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Pi Kappa Phi expects our members to be active leaders on campus and in the community. Because of this belief in building better men through active involvement, the Fraternity provides leadership-training opportunities that are unparalleled in the university world. Every year, Pi Kappa Phi Fraternity presents the highest corporate-level leadership conferences available in America. Our Sophomore Leadership Institute features the Covey Leadership Center's presentation of Stephen Covey's 7 Habits of Highly Effective People. All of our sophomore members attend this institute for the price of lunch, instead of the significantly higher corporate rate. THIRD & FOURTH YEAR

Getting great grades and leading the campus are only a small part of college life; the true reason for college is to prepare men for successful lives. More than 75,000 Pi Kappa Phi brothers have graduated from college and gone on to become great role models for our youth. These men have committed to mentor our undergraduate members and help them make the jump into the real world . Junior and senior members of the Fraternity are invited to attend Career & Life- Planning Conclaves, where they are taught the expertise they need to leave college ready to succeed. Brothers are taught real skills in career development and life planning.


When a man joins Pi Kappa Phi Fraternity, he is making friends of a lifetime - brothers who he will stay in touch with long after graduation. But Pi Kappa Phi Fraternity is much more than a social fraternity; it is leadership, service and an academic society focused on helping our members make the most of their collegiate experiences and their lives. Through national leadership conferences and scholarship programming, Pi Kappa Phi is building better men - who are leaders on their campus and who graduate to become leaders in their communities. Pi Kappa Phi Fraternity gives young men the tools they need to have a successful collegiate experience and fulfilling life's journey WILL ITWORK?

Since The Journey Project's launch in 1995, the members of Pi Kappa Phi Fraternity have chosen to lead the fraternity world. Almost 60 percent of our brothers have committed to meet the higher standards of Level II of The Journey and are reaping the rewards that go with it. Statistics have shown that in our chapters that have elected to meet the standards of Level II, grades improved dramatically, pre-initiation to initiation retention has increased and stabilized, and the size of the chapter has grown.

..Journey Project staff Beginning in September, The Journey will be led by a new director as we continue to build a better Fraternity for each of our members. Jeremy Galvin (IOWA STATE -ALPHA OMICRON) DIRECTOR OF PROGRAMS

Jeremy began his career with the Journey Project as the Archon of Alpha Omicron Chapter. During his tenure as president, Iowa State took the lead and became the first fully implemented Level II Journey Chapter. He experienced firsthand the work it takes to build a good chapter into a great chapter. Brother Galvin graduated from Iowa State in 1997 with a degree in education - a perfect fit for working with the Journey! He served as the Leadership Consultant for the Midwest in 1997-1998. Contact Jeremy with any questions about the Benefits of Level II of The Journey, including Academic Coaches, the Sophomore Leadership Institute and Career and Life-Planning Conclaves.

Our brothers are on a Journey, and they have one simple mission : Build Better Men.

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