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Teramo (Italy) 4 - 10 July 2012 The most international handball tournament in the world

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A UNIQUE PLACE IN THE WORLD TERAMO Surrounded by the scenery made up of the peaks and walls of the mountain range Gran Sasso and of the Monti della Laga, Teramo is the center of a local community spread along the valley of the Tordino River, between the Vomano River and the Vibrata Valley, and goes towards the marvellous coast. It is less than 30 km. from the seaside, with 50 km. of wonderful stretches of fine golden sand and unpolluted water, and from the mountains, with the most beautiful and striking peaks of the central Apennine Chain covered in snow. Teramo is rich in history and nature and enjoys a lively cultural life. Thanks to important evidence of its Roman and Medieval ages, to the presence of its National Parks and to the great importance of its gastronomic tradition, Teramo is a touristic attraction of a certain significance. It is a city continuously evolving which is trying to change its aspect and its economic situation in many ways: Teramo’s economy, which used to be mostly based on agriculture, is now mainly based on industrial and scientific plants such as the presence of the “Laboratory of Nuclear Physics” on the territory – the biggest in the World -, the Astronomy Observatory at Collurania and the Experimental Veterinary Health Institute. Great support has been given to the city by the University which, thanks to its degree courses, academic degrees and the many postgraduate schools and advanced diploma courses, has attracted about 11,000 students. (Ref.: official site of the City of Teramo –

Teramo can be reached: • By Air: from Rome (Fiumicino Airport 170 Km), from Pescara (Abruzzo Airport 55 Km); from Ancona (Falconara Airport 125 km) • By Train: from the railway station of Giulianova • By Car: by the Adriatic motorway A14 and the Motorway A24 RomeL’Aquila-Teramo

THE PROVINCE OF TERAMO The territory of the province of Teramo, with a surface of 1,948 km2, except for the short coast strip, is mostly hilly. On the west side, the territory rises up to the peaks of the Gran Sasso mountain range and on the north to the Monti della Laga. Therefore, the landscape is various and of great interest: from the deep-blue of the sea and the warm reflection of the golden sand, to the different shades of green, brown and gold of the cultivated hills, and the deep-green of the woods and the grey mountains (or bright white snow tops in Winter). In the “Green Region of Europe”, the territory of Teramo stands out for the presence of widespread woods. Teramo’s coast is the longest in the region of Abruzzo – with a width which in some places is more than 100 m. and a homogeneous length of about 50 km. It is the most welcoming, with a seafront lined with trees and flowers, clean stretches of fine golden sand, shallow water, and above all, clean.The climate is obviously very different between the coastline and the mountains. At the former, the climate is typically Mediterranean, with minimum temperatures usually above 0°C; at the latter, Summers are fresh whereas Winters experience temperatures which often fall below 0°C. In the central area and particularly in Teramo, which is situated in a valley surrounded by hills, the climate is mostly mild, even if on some Winter days it gets really cold and sometimes snows. ,

WHAT THE “INTERAMNIA WORLD CUP” IS For 38 years the Interamnia World Cup, recognised by the International Handball Federation as “the most important handball youth tournament in the World”, has gathered young athletes (from 9 to 21 years of age) coming from all over the World in Teramo from the 4th to the 10th July in the name of the highest ideals of sport and cultural exchanges. During the years, the event has given its contribution to opening the boundaries of the city, encouraging relationships and the knowledge of a continuously evolving world: thanks to handball, young people have realized the importance of living a healthy life; many volunteers have given their contribution to the success of the tournament, and the systemic and synergetic effort of the local councils, school institutions, authorities, sports organizations, companies and other important bodies of the city, have given a concrete testimony of the value of collaboration within the networks of territorial excellence. The Cup has developed many secondary events with great social and cultural value: from the international crafts exhibition-market “Hand Made” to “Streetanimation”, the performances of street artists coming from all over the World, to the international cultural happening “Teramo, a City Open to the World” and “Because… the poets”, without forgetting the Great Opening Parade “Teramo, Italy here” which turns the streets and squares of the city into a sparkling parade of lights, music and colours.

IN 39 YEARS… During its previous 39 years, the Interamnia World Cup has attracted the international attention as much as to be commemorated with a special mention in the year 2002 by the International Handball Federation as “the World’s biggest junior handball tournament”. This special acknowledgement follows the one made by U.N.I.C.E.F. that, in 1989, declared Teramo to be “A City Open to the World”, giving further prestige to the important “kermes”. Once more, we would like to thank the I.H.F. and feel the duty to further highlight the most characteristic aspects of the event from a technical-sports point of view, as well as in social, tourist and cultural-recreational terms, which make this tournament truly unique, and without doubt “the biggest and greatest in the World”. Technical sporting aspects The Interamnia event deserves the following comments: • Year by year, it has succeeded in gathering in one city, Teramo, (with an average of 42 countries during the last 23 years) as many as 8,034 teams coming from 108 countries, making up more than 47% of all the countries in the World and more than 64% of all the countries in which handball is played. • It has always given the greatest priority to the quality of its participants (rather than the quantity), and has since 1983 featured the most important personalities, such as: a) Trainers, managers and players of Under 21 national teams from 53 countries representing 5 continents, for a total of 248 teams, 136 male teams and 112 female ones (amongst which the world champion male teams in the category from the Soviet Union and Egypt and the female teams from the Soviet Union, Romania, Denmark and Russia); b) Trainers, managers and players of the youth teams of the most prestigious European clubs (amongst which 14 winners of European Cups at senior team levels, representing 9 countries and 132 which took part in European Cups at senior team levels, representing 31 countries); c) Leading personalities of international handball (managers and trainers/ former athletes of international fame), journalists (of papers and leading television stations) as well as photographic reporters; • It has also provided an important contribution to: a) The growth in the referee sector as it has, up to date, invited 2,772 referees from 72 countries representing 4 continents; b) The technical development of countries less evolved in a sporting sense, which thanks to the Interamnia Cup, have been able to come to the forefront in an intercontinental context (such as Afghanistan, Albania, Andorra, Armenia, Bangladesh, Cameroon, Colombia, Congo, Costa Rica, Gabon, Djibouti, Greenland, Guinea, Hong Kong, Honduras, India, Ireland, Kenya, Lebanon, Libya, Liechtenstein, Malta, Mongolia, Mozambique, Nigeria, New Caledonia, Palestine, Panama, Peru', Dominican Republic, Reunion, Uruguay); • It has provided the impetus for many other tournaments world wide and has increased the spreading of handball on the international sphere, further enhancing the image and the reputation of the sport itself.

Organizing Aspects The sports association organising the event has succeeded in creating a wide network of precious collaborators made up of managers of sports federations, clubs and bodies of various kind who have the duty of officially representing the Interamnia World Cup in 170 countries, all the countries of the World where handball is played. The above mentioned initiative shows the extraordinary “power” of the tournament, and besides creating more solid bases for its future, has the intention of offering the already great international handball family the possibility of creating new contacts and exchanges which are, without fail, useful for the extra growth of this sports discipline all around the world. Social aspects The Interamnia World Cup has another merit which is also one of its strong points, and that is, that it has always extended the invitation to participate to all, without making any distinction of race, tradition or political current, and that it has always made the greatest effort to overcome political barriers, also providing an opportunity for teams from countries in military conflict to come together and play. In fact, during the times of the most critical political tension, teams from Lebanon and Israel, Iran and Irak, England and Argentina, Bosnia and Serbia, China and Taiwan, have found themselves together in Teramo, thereby providing a highly significant message of peace and love among peoples, put into practice through sport. Team for Peace However, the most important pride of the tournament is to have created, during the 32nd Cup, an original initiative which allowed 24 players coming from 5 continents to belong to an ideal and unique team of the world for 7 days: the “United World Team”, better called the “Team for Peace”. The original team was made up of athletes coming from countries who are enemies at the moment, in war or in a moment of post-war reconstruction, but still with strong diplomatic tensions, coming from China and Taiwan, from South Korea and North Korea, from India and Pakistan, from Iraq and Kuwait, from Iran and Israel, from Palestine and Lebanon, from the United States of America and from Vietnam and Afghanistan, from Morocco and Algeria; from Bosnia, Croazia, Kosovo and Serbia; from Turkey and Cyprus, with the participation of Italy as the host country and a representative of the 5th Continent, with an Australian player giving a full sense of universality to the event. The event had never been experienced before in the world of sport and it highlighted the overcoming of any logic of conflicts, of all material and immaterial barriers which divide peoples and culture. Tourist aspects The participants of the tournament have also been greatly attracted by the wonderful natural features of Teramo and its local area, with its wonderful sea and mountain landscapes, and cultural traditions. There are also a host of different excursion possibilities offered to them, which have given them the opportunity to visit some of the most beautiful cities in Italy such as Rome, Naples, Florence and Venice, and enjoy their wonderful artistic, historic and architectural heritage.

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Cultural-recreational aspects


Finally, the event also features a wealth of non-sporting secondary initiatives, which are highly spectacular and original: • The Grand Opening Parade which takes place in the old town centre by night, and which forms the most emblematic and spectacular feature of the event • The traditional “Miss” and Mr” beauty contest • Ethnic and rock music festivals • Disco evenings • Folk games and traditions • International craft and entertainment shows in the street • Technical conferences and meetings • Convivial meetings with the participation of managers • Exhibitions • Tourist excursions • Beach handball tournaments (held on the wonderful beaches of the Adriatic Coast) • The cultural international happening events promoted during the past three years

Here are the figures of the participation in the previous 39 editions of the tournament:

Countries represented in the previous Interamnia World Cup editions Africa: Algeria, Angola, Cameroon, Congo, Djibouti, Egypt, Gabon, Ghana, Guinea, Ivory Coast, Kenya, Libya, Morocco, Mozambique, Nigeria, Reunion, Senegal, Tunisia. America: Argentina, Brazil, Canada, Colombia, Costa Rica, Cuba, Dominican Republic, Guatemala, Honduras, Mexico, Panama, Peru, United States of America, Uruguay, Venezuela. Asia: Afghanistan, Bahrain, Bangladesh, China, Hong Kong, India, Iran, Iraq, Israel, Japan, Kuwait, Lebanon, Mongolia, Pakistan, Palestine, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Syria, South Korea, Thailand, Taiwan. Europe: Albania, Andorra, Armenia, Austria, Belarus, Belgium, BosniaHerzegovina, Bulgaria, Croatia, Cyprus, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Faroe Islands, Finland, France, Georgia, Germany, Great Britain, Greece, Greenland, Hungary, Iceland, Ireland, Italy, Kosovo, Latvia, Liechtenstein, Lithuania, Luxemburg, Macedonia, Malta, Moldova, Montenegro, The Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Portugal, the Principality of Monaco, Romania, Russia, Serbia, Slovakia, Slovenia, Soviet Union, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, Turkey, Ukraine, Yugoslavia. Oceania: Australia, New Caledonia.

• 8,034 teams (248 national teams and 7,786 clubs) from 108 countries, coming from 3,132 cities representing the 5 Continents • 167,832 people from 108 countries and in detail: � 148,619 players � 8,175 trainers � 8,267 managers-tutors � 2,772 referees from 72 countries • 21,055 matches were played • 2,385,204 meals were served • 5,231 volunteers gave their precious contribution • 109,940 people had touristic excursions at the seaside (Giulianova) and at the mountains (the National Park Gran Sasso – Monti della Laga • 367 groups offering shows and performances, for a total of 1,637 artists, enriched the recreational-cultural aspects of the sport kermesse

40th INTERAMNIA WORLD CUP The most international handball tournament in the world 4-10 July 2012 A NETWORK FOR HANDBALL The year 2012 is very important: the Interamnia World Cup celebrates its fortieth anniversary. Thanks to the warm participation of clubs from all over the world, we have created a long history together, contributing to make handball a clean and sound sport, as well as a real crossroad of friendship. We are preparing great things in view of this event: the one to which, perhaps, we pay more attention is the active commitment of all the teams taking part to make the fortieth edition of our tournament special. How can we succeed in this? The first answer is: deleting the boundaries. This year, we would like the clubs to represent their city rather than their own country of origin, in order to create a real universal twinning without geographical boundaries. The second answer is: bringing the highest representative of their city. In fact, we ask participating teams to involve the Mayor of their city, with the goal of having in Teramo young athletes and personalities coming from all the world. We are doing all this so as to create a network of people proving, not only virtually, that through sport it is possible to be united, by harmonizing their way of being in the world, of living it, of considering it, of sharing it. We would like to say that we have brought to Teramo 10,000 athletes making up 450 teams coming from 200 cities, representing 100 countries of the 5 continents. We need you to break this incredible record. The territory will give us its support, giving us the opportunity to welcome you in exceptional conditions, between the sea and the mountain, in the evocative setting of a Italian summer.

"TOWARDS A NEW WORLD": FORTY YEARS OF INTERAMNIA WORLD CUP (1973-2012) With this slogan, which introduces the celebrations for the fortieth anniversary of the Interamnia World Cup, we would like the event to take off with a new course, based on two main elements: a more flexible organization, capable of enhancing the skills and of dealing with contingencies, and a greater integration in the territory. We intend to emphasize the centrality of Teramo in the handball promotion , extending the peculiar aspects of the Interamnia World Cup to the rest of the province, thus involving the whole Abruzzo region and the World. It’s our intention to involve Mayors and citizens in a virtuous network capable of opening up to the World and welcoming it between our mountains and our sea, and we want to emphasize this commitment strengthening communication and promotion. We want to find original mutual ideals, create the possibility of new international relationships, place squares, streets, and everyday life at the center of a world that, in our eyes, is new but at the same time full of history and traditions. This is our beginning and the way is long, but we are certain of the potential of this idea and of the role that sport and young people will have in realizing it.

In its 40 years of life, the Interamnia World Cup has gained a considerable heritage, consisting of international relationships, high ideals of peace, equality, and brotherhood conveyed by sport, of attracting an incalculable number of young people from every corner of the world; of interwoven cultural exchanges. We have created a real movement of young people, citizens of the world, from the city of Teramo, that has gone beyond the city, opening a window on a global historical, political, social, and cultural context which is constantly evolving. Therefore, the cities, and their relevant Mayors, will be the real protagonists, along with the teams and the young athletes, of a solemn characterization of the event and of its deepest meanings. We rely on the awareness campaign and on the cooperation of our most faithful club managers, so as to achieve our aim: the participation of at least 450 teams from 100 countries of the 5 continents and the involvement of the entire region of Abruzzo, in particular, Teramo and the other three regional capitals: Chieti, L'Aquila and Pescara for the carrying out of the tournament matches, the representation of at least 200 cities and the presence of at least 100 mayors, joined together in a single hug. Within this general framework and as part of a long time dream, we are creating the conditions - in collaboration with the authorities and prestigious Italian institutions who have honored us with their patronage, such as the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the Ministry of Youth, the Ministry of Tourism, the Italian Committee for UNICEF, and the Italian National Olympic Committee, for: • The participation of the Mayor of Hiroshima, President of the World Association "Mayors for Peace" and future Nobel Peace Prize, in the event. • An awareness campaign for the President of the Italian Republic to foresee his participation, in Rome or in Teramo, during the celebrations for the fortieth anniversary. • The reception of foreign delegations and of the Mayors of cities of the World in the Italian capital, in the Capitol, in the presence of the Mayor of Rome and the creation of a forum on the issues of racism, cooperation and the right to citizenship, with the signing of a protocol that commits the institutional representatives of the various nations to actions in support of these ideals. According to our plan, in this context, at the end of the institutional solemnity, the city of Rome, hosting the Olympics in 2020, could receive the participants in the 40th Interamnia World Cup in a high sport and solidarity moment through a symbolic match between the by now traditional "Teams for Peace", made up of athletes from enemy countries, currently in war or in a moment of post-war reconstruction, but still separated by strong diplomatic tensions. In conclusion, the Roman night could experience a Great Parade through the streets of the historic center of the Capital. In order to fully realize this important and ambitious project, we need the collaboration and cooperation of everyone, especially those who have believed and still believe in sports, social and human values expressed by the Interamnia World Cup until now (sports clubs and associations, embassies, ministries, universities, Italian and foreign institutions and associations) and who want to commit themselves in contributing to the creation of a New World!

PROGRAM The Sports-Cultural Club “Interamnia World Cup” plans and organises the “40th Interamnia World Cup” – Memorial “Giorgio Binchi” - International Handball Tournament, with the technical collaboration of the Italian Handball Federation and under the aegis of the National Olympic Committee, the International Handball Federation and the European Handball Federation. TAKING PLACE OF THE TOURNAMENT The tournament will be taking place from the 4th to the 10th July 2012 in Teramo, in the municipalities of its province an in its regional capitals: Chieti, L’Aquila and Pescara. PARTICIPANTS Participation is reserved to youth teams – both male and female – belonging to clubs who are members of national federations and to teams representing their provinces, regions and countries, directly associated with national federations who are members of the International Handball Federation for the current season.Youth school teams can also take part as long as their national association is member of the International School Sport Federation.

the mornings and afternoons of the 5th and 7th July. Some matches will be played in the afternoons of the 5th and 7th July in the cities of Chieti, L'Aquila and Pescara. The teams choosing to lodge in Teramo will play, in general, in Teramo; those lodging in a seaside town of the province will play, in general, in those towns. Should it not be possible to respect the above mentioned arrangement because of lack of teams lodging at the seaside and thus impossible to play the matches at the seaside, the organizing committee will immediately inform the teams and plan the matches in Teramo. SEMIFINAL MATCHES The matches will be played in Teramo during the morning and the afternoon of the 9th July. FINAL MATCHES The matches will be played in Teramo during the morning and the afternoon of the 10th July. PLAYING TIME Categories A – H and Under 30 Categories B and I All other categories

2 x 30 minutes 2 x 20 minutes 2 x 15 minutes


MALE CATEGORIES A) National teams-Under 21 B) Under 21 C) Under 18 D) Under 16 E) Under 14 F) Under 12 *G) Under 30

(1991 and younger) (1991 and younger) (1994 and younger) (1996 and younger) (1998 and younger) (2000 and younger) (1982 and younger)

FEMALE CATEGORIES H) National teams-Under 21 I) Under 21 L) Under 18 M) Under 16 N) Under 14 O) Under 12 *P) Under 30

(1991 and younger) (1991 and younger) (1994 and younger) (1996 and younger) (1998 and younger) (2000 and younger) (1982 and younger)

*CATEGORY: “UNDER 30” MALE AND FEMALE The experiment, suggested by several clubs who are particularly fond of our tournament and that aims at giving the athletes over the age of 21 who have previously participated in the tournament, the possibility of taking part in it again, has already given positive results. PLAYING CONDITIONS The game rules of the Italian Handball Federation and of the International Handball Federation will be observed. The tournament matches begin on the 4th July at 8.30 a.m. and finish on the 10th July at 8.00 p.m. The procedure of the games foresees eliminating matches, semi-final matches and final matches. Each team will play a minimum of six matches and a maximum of nine. ELIMINATING MATCHES The matches will be played in Teramo and in some municipalities of its province on the Adriatic Coast during the morning of the 4th July and during

1) Each player must imperatively have an identification document (passport or identity card) which must be presented before each match of the tournament. 2) The clubs taking part in the tournament with more than one team can employ their athletes only in the category they belong to and not in others. In particular to the club participants with more teams in the same category is allowed only in the preliminary round to use their athletes only in one team. 3) The teams enrolled will receive the detailed program of the event subsequently. 4) The Interamnia World Cup reserves the right to communicate any changes in the procedure of the matches and to refuse enrolments, within the 20th May 2012, in case a minimum of six teams per category is not reached. Equally, the latest arriving enrolments will be refused in case they exceed our logistic availabilities. FRIENDLY MATCHES AND TOURNAMENTS During their stay in Teramo and in its province, all the teams will have the possibility of playing friendly matches. Furthermore, the organizing committee is at the disposal of any foreign teams who would like to anticipate or lengthen their stay in Europe so as to play handball tournaments before or after the “40th Interamnia World Cup”. REFEREES The matches of the tournament will be refereed by Italian referees appointed by the Refereeing section of the Italian Handball Federation and by foreign referees sent here on purpose for this tournament. PRIZES - The trophy “Interamnia Cup” will be awarded to the teams classified first in each category. - A Cup will be given to the teams classified second, third and fourth. - Furthermore, other prizes will be given to teams, athletes and managers who will have particularly distinguished themselves.

INTERAMNIA PASS All participants duly enrolled will be given a special membership card called “Interamnia Pass”. This will give the right to: • Be a member of the Interamnia World Cup Association • Have free transport within the town taking advantage of the public transport of the Organisaton • Excursion to Rome (on 6th July) • Attend the Interamnia World Cup Disco and the Interamnia Village • Participation in "Here Teramo, Italy" - Great Opening Parade of the "40th Interamnia World Cup" and in the Prize "The most typical costume" • Have special discounts c/o the shops having a special agreement with us • Entrance to museums and archaeological sites in the province (on 9th July) • Have a discount for the purchase of "The Taste of Abruzzo" (set of 4 excellent food and wine products of Abruzzo) • Take part in the “Welcoming Reception” (4th July) and in the “Gala Party” (5th July) - (only for team managers) • Participate in all the secondary cultural and recreational events COUNTRIES TAKING PART Thanks to the total commitment of the organizers, even on the international field through a thorough and efficient publicity campaign having as protagonists important bodies such as the following who continue giving their support to us: Olympic Committees, Sports Federations, Foreign Embassies in Italy and Italian ones abroad, Press Agencies, Sports clubs, besides 170 correspondents of the Interamnia World Cup all over the World, we hope to achieve our target of reaching the participation in the tournament of teams representing 100 countries of the 5 Continents. Countries with whom we have a close collaborative relationship and who intend to participate are the following: Africa: Algeria - Angola- Cape Verde - Egypt - *Ethiopia - Gabon - Kenya Morocco - Reunion - Senegal - *Somalia - *South Africa - *Togo - Tunisia. America: Argentina - *Bolivia - Brazil - Canada - *Chile - Colombia - Costa Rica - Dominican Republic - *Ecuador- *El Salvador - Greenland - Guatemala - Honduras - Mexico - *Nicaragua - Panama - *Paraguay - Peru - *Puerto Rico - Uruguay - USA – Venezuela Asia: Afghanistan - Bahrain - Bangladesh - China - Chinese Taipei - Hong Kong - India - *Indonesia - Iraq - Iran - Israel - Japan - *Kazakhstan - Kuwait - Lebanon - *Malaysia - Mongolia - *Nepal - *Oman - Pakistan - *Philippines Qatar - Saudi Arabia - *Singapore - South Korea - Syria - *Tajikistan - Thailand - *United Arab Emirates - *Vietnam - *Yemen Europe: Albania - Andorra - Armenia - Austria - *Azerbaijan - Belgium - Belarus – Bosnia- Herzegovina - Bulgaria - Croatia - Cyprus - Czech Republic - Denmark - Estonia - Finland - Faroe Islands - France - Georgia - Germany - Great Britain - Greece – Hungary - Iceland - Ireland - Italy - Kosovo - Latvia - Lithuania - Luxembourg - Macedonia - Malta - Montenegro - Netherlands - Norway - Poland - Portugal – Principality of Monaco - Romania - Russia - Serbia - Slovakia - Slovenia - Spain - Sweden - Switzerland - Turkey - Ukraine Oceania: Australia - *Cook Islands - New Caledonia - *New Zealand *Samoa. *Countries who have never taken part in the tournament

LEISURE TIME INTERAMNIA VILLAGE The Interamnia World Cup will do its utmost to encourage relationships among athletes, trainers and managers taking part. This will be the duty of the Interamnia Village, a meeting-point for the exchange of information on one another’s Country, to meet people you are interested in, to contact clubs with whom you would like to collaborate and a team you would like to train. The Interamnia Village is also an ideal place to meet new friends, to exchange gadgets and get useful news on what may be interesting during the event; it is an ideal means to shorten the distances and unite the world. INTERAMNIA DISCO Inside the Interamnia Village, a special open-air disco will be present for the enjoyment of the young participants in a spirit of solidarity. INTERAMNIA INTERNET CAFE' All the participants have the possibility of connecting to the internet, free of charge, thanks to the internet points with the name “Interamnia Internet Café”. SHOPPING All the participants in the Interamnia World Cup can take advantage of special discounts in particular shops having a special agreement with us: this is a unique occasion to discover our fashion and the typical products of the region of Abruzzo. EXCURSIONS During the period of the tournament, and in particular after the eliminating matches and in the afternoon of 8th July, touristic excursions will be organized to the sea and to the mountains. Furthermore, other excursions arranged by the travel agency Viaggi Baltour are planned in the cities of Rome, Venice, Florence and Naples. The clubs who are interested can ask for further details c/o our Organizing Secretariat and c/o the travel agency Viaggi Baltour (

SECONDARY INITIATIVES The participants, during their stay in Teramo, will have the opportunity of living extra-sport moments, as planned in a program very rich of events and secondary initiatives. WELCOMING RECEPTION Just a few hours after the Great Opening Parade, the Gala Party is a real welcoming party dedicated to all the team managers and referees taking part in the tournament. The reception is also a great occasion to meet new colleagues, create new relationships and open a week full of sport and friendship. TERAMO, ITALY HERE Great Opening Parade of the 40th Interamnia World Cup “TERAMO, ITALY HERE” is the slogan that sums up the intention to make a context, such as that of the Great Opening Parade "Interamnia Cup", even richer, more colourful and suggestive, yet festive and cosmopolitan, and to further improve it in its spectacular contents. The Great Opening Parade will take place by night, on the evening of Wednesday 4th July, in the historical centre of Teramo. In fact, the organizers’ intention is to give life to a unique and original initiative in a phantasmagorical atmosphere in which the athletes taking part in the handball tournament, wearing the traditional costume of their country, various Italian and foreign musical, historic, folklore and theatre groups, and street artists taking part in the international show “Streetanimation”, mix together in a magic cocktail. The original characteristic of this event is actually this combination in which the young players are the protagonists of a great and unforgettable celebration. The event gathers together the city of Teramo and the many guests coming from every part of the World in an ideal hug, creating evidence of peace and friendship among peoples. For the success of the important event we require the full commitment of the clubs participating. These clubs are invited to provide themselves with the traditional costumes of their country or their city or with their representative uniform or original clothing that, in some way, characterizes their presence. Participation with costumes that have a specific historical reference and even the use of typical instruments of any kind are highly welcome. PRIZE FOR "THE MOST TYPICAL COSTUME" In order to give prominence to the great opening parade and to further stimulate the creativity and commitment of the participants, the real protagonists of the event, the prize "The Most Typical Costume" is established. An international jury will award the group distinguishing itself for creativity and industriousness and that will be able to characterize its origins in an incisive and original way. A free stay at the "41st Interamnia World Cup" (20 people) will be offered to the winning team of the competition. A GUINNESS DINNER (5th July) A table along an entire street in the historic city center, gathering about 1,000 people, proposing a menu full of the best food and wine of our region and cheered with ethnic music and street artists’ performances, will be set up. On the occasion of its fortieth anniversary, the Interamnia World Cup intends to organize a record dinner, in which the mayors of the cities of the World and those of our municipalities sit next to the city authorities and to the many personalities present in Teramo for the occasion; a great dinner: probably never realized before, involving restaurateurs and producers in the province of Teramo, consolidating a partnership that, over the years, has always promoted the meeting of tastes and flavors from all around the world with the variety of our typical dishes.

TO ROME (6th July) Within the project "Towards a New World", currently in a completion of its elaboration phase, an excursion to Rome for all participants in the tournament is scheduled for the afternoon of Friday 6th July. The Organization will arrange for the trip to Rome by bus. On the occasion, it will be possible to attend, in a Roman historic square, a match between the traditional "Teams for Peace", that symbolically demonstrate, with the force of example, how sport can unite what politics divide and create a symbolic march through the capital Centre. At the end of the match, the Roman night will welcome a Great Parade throughout the streets of the city. GALA PARTY: FORTY YEARS IN ONE NIGHT ( 7th July) To share and remember with all the citizens and the foreign guests the Interamnia World Cup heritage, accumulated over the years and made of anecdotes, characters and emblematic episodes: this is the goal of a Gala Evening that wants to retrace the forty years of the event, through the words and the memory of those who have continued to attend it for years, friends and personalities who have supported it and have contributed to make it great. In the ideal setting of the main square of the city, which has been receiving thousands and thousands of young people from all over the world for 40 years, direct accounts, supported by the screening of vintage movies up to the latest editions, will tell Interamnia’s most outstanding moments, the most characteristic events, and will illustrate the fundamental values that have made it a success. IT’S A BEAUTIFUL WORLD Miss & Mister Interamnia World Cup A new way of conceiving beauty (8th July) Who are the most beautiful of the Interamnia Cup? They are surely the boy and girl who are capable of wearing his/her own cultural identity naturally and with fantasy, considering beauty not just an aesthetic gift but giving it a greater significance. Beauty is also fun, colour, style and pride for one’s own way of being. “It's a Beautiful World” is a real fashion show in which athletes are invited to wear the clothes they love most, those which better describe themselves and that represent their culture, personality and way of considering .. fashion! STONES AND PEOPLES 2012 (8th July) Within an interesting project called “The Mountain as the Center of the World”, the Organizing Committee will present a particular initiative, already experienced with success during the last four years: “Stones and Peoples 2012”. Therefore, we have the pleasure of inviting the clubs participating to bring a small stone to Teramo from their country. This will be placed on the highest peak of the mountain range Gran Sasso d’Italia, among the other stones which symbolize the World, as a symbolic union among the peoples of the World. THE LONG CULTURAL NIGHT (9th July) In the evening of the 9th July, all the museums and cultural sites of archaeological interest of the Province of Teramo will be open all night long for the Interamnia guests. FLAGS OF THE WORLD The Interamnia World Cup colors will be further enriched with those of many cities around the world participating in the tournament. Therefore, all the participating teams are strongly encouraged to carry the flag or banner of their city, to be used on the occasion of the traditional opening parade. The flags will be put on display in the main playing field.



YES WE TERAMO! Cultural- International happening

Tuesday 3rd July Arrival of teams, greeting and accommodation.

This is the brand under which all the social-cultural initiatives linked to the Interamnia World Cup are gathered. The project is born from the necessity to join the usual program of the handball tournament with a real entertainment pathway that, on one hand, helps to meet the needs of foreign athletes, and on the other, also constitutes an attraction for the province citizens and guests. The reviews "Teramo, a City Open to the World" , "Because ... the Poets" and "Streetanimation" are just some of the events that have led, over the years, the 5 continents cultures to the center of Teramo. Therefore, artists from all around the world will be the protagonists of original performances in the places considered most characteristic and highly representative of the artistic and archaeological heritage of the city of Teramo, all united by the thin fil rouge of history, and will be confronted with the most prestigious cultural realities of the province and of the whole Abruzzo region.

Wednesday 4th July • 8.30 a.m. – 1.00 p.m. • 7.00 p.m.

Eliminatory matches Welcoming reception (for managers, referees and institutional representatives) • 9.00 p.m. – 12.00 a.m. Teramo, Italy Here – Great Opening Parade Thursday 5th July • 8.30 a.m. – 1.00 p.m. Eliminatory matches • 3.00 p.m. - 7.00 p.m. Eliminatory matches • 9.00 p.m. – 12.00 a.m. A Guinness Dinner (for managers, referees and institutional representatives) • During the day: Conference "Towards a New World" for managers and institutional representatives Friday 6th July • 8.30 a.m. • 2.00 p.m- 12.00 a.m



The ultimate objective of the project is to propose quality initiatives, aimed at enhancing what the city of Teramo and its province have, and at the same time, at opening it to the World, in a fruitful cross-cultural dialectic that will especially help younger languages and new forms of expression.

Eliminatory matches To Rome (for athletes, managers, referees and institutional representatives)

Saturday 7th July • 8.30 a.m. – 1.00 p.m. Eliminatory matches • 3.00 p.m. – 7.00 p.m. Eliminatory matches • 9.00 p.m. – 12.00 a.m. Gala Party: Forty years in one night Sunday 8th July • 8.30 a.m. – 1.00 p.m. Eliminatory matches • In the afternoon People and Stones 2012 Touristic excursion • 9.00 p.m. – 12.00 a.m. It's a beautiful world Miss & Mister Interamnia World Cup Monday 9th July • 8.30 a.m. – 1.00 p.m. • 3.00 p.m. – 7.00 p.m. • 9.00 p.m. – 11.00 p.m. • 9.00 p.m - 12.00 a.m

Semi-final matches Semi-final matches Final matches Disco Evening

Tuesday 10th July • 8.30 a.m. – 1.00 p.m. Final matches • 3.00 p.m. – 7.00 p.m. Final matches • 9.00 p.m. – 11.00 p.m. Prizing and Grand Final

SECONDARY EVENTS In conjunction with the "40th Interamnia World Cup", the international events listed below will take place as well. The cooperation of the clubs in reporting to our secretariat potential artists and exhibitors who would be interested in participating is particularly welcome.

STREETANIMATION 18th International Exhibition of street performances 4th-10th July 2012 Streetanimation is an international exhibition of entertainment in the street, open to artists from all over the world, performing musical and theatrical activities of various kinds (humorists, dancers, jugglers, acrobats, fantasists, storytellers, puppeteers, mimes, clowns, actors, etc..). Participants perform freely in the streets, lanes and squares of the city of Teramo (without use of stages, amplifiers and/or any other special equipment). The festival has a clear social meaning: it is, in fact, an encounter among cultures, an "almost unique" opportunity for establishing reciprocal relationships and for creating a brotherhood atmosphere. 1,230 artists from 34 nations, representing 5 continents have taken part in the 17 previous editions.

PARTICIPATION OF CULTURAL GROUPS: INVITATION Our intention is to enrich the Interamnia World Cup with the presence of cultural groups from the countries taking part in the tournament. Therefore, we would be very grateful if you could give us information about a cultural group of your country, which might have an interest in accepting our invitation to take part in the international- cultural happening "Yes, We Teramo", which will be held from 4th to 10th July 2012 and, at the same time, might be willing to make an exchange with a similar cultural group of Teramo. We propose the following conditions to the group, which may consist of a minimum of 3 to a maximum of 16 people: • Hospitality (free board and lodging) in boarding school from 3rd July to the morning of 11th July 2012 • Free transport within the Italian territory from Rome airport (or from Pescara or Ancona) to Teramo and back • Medical assistance • Participation in cultural activities as scheduled in the program For guidance, we hereby indicate the cultural areas: • Dance (modern or traditional) • Folklore • Music (various kinds of easy listening and classical music) • Street Theatre • Cabaret • Gastronomy

HAND MADE 17th International Crafts Exhibition Market 30td June -10th July 2012 Both Italian and foreign exhibitors, public bodies, associations and organizations with highly qualified productions, carrying out an activity of crafts promotion, from a large number of nations representing the 5 continents, can participate in the event. The following product areas are welcome: clothing, furniture, furnishings, gifts, paper and printing, watchmakers and jewelry, cosmetics, food and wine products (excluding administration), ethnic handicrafts. 1,075 exhibitors-craftsmen from 70 countries, representing the 5 continents, have taken part in the previous 16 editions.

INTERAMNIA WORLD CUP SEGRETERIA ORGANIZZATIVA Via V. Irelli, 55 - 64100 Teramo (Italy) Tel.: (+39) 0861 243375 Fax: (+39) 0861 247648 E-mail: www.interamniaworldcup. com (In fase di completa ristrutturazione) FACEBOOK Interamnia World Cup Official Facebook page

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