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pilbaraecho Edition 139 Vol. 4 - 19 - 20 February 2011



Schools across the West Pilbara closed due heavy rainfall.

Top London journalists visit Karratha.

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Karratha Visitor Centre prepare for upcoming tourist season With the tourist season soon approaching the Karratha Visitor Centre (KVC) have recently recruited more staff, including Dampier local Zoe Bell as a Tourism Trainee. Zoe Bell, aged 18 began her traineeship at the KVC early February and will remain there for the next nine months. Full story page 9

• General Manager KVC Kyle Barnes, Fiona Collins, Zoe Bell, Anna Winkler

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Free Weekly 19 February 2011

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Stormy Passage

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pilbaraecho echo what’sh t • Sunday Sessions Bored on a Sunday? Beatzworkin Productions is soon bringing Sunday Heat Wave to the All Seasons Hotel. Chill out by the pool, kick back and listen to the entertainment provided. More details to come soon. • Pilbara men are the most romantic! It seems the Pilbara is the place to be when looking for romance with rose sales in a local supermarket being the highest in WA. (Source

by Mikaela Rice The recent stormy weather in the Pilbara has created some perfect opportunities for some dramatic photography. Mikaela Rice (aged 14) recently took this photo as her and her family drove through a rain and sand storm from Port Hedland to Karratha.

echocelebrations Happy 7th Birthday to our gorgeous

what’snot • Treating yourself... or not One Echo reader was a bit annoyed when she went to dine out and was unable to purchase a decent bottle of wine to have with her meal. All of the vintage and special bottles were unavailable. Maybe the flooded roads have prevented any deliveries. • Another weekend of no fishing It seems the wind and rain has chosen to stick around, so unfortunately that’s another week without fishing. Unless you’re crazy of course and head out anyway!


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Free Weekly 19 February 2011



West Pilbara schools closed due to heavy rain Schools across the West Pilbara including Dampier, Karratha, Wickham and Roebourne were closed during the week due to minor flooding caused by unusually high and consistent rainfall. SES volunteers from Karratha had to respond to calls of assistance within the area and hundreds of people have been affected by water leaks into their homes and businesses. Wickham Primary School Principal Lisa

McMillan said that the school was closed on Wednesday 16 February but reopened the following day. “There was no major damage to the school apart from localised flooding in the playgrounds and some water leakage into the classrooms” she said. “As the school was only closed for one day, luckily there has been minimal disruptions to the school programs.” It was also reported that Roebourne Regional

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• The flowing waterfalls can be seen from the Dampier Highway Prison was put into lockdown because of the downpour.

gigalitres) and began overflowing Wednesday 16 February.

Rainfall figures for Karratha during February to date are already at 233.6mm, well above the average of 69.5mm, but not quite yet at record levels achieved during 2006 of 325.6mm.

The tropical low that caused the heavy rains has since formed into Tropical Cyclone Dianne, which continues to threaten coastal areas south of Coral Bay.

The heaviest fall recorded in Karratha was almost 50mm in one hour early on Tuesday morning at around 6.00am. The Water Corporation have commented that Harding Dam is currently at full capacity (64

• Water levels increased on the hills off Dampier Highway



A second tropical low, Ex Tropical Cyclone Carlos was located near Darwin and is expected to track along the Kimberley coast towards the Pilbara and cause further heavy falls on Tuesday or Wednesday.

Notice is hereby given to the public that there are currently no navigation lights atusethe Karratha Back Beach Boat Ramp Do not the ramp after dark. The public be notified once the repairs have been completed. We apologise for any duewillto a recent lightening strike. inconvenience this may cause. Notice is hereby given to the public that there are currently no navigation lights at the Karratha Back Beach Boat Ramp due to a recent lightening strike.

Do not use the ramp after dark.

For further information, please contact Max Thorbjornsen on 9186 8601. Alternatively, please contact Infrastructure Services on 08 9186 8594.

The public will be notified once the Collene Longmore have repairs been completed. We CHIEF EXECUTIVE OFFICER apologise for any inconvenience this may cause. For further information, please contact Max Thorbjornsen on 9186 8601. Alternatively, please contact Infrastructure Services on 08 9186 8594. Collene Longmore CHIEF EXECUTIVE OFFICER

Photos courtesy of Kim Hodge

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Free Weekly 19 February 2011

Nowhere to stay Last Thursday (10th February) I had an urgent matter for a friend of mine to seek accommodation in town for one night. For personal reasons the trip was completely unexpected from his side so he had no time to book accommodation and unfortunately couldn’t stay with myself as we already had other guests staying with us. He desperately needed a place to stay for the night so we started visiting every accommodation provider we could think of in Karratha, but had no such luck. Unfortunately everywhere was full, so we decided to try the Salvation Army’s Women’s Refuge thinking maybe they would let him stay there after they heard his situation. We arrived at the refuge but no one answered the door, it looked like it was abandoned. Although it was closed, I started to think, why do we have a refuge shelter for women in Karratha but not men? Is this fair? In the end my friend found a room in Point Samson which cost him quite a bit. This was because every accommodation provider in Karratha had been booked out by workers. It really frustrates me because we have various working camps that are supposed to cater for the workers. Why are they not staying there? Is the demand in the camps higher than the supply? Anonymous



The Karratha Women’s Refuge is funded to provide short term crisis accommodation for women and children escaping domestic violence. Many clients are in a very vulnerable state and due to the nature of the issues they present with dictates that we can not provide any emergency accommodation for men. On the night when there was no response, there could have been a variety of reasons such as a staff member attending to someone else whether in the refuge or out in the community, and there are times when the refuge is on high alert and male visitors can look very intimidating to our staff and clients. This was actually the case last week. We do agree however that there is a lack of accommodation options in Karratha particularly for men and we support the opinion that improved viable options of emergency needs are required. Thanks again Network Manager Karratha Women’s Refuge

The Pilbara Poet by Elise Batchelor

The rain we’ve been having has brought us many things, both amazing and challenging: From emerald hillsides and sublime skies to collapsed rooves, flooding and exponentially multiplying soggy washing. Here is a little rhyme of finding that extra special moment of joy in our crazy rainy summer.

A Puddle of Bubbles The rain in Spain falls mainly on the plain. Were we there, we would care and get out in it the same as the rain in my yard which is pelting down hard, soaking boots and basil shoots so my picnic plans are marred.

the rain in Karratha makes you want to laugh, huh? Sinking soggy ceilings soaking stuff which lets in drafts…nah… and the rain to Carnarvon has fed the cows once starvin’ now fat feasty happy beasties, least they’re out there laughin’.

And the rain, once again, is dripping in the plane on the head of a bloke who goes by the name of Wayne. And he laughs, nervously, and looks out the window, see, at the lightning, frightening; makes him need to pee.

Now, as the rain on the plane on Wayne or down the drain is clapping, lapping, I’m chilling just the same. For the rain where I now sit fills my bath, drip, drip, so I pour my bubbles til they doubles, feeling not a git.

For the rain up north has been winding back and forth bringing warnings, stormings and flooding which, henceforth, has made a swamp of my lawn from the dusk to the dawn and it’s sploshy, galoshy. Is that a floating prawn?!

You see, I’ve found me a hole out the front, not too cold and surprise surprise, it’s tub size and truth be told… It’s quite nice sitting here in my puddle deep and clear with my bubble bath and wine carafe, umbrella at the rear,

For the rain in Hedland looks a bit like bedlam, slapping, lapping, trees and roads and beach sand and the rain in Wickham’s pooling thick in slicks and spraying dirt with mud that’s girt by road trains’ tidal flicks and

wearing little, which is fine, for my clothes are on the line - everything - so not a thing left to keep me dry this time. So I’ll sit til it stops counting down the last raindrops, til the rain’s back in Spain…and the sun’s dried my tops.

Can you identify this man? After staying a night at the Best Western, Karratha, a woman and her family woke up in the morning to discover a flat tyre on their 4 wheel drive vehicle. They tested for any punctures but no such luck, until the owners discovered that their tyre had been purposely let down. The woman explained her predicament to front desk and they agreed to look through their CCTV footage which was conveniently angled towards the car. After a few minutes of searching they soon spotted their culprit.

A young, slightly intoxicated, caucasian male, aged early to mid 20s is seen at 23.48 heading towards the car and at 23.50 he is then blatantly seen letting the tyres down on the vehicle. Letting the tyres down on a vehicle is illegal and classed as Criminal Damage. If you recognise this person, please contact the Karratha Police Station on 9143 7200. The Police encourage victims of crime to always come forward and report any offences. Even outwardly unlawful acts committed by people against others is of great concern and interest to them.

• The male is first spotted heading towards the vehicle

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Free Weekly 19 February 2011



Cattrall Park closes for redevelopment • The playgrounds don’t currently have any shades due to the cyclone season

Children to be protected from sun with permanent shading in playgrounds Parents can soon be safe in the knowledge that their children are protected from the sun whilst playing in public playgrounds thanks to the Shire of Roebourne, as they spend more than $1.4million on permanent shade structures over 10 playgrounds in Karratha, Roebourne and Point Samson. The permanent shade structures will replace existing shade sails which have previously been an easy target for vandals and have had to be taken down during cyclone season, ironically the hottest time of the year. Work is to begin in Karratha early next week with parks on Richardson Way, Dodd Court, Smith Place and Malster Place closed to the public during construction which is expected to take around four to six weeks. A staged construction schedule will see fencing installed at Ausburn Park, Hillview Park and Miles Loop Park on 21 February, followed by closure of the Andover Way Park, Roebourne Aquatic Center playground and Point Samson Community Park on 28 February.

It is expected that work on all 10 playgrounds will be complete by mid April 2011. Shire of Roebourne President Nicole Lockwood said the provision of adequate shade was critical to playground safety. “Each year there are more than 200 days when the mercury soars above 30 degrees across the Shire of Roebourne and many of our playgrounds are deserted from October to April because the equipment is too hot to use,” she said. “As a mother of two I know how important safe, well designed and accessible playgrounds are to families with young children.” Councillor Lockwood said the Shire’s playground shade project was just one of many exciting new community projects that would deliver immediate improvements to public amenity and lifestyle options across the region in 2011. The $1.4million permanent playground shade project is supported by the Australian Government through its Regional and Local Community Infrastructure Program and the Shire of Roebourne.

Cattrall Park has now been closed off to the general public for at least three months as work has commenced on the $2.2million redevelopment.

Shire of Roebourne President Nicole Lockwood said the Cattrall Park redevelopment woud deliver first class public open space for all residents to enjoy.

Parking on Balmoral Road has been restricted to around 20 bays, so locals are encouraged to use the car park off Galbraith Road, near Pegs Creek Primary School.

“The complete makeover will include the construction of a children’s playground, barbecues, more seating and shade, path network, new plantings and enhancement of existing plus lighting throughout,” she said.

Pegs Creek will not be impacted by the redevelopment and will remain open for public use.

“The Shire of Roebourne is working hard to create

inviting open spaces to encourage locals to take advantage of the Pilbara’s enviable outdoor lifestyle and living opportunities.” Councillor Lockwood asks locals to be patient during the construction phase and cooperate with site contractor, Environment Industries site access and safety requirements. The $2.2 million Cattrall Park Redevelopment is part-funded by the Shire of Roebourne and the WA Government through Royalties for Regions.

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Free Weekly 19 February 2011

New catalogue to showcase housing in Karratha People wanting to build at Karratha’s Baynton West estate will now have a range of affordable housing choices to browse through in a catalogue, thanks to the Baynton West Builders. The catalogue features a number of innovative housing products from 19 builders participating in the area’s Pilbara Display Village. Prices start at $338,000 for a four-bedroom, twobathroom home in the LandCorp development. As a new concept for the Pilbara, Lands Minister Brendon Grylls said the initiative was about promoting affordable and climate-responsive design and, most importantly, showing the increased housing choices now available in the region. “A major goal of the State Government’s ‘Pilbara Cities’ initiative is to attract more builders and introduce more housing styles and choices in the region,” Mr Grylls said. “The catalogue clearly shows we have delivered on this promise. “Buyers looking to build their new home at Baynton West can go to the LandCorp website and download the catalogue to view a

• The Baynton West estate

being encouraged to offer homes with a high energy rating, water efficient appliances and look at ways of utilising water re-use.

Did you know?

Once complete, the Baynton West estate will eventually home 1100 houses. Source: LandCorp

variety of housing styles and specifications designed for different tastes and budgets. “A selection of the designs featured in the catalogue will soon be on show at the Pilbara Display Village where people can walk through homes and determine design aspects to suit their building needs.” The Minister said construction of the display village was under way with completion expected in mid2011. North West MLA Vince Catania said the Pilbara Display Village brought together builders from across the State, generating greater choice of competitive options. Mr Catania said the State Government was committed to attracting more builders to the region as well as supporting established local builders, to deliver affordable housing options, specifically designed for the Pilbara climate. In particular, builders were

The Baynton West Builders’ Showcase catalogue features home designs from BGC, Ausco Modular, McGrath Homes, Eaton Building, Formas, Prefab Building Systems, Ganan Group, Rapley Wilkinson, Colin Wilkinson Developments, Alternative Living, Summit North West, Timik Developments, TR Homes, Amoveo, Aussie Portables, Guardian Affordable Housing, Mitie Construction, Pilbara Residential Builders and TJR Building. LandCorp expects to bring the next residential release at Baynton West, Stage 8B, to the market in 2011. This will include 39 single residential lots and one grouped housing site. The Baynton West Builders’ Showcase catalogue can be downloaded from w w w. l a n d c o r p . c o m . a u / pilbaradisplayvillage

Largest Kitchen Manufacturer WA’sWA’s Largest Kitchen Manufacturer Small businesses to benefit WA’s Largest Kitchen Manufacturer NOW OPEN in Pilbara the Pilbara NOWWA’s OPEN rightright herehere in Manufacturer the from breakfast meetings Largest Kitchen

NOW OPEN right here in the Pilbara Small local businesses are soon ”Custom made kitchens fully installed or DIY, it’s your choice” ustom made kitchens fully installed or DIY, it’s your choice” NOW OPEN right here in the Pilbara to be educated about upcoming ”Custom made kitchens fully installed or DIY, it’s your choice” ”Custom made kitchens fully installed or DIY, it’s your choice”

economic development initiatives this month, as the first in a series of breakfast briefings is to be hosted by the Shire of Roebourne.

“Kitcraft’s aim Roebourne Shire Council “Kitcraft’s “Kitcraft’saim aim President Nicole Lockwood said is to ensure you first Small Business Breakfast is to ensure is “Kitcraft’s to ensureyou you the aim Briefing would outline significant projects the Shire planned to areofof proud of your areare proud your proud your is to ensure you progress in 2011. ” breakfasts will give small “These newkitchen kitchen arenew proud of new your””kitchen businesses an overview of what

Sonia” Vinci Soniakitchen Vinci new Sonia Vinci

we have planned for the coming 12 months and how they can be involved,” Councillor Lockwood said. “With significant growth in the (•08)( Please phone for opening Please phone for opening hours • (hours 9185 (085766 ) 9185 5766 Please phone for opening hours pipeline for this region, it is vital that Please phone for opening hours • ( (08) 9185 5766 we keep the business community Kitcraft Kitchens the phone KitcraftPlease Kitchens the for opening hours • ( (08) 9185 5766 abreast of upcoming opportunities New showroom at Kitcraft Kitchens the New showroom at with the Shire. to work New showroom at Lot. 2870 Cowle Road, Kitcraft Kitchens the Lot. 2870 Cowle Road, New showroom at “The breakfasts will also be a Lot. 2870 Cowle Road, Karratha Industrial Estate 6714 Karratha Estategreat 6714 opportunity for local business Lot. 2870Industrial Cowle6714 Road, Karratha Industrial Estate to network and share ideas.” Karratha Industrial Estate 6714 Ms Lockwood said the Shire would also launch its new Economic • (08) 9185 5766 • 0417 734 867 Prospectus at the first breakfast KITCRAFT KITCHENS the We’re also the Pilbara’s distributor for double glazing briefing on February 28. KITCRAFT KITCHENS the “The prospectus provides an KITCRAFT KITCHENS the We’re also thePilbara’s Pilbara’s double KITCRAFT KITCHENS thedistributor for also the Pilbara’s distributor for for double glazing We’re also the distributor double glazingglazing overview of who we are, what we

Sonia Vinci







uPVC Double Glazed Doors & Windows

uPVC Double Glazed Doors & Windows

uPVC Double Glazed Doors &uPVC Windows Double Glazed Doors & Windows

Well, I never...

According to the WA Department of Commerce, there are currently in excess of 2000 registered businesses within the Shire of Roebourne.

do and where we are heading, for those looking to do business in the Shire of Roebourne,” she said. “It will speak volumes to those new businesses, from near and far, seeking to be partners in the revitalisation of this region.” Four Small Business Breakfast Briefings will be held in 2011 and each will be free-of-charge for the business community to attend. The first briefing will be held on February 28, from 7.30 to 9am, at the Karratha International Hotel’s Goldfinch Room, with Nicole Lockwood the keynote speaker. Pilbara Cities General Manager Chris Adams will also deliver a short presentation on the latest Pilbara Cities initiatives in the region. Briefings will also be held at 7.30am on Monday April 4, Tuesday July 26 and Tuesday October 18 with venues to be announced.

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Free Weekly 19 February 2011


Recent rainfall turns national park green With the recent rainfall at Millstream Chichester National Park and surrounds over January and February, the countryside is now vibrant and green, with waterholes full to overflowing.

“While the country does look good after looking very dry for the last few years, and we understand people are naturally curious and keen to have a look, these areas will still look amazing after the rains have finished. “Some of the roads to the park may be closed by the Shire at times, so access will not be possible in any case.

About 160 mm of rain was recorded at Millstream Chichester National Park headquarters over January alone.

Python Pool was observed to be full just before Christmas, and the waterfall into the pool has been running intermittently ever since. Mr Godley pointed out that the water in pools is still murky and contains sediment at the moment, and will likely take some time for the water to clear. While this might seem to be a great time of year to get out and about, access to the Millstream area of the park is continuing to

“People may be disappointed after travelling long distances only to be turned around and denied access.

• Python Pool is flowing again be problematic, with water levels in the Fortescue River rising quickly after rain, restricting access on several occasions already this year. Mr Godley said that it is essential that travellers contact park rangers prior to visiting, to get an update on the latest road and river conditions. “During a recent weekend, ranger staff closed the park roads after another flow of the Fortescue River, and turned back 6 vehicles that were coming out to

Millstream. “None of the occupants had attempted to call the park before venturing out, and were not aware of the rising river. “This was despite the rainy, overcast conditions and rain in Karratha the previous night,” Mr Godley said. DEC Regional Leader of Parks and Visitor Services, Alex Bowlay, emphasized the need for local people to ensure national parks and roads are open before venturing out at this time of

“Vehicle access in certain places will only end up damaging roads, and people may put themselves and their vehicles at risk,” he said. Mr Bowlay has also advised local workers and residents to be prepared for changing road conditions in Pilbara national parks at any time.

Topic Enter and work in a Confined Space Work Safely at Heights 1st Aid Snake Handling Safety for Supervisors

Due to the isolation of our national parks and roads in the Pilbara, even up to date information can be outdated in a very short time” Photo courtesy of DEC, Karratha

Date 14,15,23 February 21, 22 February 24 - 25 February 17 March 29 - 30 March

Industrial Topic Forklift Elevated Work Platform Dogging

Date 1 - 2 March 3 - 4 March 8 - 12 March

Business Topic Excel 1 Excel 2 Word 1 Word 2

Date 18 Feb,21 March 22 March 17 February 24 March

Please contact our Karratha team 91596841

leave the airport in

hire a limo Luxury executive sedan service from Perth Airport Available for FLY IN FLY OUT WORKERS! Attractive rates: • From $60 (to Perth C.B.D) • $110 (to Rockingham, Fremantle or Joondalup) • $85 (other suburbs in between) A.B.C Limousines and Executive Sedans 0439 937 550 or 0407 470 610

International English Language Testing System is coming to the Pilbara.

The UWA Test Centre is pleased to announce that IELTS tests will be conducted in Karratha on Thursday 17th February 2011 & Saturday 7th May 2011. • Karratha Airport could apply for further infrastructure upgrades on a number of criteria, including the type of project; benefit to the community or region; integration with airport master plans; and environmental management. There is a lower limit of $10,000 for grants, but no upper limit. Last year, 39 regional airport projects were allocated $6.7million for infrastructure upgrades and maintenance programs to provide improved access

for communities, safer emergency evacuations and greater tourism opportunities. Since 1997, more than $26million has been used to leverage funding for projects with a total value of more than $76million. An information brochure and application forms are available at Applications close March 1, 2011.

For all information and how to apply for either of these tests, please visit our website: or contact the IELTS office on (08) 6488 2904 Please post all applications to: The UWA IELTS Test Centre, M438 35 Stirling Highway, Nedlands WA 6009 Places are limited. The Deadline for Applications is 10th February 2011 & 29th April 2011.


“Successful applicants can use the funds for ‘airside’ projects such as installing runway lighting, upgrading airstrips and erecting animal exclusion fencing. “The grants can also be put towards eligible ‘landside’ improvement projects such as developing terminal buildings, Royal Flying Doctor patient transfer facilities and installing security equipment.” Transport Minister Troy Buswell reinforced the scheme’s importance in ensuring regional communities had the opportunity to upgrade their airport facilities. “For many isolated communities, air services are an essential connection to the outside world,” Mr Buswell said. “I urge members of regional communities to approach their local authorities if they have a proposal to improve local aviation facilities.” Submissions are assessed

Safety Skills

“We are experiencing a wet summer with more rain forecast in the coming months.

Regional airports invited to apply for funds to improve infrastructure Local governments and other airport operators in Western Australia are invited to apply for a share of up to $7.46million in State Government funding to improve regional airport infrastructure. Regional Development Minister Brendon Grylls said the Regional Airports Development Scheme (RADS) funding was aimed at improving aviation infrastructure and services to ensure regional airports were developed and maintained to support communities, business and tourism. “RADS grants are an excellent way to improve regional Flying Doctor access, enhance regional development and help boost tourism. That is why we have significantly boosted the scheme with additional funding of $22million over four years from the State Government’s Royalties for Regions program,” Mr Grylls said.

Training for Today Skills for Tomorrow

the year.

The down side is that access for the public is being hampered by wet and slippery roads, and high, fastflowing river crossings.

Senior Ranger Scott Godley stated that the rain has done wonders for the country with creeks, pools and the Fortescue River experiencing welcome water flows.



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Free Weekly 19 February 2011

Widening of North West Coastal Highway contract awarded A $755,000 contract to design and document the widening of Onslow Rd and a section of North West Coastal Highway has been awarded to Sinclair Knight Merz. Transport Minister Troy Buswell said the contract involved the design and construction documentation for widening of the full length of Onslow Road (79.4km), and North West Coastal Highway from the Minilya Exmouth Road Intersection to Barradale (14km).

providing greater separation between passing vehicles and eliminating the deterioration of the shoulders. “This work will be especially beneficial for vehicles towing boats and caravans and improve road safety for locals, tourists and the increasing amount of the road’s traffic. “As a result, transport and economic efficiency will be improved and the road will operate at an improved service level.”

“Main Roads proposes to widen the nominal 6.2m seal to a nine metre seal on a 10m pavement,” Mr Buswell said.

The contract commenced at the end of January 2011, with work expected to be completed by August 2011.

“The widening of the roads will provide a safer environment for road users by

Main Roads Western Australia Gascoyne Region is managing the project.

Financial assistance available to help new community groups


Up and coming community organisations can now apply for financial assistance through a new scheme introduced by the Shire of Roebourne. Roebourne Shire Council President Nicole Lockwood said the Community Groups Assistance Scheme would support the establishment of new community groups, clubs and associations. “In its infancy, a new community group will often be faced with the financial burden of incorporation, insurance and equipment, at the very least, which can cost thousands of dollars,” Councillor Lockwood said. “This grant will help fledgling community groups cope with establishment costs they may not otherwise be able to afford. “As a result, this scheme could be the difference between a new group taking off or stumbling at the starting blocks.” Cr Lockwood said time was running out to apply for grants from the new assistance scheme as the third-quarter community funding round closed on Friday 18 February at 4pm. “Grants are also available to existing not-for-profit sporting and community organisations, associations and committees,” she said. “These groups are the heart

and soul of our community and they make the Shire of Roebourne a better place to live. We are proud to support them.” Cr Lockwood said in the October round of grants, the Karratha Amateur Swimming Club received a grant for club swimmers to travel to their annual Country Pennants meet, to be held in Kambalda next month. “In the same round, the Salvation Army received a grant to help fund its Carols by Glowlight event, held in Dampier in December last year,” she said. “These are just two of the many grants received by the community from this scheme, designed to enhance the development of individual and community wellbeing.” In the 2009/10 financial year alone, the Shire of Roebourne helped almost 30 individuals, groups and organisations achieve their goals, host events, purchase new equipment, improve facilities or amenities or get specialist training or coaching. For more information about the Sport and Recreation Grants, Community, Arts and Culture Scheme and new Community Groups Assistance Scheme, visit or contact Shire of Roebourne Community Development on (08) 9186 8555.

Mad dogs and Englishmen By Donna Kelly There were no mad dogs but two Englishmen went out in the midday sun when they visited Karratha last week. Journalist Patrick Barkham and photographer Graeme Robertson, from London’s The Guardian Newspaper, spent just over two weeks in Australia courtesy of Tourism Australia. The pair visited Queensland before making their way to the Pilbara for a five-day trip to take in Aboriginal rock art, experience the resources boom, check out the Red Dog story and visit the historic towns of Roebourne, Cossack and Point Samson. Mr Barkham, who spent two years in Australia ten years ago, said both he and Mr Robertson were overwhelmed by the hospitality of the Pilbara. “We have had such a warm welcome to the region, we have been invited to homes for barbies, and eaten fish straight off the boat and wonderful steaks,” he said. “It has been amazing.”

Did you know?

The Guardian, originally named The Manchester Guardian was founded in 1821, and in January 2011 the certified average daily circulation was 279,308 copies.

Mr Robertson, who admitted to being surprised “thongs” were banned in some Australian hotels, said the biggest challenge for a photographer in the Pilbara was the intense light but he had taken some of his best photographs in the region. A rainbow appearing while taking photographs of the North West Shelf Venture LNG project from the air was just one of many spectacular moments, he said. “I am pretty lucky – things just happen for me,” he said. Mr Barkham and Mr Robertson were also lucky to procure the services of Rio Tinto cultural heritage specialist Dr Ken Mulvaney who took them, and staff from the Karratha Visitor Centre, on a tour of Deep Gorge’s petroglyphs.

Dr Mulvaney showed the journalists rock art which varied in age from 1000 years to 30,000 years. They were also introduced to Aboriginal art on East Lewis Island by Dampier resident Brad Beaumont – followed by a swim in azure waters. Articles and photos from the Australian trip will appear in The Guardian, one of London’s largest newspapers, over coming months. Karratha Visitor Centre general manager Kyle Barnes, who coordinated the journalists’ visit, said the international coverage was a real coup for the region. “To have readers of The Guardian finding out about what we have on offer here is a great bonus for tourism to Karratha and surrounds,” he said. “Both Patrick and Graeme said this was the highlight of their trip to Australia – and they hoped many readers would also find themselves keen to experience the Pilbara, and its varied experiences, for themselves.”

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Nominate WA’s most extraordinary women Is there a woman in your life that you look up to? Is she influential and highly successful? This year will mark the 100th year of International Women’s Day (IWD) on 8 March 2011. The day will be a world wide celebration of every woman, past, present and future and their outstanding achievements. West Australia will be celebrating 100 years of IWD by recognising these extraordinary women. West Australians are encouraged to nominate influential and successful women they know, whether through work or from their local community, past or present. One hundred West Australian women will then be introduced into the WA Women’s Hall of Fame

Did you know?

Did you know that the two highest IQ’s ever recorded, on a standard test, both belonged to women? (According to

during a special event on Monday 7 March. The inaugural event is being held the night before IWD to celebrate these unsung heroines from all corners of the state. When it comes to successful women in the Pilbara, Managing Director of Rio Tinto Dampier Salt Ltd and HIsmelt Denise Goldsworthy was awarded 2010 Telstra Businesswoman of the Year. Rio Tinto will be supporting the event and a number of events surrounding IWD. For nomination forms or to learn more about IWD visit


Big plans to expand tourism in Karratha With the tourist season soon approaching, the Karratha Visitor Centre (KVC) have recently recruited more staff, including Dampier local Zoe Bell as a Tourism Trainee. Zoe Bell, aged 18 began her traineeship at the KVC early February and will remain there for the next nine months. Whilst at the KVC, Zoe said she will be promoting the tourist attractions the region has to offer as well as publicising the KVC brand. She will also be promoting the new ‘Secrets of the Pilbara Coast’ brand, jointly developed by the KVC and Roebourne Visitor Centre. “I’ll use the knowledge that I learnt at St Lukes College to promote the tourism in Karratha, by organising events and making the KVC more of a part of the community,” she said. “We’ll be attending and helping out at more events to get our name out there and organising events through

• Fiona Collins, Anna Winkler, Zoe Bell and General Manager KVC Kyle Barnes.

the tourist centre like new tours.” After Zoe’s nine months training she will study at the Edith Cowen University (ECU), Perth and gain a Batchelor of Events, Recreational and Sports Management. As part of Zoe’s training, she will be involved in events management as well as front counter duties to gain a good overall knowledge. KVC’s General Manager Kyle Barnes said that having Zoe will bring another side to the team.

POLICEWATCH Karratha Police want to remind members of the public of fines and infringements so to avoid being issued one. I will start with informing you about street drinking fines, these fines can be issued to anyone drinking alcohol in a public area. A public area includes reserves, footpaths and roads. Street drinking also includes drinking in a vehicle that is on a road. It is illegal to drink alcohol whilst in a vehicle whether you are the driver or the passenger. If you are the driver of

a vehicle and you have allowed others to drink in your car or bus you are liable for a fine of up to $2000. These fines are out there to protect members of the community that are enjoying a walk in the park or along the street, they do not want to bump into any intoxicated people or walk over any smashed bottles. If you are caught drinking in a vehicle, park, reserve or on the road you could be hit with a fine of up to $2000. Statistics: Karratha Police receive reports of all different offences and these reports are entered onto our

database. The officers will then investigate the crimes and locate the offending parties. The reported offences last week included three Burglary; two Assault; three Damage; eight Stealing; and one Trespass. Last week Karratha Police arrested or summonsed 26 persons with 36 charges. These included; six Unlicenced Motor Vehicle; six No Drivers Licence; three Excess 0.05%; five Excess 0.08%; one Driving Under the Influence; one Assault; two Arrest Warrants; one Dangerous Driving; one Posses Prohibited Weapon; and

10 Other charges. As you can see Karratha Police were busy arresting and charging offenders for the reported offences as well as other charges that Police deal with on a day to day basis.

“It will be good to have her in the mix and to make up an eclectic team,” he said. “A good eclectic team normally compliment one another”. Kyle explained that once Zoe has completed her studies at ECU, he hopes that she will return to the Pilbara as a tourism professional. “In the same way that it is our aim of the Karratha and Districts Tourism Association to incubate new tourism orientated businesses, we aim to incubate Zoe as a tourism professional.”


A reminder about drinking alcohol in public areas By First Class Constable Newby


New Perth Luxury Transport Service Chauffeur Driven in Luxury Vehicles from $88p/hr

Other offences that are not listed include Serious Crimes and other Driving Offences. The frontline Police Officers are working around the clock investigating these crimes as well as pro-actively patrolling the streets. Keep up the good work Karratha Police!

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Have your artwork WA Charity SIDS and Kids displayed at the airport Western Australia search The Shire of Roebourne is calling upon local artists to apply for the chance to have their work exhibited at Karratha Airport. With over 700,00 passengers expected through the airport in 2011, Shire of Roebourne President Nicole Lockwood said this would make the art space in the arrival terminal an ideal venue for enthusiastic artists to showcase their work. “Every day, hundreds of inbound passengers admire the work on display and this provides great exposure, especially for upcoming artists,” Councillor Lockwood said. “I very much enjoy the stroll through the arrival terminal when you see a new series of photographs or paintings for the first time. “I particularly like those

that capture the essence of the Pilbara.” Each artist selected to exhibit will have their work on display at the airport for six weeks and they may choose to have their pieces for sale or for exhibition only. “As one of the busiest regional terminals in the country, Karratha Airport now functions as a hightraffic exhibit space for local artists,” Cr Lockwood said. “I am pleased that through this space we are able to help artists reach out to a larger audience and generate more excitement and interest in art and photography here in the Pilbara.” If you would like to apply to exhibit your artwork at the airport contact Brittany Moxham on (08) 9186 8555 or brittany.moxham@

for volunteers in Tom Price

WA charity SIDS and Kids regional areas, so we’d love to SIDS and Kids WA’s free Western Australia is heading to hear from people keen to help information session for health professionals is being held on Tom Price in a bid to find new other families.” volunteers to help support Ms Gaebler said new and Wednesday March 9. parents who’ve experienced existing Peer Supporters would The session is designed the death of a child, as well as also benefit from a new online to update professionals on bring health professionals up training program. contemporary approaches to speed with the latest in the “Being able to use web- to grief and bereavement field of bereavement support. based training eases the time when working with families SIDS and Kids WA CEO and travel burden on those following the death of a child. Shauna Gaebler said the group families who want to help It will focus on the grief was thrilled to have secured because they now can skill processes of bereaved parents, fresh funding from Lotterywest themselves up from the comfort current models and theories of to help expand its regional of their own home, using their bereavement and grief, SIDS support network. own computer,” she said. & Kids Bereavement Services “Our volunteer Peer “Our volunteers play a vital information as well as issues Supporters are mums and role because the demand for involved with working with dads who have themselves our services is significant and bereaved families in a regional town. gone through the trauma we can’t do it alone. of their child passing away To register your interest in “Each year in Australia, and now dedicate their more than 3200 children – the seminar or the regional time to supporting others from conception to 12 years- Peer Supporter program, please • Dampier • Roebourne going through similar tragic old – lose their lives Karratha email • Wickham administrationwa@ through Tom Price • Paraburdoo • Pannawonnica experiences,” she said. or call (08) miscarriage, stillbirth, sudden 3 - 4 - 5 September 2010 And over 850 online visitors to “We have a valuable group infant death syndrome and 9474 3544. of people already performing accidents and our counsellors Bereaved parents are this role but we would love and peer supporters are there welcome to call SIDS and Kids to have more hands on deck for the parents of all of those WA’s 24-hour Peer Support Line on 1800 68 67 80. to help out especially in the children, as needed.”

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Apex Karratha Garden Party Pet Watch by Kelsey Creswell a huge hit A few weeks ago Karen Dean was doing her regular newspaper deliveries and came across a dog. Fortunately it was wearing a collar and tag with a phone number so it didn’t take long for the owner to be located. Finding dogs on the street is as regular an event as her paper run! As an avid animal lover and SAFE supporter she makes a habit of returning any lost dog to their owners. The only difficult part is when the animal is not wearing current identification. Many times Karen has not been able to return

of the biggest events on a missing dogOne as Karratha’s social calendar, the Apex she did not have Karratha Garden Party was a huge any information success. as to whom it Held in Cossack on Saturday 28th belonged. August, the party goers travelled Keeping upby bus and were treated to a day dated identificaof fine food, dancing and fancy tion on your pet is dress. a simple and easy event attracted many way to ensure The the • Karen Dean made sure little Gizmo characters including the whole likelihood that was safely returned to his owners gang!. your animal Flinstones will For more photos be returned to you in the Registration Records or asee pages 12 and 13. scanner to access Owners event it escapes from your through their Microchip, care. PILBARA hence the importance of All dogs must be FISHING your dog always wearing registered with the PHOTOS a collar and tag with your Shire and ideally also See page 30 current mobile number. microchipped. for all the Pilbara this ensures Fishing action Having Individuals in the that your animal can be community who generally identified START YOUR and returned WEEK A find these dogs do not like Gizmo was WITH thanks to FREE COFFEE have access to Shire Karen Dean. & NEWSPAPER see page 3

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Cat burglar caught red handed A thieving cat has been caught on camera, stealing over 600 items from neighbours’ homes in a California town, reports said. Dusty the cat burglar was videoed by a nightvision camera carrying everything from a bath sponge and a toy dinosaur to a neighbour’s bikini top down the street in San Mateo, south of San Francisco. “Towels, gloves, shoes, socks and children’s toys,” owner Jean Chu told local ABC News television, listing the various household goods her pet has brought home. “He took my mum’s swimming clothes,” added

one neighbour’s five-yearold, after the cat was finally fingered for the theft of some 600 items over the past three years. Infrared video of Dusty showed it carrying a string of stolen goods in his mouth, including one item of clothing so big and long that the cat’s back feet were splayed as it hobbled along the sidewalk, dragging its bounty. Neighbours have renamed Dusty “Klepto the cat” after he was caught red-pawed following an investigation by Animal Planet, which featured him in one of its TV shows this week. Source:



Government Rebates Boost Property Investor Returns ADVERTORIAL

Not a lot of investors are aware of the tax free rebates that are available for property investors under the Governments National Affordable Rental Affordability Scheme (NRAS).

Under the program, investors receive over $100,000 over 10 years tax free when considering the annual ‘rental CPI’ indexation in the program. “When all things are considered, the NRAS scheme turns negative gearing into positive returns”, according to NRAS developer Steve Fairbairn.

“The investors get paid to achieve capital growth and this makes the program a real boost for investors that want to build up their property portfolio for their future financial needs” Fairbairn says. Fairbairn, who represents the Greenfield Capital group that have an NRAS approved project in the resources ‘golden triangle’ in Queensland says, “that when you analyse the investment, over 1/3 of the cash flow comes from rental income and the balance is split between tax claims and the tax free NRAS rebates paid by the State and Commonwealth Governments”. On top of that, the investor picks up $3000 or more per year in net positive cash flow depending on their incomes. “Most property investors are faced with “topping” up to cover interest and expenses with around $100 per week being typical of the amount required from the investors pocket”, according to Fairbairn. “The net advantage to NRAS investors is therefore around $150 per week compared to typical property investment”, claims Fairbairn.

Investors can participate in the NRAS program for a limited time as development applications were cut off in December 2010 and the Gillard Government has cut back approvals from 50,000 to 35,000 as part of the recently announced spending cuts. “Stock is very sought after and the best packages go fast”, says Fairbairn. “With the cutbacks, there will be even more demand than what we saw in 2010 when the smart investors got into the program and some have even come back for a second bite”, Fairbairn explains.


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Free Weekly 19 February 2011

A multicultural feast by the pool

• Students Sara, Karn and Moon

English class caters for all cultures Pilbara TAFE celebrated different cultures on campus recently as it held an open day for new students in its Certificate in General Education for Adults (CGEA). Lecturers Lindy Chan and Stella John said it was wonderful to welcome so many students to the course, from those with English as a second language to those with English as a first language who want to brush up on their existing reading and writing skills. “The wonderful thing about this CGEA class is that it has two different angles so we can teach both streams of learning,” says Lindy. “One aspect concentrates on students who wish to improve their current levels of literacy and are looking for extra employability skills, while the other gives students practise with speaking and writing English.” “There are people from many different backgrounds coming to this course, including people from Cambodia, India and Indonesia (to name a few places!),” Lindy says.


“We also encourage Aboriginal people to come along, as well as those women returning to the workforce after being fulltime mums.

It’s a great place to learn in a friendly environment, with lecturers who really care about your progress.” Students Moon, Sara and Karn were very enthusiastic about being at Pilbara TAFE. “This is the chance to improve our English and share stories with new friends,” says Karn. “It’s also the place to get more education so we can find out what other courses are available once we are more confident with our writing skills.” Travis from Karratha was another smiling face in the class. The popular Karratha lad said he was looking forward to building on the skills he’d learned last year. “I like the fact that everyone’s friendly and I can learn about computing as well as writing resumes and building a work portfolio,” says Travis. “I know that the skills I’m learning here will put me on the right pathway to getting a job.” For more information about classes that can teach you how to communicate more effectively in English and improve your opportunities for employment, call Pilbara TAFE on 1300 304 244.

On 13 February the Pilbara Multicultural Association (PMA) held their first event for 2011 at the Karratha Aquatic Centre. Those present at the pool enjoyed their day with a sausage sizzle and food from India, Brazil, Philippines and South Africa. Everyone at the pool savoured new dishes and met new people on a gorgeous Sunday afternoon. The PMA’s objectives are to celebrate our uniqueness as different cultures, to exchange and integrate ideas and traditions; to improve intercultural communications and understanding, languages and personal contact with our own and other ethnic groups; to provide opportunities for all migrants to foster social integration with the multi ethnic composition of the

• Peope from different cultures joined at the Karratha Aquatic Centre

Pilbara and to promote the diverse range of cultures to the wider community. The next event will be held on 19 March on Harmony Day. More details will be released through email and media near the date.

If you are interested in joining the PMA, memberships are $20.00 per family per year, or if you would like to know what the PMA is up to, please send email to pma. or contact Josie Kittle at (08) 9185 4539.

Dampier Primary welcomes new teachers Dampier Primary School has not only welcomed the new students in the first term but three new teachers also. Nathan James, Philippa Browne and Mick Cuneo are making 2011 their first year teaching at Dampier Primary School. Nathan James, originally from Margaret River has previously worked as a relief teacher in Gingin and Perth before moving to the Pilbara. He’s already been in Karratha for a year teaching at Karratha Primary and is now looking forward to teaching years four and five at Dampier Primary. “I really enjoy teaching maths and science and trying to make it enjoyable for the students,” he said. “Hopefully I will be able to pass on this passion and get the students engaged and excited about these subjects.” Philippa Browne from Balclutha, New Zealand is no stranger to the Pilbara region either having previously taught at Roebourne District

• Nathan James, Philippa Browne and Mike Cuneo begin their first year at Dampier Primary School

High School. Philippa will be teaching year two at Dampier Primary School and has already begun their first project which she says she is learning more about each day. “Our topic this term is Australia so I am looking forward to learning more about this country” she said. Finally, Mick Cuneo from Perth has taught at many schools before including Lake Grace DHS, Scaddan PS, Esperance SHS, Westfield Park PS, Gnowangerup DHS

and Atwell College (SHS). This year he will be teaching years five and six with their first project being all about natural disasters. Fairly new to the region, Mick is looking forward to experiencing the sporting activities the Pilbara has to offer. “Being an ex footballer I’m looking forward to following the local footy,” he said. “I’m also looking forward to playing indoor cricket and head out fishing.”

pilbaraechomums & bubs

MyTime will make time

please send your photos to Riley Jenna Don 25th January 2011

James Don and Tracy Greentree are proud to announce the arrival of their gorgeous daughter Riley Jenna Don, who was born at 4:58am on January 25th, 2011. Riley was 51cm long and weighed 3.18kg. We would like to thank our mums, Grandma and Nana, who travelled to Karratha for this special event and helped in more ways than can be mentioned. Also, a huge thank you to the brilliant midwives at Nickol Bay Hospital, in particular, Kath, Sue, Allanah.

Jai Sidney Perkinson

Samantha Jorgensen and Troy Perkinson are the proud parents of their little baby boy Jai Sidney Perkinson born 24th November 2010 at King Edward Memorial.

We would like to thank the Dr’s and nurses at Nickol Bay Hospital for all their assistance and support leading up to the birth of our son.

Larson James Greenfield 15th January 2011

Mark and Melanie Greenfield are delighted to announce the birth of Larson J Greenfield, born at King Edward Hospital on 15th January, 2011 at 6:55pm. Larson weighed 3505g, and measured 52cm long. Thanks to all staff at KEMH for the safe arrival of Larson.

Jaxsyn Colin Jason Pollock 31st December 2010

Jaxsyn Colin Jason Pollock born 31st December 2010 at Nickol Bay Hospital (3 weeks early) weighing in at 9Ib 1.5oz and 52cms long. Jaxsyn is a little brother to Jokyla 10, Jontae 9 and Jakira 5. Joanie and Tony would like to thank the amazing midwives Sally and Shirley for the safe delivery of Jaxsyn. Sally was entertaining and excellent  during the labour and birth and Shirley was excellent for the birth and aftercare. Apologies go out to Robin Franich (midwife)  who missed the birth of Jaxsyn... he just didn’t want to wait until the 9th to be born.

Cooper Alan McCorkell 27th December 2010

Katie Jordan and Ashley McCorkell are thrilled to announce the arrival of their beautiful baby boy, Cooper Alan born on the 27th December 2010 at 2.44pm weighing 11 pound 1 ounce. Cooper is a little brother to Jamie lee, Daniel, Sarah and Molly. A huge thanks to all the staff at Nickol Bay Hospital.

Local parents and carers of children with a disability or chronic illness can now access support and information at the MyTime peer support group in Tom Price. The new group is jointly provided by Ngala and the Parenting Research Centre and is held weekly at the Nintirri Neighborhood Centre. MyTime is a national program of facilitated peer support groups for mothers, fathers, grandparents and anyone caring for a child with a disability or chronic illness, such as down syndrome, autism or cystic fibrosis. The groups provide a place for parents and carers to get together, talk about issues and ideas, get up-to-date, research-based information, and support each other. Each MyTime group has a facilitator and a play helper. The facilitator helps parents get to know each other and offers information and ideas for group discussion. The play helper leads the children in activities, so that parents and carers are free to engage with each other. Warren Cann, Executive Director of the Parenting Research Centre, says that caring for a child with a disability or chronic medical condition brings “an extra level of intensity to a parent’s role”. “The intense nature of the role means it can be hard for

and beyond

parents and carers to find the time to get out and socialise with others. This can lead to feelings of isolation and frustration and increase the risk of depression.” “Research shows that supportive community connections are critical for parents and carers of children with additional needs. MyTime groups provide a place for them to celebrate milestones and day-to-day achievements, and to support each other during the hard times.” Tom price My Time facilitator , Tracie Gibson says that MyTime groups provide parents with an opportunity to become more connected to their local community. “This local MyTime group will help parents, not just through friendships with other parents and information sharing, but also through links to services and programs in the area.” MyTime is funded by the Australian Government through the Department of Families, Housing, Community Services and Indigenous Affairs and nationally coordinated by the Parenting Research Centre. To find out more about this MyTime group, or to arrange an interview, please contact Tracie Gibson on 91892153 drop into Nintirri Neighborhood Centre, Tom Price.


SAFE ‘N’ SOUND AVAILABLE IN STORE Authorised Fitter (by appointment only) We also stock: • Maternity Wear • Prams • Baby wear • Gift wear • Swim Wear • Sports Wear • Nursing Lingerie • Accessories

Phone Fran 9185 6336 | 4/18 Hedland Place Mon-Fri 9am-4pm Sat 10am-2pm Other times by appointment! LIKE Bellyfruit and Beyond to get the updates on what’s new and on special!

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accommodation for sale available

accommodation for sale available

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SANYOBedTV and 36cmbreakfast, for sale Located still in BALI good condition, contact in Canggu 3.5km $25 fromono the beach, 0437202468 for board more details. P.Sairport is not surfi ng tours, rental, digital but can used with set top box. pick up. US$65 double / $55 Single SATELLITEbreakfast. Dish for roof info not includes for more freestanding for sale. Dismantled contact: ready to go. $250.00 ONO Tel: BUS/Motorhome 36ft sleeps 5, 91852025 modern fitout, raised roof, fully SEA Container 20ft Tropical Roof, enclosed trailer,$2700 too many extras Lined inside ono Phone: to mention. Available in Denmark. 0419934043 $140k. Ph 0428400350. SEA Container. **REDUCED** COUPLE (young housework. hold) $500. room 20ft Needs some 20428105790 rent $500 a wk + power, non smoker preferred, SEA Kayak (Sit in must not onlike top small type) dogs, tidyto +theworking. suitablebefor neat, O/N trips islands. 0447944785 Includes paddle, spray skirt, buoyancy vest, safety float. FLATMATE WANTED to $1000 share ono. 0439707553 2bdrm unit with easy going 23yo female. cleanx and SHADE Must Sail,be5.5 3.6tidy x and 2.4 pref smoker. mtrs non JP Trim Shop$425 Madeincludes 2007, Stainless Steel fi2ttings,stainless Power & water.Plus weeks bond. wire rope,double stitched,galvo turn Ph/text:0437338022 available now buckles, terracotta color, $300 ONO FULLY furnished room including 0439914186 TV and DVD Player in Pegs Creek SHED,4 by 2m,Seeking 2m high. Already KARRATHA. CLEAN & dissembled relocation. TIDY single for mature person.Consists Not a of 7 house. pieces.$300.00 PH. party $400 per o.n.o. week, two 91855101 weeks in advance and 2 weeks bond. SHED:234 3m369x 3m garden shed 12 0413 months old, VGC $750 ono. Table: FULLY furnished extra large 2m xvery 2mlarge heavymaster duty room ample outdoorwith table with cupboard steel framespace and in KARRATHA. CLEANbed: & timber top VGCSeeking $500. Bunk TIDY mature Notnota doublesingle bottom, single person. top mattress party house. $400Ph: per0408310551 week, two included VGC $200 weeks in advance and 2 weeks bond. SHIPPING CONTAINER 20FT 0413 GOOD234 369 CONDITION SUITABLE FOR FURNITURE $3000 OUTGOING friendlySTORAGE female looking 0419046780 for working, house trained female to share outdoorBlack pet friendly unit SOFA 2x1 bed/Futon. steel frame close to centro. with blue pattern $350pw mattress.NOT Foldsincl to double bed. As new iscondition. bills moving in cost 2 weeks Never bond used.1$200, 438929323 plus week ph in advance - $1050. Pet bond house. Ph SONYextra 68cm- not CRTa party TV and cabinet. Bree 0457310982. Excellent picture, works well. Includes manual Available, and remoteKing control. $100bed, call ROOM Single 0437 488705 Drawers and wardrobe, $550p/w, no SPA -26weeks seater,bond Timber framing, good bills, required, sharing condition. $3000easy ono ph 0409952766 with 2 quiet going people, close town. Ph0428182386 SPA toLANARK 8 SEATER, wood surround,Available, lots of features, new ROOM MillarsnearWell, cond, chems andwith manual inc $6990 Furnished room TV and DVD, 0415224166 Aonoshare house with 3 other people SURF SKIno 4m 12Kg $500p/w bills, fi2breglass weeks bond adjustable length suit female or required. Phleg0429183682 junior includes paddle and roo frack ROOM Available. Very close to cradles. Can test in Dampier harbour centro (5minsellon$1200 foot) 0439949374 couple for cost $2200 $460. Mark Prefer non smoker, neat and tidy people. If interested in, please TABLE Antique Wooden with Turned text 0466366331 Requires restoration to return to ROOM for rent 350arepwinto single former glory. If you this 450 type of woodwork come have a look doubles plusplease amenities available $500. 0416042359 from 2nd march call matt on 0405429309 5:30 pm TIMBER slabs.after sheoak. From $50 ea ph 0407 for 447 rent 126 in Dampier flat. ROOM Available March. for TOYOTA ota1stPrado DashLooking Mat - beige $20 - 0427258044 clean, respectful and employed person. Non-Smoker, no pets. $300 TRAMPOLINE on legs, rectangle, p/w 0400175356 3000+ xbills. 1900,Phpads covering springs. $100 91444229 ROOM for rent in Port Hedland, Cooke Point. Sharing with family TRANSPORTABLE commercial kitchen.converted 20 ftfull s/stime seatainer. (2 kids). Must have dayWalk employment. in coolroom, Short-term a/c, h/w/s,fine. s/s time benches,bed servery, verandah, coved Double in room. $400/week, floor, 331 some 0457 101equip inc. Very neat. Currently in Geraldton. $36,000. ROOM for rent, central KTA, to share 0419198790. 3bdrm home with 3 others, must be TV employed, CABINET 2tidyshelve glass great F/T and non smoker. condition, never used did not suit 0424447705 Robi. decor $550 Please call 0414953605 WE are looking a for working, TV CABINET countryforstyle $300. HOUSE TRAINED person for to A medium sized single TV suitable rent in ourcupboards 3x1 with either pool recessa room and extra with a quiet mature couple and side for additional storage. Contact single male. $450pw incl bills also 041850599.T 2 weeks bond required moving in cost $1350 incl rent in advance. Not party house. Riki 0422937731. Room not available until 28/02.

TV CABINET, lowin line, chocolate WHY rent a room a share house $400. OUTDOOR high-set, when you can SETTING, have your own 6 seats, aluminium & white $500. CARAVAN. $435 p/w TV, Rustic Indonesian style no teakbills cabinet fridge, microwave, full cooking $1600. Washing machine, fisher & facilities, ownTeak large fridge avail & paykel $300. bedside table $200. of course air6006. con, no party animals Phone 9185 pref single. 2 wk advance rent & 2 TV/DVD Built-in HD wk rent asCombo bond with required. Please Tuner. Nu-Tec 54cm/21.6 HD LCD. call 0403558538 to inquire. Brand new, never been used. $150 KTA House/Room. Very ono. Phone Jane on 0409121030. responsible working couple. UHF radio 40 channel , includes mic, Ref. Fun all loving selfworking suff, order, neat, and aerial, in good 0427370469. also includes wiring to battery, $100 ono conact 0437202468 for more ~~ACCOMODTION WANTED accommodation details wanted WASHING Machine - Simpson 6kg COUPLE for rent. Top Loaderlooking $50 call room 0409208067 Working full time. Please call WATER CONTAINERS 2x litre, Kristjan 0450592582 or 25Nicole only used once will both for $20 0413773765. or separate for $12 each, also 2x HOUSE and Petsitters 5 litre water containers available $5 each small desk watt $5, from now light until20 end of contact April. 0437202468 for details Responsible, respectful, non smoking employed animal2 WEIGHT bench and weights. lovers. SAFE, workbells, and previous bar bells, 4 dumb heaps of house sittingstand references. weights, weight & bench. contact or email A little atrust0405036092 but otherwise good condition. You Pickup. $400 negotiable. Call 0402198547couple after RELIABLE, trustworthy 6pm or send/leave a message. seeking spot for caravan in Karratha WHIRPOOL with power and7.5 toiletkgASAP.toploader Please washingKonrad machine, in good working contact 0403431141. condition, $150 ono, am/fm radio ~~BABIES portable, $5, jackeroo workshop manual to babies suit 1985 onwards, 25 ono, contact 0437202468 BRAND new dual electronic breast WHITE still shelving Approx 2m pump, in box unit. and packaging as high xused. 1m $150. wide with 6 adjustable never Ph 0401889986. shelves. Very good condition. Cost CITY Jogger Twin$100 Pram. $250 Elite from Baby Harvey Norman, or Double luxury and comfort, best offer.the Tel: 0429498201 after 26pmIndividual recline seats and (Nickol West) covers, easy folding, fits through WINDSURFER, good condition $430 standard doors, amazing all ph 0407447126 terrain maneuverability. Excellent WOODEN venetian (NEW) condition, $350.00blinds (Usual RRP6 ea - 900mm wide x 137mm drop $30 $1300.00 + P&H) Ph 0400626408. ea or $150 the lot. PH 0417015240 COT Mattress x 2 IKEA - White, ~~FOUND excellent condition, foundhardly been used. Sell for $30 each. Great to LADIES MOUNTAIN found take camping for kids BIKE mattress or Sunday 29/08/10. If you think it sleepovers. Phone: 0400077007 belongs to you, contact 0438130727. FISHER - Price Studio swing POSTIE for newBIKE bornRed.toph90432666807 kgs. Swing features ~~FREE music, variable speed free control, tethered toy and folds for storage. excellent condition $200, EMPTY DRUMS 205L, call Clint 0417250378 0417913903 FISHER-Price and English Learn FREE 2 goodLaugh home, Jumperoo. There areforsix adoption. different bulldog puppies toy pluschecked two overhead Theystations are vet and toys also that let baby activate lights friendly. If interested contactand mefive on fun melodies. Excellent condition only two months old, suitable for RECTANGLE trampoline frame. Call six months or baby wanting to 91441719 sit.$150 0417250378 SLATE large pool table. Needs some GIRLS bassinet & lots of clothes tlc. Comes with cues and balls. Must nb-1 condition $230 the lot. come all andexpick up 0400013784 Phone 0451472722 (KTA). HIGHgarage chair - Steelcraft Messina, sales 6 adjustable heights, 3 position 4 Sept 2x Garage Treetop recline, trays. Sale Paid 13$250 sell Nickol West$150, used quality only camping a few goods, times, cab, motorbike 6filing months old, near stuff, new. long Ph skateboard, (KTA) bodyboard, wetsuits, 91972252. tools, early enquires to Jamie 0423 NEW born car seat Safe and Sound 979 971 $120 only few 5thmonths old, GARAGE salea Sun Sept. 8am0417250378 12pm @ 9 Stewart Court, Millars Well. and Leaving town. gear, PHIL Ted pram withFishing accessories electronics, general household $280 Ono. Call 0458858663 goods, plants, BBQ. No early birds. PHIL&Teds Sports Pram. GARAGE Sale.condition, Householdused goods Immaculate only& furniture, books, games. Everything for a few month, then bought new must and go. this Leaving Bargains pram one town. lived inside at to be had. September. grandies andSaturday used on4 holidays to 6 Gregory Way Bulgara. 8 am see them. Comes with UV cover, 0437053724 sheepskin, hangbag, drink holder. Tyres filled with instant puncture repair Goo. Ph 91853570

SATURDAY 11 Sept, 8.00 - 12.00 pm Leaving Town Some furniture items and assorted houes hold items. 722 Dolphin Way Bulgarra. SATURDAY 11th Sept 7am, 151A Hannan Cres Dampier, Q/S Bed, C/ 24ft Caribbean hardplus top, 2 years old, 300hp Desk,B/Trailer, heaps more Verado with low hrs, north star M121 GPS bargains sounder, electric anchor winch, trim tabs, SEPTEMBER Garage Ipod player, and too18th/19th many extras to list, Call Sale, Frinderstein WayONOPegs Peter15 0417953691, $119,000.00 Creek. Leaving town, combined 2 houses. Tools, shelving, BBQ, household items. Start 0700am SUNDAY 8am onwards, 5th sept at 9a Crockett way. Leaving town, everything has to go!!!!! Furniture, tvs, jewellery, yard blower, washing machine etc. No early birds. GUARDIAN Fibreglass half cab 5.2 m (18.5 ~~LOST ft) , safety and general gear included.115 V4

80cc 2 stroke quad bike with helmet MUSTANG Tournament 2000 $1450 ono ph130 91431829 $26000ono Yahama saltwater ANSWER moto x boots 8 great series, raymarine coloursizesounder, conditionand only warn 27 for meg a fewradio, rides EPERB flares, $100 neg call 0437362004 hydraulic steering, 190ltrafter fuel3 oclocksand & reef anchors, good tank, ENCLOSED 3 bike trailer Selling 4 sale. shade, new tyres on trailer. Single Axle. Located Wickham due to leaving town. Phin91831675 $5200 - ph 0400108181 or 0407133119. HELMET Territory MDS full 4.2m face black/silver SEAJAY full floor small new in box $50 with casting deck.0408510317 minnkota HONDA CBR1000R, 2007 MODEL, electric motor ,30hp honda, 10,000 KMS, great serviced sounder,many morecond, extras.boat regularly, ono has been helmet set upinc. for $11,500 the serious 0439798277 lure fishermen,full travel covers. HONDA CRF450R 2009,$19000 new tyres, KTA PH 0408905893. new chain, mintUB580 condition, fuel SOUTHWIND Yamaha injected, comes with manual, only 70 Bimini T cover on tandem done 6hrs. Goes hard. $8000. Call trailer Colored Mike 0411 (Karratha). 392 714. Furuno sounder 2 way radio & GPS available if required. All good condition $20000 ono. 0448861668 TINNY 3.9 stacer 25hp 4stroke mercury life jackets fuel tank $5500. KTA 0403795628 TRAILCRAFT Freestyle 5.70m Yamaha Outboard 130. Full Shade HYOSUNG Canopy. NavmanGVand250. Fish fiFirst nder. $26,000. Call Jeff: 0438976382 registered 2009. As new YACHT 10.9M centre steel condition, only cockpit 4800kms. ketch. Sturdy sailing vessel, set Mfrs warranty ‘till 2011, runs upperfectly, for comfortable living reason aboard. genuine Includes reliable 37 HP Perkins for sale. $4,900 0400 diesel, anchors and Phone sail wardrobe. 218769 Cruise the world, live rent free in your own space, use asModel, your KAWASAKI ZZR250or 2004 home awaykms, fromfullhome in history, Perth. red, 18,500 service $70,000 ONO 0411 220 592 good condition, one owner, includes cover and disc lock. $4500. Tom YAMAHA 15Hp 15FMHCalllong 0430438299 or 93485789 Karratha leg 60Hrs Just serviced. Good KTM 450EXC Excellent condition $1700ono09 0458520222. condition,1 Owner, Hardly used ~~CAMPING & OUTDOORS licencedcamping and ready for & the road, comes with many extras including outdoors helmet and riding is the CUSTOM built gear, 2008Thiscamper Ultimate kspackage. $10,000 Call trailer latex mattress full 0419556089 enclosed anx cooper tyres elect MOTORCYCLE RAMP Single Heavy brakes and controller solar panel Duty Rateddeep to 450KG. charger cycleCollapsable battery, Ideal gas for large extra bikes made light weight bottles, large ofstorage box aluminium folds neg. down0402390262 to 1400mm carpet. $7500 NEW COND never used $350. (KTA). QUAD Yamaha Grizzly 700 4x4 OFF Camper Trailer $6500 2009 ROAD Automatic transmission near oztrail 9 tent 3jerry holdersKarratha 2gas new condition $10,500.00 holders tregg hitch dual spare 0419359220 or 91821187 wheels, lge tool box lots of storage YAMAHA 2007 R1 exc cond 6200 km, 60lt water $12000, extendedphd/bar, swing REDUCED 0419922413, out kitchen storage, new axle can deliver to Hedland springs & bearings. Great trailer YAMAHA - 2007.conditions! Immaculate that suitsWR450F the Pilbara cond. 1100kms, White bros. pipe, Re91855756 mscardew@bigpond. jetted and tuned carby. FLU Design full graphic kit. $6900 ono. Call Travis OFFORAD 0400870209 forHardFloor more info. camper trailer. ~~PETS Older though good condition. 12V Batt/80 litre water pets tank/12V waterpump/BBQ/awning & plenty of storage. $3500 ONO Ph.91855544 KTA SALOM Connelly Water SKI, Great Condition with carry bag. $400 / KAR. All Phone 91441263 animals cared for. TEN Seater outdoor setting, with Daily visits to your home. 10 padded chairs (stackable) Karratha only and one tempered glass table in green Libby forPh $750 good0404842902 condition (KTA). Outdoor camping washing line, ADORABLE AKC Male & Female never usedpuppies $100 available (KTA). English been Bulldogs Contact 0439937614. or adoption this Puppies are Akc Registered, With Champion Bloodlines ~~CARAVANS And Willcaravans Come With A Pedigree, Microchip, Vet Check With Health Certificate, And AllGenesis Shots AndCaravan. Wormer. WINDSOR 2007 The puppies available forbed adoption for Hard to come by twin design more info contact sharing). rev.jonathan10@ (great for friends Full yahoo.comm/wave, large fridge, air ensuite, con, tv/dvd, big lounge. Price $39,000 ono. Phone 0427781048

DOG HYDROBATH in BEDFORD bus mobileavailable home ‘66. South Hedland days arego, week. Phone Runs well. 6 7mths wired Sarah on 0433655636 for appt! 12 & 240 volts, fridge, aircon, LOOKINGtoilet, for stove, Female hot American shower, water Staffy, tolarge breed withdouble our bed, Male system, annex, American Staffy, Call tiedowns. Joe after 2KVA genny, cyclone 5:30pm at on 0407271076 View the Hill. $18,000 PURE Bred Staffordshire Bull Terrier 0415809650 pups looking for new homes. Full CARAVAN 18ft, 1979. Good registration papers, Vet checked, condition. 2 A/C, 2andFlat L2-HGA screen Vacc, Wormed t.v’s, fullFor kitchen, clearednew by Annex, parentage. those bunk beds,interested double bed, no leaks, seriously please email no rust, tows great. $7000 0409623991. Hedland)Free RAINBOW (Port LORIKEET. to good home only. 23yrs old CARAVAN 8m long, queen Hand reared, andPlease loves beds, kitchen,friendly shower. attention. Great childs for pet. Owner call 0404319802 more working long Price hours . $4500.00. Regretfull information. give away. Comes with cage and Location Karratha food. Can email picks. Please CARAVAN TXT CarmenFridge/Freezer 0438943090 17ft AC DB Tidy Interior recently been WE have a purebread male staffy painted, newwould carpetlike & Lino, Roll which we to breed out as extra room, withawning, anotherGreat purebread staffy. Unlicensed $2500 0407722193if Please phone 0448541160 (Port Hedland) interested. COROMAL Lifestyle 700 23’ ~~PUBLIC NOTICE 2007public as new, notice Queen island bed with 3 bunks, comb shwr/ ACCURATE PSYCHICS toilet, awning and full99% annex, 31902 way212 fridge, oven min andmob stove 206 $2.95 ex top, reverse cycle$2.95 aircon, C/C 03 5614 5387 min TV and DVD player, allANONYMOUS towing gear ALCOHOLICS provided ono.WedCome Meetings $50,000 held every and have Sun ata look 7.30 call pm, 0409208067. venue: Salvation Army Family Church22ft cnr Bond St JAYCO Sterling ONLY and Balmoral (opp, Cattrall 12months old!RdBathroom with Park) and separate shower toilet (large), annex, kitchenhappy with DEAR full Mark Peens birthday, your great a big condition! boy now. large fridge, Love Jiggy $60,000 ONO, 0447906016 KTA DECKARTS Studio 2006, - jazz, 21.6 tap, JAYCO Sterling, ballet,kitchen, musicisland theatre, sing Front bed, toilet, enrolments anytimehot 0415999022 shower elect/gas water, flat NICKOLfull Bayannex, Hockey screen airAssociation con, foxtel Junior Hockey new travelled players compat, excell cond, welcome every Monday night less then 5000kms, new water/ Pegs Creek Oval, 6.00van – 7.00pm sullage hoses, great plenty Contact: Kelly Carter –neg. 0429 KTA 140 of storage $44000 138 via email on kca51472@ 0429034860. to register MOTORHOME 1986 Hino PILBAR Rev Heads is now on (JR) Facebook. (FB).Rainbow,30`/9m, Do you want a Reduced from $175,ooo to Weekend Cruise or Car show $150,ooo Sftytown? Bay.(08)9591 in your home How about 1917.Beautiful Drags and a place to dofunctional burnouts prof tout,as new, Lic,excel legallyfiand safely? Come join us motor only129,500km,quiet & on FB and post your Cars, Boats fast2KVa gen, & Bikes ofHonda all types. Tell5K/L,90us about It.(type Pilbara Revheads in FB 100Kph,180L diesel,filtered search). water,T/bar,,UHF CH140 2 way radio,hidden remote TV/ DVD,Email pics Reiki master healings & attunements MOTORHOME setresident up for two 2x Karratha split Call systems. Diesel Motor Andrea 500 on 0457 354 229 5 Speed 6 Kva gen set microwave SWIMMING 2x fridges 4 pool d/freezerfibreglass instant resurfacing in Port hot water team system, gasHedland stove area shortly. Ray (brand new), Interested TV & DVDcall player, Ph91732283 computer desk, shower & marine ESTATE fl~~REAL ush toilet. $45000 ono. In Port real estate Hedland. Call 0415699719. OFFROAD 2010 27 GREEN camper ACRES trailer, with platypus model. Fully enclosed creek,on Sleeps the cool 8. tablelands near Port annex. litre and waternatural, tank. handy Tool Douglas.90Private to everything. Exceptional views over box. Brand new mattress. Heaps rainforest and farmlands from of extras.ranges Only been used twice. octagonal house. mains $8500 ono. CallUnderground 0458487627. power, private timber plantation. SCENIC 22” Luxury Pictures & more info at Caravan 2008. Ref No 40583 MB Exc Con Suit New Buyer, QS BR, Full A NO BANKS NEEDED HOME-OWN ES, Mach, 2 DR Frid YOURWash OWN HOME - 4 Sale by Owner. Fzer, Air Con, Theatre Myaree RC area (10km from Perth CBD), System, Gashome / Elect Oven, 3x1 Double brick $857 p.w. Call M/W Oven, Gas/Elect 24Hr Pre-Recorded msg withHWS, all the LCD TV, Fully Insulated, 3 x details 92648239 90 ltr tanks, 200 AmpSolar Panels,Awning,Gal Keep them free Floor Prot, 2Lodge Jerry online Can holders. $69500. 0419701801

FOR SALE POP - HOME BELMONT VISCOUNT TOPIN$8000 : No air conditioner, Licensed until Feb 2011,15.6 foot long, single axle, 2 x single beds, gas stove/oven, 2 x 80L water tanks, porta potty, microwave, good tyres, fridge, table, electric brakes, awning/ annex. Call Tess 0428577640 WESTERN Eyre caravan 19’6” dec 2006. Excellent layout q/s bed a/c. roll out awning heaps of bench • 3 Bedrooms space. Only done 1800ks towing. • 1 Bathroom 12v and 240v. Side by side fridge up garage & and• Double freezer. lock Excellent condition. large driveway $36000. Phone 0404706400. • 801 Sqm block WINDSOR Genesis 2007 model, This house offers 3 bedrooms 21ft. Excellent condition. This van single all can witheither builtbe intwo robes, beds or 1 king size. TV,kitchen, 150 lt contemporary fridge, separate toilet shower. bathroom and and double Caravan Call lock up cover. garage,$36,500. plus large 0419921540. driveway space for up to 6 cars. Very close to schools, disclaimer shops, meters from public transport 8km to thetakes city. PILBARA and ECHO Furthermore, it is forsituated no responsibility any on a eds largesubmitted 801sqm online, block, classifi surrounded by front and back this includes practical gardensThiswith jokes. is andevelopment automated potential. If you need an ad serivce. removed, pleaseplease emailcall us Further details Ad Text 0431978205

MODERN x 1 with large or 4th BALI - 3weekly rentalstudy holiday brm for rent. On large in accommodation in corner Nusablock Dua. great location, huge 8m x 8.5m shed Self-contained 2 bdrm apartment with mezanine floor, below ground with amenities, pool, complete undercover hotel entertaining area, fantastic for families 2 couples. tropical gardens with or ample parking Beautiful beachfrontetc. location. for boat, caravans Available Highly competitive $1200Jason p/w Ph now. $1850 p/w. Contact on 0400626408 0427442566 for further info. BRAND executive 4 x NEARLY new 1 acre cleared,brick leveled, pad,study, mixed garage, use land,swimming with town 2dirtwith power and and water, walk to Exmouth pool fully ainsulated shed. Gulf beach less than Open plan forliving with$100sqm. theatre $380,000 an and offersecure call room. Triplemake driveway 91895336 or 0417423875 hardstand parking. Contact Moore NO Banks Needed. Own Your own Devel on 91441794. Home Residence - 4 Sale in byNickol OwnerWest 3x1 for in EXEC Myaree area (10Km from Perth CBD). Lease. Brand new 4 x 2 with large $857 p.w. Call Tish 92648239 study/5th bed and theater room. STORAGE UNITS FORAvail SALE OR Pool and rear shed. March LEASESecurity IN WANGARA. 2011. installed.31-61sqm. For more 24/7 accessand withInspection fully monitored information please security. Store your boat car or other email toys. CCTV you can view online. ROOM in Bulgarra. Very close Great investment. forsale. Call Rob on 0413270058 to Centro, couple for $460p/w (include Eileen WANT tobills). investPlease in thetextbooming -Melbourne 046636633. property market? Want to generate ~~FOR SALEhighest return with your hard earnfor money? I have plenty sale of properties in Melbourne for investors. Call at 0430512503 or DOUBLE size memetal frame $50, email 1xQueen size Mocha colored fake leather covered frame $350. Both come with wooden slats and located in KTH. Call Craig on 0433 948 583. AB Circle Pro $120 - original, not imitation! PH 0450 368 585 INVESTMENT PROPERTY AB Doer twist as new.must sell GOLD COAST $525,000 please contact me on 0429729710 Large double story house: 4 x orlarge 91838858. b/rooms, 2 x bathrooms AIR (spacooler in main),(evaperative powder room,cooler) open great keeps/steel one room cool. plan toliving, appliances, Asstudy, newtheatre, condition, Ph parents$40. retreat, 0409568855 (KTA). double garage, alarm system, AC Excellent tenants Returning AIRCONDITIONER Kelvinator$510 wall pw Ringtype, Josh works 0407471797 mounted well, 660mm wide, 430mm high, 660mm deep, $120.00 Karratha Ph 0417938519 rod repairs ANTIQUE LOUNGE, PURE WHITE FISHING ROD REPAIRS micro threetips seater and new fabric, guidesoneand fitted. two single seaters solid wood Have your rods rebuilt like frame with wood cup placements new. Also fishing rods for on arm reasts, fully reapolstered to sale at reasonable prices, new condition, Karratha $3000.00, with new fittings please Phall0417938519 Ph 9185 5257 AQUARIUM, 4ft, c/w filter light ~~VEHICLES pine stand ect $400 ono. Ph vehicles 91831527. 06 4.2 turbo ute mint AVON – Hi, if youpatrol are interested in condition bull bar winch snorkela buying Avon products or having only 62000km $39000 ono look, I have the latest brochures phone and can0459150949 deliver direct to your door. 1HZ landcruiser motorphone complete, Order through e-mail, or in taken outCallof today car running, 330 person. on 0413 234 000 kms old, suit re-build, lots 369. of extras. $1800.00 ono. Ph BALINESE 91830448 buffet unit excellent for entry or a long the wall for photos 2003 VY series 2 Commodore etc. 0417250378 Ute $150, 120000kms auto 6cyl soft BALINESE TV unit $200 cover. Tow furniture, bar. Very clean straight car $11500 ono 0417089439 doors and draws great for small room, 2004 0417250378 GXL 100 Series Landcruiser 4.7 BATH tub and125000 Stand kms excellent V8 5 Speed Manual, honest condition $90, 0417250378 and realiable car selling due to BBQ Sale,vehicle 3 gas comes burner, with gas downforsizing bottle not included. Ph many extras including $20. two DVD 0419933491. players. $31,500.00 call Rachel 0429838808 BED - double bunks pipeline, double on bottom and single on top. Only 2 yrs old, good condition. $1200 new - selling $600ono. Ph 2004 Holden VZ Ute, 6 speed 0419927239. Karratha area. manual, Reg July 2011, very neat BEDROOM Furniture: bed vehicle, moulded tray Bunk protector, car cover 124,000klm. metal frameincluded. blue powder coating, Urgentsection sale. Leaving town.width Ph lower double bed 0437649761 and upper single bed. Great space saver. $150. Call Jeff 0438976382


engine, Engine serviced about 3 months ago, Marine Radio, Navigation System with the

1yo desexed black female cat by fishfinder, water skiis and kneeboard. Location the name of Poppy, with a pink is Karratha. For more information please call collar0404319802. and safePrice:tag$7500.00 wentO.N.O. missing from the units on Hill Road, ALI Goldstar sher Please 5.5m, Dampier on the Sailfi 30-8-10. 115hp 4 stroke motor, call SAFE if youYamaha know of her whereabouts. Trailcraft trailer, 200l fuel tank, Navman 5500felltracker, DOUBLE swag out near Furuno Airport colour underfl oor turn off,sounder, on Sat killtank, 28/8 5pm.If it was storage, self draining found plsdeckwash, call 0437155466 deck, gear.white Ph LOST VHF - Goldradio, wiredsafety back and 0409926870. ono. Tavern, (KTA) pearl bracelet$37,000 at Karratha Fri 13thHard Not 6.7 valuable but very ALUM Mtr, Custom sentimental. $100 Raider reward. Please built by Sea Boats, contactHull,2006 me 0488513684 2005 200hp Honda outboard Furuno LOST EURO320 JOEY!hrs, No, this isn’t Sounder with forworld a joke, I and carePlotter for joey’s the Wildlife and one sea map, Association Galvinised Trailer, All escaped. He weighs around 10 in good cond,$59000. Port Hed kilos and is reddish in color, very 0409499692 friendly. Got out in Nickol West off CARIBBEAN top see 24ft,a2young years of Balmoral.hard If you old, low your hrs, joey 300hp in yourVerado yard orwith around north GPS sounder, house star pleaseM121 call 0429854664. electric anchor winch, trim tabs, Ipod player, and too many extras to list, Call Peter 0417953691, $119,000.00 ONO DINGHY, 2001 yamaha 2 stroke, savager, good condition,- a registered Lost in Dampier male to November, sh finder, crab pots, Burmeseficat, blue/grey life jackets, epirb, marine battery, in colour desexed trailer needs and little iswork, but not & micro He is heaps, trailer chipped. rego till November, verycouple spoilt rods, and missed. flares, $5000, call adam onReward 0417287036 offered. EVOLUTION Hardtop Call 0419 2835.9m 848(19ft). 150hp Verado Supercharged 4stroke with cover, just serviced. All safety gear, colour plotter + sounder, new deck wash, elec winch, kill tank, 2 x 150L fuel LOST extended ring inbimini, the vicinity of tanks, clears, new Hearson Cove or Karratha VHF + spare, dual batteries. Ph shopping centre Monday 2 Aug. 0408098558 $52,000ono Antique, threeAsking diamonds, white Karratha gold setting. Highly sentimental, generous reward offered. Call FIBERGLASS 5m boat & trailer Leannewindscreen on 0419041467. 90hp & canopy. New hobs fittedand 1 still box.used Comes LOST1 rod last in with ski bob towable the right side 3of person Hearson’s cove 15/8/10. Big reel withforblueXmas, line 2.66L 1.54w. Bought and with 1 metre diver and never used it still in (orange box payed black)forwith foldable rod. If found $395 it. Ph 0458449358. please contact 0412450868. GINTREX runabout 4.2m , 40hp LOST2006 Satlow19th pink too & yam hoursJune great cond black Iextras Cover is locked to many list. 0408812623 owner.... REWARD OFFERED.... $11000 call 91855576 or 91441078 HAINES Hunter NOKIA mobile phone 580C, on Friday1986 13th 5.8m fibreglass 2006 either in Evolutionhalf or oncabin, road. Phone model E-tec much 150HPbutunder is not worth photos100 on hours, 130L fuel tank,Please sounder, phone are sentimental. call chartplotter, stereo, 0410789278 CD if you have it.deckwash, dual batteries, all safety gear, ~~MOTORCYCLES 12 months rego. $32,000 ono. motorcycles 0428212611. 2008 Yamaha Raptor Limited Sports Edition MAXXUM MX1800 700cc Fuel Injected includes Bowrider 2006.30HrsExcellent helmet, ramps & fly boots sz10 condition, used. Red $8,500ono Phhardly 0429132082 and white. $26435. Call Mel 0466113412.




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employment ~~EMPLOYMENT BRISBANE bayside AVAILABLE at Manly 17km CBD. Great lifestyle after mining. available 461sqm flat cnr block on top of hill with Marina & water views, can’t be built out. Excellent location with easy access to airport, walk to beach, buses, train, shops, & pub. With DA ready to build. Best value $ 585K Ph 0403394805 BULGARRA 3x1 home,$640000, 2 bdrms with BIRs,as new kitchen and paint throughout, carport, patio, shed, currently leased $1000 pw until mid Nov. 0414249890 I have 3 properties for sale in Nsw. 1 in Tintenbar NSW, and 2 in Lawerence NSW these 2 have water frontage onto the Clarence river. View these properties at property-4u.commy contact detail have been placed in this website for CLEANER Monday and you. THESE wanted HAVE BEEN REDUCED Thursday 4hrs per day. DUE TO AMornings FAMILY MEMBERS ILL Call 0411340630 HEALTH. ~~EMPLOYMENT WANTED GOLD employment INVESTMENT PROPERTY COAST wanted $525,000 Large double story house: 4 x large b/rooms, 2 BABY SITTER(spa - 20yr old female. x bathrooms in main), powder Diploma in childcare SFAs/steel and room, open plan living, WWCC. andparents have appliances,I love study, kids theatre, experience in garage, all agesalarm fromsystem, a few retreat, double weeks to school age.Returning $20 per hour. AC Excellent tenants $510 Text Nikita 0437788996. Not pw Ring Joshon0407471797 avail Friday nights. INVESTMENT PROPERTY MELBOURNE. bedroom, FEMALE 27yr old5 looking for cash3 bathroom, residential warehouse in hand work. Has experience within walking- distance City and in cleaning will do ofcleaning, MCG. Owner willing to signand a 3 year ironing, house sitting any lease jobs. back Please at $75,000 annum odd call per Fiona on (approx 4.3% for return). $1.75mill. Ph 0407518803 any questions. the owner on 0413 176284 or email HOUSE and animal minding by for responsible, prof. working couple. more information. Ref. Self suff, neat, tidy, fun loving, yet very responsible. 0427370469 Keep them free HOUSE-CLEANER available in Lodge online Karratha. Ongoing rate $25 p/ hr, min 4hours. Weekends only, phone 0488999967 for more KIT HOME Large 2 storey, 20 info. x 12 m Decks, to Lockup Stage. Full TRADESMAN Tiler. Commercial/ Cyclone rated Eng plans for NW. Domestic/Remote. Quality ONLY Tks fiSerious nished buyers work. Phone Robreduced for an to Sell $110,000 Very Cheap Large estimate. 0457256388 Home Whole frame const. 2 already KTA and Drv. animal mindingPics by builtHouse Baynton Karratha avail. Call Mark email responsible Prof.0417991169, working couple. Ref. Self suff, Neat, tidy, funFreight lovin Inc.very responsible. 0487187555 yet


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BEDROOM Furniture: Queen Size solid Wood and black metal bed frame including mattress. Excellent condition. $300 ONO. Call Jeff 0438976382 BIRD cage. 80cm high, 35cm diameter. Suitable for 2 birds. Indoor or outdoor. $30. Ph 91851383 (KTA). BLACK & Decker rechargeable hand held dust buster $70, contact 0439937614 (KTA). BOOK CASE, solid pine, 5 shelves, Karratha. 1220 wide 2160 high, 270mm deep $280.00 firm, cost $900.00 new Ph 0417938519 BOX TV 21”. $20. 0419635052. BRAND new excellent quality fashion jewellery. Ph 0451472722 for viewing - old home business. (KTA) CAMPING QUEEN SIZE MATTRESS - Self inflating with high-density open-cell foam, Velour fabric top & Non-slip, water-repellent vinyl base, complete with carry bag, Size: 198cm x 150cm x 10cm. Excellent cond no marks $100. KTA. Please call Tracy after 6pm 0421 282 769 CANON camera EOS 500D twin lens kit. $700. Ph 91830595. CAR stereo, alpine. Just taken out of my car that was sold, no speakers, just stereo. Excellent condition. $120. Ph 0450368585. CHESTCOLD car fridge freezer, three way, works well, 30 litre capacity, $150.00 Karratha Ph 0417938519. DESK DOUBLE SIDED, Leather inlay, 5 drawers and one cupboard both sides, 1800 long 1060 wide 780 high, New price $1300.00, firm price $700.00 Ph0417938519 Karratha DESK with 3 drawers - 1.2m long x 0.7m wide. $100, Ph: 9186 2999 or 0431 1583 60 (KTA) DINING Chairs 6 Brand New Fabric dark blue/black $500 Phone 0428125114 DINING TABLE & CHAIRS FOR SALE Only $250.00 Call Jenny on 0408562487 Solid timber table with 6 matching dining chairs. The table has an extension leaf that can be fitted / removed to make the table bigger / smaller. Both the table and chairs are in fair condition. Karratha DINING table large oval, double pedestal in jarrah stain. Six dining chairs plus two carver chairs. Excellent condition $1000. Call Judy on 91444334 or 0414814542 DISHWASHER (Stainless Steel) - Dishlex DX203, 12 place setting. great condition. $350 ono, Call Neil - Ph: 91597289 or 0407925264. Karratha DOUBLE mattress - excellent condition, only 7 months old! Very comfy. $250. Ph 0450368585. ENSEMBLE single bed in good condition small tear on corner of base $100 ono. Near new computer desk in good cond $100. Near new microwave for free. Kta pick up. Message Jess 0437318120. Can txt pictures. Need to sell urgently! ENTERTAINMENT/TV unit - large Indonesian style. Mahogany colour measuring 1250H x 1780W x 650D & tv space 840W x 615H. 6 drawers + 2 cupboards. This is the Indonesian style furniture-bit rough round the edges, cracks in wood etc. Good condition. Lovely piece, too big now. $350. 0427964056 (KTA)

EQUIPMENT for mowing run reel mower, rotary mower, still blower, hedge cutter, whipper snipper, pro lawn edger, four wheel trailer. All equipment for a paving team, brick saw, mixer compactor, etc. All equipment for decking and carpentry work, full range of hand tools for landscaping. 0447022809. FIVE seater spa. New pump & spa cover. $3000. KTA Phone 91838267. FOUR seater red leather theater lounge. All seats recline. Bought new in November. $2000. Call Jodie on 0438904837 for details. (KTA) FUJIFILM finepix s5800 digital camera. SLR, 8 megapixels, fantastic camera in great condition, as new. Phone 0409568855. $150. (KTA) GATES 10 x variety of sizes. Offers 0417 094 558 or 9182 1126. GOLD detector - Minelab GPX4000 complete unit in excellent condition, 1 coil ,shoulder strap, charger, manuals, ready to go find some gold! In Karratha, phone after 6pm. $3500 firm. 0420920887. GUARDIAN Fibreglass half cab 5.2 m (18.5 ft) , safety and general gear included.115 V4 engine, Engine serviced about 3 months ago, Marine Radio, Navigation System with the fishfinder, water skiis and kneeboard. Location is Karratha. For more information please call 0404319802. Price: $7500.00 O.N.O. GYMNASTICS clothing - boys club shorts: size 8; Boys white ‘longs’: size 4; Boys club ‘leotard”: size 6; Club tracksuit (long sleeved top & pants): size 6. Phone Nicole 0423199733. HAND held steam cleaner $20, evaporate air cooler great for one room $40, Charles Darwin Uni books for health sociology x1 and gerontology x2 $20 each. Phone 0409568855. HANDHELD GPS Magellan Triton 2000, touch screen or button use, flashlight, SD card slot, Mp3 player, camera and data cable for laptop. $600 ono. Ph 91830595. HINO (Jnr) Rainbow Motorhome 1986. 30’ (9M). Beautiful, functional, professional fit out. As new, reg til ‘12, Sfty Bay. 95911917. $150,000. HOLDEN Captiva CX V6, 7 str w/ extras DVD player and 2x wireless headphones, tinted windows, paint protection package and rust protected, under warranty. $40K ono. Ph 0415224166 (KTA). HOLDEN, black fox mags 18’’ with tyres. 500ono. PH 0438330825 HOME gym, lap pull up, chin pull up, good cables etc, 12 weights plus rowing setup. Offers. Must sell 0417 094 558 or 9182 1126 HOME Theatre PC, 500GB hard drive, connect directly to your TV and home theatre speakers to watch movies & TV shows, listen to music etc. Still set up, call for a demo. $400 ono. Ph 0428212611. HOOVER 3.5kg Dryer $200 ph 0427964056 Kta JACK Daniel Golf Clubs, with embroided bag.collectors item full set in great condition. $500 call 91441263. KELVINATOR 210lt chest freezer in good condition. $200 0407722193. (Port Hedland) KTA. NOKIA N8 silver 12 mega pixel camera 16 GB internal memory, w/memory card slot for memory expansion, HDMI output, $500. ph:0415 224 166 KTH Dbl bed & dbl sided pillow top mattress & 2 new sheet sets $750.00 - 0409 237 280

LCD Plasma TV Stand, Italian design and made, three glass shelves underneath, solid and stable as a brick outhouse new price $900.00 will sell for $300.00 Ph 0417938519. LEAVING town. Wooden bed, mattress & side tables - $375, Washing Machine -$250, Cutlery Display uni t- $250, Sofa (Malayasia made) - $450, Corner TV Cabnet - $150, Coffee & 2 Side table -$ 150, Glass dining table with 6 Chairs $450, Glass display unit - $150, Corner Display unit - $50, 16”” baby cycle - $25 - KRTH PH0404224226. LEYLAND Bus Motorhome - MUST SELL. Last chance before bus is relocated to Perth. Must SEE absolutly unique with polished floor boards and stainless steel kitchen/ bathroom. Originally asking $95500.00, quick sale price $79500.00. Call 0417790291. LOUNGE setting, 1x2 seater, 1x large recliner. only four months old, bought for $2200, will sell for $1500 ono. Call Mitch (Nickol) 0427048561. MATTRESS double - excellent cond, very comfortable, only 7 months old! Bought new $650, sell $300 ono. Ph 0450 368 585. MOUNTAIN bike - Coopers Stone Mountain, black in colour. Ph 0409568855. $50. (KTA) MOUNTAIN BIKE GIANT STP 0 2008 (FREESTYLE) As new hardly ridden, http://www. mountain/1129/29480/ $1200 ono 0410516495 KTA MUST SELL: 2x 3set samurai swords $150 ea, 20 inch bmx bike $50, washing machine $350, whirlpool fridge/freezer $500, phillips dvd player $80, sharpe cd stacker stereo $150, jvc single disc cd/dvd stereo player $150, car travel pod $80 call fiona 0407518803 all items ono in good condition NEW sliding door with sliding barrier 2143h by 1600w. Bought 5 weeks ago from Pilbara Glass to fit to our house but never used it still in box. Paid $1700 - new still for $1000, no offers. NINTENDO Wii Black - virtually unused. Comes with external hard drive loaded with 30 games. 2 handpieces. $330ono. Call 0466979103. NISSAN PATROL ST(petrol) 4X4 WAGON 5SP MANUAL 4.2L. Alloy wheels, power mirrors, power windows, power steering, air conditioning, tow bar, regularly serviced, new pioneer speakers. Call 0404319802 for more information PRICE $9500 o.n.o. Location is Karratha. PANDORA charm bracelet for sale. All original charms, no imitations! Never been worn. Worth over $900, selling for $500 firm. Gorgeous! 0450368585. PATIO 8m x 3m. 50 x 50, 75 x 50 box tubing. Make an offer. PH 0438330825 PINE entertainment unit & tv with remote the lot $400 ono. Ph 91831527. QUEEN size futons x2 .$60 each must sell.please contact me on 0429729710 or 9183 8858 SHAGGY Rug, Colour: Natural / Multi,Size: 1.55 x 2.25,100% Acrylic Yarn, $200 , Ph: 91972252, Karratha SHARP 50cm tv $50. Micro wave 17ltr $20. Sheep skin car seat covers suit 4wd $50 kta 91838048

SHEEPSKINS (Grey) to suit large bucket front seats (e.g.Toyota 80 series). Both for $90, contact 0439937614 (KTA). SOUNDWAVE 2011 ticket. $150 or nearest offer. Call Marija on 0448018193 or email marija. SOUNDWAVE x 1 ticket at Steel Blue oval Bassesndean, Perth on the 7th of march 2011. $150.00 Karratha. Please contact Sally on 0400281910 SPA 4 person hinged cover keepsit clean easy up keep, hot or cold solid timber surround sky blue insert nice 4 them hot days. $3000. Ph 0448602120 (KTA). SUPER CIALIS ,C80 M/F LOVE ENHANCER, Xmas is coming up fast & SO CAN YOU with Super Cialis C80. Info SMS 0447177076 or hornpills@ SWIMMING Pool, Above ground, 7m x 4m, Includes Filter pump and Ladder. Paid $1700, Selling for $850. Pool in Millars Well Ph: 0447509739 TABLE ANTIQUE, 700m round with bird claw feet, Karratha $400.00 Ph 0417938519 TELSTRA Bigpond USB Modem - Turbo 21 Mbps. $200. 0431158360 or 91862999 KTA TIMBER dinning table $100, 0417250378 TIMBER Slabs Karri natrual edged 5m x 700mm x 50mm dry. $500 ea Andrew 0439917721. TOWBAR 80 Series, $50 0439949374 Pegs TRADIES trailer lic, racks, can be removed, front lge toolbox all lockable and enclosed, new tyres. Must sell. $3,200.00 O.N.O 0427195916. TREADMILL -Excellent Condition! $1000 ph 0450368585 TREK mountain bike with seat bag - $500. Ph 0431158360 or 91862999 (KTA). TV CABINET - Large heavy Indonesian style tv cabinet. Dark mahogany colour with 6 drawers and 2 cupboards either side. Good condition. Can email photo’s. $400.00. 0427964056 Ktha TV SAMSUNG 66cm black flatscreen. 7 months old, excellent condition, bought new $650, sell $350. will throw in sony dvd player for **free**, also in excellent cond. ph 0450 368 585. TV Wall unit great for extra storage $200, 0417250378 TYRES & rims (matching) 4 genuine GMH 2002 suit all model commodores to VZ. 75% tread, even wear(fitted/balanced) on very stylish alloys. exc cond. 215/ R65 94H Toyo steel belted $500 firm (for set 4) 0408 788 773 TYRES 4WD x 3, 255/70R16, one brand new, one 80% tread, one 60% tread $50 for all or make an offer. Ph 0428212611. TYRES 4WD X 4 275/65/R17 60% Tread $50ea. 0410516495 KTA TYRES 5 - 225/70R 17 (Prado) legal $35 each or $150 for the lot. Call 0417 094 558 or 9182 1126 WHEEL Bearings for sale - many sizes available, can fit if required. Call 0466979103. WHEELS Sunrasia 4x4WD 15” six stud $200. Call 0417 094 558 or 9182 1126 WINDOWS aluminium, double glazed with genuine tinted glass. Largest is 10’ 4’ approx. Call 0417 094 558 or 9182 1126

WINE RACK - Beech coloured low line wine rack, rack in middle with cupboards on either end. Glass on top. $80.00, 0411 346 714. Can email photo’s. Ktha WIRE large roll of ring mesh, cyclone wire $85 must go. Call 0417 094 558 or 9182 1126 WORK bench great for home handy man or for small business. $100, 0417250378 YORK bench press plus latt pull down. Comes with assorted weights. Barely used. $250. Call Kane 0400661713. ZUMBA, 4 discs set plus extras...only used once. $70. 0418937382 ~~FOUND

BOMBARDIER ds650x quad ***reduced price*** : protaper bars with pillow top grips, strong alloy full length underside belly plate, tough durable fully adjustable long travel shocks all round, heavy duty nerf bars fitted,fitted side spot light in excellent condition 0400233134 donna/greg CANAM 400 Outlander MAX 2 seater ATV, excel cond, fully serviced. 3yo $5500 2yo $7000. Phone Kim 0428123339. HONDA CRF 450X 2005. Unregistered atm, sports exhaust, low kms, LED indicators, heaps of other extras. $6,000 Karratha. 0448894662. KTM 530, 2010 Mdl, 2500 kms, Rego 9/11 Serviced every 300 kms, Immaculate cond, $9800 Ph 0409499692 QUAD BIKE FOR SALE IN KARRATHA 250cc 2 x4WD excellent teenagers Quad $3500. Needs new battery for the electronic start Phone 0429 609 981 SUZUKI DRZ250 2009 250km, (Build 8/09) current engine spec and graphic, Immaculate, Brand New, Lady Owner. Alloy B&B bash guard, ego bark busters. Always kept undercover. Reg to 06/11. Reduced $6250.00 ONO. Ph 0400144847. YAMAHA Bike YZ250, 2004 model. Pro circuit kit. $3500 ono. Phone 0418934082. YAMAHA R1 2001 year for sale. Very good condition and regularly serviced. New tyres. 2 helmets. Location Karratha. Price: $9500.00 o.n.o. Please call 0404319802 for more information. YAMAHA YFM400 Grizzly, 4x4, liquid cooled, independent F/R susp, elect start, F/R racks, ali ramps, as new, done 169km/14 hours. $8200. 0407722193 (Port Hedland) ~~PETS

CANAL Blocks Port Bouvard, 12min south of Mandurah $409,000 and $450,000. Catch crabs at your back door. What a lifestyle. Imagine your dream home on one of these fantastic lots. Call Mel 0466113412 for details. DUNSBOROUGH town lots, 4 only. Walk to Coles, main street and beach. 240K to 255K. Enjoy the best lifestyle in WA. Surfing, fishing,wineries, climate. Call Stewart 0409688205. HOME in Pegs Creek v/very close to town - 3x1 house w/lockable garage & lush gardens. Newly renovated with brand new kitchen, new floor coverings, all rooms w/split system aircons, plus fully furnished + utensils etc. $759,000 ono. Ring Jed/ Julie: 92961247, 0427771665 or 044816600. HOUSE/PET SITTING. Very clean & reliable full-time employed person available anytime to take care of your property and/or pets. Character references available. Current holder of national police check, working with children check and senior first aid cert. Call Beth on 0411346900. KARRATHA 3x 1 semi ensuit, formal lounge & dining, family room, off centralised kitchen, fans, BIR, ducted A/C, established gardens, shed, access to rear yard via DBL gates, parking for 4 car, end of cul-sac, closed to Tambrey & Caltex. $840,000, genuine offers only. Ph 0419931160. KARRATHA home - 788 Andover Way. 3 bed + office, 1 bath, carport. Freshly painted in & out, new floor coverings. $765,000. Call 0417077627. KIT Home - No internals massive 2 storey. Plans aval for 6 x 4 for right buyer. Ktha in S/Cont. Decks, windows, Insul etc. Eng Cyclone & 5 Star rated. Reduced Must sell. Will Guarantee. $105K Only serious buyers thanks. Est $220K to comp. Contact for more detail. LOVELY 5 acre 4x2 home with pool and tennis court. 5 minutes to Mandurah Forum shopping centre, 1 minute to new freeway. Boars, large shed, wonderful investment. $985k. Ph 0417580232. SEMI rural Xtra Lge 5 x 2 on 5 acres in Australind, Bunbury. Visit THREE by one house for sale. Large corner block with with large shed and side access. Located in Karratha, close to park, school and shops. Great investment. $690,000 ONO. Contact Jacquie 0419933491


BLACK “Tiny Little Wonders” Nappy Bag+BABY BOY (New Baby) Contents - Found in drain near Dale St, Sth Hedland. Contact 0419674606. WEIRDO bird, flew into my backyard. Yellow, White & Grey. Ph 9185 2464 and leave message ~~FREE


BAGS of Shredded Paper please call Sharyn to arrange pick up 0419891612 GOING away? Need a housesitter? I am an experienced housesitter with excellent references based in Karratha. All kinds of homes, pets and plants will be well looked after for as long as you need. Please call Sonia on 0458751728 if interested. HOUSE bricks, 300 bricks for you to remove. Call me 0400718470 THREE seater couch for free, just take and go. Nickol area. If interested please text 0419635052. ~~GARAGE SALE

garage sale

SATURDAY 26th Feb 7.3012 821 Clarkson Way Ktha. QB bedroom Suite, King Bed, Display Cabinet, other furniture, household items, industrial sewing machine and overlocker, rolls curtain fabric, craft items, plants lge and sml and lots more. Feel free to ring for details. 0419842384 SATURDAY 26th Feb. 15 Stickney Way Baynton 7-11am Toys, clothes, books, white goods, bikes etc ~~IN MEMORIUM lost ~~LOST BLACK cat. Answers to Venice. 7yo female, not seen since Friday 4th. Lost near Mayo court. Doesn’t wear a collar. Family pet. Please call 91859400. DOGS x 2, Last seen around the Bulgarra Oval area. 1 x Black Shitzu (Female) and the other is a Black & White Shitzu (Female) if seen please call asap 0400 254480 ~~MOTORCYCLES


BIRDS, Healthy budgies and Love birds. All sorts of colors. $20-$30 dollars each. Aviary also for sale. KTHA. Call Tony 0417181924 ENGLISH staffy pups 1 x male 4 x female avail beg march, ass colors, can view both parents,was 8 but 3 have already sold, price includes worming ,vet check and immunization $800.00 each ph:91855675 kta. RABBITS for sale $30ea. 6wks old. 5 remaining. Can email photos. Ph 0429203656. very cute! Fluffy with big floppy ears! Be quick! ~~PUBLIC NOTICE

public notice

ACCURATE PSYCHICS 99% 1902 212 206 $2.95 min mob ex C/C 03 5614 5387 $2.95 min

BAREFOOT Gardener. Lawn mowing, weeding, general garden cleanups - we do it all. We can tailor a garden maintenance program to suit your garden’s needs or simply provide a once off visit. Call Les for a free quote on 0407084304. PIANO Tuition Available Karratha and Wickham. Call Bev on 0407222244. ~~REAL ESTATE

real estate

BALI FOR SALE: 4 bedroom freehold Villa in Canggu, 5km from Canggu beach, pool, rice paddy views. AUS$225 for more info contact: indokiwikel@

rod repairs FISHING ROD REPAIRS new guides and tips fitted. Have your rods rebuilt like new. Also fishing rods for sale at reasonable prices, all with new fittings please Ph 9185 5257 ~~TENDERS vehicles ~~VEHICLES AUDI Quattro Allroad wagon, 2005, all leather interior, excellent luxury vehicle, 85000 km, full service history, brand new tyres nothing to spend, excellent safe family car. $38,500. Call Kim 0488003097. CHEV 350 4 Bolt Mains rebuilt motor. Brand new. Bored and honed new flattop pistons, rings, bearings and oil pump. Stage 6 cam and lifters machined crank. New HEI dizzy, waterpump, reco q.jet carby, starter motor and used flex plate. PH 0417900566 A/H. $3000 ONO. COMMODORE Wagon 2006 VZ, 61,000 KMS. Glaze Excellent Condition. Cargo Barrier, Brand new tyres. $17,000 ONO . Located in Karratha. Ph 0418957200.


KTM 450 exc 2008, excellent condition, long range tank, steg pegz, Barkbusters, new grips, good tyres, some spares, $7000ono Ph. 0400130982 Karratha. KVF 360 Quad 2010. 4x4 Automatic with only 360km. Racks front and back. Excellent condition. $8000 ono. Phone Ben - 0417963743



echoclassifi echo classifieds


Free Weekly 19 February 2011






FALCON 2006 BF 112km, Exc Cond, usual features. Can email photos, can deliver to Karratha. $12500 ono. Ph 94394832 or 0418817663. FORD ‘99 AU falcon no rego, front fender and bumper damaged. $1500. 0419635052. FORD Fairlane 1978 ZH 351V8 FMX Auto, Quick Shifter, 9in diff, Tunnel Ram, Twin Carbs, Big Wheels, Big Stereo, Classic, One of a kind, Heaps $$$spent, heaps of extras. reduced for quick sale $12,000. Phone: 0417821895 FORD Fairlane v8, 1991, new alternator & batt, good tyres. Good mech & interior, body fair, rego till march, $2000 ono. Ph 0409782908 after 5.30 pm.

FORD Falcon sedan AU 98 model. Drives well, Aircon and CD player. $2999 call 0400231821 or 0437518878 FREIGHTLINER Tip Truck ‘96. Please call Mike on 0430166562 for more info. $50,000 inc GST. HOLDEN Astra 2004 Coupe Silver excellent condition very low KMs 50,000. Recent major service and 4 new tyres. $10,000 ONO. Contact Jeff Mob:0438976382 HOLDEN Captiva CX 2008, V6, Auto, 33K, 7 Seater, black nudge bar, tow ball, window tint, paint/rust/interior protection. $31500ono. 91854578 (KTA).

HOLDEN Commodore 2006 VZ SV6 60,000kms Excellent condition $17,000 ONO call Patrick on 0408 033 263 HOLDEN Statesman for sale [2004] - 1 driver for life of vehicle - full service record - good condition mechanically and body - $14500 ONO - call 0429790066 for more details. HOLDEN SVZ ute 2007. $24000 6 months rego, 79000ks, 6cyl 3.6L auto, regularly serviced, 18”” alloys, new tyres, SS body kit, dual fuel, morpheous metallic purple, tip tronic manual drive, leather trim, twin hump hard tonneu cover, tub liner, A/C, central locking, cruise control, tow bar. 0418560648. HONDA CRV 2008, silver, 6 spd manual, 18,000kms, full service history, one owner, leather boot liner. $25,000 (ONO), call Jess on 0439 910 207. KAWASAKI GPX 250cc, Good condition with small blemishes.2004 model green and black, 20.000km rego until 15.05.2011. Comes with helmet (size M) in great condition + spare/ pillion helmet and bag to fit on back of bike! Call 0459529319.

LANCER ‘99 low 66000km, just reg’d, 2 owners, nothing to spend, nice mags, new tyres, great sound system, met silver, sheepskin covers. Great condition. $5500 ono 0427778900 LANDCRUISER wagon 96 model 80 series. 4.2 diesel, extractors, front diff lock, long range tanks, bullbar, spotlights, spare wheel carry on back, sidesteps, black duck canvas front seat covers, tinted windows, white. Very regretful sale. Contact Gypsy or Craig 91841840 or 0409441829. MALOO 08 VE ,R8 23000km, 6 Speed Man 445bwhp. Comp Cam, Xforce 3inch Stainless Steel, Xtreme clutch,Short Shift 20inch Rims, Lowered Front and Back Runs and Sounds a Dream Mint con $53000ono Mob 0429147264. MITSIBISHI VR4 wagon. Fully imported manual 5spd. AWD,staby contl, ABS, full electrics, 10 months reg, C/M, 6 spk sound, 10stack CD. 2.5ltr V6 qd cam,twin turbo, intercooled, 280hp. 105kms. $13000. 0427778900

MITSUBISHI Pajero Exceed 2000, petrol, dual aircondtioner, 7 seater, leather interior, 6 stacker CD player, lic 04/2011. 125,00km, 5x near new tyres, metallic blue. Well maintained. $16500 ono. Ph 0439995515 (KTA). NAVARA 2006, 165,000kms, New Tyres, just been serviced, new front brakes, long range tank, spotlights, snorkel, roo bar, fiberglass canopy, never had any drama’s with it, we r selling to get a new Navara.$25,000. 0407515736 NEW Car Radiators for Sale.. Can install if required. 0429791403 NISSAN Patrol - current shape, 2006 model, all accessories fitted, 72klms, exc cond throughout, always serviced, HID spotlights, good tyres, asking $33500. Call 0466979103. NISSAN Patrol ST Trayback, 03, 111000 kms 4” lift, Alloy Rims with M/T tyres, Spotts, UHF, Canvas Cannopy, Air Bags in rear springs In excellent cond $30000. ono Hed 0409499692

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Casual Detailer

echo jobguide $31 Hourly Rate Friendly Team Environment Corefleet is looking for a reliable person to join our Karratha branch as a vehicle detailer. As a vehicle detailer you will be responsible for ensuring our fleet presentation is maintained to the high standards our customers have come to know and expect. This role would suit a person who is hard working and enjoys working in a team environment. A minimum "C" class driver's license is essential for this role. Apply Now! Please send your resume by email to or submit your resume in person to our branch located at 1000 Orkney Road Karratha 6714

MSS • Security currently seeks talented and Must have a current security licence and able committed localtoindividuals wishing pursue a to commit initial 40 hours screenerto training career• as a Security Occupational Firstdrug Aid Officer Must be able to/pass medical fitness, in the Burrup Peninsula region near Karrartha. and alcohol

Kitchenhands and Cleaning Crew Jangs Kitchen and Cleaning services, and the brand new Thai Lanna restaurant in Dampier are seeking part time and casual staff for kitchen and cleaning duties. For all enquiries, contact Jang on

MSS• Must Security have a casual on call have a sense of humour and excellent Both Full-time and casual positions are available. customer service skills opportunity to work at Karratha Airport. • Duties will involve fill in for screening and Successful applicants will have as a minimum: heliport departures staff verbal written communication skills •• Good Must• DG have aand current security licence and able awareness/ acceptance and alcohol • Excellent interpersonal skills testing to certs a bonus to commit initial 40 hours screener training • Ability to work flexible hours (sometimes at short Contact the Screening Supervisor Andrew Bell notice) 0450489970 post amedical copy of CV with cover • Must be able toor pass fitness, drug letter the Supervisor to: literacy • Sound PCtoskills / computer and alcohol MSS Security • Screening Point • Medically sound Karratha Airport • 6714

•You Must have a sense humour and excellent must possess theof following: • Current Firstservice Aid Certifi cate and OFA qualifications customer skills willing to train suitable applicant to OFA standard

•• Current Duties will involve fill in for screening and WA Security License • Current Drivers License heliportWA departures staff

remuneration packages are offered for •Excellent DG awareness/ acceptance and alcohol these roles. testing certs Applicants area bonus particularly encouraged from suitably qualified women, indigenous people and

Contact Screening Supervisor Andrew Bell people ofthe different cultural backgrounds. 0450489970 or postcall a copy of CV with cover For more information Cathyto O’Donnell on 0435to: 292 841 letter the Supervisor To apply, please email a current CV / Resume to Des

MSS Security • Screening Point Karratha Airport • 6714


Applications close on the Friday 25th of February 2011

Thai Lanna Restaurant Dampier


• Alloy wheels • Power mirrors • Power windows • Power steering • Air Conditioning • Tow Bar • Regularly serviced • New pioneer speakers Call 0404319802 for more information PRICE $9500 o.n.o. Location is Karratha.

NISSAN PULSAR Q 2002 Charcoal, manual, sedan, cruise control, electric windows, tinted windows, leather steering wheel, keyless entry, low km’s, one lady owner from new, excellent condition, great first car $8,000 ono. Call Trish 0421343825 PRADO 2005 GXL 4ltr. 129000kms, ARB bullbar, reece hitch, roof rack, reece hitch, 7 seater, good tyre tread, CB radio and lots of other features. Ready for your Pilbara adventures. Call Casey on 0458858663. RADIATORS and condensors. Many new brands available, can fit if required. Call 0466979103.

accommodation available

Ph: 0431 385 389 MSS Security have a Aid casualOffi on call Security / First cers opportunity to work at Karratha Airport.




public notice


vehicles SUBARU Impreza, 1996, manual, air cond, good tyres, cd player, 6 months rego, cheap to run, drives great, $3800. Ph 0434306476. SUZUKI VITARA 1998 Soft Top (new) Auto 4WD Good Condition $7,500 o.n.o Call 0428 678499 KTA TOYOTA Corolla Edge 1.8lt Manual 09 Plated. Purchased 12mths ago brand new off showroom floor. Registered until 09/11, 5,400 Kms hardly used. New car warranty. $21,000 ono. Call Kim 0421792749. TOYOTA Hilux 4x4, 2004 model. Extra cab, brand new wide wheels, Alpine stereo, roobar, spotties. Travelled only 80000kms exc $17500 ono. Ph 0400342051. TOYOTA Prado 2008 GXL TD 6sp man Pearl White Loaded with Extra’s W:9185 9522 A/H:0413718552 Dampier. TRAILER 6’ X 4’ Steel Box trailer. Good condition. Everything works. $700. 0412729646 HED. TRAILER flat top with removable sides. New tyres. Just over the pits. $2200. 0412729646 HED. TROOPY LANDCRUISER 1998 105000km massive alu roof rack, dual batt, winch, 2spare tyres, aircon, 5new tyres,extra headlight... $27000 ONO Michael 0415936876 VOLVO XC90 2004 130,000 kms full long book, 7 leather seats excellent condition. $30,000, 0417250378 VS Commodore 1996 executive series two, a/c, cruise control, berlina rims near new tires, 6 months rego, bonnet and front guards faded but runs well. $2500, Ph 0419963299. KTA VS Holden ute 2000, lowered extractors. $6500. Contact Gavin on 0417439306. (KTA) VU Series2 Commodore ute, 3.8L V6. 94,000kms. CD/DVD player, sports exhaust. $13,000 ono. Phone 0418934082. WB Ute in good nic with 253 in Dampier. Call 0400234042. Peg’s Creek Primary School P&C Association Inc Galbraith Road, Karratha WA 6714 ~~WANTED


Tel: (08) 9144 4141

Fax: (08) 9144 4074

CAR head unit installer. Please text

0419635052. children receive the best possible education they can. We give our assistance through You’re invited to attend being proactive in the school environment. This can be in the form of being parent helpers in the classroom, helping out in the canteen, uniform /bookshop, with CONCRETE Pavers. Wooden assisting outdoor Peg’s Creek Primary School P&C AGM the laminating service, or helping with fundraising. It can also be by being part of the table. Breville Breadmaker Model No Executive Committee. & Meet the Teachers Wine & Cheese Night BB200. Phone 91853859 The P&C is a voluntary organisation which aims to assist the school in insuring our


Wednesday, 23rd February

DAMAGED or non-running motorcycles. Anything considered. Please call This form gives us a data bank0466979103. of resourceful people who we can call upon to help with various activities throughout the year. We don’t expect you to be available each All positions vacant EXERCISE Bike, gym style in have goodthe time, but hopefully we will have enough people to help so that we don’t same people all the work. Share the load. Nomination forms available from school offidoce condition at reasonable price. 0448 668 Peg’s Creek Primary School is one of the smallest schools in Karratha yet we have the 898 biggest community spirit. We want our children to be proud to attend Peg’s Creek, and we want the parents and carers to be active participants of the school. The P&C raise wanted. 16-24kg. Will funds for the school so it can beKETTLEBELLS equipped with the best equipment and resources that otherwise it would not be able to have if it solely relied on government funding. The buy any of those sizes. Also interested P&C also provide vital services to the school in the form of the canteen/catering, echo jobguide uniform/bookshop and the laminating service. We are part of the School Council in buying myotatic (half crunch ball) orand we have a Road Safety Committee which has a primary aim of ‘road safety’. I am sure there is something you can do to help, even it is pureCall inspiration. Swiss ball.if (KTA) James 0447664605 We are always looking at ways we can improve. LOOKING for a cheap registered car up Please complete the attached form and tell us a little about yourself. Your help and Information assistance is appreciated. The more people we joining small and helping better our to $2000 withhaveaircon, car the preferred, school will be for our children. please call Nath on 0418938260. Please return completed forms to the school office. session on the Courses MUSICIANS! Female vocalist/guitarist Michelle Waddington P&C President 2009 wanting to get into the Karratha music building industry 2011 scene. If you are interested in starting at Roebourne a band, or are just keen on having a jam, why not give us text or call us on 0408907215. This is your chance to find out about the PACKING BOXES WANTED even if you pre apprenticeship in Carpentry, have only have 1 or 2 please contact 91852298 a look in the workshop, and speak to or employers who know about the trade. ROWING Machine - good quality and reasonable price. 0448 668898 WHEN: 10.30am to 12.30pm on Monday, TO BUY 250-450 4 stroke dirt bike in FEBRUARY 21st includes a BBQ lunch good condition, will buy up to $5000.00 call 0408365466 EMAIL rdn@vanoord. HOW WILL YOU GET THERE: com If you need a lift, the TAFE bus leaves from WASHING machine & 350-400L fridge. Karratha campus in front of the Walkington In good condition. If ypu don’t need any Theatre at 10am. more, please text me. 0423607995 (KTA). Contact Lyn Polkinghorne, Vic Bettesworth or Tom Hay WASHING Machine(In good working at Pilbara TAFE’s Roebourne campus on 9182 0350 condition) Wanted for SAFE Headquarters Call 91854634 WOMENS Bicycle (with a carry basket if available) in good working order wanted to buy or loan for Danish volunteer who is assisting SAFE fulltime for 6 months. Please call SAFE 91854634

We appreciate the fact that you may not be able to dedicate much time to helping, but every little bit helps. Even if it means blowing up a few balloons for a school disco or turning a snag at a sausage sizzle, we really appreciate the help.

Kitchen and Cleaning Services Pty Ltd

RECEPTIONIST/ OFFICE ADMINISTRATOR Excellent presentation and customer service skills Minimum 2 years experience Duties Include: • Reception Duties • Strong MS Office skills • Database Management • Daily Banking • Invoicing and accounts payable • General administration duties as required • Remuneration based on qualifications and experience Email: Applications should be addressed to: Office Manager PO Box 1792 Karratha WA 6714

echojobguide echojobguide

Free Weekly 19 February 2011 V

BOILERMAKERS AND FABRICATION PERSONNEL We are a general fabrication workshop in Karratha. We service the mining industry and associated business in the Pilbara area. We are looking for trades people who have the following working habits and attributes: • Hold a current WA drivers license • Take pride and pleasure in their work • Are dependable and able to attend work • Able to work with in a smaller non-multinational company • Can consistently produce a clear alcohol and other drugs test • Enjoy working as a part of a team • Have additional skills to offer If you are looking for long term employment please forward details to PO Box 1089 KARRATHA WA 6714 Email:


“Take this one - it’s just come out of the oven”


St Paul’s Primary School KARRATHA Applications are invited for an

Trade Qualified Baker

Aboriginal Teacher Assistant (0.5 FTE)

We’re all about opportunity - as a Trade Qualified Baker at Coles Karratha there are many job opportunities for you to explore. Be part of the transformation, start a conversation with Coles. Visit our website and enter job #538210.

Applications close 28 February 2011 and should be addressed to:

Further information on the position can be found at: or on the School Website

The Principal, PO Box 1628, Karratha WA 6714.

EMPLOYMENT OPPORTUNITIES Downer EDI Engineering (a division of the Downer EDI group of Companies) is a leading provider of engineering services in the Asia/Pacific region employing over 4500 people. Our vision is to be the preferred supplier of engineering services by growing and enhancing our core competencies to meet emerging industry needs. We are currently seeking to fill the following vacancies to join our maintenance team in Port Hedland:

• Electricians (Full-Time) (Job # 494969) • Electrical Draftsperson (Job # 494392) • TA/Scaffolder (Job # 495246)

• Mechanical Supervisor (Job # 495100) • Electrical Foreperson (Job # 494175) • Boilermaker (Job # 495310)

A minimum of 6 months experience is required in your chosen position as well as a positive attitude to workplace safety. Successful candidates will be offered attractive rates and allowances.

Sandvik Mining and Construction is a business area within the Sandvik Group and a leading global supplier of equipment, tools service and technical solutions for the mining and construction industries. The Sandvik Group has 47,000 employees in 130 countries with over 3,000 staff in the Australia Pacific region. Our rapid growth means that we require motivated personnel in the following role.

Manager Customer Sales Exploration Products, Newman/Pilbara Sandvik Mining and Construction offers a unique range of employee benefits and packages that extend way past your base take-home salary.

We want to attract the best and keep you working for us. We offer you attractive salary packages including generous superannuation, salary sacrifice, health and more. As a Manager Customer Sales, you will be responsible for developing, maintaining and growing exploration customer accounts through an effective sales process for the Newman and Pilbara regions. This role will sell and promote Sandvik’s range of Exploration Tools and Consumables, Drilling Fluids, and Geological supplies.

To register your interest please apply online at and click on ‘Work with Us’ and ‘Australia’. Then click on ‘View Current Opportunities’ and enter the job number in the ‘Keywords’ section to complete the application form.


Long & Short Term Positions DFP Recruitment Services is one of Australia’s leading recruitment services. Established in 1981, DFP has developed a reputation for delivering specialist services in temporary, permanent and volume staffing services combined with ethics, integrity and professionalism. We are currently seeking experienced personnel for the following positions: • Senior Administrators • HR Administrators • Forklift Drivers • Dogman • MSIC card holders • Trade Assistants

You will have ideally 4-5 years sales experience within the mining and mineral exploration (or similar) industries. 3-4 years experience in explorationdrilling applications would be advantageous. You possess a technical aptitude and ability in exploration drilling equipment and drilling tools with demonstrated sales/account management experience. Financial analysis and computer skills area requirement of this role. Preparedness to travel to visit customers on a regular basis is essential. You will need a strong understanding of customer’s business and processes along with business development experience with demonstrated growth results. A sound knowledge of solution provision and customer value add selling would an advantage. Ideally the successful applicant will reside in Newman or be prepared to fly in and fly out of the region. HOW TO APPLY To apply, please visit the Sandvik website - Applications close: 21 February 2011 Job Reference No.: 306080

Please note you must hold a current drivers licence and be prepared to undergo a drug & alcohol screen. To register please email your resume to or call our Karratha branch on 08 9143 1016

Shop 7/18 Hedland Place Karratha WA, 6714 Phone: 9143 1016


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HEAVY DUTY MECHANIC North West Training & Inspection Services are looking for a Heavy Duty Mechanic to join their dynamic team. If you are willing and able to learn, this could be the position for you. Please call Clint on 9144 4250

North West Training & Inspection Services

GENERAL HAND Casual Position Must have current drivers license. Duties include gardening, general workshop cleaning. Pick ups and deliveries All applications please contact 0428 421 401

Office Administration Manager Part Time Position Available 8.30am - 2pm Monday to Friday

Water2water are a leading water filtration company. We supply and maintain water filtration systems for the domestic, corporate and mining sectors. We pride ourselves in the high quality of service that we provide to our clients. We are a privately owned Australian company and have offices and staff located around Western Australia. In this new role you will be based in the Karratha office. We have a great team of people working with us and are searching for an experienced person to start now who is interested in a long term full time position as an administration manager.

Selection Criteria Duties to include: • All reception duties • Product training • In-store sales • Use of Evolution database (training provided). • General administration management including invoicing, banking, purchase orders, collecting daily management sheets, time sheets. • The ability to provide an exceptionally high quality of service to our valued clients. • Organising daily schedules for technicians • Liaising with other staff members around the state. Skills Required: • Minimum 4 years reception/administration experience • High standard of written and oral communication skills. • Typing skills minimum 50 wpm 100% accuracy • Excellent organisational and time management skills. • Ability to learn quickly and work under pressure in a fast paced environment. • Immaculate personal presentation.

An attractive salary package will be offered based on prior experience and will be discussed at interview. No shift work involved. Fantastic opportunity to work part time hours.


Please send a covering letter addressing your suitability and experience for this role along with your current resume to For further information call Deborah on 0438 938 692 between 9 am & 5 pm.

Free Weekly 19 February 2011

PART TIME ADMIN ASSISTANT Job Share Position Vacant Approx 20 hours per week (flexible) Providing customer service and administration duties for a growing transport depot in Karratha LIA. Must be computer proficient with good organisational skills. Please email your resume to

Resource Resumes Professional resume writing service All jobs, trades and professions

Liza 0420 925 880

Want to love your job? We’re on the hunt for a Marketing Specialist to promote our locally owned community newspaper. You will: • Be willing to learn and show initiative • Work with a young, close knit team • Work to really tight deadlines and budgets • Have a flair for design and words • Be friendly, clean and well presented • Have very basic computer skills To find out more about this position, please email or drop in and meet the team at 18 Hedland Place, Karratha

pilbaraecho Delivered fresh every week. Government of Western Australia

Main Roads Western Australia

Materials Engineering Trainee Pilbara, Level 1, $34,968 to $68,563pa MRWA EBA - including commuted overtime and district allowance Main Roads is looking for an enthusiastic person aged 18 to 25 to be employed and learn new skills in the field of construction materials testing in our regions office located in Port Hedland. Construction materials testing is a mixture of physical and mechanical laboratory, field and on road testing of soils, aggregates and concrete associated with road and bridge construction. Your working environment will include sampling and testing in laboratories, quarries, gravel pits and onsite at some of our largest road projects. Successful completion of the Traineeship will take two years and will involve extensive on the job training and the completion of Certificate III in Laboratory Skills. If you would like to apply for this fantastic opportunity then visit search for Main Roads WA in the ‘agency’ field and click on this vacancy. Follow the prompts and submit your resume and a covering letter. If you would like to obtain further information about Materials Engineering Traineeships contact Tony Cullinane on Ph: (08) 9323 4739 or email adcorp F53772

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Free Weekly 19 February 2011



Concrete Agitator Driver We are currently seeking self-motivated drivers to join our team in Karratha. Successful applicants will have the following: • Current HR licence • 12 months HR commercial driving experience • Positive attitude • Customer focus • Strong commitment to OH&S • Ability to work unsupervised • Good communication skills • 3-6 Months Agitator experience MCS pride themselves on delivering a quality product with exceptional service, whilst offering a rewarding and enjoyable work environment. Previous concrete agi driving experience will be highly regarded, however full training will be provided to applicants demonstrating the right attitude. Rental assistance or single accommodation is included with our competitive remuneration. If you wish to be considered for this opportunity, please apply now by sending your resume with references to: Ph: (08) 9185 0400 Fax: (08) 9185 0450 or mail to PO Box 1435, Karratha WA 6714 Mobile Concreting Solutions


Golden Opportunities with Gold Gold Fields is one of the world’s largest gold producers and explorers with annual production approaching four million ounces from nine operating mines in Australia, South Africa, Ghana and Peru. With extensive greenelds and near mine exploration projects underway across the globe, our talented team is working hard to achieve our vision of being the global leader in sustainable gold mining. We embrace a global philosophy that provides a wealth of diverse and rewarding career opportunities and sets us apart from the rest. The Australasian regional corporate ofce is in Perth.


Gold Fields’ St Ives Gold Mine is near the town of Kambalda, 80km south of Kalgoorlie St Ives is amongst the leading gold producers in Australia. Annual output in excess of 420,000 ounces is produced from a number of underground and open pit mines. Gold is processed via a 5 mtpa CIP plant with lower grade ore treated via a Heap Leach process. Our roles here are residential in Kambalda or in Kalgoorlie-Boulder, Australia’s gold capital and a thriving city of over 30,000 people.

Manager: Occupational Health and Safety St Ives | Residential 5/2 Roster

We are seeking an experienced, results orientated leader with occupational, health and safety expertise to provide tactical and operational leadership, direction and development to the Occupational Health, Safety and Emergency services teams. Reporting to the General Manager this is a key role within the St Ives senior management team. You will be required to develop and embed site based strategies, initiatives and processes that ensure site compliance in all areas relating to OHS, Emergency Services and risk management. In addition to your tertiary qualications in OHS, you will have a minimum of 10 years relevant experience in the resources industry including a minimum of 5 years in a senior role. Equally important will be your well developed communication and interpersonal skills to engage stakeholders across the organisation.

Geologist: Exploration

St Ives | Residential 5/2 Roster St Ives Gold Mine is an exciting operation within one of the most diverse, interesting and highly prospective Yilgarn geological domains. The potential for exploration success and discovery is supported by continued exploration expenditure commitments to ensure a sustainable future. The role of the Geologist: Exploration is to generate and execute exploration programs. Your contribution to the team will include targeting, target ranking, drill program proposals and management, data collection and interpretation.

Engineer: Mechanical

St Ives | Residential 5/2 Roster We are seeking a self motivated person to manage and control the safe and cost effective maintenance of xed plant for St Ives underground mines and associated infrastructure. Reporting to the Engineering Manager, and working closely with our mine management team across our underground operations you will be responsible for maintenance cost control, risk mitigation iniatives and critical parts analysis. Complementing your recognised tertiary engineering qualication you will have well developed communication, planning and problem solving skills. For this role you will have a minimum of 5 years experience in engineering maintenance and design in an underground mining environment.

As well as challenging and rewarding career opportunities as part of a global Company, St Ives also provides generous rewards and benets for its valued employees. These include attractive superannuation, salary sacricing options, a performance bonus system, health fund allowance, study assistance and other benets. For more information and to apply online visit

Engineer: Geotechnical

St Ives | Residential 5/2 Roster We have an opportunity for an Engineer: Geotechnical to provide geotechnical support within our Surface Mining team at St Ives. The primary responsibility of the role is to assist with the open pit operations requirements through implementation of our slope stability standards and conducting stability analysis for future pits. In addition to your tertiary qualications in Mining Engineering or Geology, it is expected that you will have a minimum of 3 years geotechnical engineering experience. Previous experience using Surpac or Datamine and Rocscience packages would be an advantage.

Complementing your tertiary qualications in Geology, it is expected that you will have a minimum of 2 years experience in the gold industry as a Mine or Exploration Geologist. Previous experience using ArcMap and Datamine would be an added advantage. K


Poly Cat Dinghies

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Free Weekly 19 February 2011

Pilbara Wildlife Carers Association Wildlife Watch by Jenny Fox Factory Direct (Rockingham) 2 sizes: 2.7m & 4.1m • From $660 and $2100 Limited stock at these reduced prices Dealer enquiries welcome Ph 0401158704

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pilbaraecho Sun 20 Time Ht

9A Crane Circle

Singing Cicada’s “The hills are alive with the sound of music” well... the music of the cicada’s at least. To some it is an incessant racket, especially when some species can make a sound in excess of 120DB! (anything above 85DB damages the human ear). There are over 200 species of cicada’s in Australia and they differ from other types (in the world) due to our continent’s diversity of climate and terrain. Only the males can ‘sing’ and different species have different songs. They are the only insect to have developed a specialised means of producing sound. The noise is made by a pair of ribbed membranes at the base of the abdomen and contracting these ‘muscles’ creates the sound. They sing during the heat of the day, while others sing at dusk. They tend to sing simultaneously as to confuse those that predate upon them, the idea being that it’s harder for birds to locate them when their noise is echoing around the trees. Cicada’s live for about 5 years but spend most of this time underground, thus the reason why adult cicadas are more abundant in some seasons. The adult cicada’s only live for a few weeks.

• Different species of local cicada’s Adult cicada’s feed on a huge range of plants by piercing the stem/leaf and sucking the sap. Female cicada’s lay eggs in the stems of plants and when the lava hatch they fall to the ground and burrow in. The nymphs then grow slowly eating the roots of plants. When the nymph reaches full size it digs its way to the surface, usually during the night, where it climbs a tree (or whatever is close) to shed its skin for


0610 0.49 0020 4.79 1209 4.78 0644 0.48 1826 0.66 1240 4.94 1904 0.54

Tue 22 Time Ht

0057 0716 1313 1941

4.69 0.59 4.97 0.59

Wed 23 Time Ht

0132 0748 1347 2018

4.47 0.81 4.86 0.80

Thu 24 Time Ht

0208 0817 1422 2056

4.14 1.12 4.60 1.12

Fri 25 Time Ht

0246 0846 1500 2139

3.76 1.49 4.24 1.53

the last time. I’m sure there are some of you that have wondered what that brown empty shell a foot or so up the wall of the house, patio or bush was from. In some countries the fatter female cicada is a gourmet delight. I suppose they are right up there with the crispy fried grasshoppers, cooked or uncooked witchetty grubs, baked spiders etc, but I don’t fancy eating them, leave that to the birds...

pilbaraecho Sat 26 Time Ht

0329 0914 1547 2241


Visit for up to date boating weather.

3.34 1.90 3.82 1.95

echosport echo sport

Free Weekly 19 February 2011

Thunder will never deter keen golfers By Norma Bilsborough Each week brings more and more golfers to Karratha on Saturday afternoons. A tremendous field of seventy one golfers competed in last week’s Stableford Competition sponsored by McDonalds Karratha. Once again the field was divided in two with half playing the front nine and the remainder playing the back nine. The day started perfectly with overcast skies and a pleasant breeze making it a joy to be out on the golf course looking at the stunning views over Nickol Bay to the Burrup in between shots. Half way through the afternoon the black thunder clouds over the

Karratha Hills added an extra frisson of excitement. Not even when the thunder and lighting and torrential rain descended on the players were they detracted from their purpose; once golf is in the blood it never leaves. In the clubhouse at the end of the afternoon, the bedraggled group waited in anticipation for the results of their endeavours. In the novelty prizes the nearest the pin prizes went to Rohan Wales on hole 3, Peter McIver on hole 8, Brad West on hole 11, and Danny Cam on hole 16. Longest Putt went to Shaun Uys and Owen Leece had the best 2nd shot on hole 10. Best 3rd shot went to Mongrel on hole 6, Happy Feet on hole 12, and Bodie

Broun on hole 14. Bodie also had the longest drive on hole 18 and Peter Schneider had the longest drive on hole 9. The overall winner on the day was Wayne Chadwick with an awesome 24 points. On the front nine, first was Rob Ford with 21, second was Mickey Moose with 20 and third was Brian Thompson with 20. On the back nine Karl Kleynhans was first with 22, Phil Kennedy was second with 21 and Danny Cam was third with 21. The team Stableford being played at the same time was won by Bodie and Chaddy with a stunning 49 points and runners up were Bill Saw and Danny Cam with 47. Thanks to the organisers

for the smooth running of the day, especially with such a large field, and thanks to our sponsor, McDonalds Family Restaurant for their generous prizes. Karratha Country Club and Karratha Golf Club can be found off Searipple Road Karratha. Anyone interested in playing come and join in the fun. Members and guests are always welcome and social membership of the Country Club is available for a small fee. For more information call the Clubhouse on 9185 1045, or speak to the Men’s Captain, Michael Pennings on 04 00662919 or the Ladies’ Captain, Sharyn Wieland, 04 38397811, for details of competition and social golfing sessions.

Karratha Netball Association recruits more volunteers The Karratha Netball Association held it's annual Information Night this week with a lot of new faces to town coming down to find out all about netball in 2011 as well as register interest to join a team. Three ladies were there just to offer assistance as a volunteer which is fantastic news for the association and anyone interested in playing netball this year. The role of the volunteer was focused on during the night. The KNA committee has a core of 23 volunteers with some positions also having sub committees. This sounds like a lot of people to run a netball competition but there is a lot more involved than just putting up a goal post and having a game each week. They need to coordinate team nominations, register all players and officials in alliance with Netball WA, insurance, purchase equipment, fees & monies, insurance, liaison with Shire of

Roebourne regarding grounds & new facilities, provide training/courses for umpires, coaches and players, update websites, write Echo articles :-), coordinate 6 teams to compete in North West Netball Championships (which needs a committee all on it's own), run information nights, Annual General Meetings, committee meetings, run a canteen, provide injury management, rubbish collection, prepare game fixtures, umpiring and kiosk rosters, ladders, fairest and best votes, fundraising, Net Set Go programs, the list goes on. But they do have a large pool to draw their help from. They had 622 members in KNA in 2010 with 362 of these being kids under 18 years of age so available parent helpers aren't included in these membership figures. With lots of people doing a little bit, it sure helps the season run along smoothly.





As a contributer-based newspaper, we accept articles from the public. Are you a part of a local sporting group? Keep people in the know with articles and results.

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The Information Night also gave new people to town an opportunity to find out lots of information regarding the upcoming season. Any senior player interested in competing in the ladies winter season commencing in May needs to come along to the KNA Open Trials at the Del Parker Netball Centre, Bulgarra at 7pm on Monday night, February 21st. Please bring appropriate sports clothing/shoes and a drink. Coaches will be in

attendance to pick up players for their teams/ clubs. Juniors are graded as per their age so are not required to attend the trials. Any juniors or subjuniors wishing to play netball but don't have a team can contact Tracy Kitching at kna. to register their interest. If your child is preprimary to grade 3 age, please keep an eye on your school newsletters regarding the Net Set Go program being run next school term.



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Free Weekly 19 February 2011

Sam Kekovich due to appear in the Pilbara


• Sam Kekovich is well known for encouraging Australians to eat more lamb

Do you belong to a sport association or club? If so, why not tell us what your team or club has been up to? It can be anything. Maybe you entered a tournament recently or organised a fundraiser, or maybe you’ve just recruited a new player to your team. Whatever you’ve been up to and want to get it in your local paper then send in your article and any photos to

AFL legend and media personality Sam Kekovich will be touring the North West region of Western Australia in early April and is available for sports club fundraisers, corporate events and functions. Kekovich will be present from 7 to 14 April, accompanied by one of Australia’s leading horse trainers, David Hayes. The “Lambassador”, as he is affectionately known following his award winning role telling Australians to eat more lamb, will be at the Karratha Tavern on Friday 8th April and will then tour to Marble Bar, Port Hedland, Pannawonica and most watering holes in between. With a career in AFL, both playing and commentating, spanning over 40 years, Sam Kekovich is renowned for his controversial behaviour on and off the field. “I am really looking forward to getting to Karratha and then continuing around the North West where people still understand what made this country what it is today,” Kekovich said. “I have done speaking gigs in all corners of the country

and when my great mate Gerry Walsh from Sportingbet said he was doing a tour of The Pilbara, I said count me in. “Anyone who comes along to one of the events will be guaranteed a laugh as I regale the punters with yarns from my sporting career, travels and give them some general advice on how we can make Australia great again.” Kekovich was actually born in Western Australia before moving to Melbourne where he made his name kicking 228 goals in 124 games for North Melbourne before a brief stint at Collingwood. He is famous for his rants which have been seen over the years on ABC sports program The Fat and Melbourne 3AK radio as well as working on SEN and Triple M’s AFL coverage. Kekovich currently hosts ESPN’s flagship sports show, Pardon the Interruption. Kekovich is one of Australia’s most in demand speakers and for more details on how to book him for his upcoming tour of the North West, email info@

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