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Pi Kappa Phi

ALUMNI NEWSLETTER Notable Dates • PARENT’S WEEKEND March 24 and 25 • CHILI COOKOFF March 31 • NM’s April 27 • ALUMNI GATHERING April 28 • FOXFIELDS April 29 • FINAL EXERCISES May 21

Officers • Clayton Broga Archon • Carlisle Willard Vice Archon • Alexander Shapiro Treasurer • Christopher Smith Secretary • Stephen Hoang Warden • Robert Corrigan Historian • Luke Rothman Chaplain

A L E T T E R O F I N T RO D U C T I O N Fellow members, You may be asking yourself what it is you are holding in your hand. I hope to answer that and explain to you this newsletter’s intention. During my first year as a member of this house, I thoroughly enjoyed times when alumni would come by for football games and Foxfields. Unfortunately, though, it was always the same few faces who were consistently at these events. Here at U.Va. many fraternities maintain strong contact with the majority of their alumni base. As the newly elected Historian, I feel that the sore lack of alumni interaction within our house is a problem that needs to be addressed. I hope for this newsletter to have a duplicitous purpose. First and foremost, it will be used to serve you, the alumni. It has the potential to be a forum through which to announce weddings, births, changes of address, etc. I was excited to hear that there are a few e-mail lists out there that keep groups of pledge classes in contact. However, I would like to expand this into

an all encompassing network. Secondly, this newsletter will be used to relate to you information about the house, including dates of important events, notable achievements, philanthropy information, etc. Hopefully this will in turn encourage attendance at these events and give you the opportunity to get to know the current members. I strongly encourage you to offer me feedback. Specifically I would like to

know what it is you would like to see in this newsletter as well as any ideas you have to help foster stronger alumni relations. Don’t hesitate to call me at (703) 795-9704 or email me at with any questions or suggestions. Sincerely, Robert Andrew Corrigan CLAS 2008

Members of the house and friends gather outside before a football game

ALUMNI WEEKEND We plan on having an alumni gathering the Friday before Foxfields on the 28th of April. The nature of the event has yet to be decided. However, if you are interested in attending, please RSVP me as soon as possible. Once we get an idea

of how many brothers will be attending, we will plan accordingly. It is likely that it will be a barbecue at the house, although, if numbers are large enough, we may plan something bigger in order to accommodate. We would also like

to encourage you to attend our thirteenth annual Chili Cookoff, scheduled for the 31st of March. Last year we made a record amount and donated the proceeds to PUSH America and Madison House. We look to build on last year’s success.

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Beta Upsilon - Fall 2006  

Beta Upsilon - Fall 2006 Newsletter

Beta Upsilon - Fall 2006  

Beta Upsilon - Fall 2006 Newsletter