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Pi Lambda Phi Paragon Volume XIV Issue V March 2012 For those of you who may not have received one before, the Paragon is an undergraduate newsletter that has in the past been sent out as frequently as monthly. Created to provide updates on what is going on within our chapters, internationally and to give support on some of the operational aspects of our fraternity that you all go through on a daily basis. The Paragon is an opportunity to connect on a larger level with what our brothers are doing around North America. We hope you take the opportunity to read through some of the below articles and updates and continue to engage in our Fraternity, even beyond your own chapter. We also look forward to sharing your chapter’s news, activities and accomplishments through the Paragon in the near future. Enjoy!

Recruitment Growth Recruitment is the lifeblood of our organization. Over the past three years Pi Lambda Phi has continued to see increased recruitment numbers from our Chapters and Colonies. We truly believe that has been a result of increased training provided to our brothers through our partnership with Phired Up and an increased level of importance, preparation and planning towards recruitment throughout our Fraternity. After a very successful 2011 Annual Leadership Convention in which over 100 brothers spent almost an entire day working with and learning from Josh Orendi about Dynamic Recruitment, Fall 2011 saw a

tremendous increase in recruitment results. With a 30% increase in New Member Cards collected (F10: 254, F11: 329) and a 23% increase in brothers initiated (F10: 209, F11: 258) compared to Fall 2010, your recruitment efforts clearly impacted the growth of our fraternity as a whole. With a Fraternity wide goal of 15% growth in recruitment for the 2010-2011 academic year, we need to continue this trend to achieve our goal with great Spring recruitment as well. With recruitment over for most of our Chapters and Colonies for this semester, the importance now shifts to retaining and properly educating and initiating your new members. We can see the tremendous growth from Fall 2010 to Fall 2011 above, but the numbers also show the difference between the number of men who are recruited and the number of men initiated. From the numbers we have collected so far this semester, we are behind on the number of bids accepted compared to last Spring. To achieve the larger goal of growth within our organization, specifically by graduating more brothers from our chapters, we need to continue to improve at each phase that can affect graduating brothers. Recruitment is the first and a vital step, but education, involvement and academics all play a critical role as well. Let’s continue to set goals and execute on them as an entire Fraternity to continue to grow. You can view more of the numbers from Fall 2011 Recruitment here.

Elimination of Prejudice This semester has seen a lot of excitement around our International Philanthropy the Elimination of Prejudice. With multiple chapters and colonies hosting diversity discussions of the Inaugural Eliminate Prejudice Day to the opening of the 2nd Annual Video Contest around the theme of LGBT Prejudices, and many of our chapters hosting or planning spring fundraising events, there is a momentum in the program and its continual development. Here are a few things you can do to continue to engage or begin engaging in the Elimination of Prejudice Philanthropy: 

Read the Elimination of Prejudice Story – The story

explains the history behind the program and its connection to Pi Lambda Phi.  Read the 2012 Video Contest Launch Management Plan – The Launch Management Plan explains the steps chapters and individual brothers can take to engage in the Elimination of Prejudice o Sign up for your School’s Elimination of Prejudice Fundraising Page– Further explained in the Launch Management Plan o Connect with Social Media through Facebook and Twitter – Use your voice to connect with our cause.  View and promote the 2nd Annual Video Contest – This year’s theme is LGBT prejudices. Details on the Pi Lambda Phi only Video Contest, available to only undergraduate brothers, coming soon!  Help your chapter plan a fundraising event using the Elimination of Prejudice Event Handbook.

Register for Convention 2012 Whether you are just beginning to think about your summer plans, already have a job or internship lined up or are enjoying the semester too much to have thought about it yet, take a moment to mark your calendar for August 2nd – 5th for Pi Lambda Phi’s Annual Leadership Convention in Richmond, VA for what is sure to be an exciting few days of brotherhood bonding and learning. Many of our chapter Reges have already signed up as the primary delegate of their chapter or colony and it is now time to get more of our brothers to join them! If you are a chapter officer, plan on running for an executive board position at your next elections, are an excited and up and coming leader or even an older brother looking to build connections, take a few moments to register online to make sure you do not miss out on all the great accomplishments Pi Lambda Phi will be celebrating! The International Headquarters is also working with Pi Lambda Phi’s Educational Foundation to once again offer alumni the opportunity to donate towards and support additional delegates from their or other chapters attending Convention. Once ready that link will be shared with you so your chapter or colony can include it in upcoming alumni newsletters or communications.

2012 Undergraduate Interfraternity Institute Registration Now Open Attention all undergraduate members! Do you currently hold a position of leadership within your chapter? Do you wish to hold a leadership position in the future? Are you someone who simply wants to become a better leader? If you answered “Yes” to any of the three questions then you should strongly consider attending the Undergraduate Interfraternity Institute (UIFI) host by the North-American Interfraternity Conference (NIC) this summer! UIFI is a five day institute that brings together the top fraternity men and sorority women from across North America for the common purpose of growing as leaders. Attendees are provided the knowledge and skills to further develop themselves as leaders within their chapter, council and community through interactive, fun, challenging and intentional workshops and sessions. Over the years, numerous Pi Lams have attended UIFI. Here are a couple remarks from your fellow brethren: “Best decision I made after joining Pilam! UIFI is definitely one of the top highlights of my college career.” Dave Thewlis – OH Beta Tau “Completely changed my outlook on Greek Life.” Casey Clarke – VA Alpha Psi Take advantage of the OPPORTUNITY and accept the CHALLENGE. Attend one of eleven sessions this summer to help you become one your chapter’s top leaders! For more information about UIFI, go to

Using Social Media Some people love it. Some people hate the idea of it. Some people don’t understand it. Some people would find it hard to live without it for more than a few hours. Social media has had a tremendous impact on how people interact and communicate and it is no different in the world of Fraternities and Greek Life. Social Media includes “web-based and mobile

technologies used to turn communication into interactive dialogue… Enabled by ubiquitously accessible and scalable communication techniques, social media has substantially changed the way organizations, communities, and individuals communicate.” - Wikipedia As you are reading this you may have a Facebook page open to read about or communicate with a fellow brother or un-affiliated friend. For all the fun and casual things you can do with social media, there are quite a few ways that social media can help your chapter be successful. Building Alumni Communities/Groups – For any chapter looking to have better alumni relations or communications with their graduated brothers, social media is a great way to build those connections. Linkedin Groups – Make sure your chapter has a chapter specific LinkedIn group so that undergraduate and alumni brothers of your chapter can connect professionally. This can help all brothers identify careers of interest and lead to possible job opportunities. Our motto is “Not Four Years, But a Lifetime,” and you have a tremendous network available to you as a brother of Pi Lambda Phi. Make sure you have a LinkedIn profile, your chapter has a group and you are a part of the Pi Lambda Phi International Group and leverage your network to build connections that can continue to pay you back for a lifetime.  Facebook Alumni Pages/Groups – read more 

Total Frat Move – Good or Bad? A simple question posed by one of our alumnus brothers on his site ‘The Fraternity Advisor,’ which gives thoughts on many topics that Fraternity men face every day in their chapters. Check out his point of view on the website Total Frat Move and the comments that followed as well as the response, Another Perspective, by one of the most nationally recognized names in the fraternity world! - We highly suggest you read through the comments on each of these stories as they also provide some great perspective.

Tell Us What is Going On In Your Chapter! We want to know about all the great things our chapters and undergraduate brothers are accomplishing! Please contact your regional Leadership Consultant to share information about any recent events or activities related to community service, philanthropies, alumni relations, campus involvement, individual brother accomplishments or anything else you feel is worth sharing. We want to give each of you a better idea of what is going on within the chapters across North America and around you and it starts with you taking a few minutes to brag about some of your accomplishments or activities. Check out a few of the things our chapters at Baldwin Wallace and University of Wisconsin have been up to: OH Beta Tau – SNAPS WI Omega – Omegan

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Paragon March 2012  

Volume XIV Issue V

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