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decade ago, Keith Sheppard Drexel- Alpha Upsilon) was till active with his chapter. But that activity subsided as he grew lder and began to move out-ofcommunication with the undergraduates. Then Sheppard had a legacy. "When my son joined (the chapter), he was the one that reminded me of my lifetime commitment," says Sheppard. Since then, Sheppard has been an active advisor to Alpha Upsilon-enough to earn him the Chapter Advisor of the Year Award. "The chapter advisor is the most important person in the organization of the Fraternity today," notes Sheppard. "It is your job as advisor to bridge the undergraduates with the university, the alumni and the National Office."


That doesn't mean getting involved in the chapter's minute operations, however. According to Sheppard, the less influence the better. "I'm not there to run or oversee the chapter and its daily operations-that's their adventure," says Sheppard. "Rather, I'm there to provide advice

and make suggestions. "I can't have the same kind of fun I did when I was 19, 20; and they don't want the same kind of experiences I have at 45." Sheppard notes that times have changed, and sometimes alumni have a hard time adjusting. He references a story from his undergraduate experience, when the chapter house had a grand piano in the foyer. The entire chapter would huddle around the piano and sing at least once a week. Today, that piano is gone, and the chapter gathering only to sing is unheard-of. "So does that make the chapter wrong? " poses Sheppard. "Of course not, it just makes it different. The spirit is still there; the meaning is still there-it's just different."

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