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Archon Report As the current Archon of our outstanding Gamma Kappa chapter, I hope this report gives you a look inside our current chapter as I see it. I pledged in the fall of 2006 and became Archon in the winter of 2009. After coming into office I realized there is a special side of Pi Kappa Phi that most never get the chance to experience. I have had the opportunity to meet many of our Alumni and discuss the important objectives of what they believe Gamma Kappa is capable of and must be doing. Most importantly Gamma Kappa has the responsibility of making sure that our chapter is becoming an ideal chapter. This requires us to perform at our highest abilities when it comes to answering the call from our national headquarters to be a good standing chapter. It requires us to understand what it takes to not only be the best chapter on campus, but in the state of Georgia or even in the country. This will take hard work in recruitment, Push America, campus involvement, and Alumni relations. Our current brothers have been doing extremely well in most areas of being an outstanding chapter but still need much improvement in others.

Pi Kapp did extremely well this past year in recruitment. After a large graduating class the year before Pi Kapp stepped up and initiated 33 new members during the 2008/2009 academic year. This was a crucial objective of ours. Many of the new members have already stepped up and taken on leadership roles within the chapter. This gives me great deal of comfort for our near future. As always Pi Kapp here at southern is known for its outstanding social events. It is what has drawn the attention of students all over campus to notice not only our school pride but mostly our pride for being a Pi Kapp. Swamp Party this past year was a great success. Not only did we have a great time but we managed to make a couple hundred dollars for PUSH selling hot dogs during the day party. We will be celebrating homecoming week this year with the ladies of Alpha Omicron Pi, and look forward to seeing all of you on the Weekend! There are a few areas were we need improvement. The one I would like to bring out in this report is the current rela-

tionship that the chapter holds with you all. I do believe that our relationship with you as alumni is a good one, but I still notice that it could be stronger. Members of the Executive Council and I are starting to plan ways that we can close the gap that formed between some alumni and the current chapter. We plan on showing you that your chapter is keeping up the brotherhood and the expectations you left behind. Any input from you on this would be greatly appreciated! I want to show our current members that being a Pi Kapp is not just a college experience but an experience that can last a lifetime. I hope this report finds all of you well and raises your attention to the current standing of our Chapter. If there is anything that you would like to put forth to me, please do not hesitate to call me at 706-2475647. On behalf of all current brothers and associate members we look for to seeing and hearing from all of you in the near future. Mark Newton– Archon

Sports The men of Pi Kappa Phi had a very successful year of compation in intramural sports. Our Softball team won the Fraternity Softball Championship this past spring and made it to the all-men's tournament. The Basketball team went to the playoff this year as the second seed before losing in the semi -finals to the eventual champions. Our Soccer team won the Fraternity Championship (Undefeated) in 2009 and has had a regular

season record over the last four years of 35-3. The soccer team also made it deep into the all-men's tournament, almost winning the whole thing. Every team in their respective sport looks to make a strong push for the championship in the fall semester. Intramural play is just getting under way and both flag football and soccer are off to a very strong start with wins in their first two games. Pi Kappa Phi has had a tradition of excelling in intramurals and we look forward to continuing this.

Executive Council Fall 2009

Archon Mark Newton Vice Archon John Allmond Treasurer Chad Waldmen Historian Blake Basquin Warden Bo Evans Secretary Jake Jones Chaplain Caleb Shrader Social Chair Devon Bradford Push Chair Michael Kimbrell

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Gamma Kappa - Fall 2009  

Gamma Kappa - Fall 2009 Newsletter

Gamma Kappa - Fall 2009  

Gamma Kappa - Fall 2009 Newsletter