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and was a "one-man show" in the Oriental Studies department from 1909-1944. Not only did he teach Chinese, Japanese, Indian and Near Eastern literature and history, he was also one of Seattle's most familiar Episcopal ministers. Gowen was alleged to have read a book a day. Mackenzie Hall

University ofWashington Donald H. Mackenzie (Washington- Alpha Delta) was the chair of the Department of Accounting and a faculty member at the University of Washington from 1929 to 1951. As an undergraduate, he played on the University's first hockey team, which he later coached. In addition to his faculty status and many local organizations, he was an intermediary in many wage disputes in the area. The hall that this Pi Kapp's name now accents was completed in 1960 and houses the College of Business. Pickens Rehabilitation Center,

Duke University In the fall of 1925, the center for the Duke football team was asked to help carry the 1, 700 pound casket of the founding father of the University, James B. Duke, during his funeral. That man was Marshall Pickens (Duke - Mu), and from that moment on, continued to symbolically carry the honor of the University through his professional work.

Pickens was the first field representative to travel for the Duke Endowment, which allotted funds to hospitals and child-care programs. He quickly advanced to associate director, director and executive director, and was named a trustee of the Endowment in 1951. He also served as president of the United Way of the Greater Carolinas, along with numerous other affiliations.

(Opposite) The Rinker Field House plaque marks only a portion of the large Hollis Center (above), both named after Pi Kappa Phis.

Jones Cancer Research Facility

Duke University As head of the J.A. Jones Construction Co., one of the world's top-five contracting firms, Edwin L. Jones Jr. (Duke- Mu) was perennially listed in all the appropriate "Who's Who" lists. He enjoyed a 40-year association at the University, first as a project engineer for the physics' and doctors' buildings, and later president of the alumni association and foundation trustee. Jones and his company donated $1 million to the construction of a 60,000 square-foot cancer research facility, in memory of his father. With the building's completion in the late 70s, the center ranked first among other such centers. Shellenberger Hall

Kansas State University John A. Shellenberger (Washington -Alpha Delta) was born in Moline, Ill., in 1900. He spent much of his boyhood on a farm in the state of Washington. He earned his bachelor's FALL 1998



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