1.4 billion) Solar Flagships as the sombre. Seated alongside ation O’Brien and train movements on Perth e of reduced health standards because of West Australianland schools before. of a ne w of a new Office ofOf land and assist or fice of and roads ments may prepare for private sector can't make the ecoThe water bill increase, where the "Some of the teaching should cost cutting." Kroger and Joyce. That crossation Housing Supply Housing Supply, set up to ensure , set up to ensure each year in order to move theBarnaby 2 Green Nick Minchin nomics work aswere well as it Liberal does in the fixed charge would drop butand the a terrorist attack". The Education Department has "To be honest this is not thehousing there was enough there was enough land and housing land and million tonnes of grain that would be restrained at least until stuEastern States." usage portion would increase in an was a low point of Nine’s coverage. Labor’s Stephen Smith. Both proved to nt. seen its budget cut by 1.3 per cent. in Perth. in Perth. need to be transported. effort to encourage water conservaProfessor Newman said there were first time thatalso teachers at school supdents start university. I don't siState School teachers Union presiThose offences carry penalties But BrettThere Hughes, director tion, discriminate against Other property Other property groups also supgroups positives in the budget, such as be cautious analysts ofwould a dramatic night. Curtin wasof atheweird nodGisborne to Plucka Duck dget dent Anne said the budget Monash Accident Researchthe renters whoported only paid the latter. move, ported the move, with the Urban with the Urban funding for the Butler rail extension have used these sorts of serious think school children are psyof between 10 years and life in olicontinued the "slash and burn" poliCentre, said money spent on roads De Institute of Australia of Australia - "theLeigh first rail track laid by awas cast in Nine’s dead-duck shooting gallery Development Institute The into resources generally velopment Sales asector rolewaswhere cies of the past year. was "not enough". and more disturbing issues as blockit could saying it could help relieve blockhelp relie ve chologically ready to discuss Liberal-National government in pleased withsaying the budget. jail. graphic, in which MPs were shot "Ilosing am somewhat puzzled at thesupply ages in the ages in the supply of land. of land. Perth" - the Northbridge Link and The Towards Zero road safety stratshe provided regular updates standing Chamber of Minerals and Energy assignments," he said. these issues," Dr Muraviev said. the moment in terms of cutbacks in the it for the City of Stirling's "green city" chief executive Reg Howard-Smith egy "simply hasn't been funded", "Ho we ver "However it is is not a panacea for not a panacea for down. It made Leigh Sales’s weather-girl One of Australia's foremost department," she said. amid 3D graphics, prompting one Twitter at Stirling railway station. and WA was falling behind world total reform," total reform," chief chief executive Debra executive Debra said it welcomed infrastructure "I was approached by a school leaders in road safety. look like aMeanwhile, the Chamber of "In fact I have said previously Goostrey said. Goostrey said. The $23 million committed for a routine top idea. funding for the Oakajee port, Perth experts on national security said wag to compare hertoto a weather girl. st-feed-in Commerce and Industry said cost"Money is starting to flow Estate into the tariff would help householdGeraldton 330kV power line and Real Real Estate Institute Institute of WA chief of chief three to W four yearsA ago, that even some undergraduate ". ers add solar and wind systems to cutting was "fiscally responsible". in-depth studies into what makes teacher WA economy again andhaving it's time that Pilbara Cities project, as well as for Seven, poached Graham executi ve Anne executive Anne Arnold said while Arnold it said while it -----------------some of it be spent for the safety of their homes. said Chief executive james Pearson said was pleasing the Browse was LNG precinct. who had suggested a similar pleasing there there was no land tax and the way was no land tax students aren't mature enough to terrorists tick Richardson from the Nine, waswould like a the kid increases, the its citizens," he said. he "safe" budget enable increases, the government government had not had not "This appears to be aelection good incen- audience: "It is heartening to see income National project at a Perth metropolitan ratstate to retain its Triple Abracket credit ratThe biggest area of expenditure in study such topics." addressed addressed bracket creep that was organised shouldn't creep that was tive at around 50 cents net per unity derived from state royalties being attacks are with a new toy. David Koch kept marvel, ing, and net debt, while growing, the budget is health, and it received continuing within continuing within stamp duty stamp duty which will mean1most people can pumped back into communities ABC million high school. He approached me was manageable. a 6.7 perling cent funding increase. thresholds. thresholds. be undertaken by students until make money instead of losing where the wealth is being generatat the connections of ‘‘Richo’’ and "To me this teacher, from what money on their754,000 power bills... and ight Butduty the budget appeared to be light ed," he said. Australian Medical Association forwould my professional advice." Stamp duty re revenuereached would venue grow byat least a Masters grow Nine they set Seven’s matey Itsrecommendations panel of of 8Stamp enable householders to be largens can of ontone. reform, with WA president Gary Geelhoed said I can gather, probably didby not 8 cent annually per cent annually in the next four in the next four Association of Mining and per dit ly self sufficient in power in our the government's Economic Audit that also was not enough. and the years, and the thresholds thresholds needed to needed Explorationyears, Companies chief execuWA education Director General fully understand theto level at university. Seven 627,000 experts, while extremely knowledgeable, complexity windy city," he said. Committee yet to be acted on. "Certainly there won't be enough reformed be reformed to to tack into account tack risinto account ristive Simon be Bennison said he was Sharyn O'Neill said while teachmoney in the pot if treasury t is "The budget figures that it is by ing property ing property prices. prices. pleased there was no increase in However, independent Fremantle looked disconnected from theshowaction ------------------and sensitivity of the issues and Dr Alexey Muraviev, who ers may workshop their assignvirtue of their position on the sidelines. that resulted in that poorly chocoordinates Curtin University's Her journalistic talents could have been ments with colleagues they were sen assignment." international relations and Interestingly, while the ABC won better utilised and allowing her more under no obligation to clear national security programs, nationally, Nine did so in Melbourne, prominence would have lessened the Currently an undergraduate them with principals. made the comments in light of winning 282,000 viewers to the ABC’s male dominance of the ABC’s coverage. degree in counter terrorism Dr Muraviev called for spenational condemnation for the 261,000. And Ten wins applause for its Nine had a cast of thousands — a desk security and intelligence is cialised university training for which was set for a point of difference starting proceedingsONexercise, TIVE GET ON A NEWinPERSPECTIVE NEWS NEWS crammed with pundits including a jackoffered at Edith Cowan teachers who were going to class of Year 10 students. with an hour of The Election Project and etless Peter Costello, the feistywith Christine . First WA News. National Breaking News. World News. First with Breaking News. News. University while Murdoch teach topics on conflict. then keeping an election update on the Wallace and brawlers Mark Arbib (ALP) University offers a Bachelor of The Kalgoorlie-Boulder bottom of the screen during the football. "We do need to understand the and Barnaby Joyce (Nationals). After an Arts in Security, Terrorism and Community High School motivations and the reasons why Counterterrorism Studies. Some teacher set her students the task certain elements in different forms of the University of of explaining how they would societies, including ours, choose Western Australia's Bachelor of launch a chemical or biological to use violence in support of Arts degree offers units that attack on an "unsuspecting their causes," he said. relate to terrorism and human Australian community" with the "If we really want to combat rights issues. aim of killing as many innocent

Stepfather of shotgun teenager charged

Election analyst Antony Green was a part of the ABC's winning formula..

The stepfather of a teenage boy who took a shotgun to his school in Western Australia's south has been charged with firearms offences. The 16-year-old boy triggered a police lockdown after taking the loaded gun to Esperance Senior High School on August 5. Teachers negotiated with him in an office and he was persuaded to put down the weapon and

give himself up to police. The boy has pleaded guilty to firearms charges and been sent to live with family in Geraldton in WA's Midwest. The boy's stepfather, a 68-yearold man from Esperance, has been summonsed to appear in the Esperance Magistrates Court next month, police said. He has been charged with

aggravated unlicensed firearm possession, possessing unlicensed ammunition and failing to secure a firearm. The teenage boy's lawyer, Antoinette Fedele, said when he appeared in court on August 6 that he had snapped after years of bullying and the spark had been an argument with another student.

GET A NEW PERSPECTIVE ON NEWS WA News. National News. World News. First with Breaking News.


A whole host of problems

A religious experience at Perth pubs for St Patrick's Day

Channel Seven's X Factor prob- Newton, replacing him with new wrongdoing than they were by the program's absence. They comlem is not the first or last time that host Luke Jacobz. plained loudly to the ABC who an Australian broadcaster's bestTen faced a similar problem ear- returned the show to air one month laid plans have been upset by conlier this year when a contestant later minus Muirhead. troversies surrounding its pro"It's primarily a religious with festivalpossessing in Hundreds of West Aussies are enjoywas charged child grams' ''talent''. said. ing a different sort of religious experi- Ireland," he There are just as many examples pornography less than two weeks ence at pubs last as they Newton quitWednesday the show only one "In my out county, the scouts and the from the premiere of a new in television land of stars who celebrate St Patrick's Day. guides will have a procession up to the week out from its debut. As host, of cardinal The with Biggest Loser. have messed up, apologised and At JB O'Reilly's in West Leederville cathedral season to present the he was ofintegral to thein first hundreds people dressed the four Loser was hastily re-edited, which emerged with even more cred than the shamrock." mandatory green queued for Irish episodes, in which contestants are adversely affected the storylines, they had before. sausages, black and white pudding and Mr Hughes said the shamrock was auditioned and their heart-stirring, their first of many pints of Guinness. and it rated ABC susused by St Patrick, who poorly.The introduced Lady Gaga poses for a portrait. The problem in this case for adversity-beating backstories to Irelandits in the early 5th Friday-night Owner Paul North said the first pint of Christianity pended popular Seven, however, is not just one of century, to represent the Trinity of the the Irish national drink was poured at have revealed. Those episodes when host program continuity but its image Father, thepanel Son andshow the HolyCollectors Ghost. 8am. to gosince through about beenHe expected shooting late June Andy Muirhead, pictured above, as a wholesome, family-friendly 45 kegs during the celebration, as well Across town in Northbridge, St around country as countlessthe bottles of cider. and precede was charged with accessing child network. A simple mea culpa the livethe studio shows in frontPatrick's of Day was also the big event of However, day is not about turning the week. pornography (the case is yet to be won't cut it. ajudges profit for Kyle the Irish Sandilands, national. Natalie heard). Paul Hogan's battle with the ATO intensifies. At film. Rosie O'Grady's, James Street has "I don’t care about the money on St s Meyer Russ Meyer film. OUTRAGE, transgression and a surprising number relations editing and public Imbruglia, Guy Sebastian and been closed in preparation for the Irish of leotards. BlondeThe Patrick's Day," Mr North said. ambition from an ItalianAudiences, though, seemed departments will be working overRonan Keating. are barricades have been erected ga claims on her website Gaga claims on herthat website that when she was a when girl she wa American less girl who can dance and sing. Denunciation "If I did, I'd have to The chargeepisodes people bands, and the punters are celebrating all from wo u ld s in g a l n g she n would sing alongh on here mini r plastic tape m i n i plastic concerned by Muirhead's alleged to sort out this one.o being swiftly re-edited to remove pulpits ando thetime resultant cool credits in schooltwice as much. ONCE the face of Australia overseas, discussions between us and the ATO things Irish. order to M icha e l J a c k s recorder o to n Michael Jackson a and n Cyndi d Lauper. But C y n d i L a upe yards. Who is she? "I just wantc to make sure that everyn a u r sory listen to h even e a cursory r listenHogan a to her l album The Fame or its m T h Fa me Paul hasbu been prevented from will lead to ae prompt resolution allowis enjoying Irish, and the If you answered you're too old. General manager John Smyth said he fone o l lthe ow u p , T h e Madonna Fa me half follow-up, M The Fameo Monster, n woulds tell you t e r, wo u l d e Australian, in all of us." leaving the country because to 9 return8 to his 6 family, and( tt to go through least 100 Or w you haven't been paying attention to your teenag- that s G e r m a expected no t tata , h o wa Germanotta, b who was o born inr 1986 n (the yearof alleged i n ing him 1 h kegs of Guinness and 500 cases of During the course of the day, he er's listening and viewing habits. Yes, it's true: the tax debts. to travel to and from B l u donna released her thi Madonna rd released her a third album, l bu True Blue) has m , thereafter Tr u e expected Madonna to serve about 5000 people, beer, including the other Irish drop, description fits Madonna Ciccone to a T, but it's also n a acolyte. Or been a Madonnaas acolyte. Or as sheshe says in the debut's says inand the d Australia as his personal business The Crocodile Dundee Kilkenny. 400 at a time. He k is entertaining the modus operandi of her spiritual the ys t ra c : the" I c a n' t h e l pdescendant, m title track: "I can't el help myself/I'm f/ addicted I' tostar's m a life lawyers a d di c t e d to needs require. crowds with Irish dancing and bands artist known to her mother as Stefani Germanotta but said he returned to Australia last week material." of material." Mr Smyth, an Irish national, also and feeding them with Irish food prealbum buyers around the world as for his mother's funeraland and was served ''He has five children, nine grandchil- an acknowledged the religious side of the to about 8 million compulsive pared specially by his staff. ere are the same There are the same compulsive dance beatsdance '80s beats Lady Gaga. festival, but said not everyone had time a departure prohibition dren and a brother and sisterwith in the hesiser similar a similar blend of pop withorder, what- stopping of pop One of the many punters enjoying the sounds; Lady Gaga,a who is touring Australia, is just about synthesiser sounds; blend to get to mass. is the musical trend of musical the day;day; processed vocals processed celebrations and a hearty Irish breakhim trend fromof leaving until the disputed country and has travelled frequently the hottest pop act in the world. As well as those 8 ever is thethe i -fast d i s g u i s i n g a d e c e n t bu semi-disguising t a decent but n not outstanding o t voice; o u t s t a n d ing of bacon, eggs, sausages, and black "I think we’re the next best thing to a million albums and 13 concerts across Australia she sumtoisget paid settled. [even toc appear in two movies] during ex h o rHughes, ta ti ons g e t the o exhortations n on tor the h dancee floor (Just da n e fl oor and white pudding was Denis church," he said. has t sold o more than 35 million singles and downloads. the period that the investigation has e a nce ) laugh all the wa Dance) or l laugh l all the t wallo to the and bank very t (Beautiful, h e bank (B ''He is stunned disappointed 65, from countyo Armaghr in Northern And she didn't get there by being demure. Or partic- Dirty, Rich and Money Honey); and the provocations "The punters can come in here and we y,Ireland. Rich and Money Honey); and the provoc been under way. that could treat him as ularly original. If your internet filter isn't set too high Face, ike it or Poker (I Like it Rough or the Pokergovernment Face, whose lines whose like "I'm lines lik "We certainly eat healthily,Rough don't we?" will take their confession." you u can watch her most popular video on the net, a flight risk,'' Robinson, froma l l ''The ACC has previously accepted fi n with my m ffi n " abluffin re with my muffin" n areo notPaul really t talkingr aboute y t alk ing Mr Hughes said. Further south incakes). Fremantle at the Lady Gaga's sex-and-sadism clip for the song cards or small cakes). ds or small Robinson Legal, said in a statement. Paul's unsecured undertaking to return Mr Hughes said St Patrick's Day was other Rosie O'Grady's, it was packed to Telephone. It features not only the reigning queen of to Australia in d their inquiries. a different affairh back home, at least for e the rafters, witha happy n punters enjoybut more scenes r of male fantasyw jaile's u g d R&B, Beyonce, eve y She's h hugee and everywhere. r eNext, .to adopting N an ex t , to assist a opti ''Paul continues vehemently deny the start of the day. ing the day. bird lesbian shtick than you'd find anywhere outside a African orphan? can orphan? At his cost he met this undertaking any wrongdoing. The process of without delay or difficulty.'' detaining [him] … away from his wife and child in Los Angeles has devastatThe actor, through his solicitors, has ed Paul,'' the statement said. denied the liability asserted by the Tax Office and has filed objections. The departure prevention order has reportedly been served under the Tax ''He will continue to defend his posiAdministration Act. The Tax Office tion through all available legal and said that it could not comment on indiother channels,'' Mr Robinson said. vidual taxpayers. The investigation into Hogan's affairs But his solicitors said it was a move is part of Operation Wickenby, which by the Tax Office to gain leverage in claimed the scalp of the music entretalks with the actor. preneur Glenn Wheatley, who was sentenced to 2 ½ years' jail, with a 15They are hoping to resolve the issue month minimum. quickly, although the actor has been under the spotlight of the Tax Office Wheatley is the only person to be and the Australian Crime Commission jailed as part of the investigation, after for years. admitting he failed to pay tax on $318,092 of income. His lawyers said that after five years of ''intrusive investigations … no Operation Wickenby is part of a charges have been laid''. ''He hopes that crackdown on offshore tax havens. Newton quit X Factor amid assault claims; Andy Muirhead arrives at court.

r shtick Fans Gaga over shtick donna that rivals Madonna

Hogan grounded over tax dispute


A religious experience at Perth pubs for St Patrick's Day

Tiger's ex speaks out

Tiger Woods's ex-wife Elin person. "I don't look at it like that. Nordegren has broken her The 34-year-old world number Every year you have to find the silence about the couple's failed one told reporters he felt no positives," said Woods. "Even marriage in a magazine interthough there are a lot of negasense of relief. view, expressing "shock and tives I think that's actually a "I don't think that's the word. I disbelief" upon learning about good thing, because I learned a think it's just more sadness," his multiple infidelities, US tellot about myself and how I Woods said. evision reported last could become a better person." "I don't think you ever go into Wednesday. Woods said he bore no hard a marriage looking to get "I've been through hell," the feelings toward Nordegren, divorced. That's the thing. former Elin Woods, whose with whom he has two young That's why it is sad. divorce from the golf superstar children. "My actions certainly led us to became final this week, said in "I wish her the best in everythis decision. And I've certainly thing," he said. "You know, it's excerpts of the cover article to made a lot of errors in my life be published last Friday in a sad time in our lives. And and that's something I'm going People Magazine. we're looking forward to ... how to have to live with." The BenofCousins documentary 'Such is Life' began lastinnight with little insight on "It's primarily a religious festival Hundreds West Aussies are enjoyA reporter for the magazine we can help our kids the best ing a different sort ofto religious experi- Ireland," he said. why he turned drugs. Woods said arranging the told NBC television's Today way we possibly can. And ence at pubs last Wednesday as they "In my county, the scouts and the divorce was a painful process Show program she conducted that's the most important celebrate St Patrick's Day. guides will have a procession up to the even if he managed to keep his an exhaustive interview with At JB O'Reilly's in West Leederville cathedral to present the cardinal with thing." hundreds of people dressed in the the shamrock." composure when questioned Nordegren, 30, for 19 hours Woods, 34, and Nordegren mandatory green queued for Irish about the state of his marriage over four days, scoring the first sausages, black and white pudding and issued a joint statement on Mr Hughes said the shamrock was at every event he played this their first of many pints of Guinness. reported accounts of Elin's used by St Patrick, who introduced Lady Gaga poses for a portrait. Monday saying that they were Owner Paul North said the first pint of Christianity to Ireland in the early 5th year. reaction to the sordid sex scanending their "irretrievably brothe Irish national drink was poured at century, to represent the Trinity of the dal that made headlines around "It was a lot more difficult ken" six-year marriage, wishing 8am. He expected to go through about Father, the Son and the Holy Ghost. the world. 45 kegs during the celebration, as well than I was letting on," said each other the best and promisAcross town in Northbridge, St as countless bottles of cider. Woods. Nordegren told the magazine Patrick's Day was also the big event of ing to work together for their However, the day is not about turning the week. she felt "absolute shock and children's happiness. a profit for the Irish national. "On whether there were tourAt film. Rosie O'Grady's, James Street has disbelief" she film. learned "I don’t care about the money on St s Meyer Russ Meyer OUTRAGE, transgression and a surprising number when naments where he felt that all Woods wed Nordegren in been closed in preparation for the Irish of leotards. Blonde ambition from an Patrick's Day," Mr North said. Italianabout her husband's philanderOctober 2004 in Barbadoswa and have been erected ga claims on her website Gaga claims on herthat website that the whendistractions she was a when girl and questions she American girl who can dance and sing. Denunciation "If I did, I'd have to charge people bands, barricades ing, in excerpts of the article and the punters are celebrating were too difficult, Woods said: wo s in g all from a l n g she n would sing alongh on here mini r plastic tape m i nthe icouple have p lastic a three-yearpulpits ando the resultant cool credits in school-o twice as much. u l d things Irish. order to M icha e k oprogram. ton Michael Jackson a and n Cyndid Lauper. C y nold d i L a upe ons therecorder news yards. Whol is she? J a cread "There wereBut am few tournaments daughter, Sam, and a 19"I just wantc to make sure that everyn a u r sory listen to even e a cursory r listena to her l album bu The Fame or its The Fa m e is enjoying Irish, shows and theAFL If youit's answered you'reand too old. General manager John Smyth said he "I felth stupid more things like that,s yeah. the to the drug because got toMadonna beFa tested A documentary that star Ben month-old son, Charlie. fone o l lthe ow u p , T h e m e half as follow-up, M The Fameo Monster, n would tell you tMost eof r, wo u ld te Australian, in all of us." expected to go through least 100 you haven't been paying attention teenagG e r m a n o tproven tata ,theOr w h o wa that s Germanotta, b who waso bornsummer inr 1986n (the year n 1 9 8 6 ( th were revealed. How could I not was like i that." to be drug we are alleging," Mr to your Cousins smoking a the crack pipe and snorting The divorce was finalised by a kegs of Guinness and 500 cases of During the course of day, he er's listening and viewing habits. Yes, it's true: the do n npowder a r el ea s etold d her th i Madonna rd releasedshe her a third album, l bu True Blue) has m , Tr u e Blu anything?" O'Callaghan Radio fits 6PR. lines ofMadonna white enough beer, eviincluding the other Irish drop, expected to serve about 5000isn't people, Florida judge during athe 10Despite personal turmoil, description Madonna Ciccone to a T, have but it's known also n a acolyte. Or been a Madonnaas acolyte. Or as sheshe says in the the debut's says in d Kilkenny. 400 at ato time. He him is entertaining says. dence have charged with drug the modus operandi of her spiritual the ys t ra c k : the " I ca n' t h e l pdescendant, m title track: "I can't el help myself/I'm fWoods / addicted Isaid ' to m a life a dminute di clast t Monday ed to "Whether it is cannabis, cocaine or hearing in he still did not concrowds with Irish dancing and bands artist known to her mother as Stefani Germanotta but material." of betrayal material." isn't strong offences, according to WA police. Mr Smyth, an Irish national, also methamphetamine, if we don't have access a conference room in Bay sider 2010 to be a lost year. and feeding them with Irish food prealbum buyers around the"The world word as acknowledged the religious of the to about 8 million compulsive pared by his ere the same There aremy the same compulsive dance beatsdance and '80s beats an enough. I felt like whole Lady Gaga. to theside drug we don't have a charge." Thespecially first are part ofstaff. the documentary, Such is not everyone festival, but said had time hesiser sounds; similar synthesiser sounds; blend a similar blend of pop with whatof pop with One ofThe the many punters enjoying the Ben had fallen apart." Lady Gaga,a who is touring Australia, isworld just about Life: Troubled Times of Cousins, to get to mass. The West Coast Eagles sacked their foris the musical trend of musical trend of the day;day; processed vocals processed celebrations a hearty Irish breakthe hottest pop act in the world. As well as those 8 ever is thethe toi a and hefty audience of 1.99 million The former nanny alsot i -aired d ssausages, g u i "I s n g d e e n t semi-disguising a decent but n not outstanding ot voice; o u t s t a n d i n g mer 2007 after multitude fast of bacon, eggs, and black thinki we’re the next bestcaptain thing a to ain late million albums and a 13c concerts across Australia she bu ex h o rHughes, ta ti ons t o g e t the o exhortations n to get on t the h dance e floor (Just d a nce floor and white pudding was viewers across theDenis country and church," 412,000 he said. sold more thanin 35his million singles downloads. told the magazine of h incidents a thathasculminated arrest byand reportedly nce ) laug ll t h e wa Dance) or l laugh lall thet wallo to the bank t (Beautiful, he bank (Bea 65, from countyo Armaghr in Northern viewers. that the stress from the scanAnd she didn't get there by being demure. Or particWA police. He was charged with possess"The punters can come in here and we y,Perth Rich and Money Honey); Dirty, Rich and Money Honey); and the provocations and the provoc Ireland. ularly original. If your internet filter isn't set too high Face, will take their confession." ike it Rough or Poker (I Like it Rough or Poker Face, whose lines whose like "I'm lines lik dal caused her insomnia and ing a prohibited drug and failing to comply In the film, the Brownlow medallist "We certainly eat healthily, don't we?" you u can watch her most popular video on the net, fi n with my m ffi n " a r with mydays muffin" n areo not really t talkingr aboute a l l y talking Mr Hughes said. lossbluffin and e in the with a requirement undergo a driver he'd been using drugs since Furtherhigh south incakes). Fremantle at the Lady to Gaga's sex-and-sadism clip forweight the song ds admitted or small cards or small cakes). Mr Hughes said St Patrick's Dayand was sister other Rosie it was packed to It features only withthe reigning queen of before the divorce was assessment but Telephone. the charges werenot later school, while his parents said O'Grady's, the happy a different affairh back home, at least for e the rafters, witha punters enjoybut more scenes r of male fantasy jail- this e's u g n d R&B, Beyonce, eve y w She's h hugee andsays everywhere. r eNext, . adopting N an ex t , adopti finalised week, she drawn. drive and determination that fuelled his the start of the day. ing the day. bird lesbian shtick than you'd find anywhere outside a African orphan? can orphan? she began to lose her hair. successful football career were also present Mr O'Callaghan said Cousins should give in his drug habit. Elin told People she was the names of Perth drug dealers to police. truly devoted to her husband Even though Cousins is shown smoking "I didn't see the documentary , but if it is crystal methamphetamine and snorting about Mr Cousins saying look this is what and had hoped that they would lines, a WA police spokesman said they happened to me, this is how terrible it was, have a happily-ever-after life together. would be unable to press drugs charges then he could do a lot of good by ringing against him using the documentary as evi"I loved him. We had so us and telling us who his suppliers were,” dence. much fun," she said, "and I he said. "If he wants to come out and tell us 'I took "That's the issue here, these suppliers who felt safe with him." drugs' then we can do something," the allegedly provided drugs to Mr Cousins are Woods said the break-up of spokesman said. still out there providing drugs to other peo- his marriage was far more difficult for him than he had let ple - kids maybe, footballers maybe, who "From a video you can't prove that they on and that the fall-out from knows." are actually drugs - he could just say he's a his string of infidelities had good actor." "Surely if he was truly remorseful he poisoned his golf game. would be prepared to come forward and Police commissioner Karl O’Callaghan Woods, speaking to reporters tell us who his suppliers were.'' confirmed there was no chance of a drug for the first time since his investigation on Cousins being reopened. He said the same people who supplied Ben Cousins with drugs were probably still divorce, also said he hopes he "For us to prove a drug charge of posseshas learned to become a better Tiger Woods' ex-wife Elin Nordegren sion or use of drugs we have to have access dealing to kids.

No drugs charges r shtick Fans Gaga over shtick after Cousins donna that rivals Madonna documentary

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accommodation available

accommodation available

ALMOST self contained accommodation available in Millars well, loads of parking. Prefer single employed tidy considerate person that can move in round the 13 Sept 500 bond +350 Please text or call Darren on 0406373811 after hours

ROOM for rent, looking for a clean, tidy and single person to move in PREFER FEMALE. Pool, Aircon & Fox. $380 week + two weeks bond upfront. Please phone Amanda on 0488999967 for more details. SHORT Term accommodation executive residence in Claremont. Everything you could ever want on your break. Queen room with large bathroom. Private lounge and TV room. Large plasma TV/ foxtel/DVD library 200movies. Shared kitchen. Stunning gardens. Breakfast. $1050 pw. Call 0488944490 TIDY dblle-bed room / single room avail, with pool, in Pegs Creek, close to town, 350 single 450 couple pls text 0425 240 188 2 Rooms 4 rent, Bulgarrra Karratha. Max $320pwk plus expenses. If both rooms rented will drop below $300pwk. No pets would preferr young singles or couple. to be neat + tidy non-smokers. One week rent in advance... Ring Ebony on 0447944785 after 530pm. :) ~~ACCOMODTION WANTED accommodation

ALTERNATIVE accommodation! 1988 Randall Aluminum Cabin Cruiser - 39 ft. Just completed cruising the Kimberley Coast. Large deck, air conditioned cabin. Galley, toilet and shower. 1000 litre water stored. Moor up, and enjoy cruising on days off. Located in Broome. $140 000 ono. Ph - 0429988606

AVAILABLE NOW. Couple ($500pw) Single ($400 & $350 pw). Inclusive of bills if all rooms taken. Big 4X2 house, w/ pool. Looking for responsible, easy going house mates. Nyles 0433987637, Will 0417323694. BALI BED AND BREAKFAST Located in Canggu close to Canggu’s famous surfing beach, Bali bnb offers modern affordable accommodation, surfing tours and board hire. www. BALI HOUSE SWAP We are wanting to house swap our 3 bedroom villa in Canggu, Bali for a house in Karratha. Please email me on: DUPLEX (2) located in Bulgarra, 3 bed 1 bath, split A/C, built in robes. Plenty of parking, close to schools. Available now $1100 pw, long corporate lease preferred discount given for both ph 0412304780 / 0429674918 HOUSE SITTER WANTED from 19/12/10 - 6/1/11 clean tidy dog lovers bgr8 4 family over xmas. Ph 0401039578 NEAT & tidy 5x1 family home situated close to schools & local amenities. Huge outdoor ‘gable patio’ & enteraining area overlooking in ground salt water pool PLUS large lock-up shed & secure undercover boat or caravan storage area. Long lease available $1500 per week. Ph 0427937686 NO Banks Needed - Own Your Own Home 4 Sale by Owner. 3x1 home in Myaree area, post code 6154 $857 p.w. Call 24 Hr pre-recorded msg 4 details 92648239 PARKED caravan for rent. 2 bedrooms. 30 mins out of Karratha. $300pw. Ph 0424711450 ROOM available to rent in clean & comfy home in Dampier. $450pw inc exp and broadband. Must be working, no drugs. Call 0414809613 a/h. ROOM available for a single person only, to share with friendly couple and male room mate in a 3x1 with pool. Must be clean tidy and working full time.. $400 per wk plus expenses (no pets) call Chelsea on 0405216767 ROOM for rent in Tuart Hill, Perth. $170 per week includes internet and all bills. Fifo situation welcome. Call 0405594727 for enquiries. ROOM for Rent, Bulgarra $350pw single or $560pw couple + Expenses please call 0415320670


CHOOSE a house sitter you can trust! Experienced House Sitters for Karratha area. Reliable, working couple available for any length of time. Enjoy caring for pets & gardens. Police clearanced & experience looking after a number of homes in the area.Call 0457230691 or email DMHouseSitting@hotmail. com CONSIDER anything. Room Wanted. Professional Working Couple. Non-smokers Light drinkers, Clean honest house-trained Values,Shirley 4014 570 891 or David 0414570891 FRIENDLY, single 26 year old female looking for cheap accommodation in karratha. Please call 0403322999 FULLY employed mature professional male , seeks single room to rent. Non drinker non smoker, quiet, clean, tidy and sober. Around $300 per week.. Please phone 0450450146 MATURE, Clean, Quiet couple mid 20’s looking for a room/ granny flat to rent around Karratha area. Available from 30th August. Pet friendly - We have a 5yr old Labrador looking to get sent over from Brisbane. Pool would be a bonus. Call Jeremy on 04218296047. RESPONSIBLE, reliable, quiet, conscientious couple with excellent references require 2Bdrm+ unit/house (furnished/ unfurnished) in Karratha as of Mid September. Presently fiance’ is fifo, but we wish to both live and work in Karratha. Please phone Joanne (Jo) Mobile: 0449081109 SINGLE financial secure mum looking for room, caravan, donga or house to rent. Wickham or surrounds. Clean, tidy, honest & house trained! References available. Please call or msge 0438401746 SINGLE, working male looking for a room in Karratha. Not a heavy drinker, clean and friendly. Give me a buzz - 0429232062 WORKING male aged 37yrs old requires room to rent in Karratha. Very clean and tidy. Phone 0419503073 YOUNG guy looking for spare backyard or drive through to park own caravan close to town, will share bills and rent please call mike on 0450965141




AVENT BREASTPUMP ISIS manual breastpump in excellent condition $40 call 91831894. BABYSITTING stay at home mum with one child can do Monday to Friday from 8 AM. 0437900129 BABYSITTING: Reliable exp 20yr old female looking for babysitting work $20 per hr or $120 per night per child call Chelsea 0405216767 BARNYARN Nursery Set - Half price - excellent condition. Quilt, Cot Top, Top Sheet (never used), Pillow Case (never used), x2 Cushions, Rug, Nappy Stacker, Lamp Shade & Base, Cot Mobile, Curtains, Clothes Basket, Nappy Stacker, Basket/Liner, Bassinet $350.00. Used 1 baby 12 months. Ph 91830595. BUBBA Moe Black Baby Sling Looks brand new $30 Please contact Sandra 9144 0643 or 0409883584 BUGABOO Cameleon Pram with wheeled transport bag. Grey base with red breezy sun canopy. Excellent condition. Has manuals, DVD, pump, cleaning kit, rain cover and an extra set of tailored fleece fabric in black. Wheeled transport bag, only used once, still in box plus a sunshade. 0437488705 $1000 CHANGE table - teak stained wood. Comes with change mat. Excellent condition. $80 phone 91441719 CHILD minding available,space limited, responsible, nurturing stay at home mum looking to provide childcare for a couple of kids full time or part time in my nickol west home. Large and well equipped play room.i will provide healthy snacks and meals. Private space for nap time provided 91444407 COLORADO Hipod Pram/Stroller. Red and navy blue. Great condition, moves well, large basket beneath, easy to fold away, view window. Call or sms Kelly 0439944365. Can send pics on request. $100 DO you ever just need a few hours to yourself? I’m a nanny with 7 years experience, first aid and a few certificates under my belt looking for weekday work before 12.30pm. If your interested please call Louise 0425779951 FISHER Price Power Plus baby SWING. New cond. $50. Children’s Outdoor swing set with slide. $100. 0402511595 FISHER-Price Baby Papasan Cradle Swing - 2 position recline in nest style seat, 6 speed settings, spinning mobile, swings both front to back and side to side, music. Very good condition $130 ph 0419370623 to view. HIGHCHAIR 4 sale - ONLY $200. Excellent condition. Fabulous modern highchair. (Inglesina Zuma brand rrp over $450) Call Nel on 0408642125 KATHMANDU Baby Carrier (Backpack) - $200 Contact Sandra on 9144 0643 or 0409883584 LINKADOOS Magical Musical Mobile Swing. Awesome! In good Condition. $50ono. 0427225526 LOOKING for a baby gift. Why not send a Tiny Tots Nappy Cake, a unique baby gift made from top quality products that any new parent would love. FREE DELIVERY IN KTHA to view designs Visit Ph: 0400717617 LOOKING for new mums to town who want to form a private playgroup/ casual meetings. Please contact me Janet Court on 0419676191 I’m also new and looking to make some friends!

MOUNTAIN Buggy Urban Designer Pram...awesome condition, navy with striped hood and seat, only used for one child. $350 phone 0438364378 NAVY Kathmandu baby backpack carrier$300 in good condition. Contact Sandra on 9144 0643 or 0409883584 PRACTICALLY brand new Baby Einstein See & Discover Duluxe activity gym - $50 Pink Bumbo Seat & Tray - $80 Baby Bjorn Baby Carrier - $30, 91440643 or 0417182102 RYCO 4 IN 1 BABY CARRIER $25, in box near new. Large packing box full of plastic play balls $30. Safety 1st swivel bath seat $15 in box near new. Infa baby diner chair $25 clips onto table in box used once. Tommee tippee napper wrapper $15. 0424166863 SAFE & Sound PLATINUM AHR Carseat Brith - 18kgs $150 Safest convertible child restraint in Australia. Built in stereo speakers for relaxed travelling and audio pleasure. Black in colour and in awesome condition! RRP $550. Phone 0438364378 ~~BOATING

OFFSHORE boating - Flare kit and EPIRB in good condition and in date wanted. will pay good dollars, call Shane on 91441263 or 0437577615. QUINTREX Explorer 3.85, 20HP Yamaha outboard, safety gear including EPIRB, sounder, 2 fuel tanks, 2 anchors, new anchor ropes, cover and collapsible trailer. MUST SELL Leaving town. $4000 Neg. Ph: 0416007739 or 0439921438 QUITREX 4.4m front steer. 40hp merc. 80hrs. Garmin fish finder, marine radio, safety gear, bimini, anchors, trailer new tyres $8000 ph 0407447126 QUNITREX 1996 4.45 centre console.Registered until june 2011. 2010 60hp Mariner engine only 8hrs,5year warranty. New Dunbier drive on trailer. 2x Lowrance fish finders. New floor boards and marine carpet. New GME marine stereo and speakers. $16500.00 ONO contact 91870473 or 0407085190 REEF Raider 6m Fibreglass boat for sale. 150 hp Etec Great condition, Purchased 2007 one owner. email for photos and more info or phone 0427718253 $42,000 ONO SEA Hunter 4.6m Ali runabout with brake trailer. 60hp 4-stroke Yamaha, Sand & reef anchors, bait board, rod holders, shade cover, flares, 27 meg marine radio, Garmin GPS / Chartplotter map cards from Esperance NW Aust to Mackey Qld. Excellent running boat. Cover incl. $12,500 ONO. Photos avail Ph 0402080538 STESSL 4.0 M Edge Tracker 1996 Aluminium Punt - $4500.00 15HP Suzuki 4 stroke motor, Sales multi roller trailer, 2 swivel seats, Rod holders, Hummingbird 128 Wide sounder, marine battery and box, Nav lights and switches, oars, 25l fuel, anchors, inshore safety gear. Ph 0417121404 SWIFTCARFT 18 ft, 70 horse tohatsu power, radio , sounder, safety gear, 2 fuel tank, boat +trailer 12 month license, hin number all for $3000 ONO 0407494709 YAMAHA Wave Runner 2004 Model - 3 seater, Regularly serviced, stainless impeller, Rego on boat and trailer. Extras include: ski cover, flare, ski ropes, life jacketx x2, fire extinguisher, ski biscuit and knee board. $10,500 Pls phone 0429141414 ~~CAMPING & OUTDOORS camping &


23ft Fibreglass Centre Console - 225hp Johnson 4 Stroke. Fully enclosed cabin, V Berth and lockable stroage, lowrance sounder GPS, 200lt fuel and 50lt water, transom ladder, large icebox, solar panels, bait board, tandem trailer, elec brake, winch, new tyres. Call Ray 0438 767499 4.2m STACER SEAHORSE, 40HP Yamaha, Garmin Fish Finder, EPIRB, Life Jackets other Safety Gear, Carpet Floor, Bimini Shade, $8600 ONO, Gary 0409944050 5.8m Savage Surveyor, 115 Evin, 20 hrs since full rebuild. Radio, Navman 4200 SX incl fuel flow, Epirb, s’jackets, refurb’d dash and electrics, new carpet - heaps of extras! $6,500 for quick sale. Ph 0409 885 250 5.8m Savage Surveyor, 115 Evin, 20 hrs since full rebuild. Radio, Navman 4200 SX incl fuel flow, Epirb, s’jackets, refurb’d dash and electrics, new carpet - heaps of extras! $6,500 for quick sale. Ph 0409 885 250 CHIVERS Meridian SF580. Aluminium plate. 115hp Evinrude. Regularly serviced and well cared for. Navman/Echo sounder/chart plotter, safety gear including Epirb, extra fuel tank, kill tank, live bait tank, extended bimini. On Melride trailer. Leaving town. $30 000 firm. 0400057539 / 91444229 CRUISE Craft, fibreglass speed boat, 40hp, fish finder, radio, new interior, elictric start, $2800 call Wes on 0488193662 FRASER 626 Fibreglass Boat,150HP Yamaha Saltwater Series, New Raymarine Coloured Sounder & Plotter, Trailer Recently Re-built, New Carpets, Boat Cover, All Safety Equipment, Motor Recently Serviced. $19,000 ono Contact Bill 0427012436 or Toni 0409110135 FURY 26ft on tandum trailer incomplete project, included in price is sounder, gps, stainless steel railing and yahama 300HP motor and other accessories. $105,000 call Rob 0418945346 KEVLAR cat 6.1 2003 Twin 100 4 stroke Yamaha, huge electronics alum trailer, anchor winch $69.000 ph 0416098124

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8 Man tent - double dome, 2 x double self inflate mattresses. Cost $680, sell $350. ph 0407447126 CAMPING gear. 2 tents, gas cooker, 2 air mattress ,gas bottle and cooker in one, small eskys, gas lantern , cooking utensils and cook wear inc cast iron wok, fry pans and pots. Too much to mention. $350 ono ph 0413648102 CHESCOLD Camping fridge in perfect working condition. 3 way camping fridge in vgc. Works on all 3 power sources. Comes with 7.5kg gas bottle. Genuine reason for sale. $420 ono. ph 0413648102 GENERATOR Honda EX650, Excellent condition, very reliable. Great for camping or caravaning. .$500 ono. Phone 0417949643

camping & outdoors HIGH Lift Jack never used $50 0439965172 JAYCO Finch Camper Trailer 2004. 2 double beds, couch/ table converts to sleep 5/6. Frigde, sink, gas/ electric stove/grill, side awning,new cover,80l water,gas bottle, large toolbox added for storage all included. Suite young family or couple easy assemble. Ready at $13,500 ono ph Travis 0407081454 PRORACK universal roof rack (P-Bar) with separate fitting kit K010, Price $150 AUD. Ph: 0414806557 SEA Kayak (Sit in not on top type) suitable for O/N trips to the islands. Includes paddle, spray skirt, buoyancy vest, safety float. $1000 ono. 0439707553 SPINIFEX Hard top camp cupboard 5 shelf, 62 x 49 x 140cm, used once $75, 0412903398 WINDSURFER - long board, large and small sail. Good condition. Suit beginner. $200 ono, ph 0409952766 ~~CARAVANS


1985 Evernew 20ft van, sat dish, lcd tv, split a/c, lic 03/11, Annex, Gas Stove, Plenty of cupboard space. Double Island Bed. $10,000 Ph: 0407475590 2007 Windsor Genesis Caravan. Hard to come by twin bed design (great for friends sharing). Full ensuite, m/wave, large fridge, air con, tv/DVD big lounge. Price $39,000 ono. Phone 0427781048 2008 30 foot Empire Triaxle Van. Excellent condition. Double bed and set of bunks. Suround sound. 2x tvs. Washer & Drier. Single drawer dishwasher. Gas oven & hob. Roll out awning (roof only) with anti-flap kit. Currently in Port Hedland. Phone Denise 0437059869 5 WHEELER Sportsman imported from U.S.A Full Aust compliance 31ft lux3 slideouts showcases opulance throughout Huge b/rm beautifully ensuited Kitchen has everything you would expect and more. Sound system f/screen t.v solor panels w/ mach inspection will not disappoint ph 0416098124 $125.000 “CARAVAN 18ft., $2000 Very Cheaper include the following items: Portable air con, T.V., Single Bed, Couch, Center table, Ref, Rice Cooker and 1 folding Chair. Hurry special offer call 0411802141 CARAVAN 26ft good cond $7200. ono. Gold detector minelab sd2000 not been upgraded good cond $ 2200 with extra coils. hilux 89 5speed n transfer case+ air locker diff best offers drove good. ph0427737219. CARAVAN Windsor Royale 2007 Q/bed, full ensuite, nr new canvas annexe with full rubber floor matting, TV/DVD/CD, s/s 150L fridge & oven, A/C, Ex condition, immaculate interior $53000 Ph 0403814491 or 0400771948 CONCEPT Ascot 17ft 6in Internal Nov 05. QS bed, centre kitchen, heaps cupbs & storage, 3way fridge, gas h/ plates/ grill, c shape lge, open plan. Rev cyc a/c,radio/cd, 17in tv/ Dvd, hatch, slide out webber bbq, 2x 9kg gas bots, full annexe, many extras inc outboard mount etc. $34,950 0427 953282 COROMAL Lifestyle 700 2008. Q/ bed, 3 Sing. Bunks. Toilet/Shwer. A/c, M/wave. 3way Fridge, Gas/ Elec Heater, TV, Gas/Elec Hot Plate, Gas grill, pantry & TV. Full Annex. $50,000 ONO Great Con. Ph: 0400 779 903

caravans COROMAL Offroad Camper 1999 4WD Magnum 380 Rally XC slideout queen and dble beds, new annex, extra storage, outboard motor mount, storage cover, v.good condition, $16,000 0416009003. JAYCO CARAVAN, 24ft, ensuite, double bed, full annex, includes satelite dish with digital receiver and wa card, 2nd fridge & microwave and 6.3Hp generator. Lic to nov, suit couple or single, very comfortable, a/c only 2 years old. Leaving town call 0447960055. $16,500 Available immediately JAYCO Sterling 2006 poptop, Full annex with flooring, TV/DVD bat sys, 3 way fridge, elec brakes, double bed, oven, stove and grill, A/C, microwave, all the extras and Excellent Conidtion, $33,000 ONO call 0400232636 to view JAYCO Sterling 21ft Caravan w/ ensuite For Sale in exc condition. Price $45,000 neg. Call Ashlee 0424820984. JAYCO STIRLING 2007 CARAVAN 21ft6. Only travelled 14,000km Reverse cycle A/C; sep shower / toilet; sep bedroom; full annex; roll-out awning; van cover; LCD TV/ DVD; microwave; lge fridge & oven; CD/radio; washing machine; 90lt water tank; water filter; jumbo front boot. EX CONDITION.$46,000 o.n.o Ph Tony 0427711325 JAYCO Westport 2000, 21ft, flat screen TV, Radio cd, DVD player, m/ wave, gas stove, 2 way fridge, toilet shower, double bed, full annex, Air Con, South Hedland. Licensed till October. $30,000 ono. Phone: 0418910032 JAYCO Westport 24FT Caravan 1996 Model $30,000 ono. Need quick sale - relocated back to Perth! Full Ensuite / Double Bed / Large Kitchen Area / Pull out Awning + walls / Lots of extras. Call Cody on 0439567255 “MAJESTIC Tiara 21’6 2008 as new. Spacious luxury. Rear “”L”” shaped leather lounge. Separate shower & toilet to queen island bed. Centre kitchen incl 220Lt 3 way fridge. Sat TV complete, Aurora. Diesel heater, roll out awnings. 2kva gen, Hayman Reece tow hitch + more. $65,000 Ph Len 0458776127” MILLARD 14’6 pop top 1979 good condition new wood interior plenty of cupboard space built in a/c double bed + 2 single bunks full annex brilliant comfy caravan $5500 ono ph: 0413902166 MOTORHOME 30ft, new full size kitchen, fridge, stove, shower. New tyres, queen size bed, 20ft awning, water tanks, pull out pantry, lots of storage. $35.000 ono, please call 0420760526 OFF road Cub Camper, 60l Water tank, annex & Awning, Swing out Kitchen, gas stove & sink, Some camping gear, Good condition PH 0407131340 $6,500.00 ONO ONSITE caravan in Mandurah suit fly in fly out, 18ft with solid structure annex, aluminium sliding door and windows, reverse cycle A/C, fridge/ freezer, kitchen,stove, BBQ, TV, stereo, couch, bed, crabbing gear, sleeps up to six, priced to sell,$4000 ph 0427964385 Aaron can be relocated at any time. PARAMOUNT Classic 20ft Caravan. A/C, TV, Built in CD/DVD stereo, 2 way stove/ grill, 3 way full fridge, 2 gas bottles, Island Queen size bed in rear, front island table, plus more. As new. South Hedland, $40,000 phone: 0447393080

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caravans TRAVELLER PENTHOUSE CARAVAN 2007-23ft 8-q/ bed&bunks,a/c full oven grill /r angehood-full fridge / freezer, w/m, sep ensuite, 19in tv, dvd/ mp3 player/roll out awning with new full annexe & anti flap bars & support bars 1x ef 240 yamaha generator/ gas/ elec hwu /2 x solar panels /430ltr wa-0421041171 VISCOUNT 1988 Pop Top. 15ft single axle lic to Feb 2011. 2 x lge single beds. Gas stove & oven. 2 x 80ltr water tanks. Porta potty. Microwave. Good tyres. Roll out awning & full annexe. Photos on $12500 Tess 0428577640. VISCOUNT Seabreeze 26ft with the lot. Near new 20ft container for storage, shed, etc. Parked up beside shady trees & garden. Wickham LIA. $33000. Ph 0408998965 to view. Landlord wants $187 per week + power. LADIES golf clubs in new golf bag $300.00 for the set Call 0457204548

clothing alterations CHANGE ZIPS/Hemming done. Ring 0400862646

disclaimer PILBARA ECHO takes no responsibility for any classifieds submitted online, this includes practical jokes. This is an automated service. If you need an ad removed, please email us ~~EMPLOYMENT AVAILABLE employment


CARPENTER wanted. Experience in roof and wall framing an advantage. Apprentices considered. Need to start 13 September. Phone Darren 0439644310 CLEANER required. 2 hrs 3-4 mornings or afternoons/week comp. Rate please call Katherine 0417093545 weekdays. DID you move up to Port Hedland because everyone told you could be earning $4K a week? Have you found it almost impossible to find sustainable work and most of all a place to rent for less than $1500 p/ wk? Had enough? Looking to move back home and need a job? Email I need a parts inter to work for a major company. Exp. Working with trucking or heavy machinery industry is required. If you are looking for a long term position and great $$$ then email your resume to matt@ or call me 0415 838 596 ASAP. IF you are a heavy vehicle mechanic with exp. On Mack and Vovlo trucks and would like to earn around $100K a year then email your resume to or call me on 0415 838 596. LANDSCAPER - Experienced. South Hedland. Wage neg. Ph 0437513033. MECHANICAL Fitter looking to earn $100K+ in local area is required. Please email your resume to matt@ ASAP. All applicatns will be called this week for interview. MECHANICAL fitter needed. Call Matt on 0415 838 596. Top pay rates. Permanent role.

employment available

employment wanted

OCCASIONAL carer for my 10 y.o. son. Required mainly during school holidays, some before and after school care. Millars Well area preferred. Please contact Mel on 0417213492. WANTED Nanny/Mother’s Help for 2 boys 3 & 6yo. Before and after school only. Experience with children essential. For more information call Rachel 0418889449. ~~EMPLOYMENT WANTED employment

TRADESMAN, carpenter, good all rounder, home reno,s kitchen installations, decking, welding, remote location work, mine camp work,mobile power,4x4,reliable,careful Quote, or hourly. Call Mark mobile 0401355652 ~~FOR SALE


BABY SITTER available in Karratha and Dampier. Previous experience, WWCC, Police check, transportation and currently enrolled in Cert 3 children services. Available week days, week nights and after 6pm Saturday nights, all day Sunday. $12 p/h Contact Kodi on 0447350527 CLEANING/domestic, personalised cleaning to suit your needs, reliable and efficient. Police check available. Ph:0409359334. DO YOU need a Labourer ? Include Gardening , House Cleaning . 20 box/Hr , South Hedland . I am diligent, honest, and dynamic person. Ph 0423300420 EXPERIENCED Professional Middle-Aged Lady requires employment in area of Clerical, Administration,Travel, Accounts or Sales. Call Shirley 0414570891, available immediately. Reliable, Competent and friendly. EXPRESSIONS of interest. Freelance light haulage deliveries/transport up to 8t, Karratha and surrounding areas, mine & construction sites. 0410621606 Brad/Carmen HOUSE cleaning available. So you don’t have to. $25. p/h Police clearance. Please phone 0423716690 IRONING & WASHING - Fast and Reliable Ironing service $20hr. Don’t you have a washing machine and need someone to wash and fold your clothes while your at work $20 a basket. Dampier Area. Call Eliza on 91831894 PAVING. $20-25 per square meter. Quality professional. 0457256388 PEGGY WORK.female.non smoker. has own transport,licence, accommodation in South Hedland. Has experience.Willing to work long hours and weekends. VERY pippa. or ph 0409466840.can start ASAP PEGGY/TA WORK WANTED. Female. Has experience. Willing to work long hours and weekends. Non smoker Has own accommodation, transport. Ready to start ASAP. Please ring Pippa 0409466840 or email pippa.porthedland@ QUALIFIED and experienced Hydraulic Fitter & Machinist. Fork lift ticket, hardworking, reliable shut down exp. Fast learner seeking permanent employment in Pilbara region. Call John 0457927088 RESPONSIBLE, mature 22 y/o F avble 4 nanny/ bbysit. mon-frid work hrs. nxt 3 mnths text 0420572969 ROOF plumbing team available - re roofing or new roofs. 0408947570 SPRAY Tanning for the self conscious $25 in the privacy of my own home. Mums with bubs welcome. 0419162276 TRADESMAN Tiler. Commercial/ Domestic/Remote. Quality finished work. Phone Rob for an estimate. 0457256388

for sale

2006 Toyota Camry Altise Limited - $15,000 2.4l 4sp Auto, Blue 70,000kms. Single Owner, Female Driver Great little town car. ABS, Tinted Windows, Toyota Seat Covers 6m Rego. Call Scott 0431114888 2x 3 set samurai swords $150ea, car travel pod $100, 2x webcams (used once) $20ea please call Fiona on 0407518803 or leave a msg on 0891852494 4WD 245/70r17 cooper st-t tyres and rims for sale to suit d40 navara or r51 pathfinder stud pattern 6 x 114.3 good condition cood 2nd set for offroad call 0407 545 080 to get them out of my shed please!! $500 or near offer 7 PIECE oak dining setting $100, 2x Aircons $100 each, black and glass display unit $100. Please phone 0418940038. A pair of book shelves $100 for both. 3x2 leather lounge sofa $900 (dark green, original $3500). View photos Phone 0418776718 ANTIQUE dresser with mirror $780 ph 0407447126 ANTIQUE radio rocker chair $100. Antique Grandfather chair, winged back, needs some stitching. $250. Phone 0438976456. ASSORTED tools & machinery. 0407447126 BBQ EuroGrand Stainless Steel, 4 Burner with Hood. Includes Wok Burner, Rotisserie, Sink & Cabinets Complete with Gas Bottle $450.00 ONO MB: 0417942067 BEAUTIFUL 1 carat Argyle diamond necklace in yellow gold will sell $3000.00 phone: 0409530042 BED - Single Cabin. Good condition, Built in draws, sliding desk. Comes with Mattress. Selling due to having outgrown it. $250 ono. Ph: 0891831215 BED Head - Suit queen size bed. C/w side tables and draws. White. Good cond. $150. Call Graeme 0410472363 BIKE girls 16 inch frame. Schwinn brand. $40 call 91441719 BIRD cages, 1 large cage and 1 small!! $75 for both call 0447821978 BLACK 2006 VZ SS Thunder, 6Litre V8, 6 Speed Manual, Leather interior, Near new condition. $30,000 ono, Phone: 0457924115 BLUNDSTONES, worn once, too big, Size 5 (I think about a ladies 9) Bargain $50 firm 91831789 BOAT trailer licencsed to suit 12 -15 foot dinghy, needs work. $300 ph 91841840 BRAND New Quality 7ft Slate Pool Table, Solid timber side rails, brass adjustable feet for accurate levelling, 4 stylish turned legs, “directional” 100 % wool cloth, Includes Deluxe Accessory package (4x RILEY cues, pool ball set, triangle, box of chalks, table brush). PRICE: $ 1450 Ph: 0458195018 BUFFET in excellent condition available for $350. Country style with four cupboards and two large drawers. Contact 0418850599



for sale

for sale

for sale

for sale

BUNK Bed white wood, good condition $450 ono includes two mattresses. Ph: 0430 102 127 CAMPER TRAILER 4x4 Build for off road use, orig owner, good cond, queen size bed, built in kitchen/ stove, engle fridge, battery, fuel containers, 80 litre fresh water tank, heaps of storage, sleeps 6 easily, huge annex, ropes, poles, pegs, brand new tyres, treg hitch, $7500.00 ONO ph 0437 059 275 CARGO - Roof top cargo box by Thule, Ocean 100. $300 ono ph 0409952766 CASIO CTK 551 electronic keyboard, 61 keys, 100 song bank, 100 tunes, 100 rythms with adjustable stand and carry bag $250.00 Call 0414378155. CAT CARRIERS Ex-breeder’s travelling carriers. Good clean condition)Small $90 Large $190 (would fit small dog) Booda Box $80 Phone 91838644 or 0438443437 CHESCOLD Camping fridge in perfect working condition. 3 way camping fridge in vgc. Works on all 3 power sources. Comes with 7.5kg gas bottle. Genuine reason for sale. $420 ono. ph 0413648102 CHEST of drawers 5 white - 800w x 400d x 800h. $45. ph 0407447126 CHRISTMAS lights complete house display. Sadly due to ill health must be sold .0891854880/ 0417872326 $1500 Must see, too much to list. CORNER study desk approximately 6 months old. Price: $200.00 Phone: 0437612516 for more info. CORUM $20 Gold coin watch, bought in 1974, collectors item, rare manual winding mechanism 1900 coin watch, heavy18kgold bracelet band, weight 132 grams in mint condition. Retail at $22,000 Offered as is at $7,950 or make an offer. Mobile: 0466 693 893 CROSS Trainer - ArcticTrek $175. ph 0407447126 DINGHY 12ft with 8hp Mariner on as new trailer with 20ltr fuel tank.Both regersted. $2,000 Ph.91441049 Mbl.0418143235 DINING Chairs(6) - Black frame with white leather look. High back. Good Cond. $30 each. Call Graeme 0410472363 “DINING TABLE 5 pc Wooden excellent condition - 100 AUD;Wooden carved lounge 3 X 1 X 1 - 100 AUD; 28”” Analog TV - 50 AUD. Please contact 0437286568 / 91856547” DINING table and six chairs. Excellent condition. $350 0439916232 DINING table large oval double pedastal plus 2 charver chairs and 6 dining chairs. Indonesian hardwood with jarrah stain. Excellent condition $1000 ph 91444334 DISHWASHER, benchtop Heller 4 plate setting. New will cost you $500, will sell for $400 including 2 way tap. Call Andrea 0414378155” DIVE Hooka 16cfm 5.5hp Honda motor 100mts of hose 1demand valve. Storm cover. Take 1 diver 35mts or 2 divers to 20 mts.2years old hardly used as new cond.$3200,ph 0417932923 DOUBLE Bunk, stained pine, from bed shed, practically new, includes near new mattresses. Can be used singularly. Leaving town, excellent condition. $450 91444229 DOUBLE mattress. Chiropractic. Good condition $200 ph 0407447126

DRESSING table/chest of drawers. White with 7 drawers & chair space. Large winged mirror. G ood condition. $80 call Louise on 91441719 DRUM Kit - Electric. Ashton DD50. Works Great, Good Condition, 10 Presets + 5 Custom Sets, Great Sound. Comes With Stool and 3 pairs of sticks. Retail $550, Selling for $300 ono. Ph: 0891831215 DVD Player. 0439916232 EAGLES tickets x 2 - Rod Laver Arena Fri Dec 17 2010. $513 Please ring 0417180786. ELECT Equip- 20 x HPM DGO’s, 10xCeiling Rose, HPM Fuse Box, 100m x 2.5mm Pwr cable, 100m x 4mm Earth, 40 x Dwn Light Sockets - all new. Make offer ph 0439214450 EPEE fencing swords, helmets & jackets 2 x sets. $340 ph 0407447126 EXERCISE bike Marquee MB203 16 programs, held pulse sensors, heart rate chest strap, large LCD screen - time, speed, distance, RPM, calories, pulse, watts, targe HR, course profile, resistance level, user program. Excellent condition, rarely used. RRP $1299 Sell $500 Call 0400205051 EXQUISITE fairytale wedding dress. Alfred Angelo white satin strapless with lace up back. Beautiful pearl embroidery on corset, hem and train. Sleeves and veil included. Size 6- small 10 Price $1200 For photos email EXTENSION LEAD 15 meter, 10amp, $10, 150watt portable halogen floodlight only used once $25 ono, colman lantern with amplifier+ fm radio battery operated $25 ono, contact 0437202468 for more details FILING cabinet, 4 draw, creamy brown, 37 suspension files included $120. Call 0414378155 FISH TANK - 4ft, 160l glass fish tank, Juwel R10/180. Complete with 2 door cabinet stand, filters, lights etc. $500 ono ph 0409952766 FORMAL Dresses made to order ring aft 6pm 0448304299 FRIDGE Westinghouse 430ltr freezer on bottom perfect condition still under warranty cost $1300 sell $700 ph 0448732676 between 7.30am and 2.30pm week days FRIDGE Whirlpool 410L White, still under warranty, Freezer on top, excellent condition, sell $650, ph 0400800526 GIRL’S’s white wrought-iron Double Bed & Mattress $500 for both or $450 for Bed Please contact Sandra on 91440643 or 0409883584 for further information GIRLS 4 Poster King Single Bed with Mattress! Like brand new! Glittery sliver in colour. Comes with curtains for the posts and some Manchester (if wanted) $500 ONO 0400013784 GME TX3100 UHF CB RADIOS x 3, brand new in boxes, $225 ea or $600 for three. Ph 91830448 GUITAR - Acoustic, Yamaha. New steel strings, excellent, crisp sound. Good condition, good for learning + advanced. Comes with strap and case. $250 ono. Ph: 0891831215 HAIRDRESSER Avail cuts, colour, styling, wasp hair extensions & ear piercing Ladies, Men & Children avail Mon - Sat 8am til late A/H appointments avail ph: Kerri 0418942123 HONDA generator EX650, very good condition, very reliable, Great for caravaning or camping. $500 ono Phone 0417949643

HYDRO packs 1.5lt $20 ea new. ph 0407447126 JERRY CAN 10 litre, in good condition has had petrol in it, not suitable for diesel. $5 ono contact 0437202468 for more details KING Single Bunk Bed with Study and chair. Mattress incl. Less than 12mths old. $500.00. Ph91855974 KSHS Blue Shirts. Excellent Condition. 2 size 14 and 1 size 16. $10 each or $20 for all. 0427225526 LARGE packing boxes for sale $2 each 0423985613 LASER Guns x 22, 300m + range. Good cash flow. Extras & training included $17k. ph 0407447126 LAWN MOWER, Rover with a Briggs 375. $50 PH 0414457471 LEAVING TOWN Upright Freezer $500,Dryer 5kg $80,2x Pool Gates and Fencing 5m $250,3x3 Garden Shed 12mths old $300, Baltic Pine Tallboy $200,Onga Pool Pump 18mths old $200, Beer Fridge $100. Call 0417939609 LOUNGE 3 seater red leather, modern in great condition $750 please call 0414 953605 LOUNGE 3 seater Red leather,Great condition $750 please Call 0414953605 LOUNGE Suite. 3 piece. Consisits of a 3 seater, 2 seater & 1 seater. Brown. Exc condition. $650 ono. 0401227069 LOUNGES Two navy, 3 Seater and 2 1/2 Seater - $700 In good condition Please contact Sandra on 9144064 or 0409883583 for further info MASSIVE playgroud set. Platform, slide, climbing wall, stairs, swings $490 ph 0407447126 MICROWAVE Oven, Sharp Carousel, electronic display not working but oven works fine. Manual included. $40 ono 91431985 MOUNTAIN bikes 2- 26 .1-Diamond Back 1-Appollo. Both high spec bikes inc suspension,1 with disc brakes. 6 months old, hardly used. Genuine sale. $500 ono for both but can seperate. ph 0413648102” NEARLY 1 acre in Exmouth Gulf, cleared, leveled, mixed use land with town power and water, dirt pad, a walk to the beach for less than $100 sqm at $380,000 Ring 0417 423 875 or 9189533 NUTRIMETICS! For your free brochure in your mailbox or your inbox contact Michelle p-mbrown@ 0427632038 Shop online au/michellebrown OLD fridge with freezer on top, still working. 166cm high, 79cm wide and 65cm deep. $50. Port Hedland. 0413823843. ORBIT Cross Trainer, practically new, $100 ono. Tap shoes size 8.5 - 9 near new $70. Beech corner computer desk, $150. Call 0414378155 ORBIT FITNESS- Double seater Gym Bench, fly’s, lat pull downs, leg raise..etc always inside and looked after. Plenty of weight- suitable for big blokes. ORBIT still has this model for $1299 online. I’m asking $900ono as the only reason for selling is lack of space. Call Craig 0438711883 PACKING BOXES for sale. U Pak boxes used once all same size 50cmx 50cm x 70cm. $5 per box or $60 for lot. TXT 0438943090 PARKSIDE Aluminium Bull Bar to suit Toyota Prado - $1,000, 91440643 or 0417182102

PARTS: D40 2008 Navara 4WD Original springs and shocks, plus rear chrome bumper. All new, been in storage. $600 for lot ONO . Phone: 0438977324 PARTS: Nissan Navara 2005 4x Alloy mags near new tyres w/ caps $1500 ono or $400 each, Sidesteps w/ brackets $500, Towbar $250, mudflaps $30 each Ph:0439966013 PET Carrier (airline approved) 70cm long x 40 cm wide $50 PH 0417015240 PINE Furniture- Dresser/buffet$300, Corner TV unit- $200, CD Cupboard with glass door, holds 180 cd’s $100. Coffee Table set of 2, large tables with draws- $120. All in good cond. Phone Graeme 0410472363 PLANTS - healthy well established (10yrs) ficus plants in beautiful blue clay pots for sale. Over 2 metres tall - 2 @ $250 and also smaller ficus in cream pots - 5 @ $50 each. Ring Nel for photos or viewing on 0408642125.

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POOL Zodiac KD above ground, salt water chlorinator, full cover, 17m pool fence. The lot for $3000. 9185 2265, 0417 978 528 POOL, fencing and gate. 15ft diameter pool above ground, fencing, approx 15Lm suits corner of block, self closing gate, shade sail, post. $750. 91444229 POWDERFINGER Ticket - 1 only. Thursday night 23rd September. $110 Call or txt 0416238177 for info. PRIVATE house sale millars well fully renovated 3x1 split a/c,fans built in robes landsaped gardens automatic reticulation large rear patio double parking room for boat $785,000 Ph 91441049 Mbl 0418143235 PS2 with 34 games including guitar hero rocks the 80’s,guitar and 3 controllers 1 with air cons, 1 wireless. $ 325 the lot 0427998288/91831234 PYREX glass pot lids, designed to fit Scanpan classic cookware but should fit any pot the same size, all good condition with no chips, 1x 18cm, 1x 20cm, 2x 32cm, $15 each or $50 for the lot 0409993080 QUALITY urnishings, Pillow top beds like new, leather 3 seater lounge, dining set, office desk with cane chair and bookshelf, end table, leather counter stools and pictures. All items less than half of the retail cost. Call 0457204548 QUEEN size bed, dark wood frame & orthopaedic matress, 4mnths old, , exc. Condition. $600 Fiona 0407511036 QUEEN Size mattress in good condition. Two part wooden base supports the mattress, no head board included. $180.00 ono Ph: 0417942067 RABBIT HUTCH metal excellent condition 1500 long x 500 wide also includes fold able portable enclosure $120ono PH 0427928329 RACING Go Kart for sale, comes with helmet and race suit. $600, 0419556089 ROWING machine $175. ph 0407447126 SAMSUNG DVD / VCR Player. Model DVD-V6800 nearly new, only been used a couple of times. $80.00. Contact Jane 0409121030

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FREE WEEKLY 4 - 5 September 2010

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real estate

SANYO TV 36cm for sale still in good condition, $25 ono contact 0437202468 for more details. P.S is not digital but can used with set top box. SATELLITE Dish for roof not freestanding for sale. Dismantled ready to go. $250.00 ONO Tel: 91852025 SEA Container 20ft Tropical Roof, Lined inside $2700 ono Phone: 0419934043 SEA Container. **REDUCED** 20ft Needs some work. $500. 0428105790 SEA Kayak (Sit in not on top type) suitable for O/N trips to the islands. Includes paddle, spray skirt, buoyancy vest, safety float. $1000 ono. 0439707553 SHADE Sail, 5.5 x 3.6 x 2.4 mtrs JP Trim Shop Made 2007, Stainless Steel fittings,stainless wire rope,double stitched,galvo turn buckles, terracotta color, $300 ONO 0439914186 SHED,4 by 2m, 2m high. Already dissembled for relocation. Consists of 7 pieces.$300.00 o.n.o. PH. 91855101 SHED: 3m x 3m garden shed 12 months old, VGC $750 ono. Table: extra large 2m x 2m heavy duty outdoor table with steel frame and timber top VGC $500. Bunk bed: double bottom, single top mattress not included VGC $200 Ph: 0408310551 SHIPPING CONTAINER 20FT GOOD CONDITION SUITABLE FOR FURNITURE STORAGE $3000 0419046780 SOFA bed/Futon. Black steel frame with blue pattern mattress. Folds to double bed. As new condition. Never used. $200, ph 438929323 SONY 68cm CRT TV and cabinet. Excellent picture, works well. Includes manual and remote control. $100 call 0437 488705 SPA - 6 seater, Timber framing, good condition. $3000 ono ph 0409952766 SPA LANARK 8 SEATER, wood surround, lots of features, near new cond, chems and manual inc $6990 ono 0415224166 SURF SKI 4m fibreglass 12Kg adjustable leg length suit female or junior includes paddle and roo frack cradles. Can test in Dampier harbour cost $2200 sell $1200 0439949374 Mark TABLE Antique Wooden with Turned Legs. Requires restoration to return to former glory. If you are into this type of woodwork please come have a look $500. 0416042359 TIMBER slabs. sheoak. From $50 ea ph 0407 447 126 TOYOTA ota Prado Dash Mat - beige $20 - 0427258044 TRAMPOLINE on legs, rectangle, 3000 x 1900, pads covering springs. $100 91444229 TRANSPORTABLE commercial kitchen.converted 20 ft s/s seatainer. Walk in coolroom, a/c, h/w/s, s/s benches, servery, verandah, coved floor, some equip inc. Very neat. Currently in Geraldton. $36,000. 0419198790. TV CABINET 2 shelve glass great condition, never used did not suit decor $550 Please call 0414953605 TV CABINET country style for $300. A medium sized TV suitable for recess and extra cupboards either side for additional storage. Contact 041850599.T

TV CABINET, low line, chocolate $400. OUTDOOR SETTING, high-set, 6 seats, aluminium & white $500. Rustic Indonesian style teak cabinet $1600. Washing machine, fisher & paykel $300. Teak bedside table $200. Phone 9185 6006. TV/DVD Combo with Built-in HD Tuner. Nu-Tec 54cm/21.6 HD LCD. Brand new, never been used. $150 ono. Phone Jane on 0409121030. UHF radio 40 channel , includes mic, and aerial, all in good working order, also includes wiring to battery, $100 ono conact 0437202468 for more details WASHING Machine - Simpson 6kg Top Loader $50 call 0409208067 WATER CONTAINERS 2x 25 litre, only used once will both for $20 or separate for $12 each, also 2x 5 litre water containers $5 each small desk light 20 watt $5, contact 0437202468 for details WEIGHT bench and weights. 2 bar bells, 4 dumb bells, heaps of weights, weight stand & bench. A little rust but otherwise good condition. You Pickup. $400 negotiable. Call 0402198547 after 6pm or send/leave a message. WHIRPOOL 7.5 kg toploader washing machine, in good working condition, $150 ono, am/fm radio portable, $5, jackeroo workshop manual to suit 1985 onwards, 25 ono, contact 0437202468 WHITE shelving unit. Approx 2m high x 1m wide with 6 adjustable shelves. Very good condition. Cost $250 from Harvey Norman, $100 or best offer. Tel: 0429498201 after 6pm (Nickol West) WINDSURFER, good condition $430 ph 0407447126 WOODEN venetian blinds (NEW) 6 ea - 900mm wide x 137mm drop $30 ea or $150 the lot. PH 0417015240 ~~FOUND

SATURDAY 11 Sept, 8.00 - 12.00 pm Leaving Town Some furniture items and assorted houes hold items. 722 Dolphin Way Bulgarra. SATURDAY 11th Sept 7am, 151A Hannan Cres Dampier, Q/S Bed, C/ Desk,B/Trailer, plus heaps more bargains SEPTEMBER 18th/19th Garage Sale, 15 Frinderstein Way Pegs Creek. Leaving town, combined 2 houses. Tools, shelving, BBQ, household items. Start 0700am SUNDAY 8am onwards, 5th sept at 9a Crockett way. Leaving town, everything has to go!!!!! Furniture, tvs, jewellery, yard blower, washing machine etc. No early birds. ~~LOST

80cc 2 stroke quad bike with helmet $1450 ono ph 91431829 ANSWER moto x boots size 8 great condition only warn for a few rides $100 neg call 0437362004 after 3 oclock ENCLOSED 3 bike trailer 4 sale. Single Axle. Located in Wickham $5200 - ph 0400108181 HELMET MDS full face black/silver small new in box $50 0408510317 HONDA CBR1000R, 2007 MODEL, 10,000 KMS, great cond, serviced regularly, helmet inc. $11,500 ono 0439798277 HONDA CRF450R 2009, new tyres, new chain, mint condition, fuel injected, comes with manual, only done 6hrs. Goes hard. $8000. Call Mike 0411 392 714.

DOG HYDROBATH available in South Hedland 7 days a week. Phone Sarah on 0433655636 for appt! LOOKING for Female American Staffy, to breed with our Male American Staffy, Call Joe after 5:30pm on 0407271076 PURE Bred Staffordshire Bull Terrier pups looking for new homes. Full registration papers, Vet checked, Vacc, Wormed and L2-HGA cleared by parentage. For those seriously interested please email RAINBOW LORIKEET. Free to good home only. 3yrs old Hand reared, friendly and loves attention. Great childs pet. Owner working long hours . Regretfull give away. Comes with cage and food. Can email picks. Please TXT Carmen 0438943090 WE have a purebread male staffy which we would like to breed with another purebread staffy. Please phone 0448541160 if interested. ~~PUBLIC NOTICE


MODERN 3 x 1 with large study or 4th brm for rent. On large corner block in great location, huge 8m x 8.5m shed with mezanine floor, below ground pool, undercover entertaining area, tropical gardens with ample parking for boat, caravans etc. Available now. $1850 p/w. Contact Jason on 0427442566 NEARLY 1 acre cleared, leveled, dirt pad, mixed use land, with town power and water, a walk to Exmouth Gulf beach for less than $100sqm. $380,000 make an offer call 91895336 or 0417423875 NO Banks Needed. Own Your own Home - 4 Sale by Owner 3x1 in Myaree area (10Km from Perth CBD). $857 p.w. Call Tish 92648239 STORAGE UNITS FOR SALE OR LEASE IN WANGARA. 31-61sqm. 24/7 access with fully monitored security. Store your boat car or other toys. CCTV you can view online. Great investment. forsale. Call Rob on 0413270058 WANT to invest in the booming Melbourne property market? Want to generate highest return with your hard earn money? I have plenty of properties in Melbourne for investors. Call me at 0430512503 or email


LADIES MOUNTAIN BIKE found Sunday 29/08/10. If you think it belongs to you, contact 0438130727. POSTIE BIKE Red. ph 0432666807 ~~FREE


EMPTY DRUMS 205L, call Clint 0417913903 FREE 2 good home, English bulldog puppies for adoption. They are vet checked and also friendly. If interested contact me on RECTANGLE trampoline frame. Call 91441719 SLATE large pool table. Needs some tlc. Comes with cues and balls. Must come and pick up 0400013784

garage sales 4 Sept Garage Sale 13 Treetop Nickol West- quality camping goods, filing cab, motorbike stuff, long skateboard, bodyboard, wetsuits, tools, early enquires to Jamie 0423 979 971 GARAGE sale Sun 5th Sept. 8am12pm @ 9 Stewart Court, Millars Well. Leaving town. Fishing gear, electronics, general household goods, plants, BBQ. No early birds. GARAGE Sale. Household goods & furniture, books, games. Everything must go. Leaving town. Bargains to be had. Saturday 4 September. 6 Gregory Way Bulgara. 8 am 0437053724


1yo desexed black female cat by the name of Poppy, with a pink collar and safe tag went missing from the units on Hill Road, Dampier on the 30-8-10. Please call SAFE if you know of her whereabouts. DOUBLE swag fell out near Airport turn off, on Sat 28/8 5pm.If it was found pls call 0437155466 LOST - Gold wired back and white pearl bracelet at Karratha Tavern, Fri 13th Aug. Not valuable but very sentimental. $100 reward. Please contact me 0488513684 LOST EURO JOEY! No, this isn’t a joke, I care for joey’s for the Wildlife Association and one escaped. He weighs around 10 kilos and is reddish in color, very friendly. Got out in Nickol West off of Balmoral. If you see a young joey in your yard or around your house please call 0429854664.



Lost in Dampier - a male Burmese cat, blue/grey in colour and is desexed & micro chipped. He is very spoilt and missed. Reward offered. Call 0419 283 848

LOST ring in the vicinity of Hearson Cove or Karratha shopping centre Monday 2 Aug. Antique, three diamonds, white gold setting. Highly sentimental, generous reward offered. Call Leanne on 0419041467. LOST rod and reel. last used in the right side of Hearson’s cove 15/8/10. Big reel with blue line and with 1 metre diver (orange and black) with foldable rod. If found please contact 0412450868. LOST Sat 19th June pink & black I Phone. Cover is locked to owner.... REWARD OFFERED.... call 91855576 or 91441078 NOKIA mobile phone on Friday 13th either in Evolution or on road. Phone is not worth much but photos on phone are sentimental. Please call 0410789278 if you have it. ~~MOTORCYCLES


2008 Yamaha Raptor Limited Edition 700cc Fuel Injected 30Hrs includes helmet, ramps & fly boots sz10 $8,500ono Ph 0429132082

public notice

HYOSUNG GV 250. First registered 2009. As new condition, only 4800kms. Mfrs warranty ‘till 2011, runs perfectly, genuine reason for sale. $4,900 Phone 0400 218769 KAWASAKI ZZR250 2004 Model, red, 18,500 kms, full service history, good condition, one owner, includes cover and disc lock. $4500. Call Tom 0430438299 or 93485789 Karratha KTM 450EXC 09 Excellent condition,1 Owner, Hardly used licenced and ready for the road, comes with many extras including helmet and riding gear, This is the Ultimate package. $10,000 Call 0419556089 MOTORCYCLE RAMP Single Heavy Duty Rated to 450KG. Collapsable Ideal for large bikes made of light weight aluminium folds down to 1400mm NEW COND never used $350. QUAD Yamaha Grizzly 700 4x4 2009 Automatic transmission near new condition $10,500.00 Karratha 0419359220 or 91821187 YAMAHA 2007 R1 exc cond 6200 km, REDUCED $12000, ph 0419922413, can deliver to Hedland YAMAHA WR450F - 2007. Immaculate cond. 1100kms, White bros. pipe, Rejetted and tuned carby. FLU Design full graphic kit. $6900 ono. Call Travis 0400870209 for more info. ~~PETS


Soggidog All animals cared for. Daily visits to your home. Karratha only Ph Libby 0404842902 ADORABLE AKC Male & Female English Bulldogs puppies available or adoption this Puppies are Akc Registered, With Champion Bloodlines And Will Come With A Pedigree, Microchip, Vet Check With Health Certificate, And All Shots And Wormer. The puppies available for adoption for more info contact rev.jonathan10@


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Psychic Readings Reiki master healings & attunements Karratha resident Call Andrea on 0457 354 229

SWIMMING pool fibreglass resurfacing team in Port Hedland area shortly. Interested call Ray Ph91732283 ~~REAL ESTATE

real estate

Pet Minding

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ACCURATE PSYCHICS 99% 1902 212 206 $2.95 min mob ex C/C 03 5614 5387 $2.95 min ALCOHOLICS ANONYMOUS Meetings held every Wed and Sun at 7.30 pm, venue: Salvation Army Family Church cnr Bond St and Balmoral Rd (opp, Cattrall Park) DEAR Mark Peens happy birthday, your a big boy now. Love Jiggy DECKARTS Studio - jazz, tap, ballet, music theatre, sing enrolments anytime 0415999022 NICKOL Bay Hockey Association Junior Hockey new players welcome every Monday night Pegs Creek Oval, 6.00 – 7.00pm Contact: Kelly Carter – 0429 140 138 via email on kca51472@ to register PILBAR Rev Heads is now on Facebook. (FB). Do you want a Weekend Cruise or Car show in your home town? How about Drags and a place to do burnouts legally and safely? Come join us on FB and post your Cars, Boats & Bikes of all types. Tell us about It.(type Pilbara Revheads in FB search).

27 GREEN ACRES with platypus creek,on the cool tablelands near Port Douglas. Private and natural, handy to everything. Exceptional views over rainforest ranges and farmlands from octagonal house. Underground mains power, private timber plantation. Pictures & more info at Ref No 40583 MB A NO BANKS NEEDED HOME-OWN YOUR OWN HOME - 4 Sale by Owner. Myaree area (10km from Perth CBD), 3x1 Double brick home $857 p.w. Call 24Hr Pre-Recorded msg with all the details 92648239

Keep them free Lodge online


• 3 Bedrooms • 1 Bathroom • Double lock up garage & large driveway • 801 Sqm block This house offers 3 bedrooms all with built in robes, contemporary kitchen, bathroom and double lock up garage, plus large driveway space for up to 6 cars. Very close to schools, shops, meters from public transport and 8km to the city. Furthermore, it is situated on a large 801sqm block, surrounded by front and back gardens with development potential. Further details please call 0431978205 BRISBANE bayside at Manly 17km CBD. Great lifestyle after mining. 461sqm flat cnr block on top of hill with Marina & water views, can’t be built out. Excellent location with easy access to airport, walk to beach, buses, train, shops, & pub. With DA ready to build. Best value $ 585K Ph 0403394805 BULGARRA 3x1 home,$640000, 2 bdrms with BIRs,as new kitchen and paint throughout, carport, patio, shed, currently leased $1000 pw until mid Nov. 0414249890 I have 3 properties for sale in Nsw. 1 in Tintenbar NSW, and 2 in Lawerence NSW these 2 have water frontage onto the Clarence river. View these properties at myproperty-4u.commy contact detail have been placed in this website for you. THESE HAVE BEEN REDUCED DUE TO A FAMILY MEMBERS ILL HEALTH. INVESTMENT PROPERTY GOLD COAST $525,000 Large double story house: 4 x large b/rooms, 2 x bathrooms (spa in main), powder room, open plan living, s/steel appliances, study, theatre, parents retreat, double garage, alarm system, AC Excellent tenants Returning $510 pw Ring Josh 0407471797 INVESTMENT PROPERTY MELBOURNE. 5 bedroom, 3 bathroom, residential warehouse within walking distance of City and MCG. Owner willing to sign a 3 year lease back at $75,000 per annum (approx 4.3% return). $1.75mill. Ph the owner on 0413 176284 or email for more information.

Keep them free Lodge online KIT HOME Large 2 storey, 20 x 12 m Decks, to Lockup Stage. Full Cyclone rated Eng plans for NW. Serious buyers ONLY Tks reduced to Sell $110,000 Very Cheap Large Home Whole frame const. 2 already built Baynton Drv. Karratha Pics avail. Call Mark 0417991169, email Freight Inc.

INVESTMENT PROPERTY GOLD COAST $525,000 Large double story house: 4 x large b/rooms, 2 x bathrooms (spa in main), powder room, open plan living, s/steel appliances, study, theatre, parents retreat, double garage, alarm system, AC Excellent tenants Returning $510 pw Ring Josh 0407471797

rod repairs FISHING ROD REPAIRS new guides and tips fitted. Have your rods rebuilt like new. Also fishing rods for sale at reasonable prices, all with new fittings please Ph 9185 5257 ~~VEHICLES


06 4.2 turbo patrol ute mint condition bull bar winch snorkel only 62000km $39000 ono phone 0459150949 1HZ landcruiser motor complete, taken out of car running, 330 000 kms old, suit re-build, lots of extras. $1800.00 ono. Ph 91830448 2003 VY series 2 Commodore Ute 120000kms auto 6cyl soft cover. Tow bar. Very clean straight car $11500 ono 0417089439 2004 GXL 100 Series Landcruiser 125000 kms 4.7 V8 5 Speed Manual, honest and realiable car selling due to down sizing vehicle comes with many extras including two DVD players. $31,500.00 call Rachel 0429838808 2004 Holden VZ Ute, 6 speed manual, Reg July 2011, very neat vehicle, moulded tray protector, car cover included. 124,000klm. Urgent sale. Leaving town. Ph 0437649761

ADS MUST BE BOOKED ONLINE Terms & Conditions • Free advertising is available to people residing in the Shire of Roebourne, Ashburton and Town of Port Hedland only. • Free advertising must not be used for commercial purposes, including home based, party plan and tradespeople. • Ads are automatically removed after the specified number of weeks. • To remove your ad sooner than requested, please EMAIL your ad AND phone number to • Hoax and prank ads will not be tolerated. IP addresses are recorded for security purposes. • Deadline for advertising is noon Thursday prior to publication. Late ads will be accepted at the discretion of the publisher. • Ads lodged via telephone will be charged at the normal rate of $2.50 per line. • Whilst all care is taken, we have no responsibility or liability for ads placed by readers online.


FREE WEEKLY 4 - 5 September 2010




2004 Pajero GLS, silver grey, auto, V6 $19,800 ONO good cond. 0406 971 250, quick sale 2008 ve ssv Ute....6 speed manual. Red leather. Lowered. chev grill and rear bagde. Central locking hard cover.$5000+ custom stainless steel exhaust. KnN cold air intake. dyno tuned 342.5 rwhp...geos wicked and sounds awesome.$38,000ono call 0400761413 2009 Holden SS UTE ,10.000 klm New car waranty 7 years Hot Red ,Rego till May2011. $40.000.00 ono Phone Leanne 0407989442 AUDI A4 S-Line Quattro Wagon Excellent condition. 1.8L Turbo, All Wheel Drive. Extra’s include Sunroof, Bose Premium Sound, APR Stage 1 ECU Upgrade and APR Exhaust. Can be set to stock setting (140kw) or performance (175kw). Practical and sporty. 68,000 km. $25,900. ONO PH: 0457516067 AUDI A4 S-Line Quattro Wagon Excellent condition. 1.8L Turbo, All Wheel Drive. Extra’s include Sunroof, Bose Premium Sound, APR Stage 1 ECU Upgrade and APR Exhaust. Can be set to stock setting (140kw) or performance (175kw). Practical and sporty. 68,000 km. $26,500. PH: 0457516067 BSA Lightning 1966 lic, great cond, for info+pix $9000 ono Newman 0418917704 COMMODORE 2007 VE SSV 6ltr 6 speed manual red /track stripes,black leather interior,20inch hsvi wheels, walkin shaw exhaust,mint cond,very low kms (private plates not included) $40000 ono ph: 0407473121 COMMODORE VT 1998 sedan. Auto, white, 207,000km, aircon, cruise control, 6 months rego, runs well. $4,500 ono. Ph 0421789987 F250 2002, $49000 ph 0407384357 F250 2003 Supa Cab 7.3l chipped diesel nudge bar spotlights rollbar alum tool box $75.000 ph 0416098124 F250 2004 XLT Best in WA lots $$ spent 106K kms regret sale deceased estate $85,000. 0893145117 FOR Sale or Long term lease, Lease/ purchase. Near new professionally built fully self contained mobile Coffee/Food van. Complete with all Quality fixtures/fittings and available for immediate delivery. Owner will assist with training and Business establishment etc. $1600 PCM plus outgoings. 0422 777 029 FORD F250 2004 Red 7.3lt XLT lots of mods best rig in Perth 4 lift 37 tyres $85K 0417957839 FORD FALCON 1994 ED . May need a new alternator, otherwise in good condition. $900 ONO. Need to sell!!!! Call 0423367322 for more details FORD falcon 1996 automatic vgc 0457207042 or 91821234 ask for Don. FORD LASER for sale 1994, white, 6 months rego very clean car, 5 door, drives like a dream, cd/a/c p/s/abs/ 1.8 litre petrol very easy on fuel need to sell this week leaving karratha. ice cold air con contact Tommy on 0401848284 after 6pm first to drive will run away with this car. Car in karratha. FORD PANEL VAN 1995 Auto. Body in good condition. Motor needs work. Tow bar, spotlights and good tyres. $1,800.00 o.n.o Phone Ken : 0419950697 HJ45 landcruiser Ute with canopy. New tyres, new springs and shockies. Cd Player, two way, good spotlights and dual fuel tank. Awesome ride! $5000 ono. 0428105790

HOLDEN Commodore VL Calais 200 series, 5 speed manual, 17””rims, 2 1/2””sports exhaust, needs new cluster & paint. $4900 ono 0437055494” HOLDEN Commodore VT Wagon 1999 V6 Auto, aircon Gas/petrol, reece hitch and electric brakes, cargo barrier, good tyres, just serviced, good condition $6500 ono. 0412903398 HOLDEN Commodore VX SS 2002 5.7Ltr V8 Manual 6 Speed, Metallic Black, Exec Cond, 67,000kms, Full Leather Interior, HDT, Twin 2.5””Stainless Steel Exhaust/Extractors, Monaro Bonnet, Headlights & Tailights, ROH Mag Wheels, Dark Tint, FSH etc $18,000 ono Ph 0409112417 HOLDEN RODEO 1994 Ute for sale CD/AC/PS/ 4 new tyres, new back canope, white in colour,new cd player and speakers,new seat covers & mats, drives like a dream, first to see will buy rego until 12/2010. Call Tommy after 6pm on 0401848284 Ute in karratha need to sell this week im leaving my job!! $7,650 HOLDEN RODEO crew cab 1994 for sale rego until 12/2010. 4 new tyres, white in colour new radio and speakers, new back cover on canope lovely to drive and nice and tidy, first to drive will buy. Need to sell this week!!!! Price $7,650 call Tommy after 6pm on 0401848284 Ute in karratha town. HONDA JAZZ 2006, 1.3L Manual, 60k, Full service hist, Lady owner.$11,500 ono 0439957067 Hyundai Excel 1996 silver 5 speed manual, Air Con, CD player, Ex Cond. & Serviced $3800 ono. 0403814491 LAND cruiser 80 series, 4.5 litre petrol good condition $13500 0418729407 LANDCRUISER 80 series, 4.5 litre petrol Lots of extras, good condition $13500 0418729407 MAZDA UTE 1993 CD/AC/PS 4 new tyres , new back tray, new toolbox, new battery, 6 months rego. Head gasket gone,call Tommy after 6pm on 0401848284 Ute in karratha town must sell this week $2,999 or nearest offer must go ! MITSUBISHI Canter 3.5 Ton Dual cab 1997 Runs well low kms , $6800 0418729407 MITSUBISHI Canter 3.5 Ton Dual cab 1997Runs well low kms $6800 0418729407 MITSUBISHI Challenger 1998 auto 4WD, smart bar, rhino racks, cd player, new tyres, rego Dec. $7,200 ono. ph 0407447126 “MITSUBISHI Lancer 2006$15,000 ono 5sp Manual 2.4l motor, 37,000km, 6mths rego, dark grey in colour, a/c, power steering, cruise control, power tinted windows, flair, 15”” alloy wheels, clean and tidy, well looked after. Ph Stan 0432187088” MITSUBISHI Lancer ES 2007, excellent condition, tinted windows, 23,000km still under new car warranty. $15000.00 ono ph 0418952436 MOTORHOME 35t class A2 slideouts automatic diesel with 26,000 miles queen bed, convection oven,gas hotplates leather lounge 1rocking chair 2 swivel captains chairs levelling jacks A/C, central heating bath. Shower digital tv reversing camera. Ill health causes us to sell $200,000. o.n.o Qld 07 55364441 NISSAN Navara 2005 dual cab 4x4 Model ST-R 88000kms 3lt diesel $18500 Ph 91732283 NISSAN Patrol 2005 Ute DX 4.2 Turbo Diesel, 65000kms, FSH, Exec Cond, Bull Bar, Tow Bar, HID Spotties, New Tyres, 2x Spare Tyres, Toolbox, Snorkel, Expensive Stereo System, Dark Tint, UHF etc $35,000 ono Ph: 0409112417

NISSAN Patrol 3Lt St Diesel 4WD manual. New tyres, new battery, new windscreen, 6 months rego, well serviced 159’000km odo located in Karratha call 0449041108 NISSAN PATROL 4.2L Diesel 1998 - Serviced & Maintained every 5000kms 8 months Registration Dual Batteries New Airbags (raisers)New clutch Roof Rack 45 Litre Water tank Engel Fridge Plug 2 spare tyres Regrettable Sale Price $15500.00 ONO Ph:0418937307 PAJERO 2009 37000kms $50,000. 12m Rego, Bull bar, Tow Bar, Neat & Tidy inside and out. Must Sell Call Scott any time 0431114888. RAV4 CV 2010: $29000 ono 6 months Rego, As NEW! New vehicle warranty till 2013 Contact: Jason 9184750 RODEO, 2007, 3.6L V6 Petrol, Dual Cab Well Body Ute, Auto, Sports Bar, Red, Excellent Condition, 44000km, $18,00 - 0412881491. SIDE-TIPPER Tri-Axle. Led Lights. Lic. 90mm King Pin. Location Karratha. $20 000 + GST ONO Ph: 0419934043 SUPERCHARGED xr8 ute, 2004, manual. 500hp, carbon fibre bonnet/ spoilers. Custom f/g fpv bumper. fpv brakes, lowered, leather seats/trim. Hardcover, 6 stk cd player, vortek v2 supercharger. $34000ono ph 0423352196 SUZUKI Grand Vitara Prestige 2008. 15000K auto, air, pwr steer, lether interior, keyless entry Call Gavin 0419866276 TAKEUCHI 2.5tonne excavator, 554hrs including buckets, 2008 very good condition $40,000.00 contact Karratha 91821187 or0419359220 TOYOTA Camry Altise 2006, Limited $15000, 2.4l, 4sp Auto, Blue, 70,000kms, Single Female Owner, ABS, Tinted Windows, Tow Bar, Toyota Seat Covers, 6mths Rego, Call Scott 043111488 TOYOTA Hiace poptop camper 1984 d/fuel d/batt fully decked out 2 live in + much more $6000 ono 0417840067 TOYOTA Hilux 3.4L V6 4X4 extra cab white 2003 Excellent Cond. Only 111K since new. Well serv. B/ bar. UHF. Central Lock. Tough Toyota Gusty Towing Vehicle Reduced to sell $16,000 ONO Call Mark 0417991169 or email restruct@ for Pics. Karratha. TOYOTA Landcruiser Ute, 95, exchange motor, recon gearbox and rear diff, duel tanks and batterys, bullbar and towbar, spotties, cd player plus loads of extras. $10,750.00 ono. ph 91830448 TOYOTA PRADO 1999 GXL Claytons 4WD one lady owner from new, metallic gold / grey interior, cruiser bar, low kms -150,000kms, spotties, window tint, air con, brand new tyres fitted July. Excellent condition - great boat tower! $17,500 91838 914O TRAILER 10 x 5 covered trailer, great for camping or tradies, near new canvas cover, frame and cover are removable, dual axels, spare tyre, only done approx 2,000klm. MUST SELL Leaving town. $6000 Neg. Ph 0416007739 or 0439921438 TRUCK Ford L8000. 89-90 - Parts Only. New Rad, Inter cooler, Springs $1000 take away. Ph: 0419934043 TYRES 4xBridgestone A/T 235/85R16 on rims, 5 stud, suite newer Cruiser. 2x Bridgestone Dueler A/T 265/70R16.Appr. 70% tread on all. $650 ono the lot.PH 0414457471 XG Falcon Ute, B&S style, rego’d til March 11, heaps of character, reluctant sale. $2,500.00 ONO call 0450124295 ~~WANTED HOLDEN 2005 VZ SS Commodore, 5.7l Gen 3 V8, 6 Speed Manual, Leather Seats, Full Sports Exhaust, OTR, DVD Player, Headrest Screens, Rego till June 2011, $25000 ono, Test drive welcome, Ph:0429105204 HOLDEN Astra 2001 Green, auto, cruise, CD, 129000ks, 6mnths rego $8,000 0422248448


ABORIGINAL Art and Artefacts-early paintings, old weapons, sculpture etc. $1000’s paid private collector ph 0433143278

wanted AUTO Electrician to wire up campervan. New batteries, solar etc. 0457256388 BABYSITTER available: 20 yr old female, $20 per hour per child or $120 a night per child neg if more than 2 children... Call Chelsea on 0405216767 BABYSITTING: Reliable exp 20yr old female looking for babysitting work $20 per hr or $120 per night per child call Chelsea 0405216767 CHEAP laptop. 0457256388 CHILD’s table and chairs and adult desk, 0423985613 CONCRETE Pavers. Wooden outdoor table. Breville Breadmaker Model No BB200. Phone 91853859 GARDEN Party Tickets. Up to 3. Will buy singularly. Please call 0403547741. HOUSE SITTER from 19/12/10 6/1/11 CLEAN TIDY DOG LOVERS gr8 4 family over xmas. ph 0401039578 I am looking for a chest freezer or a upright freezer good working order. Please call me on 0422901823 IF you are looking to share the costs of a furniture truck to get your stuff up to karratha in February please contact me on 0409376398. I am looking to move my furniture down to Perth around this time and would be happy to split costs in the hire of a truck IF you are selling a Box trailer in road worthy condition and registered please contact me on 0409376398. INFORMATION regarding the whereabout or contact details for COREY BLOND. Please contact 0407082098 KARRATHA Weightloss friends wanted! 24yrs female, fun, friendly, seeking support/friends, txt/call 0405366194 LAWN mower and out door shelving units in good condition. Please call Nadia for discussion via phone after 4pm on 0428188476.




public notices

MENTOR Wanted! I am searching for a successful US options trader to share some knowledge with me. I am very committed and willing to learn. Please contact me on 0429104829 SMALL dinghy trailer. Phone 0438976833 SOFA bed/Futon in good, clean condition wanted ASAP. Ph 0420727875 SOMEONE to tow empty trailer up to Karratha Ring Judy on 0427177231 SPARE tyre/rim for 100 series Toyota landcruiser, 16 inch. not split rim. 91444229 TRAILER WANTED, box trailer preferred, minimum 6x4, good condition, cash paid and collected today, urgently needed. Phone 0424151513 UNDERCOVERWEAR Fashion Sales Consultants Wanted Urgently. Spring Release 2010. Start your own business. Avg $30p/hr commission sales. NO CASH OUTLAY, NO DELIVERIES. Free Training & Ongoing Support. Car, phone, internet essential. Call Ronelle, Snr Fashion Consultant 0409917993. AHrs 97971924. VINTAGE Chamberlain Tractors 1950-1970 any condition phone Mal on 0428211768 WANTED: Breast feeding/rocking chair. Any type. Please contact Amy 0412 074 754.

Sides of Beef


Resource Resumes

$12 per kg.

We have sides of grain fed, South West beef available. (Trimmed of Excess Fat & Bone) We deliver these to your door for only $12 per Kg. Frank & Jill Colreavy, Nannup 6275

Phone 9756 1012









Professional resume writing service All jobs, trades and professions

To all our current and new players, parents and helpers, we hope to see you there to discuss how your Junior Rugby League Club runs next year. Everyone is welcome, and we’d love to hear your new ideas, improvements, and any other issues you may wish to raise!

Liza 0420 925 880

We will be looking for nominations for the following Committee positions, so please consider being a part of this great Club of ours! The positions can be shared if necessary.

for sale

FOR SALE OR LONG TERM LEASE, LEASE/PURCHASE Near new professioally built fully self contained mobile coffee/ soft serve ice cream/food van. Complete with all Quality fixtures/fittings and available for immediate delivery. Owner will assist with training and business establiehment etc $1600 PCM plus outgoings. Contact Greg on 0422 777 029

President Vice President Secretary Treasurer Registrar Coaches

Referees Managers Fundraising Coordinator Sponsorship Coordinator Kiosk Coordinator Travel Coordinator

Bus Drivers Equipment Coordinator Advertising Coordinator Club Photographer and more......

We are also lucky to have our WA Representative from WARL to attend our meeting. For any queries, please call Kate on 0405445055


Public Notice

Assessment on Preliminary Documentation under the Environmental Protection and Biodiversity Conservation Act 1999 for the Roy Hill Infrastructure Railway, Pilbara region, Western Australia

business opportunities When it came to quality Height Safety products, I joined the experts! ATF Services, one of Australasia’s leading specialist hire companies is looking to expand its existing Australian Agencies. If you are entrepreneurial, or have experience running your own business, aren’t shy of hard work and want healthy returns, then opportunities exist in Karratha for:

• Height Safety & Edge Protection Products Products With ATF Services you’ll have: • Full marketing support • Unique OH&S compliant product lines lines • Your own territory • Technical and operational support • Minimal start up costs For the expressions of interest, please email the General Manager of Height Safety at

Roy Hill Infrastructure Proprietary Limited is the proponent for a railway of approximately 300 km length to transport iron ore from the Roy Hill 1 Mine to port facilities at Port Hedland. The railway extends from the Port Hedland Port Authority lease boundary generally south and south east to the boundary of the Roy Hill 1 Mine lease boundary.

Following referral to the Commonwealth Department of Environment, Water, Heritage and the Arts (DEWHA) the project was determined to be a controlled action under the Environmental Protection and Biodiversity Conservation Act 1999 (EPBC Act) requiring an Assessment on Preliminary Documentation. The identification number assigned to the action by DEWHA is 2010/5424. The controlling provisions for the action under the EPBC Act are: • Sections 18 & 18A (Listed threatened species and communities) • Sections 20 & 20A (Listed migratory species) Pursuant to section 95 of the EPBC Act the final referral documentation is available for public comment for 20 business days from 6/9/2010 and is available at the following locations, or can be viewed electronically at

• Newman Library, Kalgan Drive, Newman WA 6753 • Battye Library, Alexander Building, 25 Francis St, Perth, 6000 • South Hedland Library, Leake St, South Hedland WA, 6722 • Department of Environment, Water, Heritage and the Arts, John Gorton Building, King Edward Terrace, Parkes, ACT, 2600. Persons with special needs may contact Ailan Tran on (08) 9429 8222 for assistance with accessing the final referral documentation.

Submissions relating to the referral documentation should be sent in writing to:


Roy Hill Infrastructure Pty Ltd Environment Manager PO Locked Bag No. 2 WEST PERTH WA 6872



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Want to love your job? We’re on the hunt for a Advertising Sales Representative to promote our locally owned community newspaper. You will: • Be willing to learn and show initiative • Work with a young, close knit team • Work to really tight deadlines and budgets • Have a flair for design and words • Be friendly, clean and well presented • Have very basic computer skills To find out more about this position, please email or drop in and meet the team at 18 Hedland Place, Karratha

pilbaraecho Delivered fresh every week.

Your Local Printing Experts at Coral Coast Print are seeking a


to join their dynamic team in Karratha. The applicant should be: • Very organised • Show initiative • Ability to follow instructions • Work with a young, close knit team • Be friendly, clean and well presented • Have very basic computer skills • Approx 2-3 years experience in a similar role

To find out more about this position, please email or drop in and meet the team at 18 Hedland Place, Karratha


2009 Western Australian Finalist businessowner Micro-Business Award

2009 Western Australian Finalist businessowner Micro-Business Award

Sharpe Ave Men’s Hairdresser Sharpe Avenue Men’s Hairdresser is looking for full time and casual senior staff. Flexible hours. Above award wage. Contact Julie (08) 9445 3559

FREE WEEKLY 4 - 5 September 2010

POSITIONS VACANT Due to ongoing works, DeGrey Civil Pty Ltd has been successful in requiring work on RGP 5 – Port Hedland. We require experienced Loader, Grader & Excavator Operators to join our company. Must hold current licenses and be MLJV Inducted. If you feel you have the necessary qualifications to become part of a dynamic team, contact Jol Moore on 0409 955 300 or email:

the authority in hair

Retail Position Apprentice Position Hairdressing Position Hairdressing $30 per hour plus bonus Join a fun motivated team passionate about hair and beauty. Contact Russell 0413 223 668

Part Time Cleaner Tambrey Primary School is seeking a Part Time Cleaner L1. Commencement is urgent. Hours 11.25 hrs per week (FTE 0.28) This position will be fixed term for 3 months with the right person becoming permanent. Hours are negotiable and interest people are asked to contact Gail Bellette, Registrar on 91442020. A Working With Children Check is required for this position and can be obtained through the school at the above contact.

POSITION VACANT Are you meticulous? Are you a team player? Are you a hard worker?

Then we have the position for you! We are looking for a cleaner that has experience, wants to be part of a growing team and wants to be paid well. If you have handyperson experience and a lot of common sense, that would be beneficial. You will also have the opportunity to move up to supervisor. Flexabile hours to suit all needs. If this is you, then please send your resume to Karratha’s newest and fastest growing Cleaning Company, Karratha Cleaning. Ph 0427 090 909





Gardener / Handyperson PMS 159C

PMS 161C

Tambrey Primary School is seeking a Part Time Gardener/ Handyperson L2. Hours 20 hrs per week (FTE 0.50) Gardener/Handyperson Application Packages can be obtained at the front office. A Working With Children Check is required for this position and can be obtained through the school at the front office. Closing Date for Applications is 3pm Friday 17th September 2010 PMS 430


M: 0

Y: 0

K: 77

C: 0

M: 66

Y: 100

K: 7

C: 0

M: 52

Y: 100

K: 64

C: 5

M: 0

Y: 0

K: 45


Komatsu Grey (751 Series) Nut Brown (751 Series)

Fawn Brown (551 Series) Traffic Grey (551 Series)


Position available in Karratha: Experienced plant mechanic Positionavailable available ininKarratha: Position Karratha: to work on a variety of Experienced plant mechanic to different forklifts work on a varietyplant of different forklifts Experienced mechanic (service / repairs) (service /arepairs) to work on variety Applicant must be ableofto different forklifts Applicant must be able to work work unsupervised & fault find, (service / repairs) unsupervised & fault fi nd, be be motivated & multi-skilled, motivated &must multi-skilled, hold Applicant be able to hold a current WA drivers a current WA drivers & licence, HR work unsupervised fault find, licence, HR licence (preferred) licence (preferred) be motivated & multi-skilled, hold a current WA drivers Suitable applicants should licence, HR licence (preferred) contact: 0418 938 755

echo jobguide

FREE WEEKLY 4 - 5 September 2010

THANKS! We wish to thank all the fantastic applicants for the position of Manager for Karratha’s newest and fastest growing Cleaning Company, Karratha Cleaning. The position has been filled at this time. It was a difficult decision, so thank you. Ph 0427 090 909


POSITION VACANT T/A required for approx 4-6 weeks work, possibly longer for successful applicant. LR licence & PI HSE/GSI would be highly desirable. MUST have own accommodation. Send resume to JONES AND PAULL

Plumbing & Gas

BOILERMAKERS REQUIRED Urgently seeking applicants for the above position. RENE Engineering Services require boilermakers for their Karratha operations. Applicants should be qualified tradespersons, be able to provide a clear AOD test and have an excellent safety standard. Excellent hourly rate paid with housing allowance. Some housing available.  Please provide up to date resume with copy of trade certificate to or PO Box 1089, KARRATHA  WA  6714

Can Help!


Security Courses

For the mining industry and much more! Earning The BIG BUCKS Starts with Pilbara TAFE.


Training For Today Skills For Tomorrow

Interested in working at the gate house?

Qualifications count in the mining industry! Get qualified at Pilbara TAFE & be ready for upcoming mining projects with a Certificate II in Security Operations (CPP20207) Intensive 2-week workshops including 2 - day Senior First Aid. Starting the 7th Oct - 22nd Oct Must enrol by 17th September

Call now to reserve your place 1300 304 244 *Classes will only run with minimun 8 enrolments


Lyons & Peirce Karratha is a large plumbing firm with a number of branches based throughout the Pilbara region of Western Australia.

Truck Drivers excellent opportunity exists motivated AnAn excellent opportunity exists for motivated and for enthusiastic individual to join our busy Head Office located in Karratha. and enthusiastic individuals to join our busy We are currently seeking a local Office Clerk for part time posiLiquid Waste Division located inongoing Karratha. tion.

We no are currently seeking local living Truck Whilst experience is necessary for thetwo position, the ability to learn quickly and work as a part of a team are essential to this position. Drivers for ongoing full time positions. The successful applicants must have the following; • A current Western Australia HR, HC or MC

An excellent opportunity exists for two motivated and enthusiastic indidrivers license viduals to join our busy Asset Management Branch. We currently seeking two local qualified Diesel Vehicle / Plant Me• are A valid Blue Card chanics for an immediate start.

• successful Be willing to work with The applicants must have the liquid following:waste. - ‘HR’ Class Manual Drivers License, - Valid Western Australian Applicants must Blue alsoCard, be willing to work

away for

long distance trips. Additional machine tickets including, Excavator, Bobcat, Forklift and Front End Loader Tickets would be desirable. Expressions of interest, together with your

Prior experience, the ability to work as part of a team, as well as unsuperResume / CV canthe bepositions. forwarded to the Branch vised are essential for both

Manager by fax (08) 9185 2822 or emailed to Applications Expressions of interest, together with your Resume / CVfor can be forwarded the Branch Manager fax (08) 9185Thursday 2822 or emailed thesetopositions closeby5.00pm, 9thto . Applications for these positions close 5.00pm, September, 2010. Friday July 9th 2010.





FREE WEEKLY 4 - 5 September 2010

Soft drink leads to charity award for Verna Pannawonica RFDS Fundraising Committee member Verna Barker took out the Charity Award at the Chevron-RFDS Spirit of the West Awards on Saturday night. • Chevron-RFDS Spirit of the West Award winner Peter Hudson, Charity Award winner Verna Barker’s representative Kerry Muir, Corporate Charity Award winner Adrian Roocke and Outstanding Achievement Award winner Lara Dawson.

Verna won the award for her role as the driving force in raising funds for the RFDS through soft drink sales at the Mesa J mine site, totalling $83,000 since 2001. The inaugural awards recognise some of the many unsung heroes throughout Western Australia who are dedicated to and passionate about raising money to support the Royal Flying Doctor Service.

• Kerry with Chevron Australia General Manager External Affairs Peter Eggleston

The awards are funded by Chevron Australia, providing $1 million over four years to help build the fundraising capacity of the RFDS and develop

Rio Tinto invests in Hope Downs 4 iron ore project Rio Tinto have announced that they have made a $1.6 billion investment into the development of the Hope Downs 4 iron ore project in Western Australia and link with Rio Tinto’s existing rail, power and port infrastructure in the Pilbara. Rio Tinto and its joint venture participant, Hope Downs Iron Ore Pty Ltd, will proceed with the development of the mine at an estimated capital cost of US$1.2 billion (Rio Tinto share US$607 million), to be shared equally by the JV partners. The new open-cut mine will have an annual capacity of 15 million tonnes of high-quality iron ore, with first production anticipated in 2013.


The project is in the south eastern

Pilbara, 30 kilometres north of Newman, and will include permanent staff village for more than 600 personnel, mine dewatering, an open cut shovel and truck mining fleet and wet ore processing infrastructure. Rio Tinto will also commit an additional US$425 million to fully cover the capital cost of the rail, rolling stock and power infrastructure owned by Rio Tinto required for this development. The 52-kilometre spur line connecting to the Lang Hancock Railway will link the mine to Rio Tinto’s existing rail and port infrastructure. Construction is anticipated to commence in early 2011, subject to obtaining necessary regulatory and other approvals.

strong and lasting community relationships. Verna works tirelessly to ensure soft drink vending machines at the mine site remain fully stocked, with 50 cents of every can sold going to the RFDS. Mr Shackleton said Verna was passionate about supporting the RFDS and was always the first to sell raffle tickets coordinated by the fundraising committee. “Verna has built up a team of helpers to ensure soft drink sales continue to generate funds for the RFDS,” he said. “She is always the first to get involved in fundraising activities and inspires her community to join in the effort.” She won a Qantas holiday for two to Phuket in recognition of

his efforts. Other Chevron-RFDS Spirit of the West Awards winners included Peter Hudson (Quairading, overall winner), Lara Dawson (Mukinbudin, outstanding achievement) and Adrian Roocke (Katanning, corporate charity award). Four Spirit of Flynn Awards were also awarded on the night to staff who have gone above and beyond the call of duty in the course of their roles. The winners were medical specialist Dr Rob Radici (from the RFDS Jandakot base), medical officer Dr Gil Ostberg (from the RFDS Meekatharra base), line pilot Captain Rachal Smart (from the RFDS Derby base) and technical officer Jerry Clark (from the RFDS Jandakot base).

Rio Tinto increases Aboriginal employment from Kimberley Rio Tinto has started a fly-in, fly-out service from Derby to its Pilbara iron ore operations, boosting options for Aboriginal employment in the Kimberley region of Western Australia.

started with five employees in 2007

The first flight left Derby today with seven new starters who will work a two week on, one week off roster at Australia’s biggest iron ore mine, Yandicoogina.

a substantial amount of previously

They join 830 Aboriginal people currently employed across Rio Tinto’s Western Australian iron ore operations. About 20 per cent of Aboriginal employees choose to fly directly from regional communities such as Meekatharra, Nullagine, Carnarvon and Broome to the mines. Rio Tinto’s managing director of Pilbara Mining Operations Greg Lilleyman said the Broome commute

and now provides jobs for a hundred Aboriginal people from Broome and surrounding communities. “We have the same hopes for Derby because we believe there is inaccessible Aboriginal labour in the West


communities,” Mr

Lilleyman said. “As our mines expand, we need to recruit many more workers and we are committed to employ as many Aboriginal people as possible. Initiatives




community- based training programs and onsite mentoring help to recruit and retain Aboriginal people from the Pilbara and around Western Australia.” Skippers Aviation will operate the service for Rio Tinto.


FREE WEEKLY 4 - 5 September 2010

Wildlife Watch

Yellow spotted monitor Veranidae is the name given to the family of monitors or goanna. Monitor is a worldwide term while Goanna is strictly an Australian term. This family contains approximately 50 species worldwide, the largest being the Komodo dragon, a massive heavy weight exceeding 3 meters in length. Australia’s largest monitor is the Perente which reaches just over 2 meters and our country has a strong hold on this family with having 27 species. The little guy in the photo (a mere hatchling) is a Yellow spotted monitor and was found in a back yard bird avery in Dampier. One can assume it was looking for lunch. The Yellow spotted monitors are widespread across northern Australia from far north Western Australia to Brisbane with a



Pilbara Wildlife Carers Association

pocket of sub-species in the Pilbara and Gascoyne. They are often confused with the sand monitor.

Join the official Pilbara Echo fan page on Facebook to keep up-to-date with community happenings.

They grow to 1.4 meters and are a heavily built and robust lizard that is predominantly terrestrial. They live in a variety of habitats from coastal beaches, flood plains, woodlands and grass lands. As adults these guys can stand upright on their hind legs when looking at something, smelling the air or feeling threatened. Male monitors compete for a female by wrestling with its opponent. They will stand on their hind legs and try to throw the opponent off balance or wrestle on the ground till one gives up. This can go on for hours. Surprisingly there appears to be an unwritten set of rules of no biting while competing for females.

Search “Pilbara Echo” on Facebook to join.

West Pilbara Junior Cricket Association Mating is brought on by the wet season and once the young hatch they are on their own. Yellow spotted monitors have an excellent sense of smell and often dig up its prey. They eats small terrestrial vertebrates (of all kinds) and love marine turtle eggs. Their teeth are not designed to cut so they grasp their prey and swallow it whole in a jerking

motion of the head and neck. The larger monitors also scavenge for carrion. All of the monitors have a

2010/11 season starts Term 4 U13 & U17 $100 Family discount available


gait and all are carnivorous eating anything that can be caught (including their own


Thurs 9th Sept

Sat 11th Sept

Karratha Pre-Primary School (Bulgarra)

5pm - 8pm

9am - 12pm

Windy Ridge (Dampier)

4pm 5.30pm

10am 12pm

Wickham Shopping Centre

5pm - 8pm

9am - 12pm

young!). Adult










encountered one...

Pet Watch Award On the afternoon of 12th August, 4-yearold Chris Luta Jnr and his parents visited Back Beach in Karratha. To Chris’ amazement a duck was resting in one of the rock pools. He went to investigate, expecting the duck to fly off. He was surprised to find it was very weak, unable to fly and only able to waddle a short distance. Chris was concerned and knew he had to help the injured bird so he slowly and gently covered the duck with a towel and picked it up. With the help of his parents, Chris took the duck to S.A.F.E who placed it in the very capable hands of Rose Best from Pilbara Wildlife Association. Rose thought the injured duck, which was very thin and missing flight feathers, had been in this condition for a couple of weeks. With encouragement from Rose, the duck is now eating and putting on weight. In a couple of week’s time it will be released out of town where there is a supply of fresh water.


Junior Cricket Sign On

Coaches eagerly signed up too!

2010 footytipping

Round Qualifying Final

Bazz - Spirit Radio St Kilda Hawthorn W Bulldogs Carlton


Simon - NW Comms Collingwood Geelong Sydney Hawthron

Collingwood Sydney Hawthorn Geelong

POINTS - 104 George - Karratha First National Team

POINTS - 100

St Kilda Hawthorn W Bulldogs Carlton

Mel - Echo Team

POINTS - 89 Karratha Police Team

Collingwood Geelong Sydney Hawthron

POINTS - 112

Clayton - McDonalds Collingwood Freo Sydney Geelong

Thanks to Chris’ caring and compassionate nature this little duck now has a second chance. Thanks to The Walkington Theatre, Chris will receive a double movie pass.

Kerrie - Water Corporation


Sharline - Desert Rose Hairdressers Collingwood Sydney Hawthron St Kilda

POINTS - 103 Corey - Harvey Norman Team Collingwood Carlton Freo Geelong


Round 21 winners: Mel Best tipster to date: Mel K

POINTS - 104

St Kilda Hawthorn W Bulldogs Carlton





FREE WEEKLY 4 - 5 September 2010

Pilbara Fishing

Pete sent us this photo of the thread fin salmon he caught last week. Thanks for sharing it with us Pete!

• The Karratha Kats

Kats fall short by a whisker

< <

Kiralee sent this photo of her first red emperor she caught. It’s also the biggest she has caught. She also sent us the photo of the fish her friend Daniel caught, who claims to be keen fisherman. Unlucky my friend!

By Brad Harris


Mikolaj Cherrington had a very productive day out fishing last Sunday. He left from Boat Beach and caught this 34lb giant trevally, a nice sized cray and this impressive blue bone.

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9A Crane Circle

Preliminary final day 2010, Karratha Kats traveled up to Port Hedland to take on the 2nd placed Port Hedland Rovers. Beautiful day and night for footy. Huge crowd turned out for the game, Karratha brought up a supporters bus to try gain an early edge. And it worked. Kats came out flying......a nothing to lose attitude saw them in front at the first break. Four majors and a great start from Paul Branch-flower in the middle of the ground was just what the Kats needed. However Port Hedland realised Kats had come to play and in the second term showed why they are a favorites for the flag. Rovers keeping Kats goal less and kicking 5 of their own. The home crowd began to errupt. Kats took the foot off and struggled to apply any pressure. The game was on and up for grabs as the two hardest teams in the comp went in to the main break. Score Board reading Port Hedland 6.8.44 Karratha Kats 4.2.26. Kats needed to lift their pressure or it would be season over and a long trip home. Revived after the half time break, the Kats tackling and

• The Karratha Kats played the best they could chasing was unstoppable. Having all the play in the third and making the most of the inside 50 entries Kats kicked 4 goals and kept Rovers to just 1. Sensational efforts came from Jason Keals, providing an important target at centre half forward, Mick Brennan in the ruck, and Adam Finn with countless spoils and run out of the back line all night. Scores all tied at the final break Rovers 7.9.51 Kats 8.3.51. Last role of the dice for both teams as neither were taking any backward steps. Some huge tackles and big hits in the final term bringing both teams supporters to the edge of theirs seats and struggling to trouble the scorer. Finally the Rovers drew first blood, kicking two goals within 5 minutes late in the quarter. This seemed to be enough but Kats gave one last surge as big 'Jabba' Mcmanus kicked two of his own, bringing his tally to


Tue 7 Time Ht

Wed 8 Time Ht

2.43 0259 2.08 0350 1.57 0430 3.12 0853 3.48 0946 3.90 1030 1.71 1538 1.31 1617 0.93 1653 2.99 2150 3.45 2222 3.91 2253 Visit

Thu 9 Time Ht

Fri 10 Time Ht

1.07 0509 0.63 0546 4.26 1108 4.50 1145 0.64 1728 0.45 1802 4.32 2325 4.64 2357 for up to date boating

7 goals for the night and giving the Kats one last chance. However the siren was to be their enemy. Kats going down in the game of the year. Rovers 10.13.73 defeating Kats 10.8.68. Was a hard fought season for the Kats, albeit a successful one. 9 home and away wins. Home semi-final. And a preliminary final berth. First wins on the road since 2004 and its first De Grey Medalist since 2002. The club is on the rise and from Saturday nights effort next year seems promising. Next on the agenda and to finish of season 2010 is the club Best and Fairest Count. Held at the Kats clubrooms on the 18th of September. Tickets Available from Keyspot from Monday 6th September. The Karratha Kats would like to thank the players, members & supporters for an amazing year.

pilbaraecho Sat 11 Time Ht

0.32 0624 0.17 4.59 1220 4.54 0.40 1836 0.47 4.83 weather.


FREE WEEKLY 4 - 5 September 2010


BMX Olympian to compete in Karratha By Nick Muller The Karratha BMX Club is busy preparing to host the third and final round of the 2010 North West Championships. The track is being rolled, the canteen is stocked, the Club grounds have been tidied and the President is pumped. The weekend of September 11 will see riders from across the Pilbara travel to Karratha to test their skills on the Karratha track. The Karratha Club is expecting over 150 riders to compete for the title of North West Champion 2010. The popularity of this event has grown over the last couple of years with riders from Perth and Geraldton hearing how well run these events are and deciding to travel up and see for themselves. This year will see Australian Olympian Luke Madill come to Karratha to compete and also hold coaching clinics. Luke is well known in BMX circles for building a replica of the Beijing BMX track in his backyard so that he could practise for the Olympics. Madill has been riding BMX for a number of years and now puts back into the sport by coaching up and coming riders as well as competing. The last round in Tom Price


• Toby Muller on the track training hard for the NW Championships

saw ten elite riders battling to get through to the final eight and the chance of winning the round. With Madill and several other elite riders travelling to Karratha there is the promise of some fast and furious racing with riders pushing it to the limit with the hope of victory. This is an excellent opportunity for the people of Karratha and surrounding areas to see some top class BMX action. With eight elite riders on the start gate the final placing will be harder to pick than a broken nose. Thanks to a grant from the Royalties for Regions fund there is now grand stand seating available for spectators, so get your backside trackside and come down to watch the action. Racing will held on Friday night from 7.00 pm to give the riders a chance to practise with the main event on Saturday night with the gate dropping for the first moto at approximately 6.00 pm. With full canteen facilities available and free entry the Karratha BMX Club would like to invite everyone to come down on Friday or Saturday night and enjoy the action. If you would like any further information please email

Ladies Darts semi finals

It was the Ladies Darts Association’s first semi final on Thursday 26th August at the Karratha Rec Club. Both A and B grades played with 8 teams in total playing Each grade played doubles, singles, reverse doubles and a team game but the A grade teams played best of 3 for singles. In the A grade league Dart Vaders defeated 4Play and Midnight Warriors defeated Drifters. In the B grade league Barking Gecko’s defeated Wrong Bed and Dampier Mermaid defeated Silver Ferns B. The qualifying teams will go on to the grand final on the 9th September.

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Shimano 3-Second TenT simply by subscribing to Western Angler.

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mobile marine technicians A prompt and professional service including; routine maintenance, general repairs and scheduled services including fault diagnosis. Servicing all makes and models specializing in outboard motors. Over 25 years experience servicing W.A. Covering Perth to Karratha through October and November.

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simon K




FREE WEEKLY 4 - 5 September 2010

Karratha Open By Norma Bilsborough Karratha Golf Club did itself proud this weekend when it hosted the Karratha Open competition, sponsored by Refund Home Loans.

• Charchy Sacma teeing off

was Glen May with John Magerl the nett runner-up. In the A Grade Ladies the nett winner was Gail Carruthers with Laurel Chadwick the nett runner –up.

This two day event is the apogee of the Karratha Golf calendar and attracts golfers from all over WA.

In the Men’s B grade the Stableford winner was Joe Angel with the runner up being Paul Bonusiak.

Over 130 golfers from as far afield as Albany, Newman, Paraburdoo, Port Hedland, Roebourne, Exmouth, Geraldton, Yokine, High Wycombe and Perth, descended on Karratha for the weekend.

Ladies B grade was won by 12 year old Jocelyn Green who also won the best Junior.

Conditions were perfect with light winds, balmy temperatures and a course in magnificent shape. Darren Beier was the starter on the day and kept the golfers flowing – no mean feat with such a large field. The standard of golf was exceptional with an exciting play off needed to decide the Men’s A Grade winner. After an enthralling two holes the Men’s Gross winner of the Karratha Open 2010 was Darren Haslett. Mark Smythe was Gross runner-up. The Ladies Gross winner was Chelsea Broun with June Worsley the Gross runner-up.

• Mike Hilsz teeing off from the first tee

The Men’s A Grade nett winner

The runner-up was Jemma Gibbs. In the Men’s C grade the winner was Alf Worsley and runner up was Martin Smith. In the men’s D Grade the winner was Haydon Broun with Wayne Martyn the Runner–up. Thanks to Refund Home Loans for their generous sponsorship on the day. Thanks to Darren Beier, the Karratha Golf Club Professional for keeping the golf flowing and to all the behind the scenes helpers who worked hard before the event preparing the course and for those who worked in the clubhouse over the weekend providing food and refreshments. An exceptional team effort greatly appreciated by the Committee and all the participants.

Men’s A Grade Gross winner Gross runner-up

Darren Haslett 149 Mark Smyth 149

Men’s B Grade Stableford winner Runner-up 3rd Best Saturday Best Sunday

Joe Angel 83 Paul Bonusiak 81 Bill Saw 78 Bruce Livingston 41 Michael Pennings 43

Men’s C Grade Stableford Winner Runner-up 3rd Best Saturday Best Sunday

Alf Worsley 83 Martin Smith 81 Alan Cary 80 Rod Lee 44 Terry Scott 40

Men’s D Grade Stableford winner Runner-up 3rd Best Saturday Best Sunday

Haydon Broun 89 Wayne Martyn 88 Mick Grabowski 85 Peter Kettlewell 42 John Filgate 44

Ladies’ A Grade Gross winner Gross runner up

Chelsea Broun 171 June Worsley 172

Ladies’ B Grade Stableford winner Runner up 3rd Best Saturday Best Sunday

Jocelyn Green 85 Jemma Gibbs 80 Dot Abbott 80 Chantelle Magerl 38 Michelle Bennett 42

Best Junior Men’s Longest Walker Ladies’ Longest Walker Best Men’s Veteran Best Ladies’ Veteran

Jocelyn Green Bob Temo Monica Plane Wayne Martyn Jemma Gibbs

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