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Local artist sells products at Karratha Visitors Centre. Page 14

More dubstep heading this way. Page 17

RSL and APEX join forces to remember soldiers After an early morning start at the Dawn Service on ANZAC Day, locals turned up to the Karratha and Districts RSL Hall where Karratha APEX were holding their annual ANZAC Day get together with drinks and a game of Two-Up. Locals got together to talk about the memories of the soldiers that risked their lives many years ago and those that still are. Full story page 12 Photo: A few of the Karratha Apex members

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Reaching new heights submitted by Dan Pedersen Dan Pedersen took this picture of Nixen Osborne pulling off a hand plant at the new Nickol West Skate Park. Taken on an Olympus C-8080 with Wide Zoom Lens


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pilbaraecho echo what’sh t • ANZAC Day It’s great to see how many people went to the Dawn Service on Monday morning. • Royal wedding All the different outfits people wore to help celebrate Prince William and Kates wedding. Plus all the yummy scones and tea.

what’snot • Burnouts in Millers One Echo reader woke to the sound of tyres screeching and loud music playing, fair enough you want to act stupid but don’t endanger other people. • Prank gone wrong When you go to throw a water balloon and it either explodes in your hand or when it hits someone, it doesn’t explode at all!


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Rowe Wedding

Happy 3rd Birthday to our little

Pooh Bear Bryan

Mom Mara, Dad Evody and your big brother Anthony love you so, so much.

The wedding was on the 16th of April at the Palms followed by the Reception at The Icon. Photo by Margaret Bertling

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Free Weekly 30 April 2011



Early wake up to pay respects ANZAC Day was celebrated just like every other year with the Dawn Service starting off the day at 6am. More than 3000 people turned up on the morning to pay their respects to the fallen soldiers from both Australia and New Zealand. Speakers included Chaplain Ivan Grant, MLA Member for the North West Vincent Catania, Shire of Roebourne president Nicole Lockwood, Karratha RSL Sub-Branch president Angus Armstrong and Karratha Senior High School Chaplain Nathan Baxter. MLA Member for the North West Vincent Catania said the Australian soldiers sacrificed so much but they did it so willingly. “So many lives were risked for the charactislicly Australian beliefs and that spirit and belief lives on today in everyone,” he said. “All the men and women from different services are to thank as they preserved our land and freedom. “The 3000 brave men and women that are overseas today we just hope that they return safely.” Shire of Roebourne president Nicole Lockwood said we live in such a wonderful country. “Over the Easter and ANZAC break, people would have gone camping and fishing, but if it weren’t for our soldiers, they wouldn’t be able to do that,” she said. “Our freedom can not be taken for granted and we need to keep this important tradition alive.” Catania said that everyone can see that all the lives

• The wreaths that were laid down at the Dawn Service.

make it happen Are you 17- 25? • Pilbara Regiment Corporal Aaron Court at the Dawn Service. lost still have not ended the fights. “We still continue to see wars breaking out,” he said. “Although we have freedom in our country, it can all be taken away so we must mark our respect for those Australians and New Zealanders that were lost.” Questions have been asked about the people who do not turn up to the Dawn Service and many people answering that they can’t wake up early enough.

The best comeback which has been told, and completely true is: “What about the soldiers, when the sun first rose did they say ‘sorry to early, can we start the war later?’. “They had no choice but to wake up and fight for this countries freedom where the people are able to sleep in. “One day, waking up early to respect those who have lost their lives trying to make your life more comfortable will not kill you.”

Would you like to see more bands and social events happen in Wickham/ Roebourne/Point Samson area? Would you like to help with issues in your area? Would you like to be a part of a youth advisory council? If you’re interested or have any queries please contact Rebekka:

M 0437 651 842

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The Pilbara Poet

by Elise Batchelor

My daughter is a Kate Elizabeth (Well, Kate Elly, but same diff, right?) and my mother was au pair to the Queen’s composer’s kids in the ‘60s. So, given that only four degrees separate Prince William and my good self, I found it unimaginable I should not

ANZAC Day boating For one family, ANZAC Day was more of a disaster then honouring the fallen soldiers when their boat fell off it’s trailer at about 5.30pm. Karratha Police attended and directed traffic for about half an hour while the boat was placed back on the trailer and the family continued on their way. No charges were laid as the boat seemed to just came off the rollers.

Something BIG is coming pilbaraecho Thank you! The President and Committee of the Karratha and Districts Returned and Services League Sub-branch extend their sincere thanks to the following individuals and organisations who gave their time and services to assist with the organisation and running of the ANZAC Day commemorative services in Karratha for 2011. Apex, Bay Village, Lyons and Peirce, Karratha Police, Karratha Scout Venturers, Maori Battalion, On Site Rental Group, Pilbara Echo, Pilbara News, Pilbara Pedal Pushers, Pilbara Regiment, Searipple Village, Shire of Roebourne, Sodesco Group (Gap Ridge), Water Corporation, Mal Cockburn, Helen Hall, Charles Kennedy and Sharon Nicholson, Thank you also to the members of the public and other groups who attended the Dawn Service and March to commemorate this important day for all Australians. The ANZAC spirit is perpetuated and will remain strong as long as we do not forget those who served and continue to honour their sacrifices which gave us the freedom we enjoy today. K

Lest We Forget

Free Weekly 30 April 2011

receive an invitation to his nuptials. What’s good for Thorpie’s good for me. Right? And so along I went. Played posh. And hitched up all that was required to party until dawn.

Pork on your fork The grand old Queen did talk, refined, as was her yen, to all assembled hither at her table once again. She dinged her little fork on her wine glass and then the hush spread through the dining room and thus she did begin.

Like finest cheese to chalk the list was odd, but then, if Posh Spice is invited, surely I? But when? Oh when? I waited, just like Thorpe, nine days, or maybe ten, right at my humble letterbox and prayed, Dear Wills…amen.

‘My Ladies and my Lords I think I need a gin; with Wills and Kitty now engaged, it’s time to marry them. I know my Charles did baulk and stuffed his up, but then, he roosted with Camilla, yes, that sourfaced feathered hen.

But nothing came at all, whilst Kate showed off her gem, ‘til one day, oh surprise, surprise, in hand scribed fountain pen, ‘Miss Leesie, come for pork, for Wills is marrying. Wear finest shoes and bestest gloves and then we can begin.’

‘So we must walk the walk, stop youngsters living in sin and rally with our guest list,’ and with that began mayhem. The Grand Old Duke of York, that’s Andrew, had his pen, and marched right up to his Mummy’s side to write it all down then.

The plane it had great torque, the wedding was akin to something out of Dynasty with all that next of kin. But I heard voices talk, those gossips, of my sin, of how my gloves weren’t properlike… I lost my royal grin.

For when they were up, they were up and when they were down they were down and when they were only halfway up they were neither up nor down. Perplexed, I popped a cork, sipped champers in the din, kicked off my thongs and partied hard with Kate and Will-i-am.

POLICEWATCH By Senior Constable Newby Karratha Police were out in force over the long weekend conducting patrols on the North West Coastal Highway. Holidays are a prime time for car crashes and fatalities on our roads so we want to make sure all the road users are doing the speed limit and abiding by all the road rules. Operation Crossroads was held throughout Australia and New Zealand over this long weekend. The push behind the operation was to spread the awareness of the need for people to donate blood. Road crashes cause over 1,500 deaths and 30,000 serious injuries each year. More than 27,000 blood donations are needed every week to treat people in need. For this reason, police are giving their blood to make sure that people think about the impact of their actions on friends, families and others while travelling on our roads.

We do not have a blood bank in Karratha so many officers have promised to donate blood on their next trip to Perth. Many officers around the country and in New Zealand took part in the operation by donating their blood. Over the long weekend Karratha Police focused on the following list to crack down on traffic offences by conducting high visible Police patrols; • targeting recidivist traffic offenders • targeting known hotspots • directed patrolling activities on North west Coastal Highway • use of all available traffic speed analysers (including mobile radars, hand held radars, and lasers) • static and mobile random driver testing • extensive education to the wider community. We all know how to stay safe on our roads. Don’t make the wrong choices. Remember the Fatal Five: speed, seatbelts, alcohol, distraction and fatigue. Stay safe on our

roads. Community Information: Karratha Police want to remind the readers of the importance of giving way to Emergency vehicles. I have received reports in the last week alone where Ambulances and Police cars have been stuck behind non attentive drivers who did not give way. It is an offence with a fine of $150 and four demerit points not to give way to an Emergency vehicle with lights and sirens operating. In the case last week an Ambulance was driving on Dampier Highway heading towards Dampier in the single lanes when a vehicle kept driving in front of the Ambulance, slowing down but would not pull over. The Ambulance could not overtake due to heavy traffic so this particular vehicle slowed down the response time of the Ambulance Officers to the life threatening situation they were attending. Also last week a Police car was driving to a violent incident where Officers had called for urgent back up.

This Police car had its lights on and sirens operating when numerous vehicles in front of the Police car slowed right down and did not pull over. One out of twenty cars pulled all the way over on to the left hand side of the road….one out of twenty. The rest of the vehicles slowed down which of course slowed the Police Officers down so they took longer in assisting their colleagues who were calling for urgent back up. When a vehicle is travelling behind you with its lights and sirens on, please don’t panic just pull over to the left. Ensure you check your rear vision mirror regularly to avoid coming into conflict with any Emergency vehicle. The Emergency vehicle could be going to a job in which lives are in danger please don’t be responsible for slowing their response time. If you hear a siren or see flashing lights PLEASE pull over to the left as SOON as it is safe to do so.

Free Weekly 30 April 2011

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New faces for rural women’s network Agriculture and Food Minister Terry Redman has welcomed the appointment of three North-West women to the Rural, Remote and Regional (RRR) Women’s Network of Western Australia reference group including one from our very town. Melva Stone OAM, of Broome, has been appointed chair of the reference group, which sets the strategic direction for the RRR Network, a State-wide communications network for women. Lola Jones, of Broome, and Margaret Bertling, of Karratha, will also join the reference group. Margaret Bertling is a freelance photographer and journalist, has lived and worked in Karratha  for more that 20 years and serves on the boards of the Small Business Development Corporation West Pilbara and the Karratha Visitor Centre. Ms Bertling has subscribed to the group’s magazine for more than 10 years and it was a chance enquiry on how to highlight the women  of the Pilbara that led to her nomination. “The idea that I could not only write about the inspirational women of the Pilbara but also take issues to the table that can make this a better place to live, a place of choice to raise a family and build a strong community was the drive behind completing the nomination process,” she said. “To be in the company of

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women who are all equally passionate about where they live and knowing you can make a difference is very much an honour. “What we are seeing in Karratha is modern history, in twenty years’ time the records we keep now will be a precious part of the Pilbara’s past.” In her role as a journalist and photographer Ms Bertling can document this exciting phase. “As a mum, I encourage my children to live and continue their lives here and as a representative of the RRR Network, I encourage women of the Pilbara to be part of the inspirational group, and  the  historical growth we are experiencing and know you can make a difference,” she said. “I love where I live, the Karratha community is a strong network and we have forged life long friendships here,  this is  place we have chosen to live and bring up our children and the love of the Pilbara is not lost on them. “I feel  inspired and very proud to call Karratha my home, very privileged to participate professionally in the unprecedented growth we are seeing in the Pilbara, especially with the drive for Pilbara Cities.  “I am excited to be part of the  RRR Network reference group in representing the Pilbara

• Margaret Bertling is one of the three women chosen to be part of RRR

and be in a position to highlight the important and diverse roles women play in the region.” Terry Redman said these three new appointees are passionate about the representation of rural women to Government and about promoting and building the important roles played by women in country WA. “Such passion will be vital for the continuing success of the RRR Network, which aims to recognise, promote and expand the contribution women make to their communities,” he said. Members of the RRR Network are spread throughout rural, regional and remote WA, and communicate via magazine, e-newsletter and most recently, Facebook. More information about the RRR Network is available from their website http://www.rrr. or by phoning 9368 3182.

$160 million for Pilbara construction Rio Tinto has awarded a contract of more than $160 million to the NRW/Eastern Guruma joint venture for construction works associated with the expansion of the Brockman 4 and Western Turner Syncline mines in the Pilbara region of Western Australia. The one-year contract will support the expansion of Brockman 4 from its current annual capacity of 22 million tonnes to 40 Mt/a and Western Turner Syncline to 15 Mt/a. The expansion of the two mines, about 50 and 20 kilometres west of Tom Price respectively, is a key component in Rio Tinto’s drive to reach 333 Mt/a capacity in

the Pilbara in 2015. This is the second significant contract awarded to the JV formed between NRW and Eastern Guruma, the traditional owners of the region, and follows the $200 million contract awarded in 2009 to construct and operate the Western Turner Syncline mine. Sam Walsh, Rio Tinto Chief executive, Iron ore and Australia, welcomed the decision, which he said highlighted the importance of building indigenous business capacity. “Rio Tinto has worked long and hard at building our Aboriginal employment

Successful professional career but no relationship fulfilment?

levels across our Australian operations, and that work continues,” he said. But it is equally important that we support indigenous business participation. “We have made clear through all contract tenders that indigenous involvement is a high priority, and this announcement is further evidence of that. “I congratulate NRW and the Eastern Guruma on their involvement to date, which has involved significant sharing of knowledge and expertise. “And, just as I foreshadowed 18 months ago, I look forward to further announcements in support of this commitment.”


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Regular Hours

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Free Weekly 30 April 2011

‘This Way Up’ book signing Local author and illustrator Hayley Welsh was at Angus and Robertson on Saturday, April 23, signing her children’s book ‘This Way Up’ and showing kids the basics of drawing.


Angus and Robertson owners Karen Cukela and Mike Fleming agreed to have local author and illustrator Hayley Welsh come into the store and she approached them when she found out her own book is sold at the store.

Easter comes and goes for another year Easter arrived a day early for some kids who got to meet the Easter Bunny at the Centro Karratha Shopping Centre on Saturday, April 23. The Easter Bunny was handing out chocolate eggs to the good girls and boys of the town and every

kid was bouncing around with excitement with who they were able to meet. Pilbara Echo hopes everyone had a fun filled Easter break but now it is time to work off those kilos the chocolate may have put on.

Open 7 Days

“We love having authors • Author-Illustrator Hayley Welsh and some children at her book signing. come into the store, it is really Take away“It is about a boy and a school I decided hard being so far awayYummy so any Curry“After Puff ONLY called out Poppy and Quinn extend my knowledge by girl Check opportunity for us to show the to Absolutely satisfying ! our daily roast ! people talent by authors and completing a Scientific and and their adventures in a The latest sensation in Asian take-away cuisine is now openbox,” in Karratha illustrators is great, especially Natural cardboard she! said. History Illustration local talent,” Cukela said. course in the UK,” she said. From traditional Asian pratta breakfast through Singaporean, “It to has a recycling element Japanese and Indian inspired flavours, there is something “It is fantastic to see to it as the illustrations “IThai, then worked at a for everyone looking for a healthy, tasty mouth watering meal. what you can do with your newspaper doing the wildlife are actually made out of Select from a huge menu selection of seventy over numbered dishes, imagination and very happy illustrations. cardboard. be it noodles, rice or pratta bread we are sure you will be impressed by to have Hayley in the store. our distinct flavours and freshness. “Poppy and Quinn have “The reason I chose to do “She is a very proactive So come in andprofessionally savour the unique flavours theirof Yummy own Box. blog with other illustrations young lady, she has done a lot in is because I am not good at adventures One Of Thethe Bestcardboard of work to get to where she Fresh Food Around box at sports, I always fall over and Trading Hours is.” drawing is the safest thing I “The reason why I chose As an only child, Hayley Daily the topic is because I looked could do.” Welsh, 25, said she needed an 6:00 AM -fi9:00 what I did as a kid and what This Way Up is Hayley’s rst atPM activity that would keep her CASH ONLY kids find amusing, it is also a when amused for extended periods book which she created subject that I could paint on.” she was only 22 years old. of time. Chicken Curry


The latest sensation inTake Asianaway take-away cuisine is now Yummy Curry Puff ONLY Absolutely satisfying ! Check out our daily roast ! open in Karratha!


. Rd bie BP n tio Sta

ral R




Vid Ez eo y

m ra Wa



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It is so yummylicious !

57, 57 Balmoral Balmoral Road Road, Karratha Karratha PH: 9185 5588 5588 Ph: 9185 7 Days 8:00 AM - 9:30 PM Ba



Pratta Bread


• The Easter Bunny with some local kids at the Centro Karratha Shopping Centre on Saturday, April 23.





King Prawn Fried Rice

Yummy Curry Puffs

The latest sensation in Asian take-away cuisine is now open in Karratha !

From traditional Asian pratta breakfast through to From traditional Asian pratta breakfast through to Singaporean, Thai, Japanese and Indian inspired flavours, there is something Singaporean, Thai, Japanese and Indian inspired for everyone looking for a healthy, tasty mouth watering meal. flavours, there isa huge something everyone looking for a Select from menu selectionfor of seventy over numbered dishes, be it noodles, rice or pratta bread we are sure you will be impressed by healthy, tasty mouth ourwatering distinct flavoursmeal. and freshness.

Daily Roasts Pratta Bread

So come in and savour the unique flavours of Yummy Box.

Select from a huge menu selection One of Of over seventy The Best Fresh Food Around numbered dishes, be it noodles, Trading Hours rice or pratta bread we are sure you will be impressed Daily by our distinct flavours and freshness. 6:00 AM - 9:00 PM



So come in and savour the unique flavours of Curry Yummy Chicken Pratta Bread It is so yummylicious ! Box. Ba


Chicken Curry

King Prawn Fried Rice

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Free Weekly 30 April 2011



Regional transport on track for future WA Labor Government WA Labor on Wednesday, April 20 called for long term public transport master plans to be developed in each of WA's major regional centres in cluding Karratha, Dampier and Port Hedland. Labor Leader Eric Ripper said the transport master plans should have a 20 to 50 year timeframe with provisions for future light rail corridors in the areas of highest activity and residential density. “The plans would not replace the need for the Barnett Government to ensure existing public transport networks keep up with current growth, but would provide a plan

• Gael Drum with workshop participants

Speaking of confidence For many people whose professional roles involve public speaking, where the challenge can sit anywhere on the spectrum from slight apprehension to utter terror. Enter Gael Drum, businesswoman, entrepreneur, writer and successful presenter. A long term resident of Coffs Harbour, Gael has made Port Hedland home and brought her dynamic public speaking workshops to the Pilbara. She held her first 2011 workshop last week in Port Hedland, during which her cohort of keen participants explored a variety of skills pertinent to professional communication. These included creating great first impressions with an audience, preventing nerves from overwhelming you, finding your passion to be both convincing and motivational, and improving your self belief. Participant Roz Brabazon commented that Gael’s training was a wonderful opportunity, saying, ‘it will greatly benefit me in my personal and professional life.’ Indeed, several participants shared these sentiments, including Bradley Derschow, who also felt empowered by the sense of initiative he felt he’d have after leaving the course. With success on both a local and national level, Gael’s inspiration for teaching stems from an intrinsic desire to see others develop skills to work and live at their best.

“However, when promoted into managerial roles, they require an aptitude for higher level communication and the confidence necessary for great leadership and career opportunities.”

public transport systems, including light rail. “If we don't start to plan for light rail routes now it will be a lot more expensive in 20 years time to build it. “Planning now will also enable local councils to encourage any proposed higher density developments to be located around the future light rail routes. “WA is a rapidly growing state; especially regional Western Australia. “We need to ensure we are planning for this growth and providing the infrastructure to support it, not just in Perth but across the State.”

Gael’s program is intended to assist people seeking the self-assurance to present in extremely competitive industries. Further pertinent to her goals in the Pilbara is the fact that within transient populations such as ours, longstanding professional mentorship is often unavailable.

One knock. Multiple opportunities.

This can sometimes mean looking outside the box to source both required and desired inspiration for improvement. Ironically, this is exactly how Gael became a public speaker herself. Having run a successful business, written a book on life balance and headed out to promote it, she found herself crippled by anxiety as a presenter. “So I went to every event in the city featuring a keynote speaker, and I studied their techniques,” she said.

Don’t miss your chance to develop a grouped housing site at Baynton West in Karratha.

Gael Drum’s motto is, ‘thinking will not overcome fear, but action will. The pain is short term; the gain is life lasting.’

Karratha is growing and so is the demand for high-quality housing. Developers are invited to submit expressions of interest for a new multi-dwelling site in Baynton West Estate. With new infrastructure and amenities nearby, this residential community has plenty to offer its residents. For development is:

Her next public speaking workshops will be held in Karratha on May 26 and Port Hedland on May 27. For enquiries or registration, contact Gael 0408 439 814 or visit

• One grouped housing site • Lot size 6,630sqm • Zoned R40 Don’t miss your chance to develop within this vibrant and expanding town. Expressions of interest close Tuesday 7 June 2011 at 2pm WST. To download EOI documents visit K

“Many Pilbara people are

highly skilled and technically proficient,” Gael said.


By Elise Batchelor

for the future expansion of our State’s regional centres over the coming decades,” he said. Shadow Transport Minister Ken Travers said Queensland had a successful network of large regional centres across the State and WA should be looking to a similar system. “The State Government must be planning and building regional infrastructure to not only keep up with growth, but to encourage it in our regional centres,” he said. “These towns will grow exponentially over the next 20 years and we must ensure our long term planning provides first class




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FRIDAY 6th MAY 4.30pm


Jonson Communications have an established, reliable track record for providing the best of breed technology to the Underground, Surface, Coal Mining & Oil and Gas Industry Sectors. Open invitation to attend the grand opening of Jonson Communications new Karratha outlet on Friday 6th May. Come and join in from 4.30pm until late with free barbeque, drinks and to find out more.


3/985 Woodbrook Rd • Karratha LIA

Phone Dave on 0447 900 616 or Jason on 0425 746 041

Agents for ARE Services, OCP Sales, Infiniti Solutions and SP Tools

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Free Weekly 30 April 2011



David Wirrpanda teams up with Rio Tinto Aboriginal students from Wickham Primary School can improve their education and study in a positive learning environment at the Wickham Wirra Club Homework Centre throughout the 2011 school year, thanks to $158,000 of funding from Rio Tinto. Rio Tinto has supported the Wirra Club since the end of last year with the formal partnership this year aligning with our key focus area on education. We assist local organisations that aim to improve the education of Aboriginal people, enhancing their potential and career opportunities. The partnership with the David Wirrpanda Foundation was launched in Wickham by David Wirrpanda, with families, students, David Wirrpanda Foundation and Rio Tinto staff and community members in attendance. The agreement, signed by Rio Tinto general manager Communities Janina Gawler and David Wirrpanda Founder and director David Wirrpanda, will support the development of the centre’s programmes to ensure students are provided with tutoring assistance and a positive environment for learning. “Rio Tinto supports the development of educational

programmes for Aboriginal youth,” Ms Gawler said. “This programme is essential not only to support the education of Aboriginal children but also to build the capacity of parents, and also aims to reduce the gap between Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal people.” David Wirrpanda Foundation CEO Lisa Cunningham said the Wirra Club targets primary school aged children to provide an encouraging and supportive environment for students to complete their homework tasks and assignments. Mentors and helpers Kylie Drysdale, Tommy Saylor and Karen Saylor hold the highest expectations for the students’ behaviour, attendance and performance. “It is designed to improve school attendance and reward good behaviour,” Mrs Cunningham said. “Children need to achieve 85 per cent school attendance to access the Wirra Club.” The David Wirrpanda Foundation exists to improve the quality of life for Aboriginal youth by promoting strong role models and healthy life choices. This is the basis of the mentoring programmes. The focus is to increase the

Safety Skills Topic Enter and work in a Confined Space Work Safely at Heights 1st Aid Safety Reps Fire Extinguisher


• The kids at the Wirra Club Homework Centre retention of Aboriginal students in school, and improve their life choices after leaving school by encouraging further study or entry into the workforce. Since commencing operations in 2005, the Foundation has established five successful programs in Perth, regional towns in Western Australia and three sites in the eastern states. The core programs include the Wirra Club, Troy Cook’s Leadership Program, Dare to Dream Girls Program, and P242 (Plan 2day 4 2morrow) Employment Program. For more information about the Wickham Wirra Club Homework Centre please contact program coordinator Kylie Drysdale on 9187 1999.

Library and Theatre update finalised and provided to the Department,” Councillor Lockwood said. “The report provides the Department with the information it needs to inform next steps in determining the future for the Walkington Theatre and, in turn, Karratha Community Library. “Because the two facilities are collocated, the fate of the library is also dependent on the outcome of the theatre sustainability assessment.” Cr Lockwood said both parties would also work together and investigate options to temporarily house a library elsewhere in Karratha. “A temporary new home for the library may only be a short-term solution and a medium-term option may also be needed while the Walkington Theatre is repaired or rebuilt,” she said. “It is vital that we provide a temporary home for the library and make space

available for performances already scheduled at the Walkington. “These are both important community facilities, which we all use in some way. It is imperative that we secure both their short and longterm futures.” Cr Lockwood said outdoor programming would return to the Walkington Theatre from May 6 with two movies screening each week at the Woodside Moonrise Cinema through until September. “There are also two great comedy shows coming soon and some fantastic programs running this school holidays,” she said. “We will continue to keep the community well informed in the coming weeks and months as short, medium and long-term options for both the library and theatre are scoped and refined.” For more information contact the Shire on (08) 9186 8555.


visit our website: or search facebook: ‘Pilbara Echo’

Date 9 - 10 May 11 - 12 May 16 - 18 May 23 - 26 May

Topic Excel 1 Excel 2

Date 7 June 8 June

Word 1

25 May

Lifestyle (night class) Topic Intro to Interior Design

Date 3,10,17,24 May

Please contact our Karratha team 91596875

What could your community group do with $50,000? Every year, Dampier Salt donates $50,000 to a local project or initiative as part of our Community Grant Scheme. The aim is to support a project that will be of long term benefit to the communities in which we operate. In the past we’ve supported projects like a new shed for a local fire brigade and a sea rescue vessel. We’re inviting applications from interested groups in Carnarvon, Dampier/Karratha and Port Hedland. Please visit and click on the ‘Quick Links’ section for further details. You can also call us on 9270 9252 or email Applications close 30 June 2011.


A Engineering report has shown the Walkington Theatre to be structurally sound, despite the significant water damage, which forced the venue to close late last year. As a result, the Department of Training and Workforce Development, in conjunction with Building Management and Works, will undertake a sustainability assessment to determine whether it is more cost effective to repair the existing theatre or rebuild. Roebourne Shire Council President Nicole Lockwood said the Shire and Department would work together to ensure performances already scheduled at the theatre could be staged at other existing facilities throughout the Shire. “There was very little we could do about this unfortunate situation and very little information which could be shared with the community until the engineering report was

Topic Forklift Elevated Work Platform Basic Rigging Dogging

Date 4 May 3 May 9-10 May 16 - 20 May 10 June


Onsite Rental Group goes statewide to offer a greater range of rental services One of Australia’s most experienced national equipment rental businesses has combined with Statewide Equipment Hire to create a group with significant scale, delivering an enhanced range of equipment and services to customers. The combined group will not only better support the mining, construction and industrial sectors, it also means customers now have immediate access to an extended range of specialised equipment hire products, and a greater branch network across Western Australia.


Ph 1300 13 99 66

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Free Weekly 30 April 2011



Clean Up Australia Day

• Teala Ascrizzi completed her hair dressing apprenticeship at Hair on the Avenue

Congratulations Taela! shop,” she said. “I look back on when I first started and I am so proud of how far I have come, I definitely feel like I have accomplished something.” Now there are two new apprentices starting out their journey and Taela said she is happy to help them out just like the others helped her. ”When I look at them, I see myself because I have been in their shoes and I know what it is like,” she said. “You can’t give up, you just have to push yourself, through good days and bad days. “If a door opens up for you, take the chance, there will always be someone that has been through the same thing that can help you out, you’ll be kicking yourself if you give up.” Taela is very thankful for Tara Hodnett for giving her the chance to become a qualified hair dresser. “Without Tara, I can honestly say I would be in this position today,” she said. “Seeing my certificate with my name on it makes everything feel real, I’m so happy I pushed through.” Taela plans to stay with Hair on the Avenue with Tara Hodnett to help out the other apprentices.

• Some local kids at last years Clean Up Australia Day the front of the Shire Administration Office for Clean Up Australia Day participants. “Rio Tinto will host a barbecue at the palms in Dampier at midday. “It is important that participants register for the event so they can be provided with information on clean up locations and times, and for catering purposes at each barbecue.” Registered groups will be provided with rubbish bags and gloves and it is recommended participants wear closed-in shoes, hats, sunscreen and carry plenty of water.

The clean up will kick off at 8.30am followed by barbecues in Karratha and Dampier. Last year 340 locals participated in the clean up with more than 12 tonnes of rubbish collected. To register for Clean Up Australia Day and to find out more about the Bucks for Bags program on the day contact the Shire of Roebourne on (08) 9186 8555. Clean Up Australia Day in the Shire of Roebourne is proudly supported by Woodside, the North West Shelf Venture, Transpacific Cleanaway and Rio Tinto.


Taela Ascrizzi started her hair dressing apprenticeship at Hair on the Aveune fresh out of high school back in October 2009. On Monday, April 18, Taela became a qualified hair dresser and now hopes she can helps those who are going through the same as she did. It all started for Taela just a few weeks after graduating from Karratha Senior High School while her mother was getting her hair done at Hair on the Avenue by owner Tara Hodnett. Ms Hodnett mentioned she was looking for a new first year apprentices, and with that, one thing led to another and Taela was hired. Finally, a sense of direction for this young graduate, Taela didn’t feel as lost or have no idea of what she wanted to do. “Hair dressing is never something I thought I would be doing as a career, but I wouldn’t change it,” she said. “When I first found out I got the apprenticeship, I was shock and happy that something was happening after school instead of me just sitting around.” Just like any other first day of work, Taela was very nervous however she said the girls were all welcoming to her. “The girls are so great and everyone gets along at the

Clean Up Australia Day will be held on May 1 this year in the Shire of Roebourne so why not get a team together, put on your cleaning gloves and register to help rid the Shire of rubbish. By doing so you will be rewarded with a barbecue lunch in Karratha or Dampier courtesy of Woodside and Rio Tinto. For Clean Up Australia Day only, the usual $6 contributed by the Shire through its Bucks for Bags program will be increased by $2 thanks to Woodside and the North West Shelf Venture. This means every bag of rubbish collected on the day by not-for-profit organisations will be worth $8. Roebourne Shire Council President Nicole Lockwood said Clean Up Australia Day was a fantastic, fun event which helped rid the Shire of rubbish. “This is also a great opportunity to help local organisations fund raise through the Bucks for Bags and help keep the Shire clean and safe,” Cr Lockwood said. “Woodside will again host a barbecue and community event at midday in Karratha out


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Respecting the ANZACs at RSL Every year the Karratha and Districts RSL and Karratha APEX hold an ANZAC Day get together with drinks, sausage sizzle and a game of Two-Up. This year was no different with many people coming through to remember and honour the soldiers that risked their lives for this country. Karratha APEX president Neil Barker said that donations given through out the day were being given to The Legacy.

“Over the years, with the RSL and APEX working together the day is just getting bigger and better,” he said. RSL caretaker Keith Mazzucchelli said that ANZAC is his religion. “My grandfather was a veteran in World War One and he brought me up when my father was over seas fighting in New Guinea,” he said. “I get tears in my eyes every year on this very day, just remembering the people I have lost.”

Photos from top left clockwise: • Kevin Dale, Gary Shannon and Ray Briggs. • Ian McGregor, Tony and Luke Featonby and Adam Kirkwood. • Corporal Luke Grogan, Provate J.Wornes and Terry Boys. • Little Lynnie playing Two-Up. • Kimberley Woodward and David Baines. • David Barry and Alyce Eve. • Jackie Newby and Ashleigh Green. • PTE ‘Rob” Ennew, Capt Brad Beaumont and Robin Vanderbeg.

Invest in a better financial future DJ Carmichael is one of the most experienced and trusted stock broking firms in WA. For more than 100 years, we have been providing Australians just like you with friendly and personalised service.

We can help you with: • Direct share investment & advice • Portfolio management • Managed funds • Margin lending • Access to initial public offerings & capital raising • Company research For a free portfolio review, call Cameron Pratt on 08 9263 5314 or email


DJ Carmichael Pty Limited

AFSL No: 232571 ABN 26003058857

Free Weekly 30 April 2011

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echo Down to Business


Hedland Pilbara specific. Real examples. Relevant outcomes.

• The friendly crew at Yummy Box and Asian Breakfast

Breakfast at Yummy Box Living in Australia, most people are used to vegemite on toast or the traditional bacon and eggs for breakfast. But there is a new take-away food resturant that offers a healthy option that Australia’s will not be used to. When Pilbara Echo community writer Courtney Bertling and sales representative Bella Gray were invited by the people of Yummy Box and Asian Breakfast they were hesitant by the stereotypical ‘deep fried’ asian food. However, after walking into the shop, being welcomed by the friendly people and smelled what they were about to sit down and eat, opinions quickly changed. Yummy Box and Asian Breakfast owner Jerry Yew said that everything apart from a few items that take a couple of hours to cook are made fresh and on the spot when ordered. Both ladies were offered to watch the making of the delicious Pratta bread on the premises. “We like to keep the fresh taste of our food,” Yew said.

“Unlike other places that may freeze their food, we do not like to do that as it loses it taste.” With more then 50 items on the menu, locals will not be disappointed with the range of food avaliable to them, including curry items for those who like the hot stuff. “When we first opened up in Karratha we realised the lack of healthy breakfast options avaliable to the community,” Yew said. “In this town people work 12 hour shifts in the heat and play a lot of sport which means that they need healthy food so they can continue throughout the day without being worn out.” Although people might be scared to try this particular type of food, which is exactly what Pilbara Echo were thinking, when you try it you won’t want to eat anything else. The flavours in the meals, all the different type of items, being made fresh right in front of you and there is not much stereotypical ‘deep fried’ food which has made this resturant the perfect healthy choice for your breakfast.

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not recycled NEWS *Printed on 52gsm ‘Norbright’ stock which is manufactured by Norske Skog (ISO14001 Certified Environmental Management System) using recycled fibre and pulp sourced from sustainably managed forests.

Please recycle your paper responsibly

pilbaraecho K


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Resin jewellery at the Visitor Centre

Nominate for the Volunteer of the Year Award Do you know an amazing volunteer in our community? Well why not nominate them for the inaugural Volunteer of the Year Award. 2011 marks the tenth anniversary of the International Year of Volunteers (IYV +10). And as part of the commemorative celebrations, Volunteering WA will be announcing the inaugural Volunteer of the Year Award. The award will be presented at a Gala Dinner on Wednesday , May 11 at the Burswood Resort. We all know a special person in our community, an unsung hero who silently goes about making other people’s lives a little easier. It may be helping with shopping, volunteering through local support agencies, hospitals, children, families, disadvantaged and people with disabilities, or simply popping in for a cup of

Free Weekly 30 April 2011

tea and providing some company for an elderly person in our community. The Volunteer of the Year Award is open to Western Australians who provide leadership and inspire and promote the spirit of volunteerism through their voluntary endeavours. Groups, community organisations, government or local business organisations are invited to nominate a special individual who they believe is worthy of the title of Western Australia’s Volunteer of the Year. Nomination forms are available from the Volunteering WA website au . Entries close at 5pm on Friday 6 May. Don’t miss this opportunity to give due respect to your local volunteers, celebrate their humanity, and inspire the volunteer in others by nominating an outstanding volunteer for the inaugural Volunteer of the Year Award.

Some of you might have seen Yanna Henry’s resin jewellery around town on friends or family however, since Wednesday, April 20 her products have been on sale at the Karratha Visitor Centre for all to purchase. Karratha Visitor Centre accounts manager Fiona Collins approached Yanna when she saw the jewellery on friends and family. “I had seen the products and I thought they were different and unique,” she said. “I see a lot of potential in Yanna and her jewellery designs and the main reason to have the jewellery being sold at the visitor centre is because people will be coming in looking for something that represents the town.” Fiona made sure she got her hands on some of the jewellery as soon as Yanna arrived at the centre. Yanna Henry loves the texture of the jewellery and thinks it is very funky and electro which many people

love but there is no where in or around town to buy such products. “The colours remind me of the places that I have been to,” she said. “My favourite piece of jewellery is a necklace which my son helped me design the mould for. “He found a stone and thought it could be nice mould so it reminds me of him.” Yanna said it was such a thrill when her friends started to buy the products and now people she doesn’t even know want to buy them. “My jewellery products being presented in store gives me a sense of achievement,” she said. “I keep on asking my partner ‘can you believe that my products are going to be at the info centre’.” In the future Yanna said she is going to focus on making more original moulds and going into home ware products.

• Yanna Henry and Fiona Collins setting up the resin jewellery at the Karratha Visitor Centre

Yanna also sells Swarovski pearls for necklaces and bracelets. “It is something you can wear on a day to day basis then you can dress it up when going out at night,” Collins said. Resin jewellery starts at $25 going up the Swaroski pearls at $65. “It is a really good value for your money,” Collins said. For more information contact the Karratha Visitor Centre on 91444600.

$10 off your next cylinder order... TO SAY THANK YOU FOR BEING AN ELGAS CUSTOMER


Discount Voucher


Our Loyal Customer

the sum of

Ten Dollars

$ 10.00


NO CONTRACT TO SIGN Quote the number below and $10 will be taken off your next cylinder order. Offer Number: PILB.b036 Limited time only. Offer closes 30th May, 2011


987 Croydon Road, Karratha K

Phone: 9185 2933

Not to be used in conjunction with any other offer, unless stipulated. Offer is not redeemable for cash nor transferable. $10 credit will be issued against first invoice. Limit of one (1) $10 credit per household. Offer applies to cylinder order only. Service charges may apply. Offer expires on 30th May, 2011

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• DJ Flowers

• Lauren Main, Blair Beedieson and Kyla Kipps

SunnyG at the Mermaid DJs Maxwell and Damian John made the trip from Perth, with local DJs Flowers and Groove Nuts helping them out on the decks. The music kicked off at 4pm and finished with the crowd wanting more at 10pm. Sunny G events and promotions owner Nick Gleeson said that after working for venues like Contacio, llama Bar, The Library and Gold Bar, he was unsure what to expect and what the crowd would like. “I was very happy with the turn out, how the

“Although it was a success it was more just something for me to do on the side in my spare time, not a money making thing or to try start fortnightly event, but just something to keep me busy and to test out doing something outside my comfort zone of Subiaco for once.” DJ Maxwell was amazed at how accommodating the locals were to him and he said he had the time of his life. “He said he would come up anytime I ever wanted him to play here again,” Nick said. “I was impressed by the local DJs I’ve seen so

far and Flowers was very impressive and I’ll happily find him a gig in Perth if he ever wanted to go down for a weekend.” Sunny together later in Karratha to work local DJs.

RIIHAN208A Total - $1120, GST free

Operate Elevating Work Platform 2 x 8 hour days

RIIHAN301A Total - $670, GST free

Operate a Forklift 2 x 8 hour days

RIIHAN201A Total - $580, GST free

Mobile Crane - All Classes RIIHAN212A/304A/305A/307A 4 x 8 hour days, 5th day for practical assessment Total - $920, GST free Rigging 5 x 8 hour days

RIIHAN209A/210A Total - $1050, GST free

Working At Heights 1 x Day course


night went and the fact that the people love the music and the DJs here,” he said.

Perform Dogging 5 x 8 hour days

$360 plus GST

North West Training & Inspection Services COURSE PRICE North West Training & NWTIS

Inspection 10/5 Operate aServices Fork Lift TRAINING COURSES $580 NWTIS - 11/5 COURSE COST DATE 2010 Work Platform 12/5 - 13/5 Operate Elevating $670 TRAINING COURSES OCTOBER 17 Dogging Oct 2010 Conduct Forklift Course $495 23/5 - 27/5 Conduct Operations $1120 COURSE COST DATE 2010 1 day RIIHAN201A OCTOBER Experienced Operators Only - Evidence must be provided Conduct Forklift Course $495 18-22/10/2010 Conduct Rigging Course $1050 1 day RIIHAN201A

17 Oct 2010

Days RIIHAN209A Only - Evidence At must Heights be provided 5 Awareness 4/6Experienced OperatorsWorking Conduct Fork Lift Course 18-22/10/2010 Conduct Rigging Course 25-26/10/2010 $1050 2 days RIIHAN201A 5 Days RIIHAN209A 27/6 28/6 Operate a Fork Lift Operate Elevate Work Platform 25-26/10/2010 Conduct Fork Lift Course 27-28/10/2010 $565 2 days RIIHAN201A 2 days RIIHAN301A 29/6 30/6 Operate Elevating Work Platform 27-28/10/2010 Operate Elevate Work Platform $650 NOVEMBER


Sunset Gleeson and Music Monkey Events teamed up over the Easter break to bring locals the best Sunday session experience since the ‘Cott's hay-day’.

Photos courtesy of CB Snapz


G plans to put a good event the year in but would like more with the

2 days RIIHAN301A 13-14/11/2010 NOVEMBER Conduct Fork Lift Course 15-18/11/10 2 days RIIHAN201A Conduct Crane Theory Course 19-20/11/2010 4 Days Operate Elevate Work Platform 2 days RIIHAN301A DECEMBER 13-14/12/2010 Conduct Fork Lift Course 2 days RIIHAN201A 15-16/12/2010 Operate Elevate Work Platform 2 days RIIHAN301A

13-14/11/2010 15-18/11/10 19-20/11/2010 13-14/12/2010 15-16/12/2010

Conduct Fork Lift Course 2 days RIIHAN201A Conduct Crane Theory Course


4 Days $920

$360 $565 $580 $650 $670 $565 $920

North West Training & Inspection Services To apply phone: 9144 4250 Operate Elevate Work Platform RIIHAN301A DECEMBER Conduct Fork Lift Course $565 2 days RIIHAN201A Operate Elevate Work Platform $650 2 days RIIHAN301A 2 days $650

$650 $565 $650

To apply phone: 9144 4250

To apply, phone 9144 4250

“I want to work with some of the local boys I met on the Sunday to make sure everything is spot on,” he said.


“I would rather to go to two good events a year than five or 10 average ones.”

5 May


BCA Updates 2011-Vol 2-Resi

5 May


Residential Energy Efficiency

10 May


Fall Prevention

10 May


Accident Investigation

Nick Gleeson would like to thank the Mermaid Hotel for the ‘perfect’ venue and One 20 Productions for the sound and lighting set up.

11 May


Scaffold Appreciation

12 May


Tilt Panel

13 May


Tool Tagging

13 May


Cords & Plugs

16 May


Beginners Guide to Subdivision

16 May


Planning Approvals

26 May


Negotiation Skills

13 June


Scaffold Appreciation

14 June


Fall Prevention

14 June


Accident Investigation

• Top: Kelly Collins, Michelle Smith and Kimberley Woodward

14-16 June Geraldton

Project Management (3 days)

7 July


BCA Updates 2011 Vol 2 Residential

• Above: • Hayley Moore, Ben Forrest and Patrick Woods

7 July


Energy Efficiency Residential Buildings

13-15 July


AutoCAD Beginners (3 days)

19 July

Port Hedland Tilt Panel

• Far Left: Katrina Suitor, Shann and Tamara Raven and Shorty

20 July

Port Hedland Tool Tagging

20 July

Port Hedland Cords & Plugs

• Left:DJ Maxwell

Contact Deanna at Master Builders for registration details on 99215061, or email



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Free Weekly 30 April 2011

• Some of the Lockyer family next to Albert Lockyer’s stone

• Sue and Lawrence Lockyer next to Arnold Lockyer’s stone

• Shan Seers (OAM JP), Jemima Boonga and Vivienne Seers

• Some of the Lockyer family next to Elliot Lockyer’s stone

R FR EC O EIV M E $7 R 9, SA 00 LE 0

• Ronaldo, Sandro and Jasmine Pitt and Hilary Saunders

Kalbarri - The Jewel of Australia’s Coral Coast Kalbarri residential land opportunities 5km south of town centre Capital Hill Estate • Blocks ranging from 522m2 to 1443m2 • Variety of blocks to choose from • Many with views and aspects to ocean

Eco Flora Estate • Last remaining lots in an established estate • Blocks ranging from 575m2 to 942m2 • Blocks with views and aspects to ocean available • Well appointed estate entrance

Don’t be the one to miss out on this lifestyle opportunity!

THE CHECKLIST N ear to ocean and river   Great fishing & swimming    Moderate temperatures Laid back lifestyle  Clean air    18 hole grassed golf course Bowls & Tennis Facilities  Shops/Restaurants    Primary/High school Medical centre 

Sales office (08) 9937 1711

• Captain Jared Slansky and Chaplin Ivan Grant

ANZAC Service at Whim Creek Over 100 people turned up at Whim Creek on Sunday, April 17 to honour the fallen soldiers who served Australia including the five brothers of the Lockyer family. Elaine Cliffton, the elderst daughter of Elliot Lockyer reresented the family and spoke about remembering the brothers.

Chaplin Ivan Grant ran the service acknowledging all the soldiers, family members and community organisations. With the thanks of Chaplin Ivan Grant and Pilbara Regiment Captain Jared Slansky for organising the event that made all the family members of soldiers who served for our country extremely proud.


Priced from $315,000 to $370,000

• Town of Port Hedland major Kelly Howlett and Shire of Roebourne president Nicole Lockwood

Big River Ranch Estate is the perfect lifestyle choice for those seeking the best of both worlds, proximity to the seaside town of Kalbarri and the space to make it your own. Just 2kms from Kalbarri, with all the amenities including water, power and fencing, these 8 one-hectare lots and one 3.2 hectare lot ($680,000), zoned for tourism make a truly unique estate. Set in natural rural environment, you’ll have the freedom for horses, boats or a hobby farm – space to have your own piece of paradise and create your own Kalbarri dream.


Call Ray White Kalbarri on 9937 1711 | Email –

Your local real estate agent


Ray White • Karratha and Port Hedland RSL members

• Jane Flood (RAF Nursing Service), Peter Flood (RAAF WG Cdr) and Klinton Flood (Cpl Pilbara Regiment)

echoentertainment echo entertainment

Free Weekly 30 April 2011



More Dubstep ahead at the Tav DJ Electric Button will be back in Karratha again! Head down to the Karratha Tavern on Saturday, May 7 between 8-12pm. After the success of Smoking Joe Mekhael dropping some great dubstep beats, the Electric Button team thought why not throw on some more dubstep goodness. Returning back home after a massive research assignment through Miami WMC and every else he could find beats and beers in USA DJ Fl3ggless will bringing in the main act DJ Snob Scrilla. After four sold out shows this year already, Electric Button is set to impress once again.

belting out the beats one after another. This year he has already shown locals the likes of Ministry of Sound Aston Shuffle, Sydney DJ Smokin Jo Mekhael, Perth DJ Whitelabel and also local DJs Flowers, Fl3ggless and Panda. We are sure his reputation for bringing the best of the best to the town will not disappoint the locals next month. Keep your eyes open for furture news in coming months when he brings Timmy Trumpet and Stafford Brothers to the town. For more information contact the Karratha Tavern on 9144 4641 or search Electric Button on Facebook. Photo courtesy of CB Snapz Photography

Electric Button is well known for his enthusiasm onstage while

• DJ Electric Button and DJ Whitelabel

Café For Sale CASH BUSINESS OPPORTUNITY Trendy busy Mt Hawthorn 100m2, seat 35, 40kg coffee p/w, good lease, loyal clientele, kitchen, cool room, 10 car bays, office, store, huge potential for growth, $9.5K p/w and rising, under management, suit owner operator couple could earn $140k plus. Opportunity to develop, suit gourmet deli, pizza, restaurant, wine bar, burgers, catering etc asking $250K Call Roz 0417 990 441 9480 3200 Ascend Business Brokers

New Zipper Longer Neck Colour Print your logo

Kalbarri 8 Chick Place The price is right for this basic three bedroom, one bathroom house which is situated on an 800sqm block. Nothing that some TLC would not fix, Ideal first home. There is a veranda at the front and a full width one at the back of the house plus cemented driveway to the fairly new carport. There is plenty of potential for the energetic home handyman. 9m x 6m steel shed at the rear is an added bonus. Great Investment Property. For further details or to arrange inspection contact: John Brandenburg on 9937 1711 or 0427 371 161

Price - $300,000

Ray White

Your local real estate agent




Now available at: K

2, 18 Hedland Place • Karratha • 1300 655 720 Tight fit base Shop Online ordering now available @


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Free Weekly 30 April 2011

Competition hots up for local hot shots Well the competition is certainly heating up in the local Red Dirt Photography Club’s monthly competition. The year started off with an absolute cracker of a theme – ‘storms’. Wayne Young took out first place with a dramatic photograph of a lightning bolt.  Surrounded by moody storm clouds and glowing a lovely magenta hue, the shot was a deserved winner.  It was also great to see club newbies Michelle Matana and James Murie take out second place with their equally moody lightning shot. A tricky subject even for experienced photographers. March and April have seen a neck and neck race develop between new hot shot

• Michelle Crean and her picture of her Dad photographer Dom Marczak and seasoned Red Dirter Michelle Crean. March saw Dom pip Michelle for first place with his winning shot of Dampier Salt. The vivid blue of the salt

• Ryan Barlow, Guy Lawson and Aaron Marshall

Try-A-Trade proves popular with students


Over 250 students in Tom Price can now make informed decisions about their careers thanks to the 2011 Career Expo and tryA-Trade events held last week. Local organisations, businesses, industry professionals and universities including Rio Tinto, Pilbara TAFE, Pilbara Joblink and Apprenticeships Australia provided future career information and handson experiences to Tom Price and Paraburdoo high school and upper primary school students. Students participated in various try-a-trade mining activities including mechanical, electrical, construction, emergency management, a haul truck simulator, health and safety, and army reserves programmes. Tom Price Senior High School deputy principal Travis Hooper said the biannual event was integral to helping students learn more about their career

options and what study paths they needed to take. “The expo was really well received by the students,” Mr Hooper said. “All the exhibitors provided valuable information supported by career advice based on real life experiences.” Rio Tinto promoted the variety of roles, programmes and opportunities available locally and globally, as well as exposing students to the career pathways through their Pilbara Pathways Programme (PPP). For more information about the next Career Expo and Try-A-Trace please contact Vanessa Cooke at Tom Price Senior High School at vanessa. or on 9143 8107. If you are interested in a career at Rio Tinto, visit the careers website at careers for information on apprenticeships, traineeships and graduate positions.

• Dominik Marczak with ‘The Little People’

• The Salt Pans captured by Dominik Marczak

ponds combined with a strong abstract composition made for a striking and popular shot. In April, the race was on again between the two keen photographers. The theme for the month being ‘open/depth of field’.  Curiously, both photographers chose to enter a black and white portrait (perhaps some espionage going on here?).  Dom opting for the cuteness factor, with an absolute stunner of ‘the little people’.  One angelically sweet, the other a little monster lurking in the background.  On the other end of the spectrum, Michelle focused in on a grumpy old man (her father!).  Tightly framed and pin sharp, you can see each and every black-head on the wrinkly, weathered face. Both shots demonstrated good use of a shallow depth of field, and the impact you can create with a simple black and white presentation. The result…they tied for first! No doubt the competition will be hot for next month where the topic is ‘faces and flash’. If you too think you’re a bit of a hot shot, or simply want to learn how to get the most out of your camera, come along to one of the club meetings. The Red Dirt Camera Club meets the second Wednesday of the month at 7:30pm at the TAFE Seminar Room (Karratha campus). For more information, email or checkout the club blog at

echohealth echo health

Free Weekly 30 April 2011



pilbaraechomums & bubs Ruby Alexis Simpson 10 February 2011 Bruce and Sarah Simpson are pleased to welcome their latest addition to the family Ruby Alexis Simpson. • Emmalyn McCaskie and Stephanie Evans proudly showing their dinosaur drawings.

Draw and Learn This term Draw ‘n’ Learn lessons commenced in February. The little artists from Pilbara enjoyed their own creative worlds as they loved to draw n learn all about different interesting titles in three different batches. Draw ‘n’ Learn is a fun-filled drawing program for kids that helps them learn not only how to draw but also encourages their handwriting practice and increases their general awareness as they get to learn through their own creation. The program is based on the idea that drawing is an activity that children always love to welcome. It is a basic form of communication as it is a fundamental part of language arts. Drawing a picture inspires creativity and is a great writing prompt. It motivates children to learn more about their own creation. Next term Draw ‘n’ Learn would be running two programs for different age groups at Karratha Family Centre. Fun-filled Drawing Lessons are for five to 10 years old that help children draw, learn and write better through its well planned lessons in a creative as well as fun-filled atmosphere. Fun For Li’l Fingers program

Sister to Dakota Simpson, Ruby was born on February 10 at St John of God Murdoch weighing 7.6lb and 51cm long.

Jack Montana Fletcher 16 April 2011 Ron and Susanti Fletcher are very proud to announce the birth of their son Jack Montana Fletcher born on April 16 weighing in at 3.4kgs and 51cm long. They would like to thank to all the doctors, nurses, midwifes, Sara, Bridget and Ann at Nickol Bay Hospital.

• Nanami in her Draw N Learn world.

is for three to four years old. This program motivates little ones to learn by adding drawing and colouring to its lessons. Fun For Li’l Fingers methods are full of fun and mainly focus on using lines, shapes, alphabets and other easy techniques that make learning through drawing a real fun for little fingers. For more information regarding Draw ‘n’ Learn programs contact Nutan Shukla on 9144 4245/0420929454 or Email: shukla.nutan@gmail. com

Finn June Vivenne Seers April 12, 2011 Pete, Amanda and big sister Ella are proud to announce the birth of a new baby girl, Finn June Vivienne. Born at King Edward Memorial Hospital on April 12, 2011, weighing 3495grams. They would like to thank Doc Pennell and his ‘awesome’ team for getting them to term.

Evelyn Georgette Small 2 April 2011 Stephanie Small (Coles) and Alex Small are delighted to introduce their daughter Evelyn Georgette to the people of the Pilbara. Evelyn was born on April 2 at 6.36pm at Wodonga Base Hospital.   She weighed in at 7lb 5oz and was 50.5 cm long.   Both Stephanie and Alex were long term residents of Karratha with Stephanie being born in Karratha 20 years ago. Very proud grandmother Sue Coles would to thank everyone who helped the couple.

Mel’s getting clucky and she wants your babies! please send your photos to • Oliver Raymond and Shaswat Sengar wtih their dolphin drawings. K

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Articulation - Dyspraxia School Age Language - Literacy Spelling - Auditory Processing - CAPD Autism Spectrum Disorders Stuttering - Hearing Loss Assessment, Individual Treatment Home, School, Distance Programmes Appointments/enquiries contact 0421 632 058 11 Desert Pea Blvd, Karratha

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note by note presents Classes for babies (0 - 18 months) and toddlers (18 - 36 months) starting early May, 2011.

Please contact Alet for more information or to enrol. Mobile: 0488 298 879 | Email: “A child sings before it speaks, dances almost before it walks. Music is with us from the beginning.”-writer Pamela Brown

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accommodation available

FIFTH Wheeler 33ft, 2005 Full Australian compliance. 2 slideouts, 3 way fridge, air rider hitch, inverter, washing machine, reversing camera and more. Also Dec 2005 t/diesel F250 twin cab with extras. Both $160,000 ono, or will sell fifth wheeler only $75,000 ono. Delivered. Ph. Newcastle 0418449412 FURNISHED double room available in shared house very close to town. Single mature person who is tidy and working full-time. $380 per week, two weeks in advance and 2 weeks bond. This includes all utilities (power and gas) and a cleaner once a week. 0413 234 369 FURNISHED Room to rent in Millars Well for single person. $400p/w + Bills. Clean & Tidy Person to share with 1 male & 1 female. Ph: 0414409446 HOBBY workshop or storage unit 13m x 7.5m in Lock and Store complex. If you work away& need somewhere to store your toys near the beach in Rockingham then this is the place for you. Secure coded gates,concrete tilt panels,monitored alarm system and common unisex toilets. $220,000.00 incl GST. Call Trinaon 0409934993 LARGE fully furnished bedroom, close to shops, couples or female need apply 400/350p.w 2 weeks bond and 1 weeks rent 0420870938 ONE Fully furnished & 1 Unfurnished room avail. Pegs Creek. End April start May. $450 single/ $550 couples inclusive of bills. 2 wks bond + 1 wk rent in advance. Must be working. Clean and tidy people. Not a party house. Must be pet friendly. 0458449359 ~~ACCOMODTION WANTED accommodation wanted


APPRENTICE 18yr old, 2nd yr in need of Accommodation, would prefer a fully furnished room. Very tidy, clean and easy to get along with. Don’t mind pets. Able to pay up to $400 - $450 a week. Call Jesse on 0488 565 481, call after 5pm weekdays. CLEAN and quiet couple, mid 20’s looking for furnished room to rent in Karratha. Both employed full time. Please call 0402 510 741 or 0421 829 607. EMPLOYED female relocating to Hedland requires affordable accommodation. Phone 041 1045 125. FEMALE looking for room/house to share KTA area. $200-$400 p/w inc bills. Working f/time 6 days p/w & studying. Clean, friendly, Australian. ph: 0426 886 361 FLAT Unit House or self contained for single female ONLY. I’m working 6 days/ wk(10.6hrs/day), I’m a very clean person,reliable and organized Looking for a place to rent just for myself or sharing Max 1 person please contact me on 0418976032 or email me

accommodation wanted

PROFESSIONAL 42 year old female seeking shared accommodation in the Port Hedland/South Hedland area. Clean, tidy and easy going. Please call 0416922925. P R O F E S S I O N A L female seeking shared accommodation in the South Hedland area. Clean, tidy and easygoing. Please call 0416922925. TWO girls are looking for room to rent in Karratha. Can help with house work! Ph 0447633475. URGENTLY req room or share with other female for 46yo mature female with refs. Mob 0488 475 367 ~~BABIES babies

Birth Support Doula Service Heading to Perth to have your baby? Experience the real difference a doula can make to your pregnancy and birth journey. Kristin Beckedahl, Childbirth Educator, Doula & Naturopath is now based in Perth (from Karratha). Ph: 0402 576 451 www.facebook/ bodywisebirthwise

COT gro Years timber cotAdjustable height Excond $300.0 Valco Bead Rail $15.00. Melissa 0418307129 NEARLY New, Sesame Street Rocker & Baby Walker, Excellent Condition - $120.00 for both, or $60ea. Phone Hayley 0406164732 PEGPEREGO High Chair- 4 pos recline adjust height as new $150. Bouncing Zebra $50. Melissa 0418307129 VALCO double stroller pram - Hardly been used been, has been stored in shed for over a year. Folds down nice & flat and fits in boot, Good condition. Please call Eliza 0411 724 287 or 9183 1894 WINNE THE POOH SET: Cot Bedding, Baby Mobile and Nappy Storage Holder. Never been Used. Contact Susan 0420870938 ~~BOATING boating F’GLASS 4.72m. ‘09 Yam 90HP with only 6hrs. New seats, cover, bimini, carpet. Northstar 657 colour fishfinder plotter with CMap chip; Navman VHF radio; 405MHz EPIRB. Trailer rebuilt/lic in ’09 with submersible lights & 2 spares. Reg to ‘12. $18,500 ono. 0428940994 Ktha. Free classifeds online at www.pilbaarecho.


FIBREGLASS haines hunter hull 5.5M. 90hp Johnson, Bimini, Bait Board, Marine Radio, Marine Speakers Ready For CD Player, Plenty Cabin Space, Sleeps Two, Heaps Deck Space, All New Carpet, Anchor, Jackets, Sounder, Bilge Pump, Spare Jerry cans, Solid Trailer all Licenced. No Leaks. $8,000 ono Call Poynts 0417998712. KTA FOR your Executive Accommodation Needs!!! FOR SALE the “OLIVIA J” a sea going 22.5metre all steel Catamaran, House Boat, 22.5m in length 8m in width and is Surveyed to carry and sleep 15 ... (12 passengers & 3 Crew). Call David Loveridge 0889844011 or Email: LMPA@ FRASER Run-a-Bout, 5.8 mtr, 99 model, 130 Johnson, canopy, Safety equipment, Lowrance GPS and Depth sounder, 27 meg radio, Good tidy boat. $24,000 ono Mob: 0418943044 MUSTANG Tournament 2000 $25000ono 130 Yahama saltwater series, raymarine colour sounder, EPERB and flares, 27 meg radio, hydraulic steering, 190ltr fuel tank, sand & reef anchors, good shade, new tyres on trailer. Selling due to leaving town. 6201 3359 or 0407 133 119 QUINTREX 4.5m REDUCED PRICE. 50hp with only 84 hours use. Stable boat with comfortable space for 4 adults. 2 x 25L fuel tanks. Good storage on board. Comes with sand and reef anchors, sounder, compass, 27MHz radio, life jackets, EPIRB, flares, fire extinguisher. $10,250 ONO. 0439474573. Karratha. SEADOO JETSKI RXP 155HP. Only 13 hours use and just serviced. Red/Blk/Wht in absolutely perfect condition always run on BP Ultimate 98 fuel. Includes 4 Seadoo life jackets. This unit is my 2nd jetski and I can not store it over winter. $11,800 ono. Please call for pics. 0411955074 STACER 4m & 40hp Yamaha, forward controls, well serviced, GPS, fish finder, radio, 406 epirb and much more, boat and trailer both registered, $5500, Ph 0434 306 476 SWIFTCRAFT 6m runabout, good reliable boat, includes safety gear, vhf radio and sounder, 160 ltr custom made ally fuel tank, 2004 Yamaha 130 only 250hrs, hydraulic steering, recon trailer, new suspension. $8900 ONO. Please call Drew (Karratha) on 0439921898 TINNY 3.9 STACER 25h.p4 stroke MERCURY engine/ life jackets/fuel tank--View anytime REDUCED to $5000 Karratha 91838048 0r 0426284263


V6 Mercury/Mariner 3 wire trim tilt units x 4 suit parts or rebuild. 2 motors run sweet but hydraulics leak, 1 hydraulic unit without motor no leaks, 1 that suits parts 2x motors $110ea incl rams, $79.00ea for TT unit or $295.00 ono the lot. KTHA 0437293212 YAMAHA Southwind 19’ Banana Boat. SS Targa 85hp Yamaha with Sounder/GPS Epirb and all safety gear. Excellent condition with full cover, stored indoors. Stable and dry with lots of deck space. Ultimate dive boat. $21,000 ono. KTA Ph 0429108676 ~~CAMPING & OUTDOORS camping & outdoors ENGEL Portable Generator SHX2000 1.7KVA (honda motor) hardly used. ‘07 current model great condition rr~$1300.00 sell $650.00 ono KTA 0437293212. ~~CARAVANS caravans BEDFORD Bus 30 professionally converted to comfortable mobile home. New A/C,shower, flush toilet, fridge/freezer, gas hot water, stove/oven, microwave, digital TV DVD .Full annex. Sleeps three adults or family of five comfortably. Deliver to site. $25,000 ONO . Call Bruce (02) 66 33 1525 or email BEDFORD bus mobile home ‘66. Runs well. 6 mths rego, wired 12 & 240 volts, fridge, A/C, shower, toilet, stove, hot water system, large annex, double bed, 2KVA genny, cyclone tiedowns. View at the Hill. $18,000 0415809650 CARAVAN 2008 20ft near new, A/C, full awning & annex, tandem, innerspring mattress, bedding, dinette & kitchen area, very modern. $33,000 ONO!! Call 0421997454 / 91862032 JAYCO Eagle Outback 2010. Brand new never used A/C Boat Racks 2 9kg gas bottles 2 underfloor water storage containers Fiamma roll out awning new cover 3 way fridge/ oven/ grill CD Player & speakers Deep cycle battery plus more. Gary 0412 036 267 or 9186 2550 during work hours $29,750 JAYCO STIRLING- 2006, 25ft. Includes, A/C, full annex, shadecloth for all sides, ensuite, queen size bed, immaculate condition, MUST SELL ASAP $50,000- MAKE AN OFFER! 0400 891 167 MOTORHOME/38ft Bedford Coach. Fully fitted out home on wheels. Sleeps 5, fully kitchen and bathroom, lots of storage. Great running condition. Happy email out photos on request. Located in Exmouth. $73,000 ONO. Claudia 0420297633.

To lodge your FREE ad visit caravans

REGAL 2003 caravan 23ft. Double island bed,full length wardrobes, full size club lounge converts to bed, kitchen w/ gas stove/oven/grill, fridge, microwave. Lots of storage n cabinets. Fully insulated & A/C. Neat and tidy. Avail after 8th May. Must sell ASAP $25k ONO. Call anytime 0421437533 KARRATHA SCENIC 22”” Luxury Caravan 2008. Exc Con Suit New Buyer, QS BR, Full ES, Wash Mach, 2 DR Frid Fzer, RC Air Con, Theatre System, Gas / Elect Oven, M/W Oven, Gas/Elect HWS, LCD TV, Fully Insulated, 3 x 90 ltr tanks, 200 AmpSolar Panels,Awning,Gal Floor Prot, 2 Jerry Can holders. $69500. 0419701801 VISCOUNT POP TOP $8000 : No air conditioner, Licensed until Feb 2011,15.6 foot long, single axle, 2 x single beds, gas stove/oven, 2 x 80L water tanks, porta potty, microwave, good tyres, fridge, table, electric brakes, awning/annex. Call Tess 0428577640 VISCOUNT Pop Top 1982 Registered, good A/C, water tanks, fishing rod storage, microwave, Sm TV, Anex! Leaving town must sell reduced price $7000 0403558538/ 0403131882/ 0427256262 VISCOUNT PopTop Caravan 4 sale A/C, stove/oven plenty of storage space, great little van cheap acc if you can find somewhere to park it..$8000 ono 0403 558 538 VISCOUNT Seabreeze 18ft, split system a/con (12 mths old), plenty of storage, shower, gas hws, lounge and dinette, dble slideout bed, standfast annex, r/out awning. Many extras. Can email photos. Rego Oct ‘11.$19,990 ono Ph 0416234085 Ktha area WINDSOR Genesis Caravan 2007. Hard to come by twin bed design (great for friends sharing). Full ensuite, m/wave, large fridge, air con, tv/DVD big lounge. Price $39,000 ono. Phone 0427781048 disclaimer PILBARA ECHO takes no responsibility for any classifieds submitted online, this includes practical jokes. This is an automated serivce. If you need an ad removed, please email us

employment wanted ~~EMPLOYMENT WANTED CLEANER available good rates please call 9185 3501. EXP Security / Advanced First Aid operator in KTA seeking FIFO work from Pilbra region. Ex military with prev mines exp. Quals include: Occupational First Aid, First Response Fire Fighting, OHS Blue Card, HR Drivers Licence, WA Security Licence. Very adaptable and can learn new skills. 0457889968

employment wanted

HOUSE-CLEANER available in Karratha. Ongoing rate $25 p/ hr, min 4hours. Weekends only, phone 0488999967 for more info. TRADESMAN Tiler. Commercial/Domestic/ Remote. Quality finished work. Phone Rob for an estimate. 0457256388 ~~ENGAGEMENTS for rent NEAR new 4 x 2, executive house for rent in Nickol West. Quality brick construction. Large back yard. See photos on the website http://bit. ly/26Treetop. Ph 0487 179 745 or 08 9185 3962. PRIVATE Rental 3brm 1bth house + fully s/c granny flat lge shaded pool lge patios dbl l/up gge c/port low care gdns close to shops no pets Bulgarra Karratha $2000 p/w available start May ph 0417616648 ROOM for rent in Karratha. Singles only $400/wk. Ph 0411 631 808 ~~ FOR SALE for sale ANDY the Piano Tuner and Piano Repairman available in Karratha/Hedland in April/May, email or ring 0466 828 392 http:// AVON – if you are interested in buying Avon products or having a look, I have the latest brochures and can deliver direct to your door. Order through e-mail, phone or in person. Call today on 0413234369. BED, DOUBLE BUNK Pipeline bunks, single on top, double bed on the bottom. Excellent condition. Karratha. 0419927239. $450 ono. BLACK Nintendo DS, no charger, $75; with 3 games, $125. Please call Loren on 0458421858. BOARDGAMES - Backwards, Impromptu, Taboo, Balderdash. All in excellent, as new cond $10 ea. Jigsaws 1000 piece $10 ea. Ph 0414322084 BRAND NEW TRIES for Light Truck (All Terrain) - Brand: Maxxis Bravo - Quantity: 5 Size: 235/70/R15 for $500.00 (New Price was $840.00) Pick up in KA Contact: 04166 48581 BROWN suede 2 seater couch very good condition $60 0420870938 CARAVAN cover for sale. Less than 6mths old, generic cover to suit 14-16ft camper pop out. Excellent cond. $370 ONO. Ph 0437 059 275 CASIO px410r privia 88 keys piano including 3 pedal set & dust cover rrp $1899 -deluxe intergrated woodgrain stand rrp $189.00 -Keyboard piano foldable bench stool rrp $69.00 Really close to untouched brand new total rrp $2157, selling for $1800 ono contact 0409640990 kta only

for sale DONGA 40’ refurbished on skids( no crane needed )only tilt tray. 4 doors, bedroom, joining lounge or kitchen, bedroom or office, sectioned off ideal for rent or granny flat, partly furnished large two door fridge/freezer cost $2,000, t.v,table, beds ect, toilet/ washroom, kithen electical goods& utensiles $14,000.00 91821126 mo. 0417094558.

COFFEE Table - Dark brown timber 58cm x 118cm. $30 Ph: 91851259 KTA COMPUTER Table - black in colour. Suit student. $25 Ph: 91851259 KTA CRAB pots, collapsible, not allowed for use in WA, good for anyone heading to the East coast. 8 round pots in excellent condition. Swap for box of corona’s. Ph 0437 059 275 CUBBY HOUSE’s - Hand Crafted, heaps of designs to choose from. Made from solid Treated Pine, Gable Colorbond roof, Verandah, Window Awning, sliding or swinging doors.... Your kids will love it. Located in Boyanup WA, we can freight to Karratha for free PH: Laurie Stewart (08) 97315508 DECORATIVE /artistic furniture piece. A beautifully carved firescreen. Can be used to cover a corner or make a statement. Centre features a hand painted tile depicting a Japanese/Chinese setting. Antique and unusual. $250 ono phone 91831751 or 0438924842. DINING Chairs 6 Brand New Fabric dark blue/black $500 Phone 0428125114 DOLL house, 2 story, heaps of furniture and dolls, $50 ONO excellent cond. Ph 0427 178 143. DOUBLE size metal frame $50, 1xQueen size Mocha colored fake leather covered frame $350. Both come with wooden slats and located in KTH. Call Craig on 0433 948 583 DURABAND micro wave(dbm001)oven Good condition $30 Karratha 91838048 or 0426284263 ELLIPTICAL Cross Trainer P/C hardly used PAID $600Sell $300, AB Swing pro P/C never used $50 Karratha 0411825112. EQUIPMENT for mowing run reel mower, rotary mower, still blower, hedge cutter, whipper snipper, pro lawn edger, four wheel trailer. All equipment for a paving team, brick saw, mixer compactor, etc. All equipment for decking and carpentry work, full range of hand tools for landscaping. 0447022809. FOOT stools x 2 - cube style in tan velour fabric. As new condition. $35 each or $50 pair. Ph: 91851259 KTA

echoclassif echo classifieds classifi

Free Weekly 30 April 2011

for sale

MOBILE phone Sony XPERIA 10 used good condition $350.00 ono. Please text only 0408 090 412 OMEGA altise portable aircon unit on wheels. Great for caravan, easy to use. Great cond, hardly used $220 0416232334 OUTDOOR setting, large 6 seater black & white stripe patteren $250 ono 0403558538/ 0403131882/ 0427256262 PRINTER inks HP02 – one each of black, yellow, magenta, light magenta, light cyan. Still in original packing. $20 for black, $10 each for colours. Ph 0414322084 REARLY Used - Fisher Price Rainforest Bassinet with Mobile features six musical rainforest selections, retractable casters turn the bassinet into a rocker, removable cloth canopy, removable bedding for easy cleaning and a large basket with dividers for storage. $100.00 call Hayley 0406164732 REMOTE controlled super hornet, needs some work to get going, in good cond. Car, controller, swap for carton of corona’s. Ph 0437 059 275 RIMS 4 Sunrasia Wide 4+4 6 stud with tyres $150 the lot 91821126, 0417094558. SAXOPHONE, Alto with carry case, learning books & music. Exc cond, as new. $900. Dampier. 0403178959 SCAN pans x 2, good condition, paid over $100 for them, moving town , they must go, $20 each, ph 0423979971 SEVILLE THERAPY SPA 7 seater, 2275mm X 2230mm X 865mm, 18mth old & under warranty. Corona Discharge Ozone chemical free spa. $7000 ono. 0429181355 or 0429756490 SHARP 18””T.V. + Remote control. Good working condition, Karratha 91838048 or 0426284263. $45 STAR wars lego set, with original instruction booklet. Whole set in tact, excellent cond. $15. ONO Ph 0427 178 143. SWIMMING Pool, Above ground, 7m x 4m, Includes Filter pump and Ladder. Paid $1700, Selling for $850. Pool in Millars Well Ph: 0447509739 TAB Books for guitar- beatles complete, led zeppelin, metallica, Aussie favourites, jazz fake book, contact 0423 979 971 TALL wooden bookcase excellent cond $50, Westinghouse fridge/freezer good condition $250, Portable wooden massage table never used $80 Ph 0439948693 Karen TECO Split-system air conditioner still in box,never been opened. “”ForSale”” $350.00. Call 0407985915 TEST match cricket game, unwanted gift excell cond. $10 bucks. Ph 0427 178 143.

for sale

THOMAS Tank Engine wooden train set. 3 trains, bridge, garage and tracks. Excellent cond $50. Ph 0427 178 143 THULE Aerodynamic roof bars (silver) with locks for suzuki SX4 but will fit other vehicles with roof rails. Brand new, opened but never used. RRP $270 + freight, sell for $200 Call 0403 080 229 TRADIES trailer lic, racks, can be removed, front lge toolbox all lockable and enclosed, new tyres. Must sell. $3,200.00 O.N.O 0427195916. TREADMILL Adonis 616 fold able treadmill $500 no offers paid $1300. Very good condition. Ph 9185 1274 Karratha. TYRES 5 225/70 R17 4+4 Prado $150 the lot legal tread. 91821126, 0417094558. USED once - Medium Travel Pet Cage / Airline Approved. $50.00 Phone Hayley 0406164732 WASHING Machine - Fisher and Paykel 7.5L. Good working condition, $200. Dampier 0418907308 WASHING Machine Fisher & Paykel aqua smart for sale, still under warranty $500 ono 0403558538/ 0403131882/ 0427256262 WEDDING items for sale – wedding bouquet, button hole, silk parasols, silk flower decorations, raffia, table linen, table runners, name card holders, candles, champaign Glasses. all beach theme in pink tones. Ph: 0421 282 769 Wii- chipped for Bali games, comes with driving wheels, loads of Bali games, remotes and chargers, $370, contact 0423 979 971 WOODEN carved drinks cabinet. Genuine Antique 1920’s era. Wood is ebony with carved drawer and door fronts with brass handles. Fair to good condition for its age. Mirror to top carved section. Unusual piece. $1850. Phone 91831751 or 0438924842. ~~FOUND found NEW Zealand Green Stone with black binding found on Sunday 17th APRIL at a swimming hole contact Donovan 0439654039 SINGLE Swag. Phone 0418938280. ~~FREE free BAGS of Shredded Paper please call Sharyn to arrange pick up 0419891612 HOUSE bricks, 300 bricks for you to remove. Call me 0400718470 ~~GARAGE SALE garage sale EVERYTHING to go! Double & single bed, bookcases, wide range kitchen items (cutlery, wine glasses, mugs, dishes, pots, pans), microwave, clothing, books, stereo, linen, outdoor table & chairs, BBQ. 23 Bettong Bd Baynton KTA. Sat April 30 & Sun May 1, 8am. Call 0488227281 to enquire about items

Free classifeds

garage sale

SATURDAY 7TH MAY. 778 Andover Way - fridge, outdoor setting, ladies bike, ceramic tiles, fishing gear, chest of drawers, Holland blinds and heaps more - 7am -12noon ~~IN MEMORIUM lost ~~LOST STOLEN Pegs Creek silver Alamode bike reward offered for return 0421604072 TROPICAL Esky 160 L between Dampier Rd Pegs Creek & LIA Ktha Sun 17th April. Reward. PH0417180593 ~~MOTORCYCLES motorcycles HONDA CRF 250r 2005 for sale lady owned never raced great bike,never had any problems with bike, regretable sale $4000 ono 0403558538. HONDA Elite SE50 Motor Scooter 50cc . Blue in color. Excellent run about. Good working condition. New Tyres with carry box $650ono. Phone 91831751 or 0408919971. HONDA TRX 2008, 450 Quad, $6000 ONO. 0400738564 Location: Karratha KAWASAKi ZZR250 ‘04, Red, 19,000kms, great condition, service history, one owner. $4500 Call Tom 9159 0096 or 0430438299 Karratha YAMAHA 2008, 350 Raptor. Female owner, must sell as pregnant. Low hours. $7000 Karratha 0419040380 ~~PETS pets CHOOKS for sale. Hyline browns, eggselent layers! 6 months old and laying well. $30 each or 4 for $100. Phone 0429704451. DUCKLINGS White Muscovy (11) born Good Friday Price $5 each. Very healthy and living outdoors in the duck pen with parents. We live in Dampier and please call for viewing. 0419 906 680. JACK Russell. Beautiful 8 month old puppy. Tan and micro-chipped, Free white, classifeds online registered, fully at vaccinated, dewww.pilbaarecho. sexed. Change of circumstances forces reluctant sale. $500 tel 0435545148 anytime. JACK Russell. Beautiful 8 month old tan and white male puppy. Full pedigree and registration, microchipped, fully vaccinated and desexed. Change of circumstances forces reluctant sale. $500. In Karratha. tel 0435545148 or 0414838565. PURE bred mini blue back chihuahua puppies for sale. 4 male and 1 female. Tan/black markings and white/brown markings. Very small and cute, ready to go now. Six weeks old. Ring 0447738724 or 91442279, Hurry as they wont last long. $400 each. SADDLES: Tom Klein Western $1600 & A. Mackenzie half breed $3000 good cond with fqhb 0417185735


Soggidog Pet Minding All animals cared for. Daily visits to your home. Karratha only Ph Libby 0404842902

public notice ~~PUBLIC NOTICE BRAZILIAN JUJITSU I am thinking of starting a Jujitsu training group in KTA and am chasing expressions of interest. If you are interested in training of Thursday nights 7-9pm contact Camerin at ~~REAL ESTATE real estate

BALI - LEMBONGAN ISLAND HOLIDAY HOUSE. Balinese style top quality holiday house 100m from beach and cafes. Fully furnished. Large block will give good capital growth. Rent it when you are not there. No annual management fees. Secure title, not lease. $275,000 or 0435 299 451 BALI - LEMBONGAN ISLAND. Beautiful, high quality Balinese style holiday house on large, secure block 100m from beach and cafes. Two storey timber & stone + thatched roof. Lovely private, peaceful tropical garden. Fully furnished. Secure title, not lease. $275,000. pss@ or 0435 299 451 DAMPIER $975K NEG Stunning Renovation 3x1 & Granny Flat 1045m block Large Shed with AC Lush Tropical Garden www.noagentproperty. Property ID 11984 Invest or Move in 0409 103 008 DAMPIER SALE $895K. 4X1 Investment property or large family home. Block. Refurbished throughout. New double oven stove and gastop. Room to expand, harbour views. Negotiate direct with owner on 0438902740. EXECUTIVE or family style living in quiet Dalyellup Beach Estate. Walk to beach and park. Stylish decor, 4x2, plush theater, study, spacious living areas, big garage, storeroom, landscaped easy care gardens. Built by Dale Alcock Homes 3 years ago. $625k neg. 0428114428 to email photos. GREEN Acress 27 with platypus creek, on the cool tablelands near Port Douglas. Private and natural, handy to everything. Exceptional views over rain forest ranges and farmlands from octagonal house. Underground mains power, private timber plantation. Pictures and more info at Ref No 40583 HOUSE 4X1 in Dampier$950,000. Open plan, renovated kitchen, dining, lounge area, tiled throughout, patio’s front & rear, low maintenance landscaped gardens on auto reticulation large below ground pool. Contact Peter 0428831073

real estate


shade sails

PILBARA SHADE SAILS Executive or family style living in quiet Dalyellup Beach Estate. Walk to beach and park. Stylish decor, 4x2, plush theatre, study, spacious living areas, big garage, storeroom, landscaped easy care gardens. Built by Dale Alcock Homes 3 years ago. $625k neg. 0428114428 to email photos. PERTH Paradise: Vendor able to finance deposit and purchase costs up to $125k. 2 storey executive 5 bed 2 bath plus study home in idyllic Secret Harbour. Spacious living and entertaining areas, open plan kitchen, dining and living room, four queen sized rooms, large laundry, large main bedroom, ensuite with 2 person spa. Large timbered alfresco area. Located walking distance to surf beach, golf course, shopping centre, schools and community amenities. The stylish interior and functional layout will impress the most perceptive buyer. $825,000 ph David 0413052797.

HOUSE FOR SALE - 4 LESLIE LOOP BAYNTON 3 X 1 Newly renovated kitchen with new carpets throughout. Full length patio with below ground swimming pool surrounded by tropical gardens. 6x4 cyclone approved shed with side access to roller door. $850,000 ONO please contact Geoff Johnston on 0417176198 KARRATHA 3x 1 semi en-suit, formal lounge & dining, family room, off centralised kitchen, fans, BIR, ducted A/C, established gardens, shed, access to rear yard via DBL gates, parking for 4 car, end of culsac, closed to Tambrey & Caltex. $840,000, genuine offers only. Ph 0419931160. MAGNETICE Is 1x1 Exec Suite, own your own piece of tropical island, perfect for R&R. Kitchenette, f/ furn, a/c, reno bathroom and private veranda. Pool, tennis court, gym, restaurant & bar all located in the complex. Rent out when you aren’t there for extra income. $60,000, private sale 0425891689. rod repairs FISHING ROD REPAIRS new guides and tips fitted. Have your rods rebuilt like new. Also fishing rods for sale at reasonable prices, all with new fittings please Ph 9185 5257

Free classifeds online at www.pilbaarecho.

Custom made locally for Pilbara conditions. Phone Steve Trevurza on 0410 867 102.

vehicles ~~VEHICLES COMMODORE Wagon 2003, GC, auto, 6mths rego, martini green, $8500 ONO HED 0411 152 686 CONCRETE line pump Jacon SV636, 4 cylinder duetz, diesel. $45,000. Ph 0419867974. DAEWOO Lanos 1998, Manual 5 door rego 04/11, Reliable & economical, $1900 neg, PH Scott 0421 226 257 FALCON stn wagon 03 BA unlic needs diff as is $1,400 91821126, 0417094558. FALCON WGN unlic in the way $150 91821126, 0417094558. FORD F250 XLT2004 7.3 Litre Turbo Diesel,8 Cyl, Auto,Super Cab, UHF radio Firestone airbags, Aluminum bullbar, Side steps, Driving lights, Electric brakes, Anderson Plug, Towbar, 223,000kms, $59,000, Call Craig 0407 430 000 Karratha FORD Falcon 2007 XR6 BF MKII sedan - exc cond, 43,500 kms, Bolle UV window tint, Ruff Nuts car seat covers, 17”” alloy wheels & 4 brand new tyres. $19,500 ono. Karratha - Ph 0401002134 FORD Lazer 1999, 5 door h/back in good condition 119,600klms, power windows, central locking, alloy wheels, A/C, seatcovers and floor mats, great first car, or little runabout around town $5000 ono please contact 0437202468 for details FORD Mondeo 2008 TDCi, 2.0lt Turbo Diesel, 5 Door Hatchback, Sea Grey, 6 speed semiauto, 37,000kms, Extremely Economical 7.7L/100km, $27,000, Ph 0409 295 771- KTA HOLDEN Commodore VT S-pack 1998. 201,700km. 5spd manual. 6months rego. New tyres. Regularly serviced. Good condition. KTA. Ph: 0430317806. HOLDEN Commodore VY Berlina, 5.7L Wagon, 113000kms, Auto, Tinted Windows, Sports Exhaust, Full Service History, Always Garaged $15,000 ono, Call Cindy 0423 388 053 HOLDEN Statesman for sale [2004] - 1 driver for life of vehicle - full service record good condition mechanically and body - $14500 ONO - call 0429790066 for more details. HONDA JAZZ VTI 2004 great condition, low km’s, manual, sky blue ----$9,200 ONO---Call- 0404 462 114, (Karratha area) HYUNDAI excel sedan 4doors, new tyres, new windscreen done 148000km reliable little car great on fuel runs well asking good condition $3500o.n.o contact Jenn 0421316453 K

FRIDGE for sale Fisher & Paykel Large Active smart good condition $500 ono 0403558538/ 0403131882/ 0427256262 FULL size suit of Armour made from ally, $800 Karratha 0411504439 GENERATOR 4 kva.... Remote start plus pull start.. Digital inverter sine wave....2 x 240v outlets....1x dc outlet.... On wheels with brakes.... Brand new...$1200 phone 0407639280 or 91444407 GIANT mountain bikes STP 0 $950 and STP 2 - $650 both in v.g.c. Phone 041 8549214 or 91721124. PH GOLF Bag MAXFLI, P/C Brand New $70, Golf Buggy with seat, G/C $50, 0411825112 GREAT big family fridge, brand new worth 1500 will take 800.00 ono 0401414865 GUITAR - Takamine EC132C Acoustic/ Electric, Built in Tuner, nylon string, asking $800 ono, 0423 979 971 HOUSEHOLD items for sale. Double & single bed, bookcases, kitchen items (cutlery, wine glasses, plates, mugs, pots, pans etc), microwave, women’s clothing, books, stereo, linen, outdoor table & chairs, BBQ. All great quality and needs to be sold! Baynton, KTA. Call 0488227281 to enquire about items KEYBOARD- Axiom Pro 49 midi keyboard, hooks up to computer, $470 contact 0423 979 971 KITE Surfing Kite, Bar, Lines & Bag -Make SLINGSHOT -Model FUEL -Size 11 metre. Including DAKINE Tempest Ladies Seat Harness W/ Spreader Bar - Small/Medium. Selling due to lack of use. $500 CALL 0409640990 KTA ONLY KTA 3 piece genuine leather lounge suite. 1x 3 seater with double recline 2x single recliners (will not separate). dark/med blue. Very good condition. Can send photos. Sell $2,400. ono. Phone Karen 0408 889 972 LARGE single bed very comfortable $150 0420870938 LEAVING TOWN SALE Large Fisher & Paykel fridge freezer, Fisher & Paykel Aqua Smart top loader washing machine (still under warranty), Large 6 seater outdoor setting, Poang rocking chair & matching foot rest, house hold appliances Make an offer 0403558538/ 0403131882/0427256262 LEGO, makes 3 types of houses, excellent cond, has original books, age 6 - 10. $15. ph 0427 178 143. LOUNGE suit , 2 seat, 3seat & recliner lazyboy blue $1500 ono. 1 queen bed ensemble with 2 small black side tables & small draws $200 ono. 1 black 6 seater dinning table $150ono. Jarrah 8 seat outdoor setting $1000ono. Leaving so all must go. In KTH phone 0437057662

for sale



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Operator/General hands Required to work with our earthworks team. Operator tickets and heavy vehicle licences an advantage. Own accommodation preferable. You will need to be energetic, honest and reliable. Great renumeration and progressive team environment. Send CV to or call 9185 3686.

LANDCRUSIER 80 Series. 96 model, 4.2 diesel, extractors, front diff lock, long range tanks, bullbar, spotlights, spare wheel carry on back, sidesteps, darkest legal tinted windows, white, near new black duck canvas front seat covers, regretful sale. $16,500 ono Gypsy 91841840/0409441829 NEW Car Radiators for Sale.. Can install if required. 0429791403

vehicles NISSAN ‘04 X-TRAIL FOR SALE. 176K kms, 4x4, manual, tow hitch, bull bar, air con, good fuel economy, great Pilbara car. $12,500. Call 0433 492 108 for more details. NISSAN Navara 2006 D22 3L Turbo Diesel. Great Condition. 166,000 kms. Just been serviced, new tyres and front breaks, long range tank, spotlights, snorkel, roo bar, fiberglass canopy, tub liner, cruise control, tinted windows. $25,000 ONO. 0407 515 736.


TRAFFIC MANAGEMENT COURSES AVAILABLE IN PORT HEDLAND June 2011 Basic Worksite TM & Traffic Control (Renewal) Basic Worksite TM (RIIOHS302A) Traffic Control (RIIOHS205A)

1st 2nd 3rd

Register on-line @ Cost and full details contact Heather on ph: (08) 9356 3455 or

TYRE FITTER National Tyres requires a young, enthusiastic person to join our team as an inhouse tyre fitter. Must have drivers licence, be able to pass drug and alcohol testing, be safety conscious and be able to work unsupervised. If you are interested in this position please contact Troy on 0448270049 or

wanted Experienced Kitchen Hands

Are needed to provide assistant to Chefs, able to start ASAP and must be hardworking, reliable and responsible.

Phone 9173 2000



2001 Ford Falcon

White Station Wagon • Roof racks Petrol + Gas Conversion Brand new tyres • 6 months rego.

Phone 0407 082 098 or 9185 5570 public niotce

Meeting The Karratha and Districts Tourist Information Centre Incorporated, trading as Karratha Visitor Centre would like to announce it’s next meeting May 19, 11.30 at the Karratha Visitor Centre. The agenda items are to include modifications to the constitution, all members with voting rights are invited to attend. Please RSVP your attendance to

RESIDENTIAL ELECTRICITY PRICES – HAVE YOUR SAY Community Consultation Forum for the Tariff and Concession Framework Review

On Wednesday the 4th May, the Office of Energy and WACOSS will be conducting a community forum in Port Hedland, providing an opportunity for community groups and individuals to share their views, knowledge and experiences of the recent increases in electricity tariffs and to contribute ideas for the Government’s review of the tariff and concession framework. The forum will explore: • current issues surrounding rising electricity prices; • opportunities for alternative tariff structures and what this may mean for households; • options for improving the concessions system to increase their accessibility and effectiveness This forum will be held on Wednesday 4th May from 1pm – 3pm at the South Hedland Lotteries House, 2 Leake Street South Hedland, WA Please confirm your attendance by calling Kim Loveridge on (08) 9420 7222


Please direct queries to

Free Weekly 30 April 2011


NISSAN GQ PATROL UTE 1996 , 273000km, Diesel, Power Steering, Air Con,CB TwoWay,PVC Canopy, Work Lights, Spotties, Roll Awning, Tool Box, 2x PVC Pipe Water Tanks, 2x New Tyres,3x Spare Tyres,12 Volt Power in Tray. Great Camping/ Work Ute.$10 000 ono.Call Poynts 0417998712. KTA NISSAN Patrol rear seats (6th and 7th seats) as new never used. $100 ono. Call 0427717320. NISSAN Pulsar ‘97, white sedan. Automatic, A/C. 203,000 km. Good condition, very reliable. $5000 ono. Call 0428722304. (KTA) PAIR SHEEPSKIN cream coloured seat covers for 4 x 4 vehicles Good condition $40 Kta area Tel 91838048 or 0426284263 REAR find - 1974 Renault 17TS. Sports model. Licensed, 37,000kms, electric windows, sunroof, twin side draft webers. Interior in excellent condition. No rust. Lots of spares. Great restoration project. Further enquiries please contact Peter on 91831751 or 0408919971. STATESMAN Late 2003 Model, V6, In very good Condition, Genuine reason for sale, Petrol/ LNG, Very economical, $12,500 ono, Mob, 0418943044 SUZUKI Grand vitara 2006, 2.0L 5 Speed Manual, Full electrics, Abs Brakes,great A/C ect.., Only 70000kms, Great on fuel,stylish silver colour, Excellent condition! $22000 ONO Call me to test drive! 0447821978 TIRES for sale. Audi 17 inch 5 spoke alloy wheels. Set of 4, 7.5 width, Offset ET 45 currently fitted with Achilles ATR sport 235/45 ZR17. One new remaining worn. $300 ONO. Call 0409065175 TOYOTA Camry 94 good tyres, alloys, Bullbar & Spotties, Alpine stereo, Rino roof racks, Good Condition every thing works including A/C, except has a cracked windscreen & motor needs repair. $1000 ONO, 0411825112


TOYOTA Coaster Motor Home: 4.2 Diesel. Good Condition. 110L 24/240v fridge, double bed, 2 burner stove, 4 solar panels, 4/220 amp 6 volt Batteries, 24 to 12 volt converter and conditioner. With awning, 7 new tyres, plus lots more. $55,000 ono Ph 0458126881 KTA TOYOTA COASTER; 1985, diesel, 2.4L, 4 cylinder, dual wheels, 21 seater converted to 3 seater for camping. $8200 ono, ph Grant 0437 792 692 (KTA). TOYOTA Corrola, 2000 model, Navy Blue $6500 or ONO. Great condition 80,000kms. Call to view Keisher 0404 221 972 TOYOTA Landcruiser 100 series 99 model 4.2L Diesel GXL 190,000km full service history. Snorkel, tow bar, dual batteries, tint, floor mats, seat covers, new Old Man Emu Shocks. Great condition $25,000 ono. Shane (wrk) 9186 2690 or a/h 0405 021 450 TROOP Carrier 1998 New spray job, Ali Roof Racks, Dual Tanks, Water Tank, Spotties, Sleeping Deck, Mech Sound, Drives Well $11800 ONO PH Marlon 0457669238 or Simon 0429011172

Free classifeds TROOPY LANDCRUISER 1998 - 105000km massive alu roof rack, dual batt, winch, 2 spare tyres, A/C, 5 new tyres, extra headlight... $27000 ONO Michael 0415936876 VE HSV Maloo 08/09 Only 25000kms, 6 Speed Man, Extreme Clutch, Rip Shifter Comp Cam, 3 inch X-Force Stainless Exhaust, Growler intake, 435rwhp with Dyno Sheet, Lowered, 20 Inch Wheels Excellent Condition $52000, PH: 0429147264 Dampier VS Holden Ute 2000, lowered extractors. $6500. Contact Gavin on 0417439306. (KTA)


VE HSV Maloo 08/09 Only 25000kms,6 Speed Man,Extreme Clutch,Rip Shifter Comp Cam,3 inch X-Force Stainless Exhaust,Growler intake,435rwhp with Dyno Sheet,Lowered,20 Inch Wheels Excellent Condition $52000, PH: 0429147264 Dampier


CONCRETE Pavers. Wooden outdoor table. Breville Breadmaker Model No BB200. Phone 91853859 GUITAR Teacher for beginners, weekend preferred KTA Please contact Nath 04 2398 6113 GUITAR Teacher for 2 beginners, weekend preferred KTA Ph Nath 04 2398 6113 Thank you SMALL step ladder required for SAFE please phone 91854634. SPRAY Tanning $30 mobile or on location in Bulgarra. Message or call 0419162276 TREADMILL WANTED in good condition call Megan 0418934609 KTA WANTED Carpool from Dampier to Karratha 8 am depart - will contribute to fuel. Please call Sara 0437645046. AREA in Karratha or Dampier to park and live from Camper-trailer for 3 months. Working couple, 30yrs old, recently arrived. Friendly, trustworthy and willing to pay $250/wk. Please call ASAP Courtney 0407 192 175 or Mark 0408 951 147

Free classifeds

Free classifeds public niotce

A LOVE SEARCH I am a 27 Year old, attractive,female seeking a family orientated Australian man for serious relationship/marriage. I have one beautiful little girl, three years of age. A like minded,emotionally mature man to fill the gap in our lives is what I am longing for. My ideal partner would be understanding, patient, loving, responsible devoted, honest, be able to provide security,stability and have accepted Christianity as their religion. Fishing, traveling and cooking are some of my favourite activities. If you are interested, please give me a call. Elizabeth 045 007 2232

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Free Weekly 30 April 2011

Warehouse Personnel

public notice

Unlimited submissions. Over 14,000 copies distributed each week


Baker Hughes is a leading provider of drilling, completion, production products and services. As a leader in the oil-field services industry, we offer opportunities for qualified people who want to grow in our high performance organisation. We are currently recruiting 2 Warehouse Operators and a Warehouse Team Leader to be based in our Dampier Plant. Prior warehousing experience is required for the Warehouse Team Leader position; however, no previous experience is required for the Warehouse Operator positions. These are permanent full-time positions based in Dampier / Karratha. Standard hours apply but overtime, night shift and some weekend work may be required. To apply, please send your CV to shalena. or for a full list of all our current vacancies, please visit www.

Private advertisers only

Hundreds of free classifieds appear in the Pilbara Echo every week - where’s yours? Got a room for rent? A caravan for sale? Perhaps a car? Or just some particularly unattractive lampshade that you can’t stand. Thousands of readers are going to see it. So, why not lodge yours today


Seek Truth and Justice

St Lukeʼs College Aboriginal Scholarships 1. For three students entering Year 8 in 2012 (Proudly supported by Rio)

2. For two students entering Year 8 in 2012 (Proudly supported by North West Shelf Venture)

These scholarships will cover tuition fees, uniforms and textbooks. Application Forms and further information available from: St Lukeʼs College, PO Box 971, Karratha WA 6714 Phone: 9144 1081 Applications for 2012 close on 10th June 2011

PO Box 971 Karratha WA 6714


Seek Truth and Justice

St Lukeʼs College Karratha

YEAR 8 ENROLMENTS - 2012 Interested parents and students are invited to attend a

YEAR 8 INFORMATION EVENING to be held on Wednesday 17th May at 7:00 pm in the College Gym Information and enrolment packages will be available on the night and also may be downloaded from the College website


Associate Contracting Electrical

PO Box 971 Karratha WA 6714


- Dampier

Four lines.


Telephone: (08) 9144 1081 Facsimile: (08) 9185 2124


Heatley Sales Pty Ltd are market leaders for Industrial and Safety supplies in Western Australia servicing all industries from Commercial to Mining.We are currently seeking an energetic and team focused individual, to join our warehouse team, full time based at our Karratha Branch. The successful applicant must: - Have prior experience in warehousing. - Have excellent teamwork and communication skills. - Be professional in their manner and work ethics. - Manual drivers licence and forklift ticket. An excellent remuneration package and great career opportunities await. Previous experience in warehousing is a must. An attractive salary package will be offered for the right persons. Initial enquiries can be made to Steve Mills (08) 9143 1244 or you can forward your resume to:

Telephone: (08) 9144 1081 Facsimile: (08) 9185 2124

EC 004787

Office Administrator We are seeking a Full-Time Office Administrator to join our team. Must be reliable, self motivated and have good communication skills. Excellent Remuneration Package. Experience essential with MYOB, Microsoft Excel and Word. Duties include Accounts Payable, Receivable, Payroll, BAS & Data Entry. Please forward applications to: PO Box 629 Karratha WA 6714 Email – Fax – 0891 444845 Applications close: 15 May 2011

Logistics Support Personnel Required for company in the Karratha Light Industrial Area. Applicant must be proficient with Microsoft Office suite specifically Excel and Word. Previous experience in the logistics industry, forklift and HC license would be highly regarded. Please forward your resume au


The cut-off date for the First Round Offer of Year 8 Enrolments at St Lukeʼs College in 2012 will be 10th June 2011


Experienced Construction Personnel are invited to register their interest for upcoming work at the Sino Iron Ore Project in Karratha Must have Checkable work history, OHS Construction Induction Card, EWP Tickets would be an advantage Must be able to work up to 70 hrs per week and meet ERMS requirements

To register your interest forward a detailed resume to: EPTEC PTY LTD Email:



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Free Weekly 30 April 2011

Long & Short Term Positions DFP Recruitment Services is one of Australia’s leading recruitment services. Established in 1981, DFP has developed a reputation for delivering specialist services in temporary, permanent and volume staffing services combined with ethics, integrity and professionalism. We are currently seeking experienced personnel for the following positions: • 16t Forklift Drivers • Civil Plant Operators • Dogman






Woodside’s Pluto LNG Project is set to become the fastest developed LNG project from discovery Woodside’s Pluto LNG Project is set to become one of the fastest of the gas field in 2005 to first LNG in 2011. With the onshore plant located on the Burrup Peninsula, the project has generated more then developed LNG projects of the eld in 5000 Australian jobs andfrom is makingdiscovery a significant contribution to the gas Western fi Australian and 2005 to Australian economies, as well as providing opportunities for local businesses. first LNG in 2011. We are currently seeking expressions of interest from locals in the region to join the Pluto team. Opportunities are widely available with a number of organisations involved with the Project. Some of the positions that are readily available onsite are (but not limited to):

With the onshore plant located on the Burrup Peninsula, the • Administration/Clerical staff • Riggers • Planners • Painters project has generated more then 5000 Australian jobs and is • Contracts Officers • Mechanical Fitters • HSE Advisors • Scaffolders making a signifi cant contribution to the Western Australian and • Cleaners • Permit Co-ordinators • Labourers • HR Advisors Australian economies, as well as providing opportunities for local • Trades Assistants • Payroll Clerks • Welders businesses. • Pipefitters For further information or to apply please email: We are currently seeking expressions of interest from locals in the Indigenous applicants are also encouraged to apply. region to join the Pluto team.

Opportunities are widely available with a number of organisations involved with the Project.

• Riggers Please note you must hold a current drivers licence and be prepared to undergo a drug & alcohol screen. To register please email your resume to or call our Karratha branch on 08 9143 1016

Shop 7/18 Hedland Place Karratha WA, 6714 Phone: 9143 1016

Some of the positions that are available onsite include but are not limited to: • • • • • • • •

Administration/Clerical staff Planners Contracts Officers HSE Advisors Cleaners Labourers Trades Assistants Pipefitters

Riggers Painters Mechanical Fitters Scaffolders Permit Co-ordinators HR Advisors Payroll Clerks Welders

For further information or to apply please email: Indigenous applicants are also encouraged to apply at


• • • • • • • •

Here at Integrated, new local and DIDO opportunities are arriving daily and we don’t always have time to advertise. If you have relevant experience, a good work history and you want to hear about them first, please register your interest today!


To register your details, please email your resume with details of two contactable referees to, call into our office at 9 Hedland Place Karratha, or phone the Integrated team on 9185 2900.

• General Administration

• HC / MC Drivers • HR Drivers with Warehousing Experience • Mining Trades – Boilermakers, Electricians and Fitters • Site Administration • Secretarial / Personal Assistant • Stores & Forklift Operators • Fixed & Mobile Plant Operators • Entry Level Mining / Labourers

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Weekend driver required

Project Supervisors, Karratha

Trade Assistants Needed! Savcor currently seek 7 Trade Assistants for immediate start. Preferably will have current Blue/white card, Working at Heights certificate, a Confined Space certificate and the ability to pass an Instant D/A and Pre employment medical is a must. Please send your CV and 3 contactable references to or alternatively call (08) 9248 8999 for a confidential discussion about the role.”

Pilbara Echo is seeking a driver to collect and unload newspapers and deliver to drop points around the Karratha area every Saturday. A valid Australian drivers license is required. For more information, please call. Office: 08 9185 5570 Mob: 0407 082 098

cho echo e pilbara

Print Estimator

Due to an on-going expansion, a full time position has become available for an experienced print estimator to join our award winning team in Karratha. The successful candidate will have an understanding of the printing industry and be able to demonstrate excellent communication and time management skills. Primarily, your role will involve receiving, evaluating and completing requests for quotations, with an ability to liaise with our Production team and customers to achieve profitable outcomes and quality work. Strong computer skills are necessary for the position; with experience in estimating software packages & Apple excel an advantage. This is an exciting opportunity to be part of a great team and a chance to be a key player in our successful and growing company.

To apply, please email

HD Mechanics & Auto Electrician



Mitchell West operates one of Australia’s largest fleets of bulk tanker and side tipper road trains throughout Western Australia employing more than 500 employees. We are currently seeking HD Mechanics and an Auto Electrician at our Northwest operations for Residential Port Hedland positions. You are required hold the relevant Trade Qualification (Heavy Duty Diesel Mechanic or Auto Electrician) with a high quality of diagnostic ability. Mechanics with Kenworth, Western Star and Fuel Tanker experience will be looked upon favourably. A National Police Clearance, pre employment medical including Drug & Alcohol screen will also be required. If you are interested in working with an industry leader, apply online at: or fax (08) 9172-1561 Mitchell Award Winners - Transport Forum WA 2010 • TWUSUPER Future Leaders • BP Castrol Professional Driver of the Year • The Office of Road Safety – Outstanding Contribution to the WA Transport Industry Award Runner Up Mitchell is an equal opportunity employer and an industry employer of choice.



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Free Weekly 30 April 2011

Crafty Mother’s Day market The Karratha Arts and Learning Centre will hold it's very popular Mother’s Day Market on Saturday, May 7, at the Centre, located in Richardson Way, Bulgarra. The Market promises to be fantastic with many regulars back for 2011 plus a variety of new stallholders. Gift ideas include handmade and painted pottery and ceramics, jewellery, handmade bags and covered diaries, paper crafts, scrap booking  items and hand made cards, quilts and quilted items,

local honey and candles. The emphasis is always on handmade arts and crafts so you can be sure you are purchasing something of the Pilbara. It is the perfect opportunity to buy beautiful gifts for your Mum for Mother’s Day and your family and friends. Everyone is invited to join in the fun! The market will be open for business 9am-1pm (no early birds please while stallholders set up). The Centre committee look forward to seeing you there!

Client Signoff Form

• Carrie Watkins and Lorraine Marshall

• Cleansweep crew members Alex and Brock show off the Shire’s new ‘Report the critter who likes to litter’ slogan.

Cleansweep targets critters who like to litter ‘Report the critter who likes to litter’ is the Shire of Roebourne’s new litter slogan, which encourages community members to report litter. The Cleansweep crew vehicle is now emblazoned with this slogan as a reminder to residents that they can play a part in keeping their environment free from litter without getting their hands dirty. Reports are passed on to the Cleansweep crew and the litter is removed as soon as possible. Roebourne Shire Council President Nicole Lockwood said reports could be made by contacting the Shire on

All it takes is a Creative Spark! Job No: T660

Client: Wet N Wicked

Something BIG is coming pilbaraecho

mothers day sale 25% off all Ladies Rip Curl watches, Ladies Boardshorts and Thongs. Visit our store in the Centro, Karratha for these great savings! K

Please read and tick the corresponding box 

9186 8555 or online at www. “In recent weeks, a number of people have been approaching the Cleansweep crew members to tell them they are doing a great job,” Councillor Lockwood said. “It is great to see the community is behind us in our push to rid the Shire of rubbish. “I encourage people to take the next step and report litter to help the Cleansweep crew really get on top of this problem.” Cr Lockwood said, since January, the crew had collected more than 800 large bags of rubbish, as well

as everything from scooters and skateboards to bike tyres and batteries. “The crew members are a credit to our Waste Services Department, particularly when you consider how difficult this work would be in the summer months,” she said. The crew regularly visits litter hot spots throughout the Shire including Cleaverville, Back Beach in Karratha, Honeymoon Cove in Point Samson and Hearson’s Cove. To ‘Report the critter who likes to litter’ contact the Shire on 9186 8555 or visit

Wildlife watch: Red Back Kingfisher By Jennifer Fox The Red Back Kingfisher is an arid zone bird and well adapted to life in the desert lands more so than any of its relatives. They are able to live far from water and can get their moisture from the food they eat. They are nomadic over much of their range following their food with the rainfalls. Their flight is swift and direct and as with all kingfishers they hunt by perching high and watching. When they see prey they dive and seize it on the ground. They eat grasshoppers, beetles, frogs, small lizards and even young birds (as I soon found out!). Adult kingfishers have light turquoise coloured

wings and tail feathers with white throat, neck and breast. They have a black eye stripe that joins at the back of the head. The back of the bird is a reddish brown in colour and this is where the bird gets its name. The juvenile in the photo will get its adult plumage after its first moult. These kingfishers nest in burrows dug into creeks or river banks. They tend not to use termite mounds or tree hollows as other kingfishers do. Two to three eggs are laid and both parents tend the young. The juveniles fledge in just over three weeks. The bird in the photo was

• Juvinile Red Back Kingfisher

one of two chicks that came into care from Port Hedland. I had them in the brooding box along with three young peaceful dove chicks and learnt quickly that it’s not a good idea to keep meat eaters in with seed eaters as even at this very young age the eldest kingfisher chick decided to try and eat the youngest dove chick by taking its head in its beak! No serious harm was done and the dove survived to live another day, but I separated the two species after that.

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Pop ‘n’ Lock at Deckarts Studio Karratha DeckArts Studio was lucky enough to have a special guest run a Hip Hop masterclass for them on Thursday, April 21. Prash Boddeti who recently visited the region, has been teaching beginner to advanced hip hop dance lessons overseas for the past four years and has performed in many dance shows including an anti drug campaign show in Singapore. The DeckArts masterclass

was open to students aged five and 12 years old where Prash taught gliding, pop ‘n’ lock and other hip hop techniques during the hour and a half class. The students found it very challenging but at the same time great fun. Prash  finished the class by performing  a routine for the students and parents to show how it is done. DeckArts director Lea Cullen was thrilled to expose

her students to another teacher who brought a new style to the studio. “It was great to see boys and girls enjoying this style of dance class together,” she said. DeckArts runs classes in Ballet, Jazz, Tap, Music Theatre and Singing. If you would like to enrol, you can go to www.deckarts. com for all the latest DeckArts news.

Pilbara Fishing

• Prash Boddeti was at Deckarts Studio on Thursday, April 21

Easter catch

What’s on at the Karratha RSL

Jaxon Marriott and Brodie Stirling caught the family’s Easter fish while out with their dads off Dampier on Wednesday, April 21.   The boys brought in some awesome fish, this just being two of the mighty catch. The dads managed to land a few as well, not without a fight from the sharks though.

Friday nights from 6.30pm Barbecue dinners, drinks at very reasonable prices. Bingo every Monday night - eyes down at 7.30pm All most welcome.

Softball season starting soon Port Hedland Softball Association (PHSA) are preparing for the upcoming 2011 season starting on May 7. The first set of games will be played by A grade and A reserves. If you would like to join this season, you can still register by

contacting 0418 915 015. Players 11 years and onwards are more than welcome and juniors play for free. Coaches, umpires and sponsors are welcome also. For the 2011 season, specialised professional clinics

will be held through out the year to help you with your technique. To find a team, email info@ or contact a softball team directly. For more information visit au

Lets talk about sport Do you belong to a sports club or association? Are you travelling away to compete? At the Pilbara Echo we want to bring the news to you, thats all about your club. Contributing regular articles to the Echo helps promote awareness of your club, encourages more members and more fun for your club. Best of all, it’s a way we can help promote your club

for free! The Pilbara Echo is the only independent newspaper in North West Western Australia. Over 13,000 copies of the unique local newspaper are produced by an award winning team of locals and printed by Rural Press in Mandurah. The Echo truly is a community focused newspaper. It is made for the people, by the people who live and

work in the region. We cater for all the audiences in the area from the mining company familes through to long term residents and fly in fly out workers. We encourage contributions of news and events to the paper whether it be a business opening, a fundraiser or you belong to a sports club and you want to shout about your latest win then send it in to news@


Players Wanted Dampier Ladies Softball Club are seeking players for 2011 season. If your interested in playing in our A Reserve or A Grade Teams. Training is on Tuesdays at 5.30pm at the Windy Ridge Oval, Dampier. Please contact Sharon Sewell on 0427831187 or Missy Hands on 0448076110.



· · ·


We are looking for any interested people – whether parents or not, to help assist with ensuring that our Pilbara communities enter the Pilbara Rugby League competition this 2011 season. We know that the kids and parents of our Pilbara towns would hate to miss out – we have dozens of children asking us about rugby season every day. There is now a lot of assistance to get rugby league up and running in the Pilbara, including the existing clubs, Karratha and Port Hedland, and we are happy to help out with advice and more where we can We have access to coaching and refereeing clinics and more. We know that logistics of vast distances can provide a challenge in the Pilbara, but with support from our community, we have been told we can access assistance here. WARL (WA Rugby League) have said that the Pilbara is now the fastest growing junior rugby league association in Australia! So get on board now for the future of Junior rugby league in your community! The opportunities for our kids to have a future in this sport in WA has never been so bright and accessible! If you have any skills or knowledge of Rugby League whether coaching, refereeing, managing or would be happy to put your hand up to be on the committee or learn one of the above positions, we would be very interested in hearing from you. Being part of the junior rugby has been extremely rewarding for everyone involved here in the Pilbara. It’s a chance for a lot of us to be there and be involved with our kids sport, learn new skills and meet others – a bit of social networking at the same time! To ask any questions or register your interest for your town, please contact Kerry on 0409 606 176 or email Karratha. . We look forward to making the Pilbara even better for our kids! K


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• Some of the kids from ATA Hedland Tae Kwondo

• ATA Hedland club members at the seminar

Free Weekly 30 April 2011

Black belt award By Relma Bule

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visit our website: or search facebook: ‘Pilbara Echo’

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9A Crane Circle

Disarming knife wielding assailants, spinning kicks, wrists locks, and smashing thick wooden boards was all part of the ATA Hedland Tae Kwondo weekend seminar held at St Cecelia’s. The Hedland Tae Kwondo club had over 40 students who went through their paces with Tae Kowndo Master Mr Kim Seng who spent two days in Hedland. Mr Kim Seng is the head of the Australian Tae Kwondo Academy in Western Australia and one of the most senior Tae Kwondo representatives in Australia officiating at world championships. Hedland Club Instructor Tim Turner said they are lucky to have someone of Kim Seng’s calibre who guided them through the basics. “Which was important for this seminar due to the influx of new students,” he said. “We have a great group of parents who want to see their children excel. “Tae Kwondo really helps children with their concentration, coordination, fitness, memory, whilst having fun in a disciplined environment.” Several students including Relma Bule, Norm and Riley Caswell graded to red belt following the weekend.

• Best Grading Performances Nicholas Armstrong (Silver), Riley Caswell (Bronze), Kim Seng (7th Dan) Oscar Feurgerson (Bronze), Christine Soenen (Silver), Tim Turner (Gold) Nicholas Armstrong was the only student to be awarded a double grade, catapulting himself to a senior yellow belt, after greatly impressing Mr Kim Seng with his sparring. Tim Turner was awarded his black belt having completed all the requirements after rigorous testing over several hours. “I was ready for my black belt and it is a great personal achievement which gives me huge satisfation,” he said. “I really enjoyed smashing boards and throwing the senior men across the room for self defense.” The Hedland ATA has a focus on preparing the students for competition and practical self defense. Over the next two months the club will be preparing for Western Australian state championship in sparring and


0424 1020 1652 2251

1.59 4.21 1.14 4.03

Tue 3 Time Ht

0451 1047 1722 2319

1.48 4.36 0.96 4.12

Wed 4 Time Ht

0517 1113 1751 2345

Thu 5 Time Ht

Fri 6 Time Ht

1.41 0543 1.37 0012 4.14 4.46 1139 4.50 0610 1.38 0.85 1819 0.81 1208 4.50 4.15 1849 0.84

pattern work. The club will be looking to take a first time Hedland team and would welcome support through corporate sponsorship to assist minimise costs for students. The club will also be hosting ninjitsu master Brad Maher from Queensland for self defense seminar in May. Mr Maher has trained Queensland police and the Australian defence force in self defence and is visiting Hedland to support a newly established Hedland program Youth Opportunities Unlimited associated with ITEC Employment. If children and adults are interested in starting Tae Kwondo please contact Relma or Tim Turner on 0407729347 or direct enquiries via email at

pilbaraecho Sat 7 Time Ht

0040 0638 1238 1921


Visit for up to date boating weather.

4.08 1.44 4.43 0.94

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First race for the Easter Saturday season of Speedway Stableford Event The Port Hedland Speedway Club opened their gates for the first time this season last Saturday and Sunday for the Pilbara Open. A great turn out of from both Broome Hedland showed that sport of Speedway is alive and thriving.  

cars and the still

The chance of winning a 42 inch Plasma donated by Harvey Norman also brought the crowds. Saturday night was heat night with Junior driver Finlay Mills showing the boys up with taking out two of the three  junior heats.   In the Street Stock class 12 cars started, and Odin Smith from Broome dominated winning all three heats.   The Production class was anybody's guess with brothers Daniel and Matty Oreo and Mick 'racing man' Roberts all taking out a heat but followed closely

behind by Sandy and Dave MacPherson. After the end of the third night many cars went home to be worked on the next day to enable them to race the Sunday night.   Everybody was back for the finals on Sunday night and the crowd was treated to some exceptional racing. Finlay Mills maintained her excellent form and took home the Junior trophy followed closely by Hayden McKenzie and Tommy Roberts.   If the previous nights Street Stock heats were any indication, it would have appeared the trophy was heading to Broome with Odin Smith, however Odin blew his motor and enabled Shaun Peters to secure first place followed by local boy Ben Hands and Broome driver Lisa Grey.   The production class did

not disappoint, and after some intense racing Mick Roberts took the trophy home.   Sandy Macpherson and Daniel Oreo were not far behind securing second and third.   The feature race for the evening commenced after the finals and saw the Street Stocks and Productions racing together.   The racing was tough with only half the field finishing the 25 laps.   Ben Hands had a sprint to the finish with Shaun Peters by his side to secure his hat trick after winning it for the last two years. Followed closely Sandy MacPherson.   


The Port Hedland Speedway's next meet is Saturday, May 21 where there will be another great gate prize to give away.

By Monica Plane Forty four Karratha golfers participated in the Easter Saturday Stableford Event. Many thanks for this week’s sponsors, The Ball Recyclers. The weather was a pleasant mid 30 degrees and there was no strong breeze last week. In the novelty prizes, the nearest to pin on hole three was Mark Smyth, on hole eight was Michael Pennings, hole eleven was Kevin Clark and on hole number sixteen was Alan Carty. The longest putt on hole number two was Wayne Hanson. Brent Collier took out the best third shot on hole four and Michael Pennings on hole six. Best third shot on the back nine was Peter Schneider on hole twelve and Kevin Clark on hole fourteen. The longest drive on hole eighteen was Susanne Byrne. In the main event you had to score over 41 to win. In fourth place on 42 points was Shaun Uys and in third place on 44 was Bruce

Livingstone. Runner up for the day was Greg Keene on 44 and this week’s winner was Brent Collier on a top score of 48 points. Next week is an eighteen hole stableford event sponsored by Camy’s Sporting Supplies. Names must be in by 11am for an 11:30am tee off at the Karratha Country Club and Karratha Golf Club located on Searipple Road in Karratha. Anyone interested in playing golf is invited to come up and join. Members and guests are always welcome and social membership of the Country Club is available for a minimal fee. For more information call the clubhouse on 9185 1045. Alternatively, speak to men’s captain Michael Pennings on 0400 662 919; or ladies captain, Sharyn Wieland on 0438 397 811 for details of competitions and social golfing events.

2011 footytipping Simon Kot - Shire of Roebourne

Petina - DFP Recruitment

WC Eagles • Sudney P Adelaide • Richmond St Kilda • Essendon Collingwood

Melbourne • Sydney N Melbourne • Lions St Kilda • Essendon Collingwood POINTS - 21

Simon - NW Comms

George - Karratha First National Team WC Eagles • Sydney N Melbourne • Richmond Adelaide • Essendon Collingwood POINTS - 19


• Benny Hands - winner of the Pilbara Open

• Number 62 in front

WC Eagles • Sydney N Melbourne • Richmond St Kilda • Essendon Collingwood


Karratha Police Team WC Eagles • Sydney N Melbourne • Richmond Adelaide • Essendon Collingwood POINTS - 21

Mel - Echo Team Melbourne • Carlton P Adelaide • Richmond St Kilda • Essendon Collingwood


Clayton - McDonalds WC Eagles • Sydney N Melbourne • Richmond St Kilda • Essendon Collingwood


• Number 72 and number 17

• Number 83, 71 and 66

Round 6

Sharline - Desert Rose Hairdressers WC Eagles • Carlton P Adelaide • Richmond St Kilda • Essendon Collingwood


Corey - Harvey Norman Team WC Eagles • Carlton N Melbourne • Ricmond Adelaide • Essendon Collingwood POINTS - 23

Round 5 winners: Clayton Best tipster to date: Simon Kot & Clayton

Got Sport?

As a contributer-based newspaper, we accept articles from the public. Are you a part of a local sporting group? Keep people in the know with articles and results. • Some of the racers just before the race

Your local community newspaper



• Some of the guys getting ready


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Free Weekly 30 April 2011

Wanna play some hockey? Interested in playing some hockey but don’t know where to start? Head down to the Bulgara Oval on Wednesday nights from 6.30pm and join the friendly team in some not so competitive games. Players of all levels are welcome as there is a wide variety of different people with different abilities. Equipment is also available for people who do not have any. You can even go down as a casual basis for only $5 per game. Nickol Bay Hockey representer Steve Cook said it is a good social game where they don’t take things too seriously as it is all about participation. “We don’t worry about scores, we focus on having fun,” he said.

• Go play a game of hockey at the Bulgara Oval on Wednesday nights.

“We take away the competitive side of the game and players are never on the same side so they always get to play against different people. “There is no pressure to who wins or loses.” In other hockey news, the North West Hockey Championship will be held on May 21 from midday to 5pm. Other towns from the Pilbara region will be arriving in Karratha to participate as well. Respresenters from across the Pilbara/Kimberely region will be chosen to go ahead with the North West team Kimberely Croks to the Country Week Hockey Champs in Perth on June 4-6. For more information, you can contact Nickol Bay Hockey representer Steve Cook on 91 444 423.

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NW Communications & IT Specialists 9143 1134 Shop 2, 3912 Sherlock Cres, Karratha, WA, 6714 Mon - Fri 8:30am - 5pm

Thurs 8am - 8pm

Sat 9am - 2pm

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Pilbara Echo Edition 149 (30 April - 1 May 2011)  

Edition 149 | Volume 4

Pilbara Echo Edition 149 (30 April - 1 May 2011)  

Edition 149 | Volume 4