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hen I formed Luminari in January of 2009, I knew the very first program I wanted to offer was the I Want to be an Ambassador! camp. From the start, I have envisioned Luminari as an organization that can broaden minds and inspire innovation, and Ambassador was an exhilarating way to establish that mission. As we shaped the camp’s curriculum, I was reminded of a quote by one of the Founding Fathers of the United States, Thomas Paine: “My country is the world, and my religion is to do good.” We hope this camp has inspired you to become more involved in your world and more committed to doing good. I chose to name the organization Luminari after the Italian word referring to the gifted and creative visionaries who shared their genius and radiated light and knowledge, sparking imagination and inspiring others with their works.


You, the students of our very first program, are now luminari. Whether it is through arts, academics, or community involvement, you have the ability to create a ripple effect of positive change at your school, in your community, and throughout the region. You have the power to lead your peers, and model ways to come together, collaborate and address the challenges of everyday life. You are our most visible Ambassadors to a better future. Best wishes,

Hilda Pang-Fu, President Luminari


The world is the limit!


MY DIPLOMATIC JOURNEY June 21 – June 30, 2010

New skills I acquired:

The most surprising fact I learned:

The most challenging lesson we tackled:

The thing that made me laugh the hardest:

My most memorable camp moment:


who so graciously made time in their schedules to visit our camp: Dr. R. Bruce Bickel — President and founder of Transformational Leadership Group, a company that trains audiences in character-based leadership. In 2000, he was the recipient of the H. John Heinz Community Service Award for his work in the Pittsburgh area. Kadiatou Conte-Forte — Artistic Director, Balafon West African Dance Ensemble Catherine L. Garfinkel — Corporate Counsel at PPG Industries, Inc., where she specializes in Mergers & Acquisitions. John H. Jacko, Jr. — Vice President and Chief Marketing Officer for Kennametal Inc. Prior to that, Mr. Jacko served as the company’s Vice President Corporate Strategy and Vice President Global Marketing for Kennametal’s Metalworking Solutions and Services Group. Chris Klug — Faculty member at the Entertainment Technology Center at Carnegie-Mellon University and a leader in the computer game industry. As a game designer, Mr. Klug has worked with SegaSoft, TSR, Hasbro Interactive, 3W, THQ, Simon and Schuster Interactive, and Target Games, among many others. Velma Monteiro Tribble — COO and Assistant Treasurer for the Alcoa Foundation (ret.); and recipient of numerous awards for her work, including the National Woman of Achievement Award from the National Business and Professional Women Association. Julie Murphy — H.J. Heinz Company, Vice President of Human Resources North America. Ms. Murphy received her MBA from Carnegie-Mellon University’s Tepper school of Business, and her BSIE from North Carolina State University. Louis Schwartz — Lawyer and president of China Strategies LLC, where he provides clients research and analysis, and other support on a wide range of matters involving China’s legal system, economic development and trade and investment.

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Global Awareness


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  Cheyenne B.

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  Edoardo F.

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Jessie B.

Jenny K.

Indira L.

Krystal D.

Elyse O.

Dominic P.

Brittni M.

Colby N.

Preston P.

Ebony R.


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 

David T.

 

    Grant S. Miranda T.     

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Desmond S.

Sophia S.

Jonquil S.

Diplomacy Lesson

↕ Kadiatou Performance

Jessica W.

Global Awareness

PITTSBURGH, PENNSYLVANIA Fascinating FACTS : 1 out of 100 people have a college education. 33% of people do not have clean water. Tips I learned from our guest speakers:

Favorite foreign language:

Favorite activity:


Cultural Lesson


A 2010



2010 AMBASSADORS Communication is key.

Life is quite different in the world.

Make education come first.


Most fascinating thing I saw in Washington, D.C.:

Most interesting site I toured in Washington, D.C.:

My favorite embassy visit:

Most memorable moment of our Washington, D.C., trip:


at mber wh e m e r o l is t d e aroun "My goa c a f le p ips peo hardsh T. ld." the wor - David

Photo credit: Destinatio n D.C



"I will thin k about what I’m to say b going efore I s a y it . When I try to m ake a po in t I’ll make sure I do it in a wa y that’s clear an d makes sense to the ot her pers on." - Indira L.

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Conflict Resolution

MY AUTOGRAPHS ch, n tou i y a ion : st ge to t informat he a p s i t h c Use t nge conta time with s r d a u exch ember yo new frien em our and r am and y progr

Camp Staff Gina Oliphant, Camp director

Monica Zhanjun Chen, Teaching assistant

Gina Catanzairte, Camp co-director

Michela Greco, intern

Maria Hastings, Coordinator

Sarah Devine, Camp photographer

Chris Meyer, Teaching assistant

Pilar Brown, Graphic artist


THANK YOU Want to be an Ambassador! was made possible in part through the generous support of the Grable Foundation; the H. Glenn Sample, Jr. MD Memorial Fund, part of the PNC Charitable Trusts; and an anonymous private foundation.

We extend our gratitude to Linda Ambroso, Ilene Schwartz and Roberta Brody for volunteering their time and expertise to make this camp a success; and, we offer additional thanks to the many, many people in our community who helped with recruitment efforts and contributed suggestions for camp curriculum. Additional thanks to: Our Washington, D.C., chaperones Nichole Ciamella Elizabeth Spiecher Justin Speicher Luminari branding & web page designer Harold Behar Honorary Consul of Belgium Anne Billiet Lackner

Life Skills

Members of the National Society of Arts and Letters (NSAL) Embassies and hosts who welcomed us in Washington, D.C. Ambassador John McDonald at the Institute for Multi-Track Diplomacy Embassy of Belgium Embassy of the Republic of Indonesia Embassy of Sri Lanka

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ur Mission and Vision is About You! Luminari is founded to foster activities and create programs that will broaden minds and inspire innovation.

What can we say? We’re the eclectics, the polymaths, even oddball geniuses… and we hope you are, too. What’s your inspiration? What do you want to change, improve or grow?

• Art • Society

• Science • Culture

• Technology • Business

We believe the Pittsburgh community can be more prosperous, vibrant and culturally enriching; an environment that nurtures innovative initiatives. That’s why we created Luminari and why we’ve put in place the people and the structure to connect you with what you need to make your vision come to life. But maybe you’re not the type to be the lead singer at center stage… That’s okay, we need your talent, too. We have projects and people who are looking for your specific brand of genius to set the rhythm, keep the beat and help make something beautiful. So if you have an idea, Do It! If your idea isn’t quite ready for prime time, get involved in the conversation or find your inspiration. We’ve put the pieces in place…it’s time to play, get dirty and make some noise.

Visit us on the web and learn more about Luminari!

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I Want to be an Ambassador!  
I Want to be an Ambassador!  

I Want to be an Ambassador is the very first program of its kind in Western Pennsylvania, and it does much more than just enrich students in...