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Websites Key to Pi Lams Staying Connected WINTER 2009

All it takes is a computer with an Internet connection to stay in touch with your Pi Lam brothers around the world. If you’re wondering where to begin, we recommend you visit and

register, if you already haven’t. From there, the sky’s the limit! You’ll have access to updates about and links to chapter happenings and the latest news about your Pi Lam brothers.


Get started by clicking on the “Chapters” tab, which will lead you to a Google map showing the locations of Pi Lam chapters; below that map you’ll find hyperlinks to Undergraduate Chapters, Alumni Associations, Colonies and even Inactive Chapters. Click on any of those headings and you’ll see a listing complete with more hyperlinks to more individualized websites. Another great way to stay in touch is to find your chapter and brothers on the various Internet networking organizations that have become so popular. Facebook ( is one of the most popular (and free) social networking websites out there. It only takes a few minutes to be up and running on Facebook and once

you’re on it, you can quickly join two Pi Lambda Phi groups that have more than 1,400 members and numerous chapter groups at the time this article was published. Before you know it, you’ll be catching up with your former classmates and fraternity brothers and wondering why you never joined before! LinkedIn ( is another useful networking website, albeit more businessoriented than Facebook. It has more than 30 million registered users who frequent the site as a means to find jobs, people and business opportunities related specifically to their individual contact network. A quick check while writing this article yielded 3,417 “hits” for “Pi Lambda Phi!” There’s also a specific group created by the Omega Gamma and Omega Delta brothers (

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INSIDE THIS ISSUE State of the Fraternity Chapter Spotlight Alumni Donations Chapter Eternal Scholarship Recipients Big Pi Award Board Member Profile


Pi Lambda Phi Educational Foundation Inc. Board of Trustees Ezra M. Krieg, C.K. President

State of the Fraternity My Fraters:

non-Caucasian president. Does this mean that our country

As International President of our great fraternity, it

has finally caught up to the ideals of our fraternity?

is once again my privilege to address the brothers of Pi

Unfortunately not, but we can take pride in the contribution

Lambda Phi. I hope you are all having a great start to

our brotherhood and many of its members have made to

2009, despite the economic uncertainty we currently face.

reaching this moment of significance in our nation’s history. The struggle continues, however, which is

Before we review the past year and look ahead, I must acknowledge

why Pi Lambda Phi is as relevant today as it

Hon. John L. Braxton Vice President

the life of Brother Cameron Schlifke,

was more than a century ago.

a devoted undergraduate brother of

There are still many people in this

Max A. Dobens, C.K. Secretary

our Alpha Psi Chapter at Christopher

country and throughout the world that

Newport University. Cameron was

harbor truly racist and anti-Semitic beliefs.

killed tragically in November when

The proof is in the actions of some people

a drunk driver struck his vehicle. We

shortly after the election of President

continue to remember Cameron and

Obama. There were many stories of

Bill Chorba Treasurer George A. Beck, H.B. Trustee Ronald M. Grossman, M.D., C.K. Trustee Chip Luman Trustee James Taylor Trustee Denise A. Avanzato Administrator The Frater All rights reserved; no duplication without permission. The Pi Lambda Phi Educational Foundation 36 Mill Plain Road Suite 309 Danbury, CT 06811 203/740-1044 203/740-1644 (fax) 2

provide support to our VA Alpha Psi brothers.

cross burnings and racist behavior by those who were unhappy with the election. These individuals were taught

Credit Where Credit is Due Although 2008 presented all of us with tremendous

racist beliefs and behavior, and they have chosen to live their lives with hatred and animosity. It is because of

challenges — especially economically — Pi Lambda

this continuing racism and anti-Semitism that the ideals

Phi finished the 2007-2008 school year successfully,

and beliefs of Pi Lambda Phi must be disseminated with

and that success transferred into the new school year.

a louder voice than theirs. Brothers, if we live the creed

Fall recruitment was up significantly over the previous

every day, we will be one step closer to stamping out the

year, as were undergraduate payments. I truly believe

vile beliefs and behavior of the ignorant.

the undergraduate brothers are finding great value in our

My fraternal hope for 2009 is that you — our

organization. Credit for that, deservedly, belongs to our

alumni brothers — will take the time to add to the

Executive Director, Gary Sanders, and his staff.

flame of Pi Lambda Phi with a gift of your time, talent or energy and that our undergraduate members will continue

Our Role in History For a look ahead, I must, for a brief moment, take you back to 1895. Our founders — Werner, Levy and

to carry the torch and pass it on to young men of good character who will be part of our proud traditions for a lifetime.

Fischer — established Pi Lambda Phi with the essential belief that our fraternity would accept men based on their


character and not their skin color or religious beliefs. Now

Dan Scott, President

we return to 2009 and, at the time I am writing to you,

Pi Lambda Phi Fraternity

the United States of America has inaugurated our first The Frater | Winter 2009


Chapter Spotlight: Virginia Commonwealth University — VA Omega Rho

Upcoming events PA Omega Gamma Alumni Reunion Planned

It’s easy to profile a chapter that’s thriving or restarting, but it’s not every day that you get to spotlight a chapter that’s downright heroic! Chartered in 1984, the Omega Rho chapter at Virginia Commonwealth University in Richmond recently gained some positive press thanks to some quick-thinking brothers. It all started on Friday night, November 7th when several brothers witnessed an overloaded second-story apartment deck collapse, hurtling dozens of people to the ground. Pi Lam brothers Randy Paquin, Neil McLean, Neil Elko, George Sullivan and others sprang into action, pulling victims to safety and lifting the collapsed deck to rescue those trapped beneath it. “When I got there we started telling people that if they could walk then they needed to move away from the scene. Then we started to help people that couldn’t. Once people had cleared off the deck we lifted it up so that people could be pulled from underneath,” explains Neil Elko (Rex). “I heard a crash and screaming and people started running towards the scene. I ran over to the fence looked over and saw that people needed help so my brothers and I began to help clear people into the alley,” adds George Sullivan (Archon). Twenty-one people in all were injured in the collapse and taken to area hospitals; all were later released. Pi Lambda Phi is proud of its VA Omega Rho chapter for the role its brothers played in responding to this emergency situation.

Penn State’s PA Omega Gamma chapter is hosting an alumni reunion weekend April 3-5 designed to reunite alumni with old friends and the frat house. In addition to a golf outing and catered dinner, alums can also take part in a variety of performances and sporting events taking place on campus that weekend. Group rates at local hotels are available. For more information about this reunion, e-mail Rex Aleksey Lakhchakov at or alumni chairman Ryan Gehringer at

VA OZ Celebrating 25 Years at Virginia Tech On Founders’ Day (March 21, 2009), the VA OZ Chapter at Virginia Tech will be celebrating its 25th Anniversary. We are looking forward to the weekend and spending time together with brothers young and old, alumni and undergraduates. The banquet will be held on campus in Blacksburg at the relatively new Alumni Center. If you are interested in attending, please contact Marc Weppner at for details and to register. Not Four Years, But A Lifetime!

NC Epsilon Kappa Chapter Plans Golf Tournament North Carolina State’s NC Epsilon Kappa chapter is hosting a golf tournament on April 18th at the River Ridge Golf Club in Raleigh. If you are interested in playing or helping to sponsor the event, please contact Charlie Graning at

Save the Date! 100th Anniversary of Revitalization of Pi Lambda Phi Fraternity Saturday, April 18, 2009 Washington, DC Celebrate the great history of Pi Lambda Phi. To find out more, visit The Frater | Winter 2009



2008 Alumni Donations Annual donations to the Pi Lambda Phi Educational Foundation — a 501(c)(3) organization — are crucial to ensuring scholarship and training programs for the personal and educational advancement of our undergraduate brothers. Help keep our traditions alive by making a tax-deductible contribution each and every year. 2008 Educational Foundation Donations by Donor Level:

Welkin $10,000 +

NY Beta Omicron Stanley L. Klunder, H.B.

IN Alpha Delta Douglas B. Butler

VA Omicron Zeta Marc A. Weppner, C.K.

Purple & Gold $5,000 — $9,999

PA Alpha Delta Eli Hoffman

VA Omega Alpha George A. Beck, H.B.

PA Delta Iota Edward K. Leventhal

NC Omega Beta John F. Glenn Scott B. Reid

WI Omega Robert B. Barnett Eugene J. Eder

1895 $1,895 — $4,999

PA Gamma Sigma Alan L. Rosen

NJ Theta Daniel F. Fisher

Frater $100 — $249

Woodbine $1,000 — $1,894

PA Kappa Omega Steven J. Beasty

NY Delta Leslie W. Stern

CA Kappa Daniel H. Gam Roland M. Greenberg

CA Tau D. Robert Masson

TX Alpha Omega John L. Griffis

CA Upsilon Stephen B. Meisel

VA Lambda Kappa Scott E. Wilbur

FL Delta Albert H. Kahn Robert A. Mandell

VA Omega Alpha Spencer A. Syrett

PA Alpha Delta Robert M. Rosenthal PA Gamma Sigma Mark Cuban PA Omega Delta Kenneth J. Fasola Founders $500 — $999 FL Delta Jeffrey Buhler Stephen D. Gardner IL Tau Delta Daniel P. Scott, C.K. IN Alpha Delta Charles S. Fuller


Torch $250 — $499 CA Tau Alvin B. Davidson Jeffrey H. Greenberg Alan C. Mendelson Andrew R. Robinson CA Upsilon Mitchell W. Egers Stanley K. King FL Delta Donald Chaiken Robert D. Klausner Elliot H. Loden Morty Rosenkranz IL Tau Delta Leslie M. Hefter David I. Klein

NY Gamma Elliot R. Wax NY Kappa Tau Richard D. Gibson Kenneth M. Mosig NY Sigma Tau Howard E. Lorber Allan Starr OH Beta Tau Bruce W. Ireland Shawn M. Upchurch OH Mu Barton L. Satsky PA Alpha Delta Herbert Wagner PA Gamma Sigma Ezra M. Krieg, C.K. PA Omega Gamma Jeffrey S. Loeb Christopher L. Luman PA Tau Omega Philip G. Samponaro VA Omega Alpha Stephen T. Olin David L. Temple William H. Victor Mark R. Williams

CA Tau Mike Diamond Stephen H. Kay Albert M. Lapides Sander F. Weiner CA Upsilon Michael C. Agran Jesse Beim Edward D. Bright William D. Feldman Richard E. Grey Rafer L. Johnson Martin L. Kozberg Charles O. Lane Lewis Morgen William C. Roen Norman Shapiro Bernard A. Silverman George S. Wolfberg Lester Ziffren Leo Zusman CO Alpha Beta James M. Schultz DE Delta Alpha Craig Krammes FL Delta Eric M. Bender Myron L. Corets Manuel Frankel Morris Futernick Richard M. Haber

Joseph G. Hecht Martin B. Hoffman Lawrence L. Jaffe Russell L. Klepper David A. Kroner Allen S. Levi Fredric G. Levin Brian H. Matz Nicholas J. Nicosia John R. Phillips Vincent J. Pravato Robert P. Rosin Andrew J. Salzman Melvin A. Shader Charles A. Stampelos Jeff J. Wixted Mark Yaeger Barry W. Zimbler FL Delta Upsilon Alan B. Brown Erik W. Cole Kyle E. Kufeldt Michael D. LaBelle, C.K. FL Kappa Epsilon David P. Fechtman, C.K. Bill J. McGloin FL Omega Eta Herschel Rosenthal IL Omicron Arnold L. Tanis IL Tau Delta Marc S. Brenner David Feinartz Terry I. Finkelman Basil M. Kromelow Jeffrey I. Levinson William Multack David T. Rubin IN Alpha Delta Robert E. Nisbet Louis D. Waggoner

The Frater | Winter 2009


IN Epsilon Gamma Joshua A. Earl MA Alpha Epsilon Kevin F. St. Cyr MA Kappa Nu David M. Di Lillo MA Theta Steven R. Bader Howard A. Cohen James R. Deasy Curtis S. Green Chris C. Kraemer J. Bradley Morrison, C.K. Raymond G. Paret Frederick Segal Kevin G. Trammel Philip A. Zylberman MD Kappa Chi Warren W. Campbell ME Beta Chi Alan B. Janes Douglas G. Smith MI Epsilon Irving Freeman David L. Galinkin Robert E. Mellen Carl R. Stern Howard F. Wallach Maurice D. Weidenthal MO Pi Mark E. Mason David M. Mines Sanford J. Spitzer NC Omega Beta Donald W. Paley Lewis S. Ripps

NJ Theta Edward Gregory Mitchell J. Stanko NM Sigma Chi Norman G. Taylor NY Alpha Mu Eliot Engel Robert M. Zwiebach NY Beta Lambda George T. Bruckman, C.K. NY Delta Barry S. Cohen NY Gamma Robert E. Halpern Alfred J. Lurie Stephan H. Peskin NY Kappa Tau Kenneth W. Barton Gary Kains Roger B. Orloff Neal Rzepkowski Joshua L. Segal David C. Stark William J. Therriault Jaques P. Wolfner NY Omega Mu Mortimer N. Klaus NY Phi Lambda Michael L. Miles NY Sigma Tau Richard Mondre Gerald Weinberger OH Alpha Epsilon Ernest A. Goldenfeld

NE Chi Harvey Burstein

OH Beta Tau Jason T. Bergeron Bill Chorba David A. Labanc John David Smith

NJ Omicron Kappa Richard J. Marbit

OH Mu Jerry Turk

NC Omega Tau Chad D. Veen

The Frater | Winter 2009

OK Iota Salem L. Geller Stephen A. Janger Michael S. Wolfson J. Gordon Zuber PA Alpha Delta Leon J. Greenspan Theodore S. Halpern Irving Koffler Shawn E. Mahoney, C.K. Alan J. Markowitz David G. Silver Marvin A. Welsch PA Alpha Xi Michael T. Hatrak Gary J. Stack PA Delta Iota Robin P. Brobst Thomas M. Brown Paul F. Izat James B. Morris, C.K. Richard Parente Michael T. Pregler PA Epsilon Zeta William B. Bram Abraham L. Gitlow Stephen D. Haymes Chris B. Higgins Stanley L. Malkin Robert Z. Midler Geoffrey R. Stone PA Gamma Sigma J.R. Bergad Herbert Dodell Martin Engels Pasquale D. Gentile Michael J. Mabunay Melvin M. Schiff Joel Smalley, H.B. Mark W. Surrey Robert A. Uhl Scott O. Witherspoon PA Kappa Eta Gregory P. Kears PA Kappa Omega Thomas E. Work

PA Lambda Danal P. Epstein George R. McGough Mark C. Pyles PA Omega Delta Robert C. Davis Thomas A. Lucas PA Omega Gamma John L. Braxton Norbert Gaelen Malcolm R. Goldstein David P. Heilveil William E. Marx Thomas E. Robinson Lawrence J. Rogoff Samuel G. Ryan Jack Solomon Thomas W. Turner PA Omega Kappa Ira Quint PA Phi Sigma Russell E. Daniels Joseph C. Davis James Q. Lightner Harry T. Lipschultz PA Sigma Andrew Golbert, H.B. PA Tau Omega Stanton S. Lebouitz Jonathan R. Stern VA Alpha Psi Joseph A. Thompson VA Lambda Kappa Howard C. Froehlich Harvey F. Wood VA Omega Alpha Everett D. Millais James D. Price

VA Omicron Zeta Joseph D. Farrington Jonathan N. Ghidoni Brent L. Graves Justin S. Valdez VA Psi Kenneth I. Goldberg Edwin P. Hopkins Oren R. Lewis Scott A. Walode Warren A. Weiss, H.B. WI Omega Mark E. Brickman Charles L. Edwards E. Neal Finkelman Richard S. Glazer Lawrence E. Kern Dale S. Mitchell Jeffrey A. Shneider Alumnus $75 — $99 CA Tau Lorin B. Blum George J. Boodrookas Douglas M. Elefant Larry E. Goodfriend Alan L. McKay CA Upsilon Gerald E. Dorfman Leonard Frierman Brian J. Ginsburg Lawrence M. Grossman Jules T. Pincus Arnold Rudin CO Alpha Beta Victor H. Flagg CT Alpha Chi Alec R. Bobrow Edward Szepanski

VA Omega Rho Mohit Mago Brandon C. Taylor



FL Delta Michael R. Cook Stephen H. Feinstein Richard P. Forster Lewis M. Joseph Edward S. Klein Barry I. Meade Larry M. Mizrach Jay M. Shames Arthur J. Sheldon

NY Alpha Edward Lebowitz Bennet H. Silverman, H.B.

FL Delta Upsilon James E. Good

NY Beta Omicron Michael C. Piampiano

IL Tau Delta Brian H. Albert Maury L. Fertig Harry W. Graff Lester Sadowsky Mitchell D. Weinstein Glenn A. Weiss

NY Delta Richard A. Halpern David L. Hoffberg

IN Alpha Delta Gordon W. Henriott John B. Mier MA Alpha Epsilon Lawrence A. Acquarulo Thomas A. Reilley MA Theta James T. Pinkerton MD Rho Andrew M. Teschner MO Pi Bruce H. Becker Robert A. Glashow John D. Simon NC Omega Beta John M. Ferrari NH Pi William F. Adler NJ Beta Theta Mark S. Ross NJ Theta Adam K. Baum Pascal J. Kruse Vincent J. Truncellito


NY Beta Harvey A. Strickon NY Beta Lambda William Indek Andrew F. Winning

NY Delta Epsilon James L. Dube NY Gamma Benjamin Hampton NY Kappa Alpha Simon A. Fludgate NY Kappa Tau John T. Hockenbury Ronald P. Preston NY Omega Mu Steve Weintraub NY Phi Lambda Michael J. Sammis

PA Beta Zeta Kenneth L. Goldman Mark E. Hamill Gary A. McMaster PA Delta Iota James J. Eng Thomas R. Gulick PA Epsilon Zeta Sam Kaplan Howard Oestreich David A. Proctor Robert S. Sandler PA Gamma Chi Courtney B. Springmeyer PA Gamma Sigma William M. Berger Stuart Merrian Robert C. Moses Paul Shapiro PA Lambda Robert D. Reisman Philip D. Talkow PA Omega Delta Mark A. Bobb John M. McClellan PA Omega Gamma Kevin J. Bowser Albert E. Manning

NY Sigma Tau Arthur Cohen

PA Omega Kappa Norman L. Berkman Milton S. Rinzler

OH Beta Tau Dan R. Balski

PA Phi Delta Robert N. Gable

OH Mu Jack Rosen Ronald D. Sharlach Richard A. Wells

PA Phi Sigma Edward Papish William R. Ziegler

PA Alpha Delta Jerome R. Balka, C.K. Chester H. Sanger Jacob J. Siegal

PA Sigma David Schwartz PA Tau Omega Michael T. McGrath

VA Lambda Kappa Christopher R. Caveness Charles H. Feldman Robert K. Miller Richard L. Price VA Omega Alpha Steven R. Bowers David W. Cross Charles T. Dent Stephen H. Gavett Michael J. Lewis Ian A. Wright VA Psi Robert E. Factor Morton B. Lembeck Edwin S. Wenzel WI Omega Fred Golen Ed Rubin Contributing Brothers CA Tau Stephen H. Abel David E. Binetti Sigmund A. Freeman Philip J. Gold Ross R. Goldware CA Upsilon Hugh L. Gottfried Robert F. Seiden Sherman A. Silverman CN Kappa Jay B. Scolnick CT Alpha Chi Daniel J. Falotico George R. Morris CT Tau Kappa Steven J. Musco FL Delta Leslie R. Forster Howard B. Grossman Robert H. Hoffman Eliot A. Kleinberg Aaron M. Perlman Charles L. Ruffner

FL Delta Upsilon Matthew B. Hendrian FL Omega Eta Joseph Golden David Sokol Dean Wolf IL Tau Delta Daniel I. Bregman Richard L. Cardozo Scott Catlett Stephen A. Chodash Scott M. Davis Jerrold J. Ezgur Joseph N. Greenhouse Leonard S. Oppenheimer Vadim Riber IN Alpha Delta Richard W. Ewick John F. Leeke Kenneth Stremming Sanford E. Watts IN Alpha Theta Zalman Weinberg MA Alpha Epsilon Paul J. Imbergamo MA Theta Robert M. Asher, C.K. Jamie B. Bader James M. Barrabee Saul Blinder David E. Borenstein Stephen R. Dusse Marshall Greenspan Frederick J. Jao Peter L. Richman Evan P. Silberstein Robert L. Silver Cliff Wald Bradley K. Warren MD Kappa Chi Robert V. Moats MD Rho David I. Shapiro

The Frater | Winter 2009


MI Epsilon Douglas H. Steinberg Murray L. Yoffee MN Kappa Chi Nickolas J. Kokoron MO Pi Robert M. Balk Charles A. Berg Robert J. Garden Michael N. Newmark Neil D. Rosenberg NC Omega Beta Preston N. Comeaux Lawrence J. Goldrich Charles T. Ozment Paul R. Woodard NC Omega Zeta Tracy A. Wyatt, C.K. NH Pi Donald W. Glazer Jerome J. Hochberg NJ Alpha Lambda Lawrence L. Lukenda John A. Taylor NJ Theta Robert P. Confrancisco Morton Nelkin

NY Delta Epsilon Jack A. Cohn NY Eta Chi Lewis E. Gelobter NY Gamma Harris M. Burte Arthur M. Chasin NY Kappa Gamma David Dufault NY Kappa Tau Richard J. Anderson Mark V. Dobrosielski Thaddeus Gora Walter C. Johnson Ira D. Poppel Howard Sitomer Edward I. Solomon Steven F. Sterling Paul C. Vitucci Lloyd B. Wilson Paul E. Woolard NY Lambda Delta Bruce M. Barone NY Omega Mu Sidney A. Keyles Louis Stammer

NY Beta Kenneth J. Abrams

NY Phi Lambda Richard C. Fleischer Gregory R. Holden Richard M. Hyne

NY Beta Lambda Robert J. Feinman Stuart Fishman Jerome Mushkat

NY Sigma Tau Arthur Cohen Howard Greenberg Steve Rubin

NY Beta Omicron John P. Dunne

OH Alpha Epsilon John A. Millisor Douglas R. MacQueen R. Scott McNeill Brendan A. Sorg Thomas F. Theis Kennth C. Williams

NY Delta Albert J. Eisenberg Morton H. Rochman Arthur B. Spitzer

OH Mu Saul S. Anton Rafael Furst The Frater | Winter 2009

David A. Glick William D. Goldstein Martin D. Holtzman Daniel E. Schweid OK Iota Norman Burk PA Alpha Delta William L. Glosser Jeffrey L. Kleinberg Paul Kraft Andrew R. Parr Theodore Spivak PA Beta Zeta Ronald C. Curhan Robert L. Marcus Marshall I. Nurenberg Derek S. Prince Jeffrey L. Zaslow PA Delta Iota Norman E. Albaugh Robert A. Engle Jean Fluevog Steven C. Greene Charles P. Hagelgans David G. Nejako Darren L. Ochs Brian M. Smith PA Epsilon Zeta Joseph E. Bermant Malcolm A. Bernstein James H. Glueck Abraham S. Gorelick Clive B. Klatzkin Slater E. Newman Eugene A. Rothkopf Harry L. Rothstein PA Gamma Chi Grant E. Nelson PA Gamma Sigma Joseph A. Anistranski Alex J. Danenberg, C.K. Ivan S. Gold Jeffrey H. Gordon Arnold I. Levine David H. Levy James R. Ratner Morton J. Weintraub

PA Kappa Eta Thomas L. Dunn Bryan D. Kulakowsky PA Lambda Derek J. Fitteron Arthur I. Ross Kurt W. Stoffel PA Omega Delta Duane A. Daski Anthony J. Martino Mark J. Stevenson PA Omega Gamma Bernard S. Abeshouse Stanley M. Berman Dennis T. Bernstein Jack R. Clauser Murray D. Friedman Robert J. Himler Richard B. Hunter Arthur L. Kimmelfield Abbot Krass Martin A. Leibowitz Joseph L. Spatafore Lawrence Torn Alexander Wolf PA Omega Kappa Harry A. Mink Andrew Pesky PA Phi Delta Stephen M. Olszewski PA Phi Sigma Ryan S. Nauman Philip L. Sheridan PA Sigma Alfred G. Adler Jonathan C. Edwards Irwin M. Pasternak Warren L. Stone PA Sigma Upsilon Todd O. Moyer Gary Sanders

PA Tau Omega Frederick Billet Edward W. Burrs Jay R. Shapiro Fred R. Wentzel RI Phi Saul Becker Barry G. Cohen TX Alpha Omega Ronald L. Fudge TX Alpha Sigma Charles B. Yarling VA Alpha Psi Jason O. Houser VA Delta Chi Jeffrey A. Lutz VA Lambda Kappa Edmund D. Bowman Robert S. Carneal George W. Nabers VA Omega Alpha David B. Agard Robert S. Cohn Kevin S. King Micah J. Sherman VA Psi Ronald L. Hudson Jerome E. Hyman Samuel A. Kushner WA Epsilon Alpha Torrey R. Wheeler WI Omega Martin W. Bach Bruce Cohen David M. Ellis Thomas A. Hamilton Michael E. Kesselman Thomas P. Kinney Herbert H. Kohl Robert I. Novasel William Pauls WV Mu Morris R. Rubin



Chapter Eternal We are saddened by the loss of the following brothers ... University of California at Berkeley (CA Tau) • Morris Ginsburg — 1944 University of California at Los Angeles (CA Upsilon) • Ellis Berkowitz — 1949 University of Florida (FL Delta) • Harold Weinberg — 1950 • Robert Beskind — 1951 • Melvin Davidow — 1951 • Arnold Kwart — 1964 Jacksonville University (FL Delta Tau) • Gregg Mason — 1980 University of Illinois (IL Tau Delta) • Albert Rosenthal — 1950 • Ryan Carper — 2009 Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MA Theta) • Michael Rabins — 1953 Washington University at St. Louis (MO Pi) • Eugene Foster — 1947 • Saul Mirowitz — 1950 • Michael Frank — 1961 Western Carolina University (NC Omega Zeta) • Robert Gardner — 1983 Cornell University (NY Delta) • Edgar Sachs — 1927 • Alvin Rosenberg — 1930 • Herbert Gussman — 1933 • Theodore Baumgold — 1934 • Herbert Kehr — 1934 • Eugene Finkel — 1935 • Robert Hayman — 1937 • Coleman Asinof — 1938 • David Beitler — 1938 • Herbert Polk — 1938


Cornell University (NY Delta) (concluded) • George Reis — 1938 • Julian Kheel — 1939 • John Present — 1939 • Nathan Schweitzer — 1941 • Jerrold Lieberman — 1943 • Allen Goldring — 1944 • Seymour Reiman — 1944 • Sheldon Kravitz — 1946 • Burton Schultz — 1946 • John Marder — 1948 • Herbert Schwartz — 1950 • Alan Gleitsman — 1951 • Edward Siegel — 1952 New York University (NY Gamma) • Clayton Blick — 1938 Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute (NY Kappa Tau) • Kenneth Cichon — 1970 University of Oklahoma (OK Iota) • Jack Morse — 1943 Temple University (PA Alpha Delta) • Abby Mann — 1946 • Michael Walls — 2003 University of Pennsylvania (PA Epsilon Zeta) • A. Beer — 1939 Brown University (RI Phi) • Alan Roth — 1956 • Robert Sugarman — 1960 Christopher Newport University (VA Alpha Psi) • Michael Johnson — 2002 • W. Cameron Schlifke — 2009

114th Leadership Convention Returns to Campus Setting Pi Lambda Phi’s 114th Annual Leadership Convention will take place at Baldwin-Wallace College in Berea, Ohio (20 minutes from Cleveland) July 29th through August 2nd, 2009. The International Executive Council made the decision to return to a campus setting because it would allow the reallocation of funds that would have been spent on a hotel or convention center setting from the convention budget to expansion and recruitment resources. The campus setting is affordable and provides the ideal venue for the numerous presenters slated for this convention. Baldwin-Wallace College is the home of the OH Beta Tau chapter, which has been the recipient of the George A. Beck Outstanding Chapter Award for the past three years. Its alumni and undergraduates were responsible for the successful selection of this site. They proposed the location because of its wealth of volunteer support, alumni involvement and the numerous resources available it has at its avail to ensure a successful convention. Baldwin-Wallace College is a private, liberal arts college. When founded in 1845, Baldwin-Wallace was one of the first colleges in Ohio to admit students without regard to race or gender. Nearby Cleveland, Ohio is the state’s second largest city and is home to the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, the Cleveland Browns, Cleveland Cavaliers and Cleveland Indians. Pi Lambda Phi’s annual leadership convention features four informationpacked days of fellowship, workshops and practical seminar topics ranging from expanding alumni participation to creative recruitment and more. For additional information about the 114th convention, please e-mail headquarters@ or call 800/394-PLPF or 203/740-1044. The Frater | Winter 2009


2008 Scholarship Recipients Announced During Pi Lambda Phi’s International Fraternity 113th Annual Convention, held in Richmond, Virginia, the Pi Lambda Phi Educational Foundation Board of Trustees announced the recipients of three scholarships awarded to qualified undergraduate brothers for the fall 2008 semester. The Educational Foundation is proud to continue its commitment toward helping grow future leaders through its educational and scholarship programs. All scholarships issued by the Foundation are based on, but not limited to, an applicant’s service to fraternity and community, academic achievement, and financial need. Two general scholarships were awarded to Brothers Ben Schaefer of the OH Beta Tau Chapter at Baldwin-Wallace and Bryant Nelson of the VA Omicron Zeta Chapter at Virginia Tech. Brother Ben Schaefer (‘09) is a senior at Baldwin-Wallace College where is earning a degree in Political Science, International Studies and History. Initiated in 2006, Brother Schaefer holds a current GPA of 3.77, has acted as his chapter’s New Member Educator and Fundraising Chair and has actively participated on multiple fraternal and campus committees. Additionally, he is a member of the Order of Omega, Baldwin Wallace’s Dean’s List. Ben Schaefer He has held the offices of Student Body ‘09 OH Beta Tau Vice-President, Student Senate President Baldwin-Wallace College and Admissions Office Head Student Coordinator at Baldwin-Wallace. This past summer, Brother Schaefer worked as an Educational Programs Intern for the Cleveland Council on World Affairs, preparing briefings for Model United National students. The Stanley L. Klunder, H.B. Leadership Scholarship is named in honor of the Foundation’s recent past president and past international fraternity president, Stan Klunder. Because Brother Klunder has truly exemplified “Not Four Years, But a Lifetime” through his 34 years of service to the Fraternity, the Foundation Trustees recently instituted this scholarship as an annual award. All of the typical qualifications required to receive a Foundation scholarship were taken into consideration, but the recipient was also judged on leadership

qualities and how we he has utilized them. The inaugural recipient of this scholarship is Brother Josh Kahn of the NC Omega Beta Chapter at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. Brother Bryant Nelson is a junior at Virginia Tech University where he is majoring in Biology and holds a current GPA of 3.64. Brother Nelson has been his chapter’s Philanthropy and Academic Chairman. He has participated in multiple community, campus and fraternal programs and committees. He is a member of and serves as a mentor for the American Medical Students Association and holds honors on Virginia Tech’s Dean’s Bryant Nelson List, the National Society of Collegiate ‘10 VA Omicron Zeta Scholars and the National Honor Society. Virginia Tech University He is planning to attend medical school and is hoping to start a tutoring group to aid his chapter brothers’ study ethics and practices. Brother Kahn is a senior at UNCChapel Hill where he maintains a 3.5 GPA while majoring in business finance. Initiated a brother in 2005, Josh has served as his chapter’s Rex, KOE, Philanthropy Chair and a member of its Standards Board. Additionally, he has participated on multiple committees, including Rush, Events, and Alumni Planning and has assisted with the revamping of the pledge process for NC Omega Beta. Josh illustrates superior Josh Kahn.jpg qualities in leadership both fraternally ‘09 NC Omega Beta University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill and on campus, and has additionally served as President of the Fraternity Trade Association and a Senior Member of Honor Court.

Pi Lambda Website Sports Ticket Exchange Want to make sure you have great seats at your school’s next bowl game? Check out the Pi Lambda Phi Online Bowl Ticket Exchange at Our fraternity routinely has more than a dozen chapters with teams participating in the Bowl Championship Series (BCS). Thanks to the ticket exchange, you can both list tickets for sale and arrange to purchase The Frater | Winter 2009

tickets through one central Pi Lam location. At the same time, you’ll be helping to increase Pi Lam attendance at bowl games. The site is offered free of charge to members only and is password protected. If you haven’t already registered for, here’s yet another great reason to do so. It’s easy to register and only takes a minute or two. 9


Eli Hoffman ( PA Alpha Delta ‘59) Accepts Big Pi Award The Big Pi award was first presented in 1951 and is periodically given to those Pi Lam alumni who distinguish themselves outside of the fraternity. Pi Lam brother Eli Hoffman is a prime example. Eli attended Temple University and was initiated into the school’s Alpha Delta chapter of Pi Lambda Phi in the Spring of 1956. Since graduating, Eli has generously and regularly contributed both funds and business savvy to his chapter, but it’s his role in funding scholarships that truly distinguishes him and makes him worthy of a Big Pi award. Eli Hoffman is chairman of the board of The Jaqua Foundation. The Jaqua Foundation’s mission is to fund collegiate education, welfare of animals and performing arts and Eli is a driving force behind those efforts. Thanks to Eli, hundreds of scholarships have been awarded to college and high school students. In addition, The Jaqua Foundation has provided an annual grant to support the Pi Lambda Phi Educational Foundation’s yearly Leadership School. Although Eli was originally awarded his Big Pi award in 2001, logistics prevented him to actually receive the award until the recent Kovner Memorial Banquet held in Philadelphia in November. “I’m very pleased and very proud,” says Eli. “This is the highest

honor that Pi Lam can bestow on a brother.” Eli has fond memories of his Pi Lam days on campus. “It was a wonderful part of my life and epitomizes our catchphrase, ‘Not Four Years, But a Lifetime.’ Although it’s been more than 50 years, I still remember the good old days being a Pi Lam brother. It’s a great experience for a young person.” “It’s an honor to distinguish Eli with the Big Pi,” says Pi Lambda Phi Fraternity Executive Director Gary Sanders. “Eli has a successful career and has given generously to the community, Temple University and Pi Lambda Phi. He willingly gives time and funds for programs that have improved our fraternity.” In addition to his role at The Jaqua Foundation, Eli Hoffman is a CPA and partner-incharge of Eisner LLP’s New Jersey practice and has an extensive audit and accounting background as a partner in charge of engagements for not-for-profit clients, as well for manufacturing, banking, real estate and construction enterprises. He serves as a member of the Board of Trustees of the New Jersey Symphony Orchestra; is a member of the Board of Trustees of the Animal Medical Center of New York City; and is a member of the board of trustees and is treasurer of the The Kildonan School in Amenia, New York. He has four grandsons and lives in Livingston, New Jersey.

The Pi Lambda Creed That all men are created free and equal That no society of men can flourish unless members of that society are endowed with the opportunities and privileges of freedom That freedom implies the elimination of prejudice That the elimination of prejudice means a better understanding ‘twixt men That it is incumbent upon me to fight for such freedom, even with my life That it is incumbent upon me, in my personal life, to be devoted to the highest standards of honesty and justice That because my country is dedicated to the highest standards of freedom and justice for all men of all creeds, I hereby pledge allegiance to my country and to its national symbol Part of the mission of the Foundation is dedicated to supporting the objectives of the Creed in the Fraternity and in the world in which we all live. If you have ideas on how we may best accomplish this mission, please contact us at

Eli Hoffman (right) receives his Big Pi award from IEC Vice President Jeff Buhler.


The Frater | Winter 2009


Penn State Pi Lams Gather for Rose Bowl Tailgate Party By Jon Eliot ‘89

Parking lot H at the Rose Bowl in Pasadena,

others with the common bond

California, was the site of a gathering of more than

of Penn State and Pi Lambda

20 Pi Lambda Phi alumni and brothers representing

Phi. For us older guys who

over 25 years of Pi Lam history at the PA Omega

had not seen each other in

Gamma Chapter at Penn State University. The New

many years, it also served as

Year’s Day gathering of brothers, alumni, family

a perfect opportunity to lay

and friends resulted in one of the larger tailgates

plenty of verbal abuse on each

around with about 60 people in attendance thanks

other for expanding waistlines,

to the help of a few social networking websites,

receding hairlines and stupid

the international fraternity’s database and good old

things we said or did too

word of mouth. to enjoy some glorious southern California weather

many years ago to count. For Back row left to right: Greg Futato, Chip Luman, Jon Eliot, Todd Schonherz, John some of the younger crowd, Barringer. Front row Steve Bass, Bobby Haverstrom (and Steve Bass’ sons). who worked non-stop to ensure everyone got plenty it looked as if they had not

while reconnecting with old friends and meeting

lost a step since their college days. All attempts to

The tailgate gave each of us the opportunity

get a bunch of guys in either

early morning until well into the evening. Some of

their 40s or quickly approaching

the brothers in attendance included elder statesman

them to participate were

John McClellan ‘84, several men from the late ‘80s

unsuccessful. I’m not sure if

and early ‘90s (such as Steve Bass, Chip Luman,

that is a sign of wisdom coming

John Barringer, Todd Schonherz, Paul Chun, Noodles

with age or just plain fear.

and Brian Czarny) and several undergrads including

There was plenty of great

Back row left to right: Jeff Mullen, Paul Chun ‘95, David Ly ‘08, Matthias Berringer, Andrew Jasper. Front row Jeff Tobias and Robb Antosy.

to eat and drink and was having a good time from

Robb Antosy, Ricky Wolf and Jeff Tobias.

food and beverages to keep

There was also a football game that

everyone more than satisfied,

afternoon, but we would rather not talk about it.

thanks to Dan Kelly. Dan was

Overall, this was a great event truly bringing to life

the organizer and master chef

the adage of “Not four years, but a lifetime”.

Celebrated Playwright Murray Burnett Dies Most people didn’t know that one of America’s most iconic movies,

Rick’s — upon returning to the states after helping Jewish relatives smuggle

“Casablanca,” was based on a play written by Pi Lambda Phi brother Murray

money out of Vienna. When he couldn’t find a Broadway producer, he sold the

Burnett. Burnett, who passed away recently at the age of 86, attended Cornell

play to Warner Brothers for $20,000 and, as they say, the rest is history.

University (NY Delta). He wrote his Anti-Nazi play — Everybody Comes to The Frater | Winter 2009



Board Member Profile

Born in and currently living in: Fraternity honors I’ve earned: Philadelphia, PA


Penn State University PA Omega Gamma Chapter


B.S. in Social Studies

Initiated into Pi Lambda Phi:

Hon. John L. Braxton

Spring 1964

Vice President Pi Lambda Phi Educational Foundation, Inc.

I served my chapter as: Archon and Social Chairman

Big Pi Award in 1998 and Certificate of Merit in 2000

Over the years, I’ve:

Been involved through service on the Board of the Pi Lambda Phi Educational Foundation

My day job:

I assist people in using alternative dispute resolution methods; I’ve also had the privilege of running for public office and am currently a candidate for City Controller in Philadelphia

Chapter News

IN Alpha Delta Celebrates 50th Anniversary

The alumni of the Indiana Alpha Delta chapter at Indiana State University held their 50th Anniversary Banquet on October 25, 2008. More than 30 alumni attended the weekend, some traveling from as far as Washington state and Colorado. The weekend was organized by Brad Poths (‘85) and began with a casual night at Moggers’ Brewery. On Saturday afternoon, you could find the alumni reminiscing at the homecoming tent and saying a long awaited Good and Welfare. The Gerhardt’s Bierstube hosted the reunion dinner, where the chapter displayed numerous memorabilia and reminisced through the various eras of IN Alpha Delta. Gordon Henriott (‘72) was recognized for his contribution of the monthly e-newsletters that have kept everyone in touch. These notes provide an appreciated update on all of the alumni. Chuck Rubright (‘69) was recognized for his quiet contributions to the house and alumni through many years. The weekend ended with the annual golf tournament and breakfast on Sunday. It was a great rekindling of brotherhood that enabled 12

brothers that haven’t seen each other for years to easily reconnect for an incredible weekend. Please browse the photo gallery located under “News” at for more pictures from this memorable weekend. The IN Alpha Delta chapter was chartered in 1958 and was the first chapter to integrate men of different racial backgrounds at Indiana State University. With more than 500 initiates the chapter was a strong presence in Terre Haute until 1999 when the chapter closed.

PA Kappa Eta Chapter Launches Website

Take a look at the website newly launched by the PA Kappa Eta chapter at Widener University in Wilmington, Delaware. The site features an alumni registration feature that enables access to blogs and discussions between grads and undergraduates. It also highlights upcoming events. Check it out at

VA OZ Alumni Association Needs Your Contact Info

Since February of 2000, the VA OZ alumni association has been trying to build its online email listserv using Yahoo Groups (pilamvaoz@ If there are any VA OZ alums reading this newsletter who are not on that list, please e-mail Marc Weppner (marcweppner@ or Vin Marbury (vin_vic2000@ with your contact information to be added to the group. We currently have 185 e-mail addresses and want to get as many as possible so that we can keep everyone informed about their VA OZ brothers.

Organizations I’m active in:

I have actively supported the American Red Cross and I served on the Board of Governors in Washington, D.C; I’m a member of the Board of the Cradle of Liberty Council of the Boy Scouts of America, Treasurer of the Jack and Jill of America Foundation and a member of the National Bar Institute Board of Directors

Suggested Reading By Your Pi Lam Brothers

Pi Lambda Phi brothers have gone on to succeed in dozens of prestigious careers, including published authors. The Pi Lambda Phi Bookshelf located on the website highlights the books brothers have written and even provides hyperlinks to the sites where they can be purchased. The next time you’re looking for something good to read, check it out!

Not Four Years, But a Lifetime

An article that ran in Milwaukee Magazine in March of 2006 proves that brotherhood in Pi Lambda Phi is Not Four Years, But a Lifetime. Author Kurt Chandler managed to get four of Milwaukee’s most influential men together for lunch at a neighborhood deli. These weren’t just ordinary men, either. There was Bud Selig, Franklyn Gimbel, Steve Marcus and Senator Herb Kohl. All former Pi Lam brothers together at the University of Wisconsin at Madison (WI Omega). Read more about these four fascinating Pi Lam alums and how they’ve maintained their friendship with one another for more than half a century at full_feature_story.asp?newmessageid=11259.

The Frater | Winter 2009

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