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Free Weekly 12 - 13 May 2012


Just his luck


Head Honcho

When Kian Blethlyn rode his bike down to the Back Beach boat ramp to watch the sunset, by luck, he caught this astounding photo. “As luck would have it the tide was way out, leaving a mirror thin film of water to reflect the sunset,” he said. “As I walked onto the mudflats to capture the sunset, the sky and ground seemed to merge, it was like walking in another dimension. “The photos took themselves.”


Advertising Sales / Accounts


Office Manager


Karratha Newshunter

Kian used a Canon EOS 500D with a 18-55mm lens.

Elise Hedland Newshunter

Westy Graphic Designer


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Mathias Print Production

And a team of awesome contributors, walkers and helpers! DISTRIBUTED TO: Pt Hedland • Karratha South Hedland • Dampier Tom Price • Paraburdoo Pannawonica • Roebourne Wickham • Pt Samson Onslow • Newman and beyond! Port Hedland • Harbourside Shana’s Café • Beachfront

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Wildlife watch: Spotted Nightjars

Fact File:

me: Scientific na s argus Caprimulgu Size: m 290 -310m Habitat: y and ooded ston Sparsely w . sandy rises n status: Conservatio ern Least conc

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p. 08 9185 5570 f. 08 9219 4678

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13,881 K

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Spotted Nightjars are medium-sized 290-310mm, nocturnal or crepuscular birds. The upper parts are midgrey speckled white, and marked tawny and black, with a tawny collar and with two large white patches forming a broad bar on the throat.

Eye is large and deep brown. They have long wings with white spots on the end flight feathers, which is where they get their name. They have short legs, which are not suited to walking, and have very short wide bills. Their soft plumage is intricately patterned to resemble bark or leaves. If spotted they can be seen to perch along a branch, rather than across it. This helps to conceal them during the day. Hunting on the wing they feed predominantly on moths and other large flying insects. They have an erratic and jerky, stiffwinged flight. Nightjars have a special physiological ability to lower their body temperature by gular flutter. They are found throughout Australia, apart from the Eastern coastal strip.


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Pilbara Wildlife Carers Association

th Happy 5 y Izaac! a d h t ir B Hope your day is full of fun, laughter and happiness. We love you very much. Mum, Dad and Georgia xxxx

Happy 4th Birthday Riley Love Daddy, Mummy and Caleb

Happy 18th Birthday mate, so proud of how far you have come.

All my love Mum, Preston, Jameilah and Hayden. Xoxoox

WA Seniors Card a bonus If you are a senior aged 60 years or over, check if you qualify for up to $1,400 worth of benefits from the WA Seniors Card. “Since expanding the eligibility criteria for the Seniors Card last year, about 20,000 additional seniors now hold a card,” said Vincent Catania, Member for North West. “I want to tell everyone aged 60 years and over who is a permanent resident of WA and working 25 hours a week or less, that they qualify for a Seniors Card and I encourage those eligible to get their application in and share in the vast array of discounts and concessions.” The WA Seniors Card offers up to $1,400 worth of concessions, which may include discounts on: Water and local government rates Electricity bills Free public transport travel between 9am and 3.30pm weekdays, all day Saturday, Sunday and public holidays Driver’s and vehicle licence fees Between 10 and 50 per cent off goods and services from more than 500 businesses listed in the WA Seniors Card Discount Directory Seniors Card holders can also apply for an annual cost of living rebate (2011: $150 for singles and $225 couples) and a one-off $400 safety and security rebate, for the installation of eligible items such as deadlocks, home intruder alarms and security door screens. Last May, the State Government widened the scope for WA residents to hold a Seniors Card, allowing seniors who work 25 hours or less a week (averaged over a 12-month period) to apply for a card.

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Free Weekly 12 - 13 May 2012



Roebourne Girls ‘FX’ launches By Courtney Bertling The Roebourne Girls ‘FX’ 2012 program was launched under the Luke Adam Foundation on May 9 at the Pam Buchanan Family Centre. The Roebourne Girls FX Group is a leadership program based in Roebourne that utilises the attraction of the arts; song, dance and drama, as a platform to address issues of self-esteem, healthy relationships, sexual and women’s health, drug and alcohol abuse, healthy lifestyles and future direction.

• Andrew Sarich, Fiona White-Hartig, Finola Woodley and Hon Brendon Grylls MLA at the launch

The program, which started in 2004, is intended to develop tomorrow’s role models and build strong, independent women with a ‘voice’ in the community.

• At the launch of the 2012 Roebourne Girls ‘FX’ program on May 9

Luke Adams Foundation Pilbara operations manager Fiona WhiteHartig said that when she was living in Roebourne, she noticed that there was nothing on offer in the town for girls to participate in.

Young Achievement Australia Small Business Program and also a Leadership tour throughout the USA.

“At its peak, the program had close to 50 members, with a core group of approximately 30 who attended weekly from Wickham, Roebourne and Karatha,” she said.

Finola Woodley is an inaugural member of Girls ‘FX’ and has been part of the program since it started eight year ago.

“Girls that have participated in the program are encouraged to ‘give back’ by being mentors to the younger girls coming through the program. “Over the years, the girls participated in numerous programs including the

“I am extremely proud to say that one of those participants is now employed by the Luke Adams Foundation.”

“She has grown into a confident young woman and a leader in her community,” Ms White-Hartig said. “I have no doubt that she will improve to be a huge asset to the Foundation and will continue to provide inspiration and guidance to the next generation of

girls group participants. “The program is to help Indigenous and Non-Indigenous girls to better themselves and develop social abilities by boosting their self-confidence and self-esteem,” she said. “I am very excited that I will be mentoring the young girls and I am very happy to be given this opportunity. “Thank you everyone, I am very excited for the adventures this year.” Roebourne Girls ‘FX’ is supported by the National Lifestyle Villages, Pindan, API and Pilbara Cities. Photos courtesy of Aaron Bunch

Anketell Port land assembly under way Anketell Port, the Pilbara’s next major deepwater port and industrial precinct, 30km east of Karratha and 10km from Cape Lambert, will be developed in stages. Premier and State Development Minister Colin Barnett said the multi-user facility has an ultimate annual export capacity of more than 350 million tonnes. The development includes a related industrial precinct to accommodate mineral processing and other heavy industry. “Anketell will generate new business and development in the Pilbara, with existing towns, especially nearby Karratha and Roebourne, providing services and homes for the operational workforce,” Mr Barnett said. “The Government

will ensure all landholders affected by the notices are informed and that their rights are recognised and, where required, they will be appropriately compensated,” he said. “Currently, this land is covered by various forms of tenure, including native title, pastoral leasehold, private land and mining tenements.” The Ngarluma people are the traditional owners and native title holders over a large area of the land proposed for the Anketell Project. “The Government is already working with the Ngarluma Aboriginal Corporation, the representative body, to negotiate native title matters,” Mr Barnett said. “ T o g e t h e r , we will ensure Aboriginal heritage is protected and the

Ngarluma people are compensated properly.” The Premier said the Government was

considering a range of options for how the staged development of the port would proceed.

Pilbara Dental Care • General & Cosmetic Dentistry • Dental Surgeon 18 years experience For Appointments Please call

9185 5600

ROEBOURNE AQUATIC CENTRE Roebourne Aquatic Centre will close for regular winter maintenance from Monday 14th May 2012, and will re-open at the start October 2012. Thank you for your continued support over the summer season and we look forward to seeing you again when the pool re-opens in October. For information contact Tony Wear on 9186 8555.

Mon - Sat | After Hours Available

Shop 5/16 Hedland Place Karratha, enter via Searipple Road

Roebourne Aquatic Centre, Sholl Street, Roebourne





Payment on collection via cash or EFTPOS

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BEEF CHICKEN bulk, fair & affordable prices!!



NEWMAN 23rd 9am to 5.30pm PARABURDOO 24th 11am to 5.30pm TOM PRICE 25th 9am to 5.30pm ONSLOW 31st 10am to 5.30pm KARRATHA 30th 9am to 5.30pm WICKHAM 29th 10am to 5.30pm PORT HEDLAND 27th 9am to 5.30pm



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Free Weekly 12 - 13 May 2012

The Pilbara Poet

International English Language Testing System is coming to the Pilbara.

The UWA Test Centre is pleased to announce that an IELTS test will be conducted in Karratha on Saturday 30th June 2012. For all information and how to apply for this test, please visit our website: or contact the IELTS office on (08) 6488 2904 Please post all applications to: The UWA IELTS Test Centre, M438 35 Stirling Highway, Nedlands WA 6009. Places are limited. The Deadline for Applications is 26th June 2012 unless full before.

by Elise Batchelor On Mother’s Day, kids are showering mum with brekky in bed (and possibly all over it), or perfume to make her smell like Britney Spears or Sarah Jessica Parker (never got that). In the meantime, husbands and partners, it’s the perfect day to write her a love poem, just like Shakespeare did. And I tell you what; if you’re a bit stuck, nick this. She’ll never know.

Here’s cheers to mums! Love sonnet beyond the 26th Parallel Should I say you’re like Pilbara summer? You are less sweaty, but you’re far more hot. Rough waves rock the boat, a total bummer, Then tides go out and take the whole darn lot. Sometimes the wind chucks tantrums, just goes nuts And stuffs up every chance of catching cod, And rain, that thing that’s meant to spill its guts

Just pokes its parched tongue out, the useless sod. But you don’t rock the boat…well now, maybe, When I leave undies round, we’ll have a tiff, And when it rains it pours, ooh yeah, baby, You’re wilder than a cyclone - catch my drift… So long as skies are hot and winds are wild I’m yours, hook, line and sinker, desert child.


POLICEWATCH By Senior Constable Newby Community Information: The Karratha to Broome bike ride is coming up and we need volunteers and riders from the public to come along. The Karratha to Broome Bike Ride will commence on Thursday, August 16 and arrive in Broome in the afternoon of Friday, August 17. The bike ride is organised to help support Police Legacy, which is an organisation that helps families of deceased police officers. There are currently 291 widows, one widower and 36 children under 20 years of age being supported by WA Police Legacy. If you would like to be involved in the ride or to be part of the support crew please contact Senior Constable Jackie Newby at Karratha Police Station on 91437200.

Electronic Stability Control can help reduce your chances of running off the road – the leading cause of serious injuries on country roads. ESC detects the moment your car begins to skid and starts applying individual brakes to individual wheels to help keep you in control. It’s just one of the lifesaving features you’ll find in vehicles with a 5 Star ANCAP safety rating. So if you’re in the market for a new car, choose one with ESC.

Traffic Information: Karratha Police want to once again remind everyone of the 40km/hr speed zone around the CBD. The speed limit has changed from 50km/hr for lots of different reasons. These reasons include the heavy flow of local traffic going back and forth to the shopping centre; there is a large amount of pedestrian traffic around town and the slower we drive the less chance we have of having an accident. The speed limit is also 40km/hr on Welcome Road due to the emergency vehicles entering the road in emergency situations. The slower you drive the more chance you will have of stopping and giving way to an ambulance travelling to a high priority job. Karratha Traffic are out in force making sure all are doing the speed limit so make sure you slow down or you could be issued with an infringement.

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Free Weekly 12 - 13 May 2012



Karratha City planning moves forward

Mirvac and its partner in the $1.5 billion Karratha City of The North project, LandCorp, will host the first community forum for the anticipated City Core Stage 1 redevelopment next week on May 19. The Karratha community is invited to participate in the planning workshop for the Karratha City Core Stage 1, which will focus on the re-design of the current Karratha Aquatic Centre to accommodate a hotel, retail shops, commercial office space, a community meeting place and service worker accommodation. The workshop will be held at the All Seasons Hotel, May 19 from 12:00pm – 3:30pm. All participants will be encouraged to help the design team identify potential uses for the site and give feedback about what services and businesses would be of most benefit to the city centre. In addition to the workshop, the community will be able to learn about plans for the city centre by visiting a community information stall in Centro Shopping Centre on 19 May from midday. Mirvac Resource Partnerships National General Manager, Evan Campbell, said the workshop and information stalls were a vital first step towards delivering a vibrant and revitalised city centre for the Karratha community. “We are committed to creating a new city precinct that will meet the every day needs of residents, as well as elevate Karratha’s reputation as a prime commercial, tourism and retail hub for the North,” he said. “We recognise that we need to work closely with the local community in order to identify sustainable solutions that will continue to benefit the community as it grows over the coming years. “This workshop and information stall is the first opportunity for people to help shape the city centre in its planning phase, so I anticipate a lot of interest in this event.” In addition to the Karratha City Centre, Mirvac is also working with LandCorp on the Mulataga residential community, which will feature up to 2,000 homes. Mr Campbell commented that a raft of forums had been held with the local community and leading town planners in recent weeks to finalise the design of

Safety Skills • Evan Campbell, Minister Brendon Grylls and Ross Holt. Photo courtesy of Aaron Bunch

Skills Centre



Working Safely at Heights Fire Extinguisher and Warden Intro Training for Safety Reps

11 June

24 May

the Mulataga project. “The Mulataga community will 21 - 25 May He said the Karratha community provide a diverse range of housing would have another opportunity next options, and will set a new benchmark Industrial week to learn about the Mulataga for quality design in the Pilbara. Topic Date project, with a community information “We look forward to working with stall at Centro Shopping Centre on Elevated Work Platform 7 - 8 June Mirvac to progress plans for both of Friday, May 18 and Saturday, May 19. these milestone projects.” Dogging 21 - 24 May “The planning design forums for Mulataga community information Enter & Work in a Confined Space Mulataga were a huge success, with 23 May some of Australia’s leading consultants stall – Centro Shopping Centre, Friday 18 Forklift 5 - 6 June in architecture, building and landscaping May, 10:00am – 2:00pm. coming together to create a blueprint Mulataga and City Centre Core Stage Business for the new masterplanned community,” 1 community information stall – Centro he said. Topic Date Shopping Centre, Saturday 19 May, “Over the coming weeks, this concept Excel Introduction 12 June plan will be completed, with input from 12:00pm – 3:30pm. Karratha City Core Stage 1 Excel Intermediate more than 100 key stakeholders from 13 June the Karratha community who attended Community Workshop - All Seasons Word Introduction 14 June the Mulataga planning design forum. Hotel on Searipple Road Saturday, 19 MS Project 19 - 20 June “Those who may have missed out on May, 12:00pm – 3:30pm. RSVP required previous workshops and information to Please contact our Karratha team 91596875 sessions for Mulataga still have the opportunity to learn about the project by visiting the information stall, and a project team will be on hand to answer any questions.” LandCorp chief executive Ross Holt said his team was thrilled to be working with Mirvac to deliver two projects, which would transform the city of Karratha. “The city centre RSM Bird Cameron is delighted to announce that we will shortly redevelopment will give open the doors to our office in Karratha. With tax time just a Karratha’s commercial and retail precinct a new heartbeat, few months away, connect with our tax experts today who will and will make the region more identify ways for you to legally minimise the tax burden for attractive to holidaymakers and long-term residents,” he said. both you and your business.

Tax time is close. And so are we.

Police charges for April For the month of April, Karratha Police arrested or summonsed 141 persons for a total of 192 charges. Seven charges were given out for disorderly conduct, two for aggravated/common assault, three for assault occasioning bodily harm and four for breach of violence restraint order. There were 21 charges of stealing, two charges of possess controlled weapon to cause fear, four charges of trespassing, one charge of murder and two charges of aggravated burglary. Five charges of giving false details/refusal to give details were given out, nine breaches of bail, one criminal damage and two warrants were handed out.

For illegal substances, three charges of possess methamphetamine’s were given out and four charges of possess cannabis. There were 15 charges of unregistered vehicles, 24 charges for no driver’s licences, 10 charges of driving under the influence, 24 charges of drink driving with an excess of 0.08%, 17 with an excess of 0.05% and four charges of an excess of 0.02%. Three charges of dangerous/ reckless driving were given out, six charges of failure to wear seat belts, one charge of failure to stop for police and 12 other traffic offences.

Let us help you with: • Year end tax planning • Wills and succession planning • Business plans • Self Managed Superannuation Funds

Sandy Hatherly Director T: 0417 912 923 E:

We have been helping businesses for 90 years. Please contact us for an obligation-free chat.

Naughty or nice? There’s grown up gifts for everyone at Secret Fantasies RPE AVE



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Shop 42 Karratha Village | Ph 9185 6498


Cinema CR

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Free Weekly 12 - 13 May 2012

Connect with the Echo Mother’s Day market at KALC Visit our website: Karratha Arts and Learning Centre held their Mother’s Day markets last weekend, with locals showing just how much creativity is in the town. Items the KALC members were selling on the day  included ceramics and pottery, beautiful bags and covered diaries by Baggirl, hand made toys and children’s items, handmade cards and papercrafted items, jewellery, quilts and quilted items. KALC committee member Robyn Rayson said that they always have a great turn out to the markets and  excellent support from the community. She said that it is a very social day with much chatting to regulars and meeting new  arrivals and tourists to the area. “In addition, other regular stallholders had candles, local honey, (we love having Ray along), paintings, scrapbooking supplies, scented soaps, painted ceramics and Donna from Dunnart with her beautiful range of gifts. “Something would be wrong if  you could


SENIORS’ ACTIVITIES The Shire of Roebourne invites seniors to attend one of the following activities:

Bus tour of Cape Lambert FR EE! or a crafts session at Roebourne Visitors Centre

Tuesday, 22 May 2012 10am to 11.30am A bus is available for pick up in Karratha at 9am Morning tea will be provided

Spaces are limited so please register soon! Please phone Ellouise Dequen on 9186 8555 for information and to register your attendance. Karratha





Point Samson

• Jodie Barth and Lorraine Marshall not find a lovely gift for Mum on Mothers Day from that range! “Having all those creative people come together seems to make for a fantastic atmosphere. “They are a terrific bunch, who over the years have become good friends. Although it can be a tight squeeze, (our Centre is not very large), everyone makes the best of it and has a fun social day and hopefully good sales. “Big thanks to the wonderful KALC committee and members who support our markets and make it the terrific regular community event it has • Donna Wilkinson and Tracey Sloss from Dunnart become.” Robyn said.


ARE GROWING IN THE PILBARA. Only a few Stage 3 industrial lots remain.

West End


The Pilbara’s planned activity has an estimated worth of $130billion over the next 20 years, including BHP’s $800m outer harbour and expansion plan, FMG, Atlas Iron and new projects such as Hancock’s Roy Hill.

or Great N


he rn


Gre at

No rth ern


Light Industrial Area: • Civil works complete. • Titled lots from 2,346sqm to 3,302sqm and starting at $735,000.

Hw y

y Hw


Transport Development Area: • Titled lots suitable for many industries including transport, warehouse and distribution from 4,318sqm to 1.8ha and starting at $1.245m.



With 20 lots sold join Komatsu and many others now. Call David Lamb, MLV Real Estate on 0411 597 952 or Rob Fry, Ray White Port Hedland on 9140 2300.


• The Karratha Arts and Learning Centre pottery group

Book the Cossack Kiosk for your next meeting If you’re looking to host your next meeting, seminar or conference in a truly unique location, then take note, as the Cossack Kiosk is now available for bookings. Cossack Caretaker Sue Heaton said, traditionally, the Cossack Kiosk had been the perfect place to relax in the early morning sunshine with a cup of tea and a homemade scone, still warm from the oven, with lashings of jam and cream. “I am now excited to say that those looking to host small meetings, seminars and conferences can book the old Cossack Customs Building,” Mrs Heaton said. “With a little prior warning, we can cater for your group’s morning tea, lunch and afternoon tea needs.” Visitors to Cossack will still be welcome and can step back in time with a traditional Devonshire Tea at the historic Cossack Kiosk, every day from 10am until 2pm. The Cossack Kiosk is a unique and family-friendly meeting place that offers busy parents a chance to sit back and enjoy a quiet cuppa with friends while the kids play on the shady lawn area. Or, if you’re after something

more substantial for lunch or morning tea, such as a sandwich, wrap, homemade soup, pie or pasty, the Cossack Kiosk is the place for you. “We also stock a selection of ice creams, cakes and cold drinks as well as some souvenir and gift items,” she said. “This is the perfect time of year to explore and enjoy Cossack – one of the region’s historic gems. “Amble along the fascinating heritage trail, browse through the local history museum, take the little ones for a dip at Settler’s Beach and then stop in for a bite to eat at the Cossack Kiosk.” Before heading home, visitors can drop a line at the old wharf, wander through the century-old blue stone buildings and discover the Pilbara’s rugged, unforgiving past. To get a full copy of the Cossack Kiosk menu, make a booking, or phone ahead an order contact (08) 9182 1190 or email cossack.sor@

Free Weekly 12 - 13 May 2012

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Record turnout to ANZAC brekky Volunteers from the Roebourne Volunteer Fire and Rescue Service fired up the barbecues to feed a record crowd at this year’s ANZAC Day Gunfire Breakfast. About 250 locals chipped in a gold coin donation and enjoyed a true blue Aussie breakfast of bacon, eggs and sausages with a side of hash browns and baked beans. Roebourne Volunteer Fire and Rescue Service Captain Rod Holmes said it was great to see so many people, particularly families with young children, keeping the ANZAC spirit alive. He thanked the volunteers and event sponsors API West Pilbara Iron Ore Project, Kimberley Quarry, Concrete Logistics, Carr Civil, Onsite and Abraham Traffic Management for helping make the event such a success. “Each year the popularity of Roebourne’s ANZAC Day Dawn Service

• Breakfast dished up to record crowd

and Gunfire Breakfast continues to grow,” Captain Holmes said. “The Gunfire Breakfast is an important annual fundraiser for the Roebourne Volunteer Fire and Rescue Service and we’d also like to thank the community for their continued support.” This year money raised from the Gunfire Breakfast will be put towards purchasing new safety equipment for the brigade.

The problems that Onslow residents have had with both their mobile phone and broadband services, will be rectified by Telstra, by the end of June this year. North-West MLA Vincent Catania said, “Telstra understood that some customers were experiencing inconsistent performance with their mobile network in Onslow. This performance variability was caused by a huge increase in demand on their mobile network, which greatly exceeded even their extreme estimates,” Mr Catania said. “Consequently Telstra undertook a major infrastructure upgrade in December 2011 to add extra capacity to the network. More recently they have rectified some equipment issues and can confirm

that the network is now performing at its optimum”. Mr Catania also advised that Telstra had informed him that they realise more work is required to cater for the exponential growth in demand for mobile broadband data services and that they have further plans to increase capacity, expecting completion of another project by the end of June 2012. “Telstra have promised to continue to monitor the capacity in the network, with their aim being to invest to meet the growing demand on the network. “They will continue to liaise with community leaders as well as my office as to the progress that they are making.”


21 Jump Street (MA15+) 7pm Friday 18 May and 7pm Sunday 27 May ON SALE NOW In the action-comedy 21 Jump Street, Schmidt (Jonah Hill) and Jenko (Channing Tatum) are more than ready to leave their adolescent problems behind. Joining the police force and the secret Jump Street unit, they use their youthful appearances to go undercover in a local high school. As they trade in their guns and badges for backpacks, Schmidt and Jenko risk their lives to investigate a violent and dangerous drug ring. But they find that high school is nothing like they left it just a few years earlier - and neither expects that they will have to confront the terror and anxiety of being a teenager again and all the issues they thought they had left behind. (MA15+ Comedy Action 109mins). Visit for more information and to buy tickets.

Dr Seuss’ The Lorax (G) 7pm Sunday 20 May and 7pm Friday 25 May ON SALE NOW

• Mick Saylor, Nicole Stein, Rod Holmes, Fiona White-Hartig and Steve Standish

Onslow Telstra issues to be rectified


Hollywood 1927. George Valentin (Jean Dujardin) is a silent movie superstar. The advent of the talkies will sound the death knell for his career and see him fall into oblivion. For young extra Peppy Miller (Berenice Bejo), it seems the sky’s the limit - major movie stardom awaits. The Artist tells the story of their interlinked destinies. (PG Drama Romance Comedy 100 mins) Visit for more information and to buy tickets.

Roebourne is the home of the Shire of Roebourne’s official War Memorial.

The Roebourne Dawn Service is one of WA’s longest running commemorative events.


The Artist (PG) 7pm Sunday 13 May ONE NIGHT ONLY ON SALE NOW

A portion was also donated to Legacy to support Australian families who are suffering financially after the death of a spouse or parent during or after service in the defence force.

It features the names of 176 men who died during World War One.


From the creators of “Despicable Me” and the imagination of Dr. Seuss comes the feature Dr. Seuss’ The Lorax, an adaptation of the classic tale of a forest creature who shares the enduring power of hope. The animated adventure follows the journey of a 12-yearold boy as he searches for the one thing that will enable him to win the affection of the girl of his dreams. To find it he must discover the story of the Lorax, the grumpy yet charming creature who fights to protect his world. (G Animated Family 86 mins) Visit for more information and to buy tickets.

To book tickets

visit For information or to become a FOTT call 9186 8653 between 10am and 2pm Monday to Friday or email Dampier



Point Samson





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Free Weekly 12 - 13 May 2012

Playing dress-ups at EB Games Last Saturday you may have seen the likes of a cheerleader, a Jedi, Darth Vader, a fairy and a zombie serving customers at Karratha’s EB Games.

• The crew at EB Games raising money for the Starlight Foundation

It wasn’t just for fun; the employees were raising money for the Starlight Foundation, which focuses on brightening the lives of seriously ill and hospitalised children, and their families throughout Australia. Starlight programs are delivered

both in and out of hospital, providing positive distraction to children in their time of need. EB Games partnership with Starlight began in 2008 and over the last five years has quickly become a very important relationship, raising over $470,000 during Starlight Week in 2011. This year’s goal was to raise over half a million dollars through generous

Community Invitation City Core Stage 1 Community Workshop Mulataga & City Core Stage 1 Community Information Stalls Mirvac and LandCorp have commenced the planning and design phase for the $1.5 billion Karratha City of the North Project, which include the City Core Stage 1 and Mulataga masterplanned community. These developments are all about creating a diverse community, where people have a range of options for living, working and recreation. The Karratha City Core Stage 1 is the current Karratha Aquatic Centre on Sharpe Avenue. The development will include a hotel, retail shops, commercial office space, community meeting place and service worker accommodation. The Mulataga community will deliver up to 2,000 residential homes in a range of residential villages, and activate the foreshore connecting Karratha and Nickol Bay. Mirvac and LandCorp will be hosting a City Core Stage 1 Planning Design Community Workshop on Saturday 19 May and invite the local community to participate in the workshop to identify potential uses for the site. Mirvac will also be hosting a community information stall at Centro Shopping Centre for both the Mulataga and City Core projects on Friday 18 May and Saturday 19 May.

City Core Stage 1 Planning Design Community Workshop

Community Information Stall Mulataga Community Information Stall Friday 18 May 2012 10am – 2pm

Saturday 19 May 2012 12noon – 3.30pm All Seasons Hotel Searipple Road Karratha Please RSVP to or 08 9424 9900. RSVP not essential but for catering purposes

donations in store and online. During Starlight Week all EB Games stores donate 10% of games traded and $5 from each game purchased to Starlight. Through their partnership with Starlight EB Games have helped bring magic and laughter back into the lives of seriously ill children and their families when they need it most.

Inspirational talk to students By Courtney Bertling During a one-week stop in Karratha for an NRL Roadshow, Mario Fenech and Trent Barrett had a chat to local school kids about the importance of school and not taking life for granted. Former NRL player, Mario Fenech aka the ‘Falcon’, told students that it is important to educate themselves. “Not everyone is good at everything, but if you have a go, you will find where your strengths are and you will go where you need to go,” he said. “In rugby, I know that I gave my all, and if you can sort of understand that mentality, and maintain that as you become young men and young women, you are going to be successful people.” Former NRL player, Trent Barrett said that in life, everyone is going to have setbacks. “We all go through some forms of disappointment where

you start to down yourself,” he said. “But the thing is, if I was not playing well or I was injured and I started to have these little doubts creep in, I found that the harder I worked and the more I trained, the clearer my head was and you get rewarded for it. “As Mario said, we are all good at different things, we all can’t be good sportsman or doctors, but you’ve got to find something that you love to do. “And it’s hard, and it might be a while before you figure it out, but don’t be afraid to try something new. “The more things you try and experience, the better equipped you are going to be in life. “You don’t want to have any regrets either, you want to look back on your life and say that you had a good one as you only get one crack at it.” “So never give up,” Fenech ended with.

Mulataga & City Core Stage 1 Community Information Stall Saturday 19 May 2012 12noon – 3.30pm Centro Shopping Centre

If you would like further information please contact Claire O’Rourke from Mirvac on

08 9424 9900

• St Luke’s College students with Mario and Brent

One-way parking introduced at Hunt Way car park A one-way traffic management system has been implemented at Hunt Way car park following the recent redevelopment work.  More than 120 parking bays

 Enhanced aesthetics

 Eight solar-powered lights

 Improved traffic flow

 Improved pedestrian safety


Users are asked to take care as the new one-way system is adopted. For more information about the project please visit





Point Samson


echonews echo news

Free Weekly 12 - 13 May 2012

• Millars Well students Adrian Bak and Lily Cott with Constable Care and Kimberley Harris


Keep the classifieds free Lodge online


As part of the Walk Safely to School Day, Millars Well Primary School students were treated to a visit from Izzy the Lizard and Constable Care. WSTSD is a community event seeking to promote road safety, health, public transport and the environment. Izzy the Lizard arrived at the school in the morning to hand out a number of awards to students who each wrote passive texts about why students should ride to school. Deputy principal Gareth Palmer said that the students came up with ideas of why they should ride to school; then they had to support their ideas with evidence.





“It is very important for the school to send out the road safety messages to the students as we are located on a very busy road (Gawthorne Drive),” Mr Palmer said. “The reason why I love the Constable Care program so much is because they modify the show to what is going on in the school grounds. “With the seniors, we are seeing the affect that social media has on the students, so that is why the seniors had a show on cyber bullying.” The students’ work on WSTSD, along with work from other schools around Karratha and Dampier are currently on display in Centro Karratha.

Horizon Power continues to be committed to delivering underground power through the Pilbara Underground Power Project (PUPP), improving safety and reliability of power supplies to thousands of customers in cyclone prone areas in the Pilbara. Residents may have noticed that there has been a change of contractor recently. Western Power staff are now assisting Horizon Power in works around Millars Well. Work will also re-commence in Bulgarra as soon as possible. We will continue to update residents on works in the Karratha area. If you would like to find out more information, please contact the Karratha Horizon Power office on 9159 7253 or visit



Nikita Smith, Grace Eversden, Kayah Farrawell, Olivia Bunter, Joelly Davey, Jokyla Pollock, Kyffen Gibbs, Lachlan Benson and Sharni Strong all received $25 gift vouchers for their outstanding work.

Care then performed shows for the whole school; with the junior shows focusing on road safety and the senior shows focusing on cyber bullying.






WSTSD is an annual, national event when all Primary School children are encouraged to walk and commute safely to school.


By Courtney Bertling

Community Update


A visit from Constable Care





Love Kitchens! Love Style! K

echonews echo news



Free Weekly 12 - 13 May 2012

Students learn to cook

• Angus Rogers, Jesse Lyon, Jacob Inamorati and Corey Malpass

Foodbank WA conducted Healthy Food For All sessions in Karratha last week to help improve the health and well being of regional school children. Karratha Senior High School and Pegs Creek Primary School were able to learn first hand with Food Sensations, by cooking a variety of different and healthy foods. Through this, the students

learnt how to improve their food choice and food preparation skills. The students were involved with highly interactive 60-90 minute nutrition and hands-on cooking sessions, learning information to improve knowledge and understanding of nutritious foods. They also learnt the skills to make informed food choices when purchasing food, food preparation and cooking skills, basic nutrition

principles and the provision of take-home nutrition and cooking resources. Food Sensations is a practical nutrition education and food skills program based on the WA Department of Health FOODcents nutrition and budgeting program, which has been adapted for Foodbank WA’s school and community networks.


with celebrity guest

CONFERENCE Frank Butler Community Centre

Dr Keith Suter

8.30am - 4pm $230 (KDCCI Members) $340 (Non Members) CONFERENCE DINNER All Seasons Searipple Room 6.30pm for 7pm start $120 (KDCCI Members) $175 (Non Members) Day Two | June 7

Foreign Affairs editor Channel 7’s Sunrise

• Callum Sehartema and his catch

Learning to fish with Recfishwest

Other speakers include: Michael Deegan, Infrastructure Australia, Andrew Murray, Department for Regional Development, Brian Haratsis, Macroplan, Frank Tudor, Australia China Business Council, Sean Clarke, McLaren’s Raw Hire and Ross Kelly, Clontarf Foundation.

Proudly supported by: Conference Sponsors

Workshop Sponsors

BREAKFAST with Janenne Willis All Seasons Sports Bar 7.30 - 9am $25

An initiative of

BUSINESS DEVELOPMENT WORKSHOPS 9am - 4.30pm FREE **Credit card details required for all bookings** For more information about the conference or workshop program contact

2012 June 6 & 7


The highly renowned Recfishwest Community Fishing Clinic Program returned to Karratha to teach children the basics of fishing. The fishing clinics encourage school children to become involved in a fun activity that helps to provide positive life skills such as creative decision making, problem solving, goal setting and patience. Recfishwest fishing clinic instructor Kim Burton said that the response has been brilliant, just like every other year “The kids love it, and they remember us from the year before,” he said. “It’s great to see some kids who tried fishing for the first time, the year before and now they tell you stories about how they always go out fishing. “Fishing keeps the kids occupied, out of trouble, out of the house, into the outdoors and away from computer games. “They learnt so many important messages, and it doesn’t stop with them, they then go and tell their

family and friends everything that they have learnt.” Recfishwest CEO Andrew Rowland said the fishing clinics in the North West were made even better by the incredible fishing this spectacular part of Western Australia offered. “The Recfishwest fishing clinics are extremely popular in this region. Everyone gets something positive out of learning how to appreciate our aquatic resources and becoming a better fisher,” Dr Rowland said. The clinics educate the children about sustainable fishing practices including casting techniques, selection of bait and general rigging, recognition of fish species, catch and release and aquatic conversation. The students were also taught about personal safety, caring for their catch and current rules and regulations. Dr Rowland said the fishing clinics encouraged young people to get out and be active by engaging in an enjoyable activity. “The fantastic thing about fishing is that it is an activity for everyone.”

4.22pm Pilbara, WA. Mirandah Pickering is loading a ship with 175,000 tonnes of iron ore. What will you take on?


225 million tonnes of iron ore produced a year, $47 billion in investment over the past decade… you’ll get used to big numbers when you work at Rio Tinto. With a proposed expansion to 353 million tonnes of ore a year by 2015, we need more operators, engineers, trades, project professionals and specialists who are ready to take on a big challenge. If that sounds like you, visit or call 1300 MINING.

We print on-site in Karratha Most of our items can be printed on-site for a lightning fast turnaround. We’ll cross the finish line first while the others are still in transit from Perth. To give your business the edge over the competitors, visit the award winning team at Coral Coast Print.

• Business cards • Letterheads • Invoice Books • Safety Books • Menus • Flags & Banners • Promotional Items • Fridge Magnets • Posters • Stickers • Stubby Holders • Flyers • Loyalty Cards • Calenders • Plan Prints • Large Lamination

• Distribution • Invitations • Envelopes • Note Pads • Magazines • Photographic Prints • Canvas Printing • Mouse Mats • Booklets • Magazines • Wire Binding • Point of Sale • Shop Displays • Brochures • Flyers • Stationery

• Mail Services • A-Frames • Indoor Signage • Car Magnets • Pull Up Banners

and much more!

SAME DAY SERVICE* * Available on selected items, subject to artwork being supplied in correct format.

Buy Local • Save Time • Save Money! Shop 2, 18 Hedland Place, Karratha • Ph: 9185 5570

order online K


echonews echo news


Free Weekly 12 - 13 May 2012

Promising youth learn leadership skills Karratha Senior High School students, Hayley Collard and Kevin Tat, had the opportunity to hone their leadership and interpersonal skills at a camp in Perth over the April school holidays.

• Two Karratha Senior High School students took part in a Leadership camp in Perth during the April school holidays

The Amanda Young Foundation - Young Leaders Eco Health Summit, is a four-day residential camp for Year 11 students from across WA. Schools are asked to nominate students who demonstrate the potential to be leaders in their community. Hayley and Kevin took part in a variety of interactive sessions on team building and leadership, discovering the qualities of a good leader, how to set clear goals and motivate themselves, and the importance of interpersonal skills as a tool for success. They explored key areas of leadership including stress and relaxation techniques, learning skills, Myer-Briggs personality workshops and how to be a team player.

ningaloo whaleshark festival 2012

They met and were inspired by a number of speakers, including 2007 WA Young Person of the Year, Josh Fernandez, and meningococcal disease survivor, Lisa Burnette.

friday, may 25 to sunday, may 27

Barry Young, director of The Amanda Young Foundation, said the Young Leaders Summit taught key skills essential for young people to realise their full potential. “If these outstanding young people aren’t sure what direction they want to go, we’ll help them to chart their path,” said Barry.

Bring the whole family to exmouth and enjoy the ningaloo whaleshark festival festival packages Festival packages including accommodation, whale shark tours and tickets to festival events are available through the Exmouth Visitor Centre. Phone 9949 1176 to book your packages for the Whaleshark Festival. For more details visit

“One thing’s for sure, if they want to be a leader, the Summit is where they’ll get a kick start.”

events will Be e held in xmouth: and around exmouth: • A fun run and float parade • Cocktail party at the Novotel Ningaloo Resort - tickets 9949 0000 • DJs, bands and musicians • Aerial and dance acts • Dream State Circus - Professional Fire Show • Whale shark and marine research displays • Photography & Art exhibitions • Children’s activities, shows and interactive workshops • Dilip and the Davs and evening entertainment at Grace’s Tavern • Jilinbirri Weavers • Youth Short Film Festival … and much more

Interested schools and students who will be in Year 11 in 2013, should contact the Foundation for details of next year’s Summit. Young Leaders is subsidised and presented by The Amanda Young Foundation, a charity set up in 1998 in memory of Amanda, a woman of unlimited potential who died at 18 from meningococcal disease. The Foundation is committed to developing promising young people into leaders in our community. Meningococcal disease is a rare but deadly bacterial infection that is spread via respiratory droplets and can kill within 24 hours. The disease can strike anybody at any time but children, adolescents and young adults are most at risk due to their immature immune systems and social lifestyles.

Ningaloo Whaleshark Festival 2012 proudly supported by:

Due to the rapid nature of the disease it is essential that all members of the community, especially parents and carers, are aware of the symptoms in order to seek medical attention in time.

Government of Western Australia

Department of Regional Development and Lands








For more information on the Young Leaders Eco Health Summit, meningococcal disease and/ or to organise a free educational presentation for your school, workplace or community group, please visit

echohealth echo health

Free Weekly 12 - 13 May 2012



Sarah to shave her head in support Local Sarah Brown is shaving her head to support her best friend Taleesha Murphy who has cystic fibrosis. Taleesha has recently turned 25 and just a month after receiving authority from Cystic Fibrosis Australia, got engaged. Sarah decided to shave her head after not being able to participate in a national fundraiser for cystic fibrosis (65K 4 65 Roses Walk). “I sat down and thought, ‘how could I fundraise and raise the most money?’” she said. “The answer was simple - go the big chop. “I thought it was a great time to do something big for Taleesha.” Sarah describes her friendship with Taleesha as fun. “We always manage to have a laugh doing everything, but more importantly for those bumpy times in life, we get each other through it,” she said.

“A serious kind of BFF (best friends forever) friendship built from admiration and respect.” Sarah shaved her head seven years ago for another worthy cause, the Leukemia Foundation. “With some other year 12 students at my high school, we campaigned in support of a fellow student in year 10 that has been diagnosed with Leukemia,” she said. She feels it is important to support Taleesha through her illness. “Taleesha is such a happy, fun-loving young lady, that the fact she is living with a life threatening disease can easily slip one’s mind,” she said. “Things as simple as hanging the washing on the line are harder for her because of how cystic fibrosis affects her body, though she would never complain about it. “Taleesha truly deserves all the support in the world simply just because

of her amazing attitude towards life, no matter how hard it is for her.” The Tambrey Tavern has been very supportive and has agreed to host the shave off on May 25, when donated items will be auctioned off; helped with the campaign and has also donated $200 worth of prizes. NSW Rugby League have generously donated a fully signed, limited edition State of Origin jersey and QLD Rugby League have donated a shirt, hat and limited edition print signed by Mal Meninga. Spanset have generously donated four 4WD recovery kits. “I can’t go without mentioning all those who have already donated through the give now website already,” Sarah commented. Please visit shaveforcf for any further questions on cystic fibrosis or information on how you can help.

Would you like to join the Youth Leadership Network? If you’re aged between 15 to 25 years you could • Sarah Brown is shaving her head to support her best friend with Cystic Fibrosis

• Sarah with Taleesha Murphy at her engagement party recently

Promoting innovation in Aboriginal health Not-for-profit organisations are encouraged to apply for new $5,000 Aboriginal Community Innovation Grants to fund innovative health programs for Aboriginal Western Australians. Several grants are available to organisations that strive to make a difference to the lives of Aboriginal people through the implementation of creative projects and activities. Aboriginal Health Division Director Jenni Collard said that although Aboriginal people accounted for only 3.4 per cent of the State’s population, their health outcomes remained much lower than of any other group in our community. “Improving the health of Aboriginal people across the State requires collaboration across the health and nonhealth sectors and is everyone’s business,” Ms Collard said. “WA Health is committed to working in partnership with Aboriginal communities and health service providers to ensure Aboriginal people receive culturally appropriate health care. “We are looking to fund projects that demonstrate leading thinking on Aboriginal health and will improve the health of Aboriginal Western Australians to equal that of the general population.” Eligible organisations may apply for grants for projects, activities, programs and events that demonstrate innovative and creative: - Activities for Aboriginal men - Activities for Aboriginal ‘Mums and Bubs’

- Traditional Aboriginal healing practices - NAIDOC Week activities. Applications close at 5pm on Thursday, May 24, 2012. For more information or to apply visit programs


Be the

voice o Be the voice of youth youth! f Organise activities and events Make a difference for youth where it counts Encourage young people to be active in the community Bonuses of participating include

Plan youth events!

Î Developing new skills and knowledge Î Participating in team building adventures Î Experience in event-planning and meeting new people

Youth Leadership Network aims to provide young people with the opportunity to develop leadership skills; raise awareness of youth issues and actively plan and facilitate youth events. For information on how to sign up contact Kim McColl on (08) 9186 8555 or email Karratha




Point Samson


Can You Help?

PILBARA BULK BUYING SOCIETY Contact details for present or past members of the Pilbara Bulk Buying Society are urgently required by Worthington Clark Pty Ltd (a Genealogy & Asset Research company).

Please contact Don Clark on Freecall 1800 077 973 or for further information and quote reference number 333-004WC.

WORTHINGTON CLARK Genealog y & Asset Research



echohealth echo health


Free Weekly 12 - 13 May 2012

Showing off their pink buns Last Saturday, May 5, the Karratha Cancer Support Group helped Baker’s Delight out, in raising money for their Pink Bun campaign. The campaign, which started on Thursday, May 3, will run for three weeks, with all of the money received from their pink buns going straight to the Beast Cancer Network Australia. • Michelle Louis and Vicki Price raising money for the Pink Bun campaign

BCNA community liaison and also member of the Karratha Cancer Support Group, Michelle Louis walked around Centro with volunteer Vicki Prince, to help raise awareness and money. “We walked around the shopping centre with a plate of samples to taste and tins that we shook for donations,” she said.

The two ladies spent two hours walking around and raised $504. “It was a fantastic couple of hours we spent talking and laughing with our community,” Michelle said. If you would like to help out and support the Pink Bun campaign, head down to Baker’s Delight and buy a pink bun, a pink lady or even donate.

$30,000 raised for cancer council Nickol Bay Hospital celebrated a double achievement this morning whilst hosting the Biggest Morning Tea in support of the Cancer Council Lung Foundation Division.

Positions Vacant Supervisor with Shipping Experience Experienced Administrators and Receptionists Administrator/receptionist in Broome Qualified Plumber & Gas Fitter

General Practitioner. In the following days, Ms Sampson was diagnosed with Lung Cancer.  Following surgery in Perth in October 2011, Ms Sampson has made a wonderful recovery and is enthusiastic about raising awareness.

In July 2011, Nickol Bay Hospital staff member Sandy Sampson received her annual flu jab.

Excavator Operators with MSIC Front End Loader Operators (LL) with MSIC Dump Truck Operators with MSIC

“As a non smoker I did not realise you could get non-smoking related lung cancer,” Ms Sampson said.

Over the next couple of days Ms Sampson developed a persistent cough, thinking it was a reaction to the immunisation and she sought assistance from her

Chef Traffic Controllers with MSIC

9144 4198

“The specialist believes I had the cancer for approximately four years

Director of Mermaid Marine Jeff Webber heard of his staff’s generous donation, he pledged to match their contribution, bringing the total raised to $30,000.

and I was not ill or showing any symptoms, so the flu jab saved my life.” Since her recovery, Ms Sampson has been actively raising money in support of the Cancer Council.

The staff of Mermaid Marine Australia Limited, colleagues from Nickol Bay Hospital and representatives of the Cancer Council all attended the Biggest Morning Tea to celebrate Ms Sampson’s outstanding achievement and applaud the generosity of the Slipway Team.

On hearing Ms Sampson’s story from her husband, the Slipway Team at Mermaid Marine Australia Limited in Dampier generously donated their safety bonus, of approximately $15,000, in support of the effort. When






















Monthly Gym or Group Fitness memberships available from just $87!



Thursday 24th May

5.00pm 6.00pm

from 11.30am - 12.30pm



Bring along your favourite healthy dish and join us for a fun-filled morning to help us raise funds for the Cancer Council, and you can go in the draw to win prizes!

MaxNRG Outdoor

6.30pm ** 45 minute express format class. * 30 minute express format class First 30 minutes is BodyAttack or BodyPump followed by CXWORX. At this time other participants enter for CXWORX.

CXWORX™: Short, sharp and revolutionary! CXWORX™ hones in on the torso and sling muscles that connect your upper body to your lower body. It’s ideal for tightening your tummy and butt, while also improving functional strength and assisting in injury prevention... 30 minutes is all you need! It’s low-impact and low-cardio, just bring your strength and determination! This class caters to all levels.

Group Fitness: Classes $13, CXWORX $10 Casual Gym Visit: $13 Discount Gym: Start and finish your workout between 12noon and 3.30pm Mon-Fri and pay only $6

Searipple Road K


BODYATTACK™: The ultimate calorie burner. A sports-inspired cardio workout for building strength and stamina. This high-energy interval training class combines athletic aerobic movements with strength and stabilization exercises. Burn between 600 and 800 calories a class!

e Great valu s! ip membersh

Gym or Group Fitness Memberships: 1 Month ........................ $87 3 Month ......................$225 6 Month ...................... $412 12 Month.................... $749

PO Box 219 Karratha WA 6714

t (08) 9186 8556

Combined Gym and Group Fitness Memberships: 1 Month .............................. $131 3 Month ..............................$356 6 Month ..............................$636 12 Month............................$973

f (08) 9185 1626

BODYSTEP™ is the energizing step workout that makes you feel liberated and alive. Using a height-adjustable step and simple movements on, over and around the step you get huge motivation from sing-a-long music and approachable instructors. Cardio blocks push fat-burning systems into high gear followed by muscle-conditioning tracks that shape and tone your body.

KEC Opening Hours Mon,Wed & Thurs: 6am - 8.30pm Mon/Wed/Thu: 6am-8.30pm Tuesday: - 8.30pm Tuesday:8.00am 8am-8.30pm Friday: 8.00am - 8.00pm Friday: 8am-8pm Saturday: - 4.00pm Saturday:7.30am 7.30am-4pm


Crèche Opening Hours Mon-Fri: 8.30am-12pm Mon/Tue/Thurs: 4pm-7.30pm Saturday: 7.30am-12pm $4 per child/hour


Y 12 MA

Yabu Band SEE PAGE


Learn to paint like the old masters Comprehensive course covering traditional oil painting techniques and materials. Beginners or experienced artists. Personal instruction from award winning, international artist. Learn the secrets of a great painting. 

tonal values  light source  painting in layers  3 dimentional depth  texture  tips to improve your drawing & more. Step-by-step instruction as you complete your own painting.

K 13


Every Wednesday for 6 weeks, 10am-3pm. All materials supplied. Class size limited. For bookings & info ph: 04000 60504  Email: b.w.  web:



RSL Members & Most Welcome



Eyes down at 8.00pm

Every Monday. Friday Members Night 6.30-11pm, meals available


Fighting over the same guitar from the age of five, multitalented brothers, Delson and Boyd Stokes, known today as Yabu Band, have created a powerful, unique desert rock sound. More than just an Indigenous band, they provide positive messages through song, a vehicle of inspiration that has encouraged children and adults to achieve all that they can. And as part of their tour, they are coming to the Walkington Amphitheatre and the Matt Dann Cultural Centre this month.


Originally from Kalgoorlie, the brothers draw their heritage, culture and inspiration from the western desert bordering the Goldfields town.

To hold a market stall at the

2012 Cossack Family Day Sunday 22 July 2012, 10am to 3pm

The band’s highly acclaimed second album ‘Gundula – We Dance’ is recognised as a landmark Indigenous album.

All submissions are to be received by 4pm Wednesday 6 June 2012. Contact Ellouise Dequen for an expression of interest form or download a copy from

Yabu went on to win a Deadly award in 2009 for ‘Most Promising New Act’.


Gundula features Yabu’s Western Desert language version of ‘I am Australian’ and although their music springs directly from their own Indigenous cultural

Phone: (08) 9186 8555 Dampier




Karratha’s Go

Point Samson


$10 cover charge - includes door prize entry

Order a woodfired pizza and receive a


Hosted by James Cutfield 14 & 21 June 2012

Yabu have performed at some of Australia’s largest festivals including WOMADelaide, The Dreaming Festival, Woodford Folk Festival, TOO SOLID, Shinju Music Festival and have toured to South Africa and the Pacific Islands. Returning to the spotlight in 2012, Yabu have released their powerful new single titled Petrol, Paint and Glue sung in both English and Wongutha and puts a confronting spotlight on the desperation of Indigenous youth affected by substance abuse and the impact on Aboriginal families and communities.

Yabu singer/songwriter and 1999 Male Youth of the year

or free entry with pizza & pint


heritage, Yabu believe this song, in this form, speaks for all Australians.

The song is an emotional plea for help and sung as seen through the eyes of the songwriter, and simultaneously reflected in the eyes of these children.

Every Thursday Night


• Yabu Band- Boyd Stokes and Delson Stokes



includes free glass of wine

Donated by


Kids 9 - 14 $45 • Under 8 Free

“This song is like a prayer for them to wake up.” Yabu believe that there is nothing more important than encouraging today’s youth to have self-worth and chase one’s dreams. The Yabu Band will be performing at the Walkington Amphitheatre on May 23 and at the Matt Dann Cultural Centre on May 24. For more information on tickets, contact the Walkington on 9159 6860 or the Matt Dann on 9158 9368.

Conference & Function Centre



“It’s like a silent killer and it’s important we stop putting it under the carpet and sing about it in a way that you have hope and have life. I am pleading with them.


Seafood Specials Fridays at Montebellos

“You can see in their eyes, they are empty,” he said.

T: 9172 1222

28th June 2012


Crab Night

“Letting it go in the bottom of a plastic bottle or shopping bag.

Brought to you by:


All day blackboard specials in Monty’s & Geckos

Delson Stokes said people are trying to escape the real world.



8 th

May 18th @ Misty’s Function Room Ticket pre-sales $40 or $50 door sales on the night.


$3 Ever y Friday -

Cooked to order with a hot spud, salad and glass of Sandalford wine Free snags for the kids!

For Bookings 9187 3333

Strictly 18+ only. BOOK NOW! 9172 1222.


70’s BUFFET c i el & DISCO NIGHT d he ties May 26 @ Misty’s Function Room c y BEST 70’S OUTFIT Ps ven WINS A PRIZE Se Get your group together.

6 th


Opposite the Airport



Yabu Band

nd us on facebook


Ash Grunwald Ash Grunwald, put together his first album, Introducing, leaning heavily on traditional blues but it was his second album I Don’t Believe released in April of 2004, that would change his state of play. It was his first album - of many to come - to graft technology onto the deeply rooted foliage of the Delta swamp. He released a searing live album Live At The Corner. “When I play live, it has that four on the floor, modern pulse that we get from electronic dance music,” he says. He took his energetic live show to venues such as London’s renowned The Borderline and Shepherds Bush Empire, and opened for acts as diverse a James Brown, Bo Diddley, Keith Urban, Jack Johnson, Missy Higgins & Pete Murray. Blistering live sets on the festival circuit throughout the world, have had critics and fans raving about his unique blend of roots, blues, beats and a whole lotta groove for more than a decade. Nominated five times for Australia’s ARIA Awards, and a swag of award wins including MBAS Blues Performer of the Year 2003 and the

TINTIN From Academy Awardwinning filmmakers Steven Spielberg and Peter Jackson comes the epic adventures of Tintin. Racing to uncover the secrets of a sunken ship that may hold a vast fortune - but also an ancient curse Tintin and his loyal dog Snowy embark on an

AIR Best Independent Blues and Roots Album, and in 2009, taking out a prestigious APRA songwriting award for Blues & Roots Song of the Year. His album of 2010, Hot Mama Vibes, was nominated for Best Blues & Roots album by both the Australian Record Industry Association and Australian Independent Record Label Association, and after a sold out national Australian tour, he capped off 2010 supporting Jack Johnson’s Australian tour. His first single from the album, ‘Walking’ received significant radio airplay, and was prominently featured in the Hollywood blockbuster, ‘Limitless’ starring Robert De Niro and Bradley Cooper. His greatest achievement though has been the creation of his most internal album to date. Trouble’s Door, due out May 11, found life in the fiery breath of injustice; the frustration of severe political and environmental mismanagement. “It’s some of my most personal songwriting, Ash confesses. The music traverses many a tale as well; the blues propelled by driving dance floor rhythms, buoyed by hip hop beats and slammed by the dubstep crunch. Naturally.


action-packed journey around the world that critics are calling “fun for the whole family.” ABC-TV Chicago. The Adventures of Tintin was the winner of the 2012 Golden Globe for Best Animated Feature Film, featuring groundbreaking and visually-stunning motion capture animation, an


outstanding cast of voice talent headed by Jamie Bell, Andy Serkis and Daniel Craig, and a thrilling story filled with non-stop action.







3pm – 5pm Film Making

3pm – 5pm Brazilian Drumming

3pm – 5pm Film Making

3pm – 5pm Brazilian Drumming

5.30pm – 7.30pm Brazilian Drumming

5.30pm – 7.30pm Music recording/ Soundtracks

5.30pm – 7.30pm Brazilian Drumming

5.30pm – 7.30pm Music Recording/ Soundtracks





3pm – 5pm Music Recording/ Soundtracks

10am – 12pm Film Making

3pm – 5pm Brazilian Drumming

2pm – 4pm Brazilian Drumming

5.30pm – 7.00pm Film Making

3pm – 5pm Music recording/ Soundtracks

5.30pm – 7.30pm Film Making

5.30pm – 7.30pm Brazilian Drumming

(Open to all ages incl adults)


INK SPLATTER ILLUSTRATION Open to young people aged 12 to 25 years. WITH HAYLEY WELSH 3pm – 5pm



3pm – 5pm Film Making

Brazilian Drumming

All workshops are free, however places are For information on how to sign up Learn funky ways of creating speedy, yetlimited. effective please contact Kim McColl on 9186 8555 5.30pm – 7.30pm 7.30pm illustrations.5.30pm Let the–‘ink splat’ and explore the shapes and Brazilian Drumming or email space, thenMusic usingrecording/ pens and colours enhance the ‘splat’ to Soundtracks form characters, objects and a unique art piece.

Transport can be arranged for participants from Wickham, Roebourne and Point Samson by prior arrangement only.

FILM MAKING SESSIONS focus on developing film and production Community Hall Roebournewill Community Hall Dampier skills including interview techniques, storyboarding, framing, directing Saturday 17th March Friday 16th March and camera skills. You don’t have to be in front10am of the camera to – 1pm 6pm – 8pm participate. SOUND RECORDING SESSIONS will focus people on introducing sound Open to young aged 12 – 25 years. recording and music technology – what itisisnecessary and howand to all usematerials it. You will No experience will have the opportunity to create ownRegistration track and forms recordarelive music.on beyour provided. available or by contacting Kim

BRAZILIAN DRUMMING SESSIONS teach you how to play samba McColl on percussion, music from the biggest or 9186party 8555. on earth! You will experience the most addictive and traditional rhythms of Brazil. Major Sponsors



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Get ready for Australia’s hottest men to heat up the stage as The Sydney Hotshots bring us their brand new ‘Funtasia’ show this month! With a spectacular opening choreographed to one of Nickleback’s best songs, the men of Sydney’s Hotshots are ready to rock the ladies of Dampier. And the Pilbara Echo are giving two lucky winners, a free double pass to see the sizzling men! The new ‘Funtasia’ show includes a brand new line up of Sydney’s hottest men, performing in what is being called ‘this year’s best night of entertainment’. From sensationally hot firemen to Roman Spartans and a 60s inspired Grease Lightning show, The Sydney Hotshot’s ‘Fantasia’ show is jam-packed with sensational bodies, dancing, acrobatics, comedy and even a little romance to heat things up!


Determined to please every lady in Australia, the Sydney

Hotshots have been on the road taking this incredible show to as many areas as possible. “We love touring because it means we get to share the fun and excitement of our show with hundreds of ladies all over Australia, from small towns to big cities,” performer Andy said. “I think the best thing about the show, and the reason I’m so proud to be a part of it, is that whether your 18 or 80 there’s something for everyone. “It has every kind of music, routine and costume you can think of which creates a timeless quality that appeals to everyone – and that’s probably why we continue to be so popular.” While the show is a spectacle of colour and charisma, it’s not only the guys that get to be up on stage. “One of our favourite things is having the ladies up on stage, whether it’s for a competition or as part of our routine, it’s so much fun and really makes the show

interactive and intimate.” Perfect for hen’s nights, birthdays, work parties, or just a great excuse to have a fun night out with the girls, the Hotshots are still Australia’s #1 specialists in making a night unforgettable. After all, it’s not every night a lady gets romanced by a secret agent, arrested by a police officer, and carried away by a cowboy, all before midnight. What more could a girl ask for?

Win Stuff

To be in the draw to win two free double passes, just email your name, contact and why you and a friend would like to see the Sydney Hotshots to news@

• Come and meet Gene

echohealth echo health

Free Weekly 12 - 13 May 2012


Midwives celebrated The aim of the International Day of the Midwife is to celebrate midwifery and to bring awareness of the importance of midwives’ work to as many people as possible. A morning tea was held at Nickol Bay Hospital last Saturday to celebrate the day, to which parents and children who have been associated with the hospital, were invited. We at Pilbara Echo, wish to continue to recognise the hard work the midwives do and the appreciation from the families that they help. If you have a story about a midwife you may like to tell, email This week, Jo Madin tells her story. My gorgeous little boy Xavier was born in 2008, at Nickol Bay Hospital, although his birth was far from ideal as he was almost seven weeks early. I was sitting in the ambulance on the runway of Karratha Airport, when the waiting RFDS doctor told me that I would have to return to Nickol Bay Hospital for delivery. I was too close to delivering. But my husband was in the Qantas plane taxiing along the runway, he was flying to meet me in Perth. And it was the last flight of the day! So, I delivered my first baby, seven weeks early, by myself, in Karratha. Physically, everything went

very well, Xavier was small but healthy and I received excellent care. But the highlight for me was the emotional support I received from one very special midwife called Sharon, who I believe is still at Nickol Bay Hospital today. She stayed with me from start to finish - almost 12 hours or more - way past the end of her shift. She did not leave my side. She was my one constant and I managed to stay relatively calm and sane because of her. I will never forget her, she was a star. I think midwives enter our lives, particularly first time around, at a particularly vulnerable and emotional time. It’s such a raw experience that I think when you have a good one then it’s hugely wonderful and when you get a bad one it’s hugely awful. I often think about how (emotionally) different it could have been for me had I not had a good midwife. First baby, plus no husband, plus new to Karratha, plus fears of premature complications could have, equals seriously bad experience, but it really was a positive one! Those Nickol Bay Hospital midwives are brilliant. You know they had my husband, mother and mother in law on the phone while I was in labour! Ha, they were great.


pilbaraechomums & bubs please send your photos to

Boe Jean Neil

Kristie and Justin Neil would like to announce the safe arrival of their little girl Boe Jean Neil, born on March 25, 2012 at Nickol Bay Hospital.

25 March 2012

Boe is a little sister to Hunter and weighed 6lb 10oz and was 50cm long at birth. A big thank you goes out to all the staff at Nickol Bay Hospital.



ONLY $449

• Dr Des Taverner; her son Nathaniel; her mother Krishnee Latchmanan; standing Midwife, Brigitte Kampire-Otway






Deluxe Glider Chair • Reclining and gliding chair with ottoman • Adjustable backward reclining and locking mechanisms for guaranteed comfort • Metal black colour coated base • Smooth rocking motion front and rear • 360 degree swivel action

• Lindy Chan, presenting on the International Day of the Midwife, and speaking on Soroptimists project, Birthing In The Pacific


Phone Fran 9185 6336 4/18 Hedland Place Mon-Fri 9am-4pm Sat 9am-2pm

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GROUP FITNESS DESCRIPTIONS Rapidly burn calories, improve general endurance & overall body strength in this high energy class. A “cardio” interval training program, BODYATTACK will help you get fit! With lots of low impact options all participants can achieve their fitness goals.

A blend of Yoga, Tai Chi & Pilates concepts, BODYBALANCE is the ultimate experience. Focusing on movement & breathing this class will help improve flexibility, core strength & posture as well as reduc-ing stress. You will leave with a sense of calmness & balance.





















Kick & punch your way to an awesome whole body workout. BODYCOMBAT combines moves & stances from a range of self defence disciplines like karate, boxing & Taekwondo. Improve your “cardio” fitness, upper & lower body muscles strength as well as flexibility & coordination!

A 60 minute weights class set to great music, BODYPUMP will get you into shape FAST! Tone & strengthen your muscles plus improve your body‟s fat burning capabilities. A complete whole-body workout that is suitable for all fitness levels.

An ultimate resistance based workout that will target your butt, thighs & abdominal muscles combined with a little cardio to spice it up! Ex-tremely effective & addictive.

Bodystep the best butt & thigh workout in the gym! A “cardio” program BODYSTEP uses a height adjustable step to help you shape & tone your entire lower body while pushing fat burning systems into high gear. Have total control over your workout, choose your options & step height.

A boxing training session that works all parts of the body, increasing cardiovascular fitness, improve stamina, co-ordination & power. De-signed to improve your lifestyle through weight loss, muscle tone, in-creased fitness & confidence.

“Ride the calories killer” RPM is a studio cycling class provides fast improvement in general endurance and an increase in lower body strength, burning up to 800 calories in one 45minute session. You have fun and reduce body fat in this “Rock concert on wheels”

CXWORX™ hones in on the torso and sling muscles that connect your upper body to your lower body. It’s ideal for tightening your tummy and butt, while also improving functional strength and assisting in injury prevention. It’ll help you run faster … play harder … stand stronger! CXWORX is a half hour program.





of your choice



Mon – Thurs 5.00am – 8.30pm

Half hour of Booty Blast


5.00am – 7.30pm


7.00am – 12pm


8.00am – 12pm

Half hour of CXWORKS Half hour of Pump

A class similar to RPM, with two extra tracks to make it an exhilarating calorie burner – want a little more? Bookings required.



Half hour of CXWORKS

life and soul

RPM bookings can be done on line

life and soul 2642 Balmoral Cut out and presentUnit for4, your freeRd class Karratha WA 6714 lifeOff andersoul expires 31 May 20112 P: 9185 5100 F: 9185 5066 E:

Ph: 9185 5100

4/2642 Balmoral Road (Opposite BP)


Outdoor training program, incorporating cardio, strength and core fitness. A must to your weekly workouts if you are looking for variety and a challenge. Suitable for beginners to the seasoned athlete. **Meet at Frinderstein Park


Its a half hour program

Check out the board in the Club for your Saturday workout, a large variety on offer

Zumba combines Latin and International music with a fun and effective workout system. With classes and instructors worldwide, anyone can Join the Party!






spect pilbaraecho pilbara A

Business Services

Marc Fogarty


From only


To advertise: Phone 08 9185 5570

or email

A s My Card Here’ spect

Business Services

Marc Fogarty

0423 815 531

0423 815 531

book keeping

Email: 10 Middleton Way, Karratha WA, 6714

MYOB & Quickbooks Consulting & Contract Bookkeeping


MYOB & Quickbooks Consulting & Contract Bookkeeping





Business Services

Marc Fogarty

Business Services

0423 815 531

MYOB & Quickbooks Consulting & Contract Bookkeeping


Mini Excavator • General Excavating • Yard Cleaning • Stump Removals • Experienced Operator • Post Holes


If we can be of assistance on any of your upcoming projects large or small, give Brad a call on 0410 609 514 Bradley Dean M: 0410 609 514 E:








A-1 Traders 1493 Lambert Rd. K.I.E. Karratha Ph 9185 1390

0439 690 944

MEDIUM (4cm)




for six months








Builders Reg:


batteries TO

For Hire


P: (08) 9185 2252 F: (08) 91851980 M: 0448 11 88 12 Lot 992 Croydon Road, Karratha WA 6714


for hire

National Building Network

Andrew Macleod

naanda enterprises


Neil Podlich Landscaper

0409 684 273

Landscaping, Reticulation Design, Installation & Servicing, Garden Maintenance

buy local


Phone 0400 743 948

Over 10 years experience


Air Conditioning and Refrigeration Services


Clipping of all breeds big and small

Email: 10 Middleton Way, Karratha WA, 6714

air conditioning G

Charmaine’s Mobile Dog Clipping

Marc Fogarty

0423 815 531

Email: 10 Middleton Way, Karratha WA, 6714

MYOB & Quickbooks Consulting & Contract Bookkeeping


dog grooming

TECH SUPPORT computers

Email: 10 Middleton Way, Karratha WA, 6714


Supporting local businesses

PLASTIC SURGERY PHUKET Our procedures include all: Breast Enlargement Breast Reduction Face Lifts Liposuction Tummy Tuck and more.....


SMALL (2cm)


0421 393 852


PW No Minimum


T: 0427 501 749 E:

cleaning Servicing the Pilbara

Industrial and Domestic Cleaning Vacates and Handovers

0429 374 747





0400 694 279

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Long Term Rates Book for 6 months for our best rates on trades and service advertising

SMALL (2cm)



PW for six months

For bookings: Phone 9185 5570 or email



Redearth Cleaning


MEDIUM (4cm)


Introducing Deb Garratt Specialising in: • Cuts & Schwarzkopf Colours • Mens, Childrens and Ladies

• Moroccanoil Styling, Finshing Products

0428 71 3355

LARGE (6cm)


PW for six months



PW for six months

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pilbaraecho health services Pilbara Health Network Sharpe Ave (next to the Icon) Karratha WA 6714



Chinese Massage


Full Body Oil • Deep Tissue • Chinese Cupping




08 9185 6662

Treatment • For Muscle

CA LL DAVE 0418 937 477

training & assessment

landscaping • full body • deep tissue • neck & shoulder

$70 1 hr $100 1.5 hrs

years of experience & great rates Available daily from 2pm - 9pm in the comfort of your own home

call or message Erica 0434 352835 after 2pm (non sexual massages only)



• Flooring & walls • 27 years experience • Porcelain floor specialist

Open 7 days, 9am-9pm Phone 0412527289 Address: Unit 7b, 18 Hedland Place

Amanda Ewin BSc (Podiatry)

0411 145 778


mobile mechanic LMMs

roofing DJG Roofing Services New And Re-Roofing Zincalume - Colour Bond Industrial Commercial Domestic

Nationally Accredited Earthmoving Plant TicketsTraffic Controller Training VOC’s Now le & much more... availab 7 days week




and o owned

0 703 0 4 0 w

Call no


FREE QUOTES: 041 753 7682 ABN : 319 501 441 45 email:

cs Pty Ltd.

obile Mechani Lils.N.M - 146682662 A.C

0438 738  351


Paving - Swimming Pools - Patios - Stairs - Retaining Walls     Feature Walls - Cladding - Piers - Cleaning & Sealing

0438 738 351

Paving - Swimming Pools - Patios - Stairs - Retaining Walls Feature Walls - Cladding - Piers - Cleaning and Sealing

Betts Adam 4 19 0 1 706

last spot



LARGE (6cm)



for six months

Local operators for over 20yrs • All aspects of landscaping • Reticulation installation • Concrete garden kerbing • General earthworks, bobcat / dingo • Qualified tradesmen


Steve 0418 911 850



BOOKINGS • 0447 695 460

• Karratha • Dampier • Roebourne • Wickham • Point Samson Port Hedland & Onslow by appointment

Container Sales & Hire - 20ft & 40ft available

Bayview Painting Services Ph Des Coleman 0424 566 324 * (



Interior | Exterior | Residential | Commercial

w w w. nw l i m o s. co m . a u

marriage celebrants ‘I Care”

Wedding Ceremonies Commitment Ceremonies Renewal of Vows Naming Ceremonies Justice of the Peace

Janette Parsons-Smith JP

0412 217 291

Licence 171628C

pet minding Don’t want to put your pet in a kennel? We come to your home daily. Karratha & Dampier Call Guilia 0403.750.646

Geoff Carr 0418 923 847 Fax: 9534 4545

towing MACTOW TOWING & RECOVERY SERVICES BREAKDOWN • ACCIDENT • EMERGENCY Seven Seater Tilt Tray Machinery & Equipment Transport

FREECALL 1800 093 402

Ph 0412 304 780

Local Agent. Stock available in Karratha. Eastern state relocation.



ABN 57 412 375 714

Floor grinding, vinyl removal. Porcelain tile specialist. Great rates on large areas Full Bathroom renovations

Phone Clarky 0414 838 565 - free quotes

Servicing the entire Pilbara Mobile - We come to your workplace or home. Fast - Sameday service Efficient - All vehicles fitted in one visit. Insurance companies billed direct.

Call now 0408 515 110

Ph 9172 5226 | Fax 9172 5228 | License No. MRB 3614


echoclassif echo classifieds classifi


accommodation available A Double room avail $465 singles $500 couples price includes power,water F/F room, foxtel in your room and a cleaner once a week of communal areas. To Apply call 0420971331 AVAILABLE NOW, couple or 2 singles wanted to share with couple in Bulgarra. 3x1 house, $550 for couples, $400 for singles plus bills, free Foxtel. Rooms not furnished but have built in robes. Call anytime 0407199201 BEDROOMS available x2. 1 furnished and 1 unfurnished in Pegs Creek. 2wks bond and 2wks rent in advance. $500 couples and $400 singles. Bills inclusive. Friendly, drug free house. Emma 0458449359 DAMPIER $400+ expenses sea views fully furnished quite home prefer female contact 0406063868 to for viewing DOUBLE Room available in large Executive 4x2 house in Nickol. Beautiful spa pool, wifi, Foxtel, theatre room. Relaxed house mates. Prefer single working person. $500 p/w + bills. (Bond/rent adv req) Cont Ryan on 0414 766 927. Available end of May/ begin June - KTA FOR SALE by Owner house in Dampier. Vacant possession available 1st June. 3 bed 2 bath recently renovated. Includes all the Dampier “”must haves”” boat port, 6x8 shed, tropical gardens. $900k Call owner direct 0409 847 113 FULLY furnished room available in Nickol to share with one female. $400 a week – bills included. Email me at FURNISHED room for rent in newly renovated 4x2 house in Bulgarra. Close to back beach, pool coming soon, gym/ 2nd lounge. Looking for a clean, tidy & friendly housemate. Singles $450 p/w including bills & cleaner. Contact Tim 0427 511 577. HOUSE 3x1 for rent in Ktha, Available mid May $1000 per week, call 0437 283 287 HOUSE for Rent. 4x2, plus study, theatre room and double garage. Tambrey Estate. $1,800 per week unfurnished. Available June 1. Email ktawgrass@hotmail. com or Phone 0438 418 009. ROOM 4 rent in 3x1 Bulgarra close to shops. Queen bed, tallboy and bedside tables. Pet friendly house. Single $425 couple $450 incl all utilities. Available 6/5/12 onwards. Not a party house. Share with 3 adults 1 infant 1 dog 1 cat... 0416 419831 or 0447003403 to view ROOM for rent in Baynton, Available immediately. $500/ week inc bills. Please call 0407766144

accommodation available ROOM to rent in 3X1 Nickol House with big pool, awesome outdoor area, and great housemates. Singles preferred, must be tidy and respectful ,not a party house. $450 a week. Call 0408 932 322. ROOMS available in Bulgarra, Karratha, close to shops. Sharing with 3 laid back others in huge house: 2 living rooms, double bedrooms (furnished), wifi. Yard is good size, house set back from road with pool & 2 loveable dogs. Sociable but not party house. Call Alice 0428209206/ 0419913090 ~ ~accommodation ACCOMODTION wanted WANTED COUPLE in early thirties seeking a room/granny flat in Karratha. Both working full time, non smokers, neat and tidy and not party people. Please phone Adam on 0412024121 or Brooke on 0428762451. RELIABLE House-sitter couple has free dates from end of May - end of September. Happy to look after your pets, plants, pools etc. E-Mail: pilbarahousesitters. or ph. 044 9898146 SOUTH Hedland, couple late 30’s, clean & tidy, non smoking, employed, seeking furnished/part furnished room in quiet non party house, for long stay preferred. Available mid June. Jason 0412 945 751 ~~BABIES babies BABY SLING: Bubba Moe baby sling. Colour: Black. Made from lightweight soft Supercale cotton. Nearly new. Nicol West, Karratha. $40. Ph. 0447 968876. BASSINET: Removable bassinet for the City Series Strollers. Complete with sunshade, fly net and all adapters / attachments and instructions. Nickol West, Karratha. $150. 0447 968876 ENCLOSED cot $350 Bassinet neutral colours $100 Rocker with music $40 - some extras Bath/shower seat, 2x baby carriers, stop roll over cushion, 3x bouncers, play mat with hanging toys and baby linen. ALL must go, offers welcome. Contact Kaitlin 0438946346 msg me for photos. POINT SAMSON MOUNTAIN Buggy Urban Designer Pram. Only used for one child in fab condition! $250 ono. Phone 0438364378 STEELCRAFT Strider 4 wheel stroller, Age suitability: 0-4 years, Colour: red, Reclining Back: 3 positions, forward or rear facing seat. Excellent condition. Boot and raincover incl. $200. Call 0439443663 KTHA

boating ALLY 4.6m FWD controls 25hp Johnson needs service Good trailer new tyres $2500 0409781742 HED ARROWCRAFT 4.6 mtr Boat - Registered Karratha Boat and Trailer good - Motor needs Repair or Replace. Urgent Sale - Geniune Offer Only $3000.00 ONO. Please ring 0417 952868 for photos or information BERMUDA 410 Salmon WB Aluminium Tinny. 30Hp Yamaha. All in excellent order. Heaps and Heaps of extras. Roebourne area Phone 0416135178. $6500.00 BRAND NEW 2012 Ocean Pearl Marine & Aluminium dinghy, 4m, 30HP Honda Outboard & trailer, $15,000.00 Call 0417966883 KTA CORALINE 6.7 meter plate alloy hardtop, walk around, brand new carpet and cushions, 175hp motor just serviced by dealer furuno colour sounder & furnuo fish finder inc lots local hot marks, excel cond all the fruit + more call 0437 059 275 leaving town must sell $57K ono KTA CRUISE Craft (2003) 685 Outsider twin Yamaha’s 4 stroke $75,000 ono. Call 0427185974 for more details QUINTREX 3.75 Dart, 15 mercury 2 stroke, Stacer trailer, Lowrance fish finder, safety gear. All near new condition. Can email pics. $4000 Ph: 0409441829 / 91841840 QUINTREX 4.45m Dory. 40HP yamaha 2-stroke (less than 30 hours), Quintrex trailer, custom fittedboat cover, colour sounder, battery with alternator, new stereo, 4x life jackets, 406 mhz epirb, flares,2x 24l fuel tanks, spare wheel & hub / bearing assembly, excellent condition. Nickol. $11000. 0400127359 SAVAGE Dinghy 3.9m. 25hp Evinrude Motor, Roadmaster trailer with spare rim. Comes with 3 Life jackets, sounder, battery,box, nav lights, spot light, all rounder light, dry bag, flares and 3 anchors, chain and rope.$5500 ono. Must go leaving town. Call 0459466240 TRAILCRAFT cen con 90hp Mercury 220 hrs all new gear to many extras to list excellent buying at 24k ono, ph 0407262019 TRAILCRAFT cen con v.G.C 90hp mercury ring for details to much to mention 5mtr wide beam very good sea boat and creeks ph 0407262019 24k

camping & outdoors HONDA GENTEC. 9hp 7kva. Must go. $1500 Can deliver. Call Gypsy or Craig 0409441829 ~~CARAVANS caravans AUSSIE Wide “”Paringa”” 21’6 2010 Semi Offroad Caravan, ideal for permanent living, traveling or bush camping, fully equipped with solar & inverter, see Gumtree Perth under Paringa for full details. $70,000 ono 0893995402 BEDFORD bus mobile home ‘66. Runs well. 6 mths rego, wired 12 & 240 volts, fridge, aircon, shower, toilet, stove, hot water system, large annex, double bed, 2KVA genny, cyclone tiedowns. View at the Hill. $18,000 0415809650 BEDFORD Motor Home Urgent Sale - Comes with Caravan Site - Karratha. Recently been refurbished, everything is new - for Photos and information, please ring 0417 952868 - Geniune Offers Only $79995.00 ONO Registered and Road Worthy - Low Klms CARAVAN 30FT 5th wheeler 3slides full q/s sep. Toilet /s hower, Island kitchen modern decor many extras for perm. Living or travel. Phone 0400507955 Currently in WA-Pilbara area Aug for inspect $85,000neg COROMAL Princeton 601 (2006 ), In excellent condition, 5years old July 2011. Full annex with outdoor setting. Phone Mob 0439920716. Traveling at moment. HINO bus 1972 convert motorhome 36ft diesel in KTA. Rego, 1DB, shower, port toilet, fridge/freeze, gas stove/oven, hot water, modern kitchen, TV/DVD **A/C** 2xlounges, lots of space, everything to move in- Call 0421 347 507 for photos/info/to view. $27K ono. JAYCO DISCOVERY 22 FOOT CARAVAN. Great condition includes full annexe with new roof, extra shade, double bed,lounge,kitchen,bar fridge and freezer, 34’’ flat screen on wall,heaps of storage. $18000 ono 0400732535 kta JAYCO Westport 2001 21ft live in van, full kitchen & ensuite, annex, solar power, electric & gas h/w unit, 3 way fridge - Located in Ktha $38,000 neg - Call 0408 588 648 or 0423 388 053

Free Weekly 12 - 13 May 2012

caravans MOTOR home recently renovated all new inside, lounge kitchen shower queen bed in bedroom, can still do work on it to suit ones self, unlic motor runs but does not drive spent $9000 on renovations! Sell for $9000 ph 0432442192 Hedland. MOTORHOME RV Mercedes Sprinter 2008, 7 metres, Fiamma Awning, Deluxe Fittings, Xtra Back Seat, HD Digital TV & DVD, Shower & Toilet, Cook Top & Oven, Fridge & Freezer, HD Batteries + Inverter, Cupboards, Curtains, Max Comfort. $70,000 Neg. Ring 0427401529 NORSEMAN Caravan 2006 17ft. Fully Furnished, excellent condition. Registered until November 2012. $23,000.00. Ph 91853055 ROYAL Flair family flair, offroad 2010 model. Trpl bunks, full shwr & sep toilet. Full oven, m/wave & cooking gear. Awning. Qbed with under bed storage, all linen included for beds. LCD TV/ DVD, playstation. Large fridge/freezer. Needs to be viewed to be appreciated. PH 0419816321. $65,000.00 WINDSOR crown 2005, 21’, qs island bed, separate shower/ toilet, plenty cupbds, blockout curtains/venetions , gas oven/ hot water, domestic 9000 awning with metal protective cover when closed independent suspension, always garaged when not in use. Immaculate condition $48,000 ph 0419190676 Perth cleaner

Do you need your house CLEANED? Available anytime in the Karratha area.

Please phone : 0478 168 400 ~ ~ E Memployment PLOYMENT wanted WANTED CLEANING Lady available in KTA, all domestic duties, baby sitter, walking dogs, cooking, ironing, helping with homework and paper work. Good rates. Reliable and honest, own transport. Phone 0498487872 DON’T miss the best cleaning offer in town! Only $30 per hour! Ask for more information! Phone 0499149505 IRONING $30 a hour phone Jane 0418 951 719 KTA qualified chef needs job! Kiwi girl 21 head chef experience in cafes! Please call 0450390190 award winning coffee maker

BRAND NEW Executive house for rent in Baynton west estate. 4 x 2, dbl carport, boat bay,2 living areas, quality fittings, easy care gardens. Long lease if req. Avail end of May. $1,950 p/w. Ph 0405453335 DAMPIER- Unfurnished room, $360 Bills inclusive, A/C, ceiling fan, 4 awesome housemates, 60 Inch Plasma in lounge, close to beach, call Azza 0414899406 or Dane 0401636147 for a viewing ENTERTAINERS dream 3bed 1bth full length patio outdoor spa retic gardens ducted aircon available for immediate lease $1200 per wk neg call Chris 0439920631 HOME NOW avail . 4 x 2 plus study/5th bed, Theatre Room. Lge Living. Pool, Shed. Fair Bond (not 4 wks)Close school, Long Term Lease Pref. $2000 $2200/Month Plse email karrathahouse@iprimus. for particulars. Located Nickol West - Ktha HOUSE 3x1 with pool Millars Well. New bathroom, new paint & carpets to bedrooms. Corporate lessees pref 0427521242. HOUSE for Rent. 4x2, plus study, theatre room and double garage. Tambrey Estate. $1,800 per week unfurnished. Available June 1. Email ktawgrass@hotmail. com or Phone 0438 418 009. PERTH, lovely 3-2-2 in Bull Creek in Rossmoyne HSZ.Walk to schools, bus & shops. Quiet str. Built robes, open plan kitchen meals & family room, formal lounge & dining, 2 bathrooms & 1 laundry. Alarm,covered patio,automatic garage,reverse cycle air,dishwasher. $480 Break Lease Av in June Ph 04 23986113 RENTAL -Karratha 3 x1 -$1,350.00 to $1,450.00 a week. Cottage Style house neat & tidy, 5 min walk to all Amenities. Ring Peter on 0448166001 or 92961247 to view. ~~FOR SALE for sale A double seater lazy boy couch. Near new condition, $300 Phone Rachel 0447939887 Kta AIR conditioner rac 2.5 hp LG, $150, foxtel sat dish $150, ph 0400732535 ASURO Robot Kit Brand New never opened or used brought for $80.00 selling for $70.00. Please contact me on 08 9185 2425. If no answer please leave a message BACKPACKS and sleeping bags X2. Used for the Kokoda Trip. Value $650.00 selling $300.00 Ph 0418 937 307

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for rent

BAR Fridge Excellent Condition $160.00 KTA 0429063021 BAR stools, swival, black and chrome in colour, good cond, 4 of them. $150 dollars for the lot. Ph 0427 178 143 KTA BBQ - 4 Burner with Gas Bottle $70.00 KTA 0429063021 BBQ - Small BBQ and gas bottle suitable for island camping or beach/Park/ Picnic. $40 dollars, ph 0427 178 143 KTA. BED base ensemble single $100. Excellent condition. 0403 940 910 BEER FRIDGE: 112L Homemaker bar / beer fridge. Ideal for your outdoor setting. 2Yrs old, good condition. Nickol West, Karratha. $85. 0447 968876 BIKES one ladies one gents mountain bikes, good condition $50 each set of spalding gold clubs in golden bear bag $50, 7.5 kg simpson washing machine good working order $50 computer desk $40 0417185735 BOOK SHELF, blue, for boys room. Approx 1m high, 3 shelves. $25. Call Elly 0403 940 910 or 9183 8713. BOOKSHELF solid dark mahogany. Originally bought from Classique furniture, four shelves. Will last for ever. $275.00 BUNK BEDS - NEVER USED, CARAVAN -steel framed detachable, on gas struts, high density mattresses. Has safety boards for top bunk. Can be for Donga etc. $700.00. 0418932339. Karratha/Dampier CAMPER Trailer Performance Off Road. Pneumatic Boat lift. Inc 3.7m Quintrex, 15hp Johnson. H/D Canvas, plus many extras. Located Padbury Perth. $12,900 ono. Ph 0439398300 CANON Power Shot G12 Top Grade DIGITAL CAMERA BRAND New (never opened), 2.8-inch articulating LCD screen with 5x optical zoom and a maximum aperture rating of f/2.8-4.5. Retails for $598 will sell for $450. For more information call Alison 0448 508 957 CANON Power Shot G12 Top Grade DIGITAL CAMERA. Brand New (never opened), 2.8-inch articulating LCD screen with 5x optical zoom and a maximum aperture rating of f/2.8-4.5. Retails for $598, will sell for $450. For more information call Alison 0448 508 957 CARAVAN Cover - As new suit 14-16 foot pop top, excellent condition, $150 dollars. Ph 0427 178 143 KTA

for sale CHAIRS - 8 stackable cushioned chairs, good cond. $50 dollars the lot. Ph 0427 178 143. KTA CORNER Entertainment Unit 2000H x 1400W timber appearance cupboards & draw at base. Glass doors at top & TV space in middle. $350 ono Ph 0400219210 KTA FISHING ROD shimano caranx kaibutsu surface monster GT popping rod length 7’8 lure max 300g PE8-12 used once as new condition $250 KTA 0410516495 FM Radio with Electronic Tuning - Volume 2, Short Circuits instruction booklet Volume 2 brand new never used or opened brought for a total of $50.00, selling it for $40.00. Please contact me on my phone 08 9185 2425. If no answer please leave a message FREEZER - Chest freezer good to excellent cond 160 liters, $100 dollars, Ph 0427 178 143 KTA FUTON base. Transforms from couch to QN bed. Call Elly 0403 940 910, 9183 8713. IF anybody is interested in buying Avon products or having a look at the latest brochures, please contact me and I can organise one to be delivered to you. 0413234369. KING bed mattress for sale only 12 months old as new paid $1200 sell $400, ph 0407262019 MOUNTAIN BIKE GIANT STP 0, ALUXX Alloy 14.5”” Powder Blue Frame, Rockshox Argyle 318 Fork, SRAM X-7 Drivetrain, Raceface Diablous X-type Crankset, E-13 STS Chainguide, Avid Juicy 3 Brakeset, Sun Rhyno Lite Rims & Maxxis Holy Roller Tyres, SDG I Sky Freestyle Saddle $1250 KTA 0410516495 OUTDOOR setting 6 Chairs with Cushions VGC 0429063021 KTA $150.00 OUTDOOR Timber Table - Solid (and I mean solid) timber (Jarra) round outdoor table. Seats six to eight. $60 dollars. Ph 0427 178 143 KTA PLANTS. Huge fruiting mango trees x 2 $550 ea 3x large dessert rose $150,$100 + $50. 3xhuge golden canes $250 ea 1x large bamboo palm $200 All in large tubs. Pegs creek 0419217858 POKER Table - Fold out table top poker table, with carry bag, felt top. Excellent cond. $40 dollars. Ph 0427 178 143 KTA

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Free Weekly 12 - 13 May 2012

for sale PS2 only used for a few hours 2x wireless controllers 2x wired controllers, 1 4GB memory card, 5 games (FIFA08, FIFA07, Need For Speed Carbon, Ratchet & Clank 3, Star Wars - the original saga-preowned) All for $100.00. If interested contact me on 08 9185 2425 if no answer please leave a message QUEEN Size Mattress with ensemble Good Condition. No castor wheels. $100.00 KTA 0429063021 SALTIGA S-extreme Z4500 Fishing reel. Only been used twice and is in excellent condition. Comes with protective case, also is spooled up with 45lb Daiwa Tournament 8 Accudepth Braid. A great edition to your reel collection. Usually $1000 selling it for $750 ono. Call 0429116678 SAMSUNG Frg/Frzl 1000ltr? , 2x3 seat couch, ent unit, 2x bedside table, 6.5kg Simpson washing machine, microwave, dining table 6 chairs, $500 the lot. Ph 0417185735 SHADE Sail - Brand new, never been used, triangle shape 5M x 5M, $25.00 dollars. Ph 0427 178 143 KTA SIMPLE Intruder Alarm - Volume 3, Simple FM Microphone - Volume 3, Short Circuits - Instruction Manual - Volume 3, all brought for $45.00, selling for $35.00. Please contact me on 08 9185 2425. If no answer please leave a message SKIM Boards - Two skim boards excellent condition 10 dollars each. Phone 0427 178143KTA SLIDE, Fibreglass below ground pool slide for sale, can also be used as normal slide. $60. Bill 0458572419 for photos. Located in Wickham. SONY Cybershot 15x Optical Zoom 8.1 mega pixel Camera. Comes with memory card, strap and case. Ideal for a up coming photographer. Also Throw in JVC 25x Optical zoom Cam-corder 20GB Hard disc, comes with straps, charger and carry case. Combined Price of $500 Call 0459466240 TEST Match Cricket Game - excell cond, unwanted gift, $10 dollars. Ph 0427 178 143 KTA TRADIES trailer lic, racks, can be removed, front lge toolbox all lockable and enclosed, new tyres. Must sell. $3,200.00 O.N.O 0427195916. TRAMPOLINE, round, 8ft, $40.00. Call ELly 0403 940 910 or 9183 8713 WII for sale comes with 51 games and wii fit boad and lots more acc. Call Ross on 0406697429 $450ono+ ~~FOUND found WATER Ski. Phone 0419 866276 ~~FREE ~~GARAGE SALE



garage sale SATURDAY 19 May 8am 13b Mosher Way Kta no early birds!! Kitchen stuff, ladies mens / kids clothes, coffee table, shelves, camping, baby gear, scanner, dock, and more! - All stuff brought up that was in storage and now have no room! SATURDAY 8am - 11am - 16 Leslie Loop Baynton, small plants,seedlings, seeds, household items SUNDAY 13th May, 23 Atkinson St. Millers Well. Whole house everything must go. 1 day only. Furniture, Crockery, Cutlery, simply all must go. Kta ph 0412885547 Sunday only SUNDAY 19/05/12. Womens & Children’s clothing, kids toys, general bric-a-brac. 19 Middleton Way, Karratha. Strickly no callers before 8.00am please. SUNDAY 20/05/12. Women’s and children’s clothing, kids toys, general bric-a-brac. 19 Middleton Way, Karratha. Strictly no callers before 8.00am please SUNDAY 20TH May, 2 SNOOK WAY 8 AM. MOVING HOUSE SALE: Furniture, White goods, outdoor items, kitchen appliances plus much more... EVERYTHING MUST GO!! jewellery

Blue Gems Minerals & Jewellery Huge range of mineral specimens Original silver and gold jewellery We deliver securely Visit our website for our product range

lost SLIPPER is a black rabbit with one white foot.She is 14 months old and desexed and very friendly. She has been missing from Reed Crt in Baynton Karratha .She hasn’t been seen since 22nd April. She was homeless and adopted thru SAFE-her owner is distraught. Ph 91854634 motorcycles HARLEY 1991 Sportster 883/1200cc kit 3.5 gal tank. Nice bike Goes well. Located near Karratha $7500. Ph 0459353153 HARLEY 2007 1200 sportster excellent condition 7500 klms $12K ONO PHONE 0407262019 HARLEY Shovel Head 75 In bits. All new parts. Great project $12,500 ONO 0409781742 HED HARLEY Sportster 86 Trike Conversion Rebuilt top end. Heaps of extras $20,000.ONO 0409781742 HED HONDA CRF 450X 2006 model. Good condition. $5,000. Ph 0467 809 354 KTA. HONDA CRF450R 2009. Rebuilt top end and gearbox. NEW forks, shock, linkage bearings wheel sets and plastics. Full yoshi RS4 system. Very tidy STH Hed 0409824545 HONDA XR600R 95 Registered Good condition $2500 0409781742 HED KAWASAKI 2008 KLR 650 road/dirt bike, rego till Nov 12, excellent cond, helmet, 5,600 kms, Karratha, asking $6,200 or nearest offer. Ph: 0416 258 194

relal estate

motorcycles KAWASAKI GPX250 2005, 20000km, good condition, $3300 Ono. Call Richard 0430954596 KTA KAWASAKI KLR250 96 Registered Good condition $2500 0409781742 HED KAWASAKI KLX 250. 2005, 11,000 km’s. Serviced every 2,000kms, new tyres, Tuned & sports exhaust. Well looked after with little use. $2.500 Hedland 0447 790675


motorcycles KTM 250 SXF renthal bars 2006, fmf pipe, sm pro rims with talon hubs, wp suspension, spare excel rims with new tyres. **needs bottom end rebuild** $2000. Ph 0400732535 VIRAGO Yamaha 2006, 250cc Road Cruiser for sale, In good condition comes with saddle bags, In Ktha, $4200 ono Call Joanne for more info 0437 283 287


motorcycles YAMAHA FJR1300 Super Sport Tourer. 09, 30,000 kms, Mint condition, one careful owner, well serviced, outstanding performance, long distance comfort with super sport performance. Many quality extras inc cruise control + factory panniers. Moving overseas so must sell! $15,900 Call Dave 0420727875 Ph Libby 0404 842 902


Celtic Tungsten & 9ct Gold Vintage Insp. Jewellery


for Weddings, Engagements & Gift Ideas




Lighting Towers


Light Vehicles

20 x JLG 80HX, 600AJ, 450AJ & 45HA Booms, JLG 500RTS, 400RTS, 33RTS, 25RTS & 651932E Scissors, Crendon Squirrels

25 x 2010-1995 Toyota Landcruiser, Toyota Hilux, Nissan Patrol


Motor Grader derr

Ford F250 4WD XLT Xtra Cab 2003 V8 Diesel turbo, auto, air, steer,cruise, electric windows, electric brakes, TOWS 4500KG suspension kit, Mickey Thompson tyres and wheels, rear roll bar, genuine billet grille, alloy side steps, rear tool box, full body graphics, exhaust system, includes delivery $69500.00 Adelaide Ph 0419820058

Caravan Creative 28ft Family van 2008

rear bunks, queen bed, front drop down king bed, split system air, full size fridge/freezer, 4 batterys, solar panels, full winter awning and annex,flat screen tv, stereo, triple axle new tyres, includes delivery $58500.00 Adelaide Ph 0419820058




Contact 0477 809 489



PRICE: $94,500 ONO PH: 08 97515412



XCMG SC120P Smooth Drum, Vibromax W1103D Smooth Drum, 1984 Albaret Orthopactor Multi Tyre, Pacific RP16 Multi Tyre, Various Wacker r & Dynapac Plates



12 x Allight & Ingersoll-Rand 6 & 4 Head

Versatile 2425 4x4, Kubota M8030 4x4 2006


Line Boring & Rotary Welding of worn out pivot points on all types of machinery & earth moving equipment.


Aerial Access Equipment Agricultural Tractors



CAGE/CRATE, large, for air travel, airline approved. Good condition. $70.00. Call Elly 0403 940 910 or 9183 8713. GREAT Breed Of Staffy X Pups 2 X male 7 X female $550 Ea Will Be Ready For New Homes At 8 Weeks Old And Will Be Vaccinated On Sunday The 20Th Of May In Point Samson Call Kaitlin 0438946346 Or Peter 0418949301


2002 Caterpillar aterpillar 140H

Motor Scrape Scrapers Scraper

3 x Caterpill Caterpillar 633D, Caterpillar 633B Caterp


Compressors ompressors mpressors p

Skid Steer Loaders

Cran Crane


14 x Atlas Copco, Compai Compair, Pallatek & Sullair 400, 250, 2 210, 175 & 130CFM

2 x 2006 Mustang 2044, 2006 Bobcat S130, 2003 Bobcat 753, 2008 Bobcat 463


1996 P & H T750 68T 8x4

2 x Custom Tri Axle Low Loader oader ader Site Use, 3x Custom Bogie End Tipper, er, Tandem Axle Plant & Box

Crawler Tractors

1999 Caterpillar D8R, 1986 Caterpillar D7H, 2001 Caterpillar D6R, 1999 999 Caterpillar D6R LGP, 5 x 1997-1995 Caterpillar D6H LGP

Trucks Prime Mov Movers

2006 Freightlin Freightliner FLX Century 6x4 , 2x 1992 Mercedes Benz 2648 6x4 Mercede


Forklifts klifts lifts

Trucks Rigid Body

8 x Hyster, yster, Caterpillar, Yale & Toyota 7-5T, 4T, 3-5T, 2-5T & 1-8 1-8TDrill

Gen Set Sets

2007 Hino FMIJ 6x4 Water Cart, 2007 Isuzu FVZ 1400 6x4 Water Cart, 3x 1988-87 Ford L8000 6x4 Field Service, 2002 Isuzu NPR200 4x2 T/Top, 1999 Toyota Dyna 4x2 C/Cab


20 x Atlas Copco, Denyo, Cummins, FG Wilson & Kubota 250 - 8KVA

Hydraulic Excavators

BUSSELTON: Hge Excec Style Home N/New 6 DB 5 Bath 2 Kit 2 Lnge 2 Ding 2 Stdy 2 Ldry Lrge Alfresco, Huge Vrdahs Make Great B&B. Zoned Already BG Pool 12x6 mtr Sep 2 B/Crp,Huge Shed 4 Bay UC/Park Massive green house 32mtr x 10mtr,12x9mtr Conc Slab,Orchard Ret Gardens on approx 3 Acrs of mat gds 5km CBD/BCH BARGAIN $859,000 PH Lorraine 0428005077



for sale



2004 Caterpillar 330C, 2002 Hitachi ZX 350H, 2 x 2005-2004 Hitachi ZX 330LC, 2002 Caterpillar 322C, 3 x 1997 Caterpillar 320B, 1999 Hitachi EX200-5, 2010 Caterpillar 301-6C


Wheel Loaders

2004 Caterpillar 938G, 2002 Komatsu WA380-5H, 1985 Caterpillar 950B, 2000 Volvo L90D, 2006 Volvo L70E, Caterpillar 916.


Articulated Trucks

3 x 2004 Hitachi AH400D, 2 x 2002 Bell B40D, Caterpillar DJB25 Water Cart

Batching Plant

2009 Bertoli ZS1260 Portable (Low Hours)


1990 Dynapac CA25D Smooth Drum, 2004 Caterpillar CS-433E Smooth Drum


2004 Terex Franna MAC25 25T, 1999 Tadano TR200M RT, 1987 Tadano TR250 25RT.

Hydraulic Excavators

1997 Komatsu PC800-6, 1997 Komatsu PC400-6, 1999 Komatsu PC350-6, 2007 Komatsu PC138D-8, 2002 Kubota KX161-2,

Motor Graders

1997 Caterpillar 16H, 1990 Caterpillar 16G,

Telescopic Handlers

2 x 2009-07 Merlo 34-7, 2006 Genie GTH


2010 RWT Tri A&B Side Tipper, 2011 Bailey Tri 350 A & B Side Tipper, 2x 2010 Bailey Tri Semi Water Tanker, 3x 2007 Steel Bro Tri Side Loader, 2x 2006 Southern Cross 40/20 Tri Skel, 3x 2003-02 GTE Tri Side Tipper, 2x 2000 Haulmark Tri Side Tipper, 2x 2000 Boomerang Tri Side Tipper, 3x 2004-00 GTE Tri Dolly, 2010 Bailey Bogie Dolly, 2000 Haulmark Bogie Dolly

Trucks Concrete Agitators 2 x 2004 Iveco 2350 6x4 C/W 6M

Trucks Fire Tenders 2 x 2002 Isuzu FSS550 4x4

Trucks Prime Movers

2 x 2007-06 Freightliner FLX Columbia 6x4

Trucks Tippers

2006 Hino Dutro 4x2 , 1998 Isuzu FVR900 4x2, 1996 Acco 4x2, 1989 Ford L8000 6x4,

Trucks Waste Compactors 2008 Iveco F2350 6x4 C/W MJE S/L, 2003 Iveco 2350S 8x4 C/W MJE F/L

Trucks Water

2006 Mack Metroliner 6x4, 1999 Mitsubishi FV547 6x4

Wheel Dozers 1996 Tiger 690D


3 x 2005 Tri Flex 5000 Hydraulic Gang Mower, Assorted Mining Inventory, Fixed & Mobile Plant Spares, Water & Fuel Tanks, Fuel Tank Modules C/w Bowser, Turbo Wash Parts Washer, Geka Punch & Shears

Wheel Loaders

2006 Komatsu WA430-6, 1994 Caterpillar 970F, 1999 Caterpillar 950G, 1990 Caterpillar 950F, 1998 Caterpillar 928G, 1997 Caterpillar IT28G, 2004 Caterpillar 906, Furukawa FL50-1

BID LIVE ONLINE IN REAL TIME WWW.SBAUCTION.COM.AU Inspection: Tuesday 22ND MAY 8:00am – 4:30pm • Note: GST exclusive auction, buyers premium of 10% + GST applies up to $3,500 And 5% + GST thereafter on hammer price. • Photographic details & catalogues available via website. • Internet Bidding Assistance email or call our office. • Note This is a Split Ring Auction • Ring 1 - 10am Mobile Plant Trucks & Vehicles

• Ring 2 - 1pm Mining Inventory & Minor Plant

D/L 8586


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pets RED Nose Staffy pups for sale. 1 male and 2 females. They are 9 weeks old and have been vaccinated, health checked and heart wormed at 4, 6 and 8 weeks. $1000 per pup. For genuine interest please call 0400 230 821 or 0457 297 643 ~~PUBLIC NOTICE real estate ~~REAL ESTATE GREEN 27 ACRES with platypus creek on the cool tablelands near Port Douglas. Private and natural, handy to everything. Exceptional views over rainforest ranges from octagonal house. Underground mains power, substantial private timber plantation. Now $489,000. Pics&info at owner. Ref No 40583


Pilbara Resumés Local knowledge for executive through to trades personnel... • Professional resumés • Selection criteria • Cover & resignation letters • Online applications Sell your achievements Marlene Cole 0434 122 659

RESUMES Expert, Professional Resumes for when You want to Get Ahead • Mining Recruitment Skills • Recruitment Professional • Emphasising your Valuable Skills & Experience • For Results You Want

0401 812 060 / 9361 1531

public notice

JUSTICE OF THE PEACE For your convenience Thursday evenings 5.30pm - 6.30pm Opposite RETRAVISION Free - Voluntary signing of documents NOTE : No longer at the Police Station Janette Parsons-Smith (Secretary) 0412 217 291


Basic Worksite Traffic Management and Traffic Controllers Course Welcome House, Karratha

Friday 8th June 8am to 5pm


For details and bookings call

Daysafe Training and Assessing on 0400 703 742 or email:

accommodation available


• Bed spaces available $35/night • Share room accomodation • Kitchen facilities, Laundry, Diningroom, Loungeroom available • Outdoor area for relaxation

Town Centre location, 110 Wellard Way, Karratha All enquiries, please contact

Agner 0430 753 702 or Tony 0433 375 956 K

shade sails

PILBARA SHADE SAILS Custom made locally for Pilbara conditions. Phone Steve Trevurza on 0410 867 102.

vehicles COMMODORE Acclaim Blue 2005, 112,00km, $10,000 Call 0448809158 FORD 2003 XR6 TURBO UTE manual. 120,000ks. Many after market mods including larger intercooler, upgraded injectors and much more call for info $17,000 ono call Ryan on 0407663690 FORD Courier tray top 2006 single cab 2wd 2.5 lt turbo diesel a/c cd radio 150ooo km 5 sp manual $12500 ono 0412 885547 hdl FORD panel van/ ambulance dual batteries duel alternators would make a great touring wagon runs on lpg and petrol needs plenty of tlc as is where is $5000 contact Damo 0406063868 HONDA Accord VTi 4 cyl sports auto 2009 model in silver. Only 8000kms. Excellent condition. $24,000 Call Judy 91444334 or 0414814542 HYUNDAI Elantra 2004. 135,000km. Full service history. New battery and alternator. Automatic, 4 door. $6,500 or nearest offer. In Karratha. Phone: 0450 731 537 LANCER 95 auto 2 dr 1.8l ex cond receipts $4500 ph Craig 0400 460 468 LANDCRUISER 100 series (2000), 240000 km manual turbo charged diesel, dual fuel tanks, lift kit, HID rallye 4000 spotties, warnwinch, arb bullbar, cruise control, dual wheel carrier, full length roof rack, safari snorkel, electric trailer brake controller. Located in Pannawonica call Ben 0400500625


CLASSIFIEDS LANDCRUISER Ute 2002, 79 series. Canvas canopy, 75 lt water tank, duel batteries, hitech headers 3’’ exhaust, 33’’mud tyres, spotlights, UHF radio, CD player/ amp/ sub, tinted windows, com 2.5’’ susp. Lift, 2’’ body lift. 186000ks $17000 ono 0400732535 kta MAZDA 3 2007 silver 4door sedan auto under 50000km 1 owner $15500 call Andrea 0417943571 Dampier MAZDA 3 Maxx Sports H/ Back 2005. Blue, manual, sports suspension, ABS, front, side and curtain airbags, full electrics, tinted windows, cruise control, audio controls on steering, well looked after, perfect first car! $15000 ono. Phone 0409474453.

vehicles MAZDA 3, 2007. P23Hatch, Manual, 70,000kms, Extended Warranty Till 07/2014, Excellent car, very good A/C, 17in Alloys, very cheap to run, serviced every 10,000 kms, $16,000 ono, neg for cash, ph 0448 814 744 KAR MERCEDES Benz 280 sedan 1985 petrol registered great condition runs well must see. PH: 0429119230 RBN Sorry sale $5000 ono MITSUBISHI Magna. 1995. 168k km. Auto, petrol, good stereo golden. 3300 aud. Call 0457445777 MITSUBISHI Pajero 1988 Auto diesel. PH: 0429119230 RBN $4000 ono NISSAN Navara turbo diesel 2010, 6 speed manual, dual cab, 25k kms, snorkel, 2 inch lift, 160lt fuel tank, drop side tray, canvas canopy, steel bullbar, towbar, tinting, new cooper tyres $42000 0423683808 KTA PAJERO Stnsdn Auto 1988 4 Cyl Deisel registered. PH: 0429119230 RBN TOYOTA Coaster 3b diesel Bus- sleeps 2 adults 2 kids bunks can be removed to form table chairs, fridge, toilet, sink, stove top, oven, A/C, TV/DVD player, genset, new cushion covers/curtains great for holidays or could be used for accommodation $22,000 ONO must sell call 0418923905 located Karratha

vehicles TOYOTA Hiace PVAN 1998 petrol. Wheelchair hoist Ph: 0429119230. $7000 ono TOYOTA Hilux Extra cab 2003 $15, 900 ONO Petrol V6 seats 4. Very tidy unit. Only 114,000 kms with service book. Alum Tray, towbar, bullbar, tool box, central lock, CB Radio 4 new tyres, runs great, excellent A/C. Great first car. Call Mark 0417991169 Karratha ~~WANTED wanted BABYSITTER, NANNY, needed to help with care of two school age children as both parents are working. Karratha. Ph 0410 521 290 BOXES packing/moving. Call Elly 0403 940 910 or 9183 8713. CLEANING lady available to clean house, washing,ironing and even prepare evening meal. Honest and reliable $30 p/h phone 0431553476 MATTRESS or bed. I am looking for mattress or bed in Karratha. If you want to sell it, please call me 0450705754 M U S I C A L instruments, particularly Banjos, American Guitars and Ukuleles. Any condition, top price paid. Phone 0421046273 PAVER BRICKS WANTED. If you have old pavers you are trying to get rid of please give me a call. Must be in reusable condition. Happy to collect from you. Call Ryan. 0439985409 employment

ELECTRICIAN WANTED Opportunity available for Electricians with a rapidly growing local Company. Must hold a valid WA ‘A’ Grade Electrical Licence and Drivers Licence.

Free Weekly 12 - 13 May 2012


wanted WANT FREE Packing boxes in good condition please, 0428142522 WANTED packing boxes large or small. Phone 91855805 WANTED to Buy. 10x5 Tandem Box Trailer. KTA or HED. 0400 317 035 WE need a cleaner! Our little 3 bedroom home in Bulgarra is kept tidy but we need help to clean. You will need to be available in the mornings or late arvos ‘cause of shift worker room mate. If you can help, please call 9186 2761 during bus hours, or 0418 928 238 AH.

Four lines. Unlimited submissions. Over 14,000 copies distributed each week

Contract Trainer Assessors

throughout Australia to conduct mobile plant competency assessments. Must have minimum Cert IV TAA or TAE and mobile plant tickets. Preferably have at least 5 years experience operating a range of earthmoving plant such as loaders, excavators, dozers, graders, haul trucks, rollers, skid steers, water carts, compactors, backhoes etc... Call now on 0400 703 742 or send resumes to  Check us out on the net -

Qualified Mechanic This is a great opportunity for a local qualified mechanic for an ongoing position in the Pilbara. $40.00 per hour + Penalties, working roughly 60 hours a week We are looking for a Karratha local, must have own accommodation, to join a reputable company in Karratha as a Qualified Mechanic. Duties will include but not limited to minor repairs and maintenance on generators. The successful applicant must hold a current WA Drivers licence and an Australian recognised Mechanical Trade Certificate. For more information about the position please contact Hayley at Drake International Karratha on 08 9144 4198 or email cover letter and resume through to


9144 4198 DOES YOUR BUSINESS NEED SKILLED TRADES OR PROFESSIONAL STAFF? SKILLED MIGRATION STAFFING SPECIALIST Australian Recruiting Group has provided the solution to the shortage of skilled labour throughout Australia. We are able to provide you with both the recruitment expertise and migration services to help you select skilled workers to cover your skilled labour shortfall. We have:


FREECALL 1300 123 450 or 07 3414 4000 Call Greg Nicholson or Geraldine Jose Email: geraldine.jose@

For Further information call 0408097761 or email resume to

STEELE ELECTRICAL Pty. Ltd. Regional Education Officer, Pilbara Regional Education Officer, Pilbara - Part-time as negotiated (Ongoing) Cancer Council Western Australia seeks an enthusiastic, experienced health promoter to join its education team.

FULL TIME & PART TIME POSITION A full time and part time dental assistant is required for our busy dental practice in Karratha. Experience preferred, training will be provided for the right applicant.

Pilbara Dental Care

Based in Karratha, this exciting position will work on cancer prevention and early detection projects at a community level in the Pilbara. A relevant tertiary qualification (health or education) or extensive community development experience, plus lots of enthusiasm and initiative required. An attractive salary package including a cash component, superannuation and other benefits is available. The selection criteria and job description are available at: or from Emma Croager on (08) 9388 4347. Please submit a written application addressing the selection criteria, plus current CV and three referees to the Education Services Manager, Cancer Council WA, 15 Bedbrook Place, Shenton Park 6008 or Applications close 5pm, Monday 28 May 2012 The Cancer Council Western Australia is a non-government, community supported organisation.

adcorp F73245


echojobguide echojobguide

Free Weekly 12 - 13 May 2012


Sharpe Ave Men’s Hairdresser Sharpe Avenue Men’s Hairdresser is looking for full time staff. Flexible hours. Above award wages. Contact Julie (08) 9185 3394 or 0419920226

Self Motivated person required for 25-30hrs per week in the KIE.

HC and MC Drivers Wanted E:

Phone 0437 512 492 or 91 856 451

MC DRIVERS REQUIRED To be based in Karratha Competitive Hourly Rate

Must be able to pass a drug screen and medical


Immediate start required. Please forward your resumes to:

Administrative Service M: 0414 874 663 F: 08 9437 1288

Customer Sales & Service (Full time & Casual)

The Shire of Roebourne is seeking a Consultant to manage the transition and implementation of the Medical Services Equalisation Scheme. The scheme is designed to attract and retain private practice general practitioners to service the local community. The Consultant must demonstrate the ability to provide a quality administrative service, thorough understanding of the environment under which this scheme operates and its objectives, professional presentation and added value to the scope of services where possible. The appointment will be from June 2012 to 31 December 2014. Submissions are to be addressed to Tepina Smith, Shire of Roebourne, PO Box 219 Karratha WA 6714 or emailed to Submissions close at 5pm Friday, 25 May 2012.

Vacancies open NOW!

• Flexible hours can be negotiated • Competitive Rates of pay


Must have experience in Bookkeeping/Admin, Invoicing, Acc Pay/Rec, Bank Reconciliation, Payroll, BAS, and Microsoft Office. MYOB exp preferred. Attention to detail and ability to work autonomously essential.

Email Resume to:




Point Samson


Lyons & Peirce Karratha is a large plumbing firm Tim Vines Manager—Karratha Branch with a number of branches based throughout the Pilbara region of Western Australia

Plumbing, Gas Fitting & Liquid Waste Disposal

Telephone: (08) 9185 3422 Facsimile: (08) 9185 1478 Mobile: 0417 774 132

Email: PO Box 210, Karratha WA 6714 1011 Coolawanyah Road, Karratha WA 6714

Branch Administrator

An excellent opportunity exists for a motivated and enthusiastic individual to join our busy Liquid Waste Branch located in Karratha

Qualified Electrician This position is for a Qualified Electrician, must have trade certificate, in the Karratha area. This position is for a local resident only. This is NOT a FIFO position! $50.00 Per hour + Penalties - Roughly 60 hrs per week. Must have own accommodation in Karratha and also must have a WA drivers licence. The successful applicant must have Rio Tinto HSE and Lock holders inductions. The successful applicant will be working for a reputable company in the Karratha area. For more information on the position please contact Hayley Warne at Drake International Karratha on 08 9144 4198 or forward cover letter and resume through to

For further information, please contact Tepina Smith on (08) 9186 8669. Karratha



9144 4198


We are currently seeking a Branch Administrator for a Full time position with an immediate start The successful applicant must have the following: • Good communication and organisation skills • Ability to work in a fast paced environment • Experience using Microsoft Word, Excel & Outlook • Experience in Data entry • Current C class license

Expressions of interest, together with our Resume can be forwarded to the Branch Manager by fax 08 9185 3088 or emailed to prior experience is preferred

To be successful for these roles you will have a passion for providing excellent customer service to both retail and trade customers. Previous retail and automotive knowledge would be a distinct advantage. Please submit your resume to: In person:

Repco Karrtha Store - 2/5 Warambie Road, Karratha

By Fax:

08 9311 9910


“ Through leading a team, I can make a real difference” Management Opportunities Coles is changing. We’re transforming our stores and need people who can provide great customer service. Coles is at the heart of every community and plays an important role. We’re looking for Managers who want to make our customers shopping experience at Coles more meaningful and enjoyable.

Dry Goods Manager Coles Kununurra

Store Support Manager Coles Darwin

Delicatessen Manager Coles Northern Territory

You will be the driving force behind the execution of merchandising and sales strategies in your department. This role empowers you with the responsibility for the day-to-day running of the grocery department and the coaching and development of your team to deliver the highest standards of store presentation, inventory control and customer service.

You will be responsible for ensuring efficient business and administrative processes, while providing leadership, guidance and coaching to the team. You will ensure compliance with all legislative, procedural and policy frameworks while promoting a store culture that values safety, communication, leadership and ongoing learning.

You will be responsible for motivating and coaching your team members, maximising sales, ensuring safe food handling and hygiene awareness and maintaining the highest customer service standards in the Delicatessen Department.

You will have previous experience in a retail management role, with effective time management and problem solving skills. With sound knowledge of retail processes and systems you will be customer focused, with outstanding verbal and written communication and be adept at coaching and motivating a team and managing change. Job number 550005.

Successful candidates will have previous experience in a retail management role, with effective time management, analytical and problem solving skills. With sound knowledge of retail processes and systems you will be customer focused, with outstanding verbal and written communication and be adept at coaching and motivating a team and managing change. Job number 549594.

Your retail leadership experience, proven track record of sales and profit achievement, strong communication skills and commitment to top-quality product will be the keys to your success in this role. Job number 549544.

Training will be offered to any Team Members who are interested in advancing their career as well as relocation assistance for any Managers looking to relocate to the above areas. Our doors open to unlimited career progression throughout the Coles group, training and development, great discounts and flexible rosters. Maybe it’s time you considered a job in retail with one of Australia’s largest organisations. Be part of the transformation, start a conversation with Coles. Visit our website and enter the relevant job number. K


echojobguide echojobguide


Government of Western Australia



Department of Housing

Customer Service Chefs and Hotel Staff wanted in WA’s Officer northLOCAL in the townsEMPLOYMENT of Newman and Port ENCOURAGING Web Search No: Position Ref 04001817 Level/Salary: Level 3 $60,330 - $65,503pa + Super PSGOGA There is currently one Full time permanent position available for immediate filling.

Refrigeration Mechanic

We are looking for an experienced refrigeration mechanic to undertake repairs on a number of air conditioning units in the Karratha LIA Hedland. PLEASE DO NOT APPLY FOR THIS POSITION IF YOU Auzcorp owns the Mia Mia group of DO NOT LIVE IN KARRATHA hotels and are seeking fly in/fly out, To apply for this position you MUST have your own accommodation in the area and also have all of your casual or permanent staff for: own tools, gauges and gas bottles. • Chefs This position is for roughly 2-3 weeks. $60.00 per hour Mon-Fri 7am - 5pm • Kitchenhands This is not a FIFO position. • Hotel staff • Trades persons - are needed to provide assistance to the Chefs. MustFor more information on the position please contact Hayley Warne at Drake International Karratha on • Housekeepers be hardworking and reliable. 08 9144 4198 • Grounds keepers Alternatively please send resumes through to

Newman / Port Hedland

Vacancies exist for:

Role Description: Manages and controls a number of leases from commencement to finalisation to meet with Department of Housing priorities consistent with policy and procedure. Provides a responsive service to customers in the area of leasing and asset management.


- are required to perform basic upkeep to accommodation, office cleaning and laundry. Must be hardworking and reliable.

To Access Detailed Information: and key in Web Search No 04001817. To access detailed information or Ph: 08 9222 4685 to be mailed an information pack. For Specific Inquiries: Please contact Mereana Barclay on 08 9159 1732

Free Weekly 12 - 13 May 2012 with Location: your South Hedland ect line. Closing Date: 28 May 2012 at 9.00pm apply. adcorp F73056


Send your resume to or visit HOUSE IN THE DESERT

9144 4198


Government of Western Australia


Base Manager • Join our dynamic global Oil & Gas Management, Solutions and Services Group • Based in Dampier • Engage in a wide variety of projects and work closely with our clients Neptune is a leading provider of engineered solutions to the global oil and gas, marine and renewable energy industries. Headquartered in Perth, Western Australia, Neptune’s global presence spans operational centres located in Australia, the UK, Asia and the Middle East. Neptune Diving is seeking a motivated individual to help grow our Northwest Operations. The role is a fulltime Karratha / Dampier based opportunity and will be ideally suited to someone who has lived, or is living in the region, although suitable persons willing to permanently relocate will be considered The role combines facility and logistics management, operations support and an element of business development for Neptune Dampier operations. The key focus of the role is to support offshore and civil operations based out of Dampier including elements of Project Management and Facility Management. Daily activities will include: • Oversee the effective operation of the Dampier facility • Manage costs associated with the Dampier facility in conjunction with the Operations Manager • Comply with company Policies and Procedures • Liaise with clients and government officials as required • Identify the commercial impact and sensitivity of specific projects and manage accordingly • Coordinate allocation of resources, plan procurement and oversee logistics coordination of Neptune assets • Discuss work in progress with contractors and supervise output • Prepare temporary work instructions and plans for diving operations for the Diving team • Interpret client work Procedures, Regulations and Codes of Practice in order to direct the progress of work and monitor compliance • Develop reports for projects and detail works in progress • Act as the main point of contact within Karratha and Dampier for all business development opportunities relating to all Neptune Diving • Identify service trends and assist with the development of business growth strategies for the North West region • Assist with coordinating client relationship development opportunities for Business Development Managers across all Neptune service lines • Comply with legal requirements and approved HSEQ policies, procedures and instructions, • Report HSEQ issues and incidents as soon as practicable to the responsible supervisor or manager • Attend all Neptune Marine Service or client safety meetings as practicable • Ensure all precautions are taken to minimise the impact of diving operations on the environment or operate within project requirements and procedures. The successful applicant should also demonstrate the following: • Experience of onshore/offshore marine operations • Intermediate to advanced skills in MS Word and Excel • Desirable: Project Management qualification, ADAS Diving Supervisor qualification, ADAS Diving Qualification, Master 5 / Coxswain • A sound working knowledge of offshore and civil marine operations in accordance with imposed legislative requirements. Neptune strongly encourages indigenous Australians and Torres Strait Islanders to apply for this and all other opportunities for employment. To apply for this opportunity you must have the right to live and work in Australia. Please submit your application by Sunday 3 June 2012. HEALTH & SAFETY • INTEGRITY • PEOPLE • INNOVATION & EXCELLENCE • PERFORMANCE

Department of Housing

Customer Service Officer

Kindergarten Enrolment 2013 Applications for Kindergarten are now being received. To attend Kindergarten in 2013 your child needs to have been born between

1 July 2008 and 30 June 2009. Application forms are now available from the School Office or from our website – For further information please phone 9185 7500. Parish Priest Reference forms can also be collected from the School Office or off our Website as well (if applicable).

Please return forms to St Paul’s Primary School Office by 1st June 2012

CASUAL CHEF DE PARTIE OR DEMI CHEF • Qualifications essential • On Site Accommodation Available (if required) • 50-55 hours per week • Diverse cooking styles preferred • A passion for pastry an advantage

Applications to:

Pool Recruitment Web Search No: Pool Ref DHW3412 Level/Salary: Level 2 $52,579 - $57,096pa +


Role Description: To work as part of a team to

• Would suit a mature individual • Own accommodation an advantage

deliver a first class customer service which aims

• 33 hours per week over 6 day period –

to ensure that all eligible Western Australians

can be fewer days to suit right applicant • Ability to work unsupervised


have access to affordable and secure housing. To Access Detailed Information: and key in Web Search No DHW3412. To access

Applications to:

detailed information or Ph: 08 9222 4685 to be mailed an information pack. For Specific Inquiries: Please contact Mereana Barclay on 08 9159 1732 Location: South Hedland Closing Date: 28 May 2012 at 9.00pm adcorp F73034

WALKABOUT HOTEL (Opposite the Airport)

Long & Short Term Positions DFP Recruitment Services is one of Australia’s leading recruitment services. Established in 1981, DFP has developed a reputation for delivering specialist services in temporary, permanent and volume staffing services combined with ethics, integrity and professionalism. We are currently seeking experienced personnel for the following positions: • Forklift Drivers • Dogman • MSIC Holders • Administration

Please note you must hold a current driver’s licence and be prepared to undergo a drug & alcohol screen. To register please email your resume to or call our Karratha branch on 08 9185 9700

Shop 7/18 Hedland Place Karratha WA, 6714 Phone: 9185 9700


St Paul’s Primary School

echobusiness echo business

Free Weekly 12 - 13 May 2012



Local business drives success by promising clients the raw truth More than fourteen years ago, dynamic Pilbara couple Lisa and Sean Clarke founded McLaren Hire, renting out a Toyota Landcruiser from the Karratha caravan park they were living in. Now with the northwest’s most extensive rental fleet, which reached a milestone of 1000 vehicles last month, McLaren Hire’s success is being celebrated with a fresh new company image. “McLaren Hire has grown significantly and we have decided to answer that growth with a new brand name: Raw Hire,” director Sean Clarke said.

“The company we started all those years ago looks very different to the one we run today. “We’ve gone from a caravan park to two north-west branches, an airport facility and a corporate office in Perth managing the growth. “Every year, Raw Hire has consistently doubled its fleet and there are no signs of slowing down just yet.” Mr Clarke said the company would open additional branches later this year to expand its service to the greater Western Australian population.

Director Lisa Clarke said the new brand name was inspired by the existing company values of innovation, trust, commitment and quality. “The word ‘raw’ represents a company that is transparent to its customers,” Mrs Clarke said. “We tell the raw truth and pride ourselves on our honesty with clients and it’s the reason we have a loyal customer base and consistent growth. “We don’t make excuses, we just do what we say we will do.”

Business: In the know Business After Hours: NW Communications and Leading Edge Computers

Now in its second year, the conference

Come in and see their newly renovated showrooms on Wednesday, May 22 at Shop 2, 3912 Sherlock Crescent, Karratha.


To RSVP, contact membership@kdcci.

will highlight the infrastructure and investment required in Karratha and the wider Pilbara area to achieve the State Government’s Pilbara Cities The conference will be held on June 6 and 7 with more information to be announced over the next few weeks.

Raw Hire’s commitment to providing specialised vehicle hire to Western Australian resource and commercial industries has seen the company win a stream of awards and contracts. Raw Hire is one of Chevron’s preferred suppliers of short-term vehicle hire for its Gorgon and Wheatstone projects. The company will increase its presence on the Gorgon project on Barrow Island having recently won a contract to supply vehicle hire to the CB&I and Kellogg Joint Venture.

Windiwindi Beef

Sides or 1/2 sides @ 12.00/kg 20kg boxes of mixed cuts @ 12.50/kg

Safety Courses

Tender Beef delivered to your town

MRT is running the following Safety courses in Karratha:

Frank & Jill Colreavy, Windiwindi, Nannup 6275

• Cert IV OHS (Block 1 of 2) May 14-16 • Introductory Safety Reps May 21-25

Phone 9756 1012

• Safety Reps Refresher May 21-22

For information call 1800 704 320 or email

FREE freight for orders over $500

Ways to manage growth of your small

Exceptional Artwork

business in the Pilbara.

Contemporary Expressionism

Sessions include cash flow forecasting,

Pilbara Pulse The Karratha and Districts Chamber of Commerce and Industry (KDCCI) are in the final stages of planning for the 2012 Pilbara Pulse Economic Summit.





prequalification and Q&A. Be





conference room at 7.30am -9.30am on Thursday, May 24.

To feature in the Echo business section call 9185 5570 or email

For Home or Office Oil on canvas originals

Connect with the Echo

Viewing by appointment

For the latest news, visit our website:, or search ‘Pilbara Echo’ on Facebook.

Tourism BOOST Online The Small Business Development Corporation launched the Tourism BOOST Online Guide last week. The Tourism BOOST Online Guide is a onestop shop for tourism and business facts, resources and tools. This new online resource has been designed to meet the needs of new and existing tourism operators across the State. Tourism BOOST Project Coordinator Kym Francesconi says the guide has everything you need to know to run a successful business in the tourism industry. “Anyone familiar with Tourism WA’s Jumpstart program will love this new resource,” Ms Francesconi said. “It will help newcomers as well as existing operators de-mystify the tourism industry and set them on the right track for business success.”

The Tourism BOOST Online Guide is an interactive, easy to understand resource and features information about various types of tourism businesses, marketing tips, practical resources and tools, a clear explanation of who’s who in the industry and quizzes to test your knowledge of the industry. “The site also features links to BOOST TV, a YouTube Channel where experienced tourism operators from across the board tell firsthand what it’s like to run a tourism business in WA,” Ms Francesconi said. Ms Francesconi says a particularly exciting feature of the online guide is the pricing tool. “A lot of research, development and programming work has gone into this tool for the Tourism Boost Online Guide. Existing tour operators, accommodation providers and newcomers to the industry will welcome this resource,” she said.

Ring 04 13 42 49 46 Or 04 38 94 63 46

Treasure your precious family memories! Super 8 ● 8mm ● 16mm “High Quality Frame by Frame Process” VHS ● All Camcorder formats to DVD High Definition Camera footage to Blu-ray s

Family Memorie

High resolution scanning of Slides ● Photos ● Negatives

(08) 9228 8889

Unit 3/346 Fitzgerald St, North Perth

Fast, secure postage to the Pilbara Region


Scan this QR Code to learn more about us


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Free Weekly 12 - 13 May 2012

Open night at tennis

She caught it herself

Portia Angrove caught this huge mackerel a couple of weekends ago. Father, Justin Angrove said this was the biggest fish she has caught by herself. “We caught this out the back of Enderby Island,” he said.

Nineteen new players rocked up to tennis last Monday when the Karratha Tennis Club started their season up with an open night. Players new and old - advanced and beginners - were treated to a night of games and a free sausage sizzle. Tennis will continue every Monday at the Bulgarra Tennis Courts between 7-9pm. People range in standards and abilities from state level players to beginners, so anyone can join. For more information, contact the Karratha Tennis Club president, Stuart Dale 9185 3570.

• Adam Ferguson

• Cody Bradley

• Isabelle Cross

EXPRESSIONS OF INTEREST Invited for Karratha, Port & South Hedland CORPORATE FRANCHISES Corporate Franchises are ‘Super Franchises’ that are up to 10 times larger than traditional metropolitan franchises. Corporate Franchises are only available in regional/ country areas to approved persons that can demonstrate suitable financial backing, business experience and acumen. Corporate Franchisees offer tremendous opportunities to entrepreneurial business people using this iconic Australian brand. Corporate Franchisees have no royalties, have fixed fees, and offer national support and local pricing.

If you would like more information contact Allan Fox on 0407086470 or or call 131 546 S

pe P Su ilb to s cial a pp ra up Ra or C por ffle t an t G c ro e up r

• Greg and Robbie Patterson and Terry Vetier serving up at sausage sizzle

Entries open for the 2012 Billfish Shootout The Nickol Bay Sportfishing Club invites all anglers to enter the Nickol Bay Sportfishing Club Billfish Shootout 2012, which is proudly presented by Bradken and club sponsors. The event is held over the Foundation Day long weekend on June 2-4 with a compulsory safety and briefing session on Friday evening on June 1. This eagerly anticipated family fishing competition promises to be one of the best ever with more than $25,000 worth of prizes and giveaways up for grabs including a lucky angler prize of a dinghy, trailer motor package worth over $7000. This conservation focused tag and release

Well over


worth of prizes

Special prizes for


For more information and competition details visit


fishing event is aimed at both experienced and novice anglers alike and every year demonstrates





available in our local area. You do not need to be a member of any fishing club to enter; the competition is open to all.

Most of all though the event is about getting together with family and friends and having fun out on the water. All entrants will receive evening meals, a competition shirt and giveaways. This year there is a special focus on junior anglers. There are prizes for daily champion, teams and overall winners. Details, rules and entry forms can be found at sponsor outlets and can be located on the club’s website The Nickol Bay Sportfishing Club and our sponsors look forward to your entry and seeing you out there on the water on the Foundation Day long weekend. More details can be found on our website http:// ansa.karratha. com/billfish%20 shootout.html

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Round four in footy Round four of the North Pilbara Football League competition was held last weekend with the Karratha Falcons defeating the Karratha Kats by just five points! In League, the Falcons scored 13.13(91) to the Kats 12.14(86), the Port Hedland

Rovers defeated the South Hedland Swans 12.12(84) to 11.10(76) and the Dampier Sharks defeated the Wickham Wolves 18.7(115) to 15.15(105). In Reserves, the Wickham Wolves defeated the Dampier Sharks 15.9(99) to 4.8(32), the Karratha Falcons defeated

the Karratha Kats 14.4(88) to 8.12(60) and the Port Hedland Rovers defeated the South Hedland Swans 15.11(101) to 7.5(47). Photos courtesy of Linda Rampant – Elarz Real Pics

• Kats’ Frazer Palmer with the ball.

• Round four of the NPFL

2012 footytipping

• During the reserves game between the Karratha Falcons and Karratha Kats

recognition and support to the women who offer their skills and time to the game which allows it to grow whilst supporting a great cause at the same time.” In addition to purchasing McGrath Foundation Pink Footy Socks, clubs can choose to host a pink footy match – inviting friends and family to wear pink on the day and organise activities such as a gold coin donation sausage sizzle, a pink food stall and face painting. All funds raised will help the McGrath Foundation to place McGrath Breast Care Nurses in communities right across Australia and to increase breast awareness in young women. Clubs can now register to participate in Pull On Your Socks and purchase the limited edition McGrath Foundation Pink Footy Socks at www. Available in adult and youth sizes, the socks are $12 for one pair or $10 each for purchases of 20 or more while stocks last. In order to have the chance to win a prize, registrants must share why the Harvey Norman Women in League Round is important to them or club, at the point of registration, and remit their funds by Friday 27 July 2012. Please see Terms and Conditions at for more information. The McGrath Foundation thanks Rugby League’s One Community, Harvey Norman and participating NRL clubs for their support.



We can’t stop the swarm but we can clear your yard of residential sandflies. No cleaning, no maintenance! Test our sandfly trap. If in 30 days you’re not happy with the result, simply return the product. We will even pick up at no charge!

Limited stock phone now

Garry: 0487 280 654

Hawks • GC Geelong • Sydney WC Eagles • Collingwood N Melbourne • Freo Carlton

Hawthorn •Geelong Gold Coast •Richmond Collingwood • WC Eagles N Melbourne • Freo Carlton


POINTS - 41 Simon - NW Comms

Petina - DFP Recruitment

Hawks • Adelaide Gold Coast • Sydney Collingwood • WC Eagles N Melbourne • Freo Carlton

Hawks • Adelaide Gold Coast • Sydney Collingwood • Essendon N Melbourne • Freo Carlton POINTS -40

POINTS - 37 Mel - Echo Team

Steve - Falcons President Hawks • Adelaide G Coast • Richmond Collingwood ,• Essendon N Melbourne • Freo Carlton POINTS - 43

Hawks • Geelong CG • Sydney Collingwood • Esendon N Melbourne • Freo Carlton

POINTS - 45 Clayton - McDonalds

Bazz - Karratha Visitor Centre

Hawks • Adelaide GC • Sydney Collingwood • WC Eagles N Melbourne • Freo Carlton

Hawks • Geelong Giants • Richmond Collingwood • Essendon N Melbourne • Freo Saints



Round 6 winners: Steve Best tipster to date: Sharline

national sorry day


In February 2008, Prime Minister Kevin Rudd apologised for the hurt caused by the mistreatment of Indigenous Australians. This important day is now commemorated nationally with Australians participating in memorial services, survival celebrations and community gatherings to honour the stolen generations. On Saturday May 26th, 2012, for the first time, the Shire of Roebourne joins the nation in honouring the stolen generations. Dozens of multi-coloured plastic feet will line the front entrance to the Shire of Roebourne Administration Office on Welcome Road, and the entrances to participating schools, as part of National Sorry Day commemorations. The plastic feet, in the six colours of the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander flags, are to represent the long track home for members of the stolen generations. By acknowledging National Sorry Day, we reaffirm our commitment to the physical, spiritual and emotional wellbeing of our Aboriginal communities.

Fiona White-Hartig Roebourne Shire Council President Karratha




Point Samson



Registrations have now opened for the McGrath Foundation’s Pull On Your Socks campaign, an initiative that gives grassroots footy clubs the opportunity to add a splash of pink to their footy field in support of the McGrath Foundation and the Harvey Norman Women in League round (22-25 June 2012). With Mother’s Day just been and gone, footy clubs around Australia are encouraged to get in quick, not only to be one of the first to sport the new and exclusive McGrath Foundation Pink Footy Socks, but also to show their support for the incredible women who contribute to the game. In its third year, being the charity beneficiary of the Harvey Norman Women in League Round, the McGrath Foundation’s friendship with Harvey Norman and Rugby League’s One Community continues to evolve – as does Pull On Your Socks. This season, footy clubs will be able to purchase McGrath Foundation Pink Footy Socks, host a pink footy match and fundraise on the day for the McGrath Foundation. By registering and then fundraising for Pull on Your Socks, clubs will have the chance to win various prizes including a visit from an NRL One Community ambassador, Mount Franklin marquee event packs, pink NRL Women in League jerseys and signed NSW State of Origin, Kangaroos and All Stars jerseys. McGrath Foundation Ambassador and Director, Tracy Bevan, is thrilled by the support and enthusiasm of communities for the Harvey Norman Women in League round and is hoping Pull On Your Socks will be bigger and pinker in 2012. “We’re always amazed by the incredible response we receive from the community, so we can’t wait to see footy clubs across Australia in their pink socks, supporting the McGrath Foundation and celebrating women who contribute to the game,” Tracy said. “Support from Rugby League’s One Community and the wider football community will go a long way to helping us achieve our goal of ensuring that all Australian families experiencing breast cancer have access to the support of a breast care nurse. “To date, we’ve been able to support over 12,000 families through the great work of our 73 McGrath Breast Care Nurses– that’s 11 more nurses than this time last year!” General Manager of Community, Culture & Diversity, Trish Crews, is proud to see the pink magic from the Harvey Norman Women in League round spread to grassroots footy clubs right across Australia. “The number of women involved through volunteering, participation and administration continues to increase, as does the overall growth of the game,” Trish said. “Initiatives such as Pull On Your Socks gives

Sharline - Desert Rose Hairdressers

Ben Cranston - Shire of Roebourne

Register your club to ‘pull on their socks’

Round 7


echosport echo sport


Free Weekly 12 - 13 May 2012

Round one of NW Rounds complete By Peter Cooper

• The 50 cc division 2 on the starting line

Recreational Skippers Ticket Contact Skipper Brad

0408 801 040

Tom Price was the place for action on the weekend of the 5th and 6th with the first race round of the North West Motocross Association’s series getting underway. Early Saturday morning saw the track already starting to fill with competitors who were keen to get out and get amongst it. Saturday saw two full rounds of practice to be run through to give the competitors a chance to fix any problems they may have had with their bikes, and then it was on to Sunday morning when the full excitement really began. With a competitive field of 120 racers across all divisions, including a new ladies division, it was a sure chance of catching awesome racing action from the 50cc class of the juniors to the thumping four strokes of the seniors and quads. The 50cc division opened the day and saw a field of 19, across the senior and junior divisions, take to the starting gates. Division 1 was taken out by William Wall of Tom Price and the seniors saw Haiden Hills from Newman in the top spot at the end of the day. The two wheelers continued with the 65cc junior class being taken out by Hayden Fenwick from Newman and the senior class with Mitchell Outram from Newman also.

The 85cc class was the one to watch with a field of thirteen twisting the throttle to be first past the chequered flag. The junior division was won by Graydon Wilson from Newman and the seniors saw Grant Eastwell from Karratha, on his Honda over the line first, in all three races to take the class win. The Junior lites 125cc class was won by Dylan Hogan from Port Hedland and the 250 Junior Lites saw Kyle Spillane from Newman take all three races also for a first overall. The Pro Lites division had Robbo Lovett from Karratha stepping up from his previous years as 85cc champion to take all three races giving him the overall win. The boy is a machine when it comes to racing and it will be interesting to see just how far this talented racer will go in his career. The Clubman class had hard riding racer Daniel Outram from Newman land in the top spot with just three points difference between him and Nicholas Stone from Broome in second place, and the vets division also saw his father Danny Outram take the gold medal again with just three points the difference between himself and David Malcolm from Port Hedland. With the introduction of a ladies class, five riders took to the gates to show they had what it takes to get out there. Hannah Lovett from Karratha led the way in all three races

FREE Fa mily Fishing Clinic Recfishwest / Woodside Energy Ltd / Kids Fishing Clinics

Free family fishing clinics (7 – 14 years) With all gear supplied

Where: When:

Where: Nickol Bay Sportfishing Club, Dampier Saturday 19th May 2012 9:30am – 12:30pm Trish (0407 476 006) and James (0437 293 212)


• Hannah Lovett from Karratha

Barbecue, refreshments, giveaways and prizes galore.

Port of Call

For Massage Come and meet one of our sexy, sensual ladies in a discreet and relaxing environment. Every evening from 7pm till late. Tuesday, Wednesday & Thursday 1-5pm by appointment. Most major credit cards accepted.


• Jason Meagher from Newman leads Kyle Spillane from Newman over the whoops in the Junior lites division


Busty petite Aussie blonde. 26 yr old. 1 week only


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Bubbly Aussie, slim busty blonde

Ph: 9144 4411

9A Crane Circle

• Stewart McFerrin (25) from Tom Price battling with Robbo Lovett (243) and Blair Outram (239) during the two wheel feature race

to take the gold, but hard on her heels was Teliesha Outram from Newman who wasn’t going to let her take it easy. It was a battle between the two ladies in all races but eventually Hannah was too strong for Teleisha. The quads were also out there for their divisions, with only two riders in the juniors, Joshua Hazell from Tom Price was too good for Indy Radcliffe from Paraburdoo and the senior 90cc division had Shelby Carrott from Newman out in front of Ashley Lee from Karratha. The senior quads had champion Ryan Lancaster leading the way all three races to take the gold, with Ross Oreo from Tom Price going hard to get the points for second place. Jack Louis from Karratha took out the Quads clubman division. The feature races for the day were eagerly awaited by the crowd with the Quads six plus one off first. The riders did six laps and then one more to finish. Ryan Lancaster gave the rest of the field a head start to see how well he would go. The race was led all the way by Ross Oreo from Tom Price pushing himself hard against the rest of the field. Ryan nearly came unstuck down the hill when he overshot the landing and ended up going over the berm onto the junior track, but was able to safely reenter the race and continue fighting. Ryan Lancaster was too strong and too fast for the field and saw him overtake all the racers, including Ross, on the last lap to take the chequered flag for the win. The two-wheel feature race had a field of 19 on the gates, including Hannah Lovett and Teliesha Outram from the ladies division. With 20 minutes of racing to be done and then a last lap after that, all riders went as hard as they could to be out in front for that final lap. The chequered flag was eventually taken by Robbo Lovett from Karratha on his Honda; Jake Watling from Karratha second and Stewart McFerrin from Tom Price raced hard to take third. Association club President Kim Meagher said the event was a great start to the 2012 season, with Tom Price club working hard to ensure everything ran smoothly for the weekend. As president, his pick for the President’s trophy went to Levi Widnall from Tom Price who worked hard to race in two divisions  and against the senior riders. Tom Price Motorcycle club would like to thank all their sponsors, the Saint John Ambulance crews who are always there, the scorers, canteen ladies, flaggies and all the volunteers who helped to keep the event on track and running. The next NW race round will be held at Karratha on June 16.

pilbara echo pilbaraecho


Visit for up-to-date boating weather.

Sun 13 Time Ht

0320 0939 1537 2210

3.63 1.99 3.68 1.79

Mon 14 Time Ht

0428 1100 1649 2322

Tue 15 Time Ht

Wed 16 Time Ht

3.45 0609 3.39 0100 2.15 2.18 1239 2.19 0732 3.51 3.38 1834 3.23 1406 2.01 2.06 2004 3.30

Thu 17 Time Ht

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2.07 3.70 1.76 3.47

Fri 18 Time Ht

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1.92 3.89 1.50 3.66

Sat 19 Time Ht

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1.78 4.06 1.27 3.82

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Free Weekly 12 - 13 May 2012



Liz Ellis searches for Netball Mums scoring goals Liz Ellis, former Commonwealth Games and World Championship winning Netball player, is joining with Telstra to recognise and reward the unsung heroes of Netball, and award the Telstra NetMum title to one lucky mum. As part of a national search launched today, Northern WA locals are being encouraged to nominate mums in their community who are dedicated to the game for a chance to win a once-in-alifetime experience at the 2012 ANZ Championship Grand Final plus a host of other exciting prizes.  Liz, who is a new mum to seven-month old daughter Evelyn, credits her own mother’s support and encouragement as instrumental in developing her professional Netball career and said she would be looking for mothers with similar qualities when judging entries.   “Mum would rise at the crack of dawn on cold mornings, transport me to representative carnivals armed with nutritious home cooked food, the fuel that got me through the day and throughout my junior career.”   “I’ll be looking for a mum who is dedicated to her family, her club and her sport – someone who goes above and beyond the call of duty to help Netball be the great sport it is,” she added.

• Liz and mother Margaret Ellis

Telstra Local Area General Manager for Western Australia North, Tony Carmichael urged the Northern WA Netball fraternity to nominate the mums in their local community who deserve to be celebrated and recognised for their contribution to the sport.  “Mums are the backbone of Netball, whether they play the game themselves or support a local team or club. We want to give something back to the mums who dedicate so much time and energy to this great game,” he said. Finalists will be chosen from every State and Territory with the ultimate Telstra NetMum to receive a VIP experience at the 2012 ANZ Championship Grand Final, which includes return flights and accommodation, a day spa pamper pack and the chance to meet Liz Ellis.  Finalists will receive a $500 Westfield shopping spree, a Samsung Galaxy Tab 8.9 4G plus signed Netball merchandise.   To enter go to telstranetboys and tell us in 100 words or less why your mum is special and deserves to be rewarded.  Entries close on Sunday 3 June 2012.  Finalists will be announced on Friday 15 June and the ultimate Telstra NetMum announced on Friday 22 June 2012.

Sierras make a come back The Karratha Netball Association is into their second week of the competition. In Division A1, Blades 1 were not too confident when they were asked to go up a grade and go up against last year’s premiers, the Tequiras 1. However, they managed to only lose by five points, with a score of 46-41. The Sierras 1 have definitely made a come back from their game play last year, as they were just too strong for the Cougars 1, defeating them 43-23. Don’t forget, the North West Champs will be held in Broome on June 16 and 17. Six teams have been selected and have been training extremely hard and are hoping to return home with many teams winning championships, so good luck to them. In other netball news, the Net-Set Go registration night was held on May 10 and it looks like there will be many kids involved this year. It is great to see so many young kids interested in the program, and with the younger kids coming through, it will keep the competition strong for the future.

Results: A1 Tequiras 1


Blades 1


Sierras 1


Cougars 1


Sierras 2


Thunderbolts 2


Tequiras 2


Cougars 2


Tequiras 3


Blades 2


Tequiras 5


Tequiras 4


Cougars 3




Blades 3


Thunderbolts 3


Cougars 4




Sweet Things






Tequiras 7


Tequiras 6


Blades 4



B – Grade • Blades 1 vs Tequirras 1

C – Grade

17 and Under Wickham 1


Blades 6


Also, the standard of umpiring has definitely improved throughout the competition, after two representatives from each team went along to an umpiring course held on March 31.

Dampier 1


Blades 5


Thunderbolts 4 def

Wickham 2


For more information on upcoming games and much more, head to the Karratha Netball Association website,

Blades 7


Tequiras 9






15 and Under


• Thunderbolts 2 vs Sierras 2



echosport echo sport

Free Weekly 12 - 13 May 2012

Learning to play rugby from the best By Courtney Bertling Two of NRLs greatest players visited Karratha recently as part of a NRL Roadshow held by the Western Australian Rugby League. The road show featured One Community Ambassadors and Rugby League legends Trent Barrett and Mario Fenech, when they visited schools and local rugby teams in Karratha. Martin Weekes, head of WARL’s Referees’ Association was also part of the touring party that showcased Rugby League’s unique education and lifestyle classroom activities, junior development opportunities and coaching master classes for seniors and referees. During the free junior skills clinics, junior rugby players from the Karratha Storm and the Karratha Broncos were able to learn new skills, and improve on what they already knew. NRL legend Mario Fenech said that he was here to promote the great game of Rugby League. “Rugby League is a game of courage and pride and learning how to tackle is extremely difficult,” he said. “We taught the kids the basic fundamentals like holding the ball, then we went into how you get down low, you eye where you want to hit and target your shoulder.” Karratha Storm’s Kerry Draper said that the clinics were a very long awaited, recognition for Rugby League in the Pilbara. “The kids have all been really excited and the older players attended a coaching and refereeing clinic held by WARL, which is pretty fantastic,” she said. “Apart from having an absolute ball, they learnt some tackling skills, some tactics like stepping. “I definitely think that these skills will help the players in their games, I actually

• Karratha Storm at the training session with the NRL legends saw my own kids learning a few tips here and there on how to get somebody down pretty quickly.” Australian Rugby League commission chief executive David Gallop said that the visit was a real chance for people in regional WA to talk first hand with Rugby League’s ambassadors and to experience some really important One Community programs. “Rugby League enjoys support across Australia and this visit underlines our commitment to engaging communities so that they can share in the excitement and the opportunities that are a part of our game,” he said. WARL CEO John Sackson said that in regards to regional development of the code in WA, he was very encouraged by the new “whole of game” approach being demonstrated by the newly formed Independent Commission. “The WARL is very grateful to the ARLC for their belief and investment in this One Community initiative which will not only strengthen the foundations of

• Being tackled to the ground the game in the Pilbara Region, but will also enrich the local communities by way of inspirational health, education and wellbeing messages delivered by some of the legends of Rugby League,” he said. The WARL initiative is in conjunction with the Australian Rugby League Commission’s “One Community” division, as well as sponsorship support from mining solutions company Sedgman Limited and Healthway, with their “Smarter than Smoking” message.

Bridgestone Sprintcar Spectacular The next event to hit the track at the Nickol Bay Speedway will be spectacular -sprintcar spectacular that is. The Bridgestone Sprintcar Spectacular will be held on May 26 with a total prize pool of $5000. But you have to be in it to win it and nomination forms must be received by the Nickol Bay Speedway Club prior to 5pm, Monday, May 21. To get your hands on a nomination form contact Nominations received after the closing date will not receive tow-money and will start rear-of-field throughout the night. If nomination money is not received prior to driver’s briefing, tow money will not be paid. Prize-pool will be divided amongst divisions dependant on nominations received. Nominations cost $50 per driver, which includes the driver and two crew entrance fee. Everyone entering the pit area must wear enclosed shoes; smoking is only permitted in designated area, no alcohol is allowed in the pit area and competitors are responsible for their pit crews’ actions. Insurance cards must be presented to race secretary prior to drivers briefing, random alcohol breath testing will be conducted and all drivers must be appropriately licenced and insured. Nickol Bay Speedway Club Inc. runs its race meetings in conjunction with the Australian Speedway Racing Rules and Regulations book. Scrutineering will commence in the pits from 3pm, a driver meeting 6pm and the competition starts 7pm.


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199, May 12 2012  

199, May 12 2012

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