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Volume XIV Issue VI April 2012

In this Issue Finishing Strong (1) Officer Transitions (2) IL Tau Delta Returns to Campus (3) Conclave (3) Recruitment Survey (4) Elimination of Prejudice (5) Supporting Additional Convention Delegates (6) Hard Realities (7)

Finishing Strong The end of spring semester is one of the most fun times of the year. As the weather begins warming up, people are often outside having fun and for seniors, graduation can’t come any faster. With the increased opportunity to be outside having fun, the end of spring semester tends to negatively impact study habits and grades. Burn out is also a major problem, but overcoming burn out and finishing strong could mean the difference between an A or B, or even between a passing or failing grade. As brothers, it is our job to help keep each other accountable, especially when it comes to academics. Before you continue reading, I want you to ask yourself two questions: 1) How am I personally doing in regards to my studies? 2) Am I being a good brother by setting a good example and holding my brothers accountable, so that they can be academically successful? If you answered “No” to either of those questions, I challenge you to continue reading this article and to apply the tips given in your daily life. If you answered “Yes” for both of the questions, I still recommend you finish reading this article because you may learn some new ideas. Commit To Yourself Your success or failure in your studies and in life can only be blamed on you! Before you can fully hold someone else accountable, you must be able to hold yourself accountable. The first step in holding yourself accountable is to make a commitment

to yourself that you will not stop working hard until your goals are achieved. Once you have made you commitment, it is time to make a plan. Your plan should begin with your goals. What are your goals? What do you want to achieve academically, within the fraternity, and professionally? Based on your goals, you need to schedule your time accordingly. If you don’t already have a planner, a Google Calendar or something else to schedule your days, I highly recommend getting one. First, put on your calendar all of the required activities, such as class, work, chapter meetings, study times sleep (8 hours is more than enough), etc. Next, put down the highly recommended activities which you will need to achieve your goals, such as optional study groups, meetings with advisors, etc. Finally, fill in the empty time slots with activities that are fun. These activities will include times to learn something new, activities that will further help you achieve your goals, and fun social activities. Social interaction, not related to work or academics, is extremely important to preventing burn out. Most students go wrong by scheduling more time for social activities instead of studying. If you are able to find an appropriate balance of all of your activities, you will be able to achieve more while having more fun. Commit To Holding Your Brothers Accountable Once you are able to hold yourself accountable, as a good brother, it is also your duty to hold your fellow brothers accountable. At times, this

will be your hardest job as a brother. Having a respectful conversation with another brother to tell him that he needs to quit partying and put his nose back in his books, is never fun, but at times it is needed. There are many other things you can do to hold your brothers accountable too. The easiest way is to study with them. It does not matter if you are in the same class. The purpose of studying together is to: 1) Make sure both of you are actually studying! 2) Help each other with your homework. If a brother is struggling in a class, have them teach you. By teaching you the material, they will learn it better. 3) Make studying an enjoyable time. A couple jokes during quick breaks makes studying more fun (Make sure the majority of your study time is spent studying and not just joking around. It defeats the purpose of why you are there). Additionally, if you know a brother is having trouble with a class, help him find the resources he needs to be successful. This may include telling him which brothers have taken the same class, telling him where the tutor labs are, or even, go with him to the tutor lab to make sure he goes.

just created an opportunity to build a relationship. Also, you possibly just found someone who knows the material even better than you. If he passes on the opportunity, there is always tomorrow.

Use Studying as a Recruitment OpRaised $1,500 through their portunity annual Matthew Scarpeti Finally, turn studying into a recruitWalk. ment opportunity. In every class, there are men who are not in a fraternity and would possibly be a good fit for your chapter. If the previous statement is true, then why aren’t you actively recruiting them? Always remember recruitment is about building relationships. Use your study group as an opportunity to build those relationships. Invite PNMs to study with you. It’s as simple as saying, “Hey, some friends and I are going to be studying later at [blank time] at [blank place]. Would you like to join us?” If the PNM joins you, then you

Transitioning leadership, passing the lamp of knowledge, can often be one of the most challenging tasks for any organization. Make sure the experiences, knowledge and resources of those leaving office are shared with those entering office. If any member of your chapter is not given sufficient support in a role, please seek out the support of past leadership, contact our International Headquarters and take a look in the Knowledge Center of the Pi Lambda Phi website for resources that will help. Your campus Greek Life Advisor, Faculty Advisor and/or Chapter Advisor can all be helpful resources as well and we encourage you to seek them out and

Chapter Spotlight FL Epsilon Lambda Florida State University Fundraised over $2,000 for the Elimination of Prejudice with their Line Dance event. ------------------NC Omega Beta University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill Raised over $5,000 for Relay for Life at their Oyster Roast this Spring. ------------------NC Omega Zeta Western Carolina University Received their charter on April 28th. ------------------NY Omega Epsilon SUNY - Buffalo

Overcoming burn out and finishing your semester strong is vital to you achieving your goals. The biggest question is: Are you going to be a brother who achieves his goals and helps his fellow brothers achieve theirs, or are you just going to be another student who fails to reach their full potential because of having too much fun in the sun?

Officer Transitions If your chapter elects or has elected new officers during the Spring semester, please make sure the contact information of the new Executive Board is shared with your regional Leadership Consultant or our Administrator, Laura Patricio. Not only will updating the new officer information help the International Headquarters better communicate with your chapter, but we will be better able to support you as well.

build a relationship with them.

Chapter Spotlight

everyone wants to be back and see [IL Tau Delta] prosper.”

Whether you are part of an outgoing Executive Board, part of an incoming Executive Board or a brother interested in one day holding a position on your chapter's Executive Board, make sure you have access to the members only section of the website and can view some of the information on Chapter Officer Responsibilities, Officer Transitions and Goal Setting.

The IL Tau Delta chapter has a long history within Pi Lambda Phi. Pilam first established a chapter at the University of Illinois in 1941 with the Received their charter on merger with Phi Beta Delta. The first April 20th. chapter designation was IL Alpha Kappa, which was the same as Phi ------------------Beta Delta’s chapter at Illinois. In early 1974, Pi Lambda Phi IL Alpha PA Omega Gamma Kappa chapter merged with Tau Pennsylvania State University Congratulations to all brothers taking Delta Phi’s Pi Chapter. On September on a new leadership role within your 19, 1977 the chapter was reFundraised $27,000 for chapter, we look forward to working designated as the IL Tau Delta chapTHON. with you! ter of Pi Lambda Phi. PA Alpha Delta Temple University


In addition to the previously noted IL Tau Delta Returns to Cam- history, IL Tau Delta has been the PA Sigma Upsilon home of three Big Pi’s. Honorable pus Shippensburg University Joseph S. Gerber ’36, Maury Fertig After risk management violations ’79, and Mitchell Liss ’85. caused the IL Tau Delta chapter to Recognized as the close in 2009, the International HeadUniversity’s Fraternity If you know of any students at the quarters and the chapter’s alumni Chapter of the Year. were determined to return to the Uni- University of Illinois or who are planning to attend in the Fall, please conversity of Illinois. This coming Fall ------------------tact Dave Heckathorn at 2012 semester, an IHQ led recolonization of the IL Tau Delta will, VA Lambda Kappa so we can gauge their interest in joinbegin with strong support from the Roanoke College alumni. Dan Scott ‘86, former Inter- ing or use them as a resource. national Executive Council President, Held first alumni event on said that he and the other alumni supcampus as a recognized porting the re-colonization, including Conclave Colony since re-founding this Attendance was marked with semesMitchell Weinstein ’86, David past Fall. ter highs with PA Omega Gamma Jutovsky ’87, and Steven Harfield (Penn State University) having 28 ’88, Roger Taylor ’88 are “exited brothers attend the Fall conclave at about getting back [to campus]. We Penn State and VA Omicron Zeta are nervous if it will work out, but (Virginia Tech) for having 37 brothers attend the Spring conclave held at Virginia Tech. We would also like to recognize those chapters that lead brotherhood attendance while traveling to another chapter. The brothers of VA Omega Rho (Virginia Commonwealth University) brought 22 men to the Conclave at the University of Virginia in the Fall, the brothers of NY Phi Lambda (Adelphi University) brought 28 men to the Conclave at

Chapter Spotlight WI Chi Upsilon Carroll University

RPI (Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute) in the Spring and the brothers of CA Tau (University of California Berkeley) brought 10 men 16 hours to the Conclave at Eastern Washington University.

Made State and National news through their Elimination of Prejudice ‘Wall of Prejudice’ event.

The more undergraduate members that attend a Conclave throughout each academic year, the more opportunity our chapters have to be exposed to the best practices of other - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - chapters and to gain a greater appreciation for our Fraternity and the Is your chapter noteworthy brothers within it across North Amerthings on your campus? If so, ica. We hope that each of you who please let us know! Email had the chance to form relationships Phil Spence at with brothers from other chapters, continue to stay in touch and learn from each other, as well as look forward to seeing each other again at an upcoming Conclave.

announced at or prior to Convention 2012 in Richmond, VA. Additionally, if you have any feedback you would like to give on your Conclave experience, please share with your regional Leadership Consultant. We would love to know how we can continue to improve our programming to make our Leadership Conclaves as meaningful and impactful as possible.

Recruitment Survey Thank you to all the brothers who filled out a recruitment survey within the past few weeks. We received responses from brothers representing 19 different chapters about how each group did this semester. We also received responses from brothers who joined Pi Lambda Phi in Fall 2011 who shared what it was like to join their chapter. We are happy to share some of the results below.

Thank you again to brothers who attended a Conclave this academic year and thank you to those chapters that Responses From Undergraduate hosted a Conclave: Brothers Who Joined Before Fall 2011: Fall 11 Host Chapters FL Epsilon Lambda (Florida State University) MI Epsilon (University of Michigan) MN Kappa Chi (Winona State University) NC Omega Zeta (Western Carolina University) PA Epsilon Zeta (University of Pennsylvania) PA Gamma Sigma (University of Pittsburgh) PA Omega Gamma (Penn State University VA Omega Alpha (University of Virginia)

Spring 12 Host Chapters FL Delta (University of Florida) MI Alpha Omega (Sienna Heights) NC Epsilon Kappa (NC State) NY Kappa Tau (RPI) OH Beta Tau (Baldwin-Wallace) PA Kappa Eta (Widener) WA Epsilon Alpha (Eastern Washington University)

WI Omega (University of Wisconsin)

If your chapter is interested in hosting a Conclave in Fall 2012, please let your regional Leadership Consultant know so we can begin planning. The Fall 2012 Conclave schedule will be

What were the most effective ideas, small activities or larger events your chapter used this semester? 

"We conducted a thorough investigation of [our] University to see what areas we could recruit the kind of guys that we were looking for. Throughout the fall semester we engaged in a weekly names list review so that all brothers could see our progress. We constantly used the ideas of closing conversations and really followed the slogan of "people join people...". We would friend all the pnm's prior to introducing them to Pilam. Small lunch and dinner activities and fun times off campus would serve to solidify our bonds as friends which we would offer to the potential mem-

bers to grow into brotherhood. We have our brothers assume a number of leadership roles on campus including Orientation Leaders (which we now have 5 out of only 10 male OL's), RAs and a number of mentor roles that put us in direct contact with potential members."

Prejudice Video Contest, The Elimination of Prejudice continues to gain momentum.

Second Annual Video Contest Now in its second year, the Elimination of Prejudice Video Contest focuses on the Prejudices faced by those living within the LGBT com "Lunch one on one with PNM's and munity. Through challenging people explaining the values and purpose to creatively address the prejudices in of Pi Lambda Phi." the world, the Elimination of Preju "The most effective tactic we used dice Video Contest has given people as a chapter was spending time with an opportunity to speak up about senthe pnm's not only during recruitsitive issues. People around the world ment but during the previous sehave accepted this challenge with mester and outside regular recruit- video entries submitted from 5 differment period" ent countries on 3 different continents. Through the support of various  Other specific recruitment events Big Pi winners and Greek Life Direcmentioned were paintball, cooktors, we have narrowed all entries outs, steak dinner, smoker (cigar down to 5 finalists. Take a few minnight), bonfires, white water raftutes and to watch each of these viding, freshmen move in, movie eos and vote for you favorite video. nights, video game nights and Click here to visit the contest webpickup sports games. site. … To read all of the responses, please follow the this link.

First Annual Pi Lambda Phi Video Contest In addition to the aforementioned contest, the Pi Elimination Lambda Phi of Prejudice Educational Over the past Foundation, in month The partnership with Elimination of The Elimination Prejudice has of Prejudice is seen great supexcited to proport from varivide our underous chapters as graduate Broththe organization ers the opportucontinues to adnity to speak up vance the ideals about the prejuof equality bedices in our yond the walls world today. As part of a separate of our Fraternity. From chapters hosting fundraising/educational events to contest, Brothers from chapters who have actively promoted the Eliminathe launch of the first annual EoP/ tion of Prejudice through fund-raising PLP Video Contest and people around the world speaking up about and/or educational events are encourprejudice through the Elimination of aged to submit a video, up to 3 min-

utes, on the theme of LBGT Prejudice. For more information about the contest, please visit the contest website. If your chapter has not supported the EoP this past year, but you have interest in submitting a video, contact Dave Heckathorn at to learn how to make your chapter eligible for the contest.  Chapter Involvement During this past month several chapters played a key role in sharing the ideals of equality and mission of The Elimination of Prejudice on their campus. Three chapters who went above and beyond this past month are FL Epsilon Lambda (Florida State University), WI Chi Upsilon (Carroll University) and WI Omega (University of Wisconsin). Each of these chapters deserves recognition for making the values of our Creed a prominent aspect of their chapter. 

This past month, FL Epsilon Lambda hosted their annual Line Dance philanthropy event. This event features sororities on campus competing in a group dance competition; this year’s event was sold out with over 1200 attendees and raised $2,000 for the Elimination of Prejudice Philanthropy.

through April 28th. During this week the chapter a Diversity Panel hosted by University Administration and sold wristbands while tabling on campus. The WI Omega chapter aims to raise awareness of The Elimination of Prejudice and its mission. Other chapters who supported The Elimination of Prejudice this past month include, VA Theta Xi, PA Beta Gamma, NY Phi Lambda, NY Kappa Tau, and FL Delta Upsilon. Thank you for you support!

Thank you to all chapters and individuals who have contributed to the growth of the Elimination of Prejudice over the past school year. Your efforts and commitment to our Fraternity's values are greatly appreciated.

Supporting Additional Convention Delegates

Pi Lambda Phi International Headquarters is excited to announce that the Educational Foundation is once again accepting tax deductible donations to help send additional undergraduate delegates to this year's Annual Leadership Convention in Richmond, VA. This is a great opportunity to reach out to your chapter alumni and explain to them the bene The colony at Carroll University fit your chapter will receive by havhosted a very successful educaing multiple delegates at Convention. tional and fund-raising event this By bringing multiple delegates to past month. Through their event the Convention, you will increase the opchapter, Pi Lambda Phi and the portunity to bring back and impleElimination of Prejudice gained ment a greater amount of the inforlocal, state and national attention. mation learned upon return to your Please take a few minutes to watch chapter. a Fox 6 News Story and read an Consider reaching out to your Chaparticle posted on the Today Show’s ter Advisor, Advisory Board, Alumni Website about the event. Association and other involved alumni of your chapter to see if they  Our chapter at University of Wishave an interest in supporting addiconsin planned an entire week of tional delegates for the benefit of the events, running from April 23rd entire chapter. You might also in-

clude in your next alumni newsletter, post on your chapter website or send out a direct message on your alumni listserv or contact list the opportunity to make a tax deductible donation that will go directly toward funding an additional delegate. Additional Delegate Registration Fees this year are $400.

the attitude given towards new members and what they are required to do before becoming members in a chapter.

The reality is, whatever traditions you may experience in your chapter, they have undoubtedly changed to some degree over the years. And in regards to those questionable actions or tradiAnother great way to fund additional tions that may go against what is soConvention delegates is by reaching cially acceptable or even legal, the out to different departments of your only answer is change or die. University or College. Your office of Greek Life, Student Government, Pi Lambda Phi has experienced great Leadership Development, Multicul- growth within the past few semesters tural and/or Student Activities are all with many chapters seeing growth opportunities to receive funding for due to an increased focus on recruiteducational/leadership programming ment and recruitment training. Our such as Pi Lambda Phi's Convention. fraternity has also seen growth with Some chapters in years past have the opening of new or previously been able to send as much as four ad- closed down chapters, most recently ditional delegates just by asking their Roanoke College and Carroll UniverGreek Life Office! Start asking now sity. But the startling reality our frato see what support may be available. ternity faces is as much as we are growing we are also losing chapters Please visit our Convention website through poor decisions that often page and register online now. You stem from the idea of continuing a may also visit our Frequently Asked tradition that often revolves around Questions page for more information. New Members and alcohol. Two of the recent chapters Pi Lambda Phi has lost were over 50 members at the time of closure and each, from an Hard Realities There are certain realities Fraternity outsider's perspective, were one of men must face either when they first the strongest chapters on their camjoin their chapter or at some point as pus and within our Fraternity internationally. But regardless of their a brother of their chapter. One of strengths and the things they did well, those realities is that things change. each chapter was eventually closed What might have been socially acdue to a link between New Members ceptable or even legal in previous years, might not be permissible when and alcohol. you are an undergraduate. A word Just as intolerable as having alcohol often associated with fraternities is play a part in the New Member proctradition, a lasting set of norms that dictate events, culture, relationships ess is the role of activities that can be and even the risk that fraternity men considered hazing. As much as any one member or even outsider can artake. For some chapters a tradition gue what is or is not hazing, students can be something simple like how senior brothers are appreciated at the do not get to define what is hazing. end of a semester before they gradu- Those insured with the protection of ate, or something more complex like our members, our Universities, the

International Headquarters, the police To continue to succeed as an Internaand in some situations the court of tional Fraternity, we need to continue law, inevitably decide. to succeed at keeping our brothers and New Members safe by making Although the risk even a small group appropriate decisions. Even if that is of brothers take one night by having a facing a hard reality like some pracnew member complete a tradition, tice, or even tradition, in your chapter pledge task or even favor that inmay have to change or you may not volves alcohol or can be considered always have a chapter to come back hazing may not seem like a big deal, to as an alumnus. each issue has a lasting impact on our Fraternity as a whole. Our headquarters staff must address these issues, large or small, which takes away time from supporting chapters and brothers who are doing positive things to develop themselves, their fellow members, their chapter and our entire Fraternity. Consider this, an estimated 200 hours of staff time went into the investigation, communication and evaluation of an alleged providing alcohol to minors violation that was reported to the International Headquarters this past fall that eventually ended in the closing of a chapter for hazing among other violations. This does not include the hours put in by multiple dedicated alumni volunteers and University officials. Imagine what could be done if that 200 hours was instead used by our staff, and additionally our alumni, to directly support your chapter in reaching your goals or in continuing to develop alumni support for your chapter or in creating more resources for your members.

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Volume XIV Issue VI