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HAPPY SPRING DAY! Dear PTB Member Hope all is well on your side. What a terrific month we had with numerous activities and events that filled the gorgeous days we had! It almost felt like summer was upon us. The month was kicked off with the Piketberg “Landbou en Blomme” Show, and in late August it was time for the annual Swartland MTB Race at Org de Rac, and then finally the month was concluded with a farmers market on Piket-Bo-Berg and the NG Kerk Koringberg Bazaar. Pictures regarding the Piketberg “Landbou en Blomme” Show can be viewed by following this link: and for pictures of the Swartland MTB Race clich on the following link: 1 Congratulations to the organizing committee of the “Piketberg Landbou & Blomme Skou” on hosting a successful event. PTB is looking forward to next years‟ event. The Swartland MTB Race as well as the NG Kerk Koringberg “Bazaar” was just as big of a success.

Piketberg Tourism also had an Information Stall at the Piketberg “Landbou en Blomme” Show. PTB would like to thank each and everyone that where able to man the stall for a few hours during the show. The visitor numbers over the course of the Show is as follow: 04 August 2011, Thursday – 19 Visitors 05 August 2011, Friday – 25 Visitors 06 August 2011, Saturday – 72 Visitors In the meantime, Piketberg Tourism welcomes the newest members: Nicky Bears produce bears made from vintage fur coats, hand sewn with movable joints, glass eyes and leather pads. Contact Nicky at or visit the website or phone 022 423 8055. Nicky Lategan Butchery, situated in Moorreesburg, supply a variety of meat directly to you. Above all, Nicky Lategan Butchery also have a Mobile Butchery that visits Piketberg every week. Phone Thea 022 433 1065 for more information.

Reaching for the STARS… PTB would like to congratulate Pulpetaan Guesthouse on receiving 3 Star Grading! Congratulations Pulpetaan Guesthouse and Team!

Flower Power Please remember that the flower report comes out twice a week. Please be so kind to inform the PTB office of any flower sightings within the area, in order to generate a more descriptive and accurate flower report. Remember that you can also phone the FLOWER LINE - 071 320 7146 for updated information regarding flower sightings.

The Morea Gigandra in Bloom The Morea Gigandra will be in bloom in about 2 weeks time. The Morea Gigandra is an Iridaceae (part of the iris family). Locally it‟s known as the “Grootflappie”. Sadly the Morea Gigandra has an Endangered conservation status. Moraea Gigandra is a winter-growing, summer-dormant geophyte. In the case of M. Gigandra the storage organ is a well-developed corm that is annually replaced and consists of a short, solid, vertical stem surrounded by strong outer corm tunics. Moraea Gigandra has an extremely limited distribution in renosterveld vegetation in an inland area of the Western Cape. It is on the verge of extinction here due to the ploughing up of its natural habitat for the planting purposes

of winter cereal crops, and today survives in just a few, scattered remnant populations on low hill slopes and flats in moist, heavy, clay soil. Luckily Moraea Gigandra can be viewed on a local farm here in Piketberg, “Die Brug”. Be sure to view this wonderful plant when in bloom. Please contact Philip at 084 4910 182 to view this flower, as it is on private property. (Resource: Pictures of the wild flower on the Farm, “Die Brug” can be viewed at the following link: 9 Here is also a link to pictures from previous years on this farm: 9&type=1

Back to Business PTB also attended a PPC Stakeholders Meeting where the current developments at PPC were discussed with all stakeholders that attended. This multi-million project could have amazing spin-offs into Piketberg.

Elections… In the last month there were numerous AGM‟s that took place. The most important AGM‟s for PTB is the Bergriver Tourism Organisations‟ AGM and the West Coast Tourism Organisations‟ AGM. During the BTO AGM Hillary Morrison (Velddrif) was elected as Chair and Garry Frasca (Piketberg) as Vice-Chair. During the West Coast Tourism Organisations‟ AGM, Hillary Morrison (Velddrif) again, was elected as Chair and Sakkie de Villiers (Biosphere) was elected Vice-Chair.

Let asseblief op dat: Lidmaatskap moet hernu word voor 15 September 2011. Daar is nog heelwat lidmaatkap gelde wat uitstaande is. Neem asb. kennis dat indien u lidmaatskap gelde nie tenvolle vereffen is teen 15 September 2011, sal u besigheid se naam op beide die nuwe Piketberg Kaart en Weskus Reis Mosaiek ingekorporeer kan word nie. Die nuwe Piketberg Kaart behoort in druk te gaan teen einde van hierdie maand. Aan die regter kant volg die voorbeeld van die uitleg van die kaart. Daar is nog heelwat inligting wat op skets bygevoeg word, maar hierdie is net ter inligting.

Nasionale Instituut vir Dowes (NID) PTB in samewerking met NID organiseer „n werkswinkel hier op Piketberg t.o.v ondersteunende gebare taal vir gehoorgestremdes in die werks omstandighede. NID gaan „n gratis werkswinkel van 3 ure op Woensdag 12 Oktober, of Donderdag 13 Oktober aanbied, afhangend van watter dag die meeste persone sal pas om die werkswinkel bytewoon. Daar sal 2 opleiding sessies wees, een in die oggend, en een in die middag. Hier volg die program van die Werkswinkel wat deur die NID aangebied word:

PTB benodig dat u dus so gou as moontlik laat weet watter dag u die beste sal pas: Woensdag 12 Oktober, of Donderdag 13 Oktober? Oggend of middag sessie? Sodat ons die getalle en lokaal kan bevestig.

***RSVP met u naam, die dag wat u pas, en sessie tyd na teen Woensdag, 7 September 2011. Bring soveel mense soos u kan! Kom ons help om Piketberg meer Gehoorgestremd vriendelik te maak. Na afloop van die werkswinkel, sal „n Ledevergadering geskied, sodat die sertifikate wat ontvang word na afloop van bywoning van die werkswinkel, aan die betrokke persone oorhandig kan word. Vir interessantheids onthalwe lees gerus die document aangeheg aan hierdie epos, aangaande Gehoorgestremdheid statistiek in Suid-Afrika.

Whats happening September?


New PTB Website PTB have started a new website, until enough funds is available to redesign the official PTB website correctly and appropriately. Please visit the new Piketberg Tourism website: Although the site is still under construction, please feel free to make any comments or suggestions.

Vote for Table Mountain! Vote for NATURE, Vote for Table Mountain Table Mountain is in the running to become one of the New 7 Wonders of Nature, but this South African attraction is falling behind! The New 7 Wonders will be announced on November 11, 2011 and we need your help to ensure our place in the history books. Vote for Table Mountain online, via MXit or via SMS as often as possible. SMS “Table” to 34874. Each SMS costs R2. Please follow this link, to vote for Table Mountain: e/

Golf Fundraiser One of the key drivers for Piketberg Tourism is to re open the Mountain Hike from Piketberg to Wittewater/Goedwerwacht during 2012, there are some existing funds available towards re-establishing this much needed tourism attraction which will benefit and therefore raise the profile of the town of Piketberg in the years ahead. To this end a small fundraiser fun afternoon will be held on or around the afternoon of Friday 25th of November 2011 at the PPC De Hoek golf course – with a Shotgun start “Texas scramble” over eighteen holes. This is limited to nine fourballs only, via a handicap system and it encouraged that the teams be made up of staff as part of a small team building exercise. The format of Texas Scramble is the most enjoyable for golfer and non golfers who all play an important part of the teams overall score per hole. A small prize giving/raffle/fundraiser will be held after the golf activity at Feathers Inn at the top end of Church Street, with all proceeds raised on the day going towards

Piketberg Tourism‟s fund to re establish the hike next year. A cash bar will be available to raise additional funds towards the hike at the facility. If your company is interested in either entering a fourball or donating a team prize or even refreshments during the golf activities it would be highly appreciated. All donations/participations will be mentioned on the day as part of us all working together to help put Piketberg firmly on the Tourism map. It is genuinely hoped that this will be the start of an annual event with hopefully a larger entry of teams in the years ahead and will form part of the annual celebrations in the town. Please contact George at 022 913 3651 or 082 760 3464 for more information. Before I finish off... PTB‟s condolences go to the Langeveldt, Scheepers & Bruwer families whom all lost a family member over the last few weeks. PTB‟s deepest sympathy goes to the Kitshoff family that lost their son over of the weekend. Take care. That‟s all from my side.

Piketberg Tourism September Newsletter 2011  
Piketberg Tourism September Newsletter 2011  

Posbus 101 Piketberg 7320 Tel/Faks: (022) 913 2063 Epos: Website: Piketberg Toerisme The month...