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Online Community Helps Alumni Stay Connected to Pi Kappa Phi Michael Lowery DIRECTOR OF ALUMNI RELATIONS

o matter how long ago you graduated or how far you live from your undergraduate chapter, your still can remain in contact with your Fraternity. We are now launching an Online Community where you can meet old friends, network for jobs, continue your education, or get the latest news about the Fraternity. It's all on the Internet, accessible only to members of Pi Kappa Phi Fraternity from our homepage, via your personal password and User ID. Our Alumni Connections online community serves up a menu of options which include:



T An online Alumni

Directory that allows you to reconnect with former chapter brothers. It will also allow you to locate fellow alumni by profession or location for business or social networking. You can also update your own biographical information online so your friends and Fraternity can keep up with you.

T An online Career Center

address does not change, even if you change home email or Internet Address Provider.

that allows you to connect with knowledgeable and supportive career mentors. You will also be able to find great jobs ahead of the genera! public. Also available will be the ability to post job listings at your company as well as resumes to reach out to prospective Pi Kapps and employers.

The Community will also house several bulletin boards that allow a quick way to impart information. It also provides a great way to keep up to date on the Fraternity world.

T Each member will be

T Long distance learning

allowed a permanent email address that will forward email from other members to your actual email address. Your permanent email

programs will allow members to hear from experts from all of the country. It will keep you fresh on toda,y's issues and hear from


e ..






today's industry leaders. Visit our Home Page at and follow the simple directions to enroll. You'll be connected in no time and all of this is a service to you from the Pi Kappa Phi Foundation. All of the benefits come to you at no charge except for the online directory. If you purchase a copy of the 1998 alumni directory, the online directory is free to you for five years, or the online directory can be purchased from Harris Publishing Company at (800) 8588284.


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he estate of the late Robert L Bennett Sr. (Mercer -Alpha Alpha) made history last April with the largest single donation to the Foundation. That amount was $2 million--60 percent of Bennett's estate--setup in a charitable remainder trust to the Pi Kappa Phi Foundation upon the passing of Bennett's family. Bennett served on the National Council from 1968-1975 as national councilor and was awarded the Mr. Pi Kappa Phi award in 1978. This gift almost doubles the Foundations' total assets.

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K A P P A PH I p I Mark E. Timmes esigning and constructing an opera- Fraternally yours, CHIEF EXECUTIVE OFFICER \~,, .. · Stephen Whitby (I...