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THE STARSHIELD Volume II: Fall 2010

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Fall 2010 in Review


Character, Leadership, Academics, Sportsmanship, Service

Greetings From the President

New President New Path Brothers, Alumni and Family, I hope this newsletter finds you well. Theta Sigma has worked very hard this fall semester and our hard work has surely paid off. At the beginning of the year, we competed at a high level and were blessed with finishing second in the IFC playoffs for football. The day after, we competed in Delta Zeta’s Turtle Bowl football tournament and took home the championship. We swept past many powerhouse teams, which included IFC, CGC, and alumni teams from CSULB and other universities. One of our chapter’s main focuses in the fall was philanthropy. Push America is our national philanthropy, which sits close in our hearts as we work very hard to raise awareness and funds for people with disabilities. In November we held our first Push event of the semester called Pedal for Push. Our chapter fundraised over $4,000 while riding three stationary bicycles for 30 consecutive hours. This event brought Pi Kapp brothers, people with disabilities, and many Greeks together in one of the school’s most successful fundraisers of the semester. Preceding this event, we held a laser tag event between sororities that raised an additional $500 for Push America. Our chapter is now at a very important period since its establishment back in 2008. This November we elected a new Executive Council, which includes a president and many other active members who are not Founding Fathers. We surely would not be where we are today without the dedication and desire of our founders, however, as we move forward many in our chapter are excited for the endless opportunities and achievements that await us in this new era. Please take the time to read through this newsletter to better understand the accomplishments and activities that the brothers of Pi Kappa Phi, Theta Sigma, have achieved over the past semester.

In the Star and Lamp, Abtin Hashemian

Q: What is your vision for Theta Sigma? A: “To create a unified brotherhood, where brothers can look each other in the eyes and know they are genuine friends.” Q: What is one improvement you feel the chapter accomplished this past semester? A: “Building more awareness and dedication towards our philanthropy, Push America.” Q: What is your biggest goal for 2011? A: “To raise $10,000 dollars for Push America as well as send two brothers on the Journey of Hope.” Q: What is your favorite Pi Kappa Phi memory? A: “Raising $4,000 in 30 hours for people with disabilities in the Pedal for Push event.”

ALUMNI Brothers Living Dreams… Brian Felling #12, Spring 2010 Graduate

Fall 2010 Graduate Sean M. Pellerin #59

Brian Felling is a Los Alamitos native and a business economics graduate. He recently moved to Roseville, Calif. (Placer County) where he is attending paramedic school and a fire academy. Felling is currently number two in a class of 42 students for grades. He is working towards completing his paramedicine license by next January. He has already begun applying for fire departments around California. Felling hopes to be hired as a full-time paramedic-firefighter within two years. As former president, Felling understands the challenges that come with being a brother and leader of Pi Kappa Phi. Therefore he shares this with active brothers: ”Keep striving to be the best you can be, whether in school, work or in Pi Kappa Phi because it will all pay off in the end. I miss having you guys, my brothers, close to me and I wish you guys all the best in this upcoming semester…”

Andrew Niiro #15, Spring 2010 Cum Laude Graduate

Major: Communication Studies Plans on pursuing a career in sports radio broadcasting. He wants to specifically report for the Major League Baseball industry.

“Go confidently in the direction of your dreams. Live the life you have imagined” -Henry David Thoreau

Andrew Niiro, an Irvine native and a recent political science graduate, has always been passionate about serving people who are less fortunate. So in November of 2010, one of his biggest dreams became reality. After a rigorous application process, Niiro received his official invitation to become a Peace Corps volunteer in Central America. On January 18, he was sent on assignment to El Salvador for two years. Currently, he is working on completing the Peace Corps training program. Once he completes training, Niiro looks forward to improving the lives of the Salvadorian people by educating them with his own skills and knowledge. After expressing how much he will miss his family, friends, and Pi Kappa Phi brothers, he also thanked the Pi kappa Phi organization for making him the leader he is today. “Joining Pi Kappa Phi was one of the best decisions I have ever made. I have always been a shy person and joining has allowed me to become more social, which has improved my life in and out of school. These are the skills I will take with me out into the world.”

Jose Reynoso #44, Spring 2010 Graduate

Jose Reynoso is a Long Beach resident and a political science graduate. His passion has always been the study of law and he recently reached a major milestone by scoring high in the LSAT exam. He also got into the “Sweet 16” elimination round at a regional debate tournament. He plans on going to law school where he will primarily focus on business/corporate law. Reynoso expressed his support for the chapter by wishing every brother the best in their endeavors. He also voiced a special message for the parents. “…(The parents’) children have made a great decision in joining the Pi Kappa Phi fraternity, which is based on a strong foundation of brotherhood, philanthropy, and the tenant of attaining the highest level of scholarship. All these aspects will help them grow into men of CLASS.”

Theta Sigma is proud Brian Felling, Andrew Niiro, and Jose Reynoso are taking hold of the opportunities that come their way. May you all continue to use your knowledge and skills to better yourselves and the world.

SUMMER OF SUCCESS This summer, 41 students from across the country, including two Theta Sigma brothers, journeyed to Charleston, South Carolina for an intense, six-day leadership conference. The conference is known as Pi Kapp College, which was founded 51 years ago by a small group of Pi Kapps that wanted to discuss common issues, receive officer training, and learn to become better leaders. This year, however, Pi Kapp College was revamped in order to provide students the appropriate environment to explore brotherhood rituals and values that make Pi Kapps true leaders by choice. Over 70 sophomores and juniors from 46 chapters applied and brothers Bryan Garcia and Jaime Varela were fortunately selected. During the conference, each student had the privilege of touring the birthplace of Pi kappa Phi. They learned of all the contributions Pi Kappa Phi members have made to the city and the College of Charleston. Garcia and Varela also participated in a “friendship visit” with a local baseball league for children with disabilities called, the Charleston Miracle League. The event took place in a bowling alley where everyone had the chance to eat lunch and interact with the children. On the third day, an alumni panel came in to answer students’ questions about alumni involvement and past experiences as undergraduates. Every morning, the 41 students would meet in a large group for an education session on various leadership topics. Then around noontime, all the students would split into five smaller groups called “huddle groups.” A faculty and alumni member that are professionals in the field of higher education and leadership development led each huddle. Within the groups, students were encouraged to speak about their fraternal experiences, personal ethics, service to their community, individual strengths, and how they would stay involved with Pi kappa Phi and their college as alumni. Every night, the huddles would come together for a sub ritual that would reinforce the information they learned about that day. On the final day, every Pi Kapp participated in the graduation ceremony. During the ceremony each student was recognized as “alpha class” members of the Pi Kappa Phi emerging leadership institute by pastNational President-elect Mark Jacobs; Delta Psi (Texas-Arlington). “Our goal was to provide a transformative experience that would allow brothers to learn what it truly means to be a leader by choice and a man of Pi Kappa Phi,” said Abbie Schneider, Pi Kappa Phi’s former director of leadership and developer of the Pi Kapp College institute. Garcia and Varela are proud to have represented Theta Sigma and Cal State Long Beach this summer. Their knowledge and passion formed at the conference was reflected this semester with a substantial growth in the Push America and brotherhood sectors of the chapter. Both brothers hope their recent accomplishments will inspire other members to attend the Pi Kapp College institute.

One Brother’s Journey… In 1987, Bruce Rogers, a Pi Kappa Phi alumnus of Stetson University, rode his bicycle from San Francisco to Washington D.C. in order to bring more awareness to Push America and people with disabilities. He cycled for three consecutive months and finally reached D.C. on Aug. 13. The following year, Jim Karlovec of Bowling Green State University, became the first project manager of the Journey of Hope. He was able to recruit 21 Pi Kapps from various chapters to ride across the country and fundraise a total of $20,000. That year, J.O.H. was officially integrated with Push America. Today, J.O.H. continues to raise money and spread awareness for people with disabilities by recruiting 82 Pi Kapps annually. Each cyclist is mandated to raise a minimum of $5,000 and each crewmember raises a minimum of $2,500. The program raises in total $500,000 every year. The voyage covers a total of 32 states and over 12,000 miles are collectively ridden each year. After 23 years, Pi Kappa Phi has raised a total of $13 million and over 900 Pi Kapps from across the country have participated, making J.O.H. the largest fraternal fundraising and awareness event in the nation. In an attempt to reach millions of people, J.O.H. participants select to ride in one of three routes: the North, South and Trans America Route. The North and South routes start in San Francisco and split along the northern and southern states. The Trans America Route starts in Seattle and ends in D.C. All three teams meet at the same time on the Capitol lawn. Throughout the ride, each team reaches out to television, radio, newspapers, civic groups, and community leaders to raise awareness. This summer, Brent Freeman, 22, was the first brother of Theta Sigma to complete the Southern Route of J.O.H. In a team of 29 cyclists and seven crewmembers, he rode an average of 75 miles per day for 63 days. In the end, Freeman cycled 4,000 miles and he was able to surpass the fundraising minimum by raising $9,600. Freeman did not simply cycle across the United States, but rather cycled to inspire the hundreds of people he met along the way. After long days, instead of resting, he would participate in “friendship visits” with local groups that supported people with disabilities. He would dance and participate in fireside sing-a-longs and dinners. He would even get to swim in pool parties and play competitive games of wheelchair basketball. Freeman was also part of community and arrival events where city mayors would declare “Push America Day” and parades would be organized for the cyclists. Over all, the experience was life changing and Freeman says he has grasped the meaning of giving to others. Theta Sigma is proud of Brent’s accomplishment and commitment to Push America. Brent looks forward to more Theta Sigma brothers cycling in the near future!

One Amazing Cause.


Theta Sigma held their inaugural Pedal for Push event on Tuesday, Nov. 2 through Wednesday, Nov. 3 at Long Beach State. Over 90 participants, including Pi Kappa Phi members, alumni and other student volunteers participated in the 30hour cycling event that began at 9 a.m. and concluded at 3 p.m. the following day. The organization’s goal was to raise $2,000 for people with disabilities, but with the support of many students, faculty, staff, and campus clubs and organizations, Pi Kappa Phi was able to surpass their goal and raise $4,000. “We were able to raise $4,000 by mobilizing a huge group of people collectively, this was not a one-man effort,” said the Pedal for Push Coordinator, Abtin Hashemian. The event consisted of three stationary bicycles, which were ridden two hours on average by each volunteer. Despite the intense heat wave, approximately 50 volunteers cycled, while the rest proactively collected donations around campus. “My thing was to stay positive, it may have been 100 degrees outside and we may have stayed up for 30 hours, but we kept into perspective our goal and the people we were helping,” Hashemian said. The chapter is already planning to extend the event 10 more hours next year. Hashemian stressed the importance of students doing their share to raise awareness and funds for others in need. “It is important to acknowledge our accomplishment, but people with disabilities still need our support…it is just the beginning.” All proceeds are being donated to Push America, the only non-profit charity created, owned and operated by a national fraternity. To find out how Push America is serving people with disabilities, visit

"Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed people can change the world. Indeed, it is the only thing that ever has." -Margaret Mead

AbilityFirst Swim-a-thon Theta Sigma’s first time

This holiday season, Theta Sigma

volunteering for a major

showed up in numbers to assist

AbilityFirst event was the summer

AbilityFirst with their annual Halloween


Swim-a-thon. Five brothers


assisted the organization by

Holiday Celebrations

setting up and taking down the

Party and Christmas Dinner. Twenty brothers helped out for the Halloween Party. The chapter even saved AbilityFirst hundreds of dollars by

decorations and activity booths.

getting a student DJ from KBeach to

During the event they barbecued

play for free.

cheeseburgers and hot dogs.

Ten brothers costumed in antler

They also had the opportunity to

and elf hats (courtesy of AbilityFirst)

interact with children who live

helped make the Christmas Dinner a

with mental and physical

huge success. Pi Kappa Phi is proud to


support and serve a trusted organization. Thank you AbilityFirst!

Push America’s Circle of Giving Throughout the year, every chapter works hard to raise hundreds of dollars for Push America. Many even go a step further by forming close partnerships with local charities that support people with disabilities. In order to increase volunteerism, Push America created the “Circle of Giving” program. This program recognizes a chapter’s efforts by awarding a grant to their local organization in the name of the chapter. The donation is always 25% of the total amount raised annually by each chapter. Theta Sigma is honored to present a check of $375 to AbilityFirst for the 2010 year.

Pi Kappa Phi Laser Tag

On Nov. 4, the day after the Pedal for Push event, Theta Sigma continued their efforts to raise money for Push America by hosting a laser tag event at the Power Station in the Long Beach Town Center. Four sororities including: Delta Gamma, Alpha Omicron Pi, Delta Zeta, and Alpha Phi participated in the competitive event. After all sororities competed against each other, Alpha Omicron Pi proved to be victorious by winning the majority of matches. Alpha Phi was recognized for having the bestdressed coaches. The winner of the competition received a spaghetti dinner. Pi Kappa Phi would like to thank all of the participating sororities for helping raise $500 for children with disabilities.

Semester total donated to Push America:

$ 4,500

Interfraternity Council & Pi Kapp at LBSU Delta Zeta’s Turtle Bowl Delta Zeta sorority held their annual Turtle Bowl event on Nov. 14. The football competition is put on every fall to support The Painted Turtle Camp. Every participating fraternity collectively raises hundreds of dollars for a summer camp program that serves children with disabilities and life-altering diseases. This year Pi Kappa Phi swept the vigorous competition by going undefeated in their league and obtaining the championship title against Lambda Theta Phi. Pi kapp took the title by the score of 6 to 2. They even defeated this year’s IFC football champions, Sigma Pi 15 to 6. Over 14 fraternities and alumni teams from LBSU and other campuses, IFC Football like Cal Poly Pomona, participated in the Pi Kappa Phi played a riveting season; winning five out of six eight-hour event. Delta Zeta raised a games. Game one proved Pi Kapp was off to a good start after total of $1,421. Theta Sigma is proud of beating Sigma Pi 12 to 6. Quarterback Greg Perea played supporting The Painted Turtle Camp and amazing defense until he was injured late in the first half. A for being named the 2010 Delta Zeta severe sprain to his left ankle forced Perea to sit on the sideline Turtle Bowl champions! for the rest of the season. Mike Mireles did a good job finishing off the first game by throwing the winning touchdown to Jeff Delaunay. For the remaining three games, Pi Kapp proved they were ready to take the playoffs and the championship for a second time. On Nov. 13, Pi Kapp defeated Zeta Beta Tau in the playoffs with the score of 24 to 8. Several hours later, Pi Kapp took on Sigma Pi in an intense game. Players like Jeff Delaunay, Andrew Diaz, Luis Garcia, Jon Pederson, and Eddie Villatoro did an excellent job on the field. Unfortunately, Pi Kapp was unable to hold them off on the defense side. Consequently, Sigma Pi took the championship title by one touchdown in the final half; ending the game 6 to 0. Pi Kappa Phi concluded the season in second place, but the chapter is still optimistic about next season and most importantly winning Sports Cup in fall of 2011.

Theta Sigma Welcomes Epsilon Class! Theta Sigma is proud to welcome the newest 11 initiates into the Pi Kappa Phi brotherhood! Epsilon Class marks the fifth class to enter the chapter since its chartering two and a half years ago. When Alpha Class entered in fall 2008 the number of initiated men was at 38 and now the chapter stands well over 100. The strong brotherhood and diverse group of members has led to the rapid growth, making Pi Kappa Phi one of the largest fraternities at LBSU.

Homecoming 2010

Order of Omega was founded at the University of Miami in fall of 1959 by a group of outstanding fraternity men. The purpose of this society is to recognize members of the Greek community who have attained high standards in academics and involvement in the Greek community. In order to qualify, members must at least be in their third year at LBSU with 60 or more graded course units and a cumulative 3.0 or higher GPA. Theta Sigma is pleased to have several brothers be nominated to join Order of Omega this fall semester. These men epitomize brothers who bring credit to the fraternity by striving to attain the highest possible standards of scholarship.

Long Beach State took on San Diego State at this year’s historic homecoming game. The competitive game drew 5, 143 people to the Pyramid, setting an alltime record for most people in attendance. Brother David Lopez also made homecoming memorable for Theta Sigma as he took initiative to represent the chapter and Greek community in the homecoming court. Unfortunately, both the 49ers and David Lopez lost against their opponents, but the night was still filled with excitement and remarkable moments. The final score of the game was Aztecs 81 and 49ers 65. Theta Sigma is proud David took a positive step to represent the best of himself and of Pi Kappa Phi. Go Pi Kapp and go Beach!

Theta Sigma Nominees: Cullen Bautch #54 Christopher Smith #55 Blaine Waymire #86 Kyle Fraser #87 Blake Bruenning #89 Matt Kresky #88 Nick Glick #91

President and Dean Scholars Students who are placed on the President’s List each fall and spring term have to meet 12 or more graded course units and obtain a GPA ranging from 3.75 to 4.0. Theta Sigma is proud to have several President scholars this past semester. Congratulations to: Brent Freeman #7 Jaime Varela #42 Jordan Tsai #90

Students who are placed on the Dean’s List each fall and spring term have to meet 12 or more graded course units and obtain a GPA ranging from 3.5 to 3.74. Theta Sigma is proud to have several Dean scholars this past semester. Congratulations to: Bryan Garcia #45 Eric Macalalad #72 Eddie Villatoro #76 Blake Bruenning #89

Gregory Perea #83 Scott Snider #85 Jeff Wong (Assoc.)


Brotherhood Retreat Any member of a fraternity knows that brotherhood is the most important aspect of fraternity life. It is something that needs to be continually “nourished” so it may grow and strengthen as time goes on. In early November, Theta Sigma demonstrated this at the semiannual brotherhood retreat. The two-day camping retreat was held at Lake Casitas in the beautiful Santa Ynez Mountains near the city of Ventura. Every brother had the opportunity to engage in three different teambuilding exercises. One of those exercises was called “Cross the line.” This focused on understanding others’ background by a moderator stating a series of difficult circumstances. If a statement were true for any brother, then they would have to step forward from the line and face the chapter. This was an emotional and enlightening activity that brought many brothers together. Other important items on the itinerary included a sub ritual to close the night, speeches and Q-and-A for candidates running for executive and elected positions. Although the weather conditions were unfavorable, the unrelenting cold never put a damper on the positive atmosphere created during the two-day retreat.

Roses’ Initiation On Sept. 19, Kelsey Burkhard from Delta Zeta (left), Kathryn Cutaia from Delta Zeta (center), and Kate Hollis from Delta Delta Delta (right) were initiated as Pi Kappa Phi roses. Each rose was nominated and voted on by the majority of the chapter in the spring semester of 2010. On June 2, during the Rose Ball ceremony, each rose was crowned and brother Joey Buss serenaded them with “The Rose.” Pi Kapps from around the country sing this song to honor outstanding and influential women. Congratulations ladies!

Strengthening Brotherhood

Pi Kappa Phi’s Virtues: Non-Fraternity True Gentlemen The Student Creed Men of C.L.A.S.S The Delta Sigma Ultimate Respect

During the fall semester, the Ritual Committee worked diligently to improve the chapter’s brotherhood. One major improvement was the creation and practice of seven biweekly subordinate rituals that focused on the theme of the semester. This fall’s theme was “The Creed of Brotherhood” and every 20-minute sub ritual was tailored to emphasize the importance of a specific stanza of the Student Creed. Another major improvement was the overhaul of the Pre-Initiation and Big Brother rituals. With help of the New Member Education Board, the committee was able to create a Big Brother ritual that emphasized the importance of a strong mentorship for the chapter’s newest members. The Ritual of Initiation was also enhanced to provide an exciting and momentous experience for the chapter. Other improvements included the creation of two associate member sub rituals and the Associate Member Ultimate Respect Dinner. Furthermore, the establishment of the Pi Kappa Phi virtues helped brothers clearly define themselves as Pi Kapps. Chaplain Jaime Varela headed all the efforts and he thanks everyone in his committee and the N.M.E.B. for taking many collaborative steps to educate and inspire the chapter to live as Pi Kappa Phi gentlemen.


FALL Grab-A-Date Nothing is more exciting to end the fall semester with than the traditional Grab-A-Date excursion. On Dec. 1, over 50 brothers and their dates hopped on two large charter buses and spent the evening at the Staples Center watching the Clippers v. Spurs game. Nestled in the beautiful Downtown Los Angeles area, the Staples Center was the perfect location to host this fall’s Grab-A-Date. The skyscrapers, hotels, outdoor big screen televisions, taxis, theatres, museums, and the fast-pace downtown lifestyle gave many students the brief opportunity to experience the so-called “LA life.” The highlight of the night, however, was the big win the Los Angeles Clippers had over the San Antonio Spurs.

2011 Executive Council Archon: Abtin Hashemian Recruitment: Miles Boyer Treasure: Christopher Smith Warden: Mike Iacono Historian: Ryan Walker Secretary: Mike Mireles Chaplain: Jaime A. Varela Chief Justice: Michael Black Push America Chair: Bryan Garcia “Leaders don't wait. They shape their own frontiers. The bigger the challenge, the greater the opportunity.”

-Author Unknown

Mexican Fiesta Dinner Since fall of 2008, every Theta Sigma pledge class has worked hard to organize a dinner to bring the active chapter and alumni together. This semester was no different, as Epsilon Class worked hard to put on Theta Sigma’s fifth Mexican Fiesta Dinner. Epsilon Class catered the chapter with homemade beans, rice, salsa, and steak tacos. They also managed to cook plenty of cheese enchiladas and provide the traditional piñata. The night was filled with stories, jokes, laughs, and a reuniting joy for all of the alumni that came out to support. The chapter congratulates Epsilon Class for a successful dinner!

Mid Year Leadership Conference Mid Year is an officer training institute held each January in multiple cities across the country. This winter, eight Theta Sigma leaders attended Mid Year in Dallas, Texas. Each brother had the privilege of connecting with other brothers from around the country. They exchanged answers and ideas about how to run the chapter and engage in the leadership of Pi Kappa Phi.





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