Star & Lamp - Spring 2015 - Annual Report

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Brothers and Friends: In the last year, The Ability Experience saw its share of change including personnel, our brand and the programs we offer. With that change, the organization continued its trajectory of success with a continued growth in chapter fundraising, an increase in volunteer hours and the pride of seeing the summer event teams represent our fraternity across 36 states. Last fall the board began an extensive search for our new CEO to replace Chad Coltrane who led us for the last 18 years. As tough as it is to replace a leader like Chad, I am excited that our search concluded with Basil Lyberg returning to the organization as CEO. His vision and leadership will allow us to continue to serve our mission in the most powerful way. In 2014 we completed our rebranding efforts. It is never easy to let go of a beloved name, but I have seen first-hand the positive impact of The Ability Experience brand. Our chapters have increased their engagement and fundraising. The media now mentions our mission in its news coverage. Finally, our brand alignment with the other Pi Kappa Phi entities encourages more young men to have meaningful experiences serving people with disabilities. Our chapters across the country continue to make an impact. 112 chapters volunteered more than 31,000 hours with local partnered organizations. Members participated in events with 296 local organizations that serve people with disabilities. 628 people participated in national Ability Experience events. The numbers tell the story—our mission is being carried out in communities across the country in a meaningful way. Additionally, I would like to congratulate our Eta Chi Chapter at Texas Christian University who surpassed the benchmark of $1 million raised for The Ability Experience since the chapter’s founding. These men exemplify the mission to serve those of all abilities and enjoy a lifelong brotherhood. As we look forward, I believe the opportunity for growth has never been more apparent. Pi Kappa Phi has seen a tremendous increase in our undergraduate chapters in the last 10 years. The Ability Experience will focus on leveraging this growth by developing more service opportunities at the local chapter level to impact more students and people of all abilities. I would like to thank our alumni, undergraduates, volunteers and many supporters over the past year, and I look forward to the many opportunities that lie ahead.

MARK ADAMSON Chairman, The Ability Experience

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